Dawn of the Dead

As seen in 2004's Dawn of the Dead, that Remington 870 might not be perfect for other members of your survival party.

In the first post on what guns to pick, there were some who made flippant comments such as “You should already have your guns picked out.”

Yes, you should. But then what? If you really are prepared, you know more than just the “perfect” guns you’ve selected for yourself. And “getting two blocks to the police station” to see what you can pick up, c’mon. None of you ever leaves your house?

There you are, on a business trip, and the plague hits. Your arsenal of perfect guns is at home, with the wife and kids. What do you do? Quit? No, you get out and find a weapon.

Great, the first rifle you come across is a Ruger Min14, with empty 20 round magazine in place. The 21st zombie to get to its previous owner is what caused it to be dropped into the mud. If you don’t know how to strip, clean, lube, reassemble and load it, it is just a clumsy club.

Your perfect guns are perfect for you. Someone new, with useful skills, joins your group. You are 6’4”, and your hi-cap Para USA .45 fits you perfectly. She’s 5’2’, is a nurse practitioner (high survival value) and your Para is an anvil. Do you know how to use something else, in order to teach her to use it to survive, so she can take care of your kids when they get whooping cough?

If you are going to survive, it takes more than just a few skills, and some limited knowledge. You can’t know too much, you can’t be skilled in too many things. You don’t have to own them all, but the more you know how to use, their strengths and weaknesses, and what it takes to feed them, the better off you are.

That said, anyone out there favor the Makarov? You should — the Ruskis have exported a bazillion of them over here.

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