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Zombie Nation

G&A Perspective: “Bath Salts” and the Zombie Apocalypse (GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING)

by Dylan Polk   |  June 20th, 2012 54


Jackson Memorial released this image of Poppo last week only two and a half weeks after the attack.

Zombie preparedness is often looked down on by some in the shooting world as fantasy garbage, nothing more than make-believe readiness for an event that will never happen.

But what if the Zombie Apocalypse had a real-life parallel? What if there was actually something out there eerily similar to zombie lore, something that would actually put all this zombie gear to practical use?

For 65-year-old Ronald Poppo, Saturday, May 26, probably began just the same as any other sunny Miami day.

The homeless man had frequently sighted in that area, and that day, was lying underneath the elevated Metromover track when his life took a horrific turn.

Rudy Eugene, 31, had been visiting his girlfriend in Fort Lauderdale when he drove up to Miami Beach early that morning.

Somewhere along the way, he abandoned his car and began walking along the sweltering highway, shedding his clothes piece by piece until completely nude — it was around that time he encountered Poppo.

After beating him unconscious, Eugene climbed on top of Poppo and began an assault that is best described as “cannibalistic,” chewing off a majority of the man’s face.

When Miami Police officer Jose Ramirez arrived on the scene and ordered Eugene to freeze, the crazed attacker ignored the warning, growling at the officer instead. Ramirez shot Eugene once, then four more times when the first shot didn’t seem to have an effect, killing Eugene, but not before 70-80 percent of Poppo’s face had been chewed off.

Poppo is now recovering, but the profoundly disturbing attack left many across the world wondering what could have possibly caused such craziness.

But the horror didn’t stop in Miami. The next day, 43-year-old Wayne Carter in Hackensack, N.J., disemboweled himself with a knife, then threw parts of his intestines at officers who had responded to a call that the man would harm himself.

A 21-year-old college student named Alexander Kinyua admitted to the Harford County Sheriff’s Department that he murdered his roommate, 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, and ate part of Agyei-Kodie’s brain and heart.

Earlier this week, reports out of Florida indicate that 21-year-old Giovani Martinez bit a nurse, attacked a hospital staff, and threatened to eat their faces and rape their wives.

Horrifying and tragic are both words that spring to mind when you read about these attacks — like I said, zombies even enter that stream of consciousness. While these incidents may not be literal zombie attacks per se, they exemplify what Zombie Nation is all about: being able to defend yourself in the face of unthinkable, horrifying danger, which in this case could very well be a common source.

Given names like “bath salts,” “Ivory Wave” or “Cloud 9,” drugs containing methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) or similar chemicals have been suspected in these attacks and others like them — which in itself isn’t breaking news. After all, drugs have had people acting like maniacs for years.

But not this gruesomely, unless you believe the PCP urban legends that may have inspired Mason Verger’s fate in Hannibal.

So why take it? Users are led to believe the drug will act as some sort of aphrodisiac, increased arousal and a sense of euphoria. But what actually happens is far from bliss: Overstimulation, agitation, extreme paranoia and suicidal thoughts are among the psychological effects listed by the DEA.

Remember all the ridiculous notions about marijuana you learned from watching Reefer Madness? Well, if the movie was about bath salts, it might not be so laughable today.

Of course, it’s only natural when we see some suspected bath salts user ripping someone’s flesh off that we go to zombies; in an attempt to grasp the bizarre circumstances of a real event, our minds will naturally go to what we’re familiar with, no matter how outlandish that may be.

Although these attacks may just seem like random occurrences, there will always be drugs like bath salts or PCP floating around, causing the same horrific effects as their predecessors.

And chances are, you may never experience it. You may go through your whole life blissfully without having to stare into the bloodshot eyes of some drug-crazed lunatic.

Then again, if you’re unlucky enough not to beat those odds, it’s better to be prepared on how to deal with the situation, lest you suffer some life-changing injury.

At any rate, when you find yourself under attack by someone in a drug-induced stupor, time is of the essence. Know how to defend yourself and your family from such an attack. The odds may be in your favor, but there is always that chance. Just ask Ronald Poppo, he’s recovering, but it’s a long road, and the damage inflicted is all too real.

  • Eric Hill

    God this article should have been out weeks ago.

    • airsporter

      As you are the last – Beg you to suffer . Seems Im unable to Post without wasting time on – Well its hard to describe really… what was once a respected Publication has become a mere fantasy 'comic'.
      G&A with Coopers Corner / ( Probably rotating swiftly in his grave) Gary James / and a host of other knowledgeable writers was a benchmark in Firearms Publications.

