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Caption Contest: Belt-Fed Granny

by G&A Staff  |  February 11th, 2013 234

In this week’s G&A Caption Contest, Grandma sure is having a blast with her trusty belt-fed. Caption this photo before Saturday, Feb. 16, to win!

This Week's Photo
Caption Contest: Belt-Fed Granny

The Prize:

Brunton Duffle Bag

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  • Bryce

    take my parking spot will you

  • Bryce

    you really think that holding my hat is going to save you?

  • t08051

    Your hands best not stray any further sonny! This ain’t no pea shooter I’m holdin’.

  • t08051

    Sonny, that better be a flashlight in your pocket!

  • SuperDave18

    Get OUT of my flower garden!!!

  • Matthew

    Training to protect the Constitution is America's true homeland security…

  • Natalie

    "Hold my hat steady, Dearie. I'm-a-gonna open 'er up."

  • Dutsman

    This sure beats hell out of flower gardening!

  • Retiredguy00

    "Yes, ma'am…..300 rounds should stop an attacker."

  • Jim

    At the ATF reunion, fun was had by all

  • 30-30shooter

    what do mean "you're not hungry"?

  • Gary Lanphear

    Feels like I'm not the only one with a "Heart-on"

  • UncleSamsArmy

    I should be able to stop those pesky garden gnome thieves with this!

  • Dbro

    Thank you sir for hiding my giant hunch back

  • edhammerhead

    YOU SAID PULL WHAT !!!!!!!!

  • L J C

    never to old to have fun

  • Greylock

    ……….and then when Evelyn saw him sitting behind the billboard with his radar on, something just snapped………………

  • Donna M. Laws

    Is this one of those new fangled positions the young people are using these days?????

  • NicePiece

    Edna continued to have trouble grasping the concept of concealed carry.

    • dylan_polk


      Congratulations! You're the winner.

      Email me at with your address and contact information to receive your prize.


      Dylan Polk
      G&A Social Media Editor

  • Marcello

    Grandmas new "Assault Walker"

  • peter

    I wear my heart on my sleeve, problem?, back in my day…

  • RefPres

    Here's one grandma who is not getting run over by a reindeer.

  • supergrunt

    I'll teach them not to bring thier libuary books back on time

  • Stephen Malm

    Its hard to enjoy full-auto shooting with the ATF breathing down your neck…literally!

  • supergrunt

    I"m tired of that dog eating all the homework

  • Stephen Malm

    Here's how we gave the Nazis a lead enema in the Big War!

  • Stephen Malm

    I don't give them the whole nine yards. I save a few rounds in case I have to sign my work.

  • Stephen Malm

    Finally, decades later, we know why Pollyanna always had a sunny disposition.

  • bmw112000

    Meet Grandma Jones. Seal Team #1's newest covert machine gunner.

  • barracuda66

    Boy, just wait till that dog pees on my roses again. Is he gonna get a surprise….

  • jtknight

    Nothing like chugging and ensure and then wasting some commies!

  • Jason

    Rambo, & Terminator have nothing on (Super Granny).

  • Stephen Malm

    No Granny, GILF means….er…ah… Guns I'd Like to Fire!

  • Dylan

    She may drive like a granny, but I guaranty you, if you cut her off, you'll be regretin it.

  • Jeremiah Lubas

    Get your hand off my back and your foot off my tripod son. I've got this sh*t!

  • Bonnie Oxton

    This will teach that rabbit!

    • Jay

      "Kill the Wabbit" -Elmer Fudd

  • John Butler

    Captain Morgan watched diligently as Chuck Norris's mom requalified for her concealed carry permit for the 75th year running….

  • maktre87

    Come and take it

  • Paul

    (to the tune of aerosmith) Granny's got a gun.

  • Windwalker

    I got your Annie Oakley right here. Lefty!

  • Monsterzero

    Oh yes, the lamp shade on the back DOES help my aim!

  • Jason Adams

    I'll take this over Bingo any day!

  • Jon Shell

    They said "Granny, have a little heart" Well, I've got their little heart right here!

  • Calvin

    damn thing vibrated my false teeth out !

  • calvin

    Things got more power than my vibrator !

  • John Kuhns

    Granny's got a gun, You better run

  • John Kuhns

    I've been sewing for so many years, Betcha I can put a bullet through the eye of a needle

  • American

    How freedom is kept!

  • Dennis

    This will keep them damn kids of the lawn.

  • John Kuhns

    Your such a good boy, holding me up so that I don't fall backwards and make it rain lead

  • Curtis Rutland


  • Rob

    A rare pic of the elite The Villages Defense Squad in training. The Villllaaaggggees!

