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How to Create a Secure, Zombie-Proof Home

by Patrick Sweeney   |  March 27th, 2012 87
Zombie proof home

You may not live in a fortified fortress like this, but there are still ways to keep the brain-munchers out.

The military has considered camouflage for a long time. The things that give you away, and lead to getting shot, are typically movement, light, shine, noise and outline. For zombies, we can add smell. Simply locking your doors and not attending to anything else in the way of camo will lead to a crowd of zoms milling around your place, attracting more zombies, lower property values and making it difficult to get out of your own driveway.

Additionally, excessively aggressive security measures will attract the attention of non-zombie scavengers. Look too prosperous, and some will ask to join you, and perhaps not entirely politely.

So, what to do?

First, physical barriers. Start by having solid doors, sturdy windows and using the locks on the doors. Windows on the ground floor must be locked, those on upper floors can be openable, but must be blocked to a small opening to prevent entry. Then make a perimeter. If the outbreak is shufflers, you won’t have to be too heavy-handed here. Enough of a physical barrier, starting as far out as you can to slow and re-direct them, will do. A picket fence without gaps in it would be enough to re-direct the walkers. If the outbreak is fast-movers, you’ll need as hard and secure a barrier set as you can manage, and that will not be possible very far out. Here, a six-foot high chain-link fence, motion detectors and fields of fire might be necessary.

Second, don’t attract attention. That means even if you do have power, you need blackout curtains. No showing light at night, even if it is just candles and lanterns. No loud music. No generators, unless you can make the noise un-noticed or un-reachable. A generator in the empty, adjacent house next door, with the muffler pointed up the chimney, will be very quiet. Open fires might not attract attention, depending on just how much stuff is regularly on fire, but the smells of food cooking are different than rubbish burning — or at least I hope so. If your “cooking” doesn’t smell any better than burning rubbish, you have a new problem set. That will be harder to disguise, but some smells are more pronounced than others. We all know when the local grill master fires up for the first time in the spring. We can smell his efforts for blocks. So resist the temptation to roast a pig on a spit over a great big open fire.

One of the things that comes with any civilization is noise. Even a quiet residential neighborhood is noisy. Take all the noise away, and the silence becomes noticeable. Use that noise to your advantage. The old rock-in-a-can trick works, but you can do better. Rig a wind chime so the wind doesn’t cause it to chime, but an opening gate does. Trip wires also. If you have three or four different wind chimes, you will be able to tell where the entry is by the tone of the chimes. No power, no batteries, simple and cheap. They can, however, be relatively negated by live, as opposed to undead, intruders.

Last, no barrier is an actual barrier unless you can ensure two things: You can observe it, and you can bring it under fire. You need to have safe observation points from which you can see all exterior walls of your dwelling. You cannot permit blind spots, which are mischief waiting to happen. Also, your perimeter has to be in sight. If you always have the fence gates closed, and on taking your hourly look, see a gate open, you know there’s a problem. If you can’t see that gate, and it is open, you have no way of knowing if the yard is even safe enough to go out for more firewood or water.

This isn’t rocket science, but it is unforgiving.

  • Untacticool

    Does this zombie nonsense really warrant this kind of attention? Doesn't anyone have anything real to write about rather than this puerile drivel? Are gun enthusiasts really no more than overgrown 10-year-olds?
    These questions are obviously rhetorical.
    OK, now flame away…

    • Ryguy

      Yes, it's ridiculous…probably why it's fun to read about – but that would assume a sense of humor. Do actual adults use the words "puerile drivel"? They're are all sorts of moronic people out there…yes, even gun enthusiasts. What I don't understand is why you think it's an "issue" for a gun enthusiasts to be a little 10yr old and yet we have thousands and thousands of adults that can't for some reason be responsible and NOT drink and drive or even just drink responsibly.

      • Shalimar

        Spot on accurate reply IMO

      • Untacticool

        I lost any semblance of a sense of humor when I realized how little sense people had. Why is reading pages upon pages of nonsense about zombies "fun"? Some enjoy puerile drivel, slapstick et al, but the least humorous thing is stupidity, and it's what most "humor" is based upon.
        It's an issue to me because most gun owners are their own worst enemies, wanting to be accepted as "sportsmen" yet obsessed with militarism and tacticality, whining about "liberals" and using stupid swaggering tough talk that only serves to turn off those that don't share the enthusiasm for guns as sporting equipment. It just convinces the rest that we're immature, perhaps borderline psychotics that shouldn't be entrusted with anything more dangerous than a Nerf ball. "Pry from my cold dead hands" indeed. If drivers talked about their cars the way that so many talk about their guns and shooting, how comfortable would you feel letting your wife or daughter drive to the mall or supermarket?