      Continue this way and you justly deserve to be emasculated by the creeping Legislation as we have been in the UK.

      You F******g deserve to to lose the Right To Bear Arms if Zombies are your biggest threat!

      Welcome to the future of Gun Ownership Zombies!

      • Alan_T

        I think that looking at your negative numbers tells us what people think of your oppinions airsporter .

  • Kyle Meier

    remember rule #2– Double tap and in these cases mag dump.

  • AOKSteve

    What is our society becoming? I do not know if "bath salts" can legally be sold in Florida, but it's kinda scary that a person can walk into a store, plunk down $25 and walk out with these powerful substances. Too bad that a legally armed citizen did not happen upon this situation. I think that Florida should not mess up concealed carry, and they should leave "stand your ground" alone.

    • Larry

      Steve, As I understand it Bath Salts is the name given the drug…not real bath salts.

      • JCf

        Yes, But they sell it @ gas stations

      • Tom

        No , Larry they are just that, bath salts,you know tub , water, rubber duck.

        • Donald R Herrick

          No, tom, it's a drug made most often in bathrooms, often in bathtubs, hence the street sling name "bath salts"

  • Zombie Hunter

    There have been even more zombie type attacks in many other states adn not all of them invovling bath salts, just people being crazed. The zombie apocalypse is coming. Be prepared and ready. Guns and plenty of ammo and blades.

  • Shawn O'Loughlin

    Mostly because we stopped locking up all the crazy people years ago. Now we call them "homeless people" and provide them with shelter and food but allow them to roam the streets day and night. There was a time when the crazies and pedophiles in sanitariums for the rest of their lives and society was better for it. Thank the bleeding-heart liberals for this.

    • Shawn O'Loughlin

      There was a time when *we put* the crazies and pedophiles in sanitariums…

    • Brendan

      If anything, the elimination of sanitariums is a Republican ideal and not a liberal ideal.

      • Shawn O'Loughlin

        Uh-huh, Republicans have no problem keeping criminals and crazies locked up. The Dems seem to want to gut anything they can to divert the money to buying the welfare vote and filling their campaign coffers.

        • Alan_T

          Kind of makes you wonder how Brandon wound up at this blog , doesn't it ? He must have been one of the ones let out …….

          • Brendan

            I think my point was that a conservative ideal is less government spending on social services whereas the democratic ideal is more spending on social services. The notion that Republicans lock up criminals and crazies does not make locking up criminals and crazies a conservative ideal. Rather, it just shows that Republicans often act against conservative ideals and their core constituents' wishes; i.e. increased spending on social services such as prisons. Then again, I guess if Republicans truly represented conservatism there wouldn't be a Tea Party.

            In short, I was just noting the hypocrisy inherent in our political parties.

            As to whether I'm one of the ones let out…

      • Bebo

        Sanitariums are actually abused more than they are utilized. Reagan went after them because too many people were using them to lock up people they disagreed with by calling them crazy.

  • EdgeGun

    It's not just about guns. We need wisdom in knowing how to combat demonic-inspired attacks like the ones described in this article. Ephesians 6:10-20 and 2 Corinthians 10:4-5.

  • Tom

    Recently in Michigan two teenagers who had smoked K-2 broke into one of the two's parents home, beat his step-father to death and put his step-mother and step-brother into a coma with baseball bats. Remember, when seconds count the police are just minutes away!

    • Tommy

      Last year we had a teenage boy who killed both his parents as they slept with a hammer to their heads. Then he threw a party in their house and made the mistake of showing one of his good friends his handy work. Hopefully they'll use the lethal injection on this piece of garbage and save the taxpayers a ton of money keeping him in prison.

      • Brendan

        I'm all for him receiving the death penalty but it's actually more expensive in this country to put someone to death than to let them serve life in prison. I forget what the exact numbers are but it actually costs something in the region of $4 million with the appeals processes, etc to put someone to death whereas to keep them in prison runs roughly $40K to $60K a year.

        In short, we won't be killing him to save money but rather as punishment and as a deterent to other criminals.

        • bluemoon

          Last time I checked a .22lr cost me about $0.03.

      • shootbrownelk

        Tommy, how long before the liberals ban claw & ball peen hammers??

    • Bebo

      Keep in mind that K2 & like products only exist because marijuana is illegal. They really wouldn't exist otherwise as they wouldn't be profitable. Also, in your description of the crime I can tell you that the drug was just the excuse to perform a crime they already planned to do.

