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Why You Hate That We Love Zombies

by Patrick Sweeney   |  December 14th, 2011 235

ZombieWhy the zombie hate? Not the hate of zombies, but the subject of zombies? From reading the comments, I get the impression that a whole lot of you wish it would all go away. The basic idea I get from your comments is that you are somewhat embarrassed by it, and us, plus you think it detracts from “outreach.”

That is, if we’d all just go back to shooting Bambi with bolt guns, and stopped all this prepper/survivalist zombie nonsense, that “some” people would leave us alone. And others would come to like us, and join us. I’ve got some news for you: They won’t.

Do you really think that if we “behaved” ourselves that Feinstein/Schumer et. al would just move on to some other meddlesome project? That if we only owned and shot five-shot bolt guns, and double-barreled shotguns, Violence Policy Center (VPC) would dry up and blow away?

They won’t quit, and trying to make ourselves more palatable to Conyers, McCarthy and their cohorts doesn’t help, while doing two things: reducing our fun, and proving they can coerce us. Trying to placate the antis by self-restricting is like asking your mother to make a different sandwich, so the school bully won’t be annoyed at taking your PB&J again.

Yes, zombie shooting is different. The world is different. The old guard views benchrest, paper-punching club shoots as the norm. The younger generation, raised on video games and cable TV, finds such shooting about as much fun as a root canal. Trying to entice them into a gun club, offering the usual “smallest five-shot group wins lunch” matches is like offering them free dial-up for their smartphones. It doesn’t compute.

Is zombie shooting — and talking — a bit goofy? Sure, but so is everything else entertaining. And trying to inject a double-dose of serious into a gun conversation is a sure way to disperse a crowd.

As to the subject of myself, and how I could “stoop” to writing about zombies as if they were real, a moment’s pause, please. I had to check to see if you were pulling my leg. Of course they aren’t real. But nothing else we read, write and discuss is real, either. “Best carry gun?” “Best carry load?” Statistically, your chances — outside very few urban centers — of actually needing either are remote. It’s winning the lottery remote. But the mental exercise of considering either is useful.

And as for me, I’m not interested in being typecast as “a gunsmithing author” or “that 1911/AR/IPSC” author. I’m a writer, I write. In-between the features, the tests, the blogs and all the rest, I write other stuff.: novels, screenplays, comedy. When I need a break from the earnestness of “the best elk cartridge” torrent, I consider zombies.

Lighten up. The brain you save may be your own. And not just from being eaten.

  • Mike

    I don't know about anyone else, but zombies are over-played. It's starting to get annoying. You mention most young shooters grew up playing video games and such. I play video games too. For a frame of reference, think of WW2 shooting games. The gaming scenes were inundated with WW2 first person shooters and people got tired of it. Zombies are the new WW2 shooters. They are in everything. It just gets old after a while.

    • Black Dawg

      True. It's fun, then it's over-done, then it's tiresome, and so on. Something else will be along shortly.

    • MntnWolf45

      The very survival of ALL shooting activity is that we need to generate interest in the younger generations. Take your grandson and granddaughter shooting, ask them if they want to go blast the hell out of some Zombie targets and see how much more enthused they are!!! Isnt that what we want to happen? We dont all shoot Black Powder but we sure as hell need to support those that do just as they need to support us too! So try it out and you may find out you enjoy it, if not you will enjoy the enthusiasm of others. We ALL need to work for the future and if some Zombies help them we embrace them and help defend the universe from them like some of us did from "Nazi's"!! Give em hell

  • 1motion

    zombies are for call of duty kids… zombies should ot be an adult topic its, maybe around halloween or cracking some jokes but talking like you believe there will be a zombie apocolypse is childish and ignorant… there are many more important things to talk about… like instead of talkig about zombies coming how about you talk about what you are going to do when the man send out military to take your guns…. that is a lot more likely to happen…. so does that mean its ok to talk about nonsense but if you were to talk about being prepared to fight off tyranny that wouldnt be pc or what? hang some more lights and lasers on your gun… talk about some 1911's ad ar's … throw in some zombie and prepper talk and you have a magazine to satisfy the retards caliming to be gun enthusiests these days… im embarrassed and dumbfounded at how flooded the market is with bull sh*t these days…. so yes g&a you should feel dumb and ashamed…. are you working for the government trying to make everyone stupid like the rest of the mainstream media or what.

    • Tommy

      I agree with you 100% on the zombie garbage. What are you all 12? I subscribed to G&A because of the good gun and ammo articles. A article on the less serious side ONCE IN A WHILE would be okay. But come-on Patrick, I own your gunsmithing books and expect better. How about talking about our Constitution being destroyed and our rights trampled on or some other topic worthy of G&A. Unless all this zombie talk is the PC way to talk about defending your family and property when the country totally hits the crapper. "Coming to a town near you soon."

    • Graham Watson

      IF you replace the word zombie with a homegrown terrorist attack or some other word that wouldn't be politically correct in using then you can create your own scenario. With a little immagination you can create
      a very real scene of something that you could be totally perpared for.

      • Scott

        Dead on.

    • Red White and Blue

      MONEY it is about the all mighty(?) Dollar.

    • gillian

      I believe what Pactrick is saying is something along the lines of: "use your imagination because I'm not aloud to write about shooting government employees when they threaten our constitutional rights." I call my Mini-14 my zombie gun, and not because I ever expect to encounter a zombie. I call it that because with enough mags & plenty of surplus ammo & can defend myself & my family from those unfortunate enough to try to take our constitutional rights away. Zombies, if you will. G&A tells us about guns & ammo. (whoa!) It's a pretty fun subject. I'd hope it isn't taken too seriously. The NRA is concerned about our rights. I read their magazines too.

    • Chops

      There are plenty of intelligent adults not raised on Call of Duty that appreciate some light-hearted reading with a firearms twist. There are more than enough articles about gun reviews, gun rights, etc. filling up my RSS reader on a daily basis. I find the occasional Zombie themed post quite refreshing.

      P.S. I really hate to be the grammar police, but reading you reply to this article has made me dumber than any number of Zombie articles on the G&A Blog ever could.

    • mart

      Calm down take a breather. This zombie stuff is all in fun and it brings in younger shooters. I love zombie targets and so do a lot of folks its fun. Read between the lines you will see the logic,

    • David

      Talk about "childish," "ignorant," and "embarrassed"… Did you proofread your comment before submitting it. Your lack of skill with a keyboard and with the English language is more damaging to our cause than poking fun at zombies. I had a difficult time deciphering what you were trying to say. Do the cause a favor and don't "embarrass" the rest of us with your poorly worded, poorly spelled, and poorly structured rantings.

    • Jmore

      1motion, before displaying ignorance with the use of RETARD, try a simple spell check and a little punctuation. Take a second and read your own post before commenting on what you call an adult topic. Your ignorance and poor English skills make you look more childish than any of the writers.

    • Dibble

      Ignorance would be thinking that something has no chance of happening. Ignorance would be commenting on something that you obviously know nothing about as if you have the faintest clue. What the hell do you think biological warfare is, you ignoramus? You don't think there is some crazy chemist with someone in his pocket working on a virus or something that could cause an epidemic? It may not be actual zombies, but something along the lines where people lose their minds and start attacking each other. Hell, alcohol alone does that to people. I'm pretty sure someone can figure out something that does it on a more permanent and widespread basis. Stop being ignorant and childish enough to leave out the possibility that anything is possible.

  • jaydz

    Wow- why is everyone so uptight? If you don't like Zombies, turn the channel, read a different magazine, go to a different site. Sheesh! Are you all that feeble? "Oh, I'm being subjected to Zombies again, oh the agony!" Gee whiz Mr. Wizard…

    • William Barber

      Now that's a healthy attitude. The same credo could be applied to the 'fad' styles of our teenagers as well. I have played a zombie in a movie, and I also played one of the 'live subjects of the zombie hunger' as well, so I know that if it comes down to it, the 'skill set' needed to handle a 'zombie hoard' could be used to handle any other oppressive group as well. People go down from a 'double tap' as quickly as anything else, and who gets up from a shotgun blast to the head? Who cares where you get you training as long as you do get it, and remember that in Katrina, the first thing that the 'officials' did was move to disarm the common citizen that had planned to provide a modicum of security to their family and homes.

    • Michael

      They hate zombie stuff so much, yet they come here to complain. I think they are just trolls.

  • 1motion

    so pissed off i cant even type

  • Jommo Woles

    You G&A editors are behind the times. Most people got tired of zombies around 2008.

    • BigK572

      Thanks Big Ben.

  • Steven

    Wait – Zombies aren't real!? Damn that gun shop salesman!

  • Scott

    Sorry, this zombie crap really makes you look unintelligent!!! You will soon lose me as a subscriber if it continues.

    • Chim

      I love how you say this is unintelligent with the avatar picture you have.

      • Scott

        At least my cannon is REAL!!!!

      • James Rogers

        Well… bye.

    • mbj047

      They are better off not having you as a subscriber.

    • SweetAl39

      Using three exclamation points when one will suffice makes you look unintelligent.

    • lorenjoe

      dude lighten up. your one of those people that take themselves waaaaaay to serious obviously.

    • Harry

      LOL ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE…… They would loose you as a subscriber because you cant pay for the mag…. or your trailer LOL

  • Ryan

    Good explanation of the truth behind the Zombie craze and the true fun behind it.

  • Metalchemist

    Sorry folks BUT, In my humble opinion, as well as observations the zombies have taken over the government. They did it long ago.
    Eating brains wouldn't help these living dead get any smarter. As we ALL realize (if you have been paying any kind of attention) they thrive off of those that are fleeced of their freedom's and liberties. Those are ALL of us, American citizens.
    Zombies are a mere metaphor for all that is wrong in this country, and it is quite obvious that the intelligent amoung uis have been preparing for the worst (but hoping for the best) for quite a long time.

    In Omnia Paratus.

    • Geoff

      This is just for fun and to 1 motion if you havent been looking at what your governments diong you could get tossed into a "camp" for your anti government talk with the new laws they have voted in but you cant be taken if all you are talking about is how to kill zombies not about how bad the mighty O zombie is. I agree that the zombies have all ready taken over in Washington. Have you watched C Span lately they give speeches to a empty room all the time. How end of the world zombie is that.

      • Mac

        You people truly are nuts.

