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8 Best Guns for the Zombie Apocalypse

by Patrick Sweeney   |  November 15th, 2011 468

So the zombies are at your door. Death is upon you, but the gun shop is just a block away. You make a run for it, and you make it to the most extensive armory for miles. Time to make a decision: Which guns do you grab? Contrary to popular belief, not every gun will do the job the same, so to help make up your mind on which guns will save your life, here are my eight best guns for the zombie apocalypse.

  • Evan

    Where's the SKS????? Semi-auto, low recoil, reliable, dirt cheap guns, even CHEAPER bulk ammo. Sure, shotguns and pistols are fine, but you chose .44 magnum lever actions? Where do you buy surplus .44 ammo in boxes of 1120 for $200? At typical Zombie shooting distances, the 7.62X39 will do an excellent job, and provide greater range, when needed, than any .44.

    Take your SKS, add a Tapco stock, DBM setup, Red dot sight, toss in a crate of 123 grain FMJs. You still cost less than most basic ARs, have more range and cheaper ammo than shotguns, and YOU DONT HAVE TO RELOAD AFTER EACH SHOT. A different website had already done an article on this. The SKS wins hands down.

    • Carl Burney

      That is why I have an DPMS Oracle AR and an SKS… variety is the spice of life Evan..LOL

      • Evan

        I'm in no way putting down ARs, they're as good as or better than an SKS in almost every way except for the cost of the gun and ammo. For those who have ARs and ammo stockpiles, good for them! For those who need to buy something FAST, the SKS is the ultimate survival weapon.

    • James

      read the scenario. you sprinted to a gun store and dont have to buy anything. maybe they dont carry SKSs lol

      • Evan

        "…you make it to the most extensive armory for miles"

        Any extensive armory will have SKSs by the pile! There are so many of them out there, that you can actually buy them in bulk at discount prices!

        With that in mind, prices will undoubtedly skyrocket once the zombies arrive, so we'd better start stocking up before it's too late…

        • Travis

          Lol,the most extensive armory in miles better have somethin better than an old beat up SKS, i might grab one just so i have a good melee weapon to beat the zombies with once i run outta rounds for my AR!

    • Pablo Rivera

      I have a DSA FAL PARA for medium to long range CQB to 400 meters, but I have a Sterling 9m Civi subgun with a 16 inch barrel and folding stock. Very handy. Sigs and revolvers as well for back up.

    • Ian Graham

      Great point Evan…this was a waste of an article!!

    • Joe Cat

      Why would you want an SKS over an AK47 same ammo and all AK's have detachable mag's

      • Evan

        Simply because an SKS doesn't require any special permits like an AK. The average person with an AK would also be tempted to use it on full auto (same problem as the M4/M16 ) and waste valuable ammo, the SKS doesn't have that problem. The biggest part though, is that anyone can go to any gun store and pick up a surplus SKS for under $200, even here in good ole' Canada!

        • Evan

          ^ I meant that almost every gun store here in Canada has surplus SKSs, not that anyone can just walk in and buy them. ^

        • Nacoda

          Actually down here in GA you can get an AK sporting rifle with no permits required. Its the same as an AK only semi auto only.

      • mike

        because joe cat mag can break keep a spair sks mag in your bug out bag and striper clips take up less room an shaves some overall lbs off

      • Jake Kusluski

        the sks is more accurate to longer ranges, it also conserves ammo. Not to mention the cheap prices. And if you can get your hands on some 10 rd stripper clips, then you've got fast reload.

    • Travis

      Ya… Cept the first time you get a little excited and bump it on somethin or drop it then you might as well throw it away cuz you arent gonna hit anything outside of fifteen yards till you resite the whole thing!

    • Tcochran

      Even though i dont own an sks (i plan on getting one but for now ill stick with my ak47) i thought this artical was bogus. And sks or 47 could beat half of those guns on here.

    • Evan Isgay

      chill your tits out naf

    • raven

      Bingo! Not to mention the big'ol bayonet that flips out from under. You can't possibly tell me with a straight face THAT won't come in handy

    • dr.calzet

      just so you know if a zombie Apocalypse did happen, you wouldn't be buying anything.

    • Alec

      Your right but the 7.62 round is way to loud and will attract more zombies but i dont agree with the .44 either. A .22 would be ideal barly any kick and quiet and you can get large amount of rounds for very cheap.

    • Rick Lazalde

      Why worry about cost? It is a apocalypse! You break in the gun shop, clear it of the undead, be sure not to carry away too much it will weigh you down as you try to escape! 9mm parabellum is all you need! Glocks are lite, accurate ( for the all important head shot) and holds 20 rounds!


      OMG the only gun that can make your shelter ZOMBIE PROOF AND MOMBIE PROOF IS THE BENELLI M2 3GUN
      just go on you tube an type — benelli m2 3 gun — as for pistols my glock 21 jammed 4x i know of. but semi auto pistols do that no sir for me a ( m1 carbine 2 benelli m2s and 2 4" 44 magnums ) the guy that has his org 8 best lol my roomate JB broke 2 rem model 870s NIB scru thos shotguns ill nvr buy an 870 he wont eighter.

    • Ian

      I know right

    • Cameron Hermouff

      The SKS may be a great choice for our zombie apocalypse but obviously price should not be a deciding factor. You brag about its price tag and cheap ammunition, but in a zombie apocalypse you'll want to grab the best of the best. Price obviously won't matter since there will be no cashier at the gun store. ;)

  • Cliff

    Evan definately has a point! A good supply of any .308 and the right weapon is a cut above the rest. And why a 9mm when a .45 will stop them in their tracks (90% of the time) or a .44 double action. If I was to choose a lever gun then, thanks, I'll keep my 45.70 handy, NO questions asked!

    • ajax

      i like the 308 and a 1911 style 45 acp like the kimber and a semi auto 12 ga myself

    • mike

      cliff a sks is 7.62×39 not 308 get it got it good

    • Steve

      Because if you have to hit them in the heat a 9mm will do just fine and the clips hold way more ammo than a 45.

    • Alec

      A .45 is way to loud and your going to end up getting your self killed

    • Vegas Zombie Hunter

      because more 9mm rounds are avail than .45

      if you were walking the streets and kicking in doors your chances of finding 9mm ammo is 60% better over .45

      and 9mm guns hold more rounds than .45 giving you less reloads over time which is very important when running everyday of your life.

      and 9mm rounds are smaller and lighter than .45 so you can put more rounds in your backpack and have that backpack feeling lighter than if you were carrying .45

      5000 rounds of 9mm weighs 15 pounds lighter than 5000 rounds of .45

      9mm has less recoil

      9mm guns will usually last longer than .45 in most cases, less recoil will result in less wear of your gun after 15,000+ rounds.

      we all know that .45 has more stopping power but a 9mm in the head of a zombie is just as effective.


  • Wet Willy

    For the most part, any AK47 should fit the bill better than most of the author's choices. They are reliable, plentiful, cheap, and ammo and magazines can be had pretty much anywhere, also cheap. They also pack a bit of a bigger punch than the AR.

    • Kelly

      ditto the plentiful, reliability & knockdown theme, but if you want to stay outside olfactory sensation range the AR would have better reach.

    • Rick

      also the 5 round mag can easily be modified to hold 8 rounds. and all of the informed know who zombies are.

    • buffalo137

      your right willy! give me an ak, a 870 and a1911 and stand back

    • Wild Bill4

      I agree with Willy 100%. An AK with a match barrel and trigger and RPK lower receiver with a big ole stack of 30rd mags full of 7.62X39 tops the list followed by a Taurus .357 mag in 10" ported 8-shot revolver, Springfield XD sub compact in .40 (hornady criticals), Savage mod 10 in 308 AND a Remington 870. Wher them Zombies at?

      • HAMIELRS

        A match barrel on an AK? what a waste of time…and a joke. AKs are strait up spray and pray/

    • Darren

      i will take my sks hand down compared to the ak47

  • advancedatheist

    These firearms will also come in handy during the Occu-pocalypse.

  • broncobetty

    All excellent choices by the author of this article and the commenters. However I think having a basic battery of the listed firearms in this article on hand would be wiser then trying to make it to the gun shop a block away!. Remember that adtage about always having it on hand and not needing it is better then not having it at all! Zombies are still smart even if they are in a state of decay they will take over the gun store before you get there and be waiting inside. We must always learn from and remember the Rodeny King riots where some people had guns but not bullets. Katrina where people had some guns but got them taken away! Don't get caught trying to get guns, bullets, and survival supplies when things start to go bad. Do it ahead of time. Doing it later or tomorrow is like trying to close a barn door when the horses have already ran away! I can't stress how important preparation now is so important for the bad things that are coming to America in the next few years.

    • Mitch

      I cant agree more with what you wrote!

    • Linda

      Great points to make!
      Most aren't prepared for the unexpected, wheather it be Zombies, Invasions, Civil unrest, major natural disaster and the looting that follows, home invasions, Aliens for outspace, whatever?

      Personally, I like to be prepared with extra supplies, adequate means of self protection and a sense of humor . Lighten up guys?

      None of us will ever get out this World alive.


      • Chris

        Well said, Linda!

      • Pecos

        "None of us will ever get out this World alive." – I had a boss in California everyone called Papa Bear because he had lots of hair and he seemed to be very warm and cuddly. One day in a conversation about an imagined Apocalypse, he said "First thing I'd do, get my gun. I'm taking some SOB's with me!"

    • old vet

      O. K. you nailed it! Let us all be thankful we still have the freedoms to even carry on a discussion like this without the goonies dragging us off. We must all work together to return this country to it's pride and freedom from fear of defending our rights.

    • Tim

      Betty, I agree it is good to be prepared… but I think many of these doomsday fears are overstated. A total breakdown of society is extremely unlikely. However, natural disasters are going to occur. That should be the main fear.

      More important than weapons, food stockpiles, or anything else is knowledge. Start stockpiling hard books now. Because everything in the cloud will be lost if things really get bad.

      • Dennis

        very good point Tim. What will you do when google can't help you? You mosy on over to the library. Plus you can burn all the crap books in the winter season.(eg: twilight) :D

  • Tracy Thorleifson

    Mr. Sweeney is clearly a zombie noob. According to Max Brooks' definitive book on the subject, "The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead," ( ) the ultimate anti-zombie weapon is the trusty M1 Carbine. It's light, relatively quiet, has low recoil, the stock is stout enough for zombie head bashing, and surplus ammo is readily available. In any event, always remember rule #4, "Blades don't need reloading." ;-)

    • guest

      YES! Where is the Claymor sword, or the samuri sword?

    • Jake Kusluski

      blades are also silent. You won't attract more zombies

    • Kris Kasprzak

      blades makes blood spray and u get infected, duh retard! wear chain mail and a wetsuit with a chainsaw if your gonna use blades!

      • Dennis

        Lol, I'm trying to picture what you just said. That reminds me of a comic i read where the character wore a bomb suit and the zombies piled up on him but couldn't bite him.

    • Fred

      Sorry son, but rule #4 is "Seatbelts"

    • michael

      Read that book..Its awfull when it comes to guns…lol…It specs on heavy machine gun made me laugh…5.56mm..Bahhaha…thats not a heavy machine gun….Plus ar15/m16 he says is worst guns ever made…Wth!! …he also points to the m1 carbine being one of the best…You kiding me? I love the little gun..But soon as it gets any crud..It jams…You have to keep a steady run of gun oil in it..Reason why it come with a oiler built into the stocks on the paratrooper model…..The action is too fast and tempermental..Round are not cheap…I own one so i….Nor something you would find hardly across such a battlefield…If you didnt stick too…22cal….223..9mm…12 gage…308…You would run out very fast in such a made up event;)

    • Noah Kingsbury

      the garand was #1, and he was wrong. you know that little stripper clip thing that goes clink clnk clinkity clank? yeah. no no. Calico m700. 9mm, 100 round mag. semi- auto. yes please.

  • Glock36

    Zombies are all around us, DONT you understand they MUST be delt with or the entire civilation will wither into obscurity, or would a better description be rott into obsecurity…… Have you no wish to live in a socity with NO ZOMBIES… Come on Man /Woman Grow a pair………….. with respect….

    • zombiekiller

      Yea, they are here. I killed a couple of them just yesteday.

  • dabrewer

    Hornady making specific "Zombie" ammo just makes them a joke in my eyes and I will never take any of there products as legit. Guns are serious things and shouldn't be played off as something funny.

    • Rick

      Zombie ammo by Hornady IS legit! its a personal defense ammo that is frangible and highly effective for self-protection from any perp (zombie) that occupies anyones personal space. Its not a joke! They are dead serious!

    • circle70

      Lighten up Francis.

    • Ken A

      Hornady makes some of the best pistol and rifle ammo on the planet. Just hope that you never have to be on the receiving end of one of their bullets. A different and rather strange name does not make a whole product line non legit.

    • Travis

      Dang brewer, dont be such a stiff

    • chappy

      Lighten up. My zombie ammo is not meant for the undead but those who will be dead if they threaten me or my family. The zombie load is Hornady's self defense load in a humorous package. In 80s vernacular, "Dude, take a lude!"

    • wallyiv

      You are terribly dull. Guns are little machines/tools. Get your head out of..where it is. If you don't have fun with guns then don't get any. Zombie Max rounds are the same as their critical defense rounds. there is a big market for novelty out there too. I can't stand people who make guns look like they're wmd s. I'm sure most of us reading this carry and do it safely so just leave it art be safe. But, "guns aren't supposed to be fun" is just dumb. They are indeed fun as much as they can be service weapons or die defense.

    • Nacoda

      The Hornady zombie ammo is a huge joke. Its exactly the same as their regular ammunition only the tip is painted green instead of red. Its a novelty item. The only reason for buying a single box of it is just to say you did. Just look at the price. Its almost double just for the novelty of it. Has no tactical advantage whatsoever over regular hornady ammo

    • Spanky

      So what is your take on water guns? Or paintball guns?

  • BikerSteve

    I agree, AK-47 is a Definite Must-Have. 762×39 kicks some serious zombie ass!(I don't know why our military doesn't completely convert to this plentiful & potent cartridge)
    I would add the S&W M&P full-size 9MM to the pistol list although the older S&W auto's are fine weapons. 16+1 and I can attest to the fact that it will spit lead with deadly accuracy as fast as you can slam the clip and pull the trigger, plus the polymer frame doesn't get hot like the steel or aluminum framed pistols do when rapid fired repeatedly.

    • big john

      We don't use it because for packing your weight around ith 7.62 weighs twice as much as 223 and the ballistics arent very good out at 300 yds. If you want to pack an ak use a 74 instead that uses 5.45×39 Ive got a couple of em and you buy the soviet surplus for about 10 cents a round in a spam can and it shoots great.

  • Neto


  • ranndy

    The shotgun choices aren't bad, but I'll stick with my tricked out Saiga 12. 12 and 20 round drum magazines and your choice of rounds (she'll shoot 3" shells with stick mags and 2&3/4" with the drums). Buckshot, slugs, or custom PD rounds. Be sure and pick up a LimbSaver recoil pad with the gun: you'll need it!

    • Cal-Guy

      I'm sticking with my Mossberg 590. Besides being the ONLY shotgun to fully meet military standards, it's what I'm familiar with and I don't have to worry about catching my glove or thumb in that damn elevator on a Remington 870.

      • JamesWalkiewicz

        590A1 model you mean if it's the military version. It's nice with a M9 bayonet on the end and an Eotech fore end grip w/ built in pressure trigger flashlight. Top that with a blackhawk 15 shell sling and a speed feed stock and you have plenty of ammo attached to the gun. 9+15+4=28 shotgun shells

    • 870man

      870 all the way..if you break somthing in a saiga replacement parts will be super scarce but the 870 evey gun store in america has atlest a comple 870s you can take parts from if needed

    • Sterling

      just turned 18 first thing i did was drive to my local store picked me up a Saiga 12 boy those 3'' shells will put em on the ground

    • Sorregius

      12 gauge as heavy cartridge and not give you better shot range, better logistic, or damage, the best weapon is a very sturdy handgun, like a CZ or a S&W.

    • stephen

      Saigas are loud and heavy and dont hold as much ammo as a bannana clip

  • SmokyB

    First, if you have to visit a gun store when you need one, it's too late. Second, Hornady makes great ammuntion, especially their Personal Defense. 9mm is just a paperweight, the only thing in the 9mm class is the .357 Sig, try the 10mm or the .45, I personally have all three, and love them. AK's are generally not very accurate at any type of distance, and any .308 will top any .223 except in the amount that you can carry, again, I have both, and I will opt for taking both. If you can only take three, S&W1911 in .45, M1A, and a 18" bbl Rem 870 in 12 Ga.

  • Minarchist_1776

    Why discuss the zombie apocalypse? I suspect the main reason is that because it's fun in a twisted sort of way. More seriously though, it may be the only way you're ever going to get some people to start thinking seriously about problems leading to societal breakdown and how to deal with that. They won't discuss problems with our current economic policies that are just about guaranteed to create an economic catastrophe worse than the Great Depression, they won't consider the potential vulnerability of the electric power grid to various different kinds of solar storms, or any one of a dozen other different scenarios that could cause a collapse of civilization as we know it. But they'll spend all day talking about the zombie apocalypse. And in the course of doing so may come up with ideas which could help if some of those other situations arise.

    • kylelds

      Totally agree…

    • SgtChris

      I completely agree with you Minarchist. It is easier to talk about preperation for the "Zombie Apocalypse" with people rather than the all too real possibility of protecting and feeding your family in the case of serious civil unrest. The principals are essentially the same. Be prepared with food/water stored away, have a means to hunt and to protect yourself, and understand that the situation is not static but constantly changing so have a back up plan (and a bug-out bag). I have even used examples from Z-Day to encourage young Soldiers to learn their skills. The idea of setting up tripple strand concertina wire became palatable when you are learning it, "… just in case the Zombies come."
      The idea here is not to prepare just for zombies but to be prepared for anything that may come your way. Thank you G&A for giving us a fun reason to learn how to prepare ourselves for any catastrophy. The types of weapons aren't important. Just being prepared is.

