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Enough Gun for Zombies: Kel-Tec KSG Tactical Pump Shotgun

by Eric R. Poole   |  April 19th, 2012 39

You’ll quickly learn to appreciate the compactness of the Kel-Tec KSG the next time you find yourself fighting your way out of a tight space filled with zombies.

The 14+1 capacity KSG tactical pump repackages the idea of 12-gauge stopping power. Being that this shotgun incorporates a full 18 1/2-inch barrel in its 26.1-inch profile, it has more than enough capability to accurately group premium slugs at close rifle distances. To achieve this level of performance, there is more than enough railspace on the KSG to attach an EOTech magnifier behind the EOTech Zombie Stopper holosight. Working the action, you’ll find the KSG to be truly ambidextrous to operate which is aided by the fact that spent shells fall through a bottom ejection port that also serves as a loading port.

When it all comes together in a desperate moment, you’ll stand a better shot of surviving  said desperate moment.

As seen in Zombie Nation magazine available on newsstands May 8, 2012 (Photos by Sean Utley )

  • Shadow

    I like the KSG but a shotgun (any shotgun) wouldn't be my first pick for the ZPAW.

    • mike

      I own a KSG.
      picked it up last week in OKC.
      Not as nice as i would like.
      Pic rail on the front is plastic and difficult to trust with a vertical grip.

      loading is a pain.

      a few miss feeds every time I shoot.

      Not my idea of a zombie gun

      • Shadow

        Thanks for the heads-up on the KSG Mike.

      • Greg

        Where in OKC did you purchase? What'd you pay? I've been looking for one but not sure now after reading your review.

      • joegun45

        Mike, you want a real zombie gun, go buy you an AA12 shotgun. Their is no better shotgun! :-)

        • Steve Y.

          Yea! but where do you get one???

      • Lou

        Hello there,
        i also own a ksg and just like you said, it was misfeeding almost everytime i fired it, double feeds are a pain and it was far from reliable.
        i would like to remind you and anyone reading that kel tec has a LIFETIME warranty and stands behind this. i emailed kel tec with a detailed description of the problems i had and got a response back with a ups shipping label to cover the return of my ksg for repair..2 and a half weeks later it came back and has been 100% ever since. i didnt pay a thing, give the manufacturer a chance to make it right, yea its an inconvenience to have to wait but at least they are willing to fix it..thats customer service i can appreciate!
        cycles cleanly and smoothly now, i shoot buckshot birdshot and slugs without a single jam now..its a great design!

  • Fred

    What's the brand on the tactical pants you are wearing?

    Looks like they would be good for kill'N Zombies in without making my butt look too big……

    • Mack Missiletoe

      LOL haha?

  • Bob

    Wow, that is weird. I knew a Tom Beckstrand who was in SF, but he wasn't nearly as fat as this dude, and he could shoot. Maybe it's the camera angle. And the editing.

    • Smith

      Or maybe it's your fat ass sitting behind a computer screen in a basement?

      • Fred

        If his mom finds out she'll kill him…….

  • Adrian Johnson

    He would of been eaten by the time he found the lever to select the other mag.

  • Michael

    Are Mossberg, Remmington or Benelli going to produce anything similar?

  • Luke

    Far too expensive. Sorry.

  • David

    Is there a Zombie Nation magazine? It says above that it's on newsstands May 8th.

    • Smith

      I think so. I will definitely be looking for it!

    • Ernie

      Picked up a copy of the mag yesterday at walmart

    • Michael

      I got a copy at Books a million three days ago. It is a fun read. I enjoy escaping reality once in a while.

  • John K. In Austin

    I'll stick with my Mossberb 500.. I can carry 8+1 Hornady TAP along with 5 on the buttstock.

  • David

    Might have to go with a Saiga 12, modified with 20rd clip. about the same price and it's semiauto.

  • MotoJB

    Best shotgun option for us poor CA residents…but where the heck to get one?!?

