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Zombie Nation

10 Crazy Things You’ll See at a Zombie Shoot

by G&A Online Editors   |  July 5th, 2012 43

Granted, having a kickass gun collection is a huge part of being a zombie hunter, but there’s more to it than just firearms. You have to be prepared in every way. You need to outfit yourself with as much tactical gear as you can fit on yourself, and be ready to ride into battle on whatever vehicle is lying around. At Outbreak Omega 5, hosted by DPMS Panther Arms, we got a look at some of the craziest zombie-killing costumes ranging from totally prepared to just plain outlandish. Here are 10 of our favorite get-ups for stopping the living dead in their tracks.

  • airsporter

    You 'Yanks' have got your HUA. – You have become the next biggest Island.
    ait till the Euro takes 6 miles out of your tank!

    • SamF1911

      As you people like to say; Jog On!

    • oldmanr


      • Alan_T

        HUA = head up your a** ., oldmanr .
        As far as HUA ……… airspoirters negative numbers kind of tells the story on just who's HUA really is !

  • rls303

    This would be a hit in Austin Texas !!!

  • johnny ryall

    Those costumes are real "chick magnets"

  • jeepers creepers

    Cool outfits

  • eric

    I like the Israeli gas mask.

  • Chad Ridler

    It was a blast, great article. I don't think you could find a single shooter that takes themselves too seriously (and there were over a thousand). Great group of people, fantastic time to look at the latest and greatest weapons and share in the eternal debate of 'what's better a katana or a * insert all other melee weapons here*"…personally katana always wins …

    • Alan_T

      You know Chad , in feudal Japan the way they used to test the quality of the katana's blade was to see how many criminals it would slice through diagonally with one blow .
      If you want to test yours …. I volunteer Jeepers Creepers !

      • SamF1911

        I second that!

      • Chad Ridler

        ha ha, I have done Tameshigiri, but mostly trained in japanese Iaito. i thought the rice mats were too expensive but a criminal in this day and age is outrageously expensive ;)
        I have seen old katana's with the inscription "6 bodies with Ryu Guruma" (hip cut) for $60,000.
        but 60 grand would buy a lot of ammo and maybe even a nice KSG from gunsamerica :)

        • Alan_T

          Chad …… C'mon ! ………
          Doing Jeepers wouldn't be THAT expensive and I'm sure that if you let everyone know about it , that they would all chip in some money to cover the cost of getting rid of him ! …… I know I would .
          Of course you might not want to touch that particular sword ever again , but I say that's a small price to pay for the service that you would be rendering humanity !

          • Wolvie

            Now, now, Alan…

            You know that those old, original Katanas are said to have a soul.

            How could you even suggest that Chad defile a soul like that?! Shame on you!!

            What you suggest is worse than using it to clear a clogged toilet…

            …at an Ice Cream, Milkshake, Chili and Indian Food eating competition…

            …where all the contestants are lactose intolerant.

          • Alan_T

            Well ……….. Wolvie …… uh …… maybe Chad has a Katana that has a bad soul …. like maybe it doesn't send it's mom cards for mother's day or something . Or….. or …. uh …. ummm …. uh …… OH OK ! ( mutter , mutter , kill – joy , mumble , mutter , one more dream blown to hell , mumble , mumble )

          • Alan_T

            WAIT ! …… How about we buy one of those imitation katanas for Chad to use ? !
            Or I know ! ……. we could get Chad a couple of hatchets ! ! !
            YEAH ! ! ! ….. we can buy Chad a pseudo katana AND a hatchet to use on Creepy !
            ……. and a flame thrower .

          • Wolvie

            I was thinking more along the lines of letting Chad use a rubber chicken.

            First, its funny.

            Second, it would take a really long time to beat someone to death with it.

            Third, that makes it really funny.

          • Alan_T

            ……. and a meat tenderizer .

            A ruber chicken would be funnier than a meat tenderizer ? Hmmmmmmmm , I'll have to give that some consideration …..

          • Alan_T

            If we use a rubber chicken ….. can we put Creepy's head on a stick and dance through town with it after Chad's done with him ? ? ?

          • Chad Ridler

            OK, I'm gonna need some backstory on Creepers and why you all want to beat him to death with a rubber chicken

          • Alan_T

            Mmmmmm well since you asked Chad , I used to leave Jeepers Creepers alone because I thought he was mentally retarded ( I'm not just saying that and I don't make fun of the handicaped ) , but it turns out that he's just stupid , lying and self aggrandizing ( which he tries to do at other's expense ) . I finally got tired of him running his mouth at me , figuratively speaking of course .
            I don't think I've ever seen where he posted anything that wasn't in the negative column and judging from the comments left for him by other posters , they feel pretty much the same way .
            The person you should really ask is Wolvie , I'm certain he can give you a better picture of Creepy than I can .

          • Chad Ridler

            ha ha, didn't know what I was stepping into. But when people are suggesting you get beaten to death with rubber chickens it might be a good time to do a personality check and maybe get some help, you know even ask your mom, "why does everybody want to hit me with soft rubbery objects until I die mom?" and she'll look lovingly into your eyes and say "well son, it's because you act like your retarded but your not and it's really annoying" ok, I think i'm up to speed now.

          • Alan_T

            Well Chad ….. I'm happy I could be of service to you ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
            As an aside , just about the time I start feeling guilty over Creepy ….. he pops up and says something else assinine , that sets everybodies teeth on edge again …….
            So Chad …. are you gonna help us out ?
            You already have a HAZMAT suit and a gas mask so you should be realtively safe .

          • Alan_T

            ……… I think .

          • Wolvie

            Yeah, you guys pretty much covered the whole situation with our resident mental defective.