  • Black Dawg

    I, for one, don't mind it at all. For Hallowe'en we hosted an informal zombie shoot, spooky decorations and all, and people thought it was a lot of fun.

  • Jommo Woles

    Here's a fun new idea: The entire US congress has turned into werewolves and everyone in the Executive Branch have turned into vampires. WHAT DO YOU DO?

    Me? I'd wait to see if it was an improvement.

    • Metalchemist


    • John S.

      Start reloading with Silver bullets and practice your shot placement :)

  • Chris

    I think everyone needs to lighten up, Sweeney is right on the money! I don't mind if there is a fun article about zombies, especially when it's mainstream right now. What do you expect, everything the same? or cutting edge that only a few people know about or care about? If you want write ups on the best ammo or sights… there's plenty of it. If you you want political write ups, READ a paper or website. Calm down, it's a gun magazine! There's nothing wrong with a little fun, if you don't like it… flip the page! There's another article… If you want to save our Country, GO VOTE!!!

    • Joe

      I'll second that. Some people just need to lighten up and flip/click to the next article.

  • Doug

    The reason Zombies are reaching (or have reached) critical mass in the minds of the public is because they are all around us.

    We live in a nation where occupiers, welfare cheats, and union occupation of govt. buildings has become the norm.

    Average Americans see these mindless hordes appear seemingly from nowhere and mill about looking for things to attack while an impotent government stands idly by and in many cases actively supports 'the infection'.

    In our family talk of emergency preparedness is fun and interesting for the kids if we frame it in a 'zombie apocalypse' setting. In that light, I say keep the 'zombie nation' articles coming.

    Just as 'Invasion of the body snatchers' scared the 'red menace' generation, zombies will continue to be the lens through which we can relate to the rise of the entitlement state.

  • WallyM

    OK, I personally am having fun with it. OK to have some humor here. And ya know, if you would drop an entire good magazine because a few on line articles or one in the magazine, will anything ever satisfy you? You can choose not to read what "offends" you. Kinda seems like some want to impose their idea of what the world should be on others. Hmmmmmmm, are we not supposed to be free in this country? Oh Oh, got the TV on and just saw Obama on the news. Guess its time to throw out the TV!

  • Wayne

    I hate your zombie focus because it demeans and ridicules our sport and interest in self-defense. You are mocking us! I can find zombie comic books if I want to see that stuff. It makes us all seem as childish and goofy as your writers. Can you find zombies in any other sport? No wonder some people begin to think all gun owners are weird. You are promoting an image of weirdness. And yes, I know how to unsubscribe and I will if this continues. I can't believe you wrote an article defending your zombie love. Grow up!

    • Paul ISF

      Really Wayne? Really? Wake up, Dude. "Some people" {gunhaters} already think you and I are weird BECAUSE we like guns. Talk of zombies will make little difference to that. Consider the source and shrug it off. Beyond that, zombies are and have been a metaphor for the mindless masses who given the chance will drag us all down with them. As an example, I give you the occupy wall street crowd.

    • mbj047

      I can't believe you made this comment. After dealing with anti-gun crap constantly it is great to read some humorous stories once in a while. Its a fairly safe bet that anti-gun supports don't read guns & ammo on a regular basis. Just like the rest, if you don't like it find something else to read.

    • Ben

      I'm with you Wayne. This foolishness does demean and ridicule our sport. It is a mockery and just shows the anti-gun public how silly and immature these individuals are; and they are being abetted and encouraged by Hornady; of course Hornady is just encouraging this garbage to sell more bullets.

      Wake up, symbolism to the public at large does matter.

  • Cindy

    I quite agree with Mr. Sweeney. I and a co-worker took our boss out to shoot a few weeks ago. He had never shot a firearm before in his life. We had a great time and part of the fun was the zombie targets! Come on, guys, lighten up!

    • mactex

      So there is no chance that he enjoyed all the other aspects of shooting? It just HAD to be the 'Zombie Aspect"….

  • Metalchemist

    Beside zomibes have spun off into active targets that you can find at mulitple locations selling them now.
    Shooting paper for practice gets boring and the zombie targets make it more interesting, breaking up the monotony.


    Well said, Author! People that worry about zombie mythology within the shooting hobby are the same ignorant bunch that don't support ALL gun rights! AR shooters, muzzel loaders and bolt action hunters all share the same thing…love of the sport/hobby! Same with zombies, If you don't like it, tune it out. Don't ruin it for everyone else. Contrary to your beliefs, the world does NOT rotate around you! Quite arguing with each other and join together or we will all be wondering what happened to our gun rights just like Australia and England!

  • Wayne

    You also discount the need for self-defense as "remote". So I guess you think all of us are just fools who waste our time with self-defense. That explains a lot. You disrespect your readers and your readers will go somewhere else.

    • Jackman

      Wayne drink your warm milk and go night night. It must have been a long day for you and you know how change or excitement tires you so.

  • Ernest

    Wow Patrick, didn't know about the novels, screenplay and comedy stuff. Is that how the whole "cardboard cutout" of the "pre-posed shot, substitue gun" humour thing started at G&A – some funny observations by staff, or was it really just us readers? I might not follow everything you write in the gun magazines all the time, but it's always good when I do learn a little something from it! Keep up the good work!!

    • Macttex

      I don't know, of the 13 books listed on Amazon for Mr. Sweeney, the first 12 had 'Gun' in the title. I looked them all up and not a single one of them were listed as a work of fiction. The 13th was pertaining to Law enforcement, and I didn't see a single chapter devoted to 'Proper Procedure/Detaining Zombies'. Your coverage in Wikipeida also mentions works relating to firearms, but no novels, plays or other works of fiction.
      It would seem that you would keep the proper subjects in the proper publications, huh?

  • gabriel

    when the almighty US dollar falls apart and your neighbor comes to take your food, water, and shelter what are you going to do?? If you are too narrow minded to realize that the "Zombie Apocolypse" scenario is the same type of thing we will see when civilized life, law and order go to crap in the near future, than that is your problem. do you really think that Guns And Ammo magazine can go around telling people that a Saiga shotgun will be the best way to blow the head off of some looter trying to steal the bread out of your little girls hand??? No but shooting zombies is a fun and PC way of preparing for the kind of combat we will see when the police dont come when your neighborhood is on fire and your cellphone doesnt work! Get real and find something else to complain about

    • greg

      well said.

  • Hunter

    Mmmmm… Zombie barbecue. Yummm! Just don't eat the brains. OR…
    Come on. Can't we all just shoot along. Three gun is more fun than hole punchin' to me, but to each his own. Being an old snake-eater; I for one like entertainment. Keeps me from doing terrible things. Terrible, terrible things.

  • Anson

    I traditionally like zombie talk, but that was in the context of joking around with buddies or coming up with some excuse buying a new gun. Now, Ka-Bar, Taurus, Ruger, and others are in on it and it has somehow soured it. There's something a little gross about the companies trying to cash in with green painted guns…but I digress. I actually appreciate the G&A articles, because they suggest the proper guns for survival. Yes, it must look somewhat silly, but how many articles can be written about the j-frame or new AR-15 manufacturer? The truth is, zombies are a billion dollar industry, and a cover story about the top 10 zombie apocalypse guns will probably draw more new shooters and readers than ".270 still kickin' after 80 years". However, the whole zombie thing is dangerously close to jumping the shark.

  • Guest

    i think the readers who are upset are taking it too literal…

    here's my view – zombies are people who just don't know they are dead yet.

    this can encompass any or many threats that our firearms may be brought to bear in our self defense against… for example, the gang banger looking to rob you while you walk to your car after the sporting event, the home invasion guy who thinks you'll just be willing to give him all your hard earned stuff, the rapist who follows your (armed) wife or girlfriend into the parking garage…

    all the way to big events like hurricane katrina or similar civil disturbances – like the unprepared people who think that because they did nothing to take care of themselves are entitled to come and take what you have because you did. (assuming part of your preparations were in the realm of self defense and protecting your self and family etc)

    i consider all these perpetrators as "zombies" and all these people are willfully putting themselves by choice in a very dangerous situation – a choice that in much of our countries history (and statistically) will eventually leave them dead – yet they still choose their course of action as dangerous as it may be.

    so don't always put the "night of the living dead zombie" in the story – put who or whatever is the "threat" and just think of zombie as the trendy catchall word for it… that or if you don't like it – don't read it – and based on the amount of readers that take the time to actually read the stories they don't like AND comment on them… maybe you can find better things to do with your time… just remember that it isn't only your view that matters, everyone has their own interests and views – after all isn't that one of the freedoms "we" are trying to protect?

    guns and ammo is reaching out to a new generation of shooters and readers who may think this is fun, relevant or topical reading… they need to attract new young readers to keep their business running and advertisers relevant – no different then other changes like music over the years – or the whole upset over "plastic" gun stocks over wood – they need to have content that changes with the times.

    live and let live (even the zombies)

    • Tanstaafl2

      Like CDC Atlanta said, the same preparation you do for a zombie apocalypse would also be very useful in the event of a REAL disaster or emergency. Who says you can't make it fun and entertaining to be prepared?

  • Mark

    I'm 52 and I think its important to get with the times. Zombies are a synonym for "rampaging/rioting mobs" if I ever heard one. If this is what it takes to keep people young or old interested in the shooting sports, full speed ahead. After all guns aren't just about hunting, it's about the second amendment. Which if you haven't already heard is about "self defense" and defense of our country from tyrranny. I for one enjoy it and the articles that go along with it. Keep up the good work G&A.

  • DRZ

    I have tried to stay above the Zombie mess. I have enjoyed Guns & Ammo since the late 1960"s and enjoy the on-line articles, but if I wanted to waste my time on movie zombies I would rent the cheap movies or look the up on-line. Please end this foolishness now and get back to things that might be remotely real and if you looking for humor, try the real life type.

  • jkarczmit

    Wow, what killjoys. I guess some guys can't figure out that their girlfriend is hinting at something if she doesn't just blurt it out. Look at it this way: No one wants to write articles about preparing for a governmental collapse, invasion from Mexico, the South rising up and moving into the over-enforced gun-controlled North, etc, etc. OK, so take the hint: Talk about zombie apocolypse, carry over the tips to any of the above scenarios. It's just talk about protecting yourself when the SHTF. Plus, I LOVE zombie movies, games, Halloween, not just guns, reloading charts, ballistics info, history of muskets, punching paper and the like. Keep the zombie hoardes coming!

