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Commie Guns: Using the AK-47 for Zombies

by Patrick Sweeney   |  December 29th, 2011 36

t never fails: Start a discussion about zombies, guns or calibers, and the AK fans come out of the woodwork. I get it. You love the rifle. And if I were equipping a swarm of illiterate peasants who would receive a day’s worth of instruction, of whom I was unconcerned about casualty rates, I’d equip them with AKs, too.

But I’m not. I’m equipping me, myself and my family/friends, and they all get more than a day’s training. A lot more, if they expect me to be their ammo/weapons and training supply center. I want something ergonomic. If you were to look up “non-ergonomic” in the dictionary, it would have an AK there. Or it should. The thing is a mass of stamped sheet steel, with sharp edges, corners, hand-cutting extras like the folding stock latch, and sights only someone wedded to an SMG could love.

I have a bunch of AKs. The best of them, a Krebs Custom, is almost what an AR in 7.62X39 could be, but isn’t. Marc does a great job of improving the AK, but it takes a lot of work. I love mine, but I recognize its shortcomings.

Invariably, the discussions turn to the power of the 7.62X39 — more like a light-loaded .30-30 than the hammer of Thor — and magazines. Spare me the love letters over 75-round Chicom drums. Have you ever schlepped a rifle so-equipped all day long? Have you ever tried to shoot a rifle with one of those Cantonese goiters attached?

And the regular magazines? I’m all for durability, but do I have a metal shop worth of sheet steel just to have a ready ammo supply? Those things are heavy.

Don’t get me wrong, I recognize it for being a sturdy, reliable rifle that does a good job when needed. But it isn’t the be-all, end-all of defensive small arms. It won’t clear a street full of zombies simply by pointing and pressing the trigger. And don’t tell me it is infinitely more sturdy and reliable than the AR, unless you’re willing to throw yours on the ground and run it over with a full-sized pickup truck — a test ARs will pass, by the way.

Love it if you will, clean it because you must and depend on it, for it won’t let you down. But don’t try to make it more than it is. It isn’t a sniper rifle, it isn‘t a light machine gun and it isn’t ergonomic. But it is an excellent zombie-slayer.


  • Eric

    OMG do we need to talk about "zombie apocalypse" and what guns we need AGAIN ? It was interesting the first 50 times, but we are mostly adults who need something better to do than talk about Zombies. I'm 13 and know that this is stupid. I would have more fun reading about a 22 rifle and how man coke cans you shot than Zombies.

    Zombie apocalypse is NEVER going to happen.

  • Mack Attack

    To be honest my mom would have a heart attack if anyone even so much as SHOT a gun near her. She has no idea how un-ready she is for any sort of abnormal event. She'd end up being a zomby.

    I have a .308 Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle. 'nuff said.

  • Enough is enough

    Please, please, please stop with the zombie stuff. They are not real, they will not be real, and enough is enough. Furthermore, I cannot believe that an exceptional ammunition company like Hornady is making Z-Max bullets specifically for this very much horrendously stupid niche.

    • Michael

      There is nothing like going to a site dedicated to zombie stuff and complaint about zombie stuff. Who cares what you thing? Go watch Dr. Phil.

  • AliObamaHater

    LMAO… Love the Zombie Apocalypse articles. Here in Michigan we refer to that upcoming event as to when all the Michigan welfare recipients who have been on for 4 years or more will be cut off. It is coming soon, and we expect to spend a lot of time fending them off as they try to steal anything that is not nailed down. Once Obama is not reelected and all the social programs he has implemented are cut here, we expect another wave. Should be fun… my little group is well armed with several AR's, a few AK's, many other rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and pistols… as well as about 50,000 rounds of ammo or so. Hope y'all are ready as well !!!

    • BOB

      those losers are in all states-and some other loser dem will get elected-all of US infected-if you dont like the articles why read them

  • Chris

    I'm not worried about the zombie foreshadowing, as I've said before zombies are just the modern age version of the Red Dawn scenario. But I think Patrick is being a bit hard on the AK. As far as ergonomics go, I don't have a single problem with it, and you failed to mention that there are a slew of accessories for AKs including a gazillion various grips and hand guards – so there! And as for heavy magazines, ever hear of plastic? Uh – I just happen to have one, super light, waffle design, tough as nails – and LIGHT WEIGHT. As far as complexity, or ease of learning to use, lets be realistic here Patrick – insert the magazine into your <AR/AK>, pull back the charging handle on your <AR/AK>, pull the trigger on your <AR/AK>. I fail to see the point in the 'peasant' comment. These freaking things haven't been made in the gazillions for nothing. So what they're sheet metal – so was the Stg44, so was the Mp40, so was the Uzi, yada yada – long as it goes bang (and it does), who cares? You're all milled AK is probably a couple pounds heavier than my cheap as sh* Romanian WASR – which goes bang everytime and groups great – good enough to kill zombies anyway.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    I carried an AK in Vietnam; my adversaries carried AKs. I envied the reliability they possessed in that environment..


