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New Zombie Guns and Gear for 2012

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 20th, 2012 44

All right, so you’ve got your Zombie Max ammo, your arsenal has just been upgraded and you’ve taken every measure to zombie-proof your home.

You probably think you’re completely prepared for the zombie apocalypse, right? Guess again. There are still plenty of items you hadn’t even thought about stocking, and luckily for you, dozens of manufacturers at SHOT Show 2012 have rolled out the latest in zombie eradication instruments. Here’s a look at some of our favorite zombie products, straight from SHOT Show.

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  • Mark Lewis

    why dont they do like the Israelis and have this stuff run on AA or AAA Batteries? If the Zombies come you know how hard it will be to find those batteries? Also I can recharge AA Batteries

  • chris

    okay, it is official, the zombie stuff has gone overboard and is no longer cool. why cant we ever have nice things?

    • 2ndAmendent

      Yep, when corporations get involved to cash in on the wave of the latest "IN" thing (I would argue they are late to the party), with no real added value, just a gimmick . . . it is a sad day for gun owners.

  • ZedHead2012

    At Zombie Hunter Team-1A (ZHT-1A), we advocate proven products that work against Zed and ensure your chances of survival in the zombie apocalypse.
    No zombie markings, special runs on zombie ammo, or attachments to your rifle are going to improve your aim (obviously optics will, but not a EO sight with a zombie head on it), help you run a mile or three in full gear retreating from Zed, and lets face it, even an electric chain saw is probably just going to add to your zombie problem. And where do you recharge it?
    Looking through this list, nothing really stood out to me and said, "that will improve my chances of survival in the war on Zed!"
    Dont waste your hard earned money on "tacti-cool" stuff. Spend it on ammo and train! Train like you fight! Fight like you train!
    Zed is always lurking!

    • Steve

      You need to visit a shrink, just like jesus aint coming back , zombies will never come. Scary that someone of you mental state has access to weapons

      • 2ndAmendent

        Hey, just because he bought into all the zombie stuff (like Guns and Ammo, Hornady, EOTech, et all, and those here who like to talk about zombies) does not give you the right to talk down peoples religious beliefs (re: ". . . just like jesus aint coming back").

      • Don

        Gee Steve . . . scary someone of your mental state has access to the internet! Lighten up! ZedHead is just having as much fun with this zombie thing as the rest of us.

      • GOPATS!

        whoaheywhat?! zombies are not real?? but, look at all this cool zombie gear at the SHOT show! G&A has a web site devoted to zombies! now you are saying there is no such thing as zombies? what do I do with all that Hornady Zombie ammo?
        I know, I will shoot it and have fun!

      • Merlin

        Are you SERIOUS??……..We poke fun at each other, and discuss "what if" stuff. And if you really don't believe "jesus ain't coming back", you have FAR more serious issues than this blog

        • drew

          if jesus were real it would be possible lol, zombies have a far better chance of coming around

      • Long range

        I am guessing your sense of humor is never coming back either whats it like going through life with out fun!

  • drenman

    Dumb. As a box of rocks.

  • Jordan

    I think its cool! But then again I'm a bit of a nerd. A well armed nerd!

  • untacticool

    The continual Zombie nonsense is getting as old as all the other fads that everyone now looks at as pathetic. Shall we also arm lest there be a "pet rock" uprising, or will you all hold them off with your Mood Rings?

    • Peter Lake

      Pet rocks? Mood rings?
      Someone's stuck back in the 70's.
      Zombies are very now, a convenient metaphor for (____________fill in blank with whatever your favorite bete noire may be, against whom you are armed.)

      If you want to be more explicit about whom you're armed against, pick a group.
      But "intruders" sounds so……well, 70's.

      • Ducrider900

        Finally…somebody who gets it…for everyone else, look up the definition of "metaphor", and you may get an idea of what is really going on here…may…

    • Long Range

      Man zombies are here now havent you seen those Obama voters!

  • For real?

    It's ok if you think this is nonsense. This stuff is really more for the people that have a sense of humor and can easily separate reality from fiction. If you don't like it, move on. It's simple. I don't happen to like baseball, so you know what? I don't watch it! What a novel concept! There are bigger things to worry about, folks.

    • Tim

      I am all for humor, laughter and having fun. I don't get the whole zombie thing. At first, it may have been clever and humorous. At this point, it's tiresome, unimaginative and boring. Does anyone still think its clever or fun?

  • happy

    in a world as depressing as ours why not smile just a little when it comes to smoking zombies at 150 yds thats a happy thought oh and cant we all get along

  • JRB

    I am over being anti-zombie, though not ready to embrace the craze. What I want to know is what is a non-projectile round??? Does that mean blank or what?