        • ant mich

          really. OMG, untesticool, maybe we are all big grown kids. You dont have to call me a sportsman, leave that for Peyton Manning. I believe in the right to keep and carry arms. Im not hiding and saying im a sportsmen even though i hunt alot. I have never shot at the olympics nor am i training to. The word zombie is a term used for crackheads trying to get your food storage. Maybe they are the true sportsmen. Anywho, just a little compasion for us who use the words zombie and sportsman. Support the NRA and God bless America .

        • Alan_T

          So …… why are YOU here Untacticool ? ? ? Are we supposed to be impressed with your big , giant brain and command of vocabulary and worship you ? Are we not supposed to realize that you are liberal troll and say , " Duuuuuuuuuuh , ….. That Untacticool sure has the smarts over us poor rubes , we should abandon our beliefs and adopt his ! " ?
          As to the using " stupid , swaggering tough talk " YOU seem to have cornered THAT MARKET here in this forum and HAVE convinced me that YOU are immature . As far as " borderline psychotics " go , I don't think there is any borderline with you . Why are you wasting your and our time here , Untacticool …… don't you have home-work to do or something ? Or is it the other kids don't like you much either and here is the outlet you have to vent your arrogance and bad manors the your adults don't tolerate ?

        • Dan

          If you don't like it, don't read it. Last I checked, America was a free country. Also, I'm glad that you learmed the term "purile drivel", and want to use it as much as possible. But using one big word over and over actually, makes you like dumber than if you had just said "crap". That being said, relating humor to stupidity leads me to believe that you are to incompetent to comprehend the smarter stuff. (Here, let me put this into laymens terms so you can understand my "purile drivel";you are a moron)

        • Mil Dawg

          Lighten up Francis…

        • Michael

          Gun ownership is not about being a sportsman, that is a liberal gun hater tactic. It is about defense. If you do not like Zombie stuff, then avoid zombie related sites. If people enjoy the zombie myth let them. Who the heck cares? It is not important, especially to the point of your level of seriousness.

    • Al Brady

      At least we can, without fear, refer to zombies in a PC manner as zombies!

    • Peter Lake

      I recall that in the Los Angeles riots in 1992, all of these zombie protective measures would have been useful — or were used — to one degree or another.
      One man's zombies is naother man's rioters.
      The best thing about writing proactive essays about zombies is that it's a-political.
      No ethnic identification, no nationalistic rhetoric.

      If you don't worry about zombies perhaps there's another potential issue you ought to be concerned with.
      But whatever it may be, "zombies" covers it all.

      Substitute another identifier for the attackers and place the time in an apocalyptic future, then go back and read the zombie literature with perhaps a new understanding.

      Dead or undead — makes no matter to me. I'm getting ready.

    • @wchil1961

      I live by the mantra "never say never"; who is to say that preparing for zombies is nonsense? More likely than not, we are not going to encounter any zombies in our lifetime – but you can NOT say that it can't happen, can you? Nobody can predict the future, and I think it is purdent for us to at least be a little prepared for the very REAL possibility that a virus might attack, a nuclear attack will occur, a comet might pass close to us and the tail has lethal effects, or an alien life force might visit. NEVER say never . . .

    • James

      Yes, yes it does. If you are such a zombie hater don't read about them. It is that simple.

    • K.C.

      Amen! Walking Dead is a good show and all but come on

    • Newt

      where do you think they got the idea for the zombie movie that started it all. The Night Of The Living Dead. It was based on real experiments that were conducted at none other than area 51. Names and places and how the dead rose in the movie were altered. Such as radiation from outer space being the cause and corpses clawing their way out of the ground is impossible. But the idea for the movie was based on military experiments gone bad and it was decided that such a biological weapon would not only kill the enemy but our own military could become infected by fluid transfer such as spit or blood. And no I am not waiting for some kind of zombie apocolypse but the ones that are have created a new found gold mine for many industries.
      Just so you know.

