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Viral Video: The Walken Dead

by Ben O'Brien   |  October 19th, 2011 2

Who hasn’t heard of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead? It’s got all the notary of Seinfeld with less observational humor and a lot more exploding brains. With the help of everyone’s new favorite show, zombies are literally taking over (well, figuratively….for now).

As with any burgeoning segment of pop culture, we can prepare for a full boat of SNL-style parodies, monologue mentions and viral web stuff. It just so happens we found a video that might fit into more than one of those categories.

“The Walken Dead” is for every zombie who’s ever wanted his brains served up with a side of cowbell. The three-minute parody features crooked, bloody biters that not only feast on the brains of the weak…they spout Christopher Walken quotes in perfect form.

“They say it’s a virus,” quips one of the actors in this YouTube sensation. “It destroys every part of your brain except for basic motor functions and also the part that stores Christopher Walken quotes.”

Zombie Nation has a fever…..and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL. Enjoy.

  • Rich Doherty

    Be ready for a zombie attack! Visit your local Gun Dealer today for the perfect zombie stopper.

  • Rykko

    "Its from THE RUNDOWN, get your shi* together!". Hilarious!!!

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