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Video: Red Jacket Firearms’ Competition Uzi

by Will Hayden   |  September 28th, 2011 52

I thought since there’s been a lot of questions about the competition Uzi we built for Chris and Austin from the Uzi Talk forum, we’d take an in-depth look at the final product. You saw it work on “Sons of Guns” Season 2, now watch me put this faster-firing machine gun through its full-auto paces at the range, and find out all the details behind the one-of-a-kind gun. This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite damn projects we’ve done at Red Jacket.


  • Mitch

    Looks and sounds like a pretty fun weapon.

  • joe

    ohh look a new HILLBILLY Red Jacket atempt at gunsmithing

    • Justin

      Because anyone would be interested in watching a show about a douchebag in California or NY making guns? Get real.

      You may as well have said "ohh look a new JAP atempt at videogaming". Moron.

    • Jacob

      Red Jacket does quality work! Where is your shop? how about your tv show? I think I know you your last name is Blow no its nobody

  • Typo

    No, not a hunter per say, or a gun nut. Just have lots of 'em because I like plinking, target shooting and blowing stuff up! Great program Will (for reality shows) and personally delighted it's aired here in Oregon. Really no need for negative comments joe. Perhaps you might enlighten us on your own gunsmithing tallents? Or successfully marketing your own skills? BTW…perhaps you should limit your comments to forums that have spell check provided…or perhaps consult Google as to the meaning of your spelling 'atempt'. Not nice. On the other hand:

    Attempt | Define Attempt at would give you: to make an effort at; try; undertake; seek: to attempt an impossible task. Think I'll go buy a 'fun factor' uzi to add to the collection tomorrow! For many of us, shooting is all about having Fun. You have a nice day 'joe'.

    • Viperbyte

      "Typo". Why dont you just let Red Jacket defend themselves. Hmmm..Why dont you enlighten us on the in's and out's of shutting up and minding your own business. I dont watch Sons of " Lets make a 3 Barreled saiga shotgun with cupholders" because its just plain senseless tinkering. Nothing original, nothing new under the sun. Nothing that improves my experience at the range or in the field. Saw the first 2 episodes and found myself laughing at them, not with.

      • typo

        Viperbyte · 9 weeks ago

        "Typo". Why dont you just let Red Jacket defend themselves. Hmmm..Why dont you enlighten us on the in's and out's of shutting up and minding your own business. OK. I'll shut up, but still glad 'Joe's' comments are history. Personally don't watch much TV. Especially 'reality shows' and found this one refreshing simply because it dealt with a subject that inner city folk would find horrifying, and 'it ain't so'. Guns aren't the bad guy and any enlightening programs on the creation of devices is welcome to me. Do you actually think I could defend Red Jacket's position? I'm not that intelligent. The only Red Jacket I own is a water pump in front of my trailer. Now there's history!

  • Typo

    Good…glad you got rid of 'joe's' comments. Guess you can now delete mine too! That guy was a jerk.Feel free to write me which semi auto uzi to purchaase. I promise I won't try to modify it.

  • Will Hayden

    Well I guess I missed "joe" , sounds like I didn't miss much though lol . For a semi UZI , well , Uzi made a good one ;) but they are hard to come by these days . Vector , here in the USA , also made very good ones . While going F/A is illegal [except for 07's] most States do allow Short Barreled Rifle's . Please contact the ATF or a local Class 3 shop before doing anything like that though . Doing it without prior approval = 10 years . The flared magwell , sighting options , butttstock mod's where all designed to be easily replicable by any good gunsmith .

    • Daniel gonzales

      Maybe if u tried being nicer to your workers

      You'll get better ratings

      • Jake DeShong

        He's fine imo. He has his boys do some out of the ordinary work, but it's always reasonable. He would never expect them to build a nuke in a day or something. Most of the jobs are completed, if not, at the very least somewhat complete and the customer is able to get a demo. When Will gets mad, he usually has a good enough reason. It's not like he walks into the workshop and finds them laughing about something, then gets pissed. If they're not doing their job, he'll have something to say. They may have something to say off camera at the moment, but they still respect him and just forget it after a while. Besides, I don't think there's anybody else they'd want to work for. People with their skills, going where nobody has gone before, it's exciting work and they get to do a lot of fun activities.

      • Jim

        hard on the help? nope. business first. rule number 1… the customer is always right. Will's work doesn't come cheap. his company isn't the only one that does this. i expect the help isn't paid cheap. he gives free rein because he knows the help can perform. if his staff doesn't perform to his standard, customers leave. no customers… no business. ever been to your local smith for work? recoil pad produced scratched stock? scope mounted loose? try to find a smith that'll convert a r.h. safety to left. that used to be common place. not anymore. yet you were charged and paid for mediocre work. did you go back? is the shop still in business? his name is over the door. 'it's going to work. it's going to work right and foremost it's going to be user safe. old fashioned American work ethic.