            He's just one of those Internet Keyboard Commandos that love to bully everyone in an attempt to make themselves seem more relevant/skilled/awesome/etc. Alan is dead-on when he states that this guy relishes in negativity, wild claims and general discourse. Make a post about liking a gun…he'll jump in saying how it's a piece of crap. Make a post about liking a shooting style…he'll jump in on how you're not as skilled as he is. Sprinkle that behavior with a generous dab of wild lies and claims, and you can see what we've come to expect from this guy.

            On a serious note (and before you ask…I'm NOT kidding), these are only SOME of the things he's claimed:

            Loves to state he was a Marine, yet when confronted by real Marines here, he keeps getting the length of a tour wrong, used the wrong terms to describe Marine facilities and doesn't know what his (or any) MOS is/was.

            Wishes death and injury on police officers and makes fun of their educational background to get on the job. (The hysterical part is the requirements he states are wrong and much lower than in reality…yet still are higher than what he's attained).

            Attempts to browbeat people by measuring their overall worth by the number of guns they own and by the size of their caliber. You never bought an elephant gun? Oh, then you are garbage and not a serious shooter.

            Tries to play grammar police by pointing out words you misspelled and tries to insult you by claiming you don't know what they mean. The best part is, he'll misspell the word in his correction (even when yours was spelled correctly) and he misunderstood the definition.

            Claims he's diagnosed with mental disorders that makes him have no value at all for human life (a sociopath) and has had negative dealings with the police and the legal system in the past. All this, and he still expects you to believe he has (legal) access to firearms. He also believes that everyone is mentally disturbed.

            His favorite insult is to accuse people of being in law enforcement or that they sound like law enforcement. To him, thats the ultimate insult.

            Carries "no less than three guns", with reloads for each, all the time. No exceptions. Regardless of weather, season or event.

            Claims to shoot 600 yards with handguns, 200 yards with a 45-70 derringer…yet can't hit good with a 5.56 rifle @ 400 yards…so the 5.56 rifle must suck.

            I could go on…but I think the point has been made.

          • Chad Ridler

            wow, hold on for a minute, I need to goto Wal-Mart and buy a rubber chicken.
            Alan, I'm the "samurai" outfit, which was a wonderful choice for 90 degree heat :) I think next year my outfit will be boxer shorts, bath robe, slippers, newspaper under the arm and my S&W on my hip, I'll call it "unprepared" but I'll be comfortable!
            Should I give Creepers a little fuel:
            1. I was trained in Nuclear Security with Wackenhut.
            2. I just sold my Bushmaster BA. 50 but kept
            my desert eagle .50AE
            3. I've trained Law Enforcement in Use of Force and Knife defense
            4. I carry 1 gun at a time
            5. Without spellcheck I spell like a 4th grader

            Let's see what you got creepers.

          • Chad Ridler

            Oh, and I think the KSG is pretty swell.

          • Alan_T

            Chad , as Humphrey Bogart said to Claude Reines as they were walking into the mist at the end of Casablanca , " Louis , I think this is the begining of a beautiful friendship " .
            Oh …… and since you're going to Walmart , would you mind bringing me back a bag of Doritos ?

    • Alan_T

      Chad , I just saw you talking about your dad's Marlin 39 A Golden Mountie . That's a great little carbine , I let my &#$%@$$@^@%% first wife talking me into getting rid of mine . I SHOULD have gotten rid of HER …..oh wait ….. I did ….

      • Chad Ridler

        alan, that is by far my favorite gun in the safe, even when I had my big and bad long range set up the marlin was always along to the range. I've sat and gone through a box of 550 rounds in an afternoon with it and it's always been 100% reliable.
        sorry for your loss, the gun not the ex.

  • John

    Is a zombie shoot like what, dress up in TAC gear, and bring your finest tactical firearm and shoot at stuff you wouldn’t be able to at the local range?

    • Alan_T

      Think Cowboy Action Shoot only with zombies .

  • dugiboy

    how many zombies did they shoot ?

    • Alan_T

      Apparently not enough dugiboy ……..
      The phlegm – ball , Jeepers Creepers is still here .

      • dugiboy

        fraid i am a bit lost , willing to learn though .

        • Alan_T

          Sorry dugi , it was a joke ( sort of ) aimed at another poster .
          I've never been to a zombie shoot , but I imagine the " zombies " are a combination of pepper poppers , silhouettes and paper targets , etc . that you have to engage in particular number and order according to the devised scenario for each station , like with cowboy action shoots .

          • old vet

            A Zombie shoot is kind of whatever you can imagine as far as scope. depends on your range and how "out there" you want to be.

  • Alan_T

    Zombies don't bother jeepers creepers because Creepy doesn't have any brains for them too eat .
    Oh ……… did I say that out loud ?
    What I meant to say was , zombies leave him alone because even they have some standards !

  • Alan_T

    airsporter must be one of those zombies that's been infected with Bacillus Imbacillus …… maybe we can get HIM to eat Creepy …………….

  • Alan_T

    Probably'd make airsporter sick though ……….
    so in other words , it'd be a WIN – WIN !

  • Antonio

    All I get to shoot at in Jersey is paper. PAPER! And some occasional clays. I'd like to go to an event like this to shoot something other than PAPER, but really to talk to people and get their individual insights on preparation, expectations, practice, equipment, etc. It's the people that are fascinating.

  • emoogamer

    here is another crazy thing :P gaming website all about zombies

  • Shawn

    What is with this whole zombie thing? I mean 3 gun shoots are always cool, but the whole zombie theme from games, books to film is really killing it for me. I think it's more of a money making gimick then anything. This would never happen anyways and if it did I would eat zombies not the other way around :-) glad it's fun for you guys though.

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