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Valkyrie-Armament-BSR-Mod-1Combining the Valkyrie Armament belt-fed conversion with a Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15, the result is one that bridges the firepower gap between a rifle and a machine gun — the Valkyrie Armament BSR Mod-1. This entire build makes for an extremely controllable and accurate rifle that can’t be touched by any other small arm in the world. Period.

Belted Misconceptions
The goal of this project wasn’t to create a so-called “civilian-legal machine gun.” I’m not attempting to circumvent the laws of our government to possess something that I’m not supposed to have. After testing many platforms and high-capacity feeding devices, I’ve come to the conclusion that this primary weapon system trumps all others against zombies—including machine guns.

I realize I’m making a big statement by suggesting that a semiauto Valkyrie Armament belt-fed conversion complete with a Slide Fire stock is better suited for the Zombie Apocalypse than a full-auto machine gun, but we have to change the way we think in terms of zombies. Consider the fact that we’ll not be facing hordes of a human enemy for which the fire-suppression capabilities of a machine gun were designed. We’re focused on the walking dead that can only be exterminated by a head shot. The machine gun is more difficult to control, and in the world of zombies, efficient ammo use is key. Full-auto fire is simply more difficult to handle and a waste of resources.

In contrast, the Valkyrie belt-fed conversion with Slide Fire stock offers better-controlled rapid-fire capability, something you may not faithfully believe in until you try it for yourself.

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