  • DB Price

    knit one pearl two my ass, load me another belt and be quick about it sonny… hmmm I wonder if this will finally get that bingo announcer to speak up? You have my belt loaded yet whippersnapper???

  • Mary B

    This is almost as much fun as kissing all the boys on VJ Day!

  • satmanski

    Whatever you do lady, don't look left!

  • Redpyrit

    Gunnin' Granny – home, home on the range!

  • Dean Deardurff

    Wheres the Beef?

  • joe burns

    try and top this granny clampet

  • keith


  • GrahamAdder

    Reindeer, schmeindeer. This Christmas Eve, Grandma vowed, would be different.

  • lajemac

    Eat hot lead commie bastard!

  • Brandi

    I didn't vote for you, and you ain't taking my gun!

  • Brandi

    Red Hat Society my eye, I'm joining the NRA!!

  • Kat

    It's the Little Old Lady From Pasadena…… Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny, Go!

  • Robert Schrader

    Let her rip,…. tater chip……

  • John Mahaffy

    Hey, you little wise-acre, how's THIS for "Smokin' Grannies?"

  • Matt

    What do you mean that thumb-hole stock makes it illegal?

  • James Ryan

    Hey Grandma, save some rounds for me!!!

  • Trista

    This IS better than bingo!

  • Bill Morris

    I haven't had this much fun since the pigs ate my little brother!

    • Todd

      Bill, I have a question to ask about your comment. please reply to my e-mail

  • William Nance

    Mess with my tweetie bird, will you. I'll show you who's boss, puddy tat!

  • NickD

    Doesn't this Dad-Gummed thing go any Faster!

  • Bruce Gillett

    I'll teach those Deer for eating my roses

  • tregan1719

    Grandma's NEVER gonna get run over by a reindeer again.

  • Scott hedrick

    1. dont fricking yell at my my driving or ill mount this gun

    2.gun control will never reach the deafness of the elderly

  • jason

    Dag nabit! Bring me my dentures back!!!

  • BigDaddyV

    Jed!!! Jethro!!! Ellie Mae!!! It's them darn revenooers comin' ag'in!!!

  • jason

    Dag nabit! Bring…. me…. my…. dentures…. baaaack!!!

  • Hitman

    Click Clack! Granny's Back!

  • Derek

    Get of my lawn, you stupid kids!!

  • Caysin

    Old time rock and roll.

  • Pat B

    "From my Cold Old hands"

  • timr214

    And you thought you would steal my purse!!

  • Jose A Alcantar

    Ware´s the big bad wolf?

  • ronald lebleu

    We will secure the BORDER and take AMERICA ++BACK.

  • JON A

    "leave a poor defense old lady all alone , it's a down right shame!"

  • jamz4Jesus

    "Why you little whipper snapper come back here with my pocketbook!!!" Take this will you!

  • jeffstooge

    Go ahead lower my social security benefits. Make my day.

  • eldergod0515

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty…

  • Tom

    Grandma won't be run over by a reindeer this year!

  • erik mason

    grandma's not getting run over by any reindeer ever again!

  • Mike

    That's how you thread the needle!

  • brian church

    When your eyesight goes….just put more rounds down range!!

  • CsJ

    Granny's Got a Gun (sung like Aerosmith's – Janie's got a gun)

  • Pak

    I told ya….stay away from my cats!

  • Jim C

    Go ahead make my day

  • Nosfer6

    Ain't Nobody gonna cut my husband's beard!!!

  • Bloodaxe

    Try fifty shades of LEAD!

  • Bloodaxe

    Does it come with a grenade launcher?

  • Kyle

    Class 3 Francine wants it mounted to her wheel chair.

  • michael castaneda

    Look out granny didn't take her meds!!!

  • HowiAR15

    Latest merit badge."helping a little old lady hold her hat while she demonstrates a constitutional right".

  • dustin

    How do you like my AARP gift?

  • ZackEatsBacon

    The best selling product for any geriatric jihad.

  • Dennis

    Damn it sonny … where's the full auto selector?

  • laramy

    Don't you dare tread on my Social Security check

  • Goofy tim…

    come on suckers !!!!

  • Goofy tim…
  • msiple

    Who's old now!

  • DavidDrums

    Ok granny. I'm with the ATF. Are you sure you use this for hunting???

  • BI Fleming

    Q – Granny, you own a machine gun, who are you afraid of?
    A – No one, sonny

  • John Heaston

    So you say your name is "Diane Finestine" huh… and your here to protect me… from the bad guys huh… let me tell you a little something sister !!