    • guest

      You steppin' on some big toes – comparing the south returning the favor from the 'War of Northern Agression' is ridiculous, if just. There is nothing left in the rust belt that we can't make rf do better here in the sun belt – if you don't believe me, ask any of the 'zombies' who stumble south each winter looking for decent weather and people..

  • Bruce

    I did not really mind the zombie crap until I read this article and realized that Patrick really has contempt for most of the mainstream shooting sports. His comments about self-defense and target shooters, shows me that he he really is just mocking us as a group. I also agree that you are not stooping to write about this subject matter, this is your natural level. I never expected to read something on this site that I found so offensive. I usually take a lighten up attitude about most things and felt that way about this subject until right now. Sad really, I do not think I will be back. As stated above, there are a lot of other publications that cover the info I am interested in without having to subject myself to an organization that cares so little about the individuals they are hoping will support their advertisers.

    • Joe

      It is amazing to me how hard some people work at being offended…

    • Russ

      Well if that aint the "cater to me, hyper-sensitive, entitlement mentality" that the zombie talk alludes to, I don't know what is! Enjoy reading your Martha Stuwart magazine. The rest of us will stay here.

  • The Dude

    For the few of you who "threaten" to unsubscribe, please do…and go ahead and stop posting as well. I can't believe you still use the internet, knowing that some "nonsense" can be found on the web. Why don't you stop using it as well! Magazines and websites that are not afraid to inject comedy in among some "serious" articles will attract far more people than they will lose. Go read the encyclopedia or dictionary if you only want "facts."

  • GunE8

    What does Sweeney mean Zombies aren't real???
    Millions of people have seen them on TV and big screen for years, of course they're real.
    And dangerous too.

    Prepare to defend yourselves.

  • Dr. Rik

    Recently had to go to Las Vegas on business where I can't carry legally. Some friends wanted to show me some zip line thing and we ended up walking two miles through a Zombie infested neighborhood. I don't take my trash out without being armed and I was walking through that neighborhood with only a pocket knife! Are you kidding me?

    At our local club we use Zombie targets once in a while for fun and to practice head shots because you have to shoot a Zombie in the head to stop him.

    Lighten up and have some fun.

  • OlFatDick

    I Love It!!! Too many of the above writers take themselves waaaaaaay to seriously, IMHO.

  • Denis

    If wanted to "understand" how to deal with Zombies I would buy a stack of teenage comics. Note: Your continuing blather on "The Undead" is the sole reason I haven't renewed my subscription this year.

    • Rich

      Well, I actually decided to subscribe rather than pick up the interesting looking articles off the news stand. I feel like I need to offset the humorless, narrowminded, grumps who aren't willing to just DON'T READ the stuff you don't like. If I stopped buying every publication that ran an article on handloading for cripes sake, I wouldn't read anything. I'm 62 years old, started shooting sb competitively when I was in 4th grade or so. Keep up the Zombies until something funnier comes along

      • Denis

        Each to their own of course and if that's your bag read on sir.

  • usab4all

    If so many readers are telling G&A to drop the Zombie crap then maybe they ought to listen. I like Sweeney, but enough already. If he doesn't get it, then maybe he should write Sci-fi permanently.

  • john

    The whole Zombie issue is silly, immature, foolish, and reflects very poorly on us, our sport, and the seriousness that we should project to others.

    I can't imagine that gun writers in particular should stoop to such drivel to attract new shooters. If it works, what (and who) would we get? People that nobody should take seriously; that's who.

    Good luck with presenting a responsible image with shooters who use hi-tech weapons to shoot people who don't exist, and who purportedly are dangerous due to an affliction that doesn't exist. Creates an adolescent image at best, and makes us look like irresponsible idiots at worst.

    Stop it while we're still ahead. Common sense indicates that we should shy away from imitating Hollywood at it's very worst.

  • killbot462

    Lighten up you old duffers! Talking/reading about the zombie apocalypse is not only fun, but I believe it's helping to get the younger set get interested in thinking ahead and preparing to defend themselves and their families from tragedy/oppression. I think it was one of the previous articles on this very forum that said something to the effect of "if you are prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse than you are prepared for every other possible contingency." Is that so wrong? It's just a spoonful of sugar so to speak. I love the zombie talk, it's a great way to tackle issues even more grim than actual zombies, like an oppressive government, or your neighbors trying to attack or steal from you because you prepared for the quake/fire/flood and they didn't! It's Just a little levity while you prepare for the worst. Getting angry or annoyed by it doesn't change the big picture, right? I'm old, but i love young ideas and i hope G&A keeps up the good work :)

    • Mactex

      The tone is condescending, but we old schoolers (who, by the way, made G&A the success it is today) have just got to learn our place. Obiviously we need to realize that compared to the spending power of the much coveted 18 – 35 year olds, our right to free speech (much touted by the pro-zombie fans in this fourm) recedes as we age. You don;t get what we are saying – you can talk about fictional characters till the cows come home – no difference to me – just do it in a suitable venue. G&A is about just that – Guns and Ammo.
      If you want to read about comic book characters – READ COMIC BOOKS. Those of us that have spent the last 40 years fighting to keep our gun rights take it seriously (and considering you age, Mr. Sweeney, that should include you). If you continue to play into the hands of the anti-gunners, writing nonsensical articles,
      they will take full advantage of it. The loss of the gun owners rights in both Austrialia and England were precipated by seemingly isolated incidents which no one, at the time, would have thought would result in such extreme legislation – but they did.

      • mactex

        I am not saying that writing about zombies is going to result in the further loss of gun rights, but walls are built a brick at a time. This has nothing to do with coerceon, or wanting to be liked, it is about the general populace – the ones who vote – and how THEY see us.

  • Arthur Konyak

    I don't care if it's shooting zombies, punching paper, shooting tombstone targets, or busting steel. As long as I'm burning powder I'm having a good time. Zombies may be boring and outdated to some, but for competition shooters like me (IDPA), it is challenging to shoot semi-lifelike targes fast and keep the shots in the "kill" zones. And if I forgot to mention it……'s fun!

  • trent

    I have been active in shooting, and shooting sports for 30 years, I see no problems with the zombie anything, infact I am going to buy some zombie ammo, just to have. It is fun. I only reload, shoot only berger, or hornady bullets, but in this case I am actually going to buy factory ammo. All ammo is a investment, ie bullets traded for basic needs in a crisis. But zombie bullets…just fun. I have never shot the zombie targets, they look kinda gross, but to a non-shooter, may be me shooting a zombie, looks better then me practicing head, or heart shots on a human outline target. my 2 cents

  • Barry

    Pretty simple. Grow up and get back to responsible and respectable gun journalism or I will not renew my subscription. I will not pay for that kind of crap. I feel the vast majority of us are above that thirteen year old mentality.

    • old vet

      Bye de BYE

    • Carl

      You do realize that YOU are NOT PAYING a monthly fee to read anything on the Guns and Ammo website right? So you should have no complaining to do! I have yet to see any Zombie articles inside the magazine. It seems like Guns & Ammo is doing it right. Leaving the zombie articles out of the magazine but including them on the Internet. There is also plenty of other articles on this website that are not Zombie related which are FREE to read as well. GO read those!

  • Chris

    I commented in the '8 Best Zombie Guns' article, and my idea still stands, which is that the whole Zombie fascination which seems to grip the gun world is the new Red Dawn or SHTF situation. I wish I had a nickel for every 'Best SHTF Gun?' or 'What gun would you take to the woods if the commies invaded?' threads I've read on gun forums. Gun guys NEVER EVER get tired of elaborating on the merits of their chosen survival gun and will defend their logic to their dying breath. The Zombie scenario is really no more fanciful than Red Dawn (which was FICTION dudes). So if it really bothers you that much, just mentally insert 'Commie' for 'Zombie' and you should do just fine reading these zombie articles! But please lets not get so testy about it that we cancel subscriptions and quit being friendly – I think we gun guys need to stick together in this hostile environment. It's all in good fun and what the heck, in the end you may end up with some cool setup new AR or Side Folding Saiga 12 GA with a Zombie Light and 3" Zombie 00 Buck shot, er Zombie Shot that is. I mean, if that Glock with the compensated barrel and 33 round mag will take out a Zombie, imagine what it'll do for the idiot that attempts to storm your door late at night!

    • Mactex

      Good point, Chris – "Crisis de Jour" – but all the others (including 'Red Dawn') were based in an actual threat, it COULD happen – not likely – but it could. I agree with your outlook, we are all, after all, on the same side and should respect, if not agree with, each others opinion. But just so we're clear: You DO NOT have to worry about any zombies attacking you tonight. Zombies are fictious creatures. OK?

      • Rob

        "Zombies" may be fictitious, but they are just a metaphor for all the terrorists, and every other low-life piece of scum that would try to take your life or possessions in case of disaster.

  • biosbh

    There's plenty in G&A besides zombie world. It's still a good rag and I enjoy the sidelines.

  • Ensomere

    Lighten up its just a metaphor. If your ready for zombies your ready for anything, flood, blizzard, hurricane, drought, fire, tornado.

  • Mike Gordon

    For those who are saying 'grow up' and I will not renew my subscription, take another look at the context of the zombie fad:
    It's a METAPHOR for other potential hazards and life-threatening situations. As was mentioned above by other people posting: hurricanes, earthquakes or any other natural disaster where there are looters and other individuals who would want to take your possessions and your life. They are today's 'zombies'… What about a drugged out person in an inner city who is following you and your spouse some evening? That individual is one of today's 'zombies'. What about those who, even without a natural disaster present, would be willing to break into your home and steal your belongings and cause harm to your family? They are today's 'zombies'. These all are self-focused, mindless people who only are concerned about themselves and do not care about the rights or needs of others – they are today's 'zombies'.

    • corkyd46

      metaphor? Maybe I missed that part in the article.. or more likely, I blew off the article because it started with ZOMBIES. So, why do we need a metaphor for thieves, looters, rioters and murders?
      I need some duct tape for my head..

  • Mike Gordon

    Continuation of my above post:
    So take this metaphor as a representation of more serious issues of our times and think about how you would defend yourself, your family and your property against these 'zombie hordes'.
    If the word 'zombie' is offensive, then just subsitute looter, thief, burlgar, drugged-out attacker or anything else to make it more palatable to you.
    Keep gun rights and shooting interests alive and keep getting the next generations interested in the sport!