    I want to address the "Zomnies aren't real" thing. No they aren't and yet if you watch the two British movies, 28 DAYS LATER AND 26 WEEKS LATER, you have a ZOMBIE TYPE THREAT. These are people who have been infected with the RAGE VIRUS. It is like a MUTANT VERSION OF RABIES. They are not dead, just out of their minds with rage and no longer know what they're doning. This is very possible.

    My choice of weapons would include a center fire, but I would want a 22 cal as you could carry a few thousand rounds with ease. What good is a large caliber if you run out of AMMO????

  • Woob

    Zombies hate 7.62x54R. I love 7.62x54R.

  • Woob

    I'll put my S&W .357 revolver on one hip, my high cap Glock 9mm on the other. Carry my .357 lever action. Throw a 9mm AR over my shoulder. Add a pouch full of .357 ammo and a bunch of full sticks of ammo for the AR and head on out to the "grocery". Here Zombie. C'mon boy.

  • dads357mag

    yes….yes.,..yes I love it. May I come too. ill bring my new 357 8 round tank. a 1911 with 10 clips and a sega
    `12 gauge. cant stand going to the store with the wife but this sounds like a riot. who said you have to shoot
    them in the head to stop them, they never had a sega 12 at 15yards in the chest…….LOL

  • King Gunalot

    The whole thing is to get you to talk about, and look there it is you bring up Hornady and Z-Max. Looks like marketing works good.

  • old vet

    George, please use your spell check, especially if you plan on demeaning another race with those terms. I have seen my former enemy at their best and worst. I now know many of them and they are good people. You can state a point much more tactfully.

  • RRK

    Zombies if you follow the Max Brooks train of thought is just speaking about the un-preparedness of most people for a major disaster. In this case zombies are used. Would you haters prefer people like Sweeney to use killer bunnies, commies or what? The Air Force even released an official looking zombie warning that gave good tips for military families on what to have in case of natural disaster…can you think of a better way to get an un-interested 18-20 year old to think about what they need in case of a flood, hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster. So stop the hate on zombies and just enjoy yet another argument on the AR vs AK. Which for the record I own or have owned both from time to time and prefer my full sized AR…I still have not been swayed by the short barrel crowd as I will not be clearing any houses any time soon and I like the little bit of extra feet per second you get from a 20"

    • ConcernedCitizen

      I would prefer some journalist integrity, and class rather then this drivel. I would prefer the editors of what was once a corner stone publication in the gun industry to hold their authors to a standard and write intelligently. Mr. Sweeney does not seem to know how to articulate a argument paper or a least a comparison contrast paper. I question whether or not he received a passing grade in English or even graduated high school.
      Yet another example of lowering the bar to accommodate the lowest denominator rather than maintain quality in America.

  • Tom Wozniak

    Don't we gun owners get enough bad press as it is? What does the word Zombies really stand for? One guy in this list talked about them all being welfare recepients deprived of their income. Are you going to shoot the babies too or do you draw a line at 6 mos?
    Having to shoot someone should NEVER be a subject for humor much less juvenile displaced humor that smacks of racism. I'm appalled that a group of gun owners could actually take the time to drag this out for conversation and the ammo companies make a load(s) for it. Ballistics are balistics and head shots are not something you want to spend extended time over unless mutilated human flesh gets you off.
    Enough with this crap. Make a cheaper line of ammo, make a more accurate line of ammo, but PLEASE don't connect this anything that smacks of killing real people. If you have had to shoot someone you know this is not a direction you want to pursue, especially if you don't want a lawsuit to deal with regarding the "racist comments" made by your company.

    • Lewis

      Tom in my life I have had to KILL eight people; each person was killed with a single HEAD SHOT, it is the most humain way to end a life. It wasn't caused by racism, sexcism, or anything along those lines. It was my job as a police sniper. Also tom the gentlman that was referring to the wel-far recepiants was merely useing them as a example of a possible sorce of civial unrest.

  • bob johnson

    Frist of all this is nothing but a another ar fanboy blowing off steam! The ak-47 is a great rifle it's ergonomics are fine! The 5.56 only reliably fragments at under 80 meters, the new 7.62 x 39mm m67 rounds tumble or fragment reliably at over 100 meters.

    Plus you have a .22 centerfire round carrying 1200 pounds of energy vs a .30 centerfire round carrying 1600 pounds of energy. As of accuracy the current issue u.s army m4 gets only 2 inch groups at 100 meters, Ive seen lots of ak's that gets that or close to it.

    Remember the next time you buy a survival rifle many U.S service members were killed because their m16 failed to fire during vietnam!

