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Zombie Nation Zombies

The Mossberg ZMB Series: Zombie Tools That Won’t Break the Bank

by Patrick Sweeney   |  February 1st, 2012 84

Yes, yes, yes, after the apocalypse we’ll be able to “score” anything we want. Sure, right. Until then, we have to get what we can, and not everyone has a Mercedes budget when it comes to stocking the armory. What to do? How to stock up, without busting the budget? Mossberg to the rescue. Yes, Mossberg has jumped into the fray, offering us suitable tools for surviving the coming zombie apocalypse. (Or the end of the Mayan calendar, or whatever.)

All of these have the Mossberg ZMB logo on them, plus the all-synthetic furniture means that you can sanitize them with boiling water, bleach or other disinfectants. No need to worry about potential warpage from treating wooden furniture that way, nor residual infection from sloppily-cleaned wood stocks and such.

And the selections of common calibers means your re-supply options are greater. Now, I wouldn’t be all that enthusiastic about using small-pellet skeet or trap loads in a 12 gauge on a swarming cluster of zoms. You just aren’t going to get the penetration you need. But, with buckshot or slugs, you’ll be able to anchor fast-movers. The amount of 12 gauge and .30-30 ammo manufactured each year in the US is enough to sink a small island, so just about anywhere you search you’ll be able to find some. (Assuming there is any left, if the other searchers get there first.)

Get a Mossberg, and use the savings to stock up on MREs, medicines or reading material.

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500 Persuader ZMB

First up, the good old Persuader, done in Z-style, aka the 500 ZMB. The stock is synthetic, the forearm a tri-rail so you can mount a light, and the capacity: 8 shots of 12-gauge goodness. The Mossberg 500 chassis has been around since before zombies, and you can find parts anywhere, in case you break something dealing with an outbreak. The safety is on top, suitable for you left-handed survivors, and operation is easy. Even a university English professor can learn to pump a shotgun.

  • tom

    the only thing missing is a John Wayne big ring lever so as the duke would say ya can snap n shoot

  • bhupinder.sandhu

    another mouthwatering model

  • Antonio

    Man, I was just considering a 30-30 Marlin, but this 464 ZMB is tempting. Doubt it meets NJ compliance.

  • Grant

    I'm really tired of both the zombie articles and the zombie products…it was cool the first 3 to 5 times, now it's very clear that it's being used a crutch for both article writing and product design.

    • hicusdicus

      Yeah, I agree but nobody cares so I don't either.

    • bob

      wah. "i'm gonna take my toys and leave" cry ass.

      • Thom Jefferson

        Oh, gosh Bob, didn't know you had the final word on what freedon of speech can be exercised or not. But with a convincing, intelligent comment like 'cry ass' who can argue with you. Child.

  • Marque Cornblatt

    Here is a Mossburg 500 that IS REALLY set up for the zombie apocalypse- It's part of a huge, well stocked cashe tube like I've never seen before…

  • Nate

    I applaud Mr. Sweeney for forging ahead and keeping this column lively despite an ostensibly constant criticism from a few belligerent readers. As a fellow journalist, I can only say keep up the good work, keep a thick skin, and disregard the nay-sayers out there.

    • Thom Jefferson

      So, if we hold a view that is in opposition wiht yours we are 'belligerent'? Normally the people who are forced to attack others personally – such as name calling or labeling – is considered the belligerent one. We know what we like and what we don;t and, apparently we are lucky we are protected by the Bill or Rights because it sounds as if you had you 'journalistic' way, we wouldn't be able to. Agree to disagree, that is the American way.

      • Cactus Jack

        Obama doesn't think so.

    • 2ndAmendment

      Calling Sweeney a journalist is like calling a Chevette a Indy Car. Have you seen some of his other "journalistic" postings?
      The guy is a hack getting kickbacks for mentioning products, or generating web traffic.

      • guest2

        Hes a sell out.