    • mactex

      But that is exactly the point, Mike: if you have to explain that to the readers of this fourm – guns rights people, sympathic to the cause – what type of opinion do you think the fence sitters on Guns rights will take?
      Its the people that DON'T get it that I'm concerned about.

  • Edward

    i think the kind of people who get genuinely upset about zombies in gun magazines are the same people who get upset about a pretty woman in a gun advertisement with her finger on the trigger or when a loaded gun is pointed at the reader in a picture in a gun magazine article. Too serious for their own good. Lighten up, Francis.

    • corkyd46

      near naked women ion gun ads do nothing for the product or the image. If you'll buy a reloader because of the pretty woman in the ad.. you'll buy anything from anybody. It isn't about being a prude or thinking that one is 'better' than someone else.. it's about image of the gun industry and shooters. When we present ourselves as redneck, nekkid girlz pictures, knuckleheads, that is what the general public sees. because that is what the Media will show to the public. Gun ownership is still under fire from the left and the center.. the left wants to take them and the center doesn't care because they don't shoot or even want a gun- many think that guns are 'bad'- gun people are 'dangerous' and uneducated skinheads that want to riot in the streets. The nuttier we appear.. the better they like it…as for being too serious- guns are serious. when you stop taking them seriously, that's when people get hurt. So… love ya Bro..but don't invite me to shoot with you.. I take my guns and safety seriously

      • old vet

        I happen to be a "redneck" as defined by narrow minded souls as yourself. I also like perty girls anywhere. If''n you don't I ain't goin' camping with you!

  • Steven

    If you don't believe in zombies, then maybe you should look at recent events in London. The British government can't afford all the social programs and threatened to cut back and suddenly the street is full of zombies (except the British are not allowed to fight back)

  • John J.

    I do not allow trash to enter into my home. If this zombie stuff continues, I will save my money and not resubscribe to G&A. I don't watch it on TV, and won't buy any of the stuff that is being touted as zombie gear. Instead of spending money on a magazine that encourages people to read trash, I will find a more worthwhile use for it. Editors: if you don't stop this now, you will lose customers. Authors: if you don't feed my need for information with worthwhile articles, then you may find you have written yourself right out of a job. If the magazine loses it's readers, the magazine folds. My subscription runs out in June, and I will not renew if this trash continues. It was not fun when it started, and has gone downhill from there.

    • Scott

      Stop this unreal zombie stuff. We have ENOUGH (already) reality TV et al. How about writing something that is real!!

  • EdgeGun

    I think the article completely misses the point. I'm not trying to "convert" anyone, whether it be young folks or politicians. This publication is not necessarily for conversion purposes; it is for enthusiasts. The issue of converting people to become gun enthusiasts is not the only (or main) goal. What baffles me is this whole zombie genre. I am puzzled by the fact that you are not speaking about reality nor about anything useful or even utilitarian. Some posters act as if these zombies actually exist and go into exquisite detail of how to "take them down." I see lunatics around my city who wear shirts talking about some type of "zombie apocalypse" and I don't think they are merely describing a video game. People usually give them a very wide berth – and I don't think they are automatically gun enthusiasts. And btw, "best carry gun" or "best carry load" are realities. Albeit they are based on opinion, this IS indeed speaking about practical discussions that can help begin conversations from which to learn. Talking about zombies and whether or not they are flesh eaters or brain eaters or how to "kill" them is not only inane but a waste of time. And yes I was drawn to this article "Why You Hate That We Love Zombies" but I was drawn to it in the attempt to try to understand all of this nonsense. But evidently Mr. Sweeney cannot articulate a viable reason to justify his writing. Sad indeed.

    • mactex

      Well put.

  • Alan

    Maybe I should have pointed this out the last time when I defended Mr. Sweeney . This is a blog , you're NOT PAYING for it but I notice that some of the same Bunch so critical ( and insulting { which does none of us any good } ) as the last time are still reading it . In my humble opinion YOU are the ones that need to grow up . Again , I am a NRA Benefactor Life Member , member since '63 and certified firearms instructor in three disciplines and all of this rudeness does us no good as a community .
    As an aside , I don't particularly care about the zombie thing one way or the other but it's not hurting anyone and if it gets more people interested in firearms …… I'm all for it .

    • Dreager

      Nicely said. All the people complaining fail to notice this stuff isn't printed in the magazines. And why does every article have to be about self defence, ARs, or 1911s? Nothing wrong with trying something different. G and A and everyone else wouldn't do it if there wasn't money in it. We've run some zombie shoots at our gun club, and they've been pretty popular.

  • ahtnamas42

    No, no, Zombies are more than just the living dead! Discussions about how to survive (& prosper) in the Coming Zombie Apocalypse is about more than head shots at a shambling corpse!

    Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse is about SURVIVING DISASTER – disaster of the scale that relatively few are standing, & those who are have to think like survivalist guerrilla fighters with a group of dependents: how do you protect yourself, your wife, your children, the remnants civilization? How do you keep from sinking down into a barbaric society? What should you know if you're trapped alone in the wilderness? That kind of thing.

    Actually READ the zombie survival sites – there's a lot of REALLY solid information on some of them about surviving a worst-case scenerio. (The Zombie Preparedness Initiative is actually very thorough on the subject of How To Survive.) The sentence "I intend to survive when the zombies come to get me" should actually be read (after replacing "the zombies" with other words): "I intend to survive when the government comes to get me," …. or "the enemy", ….. or "Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi", …… or "Al-Queda". (And so on.)

    Don't mistake the interest in zombies for mindless amusements. For some people, the discussion of surviving a Katrina or a war can ONLY be discussed in terms of zombies.


    • mbj047

      Yes! Someone gets the point. Good Post.

    • anon

      Then why not just SAY disaster, not zombie? Are you trying to trick people into learning about self-perservation? Why not get ready, prepare, for a possible disaster and say that is what you are doing. It is like calling medicine 'candy' with a kid – it is still medicine.

      • Grimstone

        Isn't that exactly the point though? When a lot of kids are in school they don't want to pay attention because frankly the subject matter is dry as a bone. When is the last time you read a survival guide and felt like you were reading the DMV Drivers Manual? Inject something into it to make it interesting and entertaining and the ability to retain the knowledge of what you have learned grows exponentially. Personally I was brought back into wanting to make guns a hobby because of reading a Zombie Apocalypse Blog (Adrians Undead Diary). At the beginning I made fun of it. However through further reading I started to see that obviously a Zombie Apocalypse is not possible but a multitude of other things are. It made me want to be prepared because all of a sudden it became FUN to be prepared.

  • DocRod

    This is still America, so if you want to write about Zombies… you write about Zombies; even if it infuriates some of the less intelligent and less informed Sheeple. (who by the way, scare me a lot more than Zombies) All I have to do is substitute Terrorist, Foreign Invader, Military Coup, or whatever I can invision and everything still holds true. We live in a dangerous world, so Be Prepared!

    • corkyd46

      maybe I am an uninformed unintelligent sheeple… but I have never seen a ZOMBIE.. and neither has anyone else here seen one…and if they have.. ? what drugs were they taking? It is silly, but it will come back on us in the future..

      OK, OK.. obviously- I forgot about Pelosi and Reid and Frank and Biden.. they are the closest we'll get to real, mindless ZOMBIES.. but they aren't real either…are they?

  • SemperFlyBoy

    When I was a kid, I used to shoot my BB gun at hornet nests just to see what would happen. As long as I kept my distance, watching the ensuing buzzing pandemonium was pretty entertaining. However, getting too close to the action could be downright scary, if not painful. Maybe some of us have gotten too close what has always been meant to be an entertaining subject. I suspect that Patrick popped a few BBs into hornet nests when he was a lad too; just practicing for what he has done to some of us with his zombie articles.

  • Tanstaafl2

    I'm getting the sense that some off the complainers here are purists who can't stand that somebody let in the unwashed masses who might sully your pristine image of the way things are SUPPOSED to be (insert disdainful sniff). Every activity has 'em – golf, cooking, running, fishing (God save me from the dry fly purist who's gotten his panties in a wad!), bicycling, music, you name it.

    If me having a bit of fun playing with zombie silliness makes Diane Feinstein or some silicone Barbie on TV get her ta-ta's in a twist, GOOD – it's not like the old bat was ever going to like me anyway!

    Zombies add a bit of escapist fun, and as long as safety is not compromised it's no skin off anyone's butt. My kids LOVE to go shooting and are constantly begging me to take them to the range. What's even better is that while they're having FUN shooting, they're also getting dang good at it, and are growing up to be steadfast supporters of ALL gun rights.

    Go take a laxative, take a Valium, or get laid (what I really think you need), but loosen up and let folks have fun.

  • matt

    nra member for over 20 years . firm believer in the 2nd ammendment . stop the zombie crap .for all you who say its harmless , just wait until the libs uses this mindless garbage against the legal firearms owning community, especially if obama gets elected again. sure all quiet now , just wait if and i hope he doesn't , get elected again him and his minions of the anti 2nd ammendment crowd will use stupid crap like this and any other fodder they can against us like a want to kill zombies go play video games. sweeney .. for your behave yourselves comment about feinstein and schumer. why poke the dog? let a lying dog sleep. like i said you want to shoot zombies play video games.

  • dmj

    My wife threw a supplier catalog away before I read it, WHY? Because it had weird stuff in it. Zombies I asked. Yes she said, whats with that stuff? It realy is just kind of dumb.

  • Broc

    Zombies are probably here to stay do get use to it guys. I mean it's all in fun anyways. Take it from me I'm a young generation shooter and this stuff interest people in my age group and just the simple fact that we enjoy shooting our pistols, deporting rifles, and shot guns we might as well combine it with the popular pop culture fiction we grew up in too, it just makes it that much more fun. So quit hating on us and join us you might have fun.

    • corkyd46

      Broc.. might help if anyone had ever actually seen a ZOMBIE.. ;-)

    • mactex

      Oh, no, we never have any fun – we're over 40.

  • shadow1911

    I love all the zombie talk, keep it up G&A. On a side note I'm reading "Day by Day Armageddon: Origin to Exile" by J. L. Bourne for the 2nd time.

    • Tom

      agreed… (awesome book series, by the way)

      • shadow1911

        Thank you Sir.

