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Zombie Nation

Brownells Introduces the Zombie Elimination Crew

by G&A Online Editors   |  October 1st, 2012 14

When the walking dead are chasing after you, who you gonna call?

Anyone can be a zombie slayer in a pinch, but it takes a real crack team of zed commandos to really scrub the flesh-eaters from the face of the Earth.

Enter Brownells‘ Zombie Elimination Crew. At the end of times, these five survivors serve as mankind’s last stand against the zombie scourge that has literally devoured most of the planet.

Armed with products readily available from Brownells, the ZEC is certainly prepared for the zombie apocalypse–even if they don’t want a part in the fight.

Be sure to check out the ZEC’s website, and in the meantime, get to know the crew in the exclusive interviews below.


  • Gunowner

    The zombie fad has thoroughly jumped the shark. Can we please please please just make it stop? It's no longer fun, clever, funny etc.

    • Nosfer6

      You obviously just don't have the braaaaaaains for this!
      Yes it can be overdone and somewhat campy but that's what makes it so fun. Don't take anything too seriously. Get a copy of world war Z, put your feet up and enjoy.

      • Gunowner

        Haha, I see what you did there!

        Actually I own WWZ an The Zombie Survival Guide. I love a good zombie movie or book just as much as the next guy. But every company out there coming out with zombie this and that has gotten pretty old.

  • Guest

    A new low in G&A content.

  • SamF1911

    Keep up the awesome work G&A, "Zombie Nation" rocks!

  • Guest

    Shameless ad for Brownells proported as a article.

  • Guest

    None of them look like they could run a mile with all that crap on. Well, maybe to the fridge.

    Campy fun is one thing, but …
    "A real man uses motor oil." (re: hair product)

    That is just plain dumb.


    I'm surprised at all the negative feedback to some of the comments. The whole zombie thing is a fad and is in all good fun, but companies will end up killing it off themselves by going overboard with it. Take this article for example. It is just an ad for Brownells. "Armed with products readily available from Brownells…" Come on now. I can't just point the finger at Brownells though. Mossberg recently released a model 500 shotgun with green zombie print on the side of the receiver. In every other way it's just a regular 500, but you put green letters on the side and now it's somehow different or better. And don't get me started on the tacticool lever action they did. Really Mossberg? So it's come to that. With all that said, go ahead and rack up those thumbs down.

    • GatorsFan1

      It is a fad everyone is jumping on while they can to make a few $$ and separate you from your cash.
      Will it make you a better shot? Nope. It is for people who are more interested in looking "tacticool" than getting out and shooting.
      G&A understands this. Most of their postings are ads. Look how much traffic it has generated.
      +1 about the lever action from Mossberg!
      Hey, I am giving you a thumbs up!

  • Guest

    Zombies are DEAD why would the "TEAM" need thermal sights. REALLY!!!

    • Defend the 2nd

      The zombie thing is fun, but at least put some thought into it Brownells!
      Looks like they took some of their employees, threw a bunch of tacticool stuff at them without any real thought!

      • NOYFB

        That first pic of the bubba with the lever action really bothers me. I mean, he has a lever action rifle that requires both hands to operate an yet he's carrying a .50cal ammo can everywhere he goes. WTH? Is your backback that full? You'd think Brownells would have at least outfitted him with a sling that you put extra ammo on it. Maybe an ammo belt slung across the chest…but that would have blocked the Zed cleaning kit (normal cleaning kit with green letters and biohazard symbol) from Otis which is probably a sponser of some sorts.

  • mike

    How very, very lame. I am sorry I clicked on this. how very pathetic. Not funny anymore, when the zombies do come it'll be fat old guys that get eaten first and freaks with tatoos and body piercings will be taken out by normal people just fore fun.

  • Johnny Walker Blk

    LOL! Good one Mike!

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