    • the averagejoe

      Dear Minarchist i have read your comment and i have to agree with you on our societal breakdown comment i can tell your a smart dude that knows how to read between the lines , our sociaty has changed in meny ways, we face terrorisem everyday and as you and i know it ,there is a thin line between peace and you know what ,i dont even have to say it you already know when there is no longer contral. so be ready my friends store food ,water, a 226 sigsauer .40, long rang FN FNAR rifle for distence and a 500 Mossberg shotgun with a foldable but stock for easy manageability around tight corners be ready for whatever the future holds for us all…. peace and God speed my friends.

    • Tim D

      Minarchist – people don't worry about many of those things because they are highly unlikely to utterly impossible.

      Our power grid is not as vulnerable as some would jhave you believe. Satellites – perhaps, but power grid? No.

      Our economic situation certainly needs addressing or it will get bad. But to make the jump from great depression to a complete breakdown of society is a HUGE stretch!

      There are any number of giant natural disasters that could hit, but again, the jump to a total breakdown of society is a huge one. Katrina was definitely bad. There were stories of unrest for sure. But it did not turn into widespread anarchy. (Yes, I know people from New Orleans.)

      Personally, I'm most fearful of a dirty bomb attack to an urban center. Even in that scenario, the mayhem would be localized to about a 100 mile radius. Not exactly TEOTWAWKI.

      I really struggle to think of a single scenario in which the entire US/North American continent is plunged into chaos. Its simply not very likely, if possible. A massive meteor strike perhaps? If something that kind of massive scale did occur a few firearms aren't going to save anyone.

      • crambo

        think 1865 brother killing brother,many folks think this time it will be brother killing brutha,,in fact if you read between the lines i believe it will become abundantly clear that the Z word,is just a replacement for the N word,….sad but true.

  • mark

    Interesting list, but I'd have to go with the same guns I'd choose for any other end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it situation, all of which I've already got: an SKS Sporter (uses AK magazines), 16.5"-barreled AR15, a good old 1911A1 .45 with a 9mm CZ-75 as backup, and indeed, a Browning Auto-5. With this selection I'd have something chambered in the ammo I'd be most likely to come across: 7.62×39, .223/5.56, .45 ACP, 9mm, and 12-gauge.

    Fun as it is to talk about this stuff, though, I do have to agree with the other commenters wondering why G&A is jumping on this zombie bandwagon. If the article were dated October 31, I guess I could see it, but otherwise…?

    • Scorregius

      Why a .45? if you hit a brain whit a .45 or a .32 you have the same result.

  • @2WarAbnVet

    We are in greater danger from the OWS (Obama's Witless Stooges) than from zombies. How many people have zombies killed lately?

    • Retiredso

      You mean they are not the same?

    • Shalimar

      OWS? U mean Bush's proving to be beyond retarded?

      Granted no one in office is ever perfect.. but really? Holy crap ppl…

    • zombiekiller

      I killed a couple of them yesterday

  • rob

    Boy some people just cant have a little fun. you guys are way to uptight.go polish your bullets waiting for the commies. its something to have fun with. yes guns are a serious subject and are not toys. i agree with only 3 choices of the firearms , but the reader suggesting the sks and ak47 are right on the money .

  • John

    The author's list is flawed! First if you need you find an armory, you're too late. I'd take my Glock 22. Plenty of loaded mags and my Beretta FS92A1 Its battle proven and now holds 17plus 1. Take my AK over the AR. The AK doesn't jam up. My MossBerg Tacticle 500 (adjustable stock and stand-off barrel). Great for up close and personel. Bring the Marlin 30-30 and Super Redhawk along for needy friends. The author is lacking the long range, much needed shooter. My old Savage 110 long 30-06 now converted into a very precise Sniper rifle (with silencer and 6×24 BDC scope). Your companions need cover when raiding the local stores for supplies. One shot, Two Kills! Would also take that almost the same .22 seen on Top Shot taking out the golf ball at 100 yds. I built it over a year ago with a E.R. Shaw barrel. 3×9 AO .22 Mag scope. On a calm day, I put forty straight Stingers in a 4" bull at 100yds. Not a single stray.
    OOH! RAH!

    • John

      That argument is about a decade old. Ar's do NOT jam like they first used to when stoner designed it to fire .308 but the mil wanted the 5.56 which changed things. AR's are more accurate and just as reliable as AK's. Read about Bravo Company's Filthy 14. My confidence in an AR far exceeds that of a loose AK. While there is NO argument against the stopping power of the ak over the AR, AR's are far more versatile and can be changed into a 7.62 rifle. Anyone who says AR's are unreliable, have no experience with them in the last decade. I do want to eventually get an AK just to burry in a tube for a rainy day but all other basis will be covered by my AR. 3,000 rounds since my last cleaning….swear it shoots better everytime i take it out


      • WerkinHard

        The M16/M4/AR, sure it does (jam that is)! TAP! RACK! BANG!
        What other weapon system is there that requires a forward assist built directly into it?
        What other weapon system injects hot carbon fouling directly into the receiver?
        What other weapon system requires aftermarket magazines to function properly?
        And yes, I have plenty of experience with the M16A2/M4. I am currently dragging a M4 around out here in AFG.

  • Chris

    AR or AK, those 30 round mags make it a no-brainer (or de-brainer as it were!) I like the Glock choice, and for Zombies, knockdown power is not relevant. You need headshots. Low recoil, lots of ammo. 9mm glock works just fine!

    Yeah, some folks need to lighten up and have a bit of fun…or…don't read the article!

    • Lukas

      Someone has sense! Yes, headshots! Also, in the event that you are not fighting an undead opponent, 9mm still works. it may not have the knockdown power that most people associate with .45, with some well placed shots it will deter most opponents if not give them a not so friendly medical issue to deal with in addition to either attacking you or fending off zombies. Also, body armor is not commonly found in most homes, with the exception of the paranoid or military/LE types(usually one in the same).

  • coolerhead

    Be ware, the Zombies-Have-Rights-Too crowd is just gearing up. Their 1st demonstartion is scheduled in Springfield, IL, on 12/7. They would have gone to DC, where the common folk are disarmed, but they figured there might be too many armed Federal-types.

    • Joe Bob

      Yep, the ZHRT is going to be all over this article… once enough zombies get organize, start a PAC and buy off some politicians, people will be getting arrested for even thinking about popping one in the head. Of course, I have it on good authority the ZDL is VERY anti-second amendment.

  • kylelds

    I believe the the Glock 17 is the perfect 1st choice, for me the 2nd would be a Remington 870 and 3rd an AR-15. these 3 guns except for the AR, in my opinon are the most reliable. They certainly would seem to be the most common if you need parts or ammo…10,000 rounds would not be too much…

  • WallyM

    Because the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. Otherwise, why would Hornady make specific Zombie ammo? Want proof, just watch CSPAN! Watch the Occupy movement! You have been warned.

    • rbaker1000

      If you read the Zombie Survival Guide, most major outbreaks of civil disobedience throughout history have been zombie outbreaks misreported by the various governments and the media so as not to cause mass panic.

      I do get your point on OWS though. They definitely qualify for zombie status.

    • Mack

      lol funny "Watch the Occupy movement!"

    • Greg

      Watch my bowel movement, you have been warned!!!

  • Dude

    I would have to add the SIG P226 in 9mm and the DPMS mini SASS in 556.

  • Clearcutter

    To Those Wondering About This Mania for Zombies:

    Why the interest in some sort of zombie apocalypse? The answer is simple: people are greatly concerned about the downward spiral the USA has entered and have little to no confidence that the Ruling Class has either the ability or intention of returning this country to the ways and mores that made us the undisputed envy of the world. Zombies are a handy, socially acceptable substitute for government bureaucrats and underclass parasites who seem intent on dragging our country down while simultaneously denying and destroying American Exceptionalism.

    Read "The Ruling Class" by Angelo Codevilla, "Liberty & Tyranny" by Mark Levin, "The Vision of the Anointed" by Thomas Sowell, and "Taking America Back" by Joseph Farah and you'll understand the apocalyptic fears that are driving this zombie meme in the media.

    • Jackman

      Great input Clearcutter! And the fact that G&A has articles likes this makes me want to renew my subscription today! In fact that is just what I am going to do.

    • Jim

      Well said Clearcutter……..I've had all the blasted, "change, " I can stand. Just the mention of that word makes my skin crawl.


      I like your choice of the name "Clearcutter"…….I was never a lumberjack, or in the Forestry field, but I DO know what 'clearcutting' means, as to a grove of trees, or a forest. That's 'right thinking' in the context of "zombies".

      Thanks for the recommendation of the books; I'm 'agonna' try to find'em/buy'em/read'em.

    • Kim Curtis

      I certainly agree with Clearcutter! Gun wise I think my good old Browning hi-power will work well. My Glock 22 with extra 9mm and 357 Sig. LoneWolf barrels and lots of mags (bases colorcoded to keep from grabbing the wrong ones). AMT Lightening target .22 LR and Mossberg 500 12 gauge. The Glock with 3 barrels is really handy and lots less crap than carrying around 3 full size guns. My Savage .308 sniper rifle and the SKS that takes AK mags and the S&W M&P 15 tricked out 5.56 about rounds out anything I'll need. Of course there are all the other guns that are in the safe including 2 .45 ACPs and .357 Mag/.38 spec.s, 20 gauge shotguns, and all the rest of the stuff WITH all the reloaded "specialty" and factory ammo. 12 and 20 gauge shells using "Malay" loads loaded with any shot you have and then throw in some flechettes for good measure and you're about set…. except for the semi you'll need to move the whole shebang around. LOL

    • Steven

      Very good, your exceptional vocabulary allows you to explain the situation in the most thorough way I've read so far. I agree on all points. My fear is that large groups of citizens may be too far gone in their perspective of the importance of liberty to realize anything is amiss. That being the case a "zombie" apocalypse may be what it takes to start us on the right path again. A new broom sweeps the floor clean. God help us if it comes to that.

    • jacob

      first of all if you would actually do a little research then you would understand that zombies are not something that we just made up, it if from stories in ancient times about people that have acted like zombies while it truly was people that were drugged because they thought that it would fix their illnesses or that it had some magical properties

  • hercammer

    im Canadian and have to suffer firearm handtying…..but my brother says if any Sh*t comes down …he knows whos house to come to…… :)

    • Cal-Guy

      I live in California, so I feel your pain.

    • Shalimar

      Same here.. but I'm not unarmed.. and certainly far from unskilled. :)

  • Lumpy

    For those offended by Zombies, bear in mind. The "Zombies" are only a metaphor for whatever hordes we might one day see invading our neighborhood, town, state or country. They could be Crips, illegal aliens upset about laws restricting their access to "entitlements", desperately violent people from your region destroyed by the next hurricane, or members of the "private army" that we've been told will be as well armed and funded as the US Army…

    • Fred12005

      Right on Most people seem to have forgotten about the OBAMA 'private army" and you are correct useing the "phrase" Zombies is probably the ACLU wont come banging at your dooe.

    • David

      I'm less worried about illegal aliens, and more worried about people like Timothy McViegh.

  • Geo1

    My pistol choice: 2… Para SSP .45 and just purchased a Springfield XDm 9 and instaled the new Viridian C5L Green laser / light combo……2X19 rounnd mags included and Springfield just sent me 3 more for free!!! Can't beat that! Only thing is that I wonder if the GREEN laser was a good choice??!! You know how MEAT / Zombies left out turn a little GREEN??!! LOL!!!
    Shotgun: My Remington 6+1 Model 11, left to me by my dear old grand dad…82 years old and still shoots as good as the day he bought it!
    Rifle Choice: 2…My Savage .308 and Stag AR…
    My neighbors, if needed, will have to pick through the rest of my 9 handguns, 4 rifles, 3 shotguns and about 11,000 rounds of ammo!!! LMAO!!!

    Kindest Regards…

    In God We Trust…

    • Rob J

      Get some Arrendondo XDM 9mm mag extentions so you'll have 22 rouds per clip.

      • Mitch

        you mean "MAG"….when are folks going to get that straight?

      • Geo1

        22 rounds!!?? Heck…I'm darn near falling asleep putting the 19+1 rounds down range!!! LOL!!! The 4.5" barrel is DEAD on although w/ the laser at 50 yards!!!

  • Dan J

    None of the guns listed would be my idea of a zombie arsenal. If you know anything about zombies, you know that all you`re trying to do is disrupt the brain. a Ruger 10/22 with a reliable large capacity mag would be ideal. You can carry thousands of rounds of LR ammo compared to any of the above mentioned weapons. Low noise, low recoil, and quick handling, a 22 rifle of any sort would be the wise choice. A lever action 22 rifle would also be a good idea, as they can be topped off rather easily.

    • Rob J.

      Your right, well placed shots, small caliber is find and you can carry a few bricks easily, and some supplies. Carry a brick of 5.56 or 7.62 or 45 or 12 gauge. I'd use a supressed AKC Badlander!

    • Bill H

      Amen. How about the Kel Tec PMR 30? To be able to drop 30 zombies without reloading would be good.

    • guest

      I have always wondered why in The Walking Dead they don't use suppressed 10/22 rifles. They could kill easily with zero noise.

    • Lancel

      I could not agree with you more. I challenge anyone to carry more than a thousand rounds of centerfire ammo on their person and still have the agility to out run a hungry swarm of the undead. Furthermore, subsonic .22 rounds are virtually silent when fired from a rifle-length barrel and have more than enough energy to shutdown the computer of anyone, living or undead.

    • shadowRaWx

      the only problem i see with a .22 rifle is two things 1 most .22 have a bolt or lever so its very nice for a few zombies but a horde would be quite a problem but as long as you would have a nice backup gun for a horde then you would be good also though if u miss the head with bigger caliber guns and hit them lower it would at least slow the zombies down

  • Jeffrey Szabo

    As one man said, "Opinions are like toilets – everybody's got one." Zombies are worse than regular people because they just keep on coming on! So, I keep my XD45 for stopping power at emergency distances; why use a 9mm when u can use a .45 that carries 14 rounds?
    Otherwise, I go with my FN SA58 7.62×51. It's a man-stopper and a zombie-stopper.
    And by the way, I have had one Remington 1100 Auto for almost 30 years and it's still fine. That'll do in a pinch.

    The FN PS90? Great piece; however, go looking for ammo. I'm afraid, if you had that, it would be almost like an ARVN M-16, IN VIETNAM – but instead of 'never fired and only dropped once', it would be 'fired some but dropped cause it's empty.' – . The 308 or .223 IS much better as it is more common. I've found that 'common' and 'simplicity' are good things.

    • Jim

      I have not heard that one in decades…….lol Right up there with Xin Loi.

    • Kim Curtis

      Some people seem to have .45itis. It has heavier ammo to carry and wouldn't stop a zombie any better than a .22LR. I'm with the guy who said you can carry THOUSANDS of .22LR rounds! I'm with you on the PS90!

  • Doug

    Know what ? Really surprised that nobody, but nobody ever mentions the .22 LR. Talk about common, easily obtained ammo, easy to shoot and maintain sight picture, low recoil and a plethora of options regarding the firearm itself ! And yes, the oft neglected, little respected, .22 LR will drop the undead right in their tracks just as fast as the .308, 5.56, or .44 mag.

    • Tanstaafl2

      Indeed, I was wondering at the absence of .22LR. Anything more powerful than what you need to penetrate the skull and destroy the brain is overkill. Go for the Ruger 10/22 rifle (found everywhere) and the Browning Buck Mark II pistol. Stock up on lots of ammo/mags, and if you can get threaded barrels and silencers, so much the better!

      • Warlokke

        Amen brother…I will take practical over tacticool anyday. .22 LR reigns supreme for zombies!

        • Chris Bryan

          what about a .17 caliber too. 17 HMR is a bad little round distance out past the .22, faster than the .22, flatter shooting, and far tighter shot groups. I know it's more expensive but when the world is burning it'll probably be free

          • Shalimar

            but not as commonly found… therefore it looses that competition.

    • Cody Fowler

      I totally agree with having a 22LR. The 10/22 with some good high end ammo would be my main gun. And the nice thing with 22LR ammo is that you can carry thousands of rounds on your person no problem. Good choice boy's

    • dirtyharry

      Check that one as #1, 22 cal are millions of rounds EVERYWHERE! then
      #2 remmington or mozzi anything in 12gauge -rounds EVERYWHERE
      #3 XD 9mm
      #4 30/06 of any type (although 7mm mag is my favorite but hard to find)

      My choices can be found in most american homes except those who live in cities where the undead police will protect you bahahaha!

    • Jake

      finally! the .22lr is mentioned! I always wonder if its just the fact that call of duty has made everyone stupid about guns or if people really don't have any faith in the caliber or what. But honestly, what other caliber would you be able to get 5-6k rounds for less than $250 at your local gun shop. And carrying around that much ammo would weigh almost nothing. if your a good shot and are able to make consistently good shots then this is the caliber for you. A ruger 10-22 with half a dozen 25 rd mags will set you back about $450. No other gun in the world will give you more bang for your buck

    • Tell

      AMEN! 22 lr savage!!! i have 3 coffee cans full of ammo already…… 9 mm handgun, also a savage semi auto 12 gauge, an sks , & m91/30 mosin nagant 7.62×54! already have them & ammo to go!

  • John Molenda

    Police Officer John M. Buffalo NY PD : why is a high class magazine like G&A using terms like Zombie or apocalypse referring to people . These references make me think of angry uneducated folk . I am totally pro gun but talking like this reaffirms what the anti gunners think and say . There is no reason to dumb down English in describing something . I have carried a gun most every day for 30 years and always carried my self as a educated gentleman because of the additional responsibility I had toting concealed . When attacked from all sides by the Anti gunners lets out think them not play into there hand . Stay safe John Molenda

    • Jack Garrand

      Fail post. Most negatives on the page. Your badge, and need to mention it here don't impress….

    • Jsaon

      I believe they prefer the term "reanimated-Americans.

      • Jason

        D'oh! Can't spell my own name. :-)

    • Sharpie

      Officer, please don't whine.

      Zombies are a fun way to get into prepping, they're why I am into prepping.

      Also, if you can't have fun with your guns, what's the point in owning any?

