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Belt-Fed for Zombies: Valkyrie Armament BSR Mod-1

by Eric R. Poole   |  May 1st, 2012 33

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Valkyrie-Armament-BSR-Mod-1Combining the Valkyrie Armament belt-fed conversion with a Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15, the result is one that bridges the firepower gap between a rifle and a machine gun — the Valkyrie Armament BSR Mod-1. This entire build makes for an extremely controllable and accurate rifle that can’t be touched by any other small arm in the world. Period.

Belted Misconceptions
The goal of this project wasn’t to create a so-called “civilian-legal machine gun.” I’m not attempting to circumvent the laws of our government to possess something that I’m not supposed to have. After testing many platforms and high-capacity feeding devices, I’ve come to the conclusion that this primary weapon system trumps all others against zombies—including machine guns.

I realize I’m making a big statement by suggesting that a semiauto Valkyrie Armament belt-fed conversion complete with a Slide Fire stock is better suited for the Zombie Apocalypse than a full-auto machine gun, but we have to change the way we think in terms of zombies. Consider the fact that we’ll not be facing hordes of a human enemy for which the fire-suppression capabilities of a machine gun were designed. We’re focused on the walking dead that can only be exterminated by a head shot. The machine gun is more difficult to control, and in the world of zombies, efficient ammo use is key. Full-auto fire is simply more difficult to handle and a waste of resources.

In contrast, the Valkyrie belt-fed conversion with Slide Fire stock offers better-controlled rapid-fire capability, something you may not faithfully believe in until you try it for yourself.

For more on this rapid-fire zombie slayer, check out Zombie Nation.


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  • Rich Baker

    While it's really sweet, it's not the ultimate zombie gun. It needs a suppressor and subsonic ammunition…otherwise you're just ringing a dinner bell for Zed. A .22 would do the job just as well, the ammo is more readily available and you can carry a lot more of it.

    • albert

      the article about thee 300 blackout sniper rifle covers that point. and they talked about military over sease who had head shots bounce or graze the enemies head because the distance was to great. being there using 5.56 over seas valkyrie chose not to use the .22 because they did not want to hafe to be that close to the zombie to kill them unless it was absolutley necessary. this gun can reah out as well as br used for close combat.

  • Mike Posey

    Nowhere in the article does it say it's the ultimate zombie gun.
    For static point defense this would make your little .22 irrelevant, even more-so when combined with a bottleneck.

  • Smith

    WOW! Talk about some major fire power!

  • bob johnson

    cool. but not as good as an ak with a 75 round drum. awesome reliablity, accurate enough. and 5.45 or 7.62 is better then 5.56

    • john doughnut

      true Bob !

  • Kyle Meier

    God that thing must cost a fortune. Rough estimate here. around $2-3000.
    Lower 200
    Converted upper – no idea
    Leupold- 300ish
    Z-max – 20 for 20 rds
    belted- even more $
    Stock- 300
    Brake- 100 area

    • Alan_T

      I'm guessing even higher , like the 3 – 4 range .

    • albert

      Colt 6920 carbine – $1000-$1200
      belt fed conversion- $3599
      bump fire stock- $350
      100 links- $35
      saw boxes-$ 25
      z-max – 20 for $20
      leupold- $599

      • Michael

        All I see is $$$$$.

    • Pete Scott

      Registered M16 or AR15
      Don't forget the butload of paperwork , tax stamp and wait time to even bring it home

      • Albert

        It is not class 3 it is legal in all states that allow extended magazines and it needs no special paperwork or fed tax stamps

      • Jason

        Its legal without any stamp or paperwork for now. But that will change very soon now that Obama is back!

  • Shadow

    I like it but I'll be sticking with my AR and surefire 60-round mags or 100-round beta c-mags.

