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Zombie Camo: How to Stay Hidden

by Patrick Sweeney   |  January 9th, 2012 20
Survival of the Dead

"Survival of the Dead" (2010)

The best way to win a fight is to not get into one. The best way to avoid zombie attention is to not announce your presence.

That means you should first of all invest in light-proof curtains. Yes, you won’t be flipping the switch for long, when the power goes out it will go out, but that doesn’t mean fire doesn’t work. And when it gets cold, you’ll have to have a fire to stay warm. Fire means light, and light attracts attention.

Curtains? In the daytime, a little sunlight is a nice thing. Get a tan, don’t burn precious fuel to read by, and remind yourself, “Hey, I’m not undead today.”

Second, non-obvious barriers to “redirect traffic.” If the hordes are shuffling around, they will go where they can, so if your location presents a physical impediment, they will pass you by.

This does not mean an apron of barbed wire, topped with concertinas of razor wire. First, it is clearly a barrier, and will attract attention of the non-zombie type. Second, if they get tangled up in it, they’ll just thrash and moan, and attract more zombies. A couple of wrecked cars, winched into position to block a street at an intersection, will not be too obvious, and the zombies will most likely just shuffle on by.

Third, solid walls. Some zombies may retain basic tool use, depending on the nature of the affliction, so that means simply slapping a coat of paint on the windows does not create a solid barrier.

Hey, the world has collapsed, along with real estate values. Pick a location that has solid ground-floor walls. The city isn’t going to send someone around to collect on property taxes’ get some elbow room and inside storage of vehicles.

And last, be picky about the vehicles you use. Noise is an attractant, and you can afford to select vehicles that have a good muffler. Do so.

  • Antonio

    I've like the "barrier" concept for some time, in that you can direct undead (or living) traffic around your house. Even heavy thorn bushes can help accomplish this. This helps narrow your home defense focus on the more passable avenues because protecting yourself on all four sides can be difficult. I think most zombies, scavengers, marauders, etc., prefer the path of least resistance. That's where you aim for.

  • Brian Sweet

    more zombie talk….. *facepalm* where is the dislike button…. better yet im just gonna stop buying G&a ad take them off FB… and i know im not the only one that feels this way so get with the program G&A…. only call of duty nutnfancy zombie apocolypse fools pay attention to what you guys do anymore… everyone of my fathers friends and all the older guys stopped reading a long time ago

    • Antonio

      I understand some people's issues with zombie talk, but I find them, and other out-of-the-box topics, a good contrast against straight up articles on ballistics, survival tactics, etc. By thinking through different situations, which are mostly hypothetical anyway, we can approach tactics from a different perspective by stimulating thinking in a different way. I feel this adds value and can help you come up with something new, something innovative. Plus, it's fun.

      • Zedhead2012

        But some of sWeeney's post are so moronic.
        When doing combat with Zed, why bother discussing this rifle vs that rifle, or which caliber is best? It is Zed!
        Remove the head or destroy the brain!
        All you need is a reliable .22LR rifle, a .22LR pistol, lots of high-cap mags, lots of ammo and vigilance! Take the head shot, dont stop to admire your handy work, locate the next Zed, sight picture, sight alignment, pause breath, squeeze trigger, go BANG, put .22 bullet in Zed's head. Shoot and move. Train with fellow Zed Hunters how to clear a street of Zed. Recognize when there are too many Zed and conduct a orderly retreat. Take one of your fellow Zed Hunter's mags and put a dummy round in at random. When your fellow Zed Hunter squeezes trigger, go click, not BANG! Does he/she execute remedial action? Or freeze while Zed overtakes their position and chews on their jugular? Or train to transition to the side arm like second nature.
        Zed is always lurking!

        • Joseph Tracz

          My friend survived a .22 rifle at point blank. So I think you might need a little more for a zombie than a .22 rifle.

          • Zedhead2012

            In the head?

          • Antonio

            I've given the whole .22LR viability thing some thought. If there is a horde of… zed, aliens, congressmen, whatever, you want to start shooting sooner than later, before they closely encircle you and you're out of space. But out at 100 yards, my .22LR shot placement with the slightest breeze is not head worthy, at least not consistently — damn bullet just seems too light. So I'm thinking at least 5.56 cal rifle, and 9mm handgun would be good as they close in because of the lower recoil and 15 round mags (as compared with my .357). Geez, I need to do some serious shopping.

