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G&A Humor: The Real Meaning Behind Police Hand Signals

by Eric R. Poole   |  April 10th, 2012 25

A lot of real situations are overlooked by a department’s standard operating procedure. For the new officer, this quick reference guide to lesser-known hand signals will help prevent breaking silence for clarification. (Photos by Alfredo Rico)

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Looks dangerous. Send the rookie.




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  • Bobby

    It looks like this guy copied the exact training manual handbook from my police academy class. Who knows, maybe he was one of my classmates!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy

    That was even more asinine than the zombie stuff from last month. I'll never get that 4 minutes of my life back.

  • Shot a Little

    Maybe we shouldn't be poking fun at the police, we may need them on our side one of these days.

    • wasajco

      Too late, the good ones are like doctors, they won't squeal, or make their jack-booted buddies tow the line, or quit. Sad.

    • jamesinhouston

      How will we know whose side they are on??

      • gwen.n.bareit

        You are perceptive. Not blinded by the bull as the majority of people are.



  • phillip

    roflmao…all you guys bitching about this article it is meant to give you a little chuckle (which i got outta it) if you dont find it funny then you need to STOP immediately pull the stick outta your butts, stop working and take a 2 week vacation

  • Clay Blanche

    I could not find humor in a single one.

  • Pete

    You never had to search a guy that pooed his pants. Laugh a little

  • oldgringo

    When push comes to shove the Police will Not be on your side….Remember New Orleans….Every civilian will be a target for mobster cops!…..It will come down to Kill or be Killed!…..Stock up on Guns and Ammo now!…."When will They ever Learn"?…..Peter, Paul and Mary.

    • Jarhead

      You're a douche bag

    • Big money

      They don't like to hear it…because its the least half are thugs themself's!.. especially the BATF, DOJ & FBI

      • Alan B.

        When Your job is riding herd on the Scum of the Earth, You BETTER have some Thug in You! I'm not talking about the kind of thug You are BM, You think if You hold Your pistol sideways that You're a thug. I'm talking about the kind it takes to Put You Down then go to Lunch. The only folks who know what went down on that Bridge are the one's that were there. Could You face a thousand People that had been stranded for 3 days without Food or Water or anything but ANGER? I know oldgringo couldn't.

    • gwen.n.bareit

      Why can't everyone see this. The police are only on your side when they want something from you. I am sorry to say this as I am from a generation when police were respected because they were respectable.
      It is a new world where you better know your friends and who is who.

  • Jeepers Creepers

    I get a laugh a minute out of any body in law enforcement. The training they get is really low rate. Kind of the blind leading the blind. But I liked the joke. I really like it when some one pokes fun at the police. Thank You.

  • Dallas Camo

    Really! This is supposed to be funny……good thing your not trying to make money doing this.

  • Danny

    I am glad to see that there is some humor from some hard working people. You can't be so very serious all the time. I hope this helps some people loosen up.

  • observer

    Boy some of ya'll sure got your nuts screwd to damn tight !! Lightin up you dweebs !!!

  • Alan_T

    So …… was this one of those deals where you've been up all night and you're so tired that now everything seems funny ?

  • Mike D

    Let me just say not all LEOs are like what you mention above. If I was given orders to go disarm the public I would not do it. As far as training goes I take my training seriously. I bring in top firearms trainers and then turn around and train our guys on the new stuff that I have learned.

  • Karl

    Some of ya'll REALLY need to get laid!

    • MAX

      Too right. Some stupid thing on the internet that makes me laugh, and the comments are full of a bunch of conspiracy theories. Get a life.

  • Jim

    I thought #11 was "Call the Wizard to open this door!" (from Conan the Destroyer)

  • Scott Nelson

    Live a little, laugh a little, enjoy things for what they are and remember that too many things in life are just not that serious! When the feces hit the rotating oscillator you'll know what to do, and if not, well, it's been good to know ya.

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