  • Black Dawg

    Me: DPMS .308, Mossberg 590, and my Colt 1991 [.45ACP].
    Wife: S&W M&P15, Taurus PT92 [9mm].
    In the truck: footlocker of ammo, mags, wheelguns, etc.

  • Ray

    How date the 1911 not make it in… LAME.

  • James R. Parrish

    A M1 Garand can do a good job out pretty far. For big numbers a M1 carbine does OK close but a M2 is generally better. 1911 .45 is handy.

  • spike1point5

    no SIGPro or P226? for shame!

  • seanx40

    What about something much more logical, and cheap? The Ruger 10/22. Cheap, accurate. The only way to truly kill a zombie is a head shot. A .22 hollow point would do nicely. And you could do them quite fast with a 10/22. At a distance far enough to keep you safe. And you store massive amounts of ammo cheaply. You could buy several rifles, and a lot of hi cap magazines. A few red dots…a scoped model or two…easy to maintain…

    • Linda

      Right on!
      You are a "thinking man" for sure!

      • seanx40

        It is not actually an original idea. In World War Z, it is mentioned that survivors had good effect with 10/22's

  • Michael Effertz

    I like the choices made as the top 8 Zombie Weapons. Unfortunately I cannot imagine going up against the Zombie Hoard without a suppressor on every weapon possible. Why draw attention to yourself with the report of the weapons.

    I never thought of the M1 Carbine, it is a great choice except for the fact that ammunition is not as pleantiful as it was 10 years ago.

    • justin sc

      Still wont be silent

  • Rusty Shackleford

    A good .22 rifle is the best zombie gun of all. You have to make that brain shot, so stopping power is essentially a moot point; as long as you can penetrate the skull. .22 ammo is cheap, readily available in large quantities, takes up very little space, and is easy to shoot all day long.

    • Linda

      Great idea! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks!

  • Steven

    With approximately 15 THOUSAND murders in the USA every year, not including all the robberies, rapes, muggings etc, I aint worried about no zombies or even terrorists. Im worried about American criminals! This is why I own a Glock 23, a AK-47, a Ruger 10/22 with 25 rd mags, and a Mossberg 500. In Hawaii one cannot carry any of these weapons at any time,so, I carry two Cold Steel knives at all times. Have a nice day.

    • Matt

      Important correction: "one cannot *legally* carry any of those weapons."

      • AJHNSON

        The only thing that's really illegal are bureaucrats creating and enforcing illegal laws upon us that conflict with our Constitution. As Americans we have a right to bear arms no matter what circumstance. Because we've been passive while the leftist commies in DC have been secretly passing these bogus laws, we are supposed to abide by them? NO WAY!

  • Dan

    The pictures of the "Marlin" 1894's actually appear to be Winchesters. Not that it really matters. The Zombies will never know the difference.

    • Matt

      One's Winchester, the laminated one is a Marlin.

    • Sharpie

      The right one is a Marlin, the left with the scope looks to be a Winnie

  • Bill

    Here's a thought … I'd be taking my Springer XDm-9 and my 9mm Hi-Point carbine for more precision, while still using the ever-so-common 9mm round … I'd haul a Smith 686+ for 7-rd capacity and ability to use .38spcl ammo … a Mossberg 500 shottie … something small for pocket use, saving the last round for me when I'm outa ammo and they're coming to eat my brains and turn me into the undead … ugh …

  • C. Lewis

    I've read similar discussions on various forums, as well as this one and people invariably start rattling off their favorite pieces – SKS, AR, Glock, this, that , etc….. When in 'reality' you're not going to stand a chance in a zombie apocalypse with anything other than a good short barreled shotgun and plenty of ammo. You folks are telling me that with many, many, MANY multiple opponents converging on you from all sides, mostly at nearly on top of you range, opponents that feel no pain or shock effect whatsoever, opponents that MUST be put down with a solid head shot or nothing, that under the extreme adrenaline and physical exertion of a situation like that you're going to pull off that magical string of perfect shots with your rifle and high capacity magazines? Then you're better than I am, and I'm not bad. A proficient wingshooter who can reload fast without fumbling would probably have the best chances in a situation like that. Sure, my cherished 1911 will be in my belt – with a round in it for myself once I'm bitten.

    • Linda

      I think I would use my 12 gauge pump and the .223 until re load time then stick with the .223. and spare mags.
      Wish me luck?
      Nice knowin ya!

  • Doug

    Roll your eyes, snicker and say "Zombies". If the prohibitionists think we're serious, they really are looking for something to be afraid of. (They fear what they would do if they were us.) Rifles: 10-22, M1A, M21. Handguns: Para P-13, S&W 625, 58, 581, 586 &17; Shotgun: Remington 870. Suppressors for the 10-22, M21 and Para P-13. Cold Steel blades, long and short for up close and personal. For really quiet, Cross and Longbows. Never have had any of these things jump up and attack anyone. Used with due care and respect, they've been fun. That they are tools to put food on the table or protect my family is a plus. A couple of months worth of canned and dry goods, spare parts and ammunition. Anyone with skills is "golden".

    • Linda

      Right on Doug!
      Now if only more folks prepared a fraction as much as you and I, most would be much better off if something big happend that devastated society per se?

      Kill em all……………hahahaha

      • Doug

        Easier to prepare when you have plenty of time to think things out. Last second lash-ups generally don't work. While we don't get out of this world alive, I intend me and mine are the last to leave. Fall-Backs also need Fall-Backs. Family and friends make it work.

    • Jon

      Just curious, why an M1A and a M21?

      • Doug

        I like the action. Same magazines, manual of arms, trigger systems, iron sights, support equipment and spare parts. Additionally the M1A is just easier to carry. I use two different loadings which I know the sight adjustments for in either rifle. As I've gotten older, I've been considering adding a forward mounted top rail (My eyes are going and bifocals suck.) to the M1A. Leupold just released a variable scout scope(1-4X) and a 1-8X conventional scope. Both are interesting. One advantage of the scout scope would be retaining the ability to top up the magazine with stripper clips. If the scout is available with an illuminated #4 reticule, even better. If I ever do go to an AR. It will probably be a Sig 556 Swat. A friend has one I find it easy to shoot well. Additionally, Hackthorne posted a comment in one of his blogs about the AR's that come through his school. To whit, Gas or Piston, the Sig rifles are the only ones they do not have mechanical problems with. My preferred ammo for the Sig is 75Gr HP. Hope this helps.

  • shawdow1911

    1. Ruger 10/22 .22LR
    2. Remington 870 12ga
    3. Rock River AR-15 5.56
    4. Ruger Scout Rifle .308
    5. Walther P22 .22LR
    6. Glock Model 19 9mm
    7. Walther P99 .40 S&W
    8. Wilson Combat 1911 .45acp
    Now all I need is a tank to carry all this stuff.

    • Travis

      Replace the Glock with a Kimber .45ACP and you have the perfect list shawdow!

  • Ken Smith

    Where is the AA12?

    • bill

      lawinforcement and millatry only no chance in hell to ever get one without being policechef and a monster stack of paper work

  • Rosco P Coltrain

    Zombies? You Americans are a crazy group.

    • Linda

      Yep! We still know how to laugh at ourselves sometimes and try to make lite of our serious real life issues.
      Good for morale.

    • MT5 Yeah, "us Americans" aren't the only ones. In fact Mexico just set a world record for having 10,000 people show up dressed as zombies at a large outdoor event. Before, that record belonged to Australia, with around 8,000 people doing the same thing. Sounds like whatever country you're in should get with the times.

  • Ray

    For zombies pipe bombs

    • Geo1

      LOL!!! RAY!!!

  • Jon

    The most extensive armory in miles and you only grab 8 guns?!?!? lol.
    1. 1911 (accurate and powerful, available ammo)
    2. Sig 226 (same as above, lighter recoil, more widely available ammo)
    3. Glock 19 (light, easily concealable [not really a concern though], basically unstoppable)
    4. Walther P22 (target practice, small game, ammo everywhere)
    5. Ruger 10/22 (same as above)
    6. Remmy 870 (arguably the most reliable shotgun made, wide ammo availability)
    7. AR15 (do I need to explain))
    8. M1A (takes care of long range duty while allowing for faster follow ups then a bolt gun [for most users])

    Obviously I could easily hit 25 or more guns that I would want, but if I was only given the choice of 8, that would be my list. Long, intermediate, and short range covered. If you pick up survivors who aren't familiar with weapons or just for your own personal use, the .22s allow for practice without wasting other ammo sources.

    • Wayne

      I like your chooses I just don't know how accurate the m1 is at distance? I'm not judging I'm asking? Can you make a head shot at 200-300 yards with it? I would personal take my Remington 700 in 300 win mag. I can make shots up to 500 yards and it will reach to 1500 yards so I might get lucky at long distance. My glock 22 in .40. A semi auto .22 and an old bolt action .22 in case of failure. My mossberg 500 and 930, fast with lots of ammo. I also have a 22-250 Wich is great for anything out to 5-600 yards this thing is super accurate. I'm hoping to get a Kel teck su16 by the end of the summer it takes ar mags its in 223 super light very accurate and folds up to a pack able size.

    • dingbat

      i would use a mini gun with 1,000,000 rounds of ammo, open baseball field a ton of speakers,under the speakers 100,000 pounds of c4 youll have a field day lol

  • DrMorbius

    Pistol – Any good, easy to find clips for, reliable 9mm (including the Glock 17); a Beretta 84 in .380, or 82 in .32, would both make good choices as well, with their high-cap clips.

    Rifle – I agree with Max Brooks (thought of it long before his book): the .30 M1 Carbine. Light, accurate, tough, utterly damn reliable, even lighter on the shoulder than a .223 or SKS, and (something people often don't think of), much quieter than either a .223 or and SKS… remember, zombies CAN hear you!

    The one thing in the real world that usually makes the M1 Carbine a second choice is the relatively low terminal effectiveness of the round fired, but when you are focused completely on head shots to destroy a solanum-addled brain, a .30 Carbine has all the power you need; much better than a .22LR…

    Shotgun – Any good, reliable pump or semi TWENTY gauge… 12 gauge is overkill, and harder on the shoulder; remember, you only need head shots.

  • MikeThreeFive

    This ZOMBIE stuff is way out of hand. It has gotten in to the "Marketing side" too much.

    Anyway, killing Zombies is supposed to be fun so the best gun for zombies is the one that you would have the most fun with. I can think of many but, a .44 mag would be on the list. Anything big bore. I must mention 1911 in any post about fun or even serious, so 1911. I would use it as well. In fact, given enough zombie non-persons, I would try just about everything I had even a tactical knife and bow if I had it on hand.

  • Ruger87

    I think the Kel Tec KSG would work wonders. 15 rounds of 12 gauge.

  • LiveEasyDieHard

    I was going to comment but I have so much to say, positive and negative, I'll just say I enjoyed reading everyone's posts.

  • Raule Chale

    If you don't get off the Zombie crap I'm going to stop reading G&A

    • Al Z

      If so, then you are a fool-and good riddance!

    • Jack Garrand

      You have nothing to fear Raule… Zombies are after BRAINS!!! You will thus be a huge disappointment.

    • Chappy

      Can I send your subscrition to one of the troops overseas? Lighten up or stroke out.

  • krispos42

    Ruger 10/22 carbine with a 1x scope and plenty of 25-round magazines. Look, you've got to nail a zombie in the head to stop it; they're dead, so "wounding effectiveness" and "stopping power" aren't concepts we're dealing with at all here. If you can drive a 40-grain round-nose into their cranium, it's stopped. But making headshots, especially under duress, is hard to do. Most people won't be able to do so consistently past 50 yards (smallish, moving targets), so why carry more gun and heavier ammo than you need? A .22 from a rifle will crack skulls and swiss-cheese brains at 50 yards, and you can carry 5x the ammo for the same weight. Get a matching .22 pistol in case the crap really hits the fan.

    Alternately (in case you have to deal with the living), get yourself a 9mm Ruger PC9 carbine and a matching P89 pistol. Both use the same magazines, and extended magazines are available.

    Or an M1 Carbine and a Ruger Blackhawk in .30 Carbine. Or a Marlin lever-action in .357 Magnum with matching Smith & Wesson.

  • doug

    I've got a M1A cal 308 for up close or far, SigP220 45. S&W 360 M&P 357 and a defender 1300 pump. Zombies are out there, they are Occupying Oakland and were there during the Rodney King riots.

  • pennhead

    Why isn't the AK 47 on this list? Or better yet, the AK pistol… the Draco. It would be the first thing I'd grab. The ammo is cheap enough to stockpile and can be obtained in hermetically sealed sardine cans, and 75-round drum magazines are available, as well as dirt cheap 30-round mags.

  • Geoffrey

    I would carry my 1911a1 for close range with a bunch of clips. Next I have my Mossburg semi in 12 gauge and my scoped 20 gauge with the rifled barrel for medium range. My choise for really reaching out there is my Mosin Sporter with its barrel cut to 20" in 7.62 by 54r. I can hit a pie plate out to 500 yards all day long and talk about easy to find ammo its all over the place even in the "big box" stores that no longer carry guns I still can get this ammo. I am suprized that no one said anything about this rifle. I would also carry my SKS for the in between shots. Put a good scope on the last two rifles say a 3 by 9 variable, if its good for bambi its good for Zombies.

  • Tongueincheek

    What I've always wanted for zombie/varmint control is the Calico with 100 round magazines in .22lr, but upon looking them up, I see they now make a 9mm and possibly .40s&w versions. Of course I can only dream. None will be making their way into the People's Republik of Kalifornia any time soon. :(

    • Kim Curtis

      Wow! I'd forgotten about the Calico! I used to have 2 of them but, stupidly I sold them years ago. Must not have been thinking ahead. Wish I had them back, now.

  • Peter

    .22 LR in a reliable handgun or rifle with a sound suppressor. Light, easy to transport and acquire ammo, minimal recoil, and *quiet*. Only head shots count, and it doesn't matter if you use a 20mm Lahti or a .22 single shot, a round through the head will do the job.

    • Kim Curtis

      I must have missed the "SALE" on suppressors. Why buy or carry one when all you need is the ubiquitous soft drink bottle? They work well in suppressing sound and as I said, they are everywhere.

  • Tom

    Poor choices!
    I agree with the need for an SKS.
    But the zombies can have you. Since you didn't choose the almighty Saiga 12!!!

  • Steve

    Stupid TV show aside, I recall a zombie as being a drug user stoned out of his/her gourd, oblivious to pain, that happens to be attacking you or yours. Much like the Moro warriors in the Phillipino war. A .38 was unable to stop them effectively so the .357 was invented. Why the author seems to think a 9mm will be enough gun makes me think that he may not remember the past experience the US military has had with zombies. As far as shotgun I don't want them to get close enough for buckshot, load mine with slugs.

    • breamfisher

      A few things…

      The Moro Insurrection lasted from 1899 to 1913.
      The issued handgun at the time was the .38 Long Colt. It had a hard time penetrating the wooden shields of the Moros.
      The .38 Special was introduced to overcome the problems of the .38 Long Colt.
      The .357 was introduced in 1934. 20+ years after the Moro Insurrection.
      Some/most say it was the .45 ACP that was developed to overcome the problems of the .38 Long Colt.


      It was the .45 ACP that replaced the .38 revolvers in WW ll in the Philippine Islands, because the .38 was not stopping the hopped-up Moro enemy. That big, fat, bullet….about 100 grains heavier, did the trick!

      • jihgwt

        the Army reverted to the Old 45 Colt Army S.A 1st

    • Kim Curtis

      There seem to be a lot of people that forget that the 9mm is the most popular cartridge in the world. If it was good enough for Hitler's guys and many, many, MANY countries, worldwide it should be good enough for the ZOMBIE killers! Besides, as has been said so many times on this forum, you only need to disrupt what's left of the gray matter in your target. So what's the big deal in downplaying the 9mm?

    • bigbear

      Its all about shot placement I dropped a 300# hog with one shot out of my m9 at 40 yards stopped dead in its tracks would a bigger gun work yes but it is what I had on me at the

  • John Chapman

    M1A. Think: buttstroke, bayonet, loadable via stripper or mag with plentiful .308, shoots thru walls, permits "twofers" — all the advantages of having a Garand, a spear and a baseball bat, with better, lighter ammo availability and higher capacity.

    A suppressed Ruger 10/22 is probably the ultimate, with laser and starlight scope. Aftermarket heavy (bayonet ready) stock.

  • Stayon MyWatch

    I was in marketing and actually am still Independently. I used work with company that is major player in the Firearms Industry. I was an independent rep for the company. Dave Arnold did fabulous review of the product I had and we did all the major sportsman's shows. Back when Milton Walsh was with Glock, and we always did the Shot Show.
    Bottom Line Compliments to some stepping out side of the comfort zone to bring a more interesting approach to your write up. The imagination is great thing. The product is the bottom line here and by reaction by some you did a good job getting their attention with the association of the "Comics" I think it was called by one person?
    Good job and in MY opinion good approach.

  • UnknownSurvivor

    1. Ruger 10/22 .22LR
    2. Ruger SP101 .22LR Revolver
    3. FN SCAR 16S 5.56x45mm
    4. FN SCAR 17S 7.62x51mm
    5. Glock 19 9mm
    6. Ruger SR-1911 .45acp
    7. Smith & Wesson 686 4" .357/.38
    8. Remington 870 18.5" 12ga.
    Side note: I would rather suffer in the Zombie Apocalypse than have four more years of Obama.

    • rbaker1000

      I'm loving all the different viewpoints in this thread (and I love your side note!! Better Zed than red!!)

      I totally agree with the start of your list. I'd go with a Ruger .40; it's not got as much capacity as the 9MM (I do have a 20 round extended mag) but it has more than the .45 and it's got almost as much stopping power as the .45 (some say as much or more) so I view it as the best of both worlds. Plus, the ammo is plentiful, lighter to carry than the .45. I would go:
      For Zeds
      1. Ruger 10/22 .22LR (suppressed if possible)
      2. Browning Buckmark .22LR Revolver (with suppressed barrel) <–only because I already have one
      For the inevitable marauding survivors:
      3. .40 Ruger
      4. .40 Ruger PC4 Carbine (uses same mags as the pistol)

      Keep the ammo choices simple and load light!