    • Lebek Johnson

      All depends on who the "zombie" is.

    • mccrazy

      Dude,it is called entertainment.(I'm only posting this because the admin deleted my first reply)

    • Brad pitt

      Bye. Fag. Prepare to be eaten alive!

    • FRc2BRckndWth

      Dont comment on stuff like this if you think it is Drivel and i dont think alot of people truly put stock into something like this actually happening but it is fun to think about. Relax a little

    • brobb88

      Does your Dick get any attention from the ladies? Did you get picked on in high school? Are you going to be eaten by zombies because your too mature to stock up for the apocolypse? These are rhetorical questions you zombie apocolyspe hating jerk

    • brob

      Your a zombie

    • sgtprepper

      Hello, zombies are anyone who hasn't prepped for a disaster. They will be very real.

  • Mark

    How about some reference information to the home pictured above?

  • 2WarAbnVet

    We're more in need of a Democrat Politician proof building.

    • Big D

      Right you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SquidWithAGun

      Let's start small, say, the California Legislature building then move up from there.

  • TheTerrorBeyond

    Zombies are WAY overdone and far too popular, but I don't see any problem with this article. If you don't like it, don't read it.

    • Alan Wash

      Very true. And there is nothing wrong with creating excitement and getting more people out on the range.

    • Alan_T

      That;s what I;ve been saying all along Terror .

  • Larry

    I would not take the word Zombie literally but as an over all class. I had a relative that had a generator stolen during the last hurricane in Florida. While they may not LOOK like it the actions and attitude of many fellow humans could resemble Zombies. Beware.

    • Antonio

      I'm with Larry. Zombie preparedness covers all kinds of real-world issues, such as a Katrina-like crisis. Nothing wrong with thinking it through. I have mentally constructed a maze around my house from common items such as pallets, thorn bushes, etc. to redirect zombie or non-zombie foot traffic toward one or two areas we could monitor. It's something I could erect quickly to keep our generator and other life-support devices safe. And all I've expended is some thought.

      • flashback

        all one has to do is put obama in place of zombie after all they both have the same IQ!!!! 0 And by the way I do not capitalize worthless trash names(see obama above) I

    • Alan_T

      Exactly Larry !

  • KatrinaBeenThere

    Zombies are not always the dead ones we see on TV.

  • david

    Do you know what they call a liberal when doomsday comes? food!

    • Shawn

      I like that one

    • Billn

      I have some excellent recipes if your interested. But you have to marinate them for a long time in spicy marinade. Otherwise they taste like sh*t.

    • Steven

      THATS how to get rid of zombies! Since zombies live on brains, feed the liberals to them and all the zombies will starve to death!

      • guest


  • Mark York

    Maybe we could get a bunch of Zombies and put them in Congress they probably could get a whole lot more done than the "Live" ones that are there and work a whole lot cheaper!

    • flashback

      What do you think the democrat party is made up of? Anything has more intelligence than anyone that is a member of or votes for numb nuts like obama. Some people are unable to make their own decisions. These people join and/or vote for the democrats who only care about 2 things SEX AND OTHER PEOPLES MONEY not necessary in that order. democrats and catholic priest/nuns too what do they have in common? awnser is everything/anything immoral.

  • hicusdicus

    What is all this nonsensical Zombie crap? Lets get real and talk about Hill Billy meth heads that are stealing your AC unit to sell for scrap. By the way they are armed and know how to shoot. The other thing that may surprise you is that a lot of them are not stupid, just evil.

    • Antonio

      Plus there are the urban versions, "gangstas," who also are not all stupid and, according to a report I read, are practicing their shooting skills. Time to install a pit bull.

  • h87111

    I would actually like to know about that house.

  • Richard

    " Katrina-like crisis " … Why refer to this as zombie-this or zombie-that?

    Shouldn't just we call a spade a spade ? …

  • Glenn

    In reference to the house, look here:

  • Jim

    Can't believe I wasted few moments of my time attempting to find something of value in this article.

    • Alan_T

      And yet …… you wasted more moments posting this .

  • Shadow

    Keep it up Mr. Sweeney, this zombie stuff rocks!

  • James

    A zombie goes to capitol hill to get something to eat. One week later it drops dead of starvation, seems there were no brains to be found.

    Poor zombie.