  • old vet

    I am a member of one of the premier gun clubs in the midWest. Our members run from serious old school bullseye shooters to just casual pinker types, We have one of the finest bunch of youth you could find, some are Olympic caliber. Also we all get along fine. Last October we held a O.M.G.! Zombie shoot. Some of the old guys snuffed at it, some of them showed up every one had fun! It doesn't matter what we do. That sleeping dog some of you worry over will try to bite anyway. Lighten up people!

    • old vet

      P.S. a "pinker" is a plinker who can't type or spell to good.

      • corkyd46

        Oh GOOD! I was afraid that it was a reference to them old 'Pinko's" and red- diaper – liberals..

    • Tom

      Fun! Our club just put together a combined match for Cowboy Action, USPSA, Steel Challenge, and IDPA. Shoot your normal gun(s) across all disciplines. Great way to expose people to other points of view!

  • Eric

    Hey this is America we like what we like and do what we do , so if you don't like something go on your way quit makeing the rest of us listen to your ugly talk

    • anon

      A gentleman is always polite, respectful and courteous. A sign of intelligence.

  • Tom

    First of all, planning for a zombie holocaust is the best way you can possibly plan for the "worst-case scenario"… Of course, zombies are not real, never have been real, and most likely will never be something that anyone will have to deal with in real life. But it is always fun to speculate…
    What is the problem with one article, every once in a while, that deals with fiction? It is not like G&A have taken to writing only about the undead. If you all have this much of a problem with these articles, I am going to assume that you also don't enjoy going to the movies, reading books, etc…
    The last time I checked, Jim Henson's "Muppets" are not real either, but that has not stopped their new movie from making $65,742,128 so far in box office revenue…
    Grow up people… There are more important things to bitch about.

    • Heretic

      Muppet targets, what a great idea.

  • Eric

    To each their own. I am a middle age man (mid 30's) and have been shooting since I was 10 when my grandfather taught me to hunt and shoot. I have learned times have changed and there are other shooting pastimes to be had. The zombie topic is all fun but you can put a serious edge on it if you want. I do believe times are changing and not for the better. Economy in the toilet, mobs and violent protests becoming more prolific, politicians doing what benefits gov't, tough times ahead. Understanding how to handle worst case scenario, ie a zombie apocalyptice, is a good way to prepare yourself. Not to say actual zombies are going be controling the streets but if something that bad happened are you prepared? I take the zombie movement as preparedness measure. Like all other things take the info you think is important and use it. If you think it is all garbage, dump it. G&A I think you are on the right track. Fun topic that we can either learn something from or just have fun with it.

    • corkyd46

      ? good.. but how do you get 'serious' about ZOMBIES? or the Tooth Fairy or … Santa Claus… or even the really big deal.. "The PERFECT MAN" – ;-)

    • old vet

      Mid 30's is not middle aged Eric, Wait 'til you go for something and forget what is was on the way. What was I saying?

  • James

    I say we replace zombies with commies like the good old days.

  • chsmith100

    I'd rather read about zombies than some crap about how one stupid useless politician is better than the next stupid useless politician.

    Zombies might not be real (yet) but neither is our economic stabitity as a nation so lets enjoy zombie banter before the country collapses and we have to worry about looters and civil unrest.

  • DavidHAmes

    Love the zombie angle for emergency preparation. Not long ago the Center for Disease Control (CDC) used a zombie apocalypse to get attention to their website. It worked so well, it overwhelmed their site. Just like the zombies will overwhelm us if we're not prepared!

  • nra4life66

    Keep up the great writing, Patrick! Not all of us are zombie haters, sorry, zombie-writer-haters. Some of us grew up as hunters and competitive shooters and gun collectors and yet, golly-gee, we have a sense of humor about the world around us! So stick to your guns, and keep entertaining us!

  • Jason M.

    What I don't get it this is one little link among hundreds on the G&A home page. If you don't like reading about the zombie nation then skip right over it. There are other good articles on the web sight, so quit crying and don't be trying to ruin it for the people that do enjoy reading the material.

    • corkyd46

      Jason…good point, but there it is right at the top of the page.. you can't miss it.. and it makes the whole magazine and the sport look like fools Some hoplophobe will use it in an argument against guns before long…

  • Scott

    What is sad is that the young generation are becoming nothing more than vidiots. Most of them don't even get outside and shoot a real gun. Recently, my son in law told me he just got a Galil. I told him to bring it over and we could have a lot of fun shooting it and I would supply all the 7.62 x 39 ammo we need. I was so disappointed when he brought over his x-box to hook up to my TV. I took him deer hunting and he became really bored because we didn't just start shooting at things. I know I'm getting older but the younger generation doesn't have time for us. We are old and stupid and they are young and know it all. Be gracious and let us pass something down to you. When we are gone (and all too soon I'm afraid) what will you do when there is something we could have taught you if you would have only taken the time to listen. Do you think that there might be a difference between something that is real or something that is computer generated.

    • shadow1911

      The Galil is chambered for 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm not 7.62x39mm.

      • Scott

        Actually, the Galil is chambered in 7.62 x 39 as well as 5.56 x 45. My neighbor has one and I have fired it many times. I bought quite a bit of 7.62 x 39 ammo when it was very cheap and my neighbor loves when I come over with an ammo box full. We do shoot at real targets.

        • shadow1911

          What you have is a "kit gun" because IMI never made a 7.62×39 Galil for the U.S. market. They did make a micro 7.62×39 Galil barrel but I havn't seen one in a long time and if you did have one you would have to register it as a "SBR" or as a "Galil pistol". What you could have is a "Elite" Galil made out of Texas but it's still a "kit gun" and not a real Galil.

      • old vet

        I relate. I have a grandson who thought he was hell on wheels with a Glock computer generated of course. Took him to range and let him try my 17. Rude awakening. I guess reality sucks.

        • Scott

          I have several guns that I think are fun to shoot. I would do anything to get my son and my son in law up off the couch. All we have to do is step into my yard and away we go. BUT, they are so wrapped up into there vidiot world. I have ak's I have .45's, I have a 45/70, I have an AR15 I have all the ammo we could ever use. I have exploding targets. What does it take?? But zombies, or werewolves or vampires??? I don't understand. The feeling of the recoil of a .45 and the smell of burnt powder vs. a thumb, a forefinger and the sound "splat"? I just don't get it. Come on Guns & Ammo you can do better than zombies, CAN'T YOU?????????

  • Tom

    Hey if a Zombie match gets some new folks, old or young, out to the range, then I'm all for it. I could care less that Zombies were more cool a couple of years ago. It's OK to shoot guns AND have a sense of humor – they're not mutually exclusive :-)

    • old vet

      Right on! our club is an NRA affiliate, so any event is open to all. Our fun shoots, and Cowboy matches where any one can play are some of our greatest pulls for membership. We also do 4H and Scout activity. If we cannot inspire the next generation we are doomed.

    • johnnyreb™

      I also thought the whole zombie thing was a bit immature, and when Hornady brought out the Zombie Max ammo video was sure of it. This summer, here in Ohio, there was a Zombie hunt (shooting match) that i regretfully missed. It looked an awesome bunch of fun for sure. Now that the gun companies have started marketing their individual brands of "zombie slayers", i found the whole subject hilarious …

      Remember the two most important rules …

      #1 – cardio
      #4 – double tap

  • Lanney

    The reason I am turned off by the zombie nonsense is that I'm not a bugger-eating moron and regularly having it in one of my favorite magazines tends to lump me in with those who are. In my opinion, the zombie craze is not funny, not entertaining, not pertinent and if it continues I will let my subscription lapse.

    • mactex

      I hope you mean booger…

      • old vet

        Right on! if ya can't spell it better not eat it. again, Bye. THIS ARTICLE IS NOT IN MAGAZINE IT IS ON THIS SIGHT! Lighten UP!

        • old vet

          By the way "bugger" means something horribly different!

  • Bugsy Blackpowder

    Boo! to the nay-sayers. I say right on, Patrick! Your topical matter is both timely and entertaining. Of course, it's all in fun. Really, some folks just annoy too easily. Keep up the excellent work – your books and articles are all outstanding! And God bless G&A. Merry Christmas to all. Nuff said. Bugsy, out!

  • corkyd46

    ZOMBIES? Really? I kinda thought this was for adults… not high school kids. It might help you if there was such a thing as ZOMBIES.. but, they being an imaginary thing.. it really doesn't make much sense to write stories in a gun magazine about them. Maybe if you tied them into Democrat voters.. then they would make sense.. but even some Democrats actually believe in the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership…so that would alienate those Democrats.. of course that would create a whole 'nother problem blaming Republicans… and then the whole thing would cause the web site to shut down..
    So, see, ZOMBIES really aren't relevant to guns, gun ownership, shooting, hunting and being Patriots. ZOMBIES dont really care about anything but eating people and making new ZOMBIES – see, there you go, you've got ME writing like they exist.. it's just a bad deal all around… how do you write about things that don't exist, like honest and intelligent politicians or journalists that actually understand journalism anymore…


  • Bill

    Doug, you're right on! I don't mind the zombie stuff, because that's what a lot of unprepared-for-the-whatever folks are going to turn in to when they can't get food, water, whatever it is they need. And those of us who prepared and have that stuff will need to be ready to deal with those "zombies". They may not be the living dead, but they will be scary. I use the same term when I'm talking to family or friends about emergency preparedness – the "zombie apocalypse". Keep it up, G&A!

  • James

    Ok, I'm sick of this topic. I'm going back to playing 'Left 4 Dead' on my XBOX.

  • corkyd46

    OK.. in a nutshell.. ZOMBIEs makes the mag and the writer look like amateurs. izzat simple enough? I have subscribed to G&A since the 80's.. Never had to wade through ZOMBIES before. All the articles seemed PROFESSIONAL to me.. even if I disagreed with the writers.
    ZOMBIES? OK… let's go back to Journalism School and rework the PROFESSIONAL part..

  • mbj047

    Seriously, I love the zombie articles it keeps it interesting and quite frankly I never really read the Guns and Ammo articles online until I saw some zombie posts.

    I'm not a child. I am actually a firearms instructor with over two decades of experience. I also know that reading the same old gun articles get tiring.

    Critics if you don't like the zombie articles DON"T READ THEM! No one is holding a gun to your head telling you to read them if they are you have more problems than that.