    • Fred

      On your side note, those options are not mutually exclusive.

  • breamfisher

    While I agree with most of Mr. Sweeney's firearms, the use of tube-magazined lever action rifles generates a big "huh?" from me. Unless one lives in an area where detachable box magazines are verboten, why go with a relatively slow to reload firearm?

    Also, don't discount the .22.

    • old vet

      Tube fed levers can be refreshed without working action, thus are fairly fast to load, as long as they have a loading gate. unlike those you have to pull out a mag. tube, in which case you might as well have a muzzle loader.

  • Spk

    All you need is a "Hog" or LAV and a good fuel source, then you can travel through infected areas and run them all down. An AAV or LAV could easily fit a family of five, a dog named gruff and carry all your survival needs plus ammo and while you're at it, maybe, you could even make a trip to Wally World.

    Mr. Sweeney needs to get real for a moment sheez. ;p

  • Sgt. Sal

    Lighten up guys. Yes weapons are serious tools, but theyy are also fun. The current Zombie thing is hot and a marketing windfall.

    So us serious operators can sit back and giggle, then we can join our friends and niegbors at the range and have a ball with the latest zombie targets, zombie ammo, etc.

    P.S. While at the range try to teach someone something. I for one think its an opportunity to good to pass by.

  • WeaponX


  • Steve

    I think I would go with a Saiga 12 Gauge shotgun and a bunch of spare mags loaded with 00 buckshot. I would really like to have several 20 rd drums. I think at the close ranges involved with Zombies a shotgun would probably be about the best you could get. And I think I would like a S&W governor and a 1911 again with a bunch of buckshot and 45 ball.

  • John Doe

    Maybe the Zombies in the articles are just, well, Zombies. No need to whine about G&A, if you don't like an article you can just skip past it. I like zombie movies along with space aliens, vampires, werewolves, mummies and even ghost stories. Does that mean that the anti-gunners need to take MY guns first? How about you let US have a bit of fun and you can go do whatever it is that you enjoy doing.
    First off, the .2lr would be a good choice IF a Zombie's brain activity can actually be stopped by the round, but what if it isn't really enough? I'll skip the .22LR just in case. The M1 Carbine is an excellent gun but ammo and mags aren't as plentiful as you might think. I'll leave mine at home as well. I will stick with what is widely available. Guns with detachable mags that the ammo AND mags are everywhere. The Ruger 10/22 would be ideal, if the round is in fact capable. We'd need an outbreak of ACTUAL Zombies to test the theory on. The Saiga is cool but I've never seen mags for one in an LGS. The AR10 is a fine rifle but some take different mags so mag compatibility would be a problem. The M1 Garand is excellent but requires specific .30-06 ammo, hunting ammo would break it. The SKS is also nice but those w/out detachable mags would be slower to reload. SKS' with detachable mags would work but the AK47 is a more updated version of the SKS and more widely available.

    Here are my recommendations if the scenario is raiding an LGS during the Zombie Apocalypse:
    1) Glock 17 w/night sights
    2) Glock 22 w/night sights
    3) AR15 w/red-dot scope
    4) AK47 w/red-dot scope
    5) 12 Gauge pump w/red-dot scope(Mossberg 500/590, Rem 870, etc.)

    My own collection is M1 GarandS, AR-15S, M1 Carbine, Glock, 1911. Since I have plenty of mags, clips and ammo availability is not an issue. Since the original story was about raiding an LGS my list doesn't include some of my own guns. Just thinking realistically about an unrealistic scenario.

  • Chris

    I too wonder why all the fascination with zombies nowadays. I mean I like a good creepy zombie movie, as a matter of fact I'm watching The Walking Dead series on Netflix right now. But, why don't we have Werewolf day, or Godzeera (sic) day.

    I think zombies are the new SHTF situation to prepare for. Most forums I haunt people are usually concerned with Red Dawn scenarios. The way I see it if the noobs want to call it Zombie Day instead of SHTF – who cares. As long as you're prepared, you'll do well in both situations. Now as to the guns, well..

    1. Handgun – Glock 17 with a couple 33 round hi cap mags, plus a mussette bag of standard mags.

    2. Rifle – AR or AK, preferably the AK with a folding stock (for jumping down manholes and the like without hanging up on the rim with a zombie hot on my tail), with light and/or laser.

    3. Shotgun – Saiga 12 GA with both 12 and 20 round mags.

    4. Knife – OKC Machette

    • old vet

      You got it! No one can publish anything as far as any one real threat without being politically incorrect. But all of us have our's. What is the harm in feeling a little more secure? It is better to have and not need than……

  • aw2973

    One combo you can't live without is a S&W M&P 15/22 and a Ruger 22/45 with the Southern Precision Tooling Church Mouse silencer. Quiet and reliable and the silencer works on either one. To those who don't get the whole zombie thing, I have intoduced people to the fun of shooting that would never have picked up a firearm before this. They now know that the crap put forth by gun control types is just that crap. Newer shooters won't relate to the harder side of defensive shooting but shooting zombies is not a taboo thing. Remember we have to deprogram years of lies they have heard over the years. Zombie styff is a great way to do this.

    • rbaker1000

      Spot on, and well said!! I've never used the guns you list (see below for my choices) but I wholeheartedly agree on the suppressed .22 as a key weapon, and pretty much everything else you said. I'm glad there are like minded folks proselytizing against the gun control crowd!

  • rbaker1000

    I'd go with a suppressed Ruger 10/22 and a suppressed .22 pistol, both with subsonic ammunition (stealth is key – zombie's won't get you through strength, they get you through numbers. A loud gun might as well be a dinner bell!) A .22 can penetrate the skull, is accurate from a distance, is good for small game (you have to eat, too), is cheap to stock up on, and you can carry thousands of rounds easily while on the move. For real world self defense, this list is a dream (I mean that in a good way – though I prefer .40 to 9mm)

  • Joe Cat

    I don't understand some of your reasoning. OK 9mm for hand gun, Glock's are OK but a Springfield XDm holds several more rounds in the standard mag and you can use the .40 mag in the 9mm. Lever action rifle,not a chance they don't hold enough ammo and are hard to reload,detachable mag semi auto rifles only. Last, shotgun why go with an 870 that you would have to put extended mag tubes on when a 590a already has it.

  • Minarchist_1776

    Semi-automatic rifles that take 20 plus round detachable box magazines are great. As long as you have loaded magazines. Assuming you didn't get jumped in the middle of cleaning your rig and have to leave some stuff behind. Or are running real low on ammo and need to track every shot fired. Or occasionally drop an empty mag while you're doing a fast reload and thus lose mags over time.

    The nice thing about lever action rifles with tubular magazines is that if you have some of the weapon, you have all of the weapon. Granted, your initial rate of fire might not be as high as somebody with a semi-auto toy, but you can get into a mode where you shoot a couple of rounds, load a couple of rounds, and keep a few rounds in reserve in the mag thus maintaining a relatively slow rate of fire for an extended period of time. While it is possible to do similar sorts of things using semi-autos, eventually you're going to get to the point where you're going to have to take a somewhat extended break to charge up your detachable box magazines. With the lever action rifle all you need is the loose ammo.

    The point I am trying to make here is not that the lever action rifle is superior to a semi-auto, but that each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses. Part of making it through the day in whatever SHTF or zombie scenario you might find yourself in is being able to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of whatever you end up with and making the best use of it possible. Personally, I have an HK-91 clone I am quite happy with. But if circumstances forced me to have to rely on a decent lever action rifle in a "reasonable" caliber (.44 mag, .45 long colt, .30-30, whatever) I wouldn't feel as if I'd been condemned to death simply because I didn't have my favorite toy.

    • old vet

      Every time I read your post the more sense it makes. The key to getting the most out of any system is positively knowing it's use. A novice with any weapon is going to be at a disadvantage. Just watch the cowboy action guy's with their S.A., Lever guns. Or a three gun competitor. It takes a LOT of ammo & PRACTICE to be that good.

  • EugeneTheBarbarian

    All I need is:
    1) Ruger 10/22 (of course)
    2) Remington 870 12 gauge (of course)
    3) Ruger Mini-14 .223/5.56 ( EXTREMELY reliable assault rifle)
    4) Remington 700 30-06 ( for long range and it uses very common ammo)
    5) Glock 21 45ACP (14 rounds of powerful and common ammo)

  • John Doe

    The only good choice for a ZA arsenal is
    A: guns in the most common calibers 9mm & .40S&W
    B: guns with detachable mags that are the most common. Glock and AR15 mags are the most abundant mags in the country.

    While the .45 ACP is king and the 10MM Auto is it's master, when was the last time you saw two P.D.s in your area issuing either caliber?
    Someone pointed out the M&P, mags aren't as prevalent as Glock mags. I don't know of any P.D. in my region that carries M&Ps. You'd be better off with an M9, at least then you can raid a Natl Guard armory for mags and ammo. A Fal or a BAR might be a great rifle but does every P.D. and gun shop in your state have a pile of mags for it? Nope. You'd have a better time finding Ruger 10/22 mags there. A lever gun would make a good longer-range rifle when scoped, but up close and personal it's a suicide tool. If you can't reload the thing to capacity from empty in under three seconds you're dead.

    • guest

      Albuquerque PD issues the 10mm, sometimes. And I think in Alaska too. I think the guns i would take with me are;

      1. Glock 20
      2. Mossberg 500a
      3. AK-47
      4. AR-15

      Save the glock 20 for emergencies, so I don't need a million rounds or magazines. Have the mossberg to open doors and general defense. The AK for general defense, and to have plenty of rounds and magazines at my disposal. The AR for the same reasons as the AK. I would also try to mount a browning M2 50cal on my truck bed, if at all possible.

  • freebird919

    No, I like the theme, comments and ideas. Shotgun B A5 and Rem. 870 P are correct. But I just bought the Rem. VersaMax and think it should have been included (so wonderful to use ANY shotgun rounds). And I train with the AR-15 which is good but could pick better. But let's not forget, we'd be so much better off if we live persons could get along and stand together against such an onslaught of dead or other than Americans on our soil! With any of the suggested or commented on, standing all together, determined, we'd put'em all down!

    • freebird919

      Another thought just for Zombies; Black Powder. What you say? Yep, BP, some threaded pipe, nuts and bolts, and some fuse wire. BOOM, BOOM, and BOOM. Light'em up!

  • Edward Stallker

    Why is Guns and Ammo getting in on the Zombie Apocalypse craze? – Lessee – Primus – it's an excellent metaphor. Whatever group you are REALLY worried about, you can publicly express those worries under the nice politically correct Zombie Apocalypse discussion.
    Secundus – Even the CDC has joined this bandwagon –… – yes, you read that address right, CDC.GOV – sure, it is more of a generalized preparedness kit, and it will work for a lot more disasters than just the Zombie Apocalypse, but hey, if it gets a few more people to get there heads out of the third point of contact and prepare for trouble, what can it hurt.
    Tertius – there are some encephalitis diseases that produce effects that are probably the basis of the Zombie legend. Not so much the Evil Undead of the Romero Movies, but some type of hungry, no longer human creature robbed of higher brain function…that will be very hard to kill.

  • Paul Wolf

    First get over yourselves about Guns and Ammo and Zombies. Its fun and they are a new trend and it brings more to purchase and become responsible gun owner I like it. As for guns only need 5 …. FN 5.7×28 only hand gun that can carry 30 rounds in a magazine ( COMFORTABLY) low recoil ,all you shots need to be head shots. AR-57 50 round mag and you can see how many round are left, low recoil (HEAD SHOTS). Any semi auto 12 gauge 8shot for wife And last but not least an AR-15 an Ak-47 because there will be alot of this ammo laying around. Most of your AR and AK 's wont be able to pull of the head shot and will be dead so you and pick up there ammo LOL.

  • lyndzie

    We need silencers here people, the sound of gunshots attracts more hordes of zombies :)

  • David Duncan

    those complaining about Guns and Ammo wasting time with this. 1 it's fun 2 the US Government has official info on Zombie Apocalypse… of course most of the info is borrowed movies and Zombie survival guide. me I loved my old M1 Corbin Rifle. I had a Magazine that held 17 rounds.

  • Josh (Demon)

    First of all anyone using a .22 when SHTF is just dumb… You'll need to carry more important things than a gun that might possibly not drop another person in a stand off after you put 10 rounds into them. Even a 9mm imo is questionable when you consider a gun fight with another person with a .40 or .45. Get a nice scoped rifle, a pistol .40 +, and maybe a suppressed 9mm as backup and please remember that any gun suppressed still makes a pretty noticeable sound…. This isnt a mission impossible or James Bond movie. At 10pm if I fire a nail gun 4 times my neighbors will be outside pissed….. And if youre into Max Brooks and were talking about "zombies" I REALLY wouldnt think a .22 is going to destroy the frontal lobe to drop the "zombie". Get a real gun or go home and hide. ALSO an AK might be awesome for spraying down humans and wasting TONS of ammo but in real life if your aiming for the head and want to conserve ammo lets be " realistic" LMFAO Good luck

    • Sharpie

      I think you need to go ask the local coroner how lethal a .22 is. Or just go to your range and have a buddy shoot you, see if you come back on here after that….

      I also think you need to get some real experience with an AK, they will still kill you if someone is aiming at your head.

      As with most things, it all comes down to personal preference, so calling someone "dumb" for using a .22 (Well, planning on using..) during Z-Poc is an asshole move.

  • Bob

    Marlin 30-30..Common cartridge found anywhere to reach out and touch from a distance. You can top off the magazine without going "out of battery". Ruger 10/22 lets you carry mucho ammo to hunt game as the stores are all zombified. 357 mag knock down power and lets you choose between 38s and 357 (ammo availability). any 9mm auto loader good ammo availability and light to carry extra ammo. Pump 12ga shotgun for reliability and rapid fire might not have time for many cleanings during extended firing.

  • old vet

    I agree the theme of all this a bit silly, but I also agree the real theme is that which is hard to say. That is what you need to have if it hits the fan. In this day of crazies you and your close family may be your only hope. Anything in hand is better than nothing.



  • Zombie

    my Baer 1911, my Winchester Model '94, my Uzi 45, and my NA 22 Mag…oh, I forgot my 12 ga pump…I got 'em coverd, ha! Are we having fun?!!! Something more real is coming though…

  • dvefh

    in my humble opinion, my first choice would have to be a 12 ga anything. pump/auto. maybe have 2 or 3 and lots of 00 buckshot/slugs/sabot laying around. large blade weapons should be readily available in your fort. hand guns in any large caliber, that you are comfortable using, is good for close in work. food and water in large supply is a no brain er but the most important things to remember are: (1) you can not negotiate with a zombie. (2) zombies can not run on one leg. (3) NOVEMBER 2012 may be our first chance to defeat the first zombie wave. (4) everyone has their opinion, this is just mine. thanks in advance.

  • Al E C

    im looking to buy my first hand gun. im unfamiliar with them besides call of duty games. is the glock 17 a good start?

    • Pecos

      Depends … What purpose will your gun serve? How much recoil can you tolerate? Do you have any experience at all with firearms?

      I would suggest you find an NRA certified class (I thinks it is called 'first steps') that will introduce you to basic firearms safety and gun types. Find a range with a wide selection of handguns and shoot several different guns before you decide what to buy.

      I am an old fart: I don't like ANY of the polymer frame guns; my primary is a stainless steel J-frame revolver.

      You might find you prefer the trigger on a 1911, or the safety of a revolver, or the punch of a .44 magnum. Shoot as many guns as you can before you pull out the checkbook.

    • old vet

      By all means listen to old fart. If your only experience is T.V. games an actual firearm is a eye opener! most often shooters start with a .22 rifle or pistol. Handguns are hard to master and many never do. I agree start with the NRA, check out local ranges or clubs and figure how to go from there. Gun ownership is a great responsibility and also great sport. Good luck to you.

    • Minarchist_1776

      Personally I have a bias against Glocks. But giving the Devil its due it has good ergonomics and reliability. I know of a lot of knowledgeable people who swear by them, and have thus come to the opinion that Glocks could be a good choice depending on one's needs. I should note that the main reason I dislike Glocks is because their trigger pull is a lot different from the guns I initially trained on way back when. Given that you are just starting then that arguably isn't a real factor for you. If at all possible find a gun club or range in your area where you could try a weapon out before you buy it. Regardless, as others have advised, get some professional instruction in firearms handling and shooting and then get some range time with your chosen weapon.

      Now, if you aren't totally sold on Glocks, my usual advice for a "first timer" is to get a decent double action revolver made by a reputable manufacturer in a reasonable caliber. I prefer revolvers for most "civilian" applications because barring an extended fire fight you've got no business being in to begin with you don't need the magazine capacity. If you do find yourself in an extended firefight what you really need is a semi-auto battle rifle clone with multiple 20 plus round magazines charged up and ready to go, preferably chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester. But I digress …

      Double action revolvers are easier for people to relate to in terms of understanding what the weapon is doing as they're pulling the trigger. You can keep double action revolvers fully loaded for decades on end and not have to worry about potential problems with magazine spring compression. You can "Dutch load" a double action revolver such that the rounds in different chambers have drastically different weights and not have to worry that the operation of the weapon will be adversely affected.

      As an example, when I've got my .44 magnum loaded for general purpose use the first two rounds in the firing order are light weight Glaser safety slugs that are essentially designed to break up in the first object they hit. I don't recall what the weight of a safety slug is, but it's probably somewhere around 100 grains or so.The second two rounds in the firing order would be 210 grain silvertip hollow points. The final two rounds in the firing order would be 300 grain lead hardcast bullets intended for use on bear.

      The vast majority of semi-automatic pistols are recoil operated, and in general that type of mechanism works best when there is minimal difference in recoil between all the rounds that you are firing through it. If you were to try to duplicate the type of revolver loading I just described in a semi-auto pistol magazine there's a pretty fair chance the weapon could jam on you because of the difference in the recoil of the rounds that were being fired.