    • jeff

      go to or

  • Alan_T

    It looks like a fun way to burn up a box of shells ….. also …… just the thing for ring – necks and mallards ! ! !

  • dave

    does "mike" really own one-check the kel tec web sight i though the only ones out now were for testing only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont believe everything somone posts. it sure seemed to load and fire fine on the video…

    • jeff

      seen one at the cenex store in williston nd they would not sell it tey are auctioning it off it is hard to find one on the internet for less than 1500.

  • mike lake

    Maybe Dave shouldn't be such a democrat and actually do some research before making accusations and not believe everything he reads online, you can see them for sale on sites like and even see nutnfancy on YouTube has several vids reviewing the KSG, my opinion its cool but too expensive, I can get three 870s for that price.

    • Michael

      I would get 3 870s.

    • John

      I'd like to know where your pickin up three 870's… just picked one up for $550. Ksg12 sellin for 630!?

  • Richard

    The KSG looks nice but it's chicken s… compared to a Saiga 12 … especially compared to a "modified" Saiga 12 …

    • mer171

      I have both, saiga 12 and kSG, saiga twelves are not as reliable… Gas oPerated semi autos especially foriegn ones can have problems if repair is needed, but i do agree with mike 3 870's might be more useful or 500's or domestics of that nature for the money. I like my ksg, its neat but alot can be said for the tried and true 870. Also the mis feeding thing comes from not pulling the forearm back hard enough, and i wish the lower rail was aluminum as well.
      For proof you can visit my channel at youtube slash mer171.

  • Richard

    In fact, for a "zombie" attack, give me a Glock ( no matter the caliber ), a Saiga 12, a HK G3 with plenty of ammo, and I should be all set. ( ok, ok, and a good ol' 1911 with 10 rounders as a back up )

  • MoreBeef

    The KSG is one of those shotguns that looks really great on paper. There does seem to be a couple of issues on further research though. The plastic lower picatinny rail is a weak link, I've seen pictures of them broken right off when used with a fore grip. I suspect the aftermarket will come up with a fix, which leads me to another point; the KSG is almost impossible to find at a retailer near you, and when you do see them the price gouging is severe. I've seen two sold recently at via their in house auction system. Both went for over $1300.00. It's what the market will bear, I get that, in my opinion a 12 pump shotgun is simply NOT worth that much.

    Now, as to it's effectiveness as an anti zombie weapon, 14 rounds of 12 gauge is mighty nice. But a Saiga with a 20 round drum or a couple 10 round box magazines would be just as effective, and it's semi auto. Your mileage may vary of course…

    • johpal8639

      The problem is all the force goes right into the small area on that plastic rail, so of course it will break over time. The one solution to the plastic rails, that I can see, is to add a long metal riser rail then put a handle on that. The force will be distributed over a larger area. Or you could try one of those Magpul Angle Grips. Maybe that will work.

  • Cade

    check out the UTAS UTS-15

  • Kevin

    I orderd two in december finally got it shoots great took down a 6 inch poplar tree in 6 shots haven't had a jam loads easy very easy to control recoil but as you folks say not sure about the lower rail but still a great addition to my collection paid 999 canadian dollars

  • Noah

    I won my ksg in a raffle and I love it to death. I bet if all the neigh sayers here had the chance do get one they would buy it right up. I think a lot of the negativity comes from the inaccessibility of the weapon right now. And I'm going to have to say, considering I'm a marine and a combat marksmanship instructor of four years, if you use your weapon and don't abuse it you will have no issues. You first thing I did when I got it was take it apart and clean it and then spent hours learning to sight in with it and work the action as well as load unload clear and switch between tubes quickly. Theresa something I like to tell my students, practice makes perfect, slow is smooth and smooth is fast

  • Mark Shean

    Are you aware of any Police Departments or other agencies that actually utilize the KSG? If so would you pass that info along to me?

    You may be doing another article featuring my functional improvement of the KGS soon.

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