    G&A keep up the good work and keep the zombie article coming.

    • old vet

      You can only print the "Does the .45 outdo the 9 mm so many gozillian times before you get redundant. Or "will the 1911 outlive the redwood?" and so on. What is wrong with a little Humor?

  • OldmanR

    I think of these article like a long smorgesbord… Look it all over, take what you like and leave the rest…Pick up the nuggets of gold that work best for you and apply them as needed. Keep up the good work!!

  • John Z Sr.

    To all those that are sick of Zombies, read the next article on the latest "tacticool" gear. Patrick, I for one thank you. As the co-founder (my wife Mel is the other) of ZSA, Zombie Shooters Association, we really appreciate it. For those not familiar with ZSA, I invite you to check our website. We started this just shy of a year ago, and in less than a year, we've held 36 matches at 6 locations in 3 States, with 1,144 shooters. The vast majotrity of our shooters are brand new to competitive shooting, yet we've also had National Champs, "Top Shot" contestants, State Champs and shooters from USPSA and IDPA support us. We are the "Gateway to Competitive Shooting" focusing on SAFETY and FUN, while preparing the shooter for the other games. If you don't like what we do, fine, get as many new shooters out as we have, and find a better way. Patrick, thanks for the mention in your last article in "Guns and Ammo" magazine, my subscrition shall never run out!!!! Respectfully, John Z. Sr.

    • Andrew

      Just found your page and learned about you. Liked you on Facebook, and my girlfriend goes to school in Raleigh so I hope to shoot at one of your competitions soon. Keep making shooting fun!

      • John Z Sr.

        Thanks Andrew, we appreciate the support, we have a match tomorrow in Oxford, NC please join us for some SAFE fun !!

  • Darrell

    As numerous other have posted, some of you simply don't get it (or rather refuse to get it). The whole zombie apocalypse scenario is pure analogy. It's about being ready for horrific events that could happen and the threat of them is very real. Economic disaster, natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.), terrorist attacks, etc. It's about the civil unrest and anarchy that could very well follow these types of events. Applying the "zombie apocalypse" analogy just adds a bit of levity in an otherwise frightening scenario. You guys really need to think before you type, because some of the rants posted here show your inability to do so.

  • killemall

    my gosh,reading all the comments that people have posted and saying they are going to not reneww thier subscriptions kills me.i for the life of me can not see what the big deal about zombies is?really you cant just skip the article and just read the next one.does your pages not flip if you do not read every page in order?come on there should not even be a discussion about this.with everything else that is wrong today a little light heartedness in a quirky article helps some of us cope with the harder things in life letting us take a break and let our brains a much needed the way who really knows what our govt scientist are really cooking up?what you call fake and silly may just someday come true.would you like to be the one who did not get yourself ready even as a joke?you cant blame anyone but yourself!

  • Blue

    You list two reasons:
    – You think Feinstein/Schumer/Conyers/McCarthy don't like it. I really doubt they subscribe, much less read, G&A. But you're willing to piss off many, many other devoted paying subscribers.
    – You're a "writer." Just because you can't get published in the usual fiction outlets doesn't mean you should hoist your drivel on the pages that are available to you. Stick to what you know and do well.

  • Joe Dirt

    Zombies…. whatever. I just think Mr. Sweeney looks silly all the time with his cop stash looking all intense behind a rifle, Mr. Sweeney's funny as hell pictures of himself reading a copy of G&A in a lawn chair in the dead of winter, snow and all, with about $5000 bucks of rifles pushed in the slow wearing summer shorts… he's a good writer but those pictures of him and all would make me toss out G&A before zombies….. Cop Stash!

  • 97216-1971

    yeah, cop stash!

  • Bill

    Zombie shooting is another way to bring people to guns and real shooting with real guns, not video games. Just look what dressing up like a cowboy did for the shooting sports! Cowboy Action Shooting is HUGE, and if Zombie Shooting is another fun, different way to bring in more people, then I'm all for it. More Zombie Shooters means more gun owners, and more people voting to keep gun rights.

    • Andrew

      Yes Bill, but cowboy shoots are practical and 100% real life lol

  • Cassino

    I can make this plan and simple- ZOMBIES ARE A EUPHEMISM FOR A S.H.T.F. SITUATION! End of story.

  • JRB

    Zombies are just dumb as hell. There I said it. That's the bottom line. Catering to children doesn't make the subject any less dumb.

  • JustSomeGuy

    Ok… Zombies are kinda off the wall. But so is any survivalist scenario until it happens. I'm not saying I expect hordes of undead to come to my neighborhood, but I am saying that it might be better to shoot at a human like target labeled "zombie" than to explain why you are shooting targets that resemble the next door neighbor or members of the armed forces of various nations. Rather than ascribe human pathos to individual targets, the shooting community has taken to shooting "shapes" that may or may not resemble people. I for one think that shooting at zombie targets might be instructive as they have actual simulated human like kill zones which must be hit accurately. When trouble comes, it comes in bunches. Zombie targets and scenarios are just a way to have a little fun shooting without having to constantly put our heads into a place we don't really want to go vis a vis confrontations with groups of living persons.

  • Andrew

    I don't think Mr. Sweeny meant any disrespect for anyone in regards to self-defense articles. He was right on though, how many of us have ever had to draw, shoot, and kill an attacker? Truth is, most of us never will, just like he said. I'm 38, and I would say somewhere in the middle here. The zombie thing to me seems a bit silly, but if it brings fun to a new shooter, or even an old shooter's day isn't that why we all shoot? I go to the range a few times a year, and shooting the same boring old targets gets old. I miss going out and popping cans and other various trash that seemed like a good idea to shoot at. If you look at some of the shoots these guys put on, you see the same thing, they are having fun. All of you naysayers probably belong to a class of shooters that gets on my nerves. We all know the groups, "If it ain't a 1911, it ain't a gun" or "if it ain't a .357 magnum it ain't good enough to shoot"

    Lighten up, shoot how you want, let me shoot how I want, and if you are so unhappy these dag gum whipper snappers are making shooting silly, you might want to up your doses of your stool softener of choice.

  • Garandguy

    I agree with what Andrew just said. I must admit that for a while I too was getting tired of the zombie stuff, thinking that it was just silly. But thanks to some of the posts in this forum, I'm now understanding why I shouldn't be so "down" on the whole zombie concept. Yes, I like the "factual" articles, but I'm trying to be more understanding of what's trying to be presented here. Sometimes you just have to adapt to new concepts.
    Anyway, the last line is that this forum (some of the people) are helping me understand and I thank you for that.
    As far as the anti-gunners go, they're going to hate and not understand us no matter what we write.

  • Francis X

    Jesus H Christ – What is wrong with you uptight people. Yes we are currently living in a very serious time when the very future of the Nation may well be at stake, but that's no reason to play Mr Grinch! Lighten up people a bit of humor is good for the soul and I applaud the editors and contributors to this (and other gun orientated magazines) for attempting to inject some humor into its pages and poking fun at themselves and their readers.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that the discussion of zombies and the like gets your head into thinking – Now how would I deal with this situation or that situation and what do I need to do in the way of preparation
    I know that it got me thinking and checking over my disaster plan, because you never know when you might be called (and I sincerely hope that day never comes) upon to implement it.

  • Shawn

    Ok, who cares if G&A has some articles about Zombies, well apparently a lot of people. With all the other issues that face gun owners today to spend this much time complaining about Zombie articles seems like a waste of time and energy. I watch Walking Dead because it is entertaining to me. I own firearms becasue i enjoy them on so many levels, the craftsmanship, the artistic prospective, and just simply shooting. I carry a gun everyday for protection. Lets face it Zombie articles are just one of the problems with G&A . It would be great if they would get of S&W payroll, I am personally tired of them shoving S&W down my throat. Look if you dont mind the Zombies read the Zombie articles, if you don't like Zombies skip that article or just dump G&A, but either way this is a dead subject, pardon the pun.

  • crosswiredmind

    I love the "zombies are for kids" and the "it makes us look bad" talk. Neither could be farther from the truth. I'm 44, love the zombie meme, and have introduced several people to shooting because of zombie targets. When we take ourselves too seriously, we run the risk of becoming even more insular than we already are.

    My non-shooting friends cringe every time they hear about "home defense" or "preparing for social unrest" or any number of catch phrases that are thrown around when we talk about guns. Talking about zombies smoothes over the stereotype of the paranoid gun nut. It is a healthy dose of self deprecating humor that takes the edge off.

    G&A – keep up the good work. There are plenty of adult geeks like me out there that love shooting and love zombies.

  • Bill

    I prefer to avoid any trend that makes firearms seem like toys. I'm not a fan of candy cigarettes either (fruit flavored SNUS(?) is pretty damned disturbing as well. I can't help but imagine a tragically dead child when I see a box of ammunition tarted up like a Halloween treat. Maybe I'm just a party pooper.

    • old vet

      NO, good point Bill, However if we follow all the safety rules, this won't happen. Keep ALL firearms and ammo out of access period.

  • Scott

    Well said, Mr. Sweeney! I agree, being a young shooter myself, that zombies are an attraction for such a younger crowd we now see interested in shooting sports; why not use them as a lure and a break from the daily minutia of firearms comparisons? And as a writer, we do need breaks from the typical feed of ballistics tests and thousands of ammo comparisons. Why not spice it up and broaden the reader's perspective with something so uncanny but something that livens up a day at the range, like zombies. Even in the Marine Corps we'd spice it up a bit with moving targets and smoke and parachute flares; something you never see on a public range, or private for that matter. Being able to write about zombies and the newest 10mm combat handgun only shows the versatility of a good writer, and it gives me something to look forward to when sending rounds down range toward a walker's frontal lobe.

  • D. Evans

    Look, Hornady Ammunition is a major advertiser in G&A. Yes there are a group of new Zombie movies soon to be released and Hornady is playing off on that. No problem. We get it, we can laugh about it. At least I can. BUT, how about an honest critique of their new limited (?) run of Z-Max (zombie ammunition). How does it perform? Is it any better than any other of their concoctions? Or is it just a short run fad for the holidays?

    • Heretic

      It's the same as their Critical Defense, without the nickel plated cases. Oh, and of course, the little red plug is slime green.

  • The Duker

    People Lighten Up, it's an article explaining this man's reasoning behind what he's doing so as to give you a little insight. If this sort of thin upsets you so much all I can say to you is "GET A LIFE", and I feel sorry for your friends & family.