      Now, if you are not sure what caliber to get your weapon chambered in you will probably be well served by a .357 magnum. The only reason I have a .44 magnum is because I live in a part of the country where close range encounters with large bears are a possibility. But unless you have reason worry about running into Grizzly bears or trying to pot shot an elk for supper then a .357 magnum should have all the horsepower you need. I would recommend a weapon with at least a 4 inch barrel. Snubbies and other deep concealment pistols have their place, but for your first weapon you probably want a more "general purpose" item and thus you're going to want a 4 inch barrel to get the performance out of the magnum chambering. Going with a shorter barrel would just mean that you're wasting the power of the round as all the powder will not have burned up by the time the bullet exits the muzzle.

      I could go on for pages, but I suspect that there may be people out there whose eyes are already starting to glaze over. :-) Bottom line, get to a good gun club or gun store, talk to people who are familiar with weapons. If at all possible get range time with the piece you're interested in before you buy it. Then get good training and practice with the weapon. Last but not least realize that you have just embarked on what will be a life long process of learning about and practicing with weapons.

    • Nam Marine

      Glock 30 SF. .45 caliber!

      • Sharpie

        That would be very hard to control in rapid fire….

  • jimmy

    my three: remington 870 tactical, ak 47(cheap ammo, very reliable), sig p226

  • Sivispace

    FN FAL, HK-91, Remington 700 P in .300 win mag, AKM, Benelli m-4, AR-15 M-4 carbine, AR-15 A2, Colt Commander and Kimber Commander sized 1911, Glock 21, Glock 27, FNH FNP 9, Sig P226 Navy, Ruger LCP and Alaskan .44 mag.

  • Robert

    Sorry guys, the 22LR wins hands down. Sweeney talks about anchoring the zombie with a pelvis or thigh shot, but that won't happen. Zack the Zombie don't care about a broke leg! He's only going to stop when he gets you or when you plant a glob of lead between his eyes. 22LRs are relatively quiet, unbelievably plentiful, cheap to practice with, fairly clean (imagine the zombie contaminated slop that a close range shot with OO buck will create), and fun for the entire family. Would you rather have your small wife or child trying to cover you with a heavy Mossberg or Remington 12 gauge that they can barely handle, or a tricked out 10/22 that they are confident in? Of course a few heavier weapons would be appropriate for non zombie threats.

  • Roman I

    since were using our imaginations, id mount a ma deuce to my truck and go on a joy ride

    • Nam Marine

      M-79 grenade launcher!

  • aw2973

    1. I'll stick to my Spikes tactical AR-15 with a beta drum and my trusty glock 34 for backup.
    2. My wife will have her mp5 with it's Southern Precision Tooling silencer and a S&W 351pd for backup.
    3.My daughter will have her S&W M&P 15/22 also with the SPT silencer. For her back up she will carry her Ruger mk3.
    4. For my long range needs i'll go with the Weatherby Vangaurd in 257 weatherby magnum.

    • youareatool

      Or you could just brag to the Zombie about your hardware and name-drop manufacturer's brands until he walks away face-palming and laughing.

  • TheRandyGuy

    Long range: First choice scoped .308 M1A, second choice a stock M1 Garand, third choice scoped AR15 in .223. Close range: First choice Colt 1911, second choice .357 revolver, third choice hi cap 9mm.

    • David

      Agree on the scoped M1A, then a .223 Mini-14, and finally my CZ-75.

    • labmouse

      Here's my wish list:
      Long range:
      Ruger Mini-14 in .223
      Marin 1894 in .357
      Close range:
      Springfield Armory 1911
      S&W M65 in .357
      Mossberg 500 in 12 ga.
      Got you by the collar:
      Walther PP in .32 for eyeball shots

  • Zachary

    In all honesty I would rather like to see something thats similar to Modern Warfare. Granted video games like Modern Warfare and Battlefield aren't realistic, but all the guns, the ammo, and the attachments that go with each gun are legit. If anything having a sight similar to Modern Warfare or a cooperation with Activision would help spread new and unique guns around to peak any gun enthusiasts interests.

    • jihgwt

      All the "Gamers" I know are Brain Dead Zombies

  • old vet

    How on Earth the Henry Big Boy? The freaking thing is tube loaded like a .22 rimfire! Empty that tube and it's a club. Give me a Marlin 94 anyday.

  • TC2006

    All that needs to be said is, Mossberg 500 Chainsaw Zombie addition… look it up… Defiantly the best shotgun for zombies!

  • Nam Marine

    9mm is for girls! You need a .45 for zombie control! A Glock 30SF or a Colt 1991A1 with a few 10 round magazines! As well as a AR15 with many 30 round mags!

  • Beastie boy

    I don't get all the komrads and their aks. My stag ar in 6.8 is more powerful than the 7.62×39 and I could head shoot the zombies at 200 yards. Let's see any ak do that.

    • FrankOK

      Once upon a time (before the best gun slaesman EVAH was "elected" to office), AK's were cheap, plentiful, and used available surplus ammo that could be had for a song (half the price of 5.56). It's still half the price but double what is was. "Cheap" drove the AK(x) popularity and nothing else.

      I recetly built an AR-type rifle with a 7.62X39 uppr that handles .308 diameter food (reloads) rather nicely – it's hell on pigs.

  • Jesper Rex

    I would take the Keltec PMR-30 as the pistol of choice.
    30 rounds .22WMR with some af the light and fast hollow points should blow-up rotten zombie heads easily.
    And 30 rounds between reloads is a plus.

    As for a Rifle, the exotic American 180 in .22LR with 275 round magazines would clean up a street nicely. And ammo avalability is much much better than the FN P90.

    Both .22WMR and .22LR will also be easier available, than most any centerfire caliber, and cost and weight will be much less than the centerfire calibers, making it easier to stock up and carry large loads of ammo.

  • Colorado

    I would choose a rifle and a pistol that use the same large & heavy-hitting caliber. I would go with a Taurus Raging Bull 44 Magnum ultra-light, and a Marlin 1894. My backup would be a Glock 17 G4. These are the everyday guns, but you also have to take into account that you will have to not only defend yourself, but also provide for yourself. A Ruger 10/22 would be a good small-game getter, and a 22lr to the head, will very effectively destroy the brain due to the ricochet inside of the scull. My second choice for getting food would be a Stoeger M2000 12 Gauge; it's as reliable as any Benelli, and only costs a couple tanks of gas. Last up would be a good long range rifle, something that could keep unwanted visitors at least 500m off. A Remington 700 would fit the bill, but an AR-10 might be more versatile.

    Of course a true Zombie-Apocalypse is impossible, but natural disasters are common. So your best bet is to have a plan to survive the blizzard from hell, or a major earthquake, or EMP discharge, or tsunami, or anything else that is infinitely more plausible.

  • Agentl074

    I would suggest a Glock 20 10mm with multiple 15 round magazines of full powered 10mm rock in roll. To compliment this, I would also recommend an AR-10, M1A, or FAL .7.62X51 NATO. That will do very well :)

  • chsmith100

    What about the M&P its getting to be just as popular as a glock, its just as dependable, and after a trigger job is an awesome firearm.__Why the interest in .40 or .45 caliber or .308? We all know a 9mm or 223 round is it all takes to penetrate a zombie skull, right?__What would be nice is an updated version of HK's MP5 with a shoulder stock.__As for shotgun choices – I would have gone with a Benelli M4 or probably better still would be the Mossberg SPX – its got great sights, holds 9 rounds, and has a rail ready for an optic and it shoots clean…you don't want to be bore snaking between zombie attacks anymore than you need to. Why the SPX vs. the Benelli? Use the extra $1K for another pistol and stock up on mags and ammo!__On the same note – go with a gas piston gun if you are going to go with an AR. $300 gets you a great conversion.__Optics? Go with a Burris Tac 30…$300 1-4 maginfication. The lighted reticle is nice but when you can't get batteries anymore because the grid is down and the looters burned the cities the etched reticle is perfect.__

    • chsmith100

      And what is all this talk about Zombies not being practical…all the same strategies to defend yourself against a horde of zombies is still applicable to what would come from a collapse of the dollar or a real pandemic – maybe the next flu threat will be the real deal…maybe it will even be Z1N1. By the way, don't bother with the book with this title – the first half was good the second half would have been suitable as toilet paper in a collapse._

  • KLRCraig

    Anything 7.62×39. cheap cheap Ammo. Up here in the north we cant have AK's, but I got 8 mags for my CZ858 and 5000 rounds in my cabinet.

  • KLRCraig

    There is a lot more 762×39 out there and its cheap, 10 rd strippers and good to go.

  • Mike

    Any thing less than 7.62×39 is will be way to weak, that covers most in this list LOL

  • Dan

    Gonna have to agree here – if it's a zombie, you're going for the brain stem. The size of the round isn't nearly as important as placement and capacity. If it can reliably penetrate the skull, it's good enough for undead.

  • justin sc

    Just give me an AK.

  • phil mydick

    fn fal

  • paul krawic

    what is wrong with all you super serious idiots?"i don't trust hornady products because they put out a line of zombie ammo"?i have that episode on my dvr because it's attracted more non gun people than any other show.if you want to grow our sports and civil rights you need to get the next generation lined up for the shooting sports.the antis are programming the youth in our schools,why would you want to close down anything that would get younger shooters interested in the shooting sports.grow up,stop taking yourselves so seriously,and try to think that other people of different age groups just might have a different mind set than you.good god lighten up!

  • Randy Hicks

    Just like in the best ammo selections, these selections are all wrong. Totally overlooked was the …
    AK47 with 7.62×39 ammo.
    Forget the rest, except maybe that FN PS90 "Zipper". (Hard to get ammo though)

  • Benjamin Gerow

    what a terrible list! here's what should be your top 5, no need for ANYTHING ELSE when you think about it-
    that's all you need right there. all are dependable, carry lotsa big bullets, and collectively can hit targets everywhere from down the street to clearing a room, and from a mob to an army or zombies.

    i'm not gonna tear the list apart gun by gun, should be obvious. i listed ONE assault rifle, ONE sniper rifle, ONE shotgun, ONE pistol, and a grenade launcher. why need multiple of any type gun? makes no sense (unless you're dual-wielding, which is another story).

  • Whitemouse

    Ya better grab ammo for all those guns. I don't have a list…just gove me my Mossberg 590 and all the #1 buck
    I can carry in a large shopping cart!

  • gunsilly

    2 AA 12's,rotary magazines,schrapnel rounds,xd45 springfield,four clips full of zombie ammo,dylan mini gun on suv loaded with fragment rounds,ac130 gunship fully loaded with a squadron of a10 warthogs for protection,a Smith .500 magnum just for the hell of it,2 30 cal bar and backpack magazines,map flamethrower with laser sights lol. WHAT ZOMBIES ?

  • Kevin

    Zombie seems to denote minorities based on some of the other posts here. Should not dehumanize anyone to make it easier to kill someone. People can be ignorant and inappropriate. A well respected magazine diminishes itself by feeding into hate masked in fantasy.

    • gsf1200

      A majority of zombies are WHITE.

  • Swamp Ass Pete

    FIrst of all I would like to make it clear that I am all for firearms for personal protection from zombies both living and the undead but I have found what I think is the perfect solution. I got me a mail order Russian bride that was an ex shot putter. She is 290 pounnds of solid sweet lovin muscle. She can crush a coconut with one hand so a zombies head should be no problem. As far as I am concerned she's better than havin a 12 guage and a pet wolf combined. As a bonus she does all the farm work herself leavin me more time for important things like shootin and reloadin. Come to think of it I'm gonna have to teach her to reload.

  • Rick

    AS my son says, 1 rifle and two side arms per person
    I have a Mosin Nagant for longer range, shoot 7.62×54,
    I have a SVT-40 shoots 7.62×54
    AK-47 shoots 7.62×39
    SKS (Russian) 7.62×39
    two S&W 22 pistols, (really cheap to shoot and very accurate, althought only good for paper
    S&W 40 semi pistol, does the job
    S&W 357 Magnum, will stop any Zombie.
    I have over 20,000 rounds of ammo, very sheap and as you can see with the rifles, in case of attack, I am using the ammo our enemies (Zombies from Russia or China) would have, so once the enemy has been dispatched, I can use their ammo to refill my cashe.
    All the rifle ammo is purchased in spam cans in the event this doesnt happen for 20 or 30 years, ebyond that, I will be gone, so basically, the ammo has longer life expentancy than me.

  • DennisKsmith

    I dont know what this zombie garbage came from
    but I wish it would disappear.

  • Scott

    I hate zombies and I especially hate mutant space zombies. They really creep me out. Worst of all are Iranian zombies. All zombies can be destroyed by destroying the brain and anything from a .22 to a 460 nitro is good. Since you might be surrounded by 25 to 45 undead a high capacity firearm is best. I was attacked by a zombie one night and a wrecker bar to the head put him down faster than you could drop first period Spanish. A Louisville Slugger is the preferred weapon for up close and personal to keep your home run count high especially for those ungodly unamerican muzzombies. Hope this helps


    I like my Saiga w/ 20 rd mag; AR15 w/150rd mag, Remminton 700 3.5" magnum. AK47 w/75rd mags Glock 19 w/33rd mags


    I would choose:
    Remmington 870(extended mag tube)
    Wilson Combat CQB Elite 1911 45 acp
    A CQC knife

  • zombiekilla

    skip the AR-15 (needs to stay too clean), and go with AK, M-14, M1 carbine, or mini 14. a silenced 22 would handle the undead very effectively. levers and bolts are both good choices as they are simple and reliable. shotguns are the best for moving target hits. handguns are the least effective against zombies, most people can't hit anything with them under pressure.

    overall, the choices here get a c+ for zombie prep.

  • guest

    WOW…NO AK in any caliber? especially the bad boy of the them all: the Saiga 12 gauge with 20 rounds of punishing buckshot or slugs ready for action? and come on..the S&W in 9mm? What about John Moses Browning's 1911…in single or double stack it's a stone cold killer in 45ACP! This survey is rigged by folks shopping at Scheels or Dicks Sporting goods that have never used military iron!


    Knives do not need reloading!

  • jfm2012

    woohoo i got 3 of the 8 guns i got an ar15, the glock 17 gen4, and the remington 870 tactical

  • LawDog

    No AK? One of the most reliable guns in the world? 47 for big power or 74 for light/low recoil…

    Shame on you G&A; playing to the AR bandwagon…

  • Silicon wolverine

    Come on man, the A-5? maintenance intensive, ammunition sensitive and excessivly heavy. lever actions? this isnt the 1880s and you cant go to most corner stores and find 44 mag or 30-30. when teh zombies are coming you need to think about how and where youa re going to resupply. with a common caliber like 12 ga or 22LR, thats not a large concern. Methinks the author got paid to pick the choices he did.

  • FrankOK

    Desert Eagle in .44 Mag. Makes a very satisfying mess of any relatively small target it hits – and scares the crap out of anyone in the indoor range when it's torched off.

  • NOmishka

    Im not going to argue about the whole G&A and zombies but i like the chatter love the books and movies. But if i didnt i probably wouldnt read it.
    I know that its way out there that authors should decide what they write about (ya bunch of Facists) but its still the case. Oh sorry i said i wasnt getting involved.
    anyway Im all prepped. fs2000, Beretta 92, and a big knife. shotguns are great but Im a minimalist and shot shells are bulky. Just my opinion.
    I would like to give props to the Keltec ksg though. Its splatacular for zomie hunting.

  • Alan B.

    My all stainless 10/22 with rotary mags and a hundred thousand Hollow points, 2 MkIII Hunters with a dozen extended mags. Somebody will have to clean up the Zombie remains so I think stacking them like cord wood relatively intact is better than mopping and scooping the results of High Power, Large Caliber Carnage.
    I would always go with quantity of rounds over muzzle velocity. 1,000 head shots are better than 100 and those 40 grain 22 lr. rounds are Great out to 100 yards cause those Zombies move so slowly You can cap them without a scope… Fish in a Barrell Baby!

  • burtanderney

    What's with all the AK fanboys? Unless you bought your AK before 1996, what you will get today is a bottom of the barrel franken-gun (probably built by Century Arms) that got pulled out of a mil-surp junkyard. Everything on that gun will be suspect. To get a reasonably decent entry-level AK (see: Arsenal) you will spend as much as you would on a top level AR. Sorry, but politics have made the AK the LEAST attractive platform for anyone who is serious about their battle rifle choice. The AK is a great gun platform – it's just not likely that you will find one on the shelf TODAY that lives up to it's reputation.

  • Javax3000

    I would recommend very highly the Walther PPQ is the new kid in town and so far is kill the competition.

  • javax3000

    In a doomsday scenario i would go for 3 weapons.
    1. FN 5/7 Pistol 5.7×28mm
    2. FN P90 Rifle (Civilian Vertion)/Sub Machine gun 5.7×28mm
    3. Remington 700 .30-06
    Maybe some people mite say I am crazy, but in a real life situation you don't wanna be fighting with
    the thought of what ammo I need to reaload now. My two main weapons use the same ammo
    and the rifle well, it will be use for long range shooting so i have no other choice.
    This weapons have a very extraordinary track record that talk for them self.
    In a real life situation I am thinking in reliability, practicality
    and what is not so common now days COMMON SENSE.

  • Mike Allen

    way off on guns for zombies. #1 aa12 shotgun- shot have great rounds types too pick from slug for medium range and spray for crowds. take 30 round drum double odd buck you could mow down a crowd. #2 ACR – this is a great sniper platform with 7.62mm Nato and right barrel. or a sub machine gun with a 6.5mm and snub nose 6 inch barrel and stock folded. #3 .50 magnum DE – why so big a pistol if you hit a arm it'll be nice too take the arm off and by time. this gun can also load bird shot to give a shot gun effect and HP would do massive damage too bones and structure. It has a clip for fast reload and massive anti-recoil too lower the kick. #4 spectra pistol .45 acp. She really a sub machine gun but has 50 round clips high load and the .45 can push almost all it's energy into a target. Not a small 9mm with minor bone damage. #5 ak47/200 sires if 7.62×39 mm. This round is all over the word and most easy too fine, cheap but got nicked named the cop killer in the late 80's becuase it go though car doors. not great ranger gun but can make long shots. this gun low and easy to maintain. it goes though the mud and still fires. a standard in any warfare.