  • Steve

    While a zombie apocalypse is silly, pandemics such as the new resistant TB outbreak in India, China and Iran or any other catastrophe where civil/moral authority breaks down can occur. While I hope people would plan as much for feeding or helping their neighbor as they plan for shooting zombies, protection of yourself, your family, your neighborhood or community requires armed strength and resources to survive for a period while either order is restored or the breakdown becomes permanent. Help may not be available in a nationwide or worldwide disaster.
    The resources and systems of the international community require continuation of transportation, security and communications to get aid to affected areas. The more general the disaster, the longer for resources to arrive.

    • Tommy

      In the news this morning (Friday) they announced that in the Miami area they will be closing a hospital that is currently caring for some 20 odd TB patients. AND THEY'LL BE LETTING THEM OUT IN THE STREETS PEOPLE. They said the worst cases will be transfered to Jackson Memorial hospital, but the rest go free to infect the rest of us. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY WE LIVE IN. Haven't they heard that TB is highly contagious. At the risk of sounding racist, MOST of these cases come from outside this country, TB had been on the decline for a long time. But now that Obama has legalized breaking the law, we can look forward to more cases of TB, leprosy and other 3rd world diseases making a comeback in the USA. Thanks a lot, Barry…

  • Alan_T

    Don't worry , Barry " Drone killer " Obama and Eric " Macho Man " Holder will rip off their shirts , flex their muscles and save us , while Michelle " Shut Up & Eat What I Tell You To Eat " Obama and George " I'm a hypocrite " Clooney , look on all dewy – eyed at their hero's !
    Drone Killer : " Curse you Dubya ! I can't blame bath salt zombies on you ! Quick , arm the drones George ! "
    Macho Man : " Subpoena's ? We doan' nee' to answer no stinkin' congressional subpoenas ! "
    TRAILER FROM THE MOVIE , The Obamanator ! Comming this summer to a cinaplex near you .

  • KDR

    Regardless what drugs their on, always be prepared to defend your family & yourself ! Screw hillary,obama,& holder, or anyone else that wants to take that right from us!

    • shootbrownelk

      KDR…YEAH what you said…except for the "Screwing Hillary" part.

  • John

    We are going to be sorry, sorry, sorry, if we align ourselves with the Zombie foolishness. How can we expect to be taken seriously when we spend so much time talking about killing humanoid figues and talking about things that don't exist?

    Lets act like grownups, and talk about the real issues here, not some idiotic Hollywood "C-grade movie" trash that will really come back to haunt us, and soon.

    While Zombies may be trendy, and may attract a few immature kids who want to shoot at Zombie targets, they will hardly be the best representatives of the Gun Culture, now will they?

    • GIA

      John, i completely agree with you and think we need sensible mature people to help fight the liberal jerks trying to take our rights away from us. I feel that talking about zombies and different things like that is not going to give us a good name. They will only use it against us. They will call us childish and immature and we shouldn't have that reputation. I do believe that you should always be carrying and be ready to defend yourself. I have a knife on me everywhere i go and it makes me feel one hundred times better. A lot of crazy stuff has been happening in this county and Obama has a lot to do with it. I pray that this country will soon straiten out and pray that we get Obama out of office and get someone with a little common sense in there.

    • Ralph

      It's a metafore stupid!

      • Zev

        Metaphor*…. You probably shouldn't be calling people stupid brother. Sorry.

  • Guest

    John how about you act like an adult and we just point and laugh at you?

    • Alan_T


      • Ace

        Or you can both shut up and realize we do live in a messed up country!!

        • Alan_T

          Or ….. you can stop messing up our country Ace ! ! !
          Your mother and I are tired of tripping over the faulty opinions you leave laying around all over !
          I told her that you were too immature to trust you with opinions , but would she listen to me ? Oh no ! Well now we , and everyone else , have to clean up after you , just like that dog you had to have and said you'd take care of !

  • Mike

    I wouldn't read too far into the "bath salts" menace. The author inadvertently hit the nail on the head with the reference to Reefer Madness. Guess what? The same types of government nanny staters made RM as are building the hysteria about bath salts and k2 or spice today.

    If you look into most of these incidents, past the shoddy shock journalism, you invariably find that the perpetrators of these crimes are typically deeply troubled people with histories of mental illness, drug abuse, and violence (the face eater had all 3). Their lawyers will pin the blame on whatever substance they were on (prescription or none) and then they'll blame anything else they can to get their client off (that's their job). The media has no interest in actually reporting this because have a crazy guy eat someone's face isnt that exciting. But if Billy Anyteen becomes a murderous cannibal by taking bath salts, they can cause suburban America to wet their pants in fear (and consume more news media product of course).

    I love zombies as much as the next guy, but let's keep 'em fictional and not play the media's game.