  • Robby777

    Hmm. Each to his own poison. I'd prefer a 7.62 with a 60-100 round mag. Just in case there is a little life left in them. Semi-auto aimed fire is better and more accurate. Beta mags in the poodle shooter okay if piston guns, otherwise the rifle would get too hot with direct gas impingement. Asbestos/Nomex gloves are awkward. The new lighter M-240 is a possibility, though a Browning BAR from WWII would not be bad – if only someone would come up with a bigger capacity mag. If you are putting down zombies, I don't think 20 pounds is too heavy.

    • Alan_T

      Curse those dirty zombies ! I say we lay in a stock of RPG's ….. maybe a few Titan missles .
      By the way , I think you have a valid point about heat with direct gas impingement .

    • Michael

      Maybe the guys at Redjacket can develope a larger BAR mag? I would love to have a BAR.

  • Robby777

    Glock 34L with Glock M18 magazines would not be too bad. Use light frangible bullets for devastating effect. Of course if you have one of the few Glock 18's in the U.S., you are set.

  • Alan_T

    That looks like it would be a BLAST to shoot ! Ha Ha .. get it " …. a blast ? … Ha ….. uh …..Why are you guys just staring at me ? … Ha ……..
    ( mutter , mumble , mutter ) All I do is try to bring a little laughter to your lives and THIS is the thanks I get ( mumble , mutter , mumble )
    WELL FINE ….. see if I care when the zombies get YOU !

  • Michael

    When I was reading the article I was not impressed with this weapon system, but after seeing the video, I think it is cool. It looks like a lot of fun. I have seen images of early Stoner prototypes using belt fed ammo. If I had the extra money I would buy a conversion kit.

    • John

      Yes he did; but could it also feed off of M16 mags.?

  • Michael

    Man you guys sound like a bunch of jealous kids. Damn, were a bunch of men here, this is something we circle around pointing and whispering silently about for hours. (well thats what we do with something so cool your in amazement) This AR is badass, I knew the Slide-Fire combo would be more or better controllable than full auto AND shoot just as fast, which has been proven with an registered M16 versus a civi AR15 with a Slide-Fire.

    With that said I love the "Zombie Weapons" because there original and not just another AR15! Might as well call this thing a SAW!

    • john

      Don't shoot your self in the foot.

  • John

    Can’t you quickly change the barrel on a SAW, unlike the AR-15?

  • josh

    I wish it wasn't so damn expensive seems like a lot of fun to shoot

  • Raymond

    the question is how fast can you reload it?

  • @undefined

    F*** the money issue. Its for zombies! That's like saying a nuke it the U.S. but gas prices are so high. Its irrelevant!

  • Troy Stiffler

    So what is the general consensus of the best Zombie slaying gun?

  • Mike Runyon

    If shooting zombies is supposed to be analogous to soe kind of real life disaster then how does the only stopped by a head shot part fit in? It may be possible(barely) for some kind of man made virus to cause the infected to act kinda like movie zombies but reanimating the dead is impossible.And there will never be a creature that can keep coming after multiple rifle rounds have destroyed its body. Wish they would do more movies like I am legend where the zombies are at least within the realm of possibility. Anything that could exist in the real world could be killed just like everything else

  • john

    I like the ideal of a belt fed gun and after looking at this I built my own for a lot less than $5k but as for the best zombie gun this is stupid because there is no such thing really dumb

  • Mike Runyon

    Awesome!! Something for the antigun folks to parade in front of the media!!! Cant wait to see us explain to the non shooting crowd how this isn’t really a machine gun either. Seems like a cool toy but I really dont want my next AR purchase nixed because these things make a new semi auto ban an easier argument to win. I mean they claim its value is to disabled shooters? Really? Is that who’s shooting them in the 5000 youtube vids? If someone uses one of these in a public crime its all over guys. I’m actually surprised average shooters are so enthusiastic about these things. In a perfect world it would be a great toy but as you know perfect this world ain’t.

  • Bruce

    LOL, don't know, never shot a zombie before. rofl as long as he stops I am good. like your comment

  • John


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