  • Dchil15

    this is just a 4 gun list for me in australia
    maybe 6 if we get a certain party in gov here, which they have 50/50 shot of doing these days
    but that is life in australia

  • Shannon

    What's with some of the readers hating on the Zombie Nation section? You people realize you don't have to read it, right?

  • The Swede

    A lot of people is talking about the .22 as a good zombie popper (I agree) but they also ALWAYS talk about the .22 Ruger. I would pick the American 180 submachine gun over the ruger. 175 to 275 bullets (.22), light, can have scopes (becomes almost the same as a Ruger), laser sights, adjustible buttstock, silencer, is silent, no recoil…just perfect. You do not have to spray long burst, two to max 5 rounds and it will keep you safe for a long time, but in case you need to you can cut them down.

  • Jon

    You could be rich dont give away ideas

  • Hal Aber

    Not one of you think about the WEIGHT of hauling a sufficient amount of ammo…22's gonna last a long time 200 rds of 45 is Heavy! 200 rds of 7.62, 308, 44mag or simular…think wont be heading down to the local Walmart to pick up more ammo, it will be gone. 2000 rds of .22 will last awhle. ALSO, anyone ever think about a slingshot. A Wristrocket with 200 ballbearings (although not very accurate) will knock your ass out if hit….You will be carrying water, food, knife, etc…Weight is the problem,,,,

  • Sarah Connors

    Opps forgot to leave my take on Zombie Prep

    Common Sense: we all know Zombies are rooting flesh, thin skin with skin so soft one can poke there finger through their heads .They must be shot in the head otherwise all those shots are useless. %99 of the population are zombies with less the 1% human, meaning there is not enough ammo to kill 6.5 billion people

    So ! based on this simple knowledge that we all learned from the WALKING DEAD, RESIDENT EVIL, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead (LOL) and dozens of other Zombie movies. Why would anyone wan to carry or use 45ACP, 40 Cal 7.62×51 7.62×39 or any other high cal ammo when all it takes is a 22 to kill zombies and there is no such thing as enough ammo. We need Weapons of mass destruction to kill them but in the meanwhile 20000 rounds of 22's @ 4cents a round would help.

    I have 1000 rounds of 5.56, 1000 of 7.62×52. 1000 of 9ml, 300 of 45Acp for other then Zombie Apocalypse event , but would consider 10,000 rounds of cheap 22LR if there ever were zombies:-_)

    Sarah Connors (Mother of all Preppers)

    • secretagentman

      i think i love u

  • Sarah Connors

    Response to those a;; those who think this article is foolish

    1st you should lighten up, some of this is just for fun but there is a serous tilt towards being ready for any type of survival event

    Zombie Apocalypse can represent any of type of upcoming Apocalypse such as the most probable event such as a SOLAR FLARE, there is a 12 to %15 change that a Solar Flare similar to he one that hit us in 1859 could collapse our entire infrastructure (ENERGY Grid) Nasa has been warning us about this since 2006 with upgraded warnings in 2010 that such a Solar Flare could hit us between December 2012 and May 2013. then they pull down the threat level after the US government did there normal BS without wanting to panic the population (thinking that we are already brain dead zombies)

    Then there are other high probabilities of disasters that could hit us caused by weather as we encountered the highest amount of earthquakes, Tsuma's, Volcano's Tornadoes over the last 2 years then we encountered over the past 2 thousand years. We been averaging only 3 miles shifts per year closer to the north pole up until 1997, since then we been average 40 miles per year where Siberia is becoming the north both pole bringing Siberia 550 closer over the past 15 years pushing the other side of the planet close to the equator, explaining why some of the glaciers been melting (its not all due to Global warming) .

    So yes, there are many possibilities of an event that could be considered close to or maybe even world threatening, within the realm of an apocalyptic event .

    So hopefully people will start preparing with 3 – 12 months of food water medicine, generators, solar energy, seeds farming, etc etc besides just guns and ammo. If it takes the fear of zombies to do it, then so be ♥

  • jack sender

    What a zombie! No ak on the list the one really dependable arm i guess no ak mfg. Paid the writers way on a hunt or free trip

  • blakkmantis

    I think the zombie apocalypse phrase is code word for hunting liberals, and general rioters when the coming economy collapse comes.

  • Ghost#12

    I would have to go with weapons that no one would understand why.
    1. CM901 – red dot extended mags.
    2. .50cal with 3 zoom scope and an acog
    3. AK47
    4.Tank ;)
    5. A Small island where you can come in and out by boat or helicopter. Zombies won't even know how to use these.
    6. lots of food and beverages. (Retrieved when leaving the state)
    7. A way of communications.. You will never know????
    8. binoculars
    9. map
    10. any type of vehicle
    11. Fishing pole and lures. If I get bored
    Lastly… Even if a zombie or invasion of the unknown, and you survive all that, you will still die from suicide because your family and friends turned into zombies or felt victim to the terrorists (no offence to anyone here) or death from natural causes.

  • the_new_guy

    I can appriciate the gun choices, and the shotguns and pistols are reasonable choices, but seriously? Why did you choose nothing but higher caliber rifling? I would have gone with a supressed .22lr, it's all but quite, the ammo is super plentiful and can be found practically everywhere, and get something like a Ruger 10/22 or a M&P15/22 and your going to have a dependable, accurate gun that you can throw a decent magazine on.

  • Kris Kasprzak

    so no .22lr's? i would have a mk3 hunter in my hand at all times and we dont have to talk about how common it is. if i needed more rounds on hand then pull up my slung kel tec plr 22 with drum mag, red dot, fore grip and green laser. PERIOD. unless umbrella releases B.O.W.'s… in which case u NEED rifled 12g slugs!!!

    • Kris Kasprzak

      oh yeah the kel tec is ready for a suppressor too. quiet.

  • Jeff

    The best gun you could use would be an mp5 because its light weight and has literally no recoil.

  • @HoustonGunBlog

    does not matter what guns are listed here, there will always be "experts" armed with nothing more than google searches and 3rd party opinions.
    its cut and dry, the gun you have on you when you need to defend yourself with deadly force will be the best gun in ANY situation. –

  • John Elijah

    S&W governor , Henry golden boy 22. , Remington 30-06

  • Unknown

    If you look at it this way. Anyone can use any gun with 9mm ammo. Since it's so easy to obtain and have a much sucess with getting rid of zombies–it's definitely a best bet. Those who get anything other than 9mm and such as they put on here, it'll be hard to find ammo of it. So the bottom line is they're trying to find the most resourceful guns that will keep us alive longer. Besides some ammo other than 9mm can be a bit overkill, and will often lead to misses on target.

  • Frank

    What about the Winchester (or Norinco) trench gun? Long Bayo + 12 ga = super fun.

  • kody

    ok so i prefer the ar-15 personally but i have to agree the ak-47 would be a way better choice its not quite as accurate but you could blow it up and it would still shoot. you dont need a 44. lever action when you have a 44. double action revolver. its smaller, lighter, and faster and is more user friendly. you only need one shotgun something cheap, lightweight, easy to use, and durable (mossberg 500 cruiser). again instead of two 9mm one 9mm and a 44 revolver it kills them in one shot and its just as small as a glock (almost). finally i would throw in a 308. remington 700 for poppin' skulls at a distance.

  • Israeli29

    You've got to be kidding these are the eight best choices for killing something that must be basically dismembered to be put down? The first six should have been 12 gauge shotguns, hopefully with a box magazine kit and some 20 round drums and 10 round box magazines. As far as handguns go I wouldn't want smaller than a .45 and because of availability .45 auto is probably the best bet, however if you want a weird caliber do it all pistol for zombies than get a Taurus raging Judge .45 LC/.410/.454 casull/.45 acp(with moon clip). But definitely if undead people who must be practically decapitated to die are coming at you what really do you want in your hand? A 9mm? Not me.

  • red26

    Ummm, there are no Zombies, there will not ever be zombies and to think so is stupidity at it's best. This is marketing and marketing to dumb, backward people at best. Closest hint to a Zombie you will EVER get is a LSD or Bath Slat user. PERIOD. Can we stop now and be professional shooters?


    This is ridiculous! No Mossberg 500???!!!

  • Captain Ross

    Hey Guys

    Well played but you cant lump rifles, shotguns, and handguns into 1 all inclusive article.

    Best Handguns can be found here,

    Along with best Rifles, and best Melee weapons

  • Vincent

    A m4 and a m16 are an ar15. ar15 are a type of gun.

  • Yasser

    I want to buy the 10 snipers, night binoculars, silencer, ammo Soft and delivery in Lebanon

  • Zach Baldwin

    Ok, how bout somethin with ammo that is easy to find and easy to make with little gun powder and supplies like a 22 or 223. If you hit em in the head they are out. So how bout a M&P smith&wesson a 10/22 or anyother ar-15, equipped witth a bayonet of course. Then for a handgun any glock or kimber .45 cause of its stopping power. And some explosives. A for a bladed weapon a poleaxe, you would need that because it has length to it an you dont need to get any closer than you have to.

  • Storm

    i would love most of these guns but any gun will probabily do as long as you can hit what you are shooting at., personally i have a mossberg 20 and a judge for up close. i have a 243 savage with a 4x scope to snipe and a nice 22lr for small game. for me i want more but if shtf i think i could make it till i could scavange better.

  • Carl

    Ultimate zombie weapon- Uzi 9mm carbine- it has it all- plenty of power- for zombies and other enemies- hi cap mags- ammo is everywhere- you may not be able to carry as much ammo as you could for 22 but certainly a hell of a lot more rounds than an ak or an ar or a shotgun- which is overrated simply because of range and big bulky ammo-

  • twentytwo caliber

    as long as the projectile passes through the brain the zombie is dead, and the bodies of the living dead would have hypothetically speaking already have started to decay for sometime, including both bone and tissue, therefore a .22lr would easily have the capability to break through the decaying, rotting skull. a semi auto .22 with a high cap mag, tac light for low light environments, and a backpack full of .22 high cap mags loaded will easily keep u alive for a very long time, and .22 is probably the easiest ammo to find in bulk amounts,

    other advantages to the .22 in zombieland: no recoil, .22 rifles easily suppressed with common household items to avoid alerting other zombies, extremely light weight, lightweight ammo allowing u to easy carry 4 or more times the amount of ammo of higher calibers which would essentially be overkill for a zombie.

    disadvantages: if u go with a .22 make sure you are only going for headshots, the .22 wont exactly be tearing limbs off, so maiming isnt an option, you need to kill them, if ur a decent shot, you could plink zombies off at 100yrds plus if u aim for headshots with a decent optic u will have no problems,

    no heavy machine guns, assault/sniper/cqb weapons would be necessary in zombieland and the lack of ammo for those weapons will be what eventually kills u.

  • Zach.B

    REALY?? This is bull crap if yuo use these high callibers your askin for more zombies 22s are what ya need they aint got no noise and the ammo is easy to find. A 10/22(with a scope) is what you need with p-rails with a flash light bayonet and a grip. Then for a hand gun a mark 3 ruger 22. Then for long range a 308 ruger gunsite scout but you would only use it a few times. Then a machete for a bladed weapon.

  • homer

    looking for affordable guns in your area? take a look at armslist, it's like craigslist for guns!!

  • JS29

    I would grab weapons that were the same models and calibers as used by LE and Military authorities. No shortage of ammo, mags, parts, and accessories. My personal list would be a glock 22 with night sights and surefire weapon light, AR15 SBR to 10.5" with surefire suppressor and EOTECH, AIMPOINT, OR ACOG. The AK and SKS are great weapons, but the mags, ammo, and parts will not be as easily found as the ones I have chosen. Besides, every gun lover/ survivalist in America has the AK/SKS, and I would rather face down zombies than hurt someone in the same position as myself. Shotgun would be a Remington 870 due to the large number carried by LE and in circulation. The guys wanting to huff a 7.62×51 assault weapon are nuts. It is leaps and bounds better in man stopping power than the 5.56, but if you go out for a pack of smokes and just have the 7.62 it could be bad. 250 or so rounds of ammo and 500 zombies chasing you down thinking your a big thanksgiving turkey would suck. The 5.56 will definitely bring them down, and you could easily carry 350-500 rounds of ammo for it. I would also carry my Angelsword Katana. If it can cut a full grown already dead ungutted hog of 450lbs in half then it could definitely take out smaller quarry.

    1. Glock 22 night sights with an optional KPOS with Eotech and surefire light
    2. SBR AR 15 10.5" barrel, surefire suppressor and weapon light topped with Eotech, AIMPOINT, or ACOG
    3. Remington 870 with 18" bl extended magazine tube and weapon light. Ghost ring night sights
    4. 1911, glock 21 etc..
    5. M1A for guarding a secure area coupled with an excellent optic i.e. night force etc.. As well as NV thermal capabilities
    6. Ruger 10/22 or Marlin model 60 for defense, training, and hunting
    7. Remington 700 in 308 or 30/06 scoped
    8. Angelsword ( highly reccomend) katana, Cold steel Kukri machete, and a good old KABAR

    Finally a whole lot of bullets for all of them. Personally, I will make cast lead loads even for the 308 and 30/06 bolt rifle of reduced velocity for small game hunting and defense. The same goes for handgun ammo, shotgun ammo with focus in buckshot and slugs. Wheel weights are your friends! They make excellent hard cast bullets.

  • Carl

    Jeez- gimme a 9mm carbine- u could carry 1500- 2000 rounds of ammo- more than enough power and range- ammo is everywhere- and yeah- a big old blade

  • Zach greene

    Zombies are attracted to sound use sd .22 LR. Cheap rounds and cheap mags.

  • Zach greene

    And if a zombie is 200 yards away you dont need to shoot it why risk attracting more.

  • bob

    the only to that would work!

  • paul

    is that ar-15 scope on backwards or am i retarded?

  • Jake S

    I agree with the Glock, but my choice would be the 22, more stopping power, and it is extremely popular with Law Enforcement so there will be plenty of spare parts, magazines, and ammunition lying around. I would have put and M1911 on my list instead of the S&W, it is probably the most popular pistol in America, therefore plentiful parts, mags, and ammo, once again. I feel the the Henry was kind of redundant with the Marlin in there, I would have put either a good old Remington 700, extremely difficult to mess up a bolt action. Or the extremely popular M1A, once again it's a very popular American gun, so there'll be plenty of spares and ammo and mags. I think a better semi auto shotgun would be the Benelli M1014, very popular with SWAT and military. I do not agree with the PS90 because I do not find it realistic, however, a Ruger Mk II would do the trick just fine, plus if you get one with an integral suppressor, then you can get around unnoticed, as long as you don't mind getting a little closer.

  • Ty McBoss

    Barrett .50 Cal. Nuff Said

  • Zombie Annihilator

    I know this is all in fun but a couple serious statements are being made as to 9mm stopping power that are completely false. Anyone here saying you need .40+ caliber ammunition to get the job done or you need to worry getting into a shootout with a 40+ gun when you own a 9mm is incredibly ignorant. 9mm hollowpoint ammo (which is the only legal ccw ammo) can penetrate just as deep as .45. the .45 will shoot flatter and more accurately once the bullet passes 75ft but will die off sooner than a 9 due to the heavy weight. Under 75ft both calibers perform equally. If you are talking geneva Convention ammo? 9mm is weak compared to .45. .40 isnt even as good as 9 unless you buy it in 10mm form which 10 is superior to all other auto calibers and equal in power to a S&W .41 magnum… This is fact not fiction or media hype.

    My media arsenal would be:
    1. AK-47 with tactical stock &eoech nigh vision compatible reticle with 5x flipside magnifier.
    2. AR-15 in 5.56 nato with interchangeble barrel, bolt assembly to 6.8spc
    3. Benelli tactical .308 semi-auto tactical rifle with a high end scope and tricked out to sniper status.
    4. Marlin 30-30 rifle
    5 Saiga 12 semi auto shotgun
    6. Mossberg 500a pump shotgun
    7. CZ 75 phantom 9mm 19+1 capacity with extended 32+1 mags
    8. Para Ordnance 14.45 Big Hawg pistol with integral laser & strobing flashlight.
    9. Desert Eagle in .50AE
    10. CZ83 compact pistol in .32 auto. 15+1. for close situations (25ft or less), An fmj 32 will pop in the brain like a tylenol to the mouth.
    11. S&W 8 shot 357 magnum/38+p revolver 4" barrel with integral laser &strobing flashlight.
    12 S&W Governor 45colt/45acp/.410guage with integral laser

    Home made claymores to defend the area will be necessary as well as motion sensors.

  • Charles

    22s are good for shamblers or roof top perches. However, if you're going street level against some runners then you need big guns that make big holes. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you are a zombie noob and need education more than anything.

    • Micah

      I couldn't agree lees. What are big holes going to do to a zombie – make them bleed out faster? Head shots are the only thing that counts. Forget knock down power. Shooting a zombie in the chest won't stop them. You need a head shot and .22s will work just fine.

      • Charles

        Try shooting a zombie in the head while it is running full tilt at you in a dark desolate building. A 12 guage shot to the chest wont kill it but it will slow it down enough for a follow uo blow.

        • Micah

          In a zombie game with unlimited ammo a 12 gauge would be perfect. In real life you'd be out of ammo in a heart beat. Shotgun ammo is big, bulky, and HEAVY. Just a100 rounds of 20 gauge weighs 8 lbs. – not to mention most tactical shotguns have a capacity of only 5 or 6 rounds.
          Plus shotgun rounds don't have the impact that they do on the movies. It won't knock someone back living or dead. It does well against a living attacker because it causes massive damage. Since a zombie has no feeling and it doesn't matter if you destroy any organs (except the brain) a blast to the chest will have little to no effect.
          In the situation you describe, you'd better have a club too.

          • Charles

            There are many variations of zombies. From the reanimated corpses in past movies to the bite victims that go from fever to coma to rabid cannibal. These newer zombies always have the ability to run. That ability can be removed by destroying muscles. A 12 guage destroys muscle and slows a zombie down from a runner to a shambler.

  • Micah

    Mobility would be critical during a zombie apocalypse and weight restrictions will rule out most firearm choices – particularly in the area of ammo.