        • Rob Davis

          now now boys i thought this all started with GUNS

  • guest,0,142

    for those who don’t think zombies exist…

    if the SHTF and these (among others) drug or meth addicts are out robbing/killing or otherwise searching for food, drugs, whatever… tell me that they don’t look like the stereotypical “zombie” that will be stumbling through your neighborhood at night…

    some of the before and after pictures are really creepy – right down to the red festering sores all over their faces… looks just like the makeup on the zombie tv shows.

    those who cannot see that "zombie" is today's word for the "boogeyman" or whatever "bad guy" are certainly too inflexible to survive for long…

    • Mike

      ok, so whats wrong with the existing weapons we have then? Whats wrong with a Mossberg 500 or regular persuader? Why do we need zombies on it?

      It's all just to make a buck of the movie and video game crowd and I wouldn't doubt that these "zombie" guns are more expensive than the regular versions, but yet the article seems to indicate that these are for the budget conscious.

      • DanWrather

        RIGHT YOU ARE!!
        Get on the band wagon and try to lure some of the game playing couch surfing consumers money to buy something with ZOMBIE on it! Imagine that! A 30yr old virgin, living in his mom's basement, spends most of his time playing video games and then gets a real gun just because it has ZOMBIE on the side, thats a scary thought!
        Guns and Ammo is leading the way to separate them, and you from your money!

  • Mike

    are you sure these products aren't for the zombies (meaning the dumbasses who actually want to buy this crap)?

    The only people buying this garbage are the people whose only gun knowledge comes from video games and movies.

    • bob

      cry me a river

    • Jon

      Mike, do you really think the only people buying the Zombie garbage is people who don't "know about guns" you are sadly detached from reality. Myself I buy it, pimp out my guns with it until they are Tacticool, and rock the reactive life size Zombie targets at the range. Guess what you end up with. Improved marksmanship, the targets only bleed or explode if you hit them in the right spot which is generally 2 inches or less, a person who learns how their weapon functions cause you got to take it apart and put it back together to put the stuff on and the coolest part is it Attracts new and younger shooters to the sport. When I'm at the range the kids never ask to shoot my tack driving walnut stocked Savage or my pristine Browning light twelve it's always the "Chainsaw" and the AK 47 with the wild colors and Tacticool stuff shooting those Green Zombie Bullets. If you are considering tempting me with testing my "Gun Knowledge" or "Shooting Skills" don't you will only be left…well wondering…..

    • Penguinfinger

      This stuff is fun at the range and my kids are learning to shoot! ( I have 3 girls ). Ease up cry-ass

    • rob

      sounds like a big mouth!!!!!!!

  • Cindy Munson

    The English professor doesn't have to learn to shoot. He is protected by the trigger-happy gun nuts in the Econ Department!

    • hicusdicus

      I am sure the english professor is quite good at pulling on things.

  • Cindy Munson

    Actually, I should have typed "us trigger-happy gun nuts in the Econ Department"!

  • Sarge

    Grant, Mike, you really need to lighten up. Don't take this so seriously. I'm bettin' you have a sense of humor…release it!

  • Robert

    Zombies do exist. Not the bloody brain eating kind but if you look at any starving,sick,severly dehydrated,injured mental ill or several other causes you will see the shambling walk,slow movements,poor reasoning and other symptoms of zombie like behaviour . The desperate attacks and cannibalistic behaviour would come after all the services were severed for more than a few days. Also the horde we prepare for and hope never becomes reality will be composed of all the people around you and and from the cities. Self defense will top your list of needed skills and tools . I like the fact that gun makers have joined in on the fun of prepping,if it takes fancy looks to get even 1 more person to consider personal preparation for their own safety it will have been worth it . Besides it's a free market you don't have to buy zombie products but ,if thats what trips your trigger! Get some Hornady zombie ammo while you're at it.