  • Mike Edwards

    I like zombies, i can hardly wait until they show up in my neighborhood. I have plenty of weapons to do the dastardly deed, with plenty of zombie certified ammo. OHH what a day. Please try to keep the tracking of them so I will have some heads up as to when they may show up in my neck of the woods.
    Mike E.

  • Frandenstien

    Frankenstien was once considered impossible, yet now we transplant all kinds of limbs, and other body parts as well as being able to clone a human being. So far we have no problem with transplanties or clones, but who is to say that in the near future we will not. Keep you eyes open to see the light.
    Mike E.

  • greg

    zombies are a great metaphor for many things. I play zombies and survival all the time as well as Mw3 and Black ops. it sharpens up your tactical senses if you are the type that can immerse oneself in a virtual environment. you are actually matching wits with others who are quite formidable at times. strategy and real world tactics are sometimes very distant from the "wooden" scenarios often times presented at shooting competitions such as idpa etc. I have shot many of these matches and feel that it is more memory than anything else.

  • AwesomeSauce

    i normally don't read posts about articles because its like watching porn for the credits. You don't like what your reading don't read it. I'm not on one side or the other of the zombie thing but I do think twitter and facebook have started an epidemic of making the whole world believe their opinion matters. :)

  • Mondlem

    I really enjoy the light heartedness of these articles but freely that instead of zombie only we should have a few more sci if tropes to shoot at as well. In my personal experience though I have gotten my wife and some of her friends out to shoot zombies and have since gotten them into pin shooting so if it can get more people shooting and unafraid of firearms I say fullspeed ahead

  • coolerhead in TX

    Personally, I think it's funny. I feel pain for folks whi think silliness is silly.

    Talking about zombies is better than talking about politicians. Talk about zombies! Oh, wait, I just got it! Ha! Ha!

  • BigK572

    I would like to point out that most of the written comments here are negative and that they have the most thumbs down ratings. This tells me that there are TOO MANY whinny haters! Shut up! No body cares about what you don't like! Use your energy to change something that MATTERS!
    Try to enjoy life and not regulate others. Hint, hint….
    Thank you Patrick for injecting some silly fun into shooting.

  • jack meadows

    finally, it looks as if the majority are getting the metaphor. straight tactical is boring to alot of us, and does kinda reek of paranoia, if zombies, like cowboy action attract new shooters and make us shoot more and improve our basic skills (aha!) then they serve a legitimate purpose, as well as being just plain fun. keep 'em coming Patrick :)

  • John Doe

    @ 1motion · "so pissed off i cant even type" – Yeah, we could tell by your first post.
    HINT: "Spellcheck"

    To all the whiny, butt-hurt Zombie-haters who threaten to unsubscribe: Go ahead. Nobody cares.

    Post your mailing addresses here and I'll even send each of you a free tube of Vagisil.

  • Roger the Dodger

    Oh, Zombies!!! I thought you said Zimbabweans! Mind you, they're more or less the same thing. And then you really need to check out our government [governmunt] here in South Africa!

    Greetings from Pothole Valley, South Africa.

    Please read this comment to the sound of BTO's "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

  • jeffadaklin

    I'm not BIG on the zombie thing but…if I'm not interested, at that moment, in the zombie analogy, I simply turn the page- or click on one of the other excellent articles on guns and ammo (think about the new Hornady ammo, killer stuff.) I don't have a problem with it- I don't like MOST articles in today's newspapers, but I scan them- mainly to see if an article has an accidental piec of truth…but I can always move to the next page.

  • Alakar

    I like the zombie articles. I feel much better prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse and think of how much worse it could be; they could be doing gun articles incorporating "Twighlight"!

  • JackD

    Zombies is a way for people to discuss what is really concerning them: the economic, social, and moral destruction of our Nation. It is a fun way while being mildly serious "what if" our Nation were to fail. What would you do to ensure your survival? Now G&A just focuses on the guns part, ok. Other web sites dedicated to Zed are full on how to, what to do, where to go, down in the depths if Zed were to arise! Ok, fine. It is to a degree silly, but highly amusing. Some take it way to seriously (be it pro Zombie or anti-Zombie). While discussion is never replacement for experience (military, EMS, LEO) at least it gets people thinking. Mind set is key to survival situation be it fire, hurricane, socio-economic collapse or the walking dead.

  • bhp9

    When you compare the idiots that pass themselves off for gun writers today to the really great gun writers of yesteryear such as Jack O'Connor, Corey Ford, Ed Zern, Warren Page, Nash Buckingham, Ted Trueblood, Charles Askins Sr. and Jr. etc. it makes one want to take up golf rather than waste time reading today's gun writing trash. I am glad none of those great writers of long ago never lived to see this sof-moron-ic writing. The "Moron of the Year Award" should go to the guy that thought up this Zombie garbage.

    • old vet

      There is no way to compare long ago to today. Those writers lived in the day you could buy mail order almost anything. Also if you had the cash and connections you could safari your butt off. Maybe you should try golf, if shooting can't be flexible and fun, why do it? There are a lot of clubs out there using this media to attract shooters who are not turned on by conventional tight butted sports. Some of your favorite writers were actually self serving unlikable snobs.

  • Draeh942

    When I was a child and my mother would talk to me about the dangers around me, she would not list all of the people or things that were bad, she would warn me about the "BOGGY MAN". Don't let the "BOGGY MAN "get you. In todays times our BOGGY MEN have been replaced with "ZOMBIES". It is just a term that can be used for all of the bad things and people around us that can hurt us. If we were to put up targets with pictures of out fears, ie corrupt political figures, or pictures of the mobs or terrorist in dress of a race or sect, there would be outrage from all of the liberal press and the anti gun groups potraying gun enthusiest as murderes and criminals. However, if we replace the person, mob, group, or terrorist group with a picture of a zombie, then they can't use that as being an evil gun owner but only that we were playing a game and shooting at a fantasy figure. *** continued below>>>

  • Draeh942

    ***** continuation from above*****
    A lot of the shooting groups, IPSC and others changed their targets to be less human like, so as not to offend some people. "ZOMBIE" is just a figure used to replace all of our fears like when my Mother would warn me of the "BOOGY MAN". Replace "ZOMBIE" with "BOOGY MAN". Lets have fun but prepare for the worst and above all lets all band together to support the 2nd amendment and all of us gun owners. Keep up the good work Guns & Ammo, great magazine, and I wiil be renewing my subscription, plus getting my son and both of my daughters their own subscription. Thanks again for your support of gun owners and the 2nd amendment.

  • RazorbackMac

    I'm just going to throw this out there. I subscribed to G&A before the zombie articles because I like reading about guns, ammo, tactics… Heck, I even like reading the ads in G&A. I also subscribe to the email newsletters but I usually just see them in my inbox and delete them because I'm pressed for time. However, the first time I took the time to click on a link in the newsletter was when I saw an article advertising tips to survive a zombie apocolypse. If Sweeny's mission was to tickle my interest, mission accomplished. I now read all the newsletters now that I know these articles are written by real people that have the ability to step out of the box. I feel a more personal connection with the writer since I feel like we might have similar interests and outlooks on things. I hope someone else steps back and sees the irony I see here: the anti zombie commenters are telling Sweeny to stop writing about zombies… And by doing so, turn himself into a zombie! You are not only trying to limit his creativity, you are trying to keep G&A from standing out from all the other gun magazines. I don't seem to have noticed which articles were cut out to make room for the "zombie nonsense"… Wait! Maybe they didn't get rid of anything… Maybe it's the same old meat and potatoes magazine with a little extra… I hope some of you complaining purists read this and notice that I didn't cut you down in anyway but tried to present my case that this is in no way taking away from the magazine. It's is merely adding. As the other posters have mentioned, if it doesn't appeal to you, move on to the next article. Surely you don't see one bad grape and throw out the whole bunch.. Remember that analogy the next time you read a G&A..

  • Snug

    Hey! If you think Zombies exist only in D.C.hasn't talked to a school kid lately.School rooms became Zombie wombs years ago. ( Sorry,that should read public school.)

    • Snug

      See, just writing about 'em can cause brain glich!

  • Joseph Simeone

    WOW!! all this over Zombies, people must like talking about them. If you love zombies or hate zombies you must admit it does get folks talking. I belive zombie targets started because some people had a problem with targets that had the hostage being held by a real person,and said it was not P.C. to shoot a photo of real people ( black or white) even if was made to be a target for traing. A target maker came up with a person no one could complain about (untill now) even the P.C. crowd said it was ok to shoot such a evil thing and zombies are already dead so no killing involed. Who could complain, other than the ones that always find something to complain about.

    P.S. as long it keep you interisted in shooting I say it can't be all bad.

    God Bless the U.S.A
    Joe S. out.

  • Jeremy

    If you don't like meatloaf don't eat it. If you don't like a subject don't read about it. Instead you know that you're not going to like but you read on just so you can bitch about. I am an avid shooter and have been doing it for about 21 years since I was 5 and my grampa let me shoot his combat masterpiece, a memory I will never forget. And I love all things zombies. My friends and I have set around for hours discussing what we would do if zombies became real. Which will never happen, because they are fake. So if Pat wants to write about Zombies because they are fun let him. Get off you're high horse and shut the hell up.

  • old vet

    I cannot believe how many posts this simple subject has gotten. It has drawn heated discussion far above real subject matter like really neat new products out there, or how our gov. is plotting against our rights. This is not real life, it is a silly article about how t have fun shooting. Let's get it back to where we should be O.K.?

  • Mjollnir

    Zombies are just a fun way to talk about evil people, I think most rational minded people realize the zombies of movies will never materialize. However, if catastrophe ever strikes, and the rule of law ever breaks down, these evil people will multiply and become like the Hollywood depicted Zombies, roving the world and creating havoc. This is when the all the Discussions on the forums about "zombies" become useful.

    “I do not love the bright sword for it's sharpness, nor the arrow for it's swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend”
    J.R.R. Tolkien

  • Mike

    Does anyone recall that no less an authority than Jeff Cooper used to refer to the bad guys as Goblins?

    • old vet

      There you are!

  • Done with it

    Well since the author states the topics he typically writes about are not real, I guess there is no reason to read his articles. Especially since he feels that if one is "anti zombie" then that person fits a stereotype that he has manufactured. Way to piss off your base Pat.