    An AK or SKS would be great choices except 1000 rounds of 7.62 x 39 weighs in at 38 lbs. Try adding that to your other survival gear then add food and water AND THEN see how fast and far you can run from a pack of zombies!

    1000 rounds of 2.23/5.56 weighs about the same as the 7.62 x 39 so that rules out ARs too.

    I see some forward thinking folks that believe a pistol caliber carbine matched with a sidearm in the same caliber would make sense. Still though, 1000 rounds of 9 mm will come in at 28 lbs. – larger rounds like .45 or .357 would be heavier.
    Since I'd like my pack to weigh 30 to 35 lbs total then this combo would have lose out.

    1000 rounds of .22 lr only comes in at a meager 8 lbs. which leaves plenty of room in the pack for food, water, first aid, fire starters etc. Anyone that hunts with a .22 will tell you that it is capable of popping into skulls – a rotting zombie skull would pose no problems whatsoever.

    To me, a .22 rifle/handgun combo would be the only choice if I had to travel. But in a fixed position any gun would be fine.

  • Charles

    All of these posts about the 22 makes me wonder why police forces don't use 22 cal. pistols and rifles to simply dispatch bad guys with cranium shots. Maybe because it is a pretty awesome feet to shoot accurately under adverse conditions and the 22 is an anemic cartridge that can glance off bone. Also remember that zombies can reanimate wearing helmets which makes for an even tougher shot.

    • Micah

      Police don't try to make head shots. They are trying to arrest the perpetrators not kill them.
      When they do have to shoot cops are trained for center mass hits. Most use .40 because it has a lot of stopping power but usually doesn't over penetrate.
      Also, they are fighting the living not the dead and center mass hits will stop the living.
      A zombie apocalypse would bring a completely different set of circumstances. Stopping power no longer matters – head shots are the only thing that counts.
      .22s will easily penetrate bone – a rotting skull will pose no problems.

      • Charles

        A 22 will not easily penetrate bone. A 22 can ricochet off or only dig a cavat out of a skull. Not a problem when you are dispatching one zombie at a time. However, if you are out scouting for supplies and have to rapidly shoot a dozen skulls before the zombies grab hold, would you want to take that chance? Just like in real life there is no one gun fits all. The 22 has its place just like it has its limitations.

        • Micah

          I see that you don't shoot much. Those of us that hunt can attest that a .22 will most certainly pop right through thin skull bone.
          "However, if you are out scouting for supplies and have to rapidly shoot a dozen skulls before the zombies grab hold…" lol, good luck with rapidly making a dozen head shots on moving targets. That's only possible in the movies and games. I was talking about surviving if zombies could really happen in real life.

          • Charles

            Oh, this is about real life zombies if there were real life zombies. I was thinking of totally different zombies.:) I like zombie movies and zombie books. The genre has evolved over time to make the undead more menacing. The zombies of the original Dawn of the Dead shuffled along at 2 miles an hour. As their scariness wore off, zombies became faster and more numerous. Now zombies are so common they are discussed on gunsandammo. They are fun to talk about because the recurring theme in these works is the lone or small group of survivors that have to adapt to their new world. This theme is common across apocalyptic works. It's interesting for me to consider if I had the metal to adapt to a dead world. I think I could, I also think the chances of me finding out are between zero and none.

  • Carl

    I don't think zombie skulls rot- I think their flesh does- my bug out bag has lots and lots of ammo- I don't see food and water as considerations in a zombie apocalypse – I would imagine grocery stores etc would still b around- zombies don't eat canned goods- and if the waters bad you don't stand a chance anyway- one gun- 9mm Uzi carbine- no problem with skull shots- yeah you can carry a lot more 22 ammo and yeah a 22 will penetrate a skull most of the time- a 9mm will penetrate every time

    • Micah

      I'm not sure where you come up with the idea that zombie skulls don't rot. In every movie, tv show, novel, comic book, etc. zombies continue to rot after they're dead. I don't see why their skulls wouldn't.

      Ok – you don't trust a .22 and you want to go with 9 mm BUT an Uzi?! Have you ever fired a Uzi on full auto? I have and I can tell you that they are probably the least accurate 9 mm that you could possibly find. Plus they burn through a 30 magazine in about 2 seconds – literally 2 seconds. Even a semi auto Uzi is ridiculously inaccurate.
      If you want 9 mm you have to choose something that will hit what you're aiming at.

      • Carl

        Ok- how bout a 9mm carbine- hi-point- kel tec- and yeah- I never shot an Uzi but ive seen some demos out to 50 yards- better accuracy than any handgun- ruger had nice little 9mm– just sayin – one gun- of course I have 22s- but left with a choice of a single firearm- 9mm carbine- sorry about the skull rot thing- I just figured human skulls can be around a long time-

    • feeblechrist

      zombies aren’t real and neither is the tooth fair, billionaires are getting richer off fucking morons like you, and a grocery store would be completely raided in a few days by surviors you fucking dumbass

      • wargerbil

        rise from the ground zombies aren’t real, but cannibalistic rage viruses and mind controlling parasites are real and exist in nature.
        Just because one has not hit our species yet doesn’t mean it can’t.

  • 91Q

    1. Beretta M9/9mm/(3) 17-shot magazines
    2. Beretta M9/9mm/(3) 17-shot magazines (Yes, TWO M9s!)
    3. Bushmaster XM15 carbine/.223REM, 5.56NATO/(6) 30-shot magazines w/jungle clips
    4. Ruger MKII/.22LR/(2) 10-shot magazines (mainly for hunting small game)
    5. Mossberg M590/12-gauge/9-shot pistol grip
    As you can see, I would try to parallel any active duty military forces for ammo and gunsmithing purposes.

  • Deja vu

    I think you should keep it simple.

    keep all the guns to the same 1-3 rounds and then stock up on those rounds. Id go with 12ga, 22LR and a good pistol round using both hand guns and carbines in the same round. That way you only have to stock up on 3 types of rounds.

    Remember having the ammo available is better than hunting for ammo (even if the ammo is common) Id rather depend on the 10,000 rounds of 45/70 in the basment than "go looking" for 9mm, 223s and 308s.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    I'd like a Ruger GP100, a scoped CZ 527 Lux in .223, or a scoped 527 Carbine in .223 or 762×39

    I'd also have a Beretta M9 or 92FS, and a Marlin .22 magnum in reserve

  • Sharpie

    Actually the G22 mags WILL work in a Glock 17…..

    I've tried it.

  • Janina Sandoval

    I'll definitely thank camshaft manufacturers for my choice of weapon. With one whip, I can crush the zombie heads and the revolving parts can also create a bad-ass stamp!

  • D smith

    I'm 36 years of age, I come from a 18 year military background… I just spent 1/2hr readind the zombie preps. Wow I'm kinda excited to put my pics! Mine is for a bug out situation with my truck. #1 AK pistol with drum, tracers & can for drive and shoot its a bit heavy for me @ 225 lbs so train with a 15lb weight. it puts the mp5sd to shame! #2 Glock 35 with night sights 10 high caps loaded with CCI 165 blazer much lighter amo with big punch wery reliable! #3 Glock 27 with same as G35, now if need be two handed bandit you are! Ok #4 if I were to bug in would be the M590 with 4buck and slugs 2 3/4, but shot shells are to big and to heavy to pack long term! So # 4 Scout MIA with scope and bipod, 10 20 rd mags drum if you have one;) this is my all around rifle, to big to drive and shoot ok for your passenger will need a can or eyes and ears on for the beast, I have made sonic shots at 1000 yards with corbon 178 match amo! No LC will work! Have a vest & ballistic lid, gas mask,'REAL' Night Vision makes you the king! 2000rds for your rifle, 1000rds per sub gun, 500rds for each of your hand guns, 250rds for your shotguns.

    • Spanky

      You are the only one who gets it

    • Bass hunter

      I'm on your team!

    • Frytime

      Great bar chat! D you have 4 more on board brother!

    • Goldbug

      Why did you forward me this page? Bro you left out the big Bitch?!? .50 come on man how many kill'Z do we have on her?!? Bad move…

    • Barrett all the way!

      It's Von Gone, dude you left out your main mule? WTF! I know you hated humping her in and OUT! But dang not even in the back of the truck? Must be all the blamo you also hated hummmmmp'n to!

  • D smith

    1 POF AR 5.56 with ACOG, 10 30 rd mags, 3 100rd drums! Glock 22 10 15rd mags, vest, NV,Gmask,first aid kit. all I can walk with:( 750 dead or wounded ZOMBIES:) if you all do your part to, we will win the up coming war! Don't be a hero unless its a must, stay smart keep your loved ones alive!

    • Barrett all the way!

      I know you would find some dog and gorilla tape all them Cmags to him… I rolled with you to long!

    • Barrett all the way!

      PS boys Van Dango is on his way back to Afcrapistain today

      • Goldbug

        Pick up your ph!

      • D smith

        I know.

  • Goblin

    My hero!

  • Zelligar

    200 yards, unless your on a golf course your not going to need that kind of range. an AR 15, 45acp, fn5.7. if you cant hit a head shot with an ar 15 then you are going to be on the menu. My bet is the cops and the government are going to be the horde you will have to protect against. All enemies foriegn and domestic.

    • old vet

      Careful, they are listening!

  • David

    I'd take a FN 4-7 pistol (harder to find ammo, but 20 round mags and very accurate and comfortable shooter) and a SIG SG 553 (5.56 so easy to get ammo).

    • David

      damn typo…I meant 5-7


    Visit Greece , we have many zombies that you can try your weapons, Begin from the parliament..
    many regards



    Visit Greece , we have many zombies that you can try your weapons, Begin from the parliament..

    • Ethan


      • BENLH


  • BigRon66

    Mini 14 tactical with 90rd Drum, Browning Hi-power mine was made in 43 for Germany it also excepts 30rd clips.
    mossburg 590 pistol grip 8 shot in a back harness like on the video game commercial.

    I own all 3 with a decent amount of ammo.

    I can carry all guns at once no problem and remember it about getting away from the Zombie hoard 99% of the time but even the 1% all i have will do more then a great job.

  • Grigs78

    I have to agree with the PS90. Beautifuly accurate and great for close quarters. No need for a hand gun. But if you really want one then opt for the FN pistol that shoots the same round and cuts through about five layers of body armor at ten feet, much less a zombie skull.

    • Dale Burden

      Guns do not determine penetrating power the ammo used does so if one gun will cut through 5 layers of body armor at 10 feet most any would with the same ammo.

      • Marine

        Actually, the barrel length affects the bullet velocity

  • .45Glock36

    There are 4 qualities of a gun that you need for deciding which one to pack during a zombie apocalypse. They are;
    1. Reliability- it needs to work, time and time again. The less required maintenance the better
    2. Ammunition- ammo needs to be common, easy to find and the gun should have the biggest clip possible. Caliber shouldn't matter much. One shot to the head and its game over. Even with a 9mm. And you don't want to constantly be reloading or carrying around a bunch or 6 round clips
    3. Portability- you'll be on the run and carrying your weapon with hu at all times. A huge, heavy weapon will be cumbersome and a weapon too small may not pack enough punch or carry enough ammunition in a clip.

    With that said, for pistols I would go with a glock. Maybe a glock 17. Any of the 9mm are extremely reliable, use common ammo and can use different magazines. I'd find a few 30 round clips and call it a day.

    For a rifle, I'd go with an ar15 or an ak47. Both are reliable, have easy to find ammo and they just work. They pack enough punch for just about anything and can carry enough rounds in case you really get cornered.

    • tyler schenward

      wow for someone knowing so much about guns, you dont even know the difference between a clip and magazine

      • Jason Smart

        And he didnt even remember point 4!!

  • nobonesl

    I’ll take a plasma disintegration weapon with 5,000 micro-rounds. But realistically, with all the running around, a pair of Bersa Thunder 380 Plus (15 round mags) and a bunch of extra mags on my belt would probably do best in a Walking Dead world. I figure, if the zombies are more than 40 feet away, just run away from ‘em to your nearby vehicle or building. The closer ones get the Bersa, if i need to get free. But if you need to mow down 100s of ‘em just to get somewhere, you’re probably doomed. Be sure to save the last bullet…

  • Curtis Waters

    Ruger 10/22. If you’re close enough to need to shoot a zombie a .22 will do, plus ammo is cheap and very common and a .22 is easily suppressed.

    • Eisenhower303

      Presumably in a zombie apocalypse money will have no value and thus .22 ammo being cheap is not as important, unless you are actually stocking up for zombies right now…

      • Tom Wittlief

        The people who haven’t Been stocking up, will BE zombies.

    • Zak

      10/22 would be my choice as well. Suppressed with a oil drain adapter/oil filter and a TON of 10rd mags. The ability to carry more ammo and be stealth would come in handy. I also would want some kind of red dot to make head shots easier

  • Rafael Florida

    I HATE THE AR-15!! the 1st one a used(a colt SMG 9mm) jammed a lot and the mag fell out when i was shooting and bushmaster M16A2 clone was just as bad! If that happen when fight zombies i would have been dead. Ak-47, mini-14, M14, mossberg mvp or a .22lr for me. the handguns on the list any one of them is my pick.

    • pipman865

      good luck finding 7.62×39 ammo and spare parts for that AK you’d be better off with a bb gun a hk416 would be a better choice..u.s. law enforcement as well as military are starting to use them and plus its 5.56

      • Zak

        There are plenty of AKs 40+ years old covered in rust and still work just fine. Just talk with your average Somali. Your not going to need spare parts for your AK. Every time I go buy 7.62×39 the shelves are packed with it. Can’t seem to remember the last time I seen 5.56. If your lucky you may find a little bit of 223 on the shelves. Yeah.. I’ll take the AK

  • tachyonzero

    Its better to choose a gun that are common on ammo, mobility and reliability. Its up to the users on how they handle it.

  • feeblechrist

    wow you fucking idiots really act like zombies are real and have zombie prepper bags, what a fucking joke. your making people rich and your too stupid to see it

    • jamFRIDGE

      Anything that will kill a zombie will kill a human.

    • wargerbil
    • David Sharpe

      I think you mean you’re.

      As in “you’re too stupid”

      So, that means that you’re too stupid to know the difference between your and you’re.

    • asdfghjkl

      well i see that i am makeing some rich and what the is the big deal about that
      you are useing internet so your makeing some one rich. the zombie prepper thing is a hobbie a odd one but still a hobbie so dose it rely matter if zombies are real.

  • skooter young

    6 months ago I would have said .22 long rifle but not now. Here in Michigan gun stores are only getting 1 box of a 1,000 rounds a week and there selling 50 rounds in a Ziploc bag for $8. I never thought id see the day when .17mach2 ammo was more abundant then 22lr. That being said I’d say (at least for me here in Michigan) 12 gauge ammo. It’s way easier to find then even 410 ammo because all these zombie survival magazines & shows say that you have to have a gun that shoots small, light weight, light recoiled & very commonly available ammo so now every one around here has bought out every store & to top that off you can’t pre_order any .22lr, 223, 22-250 or any other 224mm or 22cal. Ammo at all because they already have a year waiting list or more! And I’ve went from south Lansing to north Muskegon and it’s the same everywhere. So I’d say 12gauge, now I know it’s kinda bulky but think about it 12gauge has the stopping power plus it’s a shot gun so you can hunt anything & lets face it your not going to bring home a big buck to feed your family every day so your gunna be mostly surviving on small stuff like chickens, Turkey’s, squirls, rabbits & sometimes hogs & deer & there is only one type of gun that I know of that can cover those food groups & that is a shot gun and the 12 gauge kinda closes the gap on bigger game. I mean my dad made me hunt deer with a 410 my first few years so I know It can do the job but a 12 just does it a little better. Bird shot will cover squirls to rabbits, game loads has yer back on rabbits on up to turkeys & then you got the heavy loads like #9-thru-00buck shot and then you even have people killer loads like flechette shot that shoots what looks like nails or dragons breath that shoots a thermite load that shoots out the barrel like burning hot lava! (you gotta be a sick s.o.b. to shoot someone with that shit) but that just goes to show the diversity of the shot gun more specifically the 12gauge. Oh’ did i also mention that I know guys that hunt black bear with 12ga.& 10ga. Slugs? Cuz I do, I think it’s dumb since I know they all have big game rifles but I guess it’s the thrill..
    Sorry, that was pretty lengthy (0;

  • Gob Jacobson

    Ruger 10/22 is the best without a doubt. The amount of ammo you could carry alone.

  • Gob Jacobson

    Smith and Wesson .22a with suppressor for a sidearm.

  • Andrew Ulrich

    No to all of these. Seriously. Not one of those weapons was suppressed, which means every time you fire, any zombie within hearing distance is going to home in on where you fired. If you absolutely have to go gun, go for a .22. The .22 can penetrate the skull, but will not pop out the other side and instead bounce around in the skull.

    But honestly, I wouldn’t even want a gun. Too much maintenance and supplies will not be easy to get. I’d rather go for a bow or crossbow. Avoid zombies altogether instead of trying to kill everything I see and only kill them when I need to. That’s how you survive.

    • Socipat

      U;rich your an idiot. the glock can be supressed as well as the ps90 the ar 15 and the s&w. just a little time and energy. not to mention back alley meetings.

      • Andrew Ulrich

        And say you get caught by the police in those back alley meetings? Good luck with that.

        Yep, I’m the idiot…

        • Andrew Phelps

          Actually you can make your own suppressors 2 liter pop bottles and ducttape, not that we should do that, since its illegal (is it ok to use this word? If you use it to describe a person, your called a racist, so….)

          • Andrew Ulrich

            The question isn’t whether you can get ahold of a suppressor or not, suppressing a weapon doesn’t make it quiet. Unless you go with a .22. You’re still going to pull zombies from a large area.

        • USMC Vet

          actually most states allow the legal purchase, ownership, and use of actual sound suppressors, most sound suppressors will come with appropriate muzzle attachment devices…. surefire makes excellent choice

          • Andrew Ulrich

            Even still, suppressors only cut down on noise, they’re still not as quiet as people think.

            I’d still want want a bow or a crossbow.