  • Sami

    Agree or not with the zombie stuff – i sure has hell enjoyed reading the comments – Keep up the good work all LOL. I think some of you should be on someones payroll why should only the columnists get paid. cant wait to hear a comment to this ;)

    • Thom Jefferson

      What is there to agree with or not – there is no such things as zombies. It is just easier physologially for some people to use fantasy terms when discussing the real problems and possible aggressors that they will hve to deal with in the event of a SHTF, Black Swan or TEOTWAWKI event. They will be your neighbors, people you know. Many people cannot go there and seriously consider what they will be forced to actually do to survive. This is why I feel it is detremental. Whatever happens it will not be a video game, you won;t be saying 'no' to a hungry zombie, you will be saying 'no' to a hungry mother and her children – that's not quite as funny as a a zombie, is it now?

      • Sami

        I guess by your knowledge and wisdom if the world goes to chit. There will only be single mothers and children left to deal with. I guess thats what the gun makers are targeting then is woman and children because all the men will be dead. Anyways if it comes to saving or protecting yourself and your family in a crisis saying "NO" will not have to be funny it will be a priority and probably #1 on your list.
        And my comment to "Agree or not" ment with all the new products of guns and ammo "Zombie stuff"
        Not if im in question if a zombie really exists. But dont worry Thom i enjoyed hearing your thoughts also "Agree or not" with them.

  • dugiboy

    bloody hell robert , shoot the mentally ill and the hungry , whats wrong with you , you have forgotten the poor and the blacks , zombie rubbish getting too silly

  • stug3

    All this zombie bs is insultingly dumb & annoying.

  • Roy658

    Get a copy of a movie called "Contagion". You will then understand the "Zombie" craze. To say the least, it will make you think and hollywood not withstanding, it is very plausable in concept and delivery. Scary to say the least.

    • Thom Jefferson

      Those weren't Zombies by definition – they died within 72 hours of contracting the disease and they didn't come back to life. But you are right – that film really makes you think about how a SHTF event will be soft pedaled by the governments while millions are dieing – just reinforces my belief that it would be better to call a spade a spade rather than soft pedal it with the broad 'safe' label of 'zombies' or 'mutant bikers' and say Panedemic, economic collapse, EMP, nuclear incident, terrorist bilogical attack or whatever you feel is most likely to occur. Zombies chasing me around trying to eat my brain is waaaaay down that list.

      • old vet

        Take your cute little black magic marker, paint over all the zombie emblems and all you have here are tactical weapons. Would that ease your little mind?

    • Nachtwulf

      Add these to your watch list if you're tired of sleeping soundly at night in the arms of your loving, caring guv'mint. Outbreak and Torchwood. And read The Hot Zone. Nighty-night.

  • SteveO

    The 464 ZMB looks like a Terminator that's missing some skin.

    • rob

      i have a 464 and a chainsaw if you don't like don't buy.simple is'nt it.


    Ah so you don't believe in Zombies. They are real, they all voted in 2008, and they voted for an alien.
    Wake up and smell the rott.
    Yes we can!

  • chucksmacker

    zombie no zombie dont matter to me i like this rifle! think it needs the rail to go all the way around for a forward mounted low mag scope though, tac stock in heavy loads and you have a sweet brush buster, tac stock out lever revolution ammo and you have a 200yd deer/black bear/zombie/crack head slayer

    • Draeger

      i think it would be great in 35 remington

  • Terry

    I don't understand all this idiocy about Zombies. Humankind doesn't need Zombies to be stupid and cruel. We do it all by ourselves. Just give me a good handgun, a good rifle, and a good shotgun and I'll do fine.

  • dave s

    Maybe you guys didn't see what happened in Toronto? Guy dismembered homeless guy and ate his brain and eyeball…call it zombie or call it crazy…my Mossberg 500 would take care of him!

  • Dave B

    That 464 ZMB has to be among the ugliest firearms I have ever seen. Wouldn't give it house room.

  • chucksmacker

    @ Dave B, I would rather my rifle be functional in the woods than something i pull out just to clean and admire everyday, my guns take a beating. but i use them, and it gives character and tells stories

    • old vet

      It's STILL a 30-30, and it will still kill Bambi, no matter the rails and ugliness. Might catch some hell in deer camp though.

  • Dwraf

    I agree with Dave s my moss 500 works great , looks good and takes care of Zombies!