    • Typowriter

      Thanks for the comments Will. I'll be firing some older variations on Saturday and most likely will pick up a Vector for myself.

    • typowriter

      I did buy a Vector, and then a 10.5 inch barrel on gunbroker. Semi auto barrel, so no machine work needed. Just need $200 for the fed tax stamp to use it! Still a fun gun with the 16 inch barrel. Guess I didn't like 'joe' and 'viperbyte' didn't like me! Can't please 'em all….

  • michael alvizo

    Well will as much as I would love to buy your guns I'm a felon so plz keep blowing stuff up cause your show keeps me as close to a gun as I can get so thank you for the best show on earth

  • Daniel gonzales

    Am a big fan of your show sons of guns

    but out of everybody the person I didn't like the most was the dad

    too mean and disrespectful to the crew

    worked them like slaves

  • Anders

    Will Hayden.

    Just wanted to let you know you got plenty of fans in Denmark too !

    Me and my brother will soon take the trip all the way over to the States just to say hi and maybe shoot some rounds!We are huge fans of your show and we dont miss an episode..One of our favs is the sniper and the ak47 mix. Can you tell us how that story ended..Did the boys over seas get some copies ?

    • Will Hayden

      Thank you Anders , good to hear . No , I'm sorry , I can't tell you how that ended other then "well" . I hope you understand . Will

  • Patrick Graham

    Our 3 gun COF for rifle is 30 yards max because that's the deepest bay we have.

    If a guy practiced enough that FA UZI might be the the gun to have at those matches.

  • Hoot

    I agree with you Will….One of my favorite build up's. The optic mounting, and stock make hit potential go thru the roof….Internal work is icing on the cake!! Nice work!!! With my budget sub-guns are about the only FA items that I can realistically afford to shoot (I do reload-and 9mm is about as inexpensive as you can get).

    • Will Hayden

      All of that , also , 9mm you can shoot a lot more places then rifle cal. weapons . Most indoor ranges around here a "SMG Friendly"

  • Peter

    Look at all that brass raining down! I fired an FA 9mm Uzi carbine with a slightly modified stock, and it always tended to shake left and right as we resisted the muzzle-climb. It seems like the higher rate of fire on your build really helped a lot, as it doesn't seem to vibrate laterally as much as I've seen in other slow-motion videos. Harmonics and frequency are a big part of accurizing, which this build helps illustrate a bit.

    • Will Hayden

      That , yes , The porting on the top of the barrel helped as well . I think the "total package" approach , buttpad to muzzle was really the way to go ,although people can pull bit's and pieces of it to suit them .

  • Lopaka

    Hello Will Hayden:

    I have enjoyed your Sons of Guns every week since you first aired on Discovery channel. Keep building those dream firearms and don't stop. I would like to see you build a M1 or a M14 that is full auto and 1000 yard for a sniper rifle. You have a awesome daughter Stephanie that knows her guns. Your boys in the shop are great gunsmith with the guns they build for your clients.

  • Brian Peltier

    Awesome! Nice Job Will. Love to watch you work at Red Jacket Firearms.

    I want your 1911 but I have to save some more before picking the baby up.

    I think that will fire anywhere any time even underwater.

  • Aaron

    This is what i want to see, detailed info on the work you do to these guns, Thanks Will. You should do this with all the projects and slap a producer or two while your at it

    • Will Hayden

      Thanks man , we're trying to squeeze as much into this as we can , fill in all the blanks . Will

  • Jay Love

    Hello Will: I have really enjoyed watching Red Jacket ever since it came out and have only mised one or two eoisodes if that so far, I don't recall seeing this one on the UZI, yet, hoping it re-runs? I have enjoyed shooting all my life, but only began collecting seriously the last three or so years as an adult since I re-aquanted myself with the sport. I have a pretty nice little safe built up with my collection but very quickly have learned that buying stock guns is just the first step in the "disease"? I am finding now just how expensive it can get to fine tune your weapons, so for now I will be satisfied with living vicariously through your show, keep up the great work and show!

  • Jim

    my favorite was the flame thrower build. the 90 y.o. CMH, IWO SURVIVOR… you survived IWO, not just fought there. the look on the old boys face when you gave him permission to fire it, washed away 80 years. his 'that's how you take out a jap bunker' after firing it? priceless.

  • Larry Huffman

    As usual, interesting and informative. I agree with Aaron — slap a producer or two. It appears to me they are trying to build "tension" when the show carries itself well without any "creative" ideas by producers.

    • Will Hayden

      what we have found is … well , you can do neat things in editing . guess I'll leave it at that .

  • Dave Edwards

    As a gun enthusiast, I think that Sons of Guns is a show of hacks with no real talent and sub par results. They don't design they just copy and paste. Where is the art and originality? just a bunch of hicks who got lucky.

    • Will Hayden

      As a gun builder who's had a national market for 10 years , I'd have to disagree .