  • guest

    Not only does Mr. Sweeney write informative and professional articles on guns he is the only expert on zombies I know .

    • Alan_T

      And …. we're all the better for it .

  • Gil Star

    Iext right here!

  • Gil Star

    I started reading G & A back in the early 1960s. Every issue was a good read, Intelligent informative writing with a regular biography of a shooting hero past or present. Humour of the gentle sophisticated kind was supplied by Gunsen Ammough in his last page Parting Shot slot. We don't get that now, as underlined by the continual reference to zombie this and that. Puerile drivel describes it well enough, and yes someof us do use such language. Of course you need understand English to appreciate it. Cooper did and his writing was so much the better for it. Elmer Keith managed to convey with his own choice of language, his love and knowledge of shooting. Both are now rotating wildley in their graves.

    • Alan_T

      It's interesting to note Gil that you use the terminology that Untacticool does ….. So my question to you is : are you the same person or just in cahoots with eachother ?

  • DetroitMan

    "Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man." – General George S. Patton Jr.

    In modern military history, bunkers of any kind are only speed bumps. A determined force will soon figure out a way to overcome them. No bunker is without weaknesses, and the average person is capable of remarkable ingeneuity. An angry mob of rioters will eventually figure out a way to attack your ventilation system, or find and exploit another weakness. Why spend the money to build a suburban fortress? Develop an exit plan instead and you will be far better off. Best of all, don't live somewhere that you might need a bunker, even for a short time. Live in a location you can escape from without worrying about overcrowded roads and angry mobs. Develop a plan for where you will go and how you will get there ahead of time. If your survival plan involves bunkering down in your home and shooting it out with a mob, then you've already failed at planning.

    • Antonio

      Interesting post, D-Man. Definitely made me think about hunkering down vs bugging out. Still, there are a lot of variable. We "prepare" as a kind of insurance, but how much should we spend on insurance? It becomes a question of probability and risk. At home I have shelter, clothing, supplies, and I think I can defend it against looters and such to a reasonable degree, but certainly not against a fixated mob. Of course the trick would be to bug out before the mob formed. Either way, you've given me something to think about.

    • butch

      I've always admired Patton and I like your idea it's much like my own

  • Gil Star

    Well Alan T old chum, I am NOT untacticool. Just a lone voice from over the pond. The UK to be more exact. I picked up on your put down of the expression 'puerile drive'. Why knock it? It describes accurately the content, so why not use it? Shooting sports get enough bad press as it is without us enthuiasts adding to the flames with rubbish articles. In comparison with the UK, you guys have practically unlimited freedom over the ownership of firearms. It would serve you better on your side of the pond, if your gun writers treated you as responsible adults, as opposed to brain dead 'gangsta rap' juveniles.

    • Alan_T

      Well Gil Star old shoe , you're " a lone voice from over the pond . The UK to be more exact " …….. well THAT pretty much says it all right there , doesn;t partner ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      See , here's the thing , Gil Star old kipper , this " puerile drivel " isn't published in a magazine and YOU don't pay for it …. so that means that YOU , GIL STAR , OLD TROLL , ….. HAD TO SEARCH IT OUT AND COME HERE DELEBERATLY TO READ IT !

  • FreeAmerican

    There are a few thing I don't understand with these comments. We are all in support of the second amendment. When someone chooses to excessive his first, we are just as bad as those who attack us for us utilizing our second. A couple folks above don't like the article, I do. Why attack someone for expressing their dislike of an article on zombies? Why instead of healthy debate about the usefulness of said article some choose to attack. Either believe in the Constitution or not.

    • Colorado

      It's called the internet. This website just seems to be a little worse than others when it comes to flame-wars.

  • dugiboy

    no , just sneak up behind them and shoot them in the back , worksi florida it seems .

  • dugiboy

    * in florida

  • Gil Star

    Alan T, it's a great shame that you find it difficult to engage in a discussion, or even an arguement without resorting to throwing personal insults around like confetti. Do grow up an tell me what you really think.

