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Introducing the Otis Zombie Gun Cleaning Kit

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 24th, 2012 5

When the walking dead are bearing down on you, it’s important to make sure your gun is in working order. Luckily, Otis Technologies has your back with its new Otis Zombie Gun Cleaning Kit. The kit includes a chamber brush and bore brushes for 9mm, .40, .45, .223 and 12-gauge. The kit will be available April 1 and will retail for $69.99. Check out the video from SHOT Show 2012!

  • Biff

    Seriously? $69.99….. I will stick with a nice cleaning kit from Walmart for less than $20

    • Big Irish

      I agree they are spendy, but they are really good cleaning kits and much easier to stow in a range bag or whaterver. Not sure about the super dooper Zombie version, but the non undead version is about $50.00 and a decent investment.

  • Zombie Walker

    You can make your own kit for less then 20 bucks. Otis has nice kits but way too expensive and you can build your own.

  • Spirit

    Otis has cool organized gun cleaning kits but way too expensive. I love how you can organize them and they are small but you can build your own far cheaper and find a small case to put similar in it. Yeah it will not be as organized but still far cheaper. When i go shooting outdoors, I bring my who gun cleaning kit, for any problems, etc. I clean them at home after the range.

  • ron

    Anybody tried Zombie Lube synthetic gun cleaner and lube? Great stuff check it out at

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