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Zombie Nation

Kill Zombies in Style with Reaper Z Camo

by G&A Sponsor   |  June 26th, 2012 3

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Reaper Z CamoIf Zombie Nation is any indication of popularity of the zombie culture, then Reaper Z is here and ready to invade.

Our products are not the standard sweatshop patterns offered by the overseas mills. We’re American designed, American made and American proud. We offer a line that’s a combo of art/sci-fi/mountain man/biker fusion, and we’re proud of it. The creative minds at Proveil Camo have outdone themselves with their latest zombie pattern and we’re ecstatic that we can make it available to the masses.

Erie Apparel, the home of Reaper Z, Reaper Hog and Reaper Black, is proud to offer unique, casual apparel and gear for outdoorsmen, women and children through our website, We live the hunting and shooting lifestyle ourselves, and you’ll see it reflected in the details and in the high quality standards of all our products.

Our goal is simple, to make every customer a happy one. We are a family-owned, Ohio company with genuine, honest values, and we emphasize those principles in everything we do. We’re confident you’ll enjoy everything about your experience with us.

Make sure to stop by say hi and be amazed by the new Reaper Z products at the Hornady Zombie Shoot on June 30.

In the meantime, check out the Reaper Z camo in action at G&A’s annual roundtable.

Plus, Remington produced a special edition of its Versa Max semi-automatic shotgun available in Reaper Z camo, made especially for Outbreak Omega 5 this past weekend in Morristown, Minn.

Visit for new products and future events.

  • Alan_T

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm it doesn't do much for me , but I have no quarrel with anyone else liking it .

  • Fitch

    Bottom line, the whole zombie thing just leaves me wondering where all the adults went.

    I saw Hornady zombie ammo in Cabela's the other day and looked at it. Had no idea what to do with it, left it there. There are no zombies. Period. What else is the ammo good for? Varmints? Self Defense? No clue.

    I reload all my varmint hunting ammo and handgun practice ammo. I had just purchased a new pistol, M&P Shield, needed SD ammo for it. Didn't want +P. Didn't trust the Hornady Critical Defense because I wasn't sure the primer issue had been fixed, didn't know if zombie ammo was good for Self Defense, so I bought some Speer ammo.

    Until that gets used up, which will take a long time, I'm only buying bullets, powder, and primers.

    • Jeff

      Z-max is critical defense just green tipped, I have been buying it because its easier to find near me than the critical defense.

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