    • GIA

      Bravo.. Agreed.

      • Ace


    • Brendan


      • Alan_T

        OH LOOK ! …….. it's The Three Troll Stooges , Larry , Moe and Curr…..
        Ooooops I MEAN ….. GIA , Ace and Brendan !
        WooooooooBwoobwoooooob woob woob !

  • dada

    the police was justified in this shooting. for once..i am in my early 50.s , been known to have done drugs myself(years ago) so not judging anyone..But why would anyone use this drug, knowning that there is a possibility that something like this could happen to you??? I just can,t see why…..Zombies, humm..may be something to this,,just think about what you are putting into your body..may save your life or someone elses..just wondering what would have happened if the guy had made it to his girlfriends…….or broke down close to where alot of children were playing,,,Koodo,s to the cop..

  • dada

    hi-capacity magazines….

    • Ace

      …or a barrett

  • Antonio

    Before bath salts we had dust/PCP, crack, rush, aerosol… there will always be something people inhale to not be who they normally are.

    Problem for us is obeying the law while defending ourselves, families, and homes against brainless beings (may I say it? Zombies) who are so high they may not go down easily. Reasonable force? C'mon. They shot this guy's attacker.

  • Ernie

    Zombies or not they need to be dealt with accordingly

  • Alan_T

    I think Micheal Jackson's zombie ate Jeepers Creepers brain !

  • LongRider

    Apparently no "bath salts" involved just plain simple zombie insanity

  • Alan_T

    Actually THIS case in Florida and at least one other case , the autopsy's have shown that IT WASN'T BATH SALTS at all , it was marijuana ………… Shocks the snot outta me ! ! !

  • John -Atlanta

    Familycides are up 10x since Obama took office in Jan 2009.

    Familycide is a term used to describe when a family is wiped out by a family member, that includes both parents and all the children. Usually the father kills all the children and the mother and then he commits suicide. We use to have 4-6 in one year across the country. We now have at least one a week. I was tracking them so I could see if there was a pattern, I just gave up. Too many of them, the media has now dropped the term, and I don't feel like tracking them anymore

    The NIJ site lies and distorts the truth, so, don't bother with that as a resource. For what it is worth both women and blacks are doing it too. Opposite of the many killing the wholefamily, many times the woman offs the family and then herself while the husband is out, for no reason that THEY can discern.

    Other people have noticed too. As an example:

    My opinion is this has exploded because we are no longe runder grace, draw your own conclusions after you independently research the data. Watch out for the demon possessed and walking dead. FWIW: They found no evidence of drugs in the face eater's body.

  • Bebo

    "Bath Salts" were proven to have had absolutely zero to do with Rudy Eugene attacking Ronald Poppo. The fact that this article seems to be based more around "bath salts" than the attacks themselves points to the fact this was written more for a quick newsstand sale rather than actually reporting the facts. People pointing to "bath salts" tells me that they don't even care to find out what actually happened to these people. It's sad that supporting the "War on Drugs" means more than supporting the truth and more than people's lives these days. The "bath salts" scare was a highly profitable one for cocaine distributors in Florida & for Pam Bondy. The "War on Drugs" is the new witch trials where truth is meaningless & scare tactics reign supreme! Stop falling for the lies!

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    When I first saw the photo of Mr. Poppo I thought he was a man in Zombie makeup.What a awful devastating injury inflicted on this man by a demon possessed monster human.We need AR-15’s with 30 round magazines so we can protect ourselves like the Government and Police protect themselves.We need to protect the Constitution.The Supreme law of the land.We need to protect our Freedoms and Rights.The Second Amendment gives us the American people the right to keep and bear arms.And it was upheld by the Supreme Court that it is a individual right.Its how we keep the other rights Free like Freedom of Speech,Freedom of Religion,Freedom of the press.And all our Freedoms.Keeps us free from a tyrannical Government.Thats why we need these weapons besides other reasons.Freedom is not Free.Many have been killed and wounded to preserve Freedom.People come to this country to be Free and have our Freedoms.Don’t take firearms away from good law abiding responsible gun owners.All these laws only hurt the responsible law abiding gun owners of America.Many paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend the Freedoms and Rights of this Great Nation we live in.Freedom is not Free.God Bless America!!!

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    On the best calibers for a handgun besides 9mm and .45 acp.I would drop the .44 magnum and .38 special and go with the .357 magnum.Plus you could put .38 special and .38 special plus P in those chambered for the .357 magnum.Than I would add one more caliber because theres alot of this ammo around and civilians as well as Police personnel are used to it.That would be the .40 S&W.

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