  • Tanstaafl2

    You're right, sonny – this IS the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

  • Tanstaafl2

    Little did Bob know that Granny "Hanna" had once been Hans on Omaha Beach.

  • Tanstaafl2

    "Whooieee! I ain't had this much fun since the boys got back from Gettysburg!"

  • Tanstaafl2

    Grandma did just fine once she stopped looking for the hand crank.

  • Tanstaafl2

    With the right equipment, even Granny's ready for the coming Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Tanstaafl2

    "This sure does beat the Hell out of baking cookies!"

  • Tanstaafl2

    "I'm spending my kids' inheritance!"

  • Charles Roberts

    Under the B—7.62!

  • Treese

    That'll teach 'em to call me GRANNY Oakley!

  • Josh R. Oftedahl

    I told you to GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!

  • Stan

    Forget my grandson. I'm buying this for myself!

  • connor

    You wish your grandma was this cool

    • oldobxguy

      Nannies, got her CCW and is ready, willing and able to protect herself and loved-ones when it hits the fan and even before that if necessary.

  • Tom Carr

    Grandma Deuce

  • mark

    Sonny, I'm not gonna be able to get a good sight alinement if you don't stop dry humping my shoulder.

  • Patton8821

    "It's the little ol' lady from Pasadena………….. Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny, GO"

  • RodFournier

    You move your leg any closer sonny, and you will be missing your weapon of mass destruction!

  • David Rhodes

    Just let those tricker treaters come a litle closer…

  • Mike K. YYC

    Yee-Haa! This gives me more goose pimples than B.O.B. !!!

  • mjbryan85

    bingo night just got real

  • Arvin


  • chasbmy

    Who needs Jed to hunt for vittles?!?!?

  • Todd

    The sign says "10 items or less" li'l missy.

  • rsweet47

    Lookout, Granny got her gun!

  • Hoontow

    Get your hand off my prosthetic breast before I turn this gun around you pervert

  • Brody

    Move sonny, let Grandma show you how we did it in my day!

  • michael

    Kicks a little more than the Browning M1917 that I shot, in the great War…

  • laramy

    this sure beats mall walking

  • Richard Evans

    Even a belt fed, fully automatic machine gun, in the hands of good citizens, will be far safer than any weapon, even a club, in the hands of a criminal.

  • laramy

    Another recruit for the Q-Tip Brigade

  • gulfcoastman

    Sorry Steve. just another 300 rounds, I gotta pull them darn cookies outta the oven.

  • gulfcoastman

    "…I told you…elves or not, you dont steal grandma's cookie recipes and live to tell about it…
    now there's about 7 of 'em so this should do, i'll take it"!

  • John

    This will stop those kids from asking for money!

  • MKnight79

    Feels like a sewing machine on steroids!

  • @StuartBenSmith

    Dont care what you say your name is ?
    O'Bam, O'Ham, O'no
    You ain't my President !

  • bob

    Get your ass outta my outhouse or I will add some light to the door.

  • bob

    Go ahead, ask me to pull your finger again.

  • mark hans

    No more pms just pmk

  • oggy99

    Last time that cat pees on granny's roses

  • harley


  • Brad


  • joe d

    Get Some Granny is OK on the PK!

  • Mike K. YYC

    Mmmm. It feels like if I play my cards right, I'm going to get me some tonight!

  • carmela

    You wanna meet Jesus today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Denny

    This is the last time I am going to show you!! Don't ask me again, Sonny!!

  • Mhendrix

    Is that Laura Olsen all grown up?

  • Shane

    Don't let the sun-dress fool you. Granny's an Israeli Assassin!

  • Darren

    Look out, Grandmas cooking

  • gulfcoastman

    Graaaaanny'ssss got a guuuuun….

  • gulfcoastman

    Ward, Wally and Beav, go to the basement, mommy's got these zombies under control.

  • @AutumnNColorado

    Don't let my blue hair fool you, I'm one tough granny!

  • TSchiller

    Oh How I Love Machine Gun Bingo!!

  • Tommy

    This will teach those young punks a lesson about cutting through my rose garden.

  • jsaunders

    Hold onto my hat sonny, I'm bout to let her rip!

  • TSchiller

    Oh I Just Love Machine Gun Bingo!!

  • diab4life

    My husband thinks I am at the Thursday afternoon Gin Rummy game with the ladies.

  • diab4life

    I haven't had this much fun since my wedding night.

  • diab4life

    This was not what I had in mind when you said I could handle your 7.62, but I will take this as well.

  • John

    Ever since we saw old Miss Donald at the range, playing on her front yard was never the same again.