    • Alan_T

      Gil Star , what I really think is that : 1 ) I would like for you to show me where I resorted to throwing personal insults like confetti ( or otherwise ) at you and . 2 ) that you are an agent provocateur that has no favorable interest in firearms at all . 3 ) That your main purpose for being here ( since this is not a magazine but a blog that you didn't have to pay for and deliberately had to search out and come to a website that you have self-admittedly have no interest in ) is to cause as much trouble as you can for those of us who do believe in private ownership of firearms and the God – given right to defend ourselves our families . 4 ) I think , Gil Star that the real shame here is that YOU are insulting , disingenuous and dishonest . How's that for " grown up " ?

  • jamesinhouston

    Nobody lets congress leave Washington en mass, do they? Thought they had to have armed guards at all times, to keep them from attacking the populace.( In all seriousness, let's give the "Zombie" thing a rest). We have enough to worry about, or, not. If we turn on each other, then we really got a problem.

  • Gil Star

    Good grief Al T, are you really reading what I am writing? To answer your accusations… (1) Calling another contributer a Liberal troll, calling me dishonest, and disingenous, I would suggest are insults. (2) Good call but totally and completely wrong. I have been shooting since the age of 7 to some degree or other, and that was in 1948. (3) G & A Magazine pointed me to this blog, which I generally find interesting, and have never said that I have no interest in it. (4) You are entitled to your opinion , as am I, but I am amazed and dissapointed, that some of you are unable to hold a discussion without trying to put the other guy down.
    Over here adults are generally able to discuss and argue over different opinions without getting snotty with each other. Try it sometime, you might learn something.

  • Alan_T

    Yes Good Grief Gil I am reading what you are writing …. are YOU READING WHAT I AM WRITING ? If you are you don't address it ( because you can't ) , you just blow more smoke so I will address you again point by point .
    1 ) Show us WHERE I called another contributer a " Liberal troll " ? … you can't because it's not here ( nor did I call YOU a liberal troll ) , so where are the QUOTE , " personal insults that I am throwing around like confetti " ? CLOSE QUOTE . YOU ARE insulting , disingenuous and dishonest and was said only in response to AFTER YOU wrote , __QUOTE , " Alan T, it's a great shame that you find it difficult to engage in a discussion, or even an argument without resorting to throwing personal insults around like confetti. Do grow up an tell me what you really think." __CLOSE QUOTE __So again …. WHERE WERE THE PERSONAL INSULTS ? ? ? That's right , there weren't any ! And as far as you being dishonest, and disingenuous, YOU ARE and you just proved it , so that can't very well be construed as insults if it is true . If you are going throw out these Lies Gil …… you really should do it where everyone here can't go back and check them , All anyone has to do is go back and proof read your comments to see what a liar you are ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Alan_T

    2 ) You're right it was a good call and it's a good call .
    3 ) You are still blowing smoke and you aren't addressing what I said , that this a bog …. it's free … if you find it QUOTE , " Puerile drivel " CLOSE QUOTE , you're caught in another lie and Gun & Ammo contrary to you assertion didn't drag you here , so then why are you here ? ? ? You can;t have it both ways !

    • Gil Star

      Anyone bored enough to be actually reading these comments will know that it is you, not me who is blowing smoke. Scroll up and you will find at least two separate postings of yours calling Untacticool a "liberal tro;ll" and myself a troll, dishonest etc etc. I don't think that anything I have written is in the least insulting, unless you have taken offence at my suggestion you grow up. I choose to use this blog site because I find it generally of interest. But you should be aware that Blogs are a form of communication where different opinions may be discussed. Most people can manage that without slagging each other off. You might also tell me why my being a Brit, "explains it all".

      • guest

        made a mistake, i gave you a thumbs up instead og thumbs down

        • guest

          ment for gil star

  • Colorado

    Ad hominem attacks =/= winning.

  • Bryon

    The only zombies we have to worry about is the countless numbers in our government.

  • Alan_T

    Gil , the " two separate postings " ( sic ) of me calling Untacticoll ( sic ) a "liberal tro;ll" ( sic ) is another of your dishonest attempts to distort the facts when in reality it's ONE posting , NOT TWO and that hardly constitutes " throwing personal insults around like confetti " . As for calling you a troll , what I actually said was " old shoe , old kipper & old troll ( NOT TROLL ) " all of which are legitimate British salutations , which you would know if , as you claim , you are from the U . K . . Further more , you can't " find this blog of interest " if, as you say , you think it is " Puerile drivel " ( sic ) , because the two terms are mutually exclusive of each other . In addendum , blogs are the written opinions of the author which may or may not be where opinions of others are discussed . So once again you're caught in half truths , misdirection and lies .