    • Jake DeShong

      I can agree somewhat. I mean it's not like someone didn't imagine a long range AK in Vietnam, or someone bored didn't think of a gatling gun with shotguns years ago, but the guys at Red Jacket are still innovativ. As you've seen with most of the episodes, people come to them with interesting ideas that are challenging, and they tackle them. Someone says he/she wants one thing, and the crew already has ideas before the drawing board, then it's just a matter of getting the materials needed. Nobody ever claimed to be "original" or trademark an idea, though Red Jacket is most likely the first and only to have an integrally silenced AK and a long range AK.

  • Zach

    Mr. Hayden I was wondering if you're familiar with the MP-7 SMG?

  • Dave Edwards

    Mr. Hayden, What do you do that is so original. I just really dont get your show. Like last season you made that dual m-16 variant for the PSD team's car. That would have broken the first trip. Where is you R and D? I am at a total loss of why people like your show. Are you a gunsmith or just a good business man.

    • Will Hayden

      I don't recall ever putting a dual M-16 on a car . We did on a small boat , it ran about 3000 rnds it's first day , still running fine . Is that what you're talking about ? One of the problems with the show is that the tv people feel they have to have an ending . Sometimes , we're doing what we consider a " proof of concept " or prototype ,maybe not even of the entire system but of a portion , but the tv show will put it together as if that portion where the "end-all" . We don't like , but we have no say over how any of that get's put together .

    • Red Jacket Fan

      Dave where is your shop? what network covers your tv show? I just found it for anybody wanting to watch daves show it comes on Friday nights at 9 on the Dumb Ass network! to get this network or be on his show your IQ has to be lower than 12 and you have to spend your days licking windows on a short bus!!!!!

  • Keith Ward of Ward 1

    You have to love the detractors. They give us the ability to appreciate the good things in life.

    A thousand yard AK is original considering that conventional wisdom said it was impossible and silencing (suppressing) an AK like wise. Very clever but most of all in this day and age of anti gunners to make such a show and have it make money is nothing short of genius. Thanks for you and all your crew and the good pr for the gun community. Keep up the good work and Thanks for the business

    • Will Hayden

      Thanks Keith , we feel like we haven't even hit our stride yet , but are really looking forward to getting there :)

  • Mack Missiletoe

    You may use both iron sights and scope. PERFECT

  • Zach Shields

    Mr. Hayden another question this time more relevant to the Competition Uzi. Is this going to be a limited edition kind of gun where there will be a limit as to how many you are will to make or are you going to mass produce it to the public?

    • Will Hayden

      We're not going to produce them at all . We did it as a joint effort with the UZITalk Forum with the idea of doing and documenting it in way that was replicable by the member's on the board as well as the mainline builder's . I like Uzi's and i like that board and just thought it would be a nice thing to do . Their were a lot of theories floating about what would work , but a transferable Uzi ain't cheap so a lot of guy's were understandably loathe to experiment on theirs . Using a Post Sample like we did , it's not that big a deal . I know they edit the TV show to make everything about money , but it ain't always like that . Some thing's you do for fun , some to learn , some to give back a bit . This build was a bit of those three .

      • Zach Shields

        I see so it was a mix of trial, error, test fire, and demonstration. That and upping a standard Uzi just goes to show when you put some heart into the project. I believe the expression blown away is an understatement when the UZITalk guys saw and tested your Uzi :). I was surprised that the Uzi smoothed out as the rate of fire increased, I wonder if upping an AK's rate of fire would have a similar affect?

        • Will Hayden

          That's it exactly . No , there's a different firing dynamic withe the UZI , and bear in mind , anything can be overdone . The trick is to find the "sweet-spot" and use the gun accordingly . With proper porting on the barrel timed in to the increase cyclic rate , we got a very smooth , controllable 3-4 rnd burst . Hog the trigger and you would rapidly hit the point of diminished returns .

          • Zach Shields

            Over doing it does damage performance….especially on an already simple system as the AK although increasing the rate of fire would be cool to see it would be like shooting the FN FAL on full auto, begging for trouble on a weapons system that can do without it.

  • http://msn Dan`L

    Red Jacket is the place for me. Will and the crew have a great show (including Wills daughter I appologize for forgetting her name, sweet girl) the guns they build and up-grade are terrific. This show is a keeper.

    • Zach Shields

      Amen to that keep up the good work!

  • Michael

    hey will I'm a big fan I wach red jackit evry time it's on,some day I look forward to taking one of my guns up to u and leting u put some cool stuff on one,i rely like the fully suppressed ak 47 very nice work u have a grate Crue. keep on making good weapons. I thank u have the best job ever.a



  • guest

    sons of guns was a good show untill it turned into drama with that punk bitch chris and that hag steph i dont even waste my time watchn anymore way to go will u drove your show strait into the ground why dont u use one of your weapons to shoot that little bitch chris,your gonna do it sooner or later so why not sooner than later

  • guest2

    i agree with the above comment ,that chris dude is a punk ass little bitch ,he,s bad for buis,and that white trash little whore is no better

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