  • unclewilly

    Yes ma'am Miss Daisy. We's goin' to the Piggly Wiggly right now!

  • Bob J.

    This grandma's not gettin' run over by a reindeer!

  • Rusty


  • @CGRX_WC

    My .50 in 'Nam had a sweeter trigger pull…

  • drlsgtsdaughter

    "Move o'er sonny. Let granny show you how it's really done!"

  • Stephen Malm

    The rules for "Best apple pie in the county" went out the window after "The Incident".

  • Stephen Malm

    The Widowmaker and her tools of the trade.

  • Stack

    Grandma this is alot better than a Chiropractor

  • john

    You can run but your just gonna die tired!

  • gtashmore

    Sonny, this is how we did it in the BIG WAR!

  • Dakota

    Bingo night is mine!!!

  • Kryptonographer

    FREEZE Gopher!!!!

  • Kryptonographer


  • drifter

    Out of my way….Sunday driver!

  • Michael Havelin

    I told you kids to stay OUT of my yard!

  • Minnesota Mike

    Granny got her gun!

  • BJD

    Yes I have my Papers. I've had this gun since you were in dypers…

  • BJD

    This is my idea of gun controle.

  • BJD

    It's my gun and you can't have it.

  • BJD

    Granny Smith fighting for freedom since 1945.

  • BJD

    Euthinasia, I don't think so.

  • BJD

    You aren't taking this Grandma's guns.

  • BJD

    You will not take my grandkid's freedoms! Not on my watch.

  • BJD

    I've enjoyed freedom for 92 years I'll be darned if I'll let you destroy it after 4.

  • Rock

    Keep your handouts I'm keeping my guns!

  • AndyCame

    Let me show you how we did things in my day.

  • USAForever

    Just Try and take my Freedom.

  • BTRD

    AARP for a safe and free society.

  • Scrip

    Dang it Sylvester, I said Leave Tweety alone.

  • Frank Kovacs

    Helping you feel young, one round at a time… brought to you by the 2nd Amendment.

  • Frank Kovacs

    Thanks to firearms… Our families get a little closer together, criminals stay a little farther away, our youths act a liitle older, and our seniors feel a little younger.

  • Frank Kovacs

    "Enough Mother, Its been four hours already!"

  • Frank Kovacs

    "What do you mean 'be careful' Sonny? This is one of my small ones."

  • Frank Kovacs

    When the Eastwoods, Reagans, or Hestons invite you over… go!

  • Frank Kovacs

    The way we see it – the higher the age, the higher the caliber.

  • Frank Kovacs

    Forget Bingo!

  • Frank Kovacs

    In Texas, the activities at the Retirement Home are a bit different.

  • oldobxguy

    Grannie, My friends and I would be honored to have you by our side anytime. It's obvious she knows the way to a mans heart so you guys better treat her right.

  • RobinT

    Show me again, Grandpa sleeps too sound.

  • Satriani_is_God

    This beats the hell out of nursing home bingo!

  • TrueTone911

    I'm sorry sonny boy, but it's still tracking a little high and to the left. Thanks Grandma! You're the best!

  • Mike

    Injoying the ride

  • Mercury

    Let me show you how your father defends the Second Amendment!

  • Logan

    If you watch closely, this is how we fought the Second Great War.

  • Roger H.

    Bad ol' pooty kat!

  • ChipChippersen

    Where's the beef? I've got it right here!

  • David R

    Training for the zombie apocalypse or for pie thieves? whats the difference.

  • Taylor

    Me: What you so scared of grandma?
    Grandma: Absolutly frigin nothing!

  • EVZombie

    We used to do this for eight miles, uphill, in the snow back in my day.

  • Mike K. YYC

    In days of old, when women were bold and ammo was a plenty, they said take this gun and have some fun, and don't come back till it's empty!

  • deadfoldmike

    Usually I would use a switch on those liberals but this time I think they need the belt!

  • Terry

    5 Rounds burst GRANNY 5 Rounds atta time. YOUR SMOKIN.

  • Bryce Conard


  • slama

    So, you don’t think a mousetrap is a better idea ?

  • Guest

    “I’m tellin’ yah those groundhogs explode better than the Forth of July.”

  • Andrew Hobby

    After a rousing game of bridge and finger sandwiches, Grandma practices the refined manner in which a Lady should shoot one’s machine gun.

  • Eddie Cruz

    ” Jimmy, go get my camo blouse honey.”

  • Larry Davis

    Mess with MY Medicare and Social Security, will you?

  • patrick

    come on grams,you gotta get your shoulder into it!

  • Jose Martinez

    Works just like my blender

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