    • Gil Star

      Al T old sport (That is actually a Brit term) you are tripping over your self so much, you must spend the greater part of your time flat on your face. If you really cannot remember the postings I have referred to, you should seek medical advice, as you just might be experiencing the onset of Alzheimers.
      This thread is now getting very silly. What started off as a discussion looslely related to the shooting world, has descended into farce, which has NOTHING to do with the shooting enthusiast. So let's call it a day, and agree to disagree.

  • Alan_T

    Gil , it is estimated that 1 in 25 of the world's population are sociopaths . You are a sociopath and I suspect that the clinical type of your sociopathy is covetous psychopathy . Because you are being exposed for what you are and you are obviously not convincing anyone ( as attested by your negative ratings and my positive ones ), true to your type , you are now trying to claim some sort of false moral high ground while still trying to get in your insults .
    Churchhill said that " The only thing needed for evil to succeed , is for good men to stand by and do nothing ". I have always admired Churchill and I believe that's true . That's why I don't stand by and do nothing . Sociopaths have so many blind spots but I am always surprised when sociopaths don't understand that all they need to do to end something is to quit ( but then your ego normally won't allow that , will it ? ) Now , all that being said , and I have my doubts that you can , if you want it to end ….. just end it .

    • Gil Star

      Blimey AL (That's another Brit expression) In all my 71 years on this planet, I have never before been called a sociopath. I must warn my family. As it seems unlikely that you and I will ever see eye to eye, I shall hand you a pyrrhic victory and invite you to have the last word. I shall not be posting on this subject again, which is not to say that I won't pop up when something else stirs me up enough.

  • Kris

    I am just a guest but it is feasable that the goverment can manufacture viruses and they most shave done studies to boost agressiveness in military personnel so it stands to reason that a "zombie apocalypse" can most certainly be a reality.. Maybe not brain eating corpse walkers but infected with a virus that affects the brain causing extreme aggresiveness and deterioration(dementia) . As a nurse I already see this in non sci fi diseases such as Alshiemers, mad cow disease and a few others so why couldnt the goverment do this??? That is why I never take the flu shot, H1n1 vaccine and avoid taking Antibiotics so those people who this Article is targeting are not necessarily crazy they just may be smarter than the rest who think these scenarios can never happen…

  • gunsrfun308

    i,m a middle class worker who lives on the bases that whats mine is mine and will stay mine as long as i,m able to protect it. this talk of zombies and walking dead can be put like this …people that laugh at the fact that nothing will happen will soon find out they are in a bind for food and water an supplies because our food supplies wil run short .only the rich will be able to afford to why not .call the ones who dont prepare zombies ..or walking dead ..looters and so on ..the fact of the matter is you may find yourself in the middle of a total colaspe of our country.and will you be ready to handle the problems that come about ..will you be able to surive the long term..the article.just gives you something to think about on how to survive and defend yourself. open up your eyes and look around its not getting any better and yes im getting ready..for what ever comes my way to protect myself and family whether it be zombies or people that are looking for food that will kill you for it ..

  • Red VonMunster

    Holy hell. This "thread" is full of 'Muricuh.

  • zombie hunter

    the zombies are coming haven't you people read the news lately of zombie attacks !!!!!!!!!!! people eating other peoples faces !!! one guy cut it own intestines out and threw at police !!!!!! a 4 year old dead boy in a coffin sits up in the middle of a wake !!!!

  • Scottie

    Either way, if its zombies or a global outbreak of some disease. People should always have in the back of their heads ways of protecting themselves and their families in a time of crisis or Marital Law being implemented from looters or people who want what you have.

  • Younis Mourabi

    If the garden gnomes roll in with their ‘RESCUE’ tanks, you need to get holed up in an inconspicuous location with plenty of food and water. Your mission will to evade and survive, not defend the Alamo to your family’s last breath.

    Katrina was unusual in the history of US natural disasters in terms of the magnitude of civilian lawlessness. If you do not live in an urban/high crime area, spend less time planning for random looters and lawlessness, and focus more planning efforts on a totalitarian garden gnome takeover/lockdown scenario.

  • Kenny Burrell

    my favorite tv series is the walking dead … this is a great house to have if that really happen! fantastic

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