  • rich

    Wow guys, new spin on good reliable guns. The guys at G@A just had to write a heading and the conversation just took care of itself. Like it or not this zombie stuff is everywere. I got a good laugh when I saw the 464 ZMB. Then I thought, hay if it gets new shooters to the range and a new interest from long time shooters then it can't be all bad.

    • CommonCents

      I have to ask, if someone who never owned a gun, then goes out and buys one just because it is zombie related, is that the kind of person you would want to own a gun?
      Kinda falls into the "I have seen Rambo 395 times, so I know how to shoot!" mentality.

      • rich

        Well, CommonCents, If one of these people that want a gun becouse it is zombie related, 1. Hooks up with a good group of shooters. 2. gets the right training. 3. understands and pratices good safety. Not nessarlly in that order. Then YES they would be the kind of person I would want to own a gun. Other side of it a person with the best of intentions buys a gun but, 1. hooks up with some knuckleheads 2. doesn't get any trainning. 3. well you get the idea……….

  • chucksmacker

    not to ghange the subject .. well ok im changing the subject. has anyone have any new info about the 17 hornet? im looking allover the net and g@a and nothing about it , im pumped for this one and the savage rifle made for it, even dreaming of the ground hogs and fox i can drop with this, 22-250 speed out of a round and quite as a 22mag! i know its been done before by wild catters but the custom rifles needed for that is outa my budget, love my 17rem but 30bucks a box gets old after along day of non stop shooting

  • Bill

    I'm in favor of the Mossberg 590A1. It has all the features I wanted and it is the only shotgun to pass the US Army's Mil-Spec test. It is the ONLY shotgun I've ever bought but my wife made me get rid of it. I'd like to own another.

    • old vet

      MADE you get rid of it? JEEEZ man!

    • Mr. Bill

      Well then, let her know SHE can be the one to go forth and do battle with the undead when the time comes,… she how she likes that! Now go get yourself a good gun Dude..

    • Mike K. YYC

      If Zombies chase us, I'm tripping my wife.

  • oldmanr

    I am not getting any pictures……..

  • ZedHead2012

    Once again sWeeney misses the boat on how to fight Zed. The self-proclaimed Zombie Hunter, sWeeney is ill-informed. Like a 6 month old baby with a set of shiny keys, he is fascinated with anything painted toxic green, sporting a bio-hazzard icon, or the word "Zombie." He would have you spend your hard earned money on gimmicks. Would you shoot better with a chainsaw grip? Toxic green tipped ammo make you that much better a marksman? Does any of these gimmicks sWeeney is pushing help put Zed down any better than the fundamentals of shooting? He even sounds like a poorly written (reflects most of his writing) late night info-commercial, claiming to be aware of the plight of the everyday, hard working man on a tight budget . . . then turns around and tells you how new fangled products will make putting down Zed that much better, easier, faster.
    Did anyone imagine a snake oil salesman reading this?
    We here at Zombie Hunter Team 1A (ZHT-1A) recommend you pass by the Snake Oil salesman sWeeney and stick with what works: The fundamentals of shooting. Sight picture, sight alignment, breathing control, trigger control, follow through. But most of all, get out and shoot!
    Now, some here say there were Zombies at the 08' election, or in congress, or at protests. I dont know about that. We here at ZHT-1A train on a regular basis to fight Zed. Small squad tactics with other fellow Zombie Hunters. Intense cardio and strength training. Transitioning from long gun to hand gun, immediate action drills, orderly retreats. Basic first aid! All these are real world skills to use against threats like the UN . . . er . . . um . . . Zed . . . yeah! ZED!

    Remember! Zed is always lurking!

  • Bill B.

    While I get a chuckle out of the Zombie metaphor, I think gun owners should be preparing for something more plausible and realistic. What will happen when the Fed can't refill the food stamp credit cards and pay for section 8 housing for the millions living on the housing project reservations? They will leave the cities and head to the suburbs and then to the rural areas to "redistribute" your wealth. Imagine the crimes that will be perpetuated against the law abiding citizens by the criminal element that hides illegally therein! That 's just one scenario, and there are many more twists and turns that you can add to make it more disheartening. Get yourself squared away with a rifle , shotgun and a pistol and put away some ammunition now while you can. Chaos is closer than you think it is. ZedHead2012, I agree whole heartedly with your sage advice. Keep practicing and preparing.