          • Zedhead2012

            Well, I dont know about no aliens or congressmen, but for Zed, that 5.56 and 9mm is just going to compound your zombie problem. Zed is attracted to noise! As well as movement, shiny things, and muzzle flash. As you can imagine, firing that 5.56 or 9mm with all that noise and flash is just going to attract a larger and larger horde all closing in on your position. Zed is not afraid of dying, Zed is already dead! No matter what caliber you are shooting, unless you remove the head or destroy the brain, Zed is just going to keep coming.
            Some of us Zombie Hunters speculate Zed's hearing has become more acute. Another theory is the virus has altered Zed visual perception to see the living, like simple LOS thermal image, or "see" the living aura (humph!). A few have suggested altered smell perception (humph!).
            My Zombie Hunter Team (ZHT-1A), we all use Ruger 10/22 with after market stocks, after market threaded heavy barrels with suppressors and Ruger 22/45 threaded pistol and a suppressor for those as well. We then train as a team using airsoft shooting on the move, deploying, clearing buildings, patrols, transitioning from a wedge formation to a echelon (L and R), as well as tactical retreats. We also do individual live fire drills against Zombie targets.

    • Alan Z…

      GOOD! G'day;buh-bye,so long,sayonara,see ya! Who cares what you and your father and his friends and your friends and your Aunt Tilly think? You don't like the "zombie talk"? You don't "get it"? STOP READING! And stop posting! Stop annoying us with your unimaginative, humorless, I'm-above-this-sort-of-thing whining! This is one of those "if you have to ask,you won't understand" situations.So shut up and GO already.SHEESH!

      • AWSMDUDE

        Right man,who cares about your father and his friends!!!!!!!

    • Joe

      Get with the times, if you don't like it then don't read it, but certainly don't ruin it for the rest that do enjoy this talk… Keep the Zombie material coming G&A every manufacturer jumping on the Z products has a reason to do so…lots of us are into it!!

    • Chris

      Seems to me that the old guys aren't the ones that are buying most of the guns these days. G&A knows where the market is. Zombies are hot right now. If you don't like it, skip the article. There are plenty of articles on historical firearms, cowboy action shooting and bird guns for the old timers. If you get nostalgic, pick up a back issue, there just isn't much to say about the Single Action Army or the 1903 Springfield that hasn't been said already.

  • Bob

    Not a bad plan. but there are other ways then just these to make barriers.

    • Antonio

      I'd be interested in hearing about them, Bob.

  • Joe Sobotka

    Cya Brian!!! if you don't "get it" then don't read it…..

  • RoBBz ways

    "Zombie" talk is code for "ECONOMIC COLLAPSE" .People ,millions upon millions of americans can't "COOK" thier own meals let alone figure out how to deal with a simple black out.Wise up or be the problem that so many already are,OH thats right .I'm wrong your right,go figure.Reality bites everyone,eventualy!

  • Zedhead2012

    Oh . . . yeah, good advice sWeeney, because so many of us have rolls and rolls of barbed wire laying about.
    Solid ground floor walls? Is that it? How about suggesting concealed routes to come and go for supplies that can be secured from inside with overwatch positions? Or did you just plan on holing up in
    " . . . a location that has solid ground-floor walls." and wait to starve to death while Zed roams about outside? Figure out a method of letting those inside standing watch you have returned, either by a predetermined time or perhaps a narrow focused or covered flashight or laser. How about using cars (why do they have to be wrecked? Is it going to make a difference to Zed if a perfectly functional car or a wrecked one is blocking his route?) to block of the the road and provide some cover and concealment?
    Did you put any thought into this post? Your effort certainty does not reflect it. Some zombie expert!

    • Saturn

      Somebody's reading comprehension's not quite college-level. First, the article explicitly advises against using barbed wire and razor wire, for the reason that barriers of these materials are likely to "attract attention of the non-zombie type."If you haven't guessed, the elephant in the room here is that there are likely to be other people alive and well in the zombie apocalypse, and they probably won't all be quite as concerned as you are with your well-being. I look at the "wrecked/damaged cars versus non-damaged cars with an eye towards avoiding possibly undesirable non-zombie attention. A car crash when the zombies come? Believable. Several cars parked together in a way that just happens to block this side street? Suspicious and worthy of investigation. I look at the "wrecked/damaged cars versus non-damaged cars with an eye towards. Concealment of entry/exit points is important, but may be the subject of another article in the future, as it would certainly require such in order to achieve any semblance of completion. Think before you communicate. It will be even more important when the zombies come.

  • Brendan

    haha I've been reading the comments… I've only managed to come up with two questions so far. How many of you have encountered an actual zombie? If not, how do you know anything about zombies?

  • DC

    As tongue-in-cheek as this article is, I still managed to learn something: blackout curtains. Never even considered it before, and it’s a damned good idea.

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