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First Look: Zombies and Guns Galore in ‘World War Z’ Trailer

by Dylan Polk   |  November 11th, 2012 11

For zombie enthusiasts like ourselves, any movie trailer that boasts tons of zombies getting blown away by tremendous firepower is enough to get us on the edge of our seats with a wide-eyed stare. When that movie is based on a best-selling zombie survival account, well, we just start marking our calendars, canceling any and all plans that day, no matter how important they may be (Grandma’s birthday? Ain’t nobody got time for that!).

So when we finally got a glimpse of the trailer for World War Z, the Zombie Nation online crew was immediately overjoyed. Boasting plenty of guns and military-grade firepower, plus a cavalcade of zombie carnage, this is one film zombie hunters won’t want a miss.

Check out the trailer for World War Z, in theaters June 2013.

  • SamF1911

    I'm looking forward to this. Now if we could only get them to make "Day by Day Armageddon" into a movie!

    • NOYFB

      Ain't that the truth. That book would make a great movie. I'm not sure where the author is going with the story though after finishing the second book. Aliens? Really?

      • SamF1911

        I hear what you're saying about the alien thing but I have faith in J.L. Bourne to make it work in DBDA: Shattered Hourglass.

  • Charles

    Anyone else notice how zombies are continually reinvented to make them more menacing/scary. First they are able to run and now they can climb over each other to scale 100 foot walls. By the next movie they will probably be talking and driving cars. Anyways I'm a zombie nut and will see this movie too.

  • Josiah Wyncott

    Can we please get a zombie movie with a perspective strictly from the military characters? Like an SF team or something? That's what I wanna see, not just a group of civvies or a family trying to survive.

    • Mack Missiletoe

      I actually like the civvies…

      Starting out with a .22 magnum rifle and working up to a .223 rifle with a 92FS is something we civvies can relate to!

      All the 'tactical' bull crap gets old. Sometimes it's nice to see a revolver or a .22 rifle, y'know?

      Hey, how about BOTH! Yeah, from two perspectives. That really is the way it should be done, because there would be more than one side to the story. In fact, there are 3 sides to this story:

      1. Civilian life (Civilian Survival)
      2. Military Life (Military vs Zombies)
      3. Scientific life (Research and Prevention)

  • Mack Missiletoe

    Well it looks cool but the whole super-speed zombie tower is ridic!

    It looks a bit too over-the-top, but you know I LOVE zombie movies similar to Dawn of the Dead and the video game mod DayZ.

    Basically, the name for what I like is 'Zombie Apocalypse Survival'. You start out with no knowledge and few tools then work your way up; you recently learned about the zombie attack so you grab a bat and some band-aids lol. Then you later find a .38 revolver and a .22 magnum bolt action rifle in an abandoned home as well as some decent threads. See? Later you have a home base, a few friends you found along the way, and a nice .223 scoped rifle with a Beretta M9. As well as enough food and supplies to help you farm and grow your own food.

    THIS would be a nice movie…

  • Cameron

    looks like a varmint rifle with a suppressor on it for the rooftop scene, not quite the book but should still be fun to see.

  • E Pag

    Zombies are dumb we don't need to make guns seem like toys. And its really getting old. I know your gonna say I don't have to read/watch the articles and I don't

  • Meena

    That book is awesome!! I'm happy it is finally a movie!!!

  • Lawrence Castro

    Can't wait for the movie, it looks good.

    Huge fan. Gotta prepare for the zombie apocalypse!
    I can't wait to refinish my knifes with zombie green cerakote coating.

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