    • rich

      It's a shame but I think you got it dead on right.

    • Jackelyn-Micah Hardin

      The zombie movement Is a way of training for social collapse while calling it something else. On the surface its just a ridicules game but in reality it is a way for prepping, but hip. Chess was created as a game but it is still used to train military leaders.

  • Brothermatt

    A few rednecks a few guns and a few cases of beer.Zombie problem solved.

  • DrillerGrunt

    R U kidding me?
    Dont get me wrong, I love me some zombie shooting!
    But this is nothing but an advertisement! Yeah, I get the idea, G&A is a business and they have a bottom line, but this is just pathetic!
    I have been out of a job now for 4 months, job market is crap here (N OH) so I know what being on a tight budget is like. Then read this *#&%^!
    Talk about being disconnected with Main St!
    I am sure Patrick Sweeney is laughing all the way to the bank with his Mossberg endorsment payments.

    • rich

      Just a qustion, If you could get a job making some of this crap would you? Sometimes we have to remember alot of this crap is just for fun. It has no real function other than entertainment. Maybe if enough of us buy this useless crap we can put some more people back to work. I'll do my part. No fooling around I do hope things get better in your area.

    • zombie

      hay guys heres a zombie that has a 40cal.mossberg 500 an a 380.waiting for zombie lol lol.

  • loren

    Love the zombie gear, keep it up sweeney.

  • jamesinhouston

    Used to be just the in-laws………

  • Common Sense

    A weapon should not be made to look like and marketed as a toy. I am definitely pro-gun, but I think marketing these things to idiots with these kinds of gimmicks is asking for trouble. Next out will be the Brady Bunch 12ga.

  • Common Sense


    Didn't intent to encroach on your moniker… I just read back. Quite a coincidence that we seem to share a similar sentiment to this type of ridiculous marketing, in addition to my having picked out a screen name so similar to yours. All this type of thing does is offer credibility to the anti-gun pinkos. We're all just a bunch of hicks who act like guns are toys is one of their typical lines.

  • Dave

    I am not crazy about the emblem, but wanted to look at the 464 for a tactical version of my 94 Trapper. Out in the country I like 30/30 for mid range defense from critters and other losers, but it would be nice to be able to add a light/laser.
    Hell, LMB could stand for Zee Mad Bureaucrat! Then it would make perfect sense.
    I don't really care what kind of guns people buy, as long as they don't point 'em at me and they keep voting in a manner that allows us to continue having them.

  • Dave

    Damn fingers, I meant ZMB. sorry.

  • JamesWalkiewicz

    Shooting the ZMB chainsaw is awesome! However, Mossberg could have done more to make it a zombie themed weapon. It should have a zombie-green mag follower with the bio-hazard symbol on it in black and a green glo front sight replacing the white dot sight at a minimum. I will be adding the 6-slot Mesa side saddle. The padded sling it comes with is alright for it being generic, but it would be nice if the sling was zombie-themed and had some green on it, such as ZMB and/or the bio-hazard symbol. I received the UTG laser/light combo in two pieces rather than the Barska 1 piece laser/light combo. Alright, attached it to a different gun. The laser should have really been green instead of red so I am looking to get a flashlight with a green laser combo for it. Last but not least, and I know nothing like this exists, but a machete bayonet, in black with a touch of zombie, would look fantastic attached to the front of the gun sticking out a foot from the end. That would be my dream for completely accessorizing this gun.

  • Mike K. YYC

    To all you zombie bashers out there….get a life. The way you are behaving is so childish. You seem to think that this is the first time a company has used a gimmick to sell product and make money. Here is a secret….(don't tell anyone!!!) Many, many companies do this all the time. It's got something to do with "free enterprise". Don't like zombie stuff? Leave. Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.