  • Mwww

    G&A is seriously losing me. The Zombie thing was clever when Hornady did it with Z-Max, but it's too much now. They've gone from a professional gun magazine to a pathetic internet blog.

    • TXRanger

      Can you recommend an alternative? (serious, no sarcasm implied)

    • Ben_OBrien


      We still have a magazine, a television show and seven other blogs on this site along that don't have anything to do with zombies. This is one facet of our brand. We aren't asking everyone to like it, just tolerate that others do and move on.

      Thanks for reading,

      Ben O'Brien
      Online Managing Editor

      • Tim


        Are you really making the point that zombies are a facet of your brand? I would have loved to have attended the meetings and brainstorming sessions when that concept was posited. Can you give us readers some examples of concepts that were rejected in favor of zombies?

    • Merlin

      Wish you good luck with that. Most of the articles in G&A are well thought out, informative, and educational. So…..if we take some time out to laugh at ourselves, and each other, what harm does it do? Like Cable TV, if you don't like what you see, change the channel. Why don't you start your OWN magazine, and impress us with everything you know. Let us know how that works out for ya.

  • J w w

    all of your real worry should be over how the people we have put in control are destroying the future for all of the working class they have built there government off of our backs and there will be no future for our children and so on if we the people gods children give any more control to these destroyers of our fine nation we the people must take back control that is gods honest truth

  • old vet

    SAW this (no pun intended), decided it is a bit over the edge so am moving on.

  • dougw47

    is there someone out there that takes this Zombie junk seriously and not as a joke? I laughed, it is just a sales gimmick.


    Ah If you don't believe in Zombies check out the National Election in 2008 results. They are real, they vote, and they voted for an alien. Time to wake up and smell the rott.
    Yes We Can!

  • PeopleNeedToGrowUp

    There are hundreds if not thousands of fictional books, movies and television programs that people use as ENTERTAINMENT. If you don't like it click the mouse on the back button and grow up…..

  • Christopher

    I love the Z-items, they are great and work just as good as the non Z-items. You think the eotech is still not eotech because it has a zombie logo? Or the Hogue zombie grips are somehow less comfortable or made worse? No they just look neat fit a special niche in the market for people who enjoy new things and still work. I purchase this stuff because I enjoy it and it still does its job, nothing wrong with that at all.
    Take the zombie hand out from your ___.


    Look folks, nobody is holding a gun to your head to make you read these posts. If you don't like theposts, just stick your finger back in your nose and get on with your "life." I would much rather read these posts than the news stories of bad boys in the secret service, our military and what not. Who among us has not posed with a dead body, (zombie ??) or a whore???


    It's all in good fun. If you will notice, DSC has not produced these AK's with saws mounted because they realize it's just a fad. However, as the guy holding that gun in the picture, I can tell you our booth was overflowing with people who wanted to see that gun. It was an attention getter, nothing else. It has no effect on the quality of our AR's or 1911's. Like someone else said, with all the seriousness that goes along with the gun industry, it's nice to laugh at ourselves from time to time.

  • Mr. Mike

    Frankly, I know little about this fad. However, if people are target shooting safely and having fun, it's
    no big deal. I own rural property in Texas. I don't need to shoot at Zombies. We have hordes of wild
    hogs to deal with (and they're tasty!!!).

  • Michael

    Why does that zombie target look like a particular, unpopular politician? Is somebody trying to say something?

    • Sgt. Preppers

      No kidding.

  • Youre kidding

    Really youre all idiots ,you know that right? Both sides of this. im pretty sure imreading an argument between a group of 13 yr old boys. Who cares what you like and dont like, whats in and whats not. If you want to argue that go where all the other 13 yr olds go to argue, facebook. Seriously?

  • sports gear

    Really fantastic article with lots of information as well on "zombie eradication instruments"! Here all information seem to me very inspirational and I got some impressive words from this article. Thanks the head up and keep posting like this……..

  • patrick

    Why don't we just make silver plated bullets for werewolves or hallow points with Holly Water for Vampires. This Zombie thing is the stupidest thing I have EVER heard in my life and makes a mockery of real gun enthusiasts.
    If you are buying a Zombie gun, than why are you not buying a Bigfoot, Vampire, Ghost, or other unrealistic never going to happen waste of money guns. I feel sorry for people being taken advantage of companies that sell zobie CRAP!.

  • the tool man

    fuck what you think if you don’t like it don’t buy it assholes…smh

  • Daniel Michel

    geez just buy what you want and leave what you don’t want alright science is some thing that will make zombies

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