    • DanDaManInTheCan

      Yep. That is all this guy does is AR this, AR that. Compares top self custom ARs to factory stock AKs and then rants and raves about how much better the AR is.

      Yeah, the 5.56 only fragments, tumbles or yaws if it is doing 2600fps when it hits . . . the M855 is doing 2600fps at the muzzle in a M4, so by 100m you lost that effectiveness. Not much of a man stopper. Heck, when the SF guys went into Afghanistan they had to change their SOP to two rounds per target due to the lack of stopping power. Two rounds per target for a 5.56 or one 7.62? Everyone talks about how you can carry more ammo of 5.56, but does not do much good if it takes twice the number of rounds to put the bad guy down.

  • Aaron

    Yeah I would say the AK has been proven tougher than an AR hands down… My Marine Corps brother says if you put your weapon in a position to get run over by a truck then you deserve to be dead… lol

  • bob johnson

    Also for people who think the zombie topic is stupid or bad needs to get a life

  • Harry

    No reasonable person actually believes in zombies. However, the prepper community identifies "zombies" as any soulless, cannibalistic, unprepared, post-rule-of-law horde that seeks to meet its own needs by victimizing those who have prepared to meet their own needs. A "zombie" doesn't necessarily need to be an undead creature of popular fiction. It can be anyone of us…any one of you.

  • Damascus

    What good is a rimfire if it takes 10 rounds to stop some infected maniac from coming? A compromise is always good… something with ample knockdown power but light enough ammo that a decent amount can be easily carried… 5.56 comes to mind, as well as a plethora of other good choices. Perhaps even the .22 WMR… the .22 LR is questionable when the enemy doesn't "feel" pain or fear, has no self-preservation instincts, and can sprint… I want something that can stop the major vital bodily functions with a minimum of rounds.

  • democrat gun owner

    I know I sure can't wait for another money hungry conservative to take office and ruin any chance for middle class to make it ahead in life I can't wait for the republican "right to work" for less money insurance and retirement to cut my wages in half

  • derek

    the ar is made of plastic, i highly doubt it can withstand being ran over by a pickup truck, much less packed full of dirt or mudd….point simply if i was to pick one gun, idc about accuracy in said situation, a ar15 and a ak will shot THE SAME ,without a scope….accurate to 300 yards, so what a ar15 shoots further…how often in any battle situation is the enemy further than that i think i will take the sniper that may be lieing around than a ak or ar15… just saying…ak is ultimate shtf gun because of reliability everyone knows that dirt cheap and readly available…but if i was straight ninja in a perfect neat not shtf planned out environment id take the ar. nuff said.

  • Michael

    I also love my WASR! Its a fact that the WASR is the most versatile AK (clone) around. Lets face it even Patrick's AK is a clone and so is most of the population.

  • Saturn

    I was wondering when "the other Russian cartridge" would show up. +1 to Woob

  • Navair

    Amen on the Ruger, bro. fabulous arm.

  • B Twirp

    Wow. You did see the part where he's 13, right?

  • Glockmod23

    For them that don’t really know the AK 47, or them that “May” have fired 10 rounds or so, and know Experts on this weapon, remember this; The AK 47 did OK going “Head to Head” with the M-16 in the hands of the “North Vietnamese Army” Have a Nice Day !

    • Hambone0311

      Yeah, the M-16A1. Which was made by Mattel, the toy company. It’s nice to know that it can keep up with a toy. Now what about the ARs of today? Have a better day

  • nucleardeath57

    Get both…Problem solved….

  • Chandler

    thoughts are you are not an AK fan, and you wrote a article highlighting your opinion on its shortcomings thats all woopty-do, Terribly boring, Hire better writers, or pick better topics.

  • Tim

    An Ak is heavy ? How do you figure that ? Mine is wood stocked and is 7 1/2 pounds unloaded . I can easily shoot it one handed . If that is heavy you have some serious physical problems . My grand father packed the Thompson through 4 years of fighting in WW2 . It is … What ? … over 10 pounds unloaded , charges on the wrong side , full mags are not terribly light ,accurate to only 75 or 100 yards and is a legendary firearm . An AKM is hardly perfect , I don’t know of a perfect rifle , however it is half (or less ) the cost of an AR platform and with an AR you had better have a lot of extra parts , MUCH more expensive ammunition (with less knock down power ) and a really nice cleaning kit to keep your little Mattel Toy running smoothly . Just ask the hundreds , or more, who died while trying to un jam the rifle in the middle of a firefight ; you can’t . The stories from veterans , current and past, are more than enough evidence .

  • Cody

    Take a Kevlar helmet and shoot it with a 556. The shoot it with 762x 39 and tell me which one will take you down faster. I’ll use a 762 any day of the week over a 556. Did this when I taught TCCC to show people that a helmet will not save you at all from a 762 round.

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