          • DD

            I’ve shot suppressed and shot crossbows… crossbows can be louder than some subsonic supressed rounds from a bolt action rifle. However, supressed rounds will actually throw the sound so the person down range can’t tell where it’s coming from. Also, firearms are easier to shoot at night than bows.

    • Stranger

      If you ask me, it shouldn’t matter if it’s suppressed or not. You should have 2 firearms and one melee. That said, My loadout would be the AR-15, Glock, and either a fire-axe, machete, or baseball bat

      • Andrew Ulrich

        Fire off a weapon that isn’t suppressed and everything within a mile will hear it.

      • dubbs

        Finally, plus 100 on baseball bat( even a crow bar, solid pipe- ITCIS QUIET AND WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF AMMO!)
        Guns will be used for feral two legged and four legged predators( a starved pack of dogs can be dangerous- ask any vet whose been to Iraq or Afghanistan!!) And typical stupid and panicked people think me first, even though grpup organizing offers a better chance of survival and re- establishing order.

        Avoid zombie mass zones( downtown urban areas) and the ” bubbas” who raid liqour stores
        And go out in the streets popping off rounds like its a free for all( you can hide and wait, youll find bubbas overpriced tactical wazoo AR 15 laying next to the bloody nawed on remains of him…

  • Concerned Father

    We all know that the Zombies will be the people that did not prep and will kill you to get your stash. That being said..I have supplied my family with survival knives, machettes and I use broom sticks with metal heads for walking sticks. None of which need be reloaded.
    I am always passing on my useless military knowledge to my daughters. They can start a fire with just about anything that sparks and they can shoot straight and are learning to use basic long bows. I constantly remind them that the Zombies will be those that are to pre-occupied to prepare and will continue to do all I can to make them self sufficient. We always try to look at alternate uses for household things like making a camp stove out of a coffee can and using lint from dryer and flint striker to start the fire. Your job as a parent is to prepare your family for the end times physically as well as spiritually. The schools are teaching recycling not the constitution! So get prepared…could happen…just sayin.
    Pray for Peace…Pack for Zombies,
    Concerned Father

    • dubbs

      Nothing wrong with teaching recycling- be surprised at what learning to not waste or re use stuff can teach young people in the event of a future emergency.

      And unless you have a Fort Benning sized ammo and weapons storage, I doubt youll be piling up the bodies of those” living zombies” who come to take your campbells soup and dry rice- a serious mass panic, best tp bug out EARLY to a secondary safe site or bug in and stay LOW key as possible until “hopefully” things reset to “normal”

      Self defense is a good thing to teach family as well as survival skills- teaches maturity, but going ” the road” or “mad max” just isnt realistic.

      I also though ” zombies” was code talk for minorities and immigrants and others most right wingnuts who hanker to see this country fail in some form or another , use to talk about people they dislike and want to shoot

      As the character Rick said on “the walking dead”, its not about race or politics or status with the zombies, everyone to them is either white or dark meat, and sticking togethercis the only way to survive.

      Before you go all ” just me and mine”, you should talk emergencies with trusted neighbors- a well prepared family is good, a whole neighborhood of prepared folks is BETTER…

  • Z.K.M. Zombie Killing Master

    I’d get a colt AR6721 in 5.56 NATO. I’d put a quad rail on it, the panaceax under barrel chainsaw, an aimpoint patrol rifle scope, and a sling. I can shoot them and cut their skulls in half when they get too close.

    • pimpman865

      sounds good..I’d want my AR to have a dual eotech scope optic for long range and close cquarters battle,flash suppressor, or just suppressor, magpul 6 pos stock heavy barrel for exteneded firing, fore grip, and a nice 40 round clip

      • Doc Hollistic-day

        Why Build all that and then destroy it by trying to “cram” a CLIP (from an M1 Garrand)-? into the mag-well when loading and preparing it to go hot? Oh…..My bad…you “meant” to say 40 round MAGAZINE-!!!! NOT CLIP-!!!

  • Pimpan865

    I’d want to be packing a glock great choice so is the AR-15 people say “oh ak-47″ or some other foreign weapons but they forget we do not live in europe and the most common rifles found will probably be AR-15’s used by police,civilians,and military and shotguns unless an AA-12 are a no loud,cumbersome,low range, reloads slow

  • paladin712


  • Riku909

    For me I would use a a XDM pistol because it can carry 20 9mm bullets which are very common to find if one is in a zombie apocalypse. With that many rounds in a clip it is perfect for unloading in a horde of zombies. The accuracy of the XDm 9 is easily up to the task of shooting anything a such long distances. The short-reset trigger allows you to shoot quickly on those short-distance high-speed stages in which you might get over runned. XDM is a great because this tactical weapon delivers improved ergonomics, handling, precision, and accuracy and can put attachments like laser precision or a flashlight.The XDM combines a polymer frame, Melonite-coated forged steel slide, and fully supported ramp 4.5” barrel for long lasting durability and reliability.This may be the best overall pistol to use for a zombie survival or just use for sport. That is all I have to say.

    • nanners

      yay spam! thanks for the ad and honestly the xd mod 2 is one of my favorite compact 9mm ever. that being said glock 17 and 19 are the most durable reliable and common handguns you will find. the glock 19 is widely regarded as THE s.h.t.f. weapon of choice.

  • Corporal Ski

    This list is terrible, no ak-47 which is the most reliable battle rifle there is, no 9mm weapon which has the most common rounds, nothing in 7.62 which is another common round. Instead you pick weapons with rounds that would be hard to come by…

    • zombie boy scout

      I’m with you on the ak47, but he listed 2 9mm handguns on the list. 7.62×39 is only $5.00 for 20, and people aren’t stocking up on it as much.
      I have a revolver that takes 3 different ammo types (.45 LC/acp and .410s) a 9mm pistol, a 1911 (.45) a 12 gaugegauge pump shotgun, and said AK-47. Who gives a shit about the pansy 5.56/.223, right comrade?

      • Bob

        I agree that the ak-47 is a good gun, but not ideal against zombies

    • ghosttai

      Ak-47 is loud and inaccurate an AR-15 or an Hk416 both with suppressors and ACOG sights are your best bet if you want an assault rifle

  • robert bromberger

    What about the M4A1 or M16? I’d imagine it be easy to find since it’s standard military gear.

  • Unhjh

    Remington m1911r1. It only has a 7 round magazine, but .45 ACP ammo is common, plus the 1911 is far more accurate than a 9mm or .22, and has enough power to kill at a decent range. The only downside is the recoil is heavy and only strong shooters should be given one.
    Colt Python, or other .357 magnum revolver would also be effective. .357 revolvers have lots of power and can shoot a Long distance accurately. But most people would not be able to shoot them very we’ll because the recoil is very great. .357 magnum ammo is also more common than you would think, but is you can’t find any most will fire .38 special ammo also. This would definitely be the most useful handgun in the apocalypse, because it is not only great at killing zombies, but can also be used to bring down larger game like deer or antelope.
    A .223 semi auto rifle would be the best rifle. Easy to use, reload, and clean combined with its stealth and quit shots make it a great combination for killing anything, especially pesky zombies. Colt makes the best AR 15’s, but wind ham weaponry’s guns are also good.
    A 30-06 rifle would be great for sniping and hunting, but only strong people would be able to fire it be cause of it’s powerful recoil. For weaker people a .22 would be best.

  • Eric Waffle Tam

    Mosin Nagant. 7.62x54R is super easy to come by

    • Scott Baltes

      yes, but. The 91/30 is very long and thus not good for nimble handling, and the 44 (still not really nimble ) kicks like a mule. I know…I have one of each. They are good for heavy hitting even at long distances if such is needed, and as you pointed out, are easy to obtain. But as a single battle rifle, not my first choice at all. As part of as arsenal? ….well, that’s exactly why I have them.

  • King_RM

    C’mon, how does the KSG not make it on the list? It’s practically made for Zombie hunting – a compact shotgun with two magazines that you can switch between on the fly giving you a whopping 14+1 rounds of ammo before you have to reload. And reloading is relatively easy too – it’s a damned dream gun for hunting Zombies in the 25m and under kill zone.

    Other than that I agree with the choice of the AR-15 and the Glock, but also, as some have pointed out, any long arms or pistols need to be silenced or you’re attracting more zombies to the party. The KSG, in that respect, is a hold-out weapon for when you’re already in the thick.

  • Brett

    I agree with pretty much every weapon choice, but what about the lefty’s!! I need a shotgun that can easily turn safe to fire with my left hand….a Mossberg with a tang-safety is my choice.

  • Blue Steel 11 Bravo

    HK 45 At the hip, well balanced and a smooth recoil ,

  • Person

    I would easily choose a .22 it is cheap so to prepare for a apocalypse you can simply buy this the ammo is fairly cheap its quiet low recoil its a very lightweight gun that is deadly at clos range also a .223 hunting rifle would be a fair choice as it is powerful and longranged but the .223 is fairly loud so…

  • Brian Smith

    Haven’t you ever played DayZ? It never fails the person with the best gear and equipment will be the one most targeted by bandits

  • Matthew Blain

    All of you are stupid being that all .22 ammo is hard to find nowadays. If any thing use a 12 or 20 ga. It’s cheaper than any other ammo that you can find.


    Op your an idiot. You should have the 870 at the top of the list hands down. Here’s a few reasons: unlike a handgun you don’t have to be that good of a shot, shells are larger than bullets so I’m not fumbling around trying to grab ammo, no magazine if you carry a handgun and GOD forbid only have one clip then your fucked when it’s time to reload, easy to obtain ammo (go in to most any bass pro store and they have the shells out in the Isle but not so for other ammo you have to break into the cage behind the counter). Last but not least some shotguns can take different size shells (what hangup can do that).

  • Jason Smart

    I didnt see the Golden Gun from 007 Goldeneye on here, I can’t believe it!! ( Its a 1 shot kill anywhere you hit). Oh well, guess I will just have to punch in the code for unlimited ammo and fast reload and go with an M-60 or a S.A.W……..oh wait this isnt about video games????? Oh then I’m not worried.

  • Tankista

    AK-47 or Sa vz.58 ???

  • tab

    Walther P22 with laser and silencer for a head shot. Quiet so as not to attract attention. Don’t waste your time on body/organ shots. 22 is great because the ammo is available/cheap and you don’t need a large caliber to “kill” with a head shot.

  • Fatah Bouzidi

    what about the beretta 92f?

  • Bob Johnson

    geez boys. lighten up.

  • Rob

    The CDC filmed a short about Zombies, because you need to do the same things for other disasters. Using Zombies just makes it fun, but your learning about surviving a natonwide type diasaster. Anyway you slice it, your on your own, stock up! Hi-cap handguns, Hi-cap rifles small lighter ammo if you have to move. Shotguns are a crowd tamer, ammo to big cap to low to bring it with you.

  • guns r cool

    It's just something to have fun with. Not only that, being preparded for any type of emergency is important. If zombies make people stock up on food and water and good guns and ammo it can't be bad

  • Travis

    O my, no imaginations i see, plus a zombie doesnt have to be an undead human which comes walkin at ya outta the dark moaning and growling and slobberin over the thought of tearin into your flesh, a zombie is any piece of trash that decides to take advantage of his neighbor when the american way of life as we know it has a total cataclysmic meltdown which seems inevitable

  • kylelds

    Just a way to get your attention, it worked for me, i think it is funny. the Zombie movement is from hollywood. a book to read would be Lights Out by Daniel Crawford, he refers to MZB's as Mad Zombie Bikers aka anyone who wants to kill you and take your food etc.

  • Papa

    Would work on occupy wall streeters too.

  • Cliff

    Actually we have the "zombies" in our area. I think some of the other terms are: crank artist, meth head or speedo, and I'll stick with my original weapons list as i've already seen on the news, several times how poorly a 9mm works on a hyped up meth head, aka "zombie"!

  • Travis

    Because its fun man, get an imagination!

  • sScott

    I think the zombie stuff is a take off from the cdc.. center for disease control. They have a campagne to educate about the " zombie pandemic" If you can be prepared for the zombie pandemic, you will be prepared for a real emergency. It is intended to be an entertaining way to educate the masses. No mention of the Obama pandemic survival tips though. I'll keep my 870 , beretta M9 and 40 XD. should be fine.

  • Don Ruane

    Me too. Why don't they just eat each other, they would not have to search for food, it's all around them.
    Aged meat is always more taste.

  • mrsuggs

    YA- Go to Henry Kissinger and pull up his Feb interview of the coming WW III. He lays it all out on the internet.

  • Bubba

    Zombies are a metaphor , look at the book " Zombie Survival Guide " , its about urban, suburban survival. If he just wrote it without the zombies in it he may have received a visit from our friends in the government like ol Ted Nugent did . If the government has its way we'd be unarmed and dependent on them so we use "zombie speak " to get around those pesky government agents and agencies that would take away our rights to train and protect ourselves from all comers ……. I mean zombies

  • Sean S.

    They're really talking about shooting humans during the collapse of society,but that would be politically incorrect.
    Remember any zombie reference means people !

  • Steven

    Papa, are you sayting we should shoot American protestors?? That is pure UNAMERICAN and more like something a NAZI would say.

  • Joe Bob

    If someone is hitting zombies on wall street, my recommendation would be the big money execs who work Wall Street and created the apocalyse rather than the ones occupying it <g>

  • Steven

    Right on Joe. Some people dont seem to know who their real enemies are or that protesting is as American as Apple pie! Just ask the British.

  • rbaker1000

    For people pissed about the bailouts, etc, the proper place to put the blame is with an apathetic congress that let – make that encouraged – the system to become perverted like it is. My financial adviser warned us in 2003 that the meltdown was coming and Countrywide issued warnings about it back in 1999. Everyone in congress knew it was coming, and both Democrat and Republican led congresses stood by and didn't just let it happen, they encouraged it. Blame them, not the people smart enough to profit from it.

  • Jim

    Yep the 1st Amendment gives them (and every American) the right to protest as well as the right to free speech, no where in there does it say that they have the right to get in my way when I want to do something or go somewhere on a public road or in a public park. It also does not say that they have the right to make me listen. Do it legally and life is good, mess with me and I should have the right to express myself any darn way I choose (depending on what they did to start the problem). I believe that someone else’s rights end at the place where they impinge upon mine.

  • Jim

    I thought it stood for Mutant Zombie Bikers……….I enjoyed his book as well.

  • WerkinHard

    Actually the Zombie movement has been around for some time. George Romero first started it with Night of the Living Dead back in 1968. Some say Romero used the zombie theme as a metaphor for social commentary (race discrimination was the theme in the 1968 movie). Some of his later movies the social commentary is more evident like the Land of the Dead (class warfare).
    A number of post-apocalyptic, fall of western civilization, survival web sites have used the MZB term (variant: Mutant Zombie Biker) for some time.
    More recently zombies have been compared with rampant American Consumerism and the mega-corporations that need that kind of mindless spending on material items (what is shiny this week!) to maintain their bottom line. The fleeting sense of self worth or improvement advertisers and marketing have consumers believe to buy their products leaves the consumer feeling empty and forlorn after the newness of their purchase wares off, and they go in search of the next shiny thing, like a zombie.
    And most recently zombies have taken the lead from vampires as the cool 'It' thing in Hollywood, which is nothing more then Hollywood recycling, re-packaging an old proven idea. Imagine that.
    The comparison of a non-centric, leaderless, disorganized, movement like Occupy Wall Street to the classic shuffling zombie is very inaccurate. Not so sure I agree with some of the message they are trying to get across, I applaud their exercise of their right to protest as Americans. If this were anywhere else, the mega-corporations would of had them gunned down by now, or arrested and sent to the gulag or equivalent there of.
    Personally, I think Zombies are amusing and fun!
    Why bother with any caliber over .22LR if one in the head puts Zed down for good? Recoil is nearly non-existent, and you can carry literally thousands of rounds for the same weight of other ammo.

  • rbaker1000

    I get your point about protest being American – it goes back to the Revolution, after all – but I don't view the OWS movement as a protest. If so, they are protesting AGAINST the American ideal where you get rewarded for hard work. In the OWS sites, people have been raped, murdered, committed suicide, spread disease, stolen from local merchants (and each other), vandalized public property and put innocent citizens in harm's way. Just today I saw a video of an OWS inciter talking about firebombing Macy's. There's nothing American about the majority of their behavior. If they spent this kind of time and effort looking for and working at a job (or two) most of their problems would be solved.

    For people pissed about the bailouts, etc, the proper place to put the blame is with an apathetic congress that let – make that encouraged – the system to become perverted like it is. My financial adviser warned us in 2003 that the meltdown was coming and Countrywide issued warnings about it back in 1999. Everyone in congress knew it was coming, and both Democrat and Republican led congresses stood by and didn't just let it happen, they encouraged it. Blame them, not the people smart enough to profit from it.

  • Wilko

    You need to go read up on the history of protest and labor movements. It was very common for the military and/or police to be called in to "quell" protests- and they used their guns freely.

  • Pecos

    we do not want to make any mistakes. can you please post very clear "how-to" instructions to tell / show us the difference between a brain-eating Zombie and a u.s. Congressman?

  • Kyle

    the congressman takes your wallet after he eats your brain.

  • Roy

    No offense, but you don't have a "right" to use the roads for driving, accessing a public park. I'll gladly take the long way around and skip a park for a protest, any protest, whether it be this, the million man march, a bunch of white supremacist, I don't want to see the slippery slope of "you may protest in the back of the court building next to the parking garage between the hours of 9:30AM and 10:15 AM in order to keep from inconveniencing the public.

    Remember the gun control lobby is using a very similar tactic, they don't want to ban guns, just semi automatic guns and guns in calibers that can kill police and children. It's all very rational. All or nothing, if you give up everyone's rights for convenience you might as well throw out all of them, but hey at least you get to keep your SUV and watch cable TV, right?

    I'm not trying to insult you, just remember all of the rights are important, privileges are nice. what if they choose to limit where and when you can have NRA meetings next, or close gun ranges during hours when the noise or traffic is inconvenient? or, say allow the retroactive waiver of your protection from search and seizure in the event of incriminating evidence, I mean if they don't then it impinges on a victim right?

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