Yes, yes, yes, after the apocalypse we’ll be able to “score” anything we want. Sure, right. Until then, we have to get what we can, and not everyone has a Mercedes budget when it comes to stocking the armory. What to do? How to stock up, without busting the budget? Mossberg to the rescue. Yes, Mossberg has jumped into the fray, offering us suitable tools for surviving the coming zombie apocalypse. (Or the end of the Mayan calendar, or whatever.)

All of these have the Mossberg ZMB logo on them, plus the all-synthetic furniture means that you can sanitize them with boiling water, bleach or other disinfectants. No need to worry about potential warpage from treating wooden furniture that way, nor residual infection from sloppily-cleaned wood stocks and such.

And the selections of common calibers means your re-supply options are greater. Now, I wouldn’t be all that enthusiastic about using small-pellet skeet or trap loads in a 12 gauge on a swarming cluster of zoms. You just aren’t going to get the penetration you need. But, with buckshot or slugs, you’ll be able to anchor fast-movers. The amount of 12 gauge and .30-30 ammo manufactured each year in the US is enough to sink a small island, so just about anywhere you search you’ll be able to find some. (Assuming there is any left, if the other searchers get there first.)

Get a Mossberg, and use the savings to stock up on MREs, medicines or reading material.

500 Persuader ZMB

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First up, the good old Persuader, done in Z-style, aka the 500 ZMB. The stock is synthetic, the forearm a tri-rail so you can mount a light, and the capacity: 8 shots of 12-gauge goodness. The Mossberg 500 chassis has been around since before zombies, and you can find parts anywhere, in case you break something dealing with an outbreak. The safety is on top, suitable for you left-handed survivors, and operation is easy. Even a university English professor can learn to pump a shotgun.

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