  • rudy

    sorry, I misqued, CDC started this Zombie thing!

  • Shcotty

    Right on, Mr. Sweeney. I've been enjoying your "spoof" since you started it. It's brought a lot of smiles and giggles to me. Glad to have your sense of humor cut through all the b.s. of our humdrum little lives. You will have plenty of time to give us the serious side of things. Serve up a side dish of tongue-in-cheek occasionally to keep us on our toes. Happy Holidays, y'all!

  • CombustibleLemon

    Is it really such a big deal? I really enjoy the zombie articles I read, especially the one in G&A. I don't think it should be a big deal at all. If you don't like the artocle, turn the freakin page! I don't read every single article in any magazine some of them are boring or over done. You want to talk about over saturation? Try the perfect conceal carry load, or the perfect (insert critter) load! THOSE have been done and over done.

  • JLkeltch

    Keep it up man, u never know. Anything that can and will happen sooner or later>>>>>Its the feeling of being prepared that keeps one to buying firearms. That feeling of prepardness keeps one secure(In a mental sense). You never know when you might need that thousand rounds of .223 and the three ar 15s…,,,

  • Guest

    I think people should chill out and lighten up. I for one thoroughly enjoyed the article, as well as all the other related ones. A zombie apocoalypse is no more real or fictional than the US being invaded, aliens landing and acttacking, or any of a dozen other subjects. But I want to be prepared to defend myself and family regardless! Chill out people – the instructional material still carries the same weight, regardless of what the percieved threat is.

  • hicusdicus

    If Zombies aren't real then what are those things running our government?

  • William

    It is as dumb as fake wrestling and makes a mockery of shooting sports. If you engage in a shooting competition it is because you like shooting. Are they going to make zombie punching bags next?

  • William

    Is nothing sacred anymore? I am proud to be part of a group of people that are about rights and respect. It is unfortunate that this group is being inundated with the cornballs that it once stood in contrast to. If I wanted to be a geek I would buy a playstation not a gun.

  • Ray Kaufman

    I'm waiting for USPSA and IDPA to start using zombie targets instead of plain brown cardboard.

  • James Mcwilliams

    For you guys that just want to look at ballistics tables, tell the same old war stories about who made what gun as if they're god like and other dry junk then go read that stuff.
    Please get a grip and let the rest of us enjoy yourselves.
    When I see all these whiny comments the instant vision of that one jerk at the range who has to shoot his .22 off hand, has to look in his spotting scope after everyshot and thinks that anyone shooting should have to wait for him because HE's the serious one comes to mind

  • DoctorWho0077

    When I was a rookie LEO some of the bad guys might as well been some kind of Zombie or monster.
    The real zombies being drugged up Haitians anyway.

    These things are not Zombies, they are night of the living dead creatures.

  • Ethan Perks

    Thankyou, coolerhead. Guys, get a life. Whe're having some fun. At least I am. There is a lot of fun stuff on You Tube. I'm going to keep on enjoying it until Dec 21, Z-Day. LOL and lighten up.

  • BigBearCarolina

    It's silly. But sometimes silly can be fun. Take it for what it is, and cut back on the caffine.

  • synistergrin

    i just subscribed to guns and ammo because the zombie stuff kicks so much ass. keep it coming

  • DH Pence

    I'll lay it out for you guys – I'm 45 years old, retired Army, and have competed in numerous different shooting sports my entire adult life. My take on the Zombie fad? Anything that brings new people into the shooting sports (notice that's plural and includes shooting at zombie targets as well) is a positive. Take Zombiesquad ( a dedicated community of preppers that includes people form all races, religions, and is worldwide. It has over 30 thousand members engaged in worthwhile tasks such as community outreach and charity work. G&A is smart for attempting to tap into that market. So is Hornady, Mossberg, and several other manufacturers. For those that scoff at it, try it once before you thumb down it. You might just be pleasantly suprised.

  • Alex Povolotski

    Zombies are not overrated. In many religions, just before the end of the world or apocalypse, God revives the dead.

    You'll figure out the rest…

  • Rico

    You can tell this is a republican hangout website because there are a lot of judgmental people getting their panties all in a knot complaining about how to write the "right" article and then accusing each other of shutting down first amendment rights and then somehow it's all Obama's fault, even though there haven't been any significant restrictions on ammo or any big gun rights legislation from his administration. Haha.I'm a liberal who loves guns, but you people are laughable. Haha.

  • Patrick Sweeney

    I have to say, the comment that made me smile was the crack about "reading comments is like watching porn to see the credits." (And for the record, I've never written any porn.)

    As for zombies being real, or not, all I can do is quote my grandmother: "It's all fun and games until someone gets their brains eaten."

  • Grimstone

    When a lot of kids are in school they don't want to pay attention because frankly the subject matter is dry as a bone. When is the last time you read a survival guide and felt like you were reading the DMV Drivers Manual? Inject something into it to make it interesting and entertaining and the ability to retain the knowledge of what you have learned grows exponentially.

  • Grimstone

    Personally I was brought back into wanting to make guns a hobby because of reading a Zombie Apocalypse Blog (Adrians Undead Diary). At the beginning I made fun of it. However through further reading I started to see that obviously a Zombie Apocalypse is not possible but a multitude of other things are. It made me want to be prepared because all of a sudden it became FUN to be prepared. Isn't that what we are all trying to accomplish when we pick up our favorite gun and go shooting? The way I look at it using the ZA as a metaphor for what could really happen hurts no one. If you think that all this "Zombie Crap" makes you look a fool you probably have a problem with your own self image. As opposed to MY self image. Which is one of me holding a gun that I built with the same time and care you haters out there would have put into it. The real difference is that I have a smile on my face and I'm having a good time with it.

  • trevor

    I am a new gun owner and am starved for information on guns and ammo. But the topic about zombie really turns me off, especially when it is from a paid subscription magazine. I can turn on AMC and watch the walking dead if I crave for zombie story. I just don't want to see it on a paid magazine that's suppose to provide me with information.
    I was going to subscribe to your magazine, albeit that I'm in Canada (I don't know if you ship to Canada). But decided against it because of the zombie contents….

  • ben

    When I go to the gun shows in Kansas City I see grumpy old men not talking or making any sales with ancient guns nobody can afford. They are a huge downer. I also see people having fun and sometimes joking about zombies or Red Dawn, while they look at more modern fire arms and survival gear. The times they are a changing old folks so get out of the way. Let people have their passing fancies with out your useless old timey grumblings.

  • Mike333

    Funny, your hysterical fear of “liberals”, as if democrats don’t hunt. And your idea that there’s NO REASONABLE Position that can be taken.

    Let me put it to you: Democrats will NEVER Take Away Your Right to Own a Gun. Democrats Hunt too. Now, should you be carrying a gun in a city? If you’re from rural America you may not realize this but, there’s NOTHING to Hunt or Shoot in a City. And if we had background checks we could cut the gun population in the city. We’ve got lots of problems in cities, but NRA members FLOODING cities with Cheap Guns isn’t helping.

    And clip limits, you show me a video where a shooter has to STOP and RELOAD, taking his eye’s off targets to reload, won’t help? That video shows exactly why it will help.

    And finally NRA’s war on smart guns. I can be allowed to own a smart PHONE, but How DARE I Want a Smart Gun. You know it’s time you let go of the 80 year old SENILE positions and join the real world.

    But, Thanks for that “liberal” opinion piece, if this site is going to start writing for THINKERS instead of the Senile, I’ll check it out. Thanks.

    • keller bell

      liberals ARE generally the crowd that is trying to push anti gun laws in america not saying that all democrats want anti gun legislation or even all republicans want pro gun legislation. i think the vast majority of people realize there is nothing- close to nothing to hunt in the city ( and its illegal to discharge a firearm in most citys) but thats not why people have ccw’s and home defense weapons. they are for self defense! i live in new orleans and there is shootings almost every day here! while the odds of me being involved in one are scarce i want to be able to neutralize a threat to me or my family. you can have your opinion and thats fine but insulting people that disagree with your opinions is arrogant and childish. the nra supports cheap guns so law abiding citizens that do not have the disposable income to purchase a 400$ glock or a 800$ 1911 still has the means to protect themselves. most shootings happen in the low income areas of citys. you must live in a good neighborhood because you seem to hate the idea of guns in the city if you lived in a area where you want to have a gun so you arent robbed or shot for being somewhere at the wrong time your opionion would change fast. most are not as lucky as you to have police that respond in a timely manner i was robbed a year or so ago and i called 911 when i got home it took them 2 HOURS to get there!! im just lucky i wasnt shot by that asshole.after that i decided to arm myself so i dont have to rely on the police. and backround checks will NOT change the number of guns in the city at least those in the hands of criminals because by defintition they break laws why would they suddenly stop stealing guns because they have backround checks? all that does is make more law abiding citizens not be able to protect themselves. less than 1% of crimes commited with a gun are commited with a legally owned firearm. you seem to be very misinformed you should probably read up on the facts before you start talking down everyone elses opinion. goodbye and i hope nothing happens to you like what happened to me because if you get what you wish you might not be as lucky as me.

  • Hunter

    Zombies!!!! We’re doing a Doritos Super Bowl Challenge. The winning commercial will air at the Super Bowl. We want it to be about Zombies!!!

    • Hunter

      Shoots @ the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse

  • kiljoy616

    Zombies rock, can’t get enough of it. Love going to the range and putting up zombie targets, its healthy fun and its better than putting a picture of some guy or girl that looks as normal as your neighbor sure they like to put the women picture as scared and useless just like 1950’s movies, and the guy of course as some desperate crack addict out for blood. Old and boring, been in the military showed me how unrealistic even those lame targets are. No sir 9mm/5.56/300WIN guy here and I have a whole lot of loving for them there zombies.

  • Tom Wittlief

    I know the modern cinema “zombie” is intended as form of self-defence hazard made to be more paltable for using lethal force against than other regular folks rioting to loot your stuff, or some form of interstellar alien that has the technology to cross light-years of space, but can’t handle a few rednecks with rifles. I get that. But the firearms used by those portrayals of overly-dramatic rednecks, and How they use them, just shows how LITTLE the writers of those shows understand about firearms. Been subjected to a few of those cinematic sins, and I haven’t seen Anybody popping slavering cannibals in the head with a .22. Not a one. Shame.

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