    • Jackelyn-Micah Hardin

      Yes Henry rifles stealing a name and using designs that have nothing to do with the original rifle, or Winchester the company that came from Henry’s ashes. It is also in calibers that did not exist when Henrys were originally made. The gun looks nice but, it’s not a real cowboy gun. The Mossberg 646’s design is more similar to an original henry than modern Big Boy.

  • Chris

    Hell, I like 'em. I'm a fan of all things zombie. So what?
    I'm pretty sure that the cowboy action shooting crowd won't be putting down the James Gang or circling the wagons against injuns anytime soon. I certainly won't be calling for an end to cowboy guns though.
    If I choose to spend my money on the latest tacticool gun because it has a neon green biohazard logo on it, it's really none of your concern. I work for my money; I decide how to spend it.
    Love it or hate it, the zombie craze is here to stay. Whether you see it as a cheap marketing ploy or a savvy business move, the fact that companies like Mossberg are cashing in on the craze means that there is enough of an interest in zombies to increase profits. It's about the bottom line folks. Speaking of the bottom line. If you don't like it, don't buy it.

    • Col Zak, Army Ranger

      LMFAO, Problem is Cowboys, Indians, and the james gang ACTUALLY EXISTED! Why not make a Star Trek 1911 or a Predator shotgun? Oh ya, BECAUSE THEY DON'T EXIST AND WE ARE NOT 5 YEARS OLD! LMFAO. Grow up before you pick up a gun please. Scares ma people out there like to buy lethal weapons because it says zombie and they think it's cool. Stick to comic books and let the big boys play with the real thing.

      • Jackelyn-Micah Hardin

        Social collapse has happened though. While zombies never roamed the unprotected countryside. Bandits and even cannibals in some countries have. Speaking of cow boys, in this country the early west had bands of angry native Americans collecting scalps and when motivated by the various war ceremonies they were often worked up enough to act allot like tough zombies. (the Ghost dance) They rushed into lethal gun fire to get their shot in. The U.S army went back to a 45 after similar experiences in the Philippine insurrection. Yes, undead, Zombies will probably not be a problem, ravenous lunatics, crack heads or suicidal terrorist acting like zombies just may.

  • Patrick

    I love my Mossberg 500. Reliable, good feeling, many add ons, Pistol, butt stock, pistol champed, light, sight, the whole 9. Now they have to go screw it up with "ZOMBIE". What are we 5 years old? Zobies don't exist, won't exist and is making a mockery out of real gun enthusiasts. Shame on RDJ, Horneday and now Moss. GROW UP! The Zombie craze is a fad like like Barney, Furby, Ronco Hairflo haircutting system and Ty Beanie Babies, Don't get use to it if your over 5 years old. Maybe you will get lucky and they wont produce a lot and in 50 years your junk that says Zombie will be worth something. Mark my words, Anything that says Zombie, in 3 years will be painted over by their owners out of embarrassment. The industry is taking advantage of the suckers out there who thinks it's cool. The problem is the people who thinks it's cool are to stupid to realize how dumb they are. Sucker born every minute.

  • Rick

    My ZMB really was hurting for a heat shield so I had to get one for him. He's much happier now and meaner looking. I would love to put a real Mossberg ghost ring but they're hard to find and pretty pricey plus the front sight has to be brazed on, even more money.

    • sam

      I was thinking about doing the same with mine. How much so you think it would cost to get the front sight put on?

  • Persauder

    I live Detroit,Michigan and I’m here to let all you doubters know zombies do exist. I would swear they have smoked something and they have balls of steel. I too have balls of steel flying out of my Mossberg. Case Closed

  • GY. OSO ,



    Ah so you don't believe in Zombies. They are real, they all voted in 2008, and they voted for an alien.
    Wake up and smell the rott.
    Yes we can!

  • old vet

    NOW who is trying to censor another's speech? Guess it's alright if it's you.

  • Cactus Jack

    What is your problem? You are not required to like or dislike the product. If you don't like what you are reading, cancel your subscription. Methinks you just want attention and to stir controversy. Quit acting immature.

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