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The Ultimate Zombie Gun: Red Jacket ZK-22 Bullpup Rifle

by Will Hayden   |  April 19th, 2012 242

When Max Brooks, the author of “World War Z” and the ultimate zombie apocalypse guru, walked into the Red Jacket shop, we were all damn excited to see what he wanted to do. We weren’t disappointed in the slightest.

Max wanted to build the ultimate civilian zombie gun, and he wanted to make it a Red Jacket. But we had to answer a few questions first. What makes the best apocalypse weapon? What is the one gun that will not only save your life once, but keep you alive in the long run?

Do you want the firepower of a military rifle or the simple functionality of a civilian-type rifle?

We went back and forth on the argument of tactical versus practical. After a lot of conversation, we decided that we want three things from the gun: availability of ammunition, accuracy and versatility.

To meet all these requirements, our mad genius Joe Meaux took a .22 cal. rifle and dropped it into the bullpup platform, added a suppressor, an ambidextrous charging handle and magazine release and an aluminum rail to mount your light or other undead erasing device. The gun he put together is light, silent, easy to use and does the job at close and long ranges — we call it the Red Jacket ZK-22 Bullpup rifle.

The bullpup has a match trigger in a barreled receiver which allows the gun to function with a match trigger on both ends. The solid milled trigger bar helps transfer energy perfectly, producing positively no loss in flex. We added a tactical solutions lightweight aluminum barrel, Red Jacket magnum .22 suppressor and a Vortex SPARC red dot scope for good measure. You can even throw in a mounted spike for the hand-to-hand moments in your killing spree.

I could go on all day, but I’ll let Joe Meaux tell you all about his new zombie-murdering creation.

  • Chad

    I want one! How much?

    • seth

      $299 stock only without shipping

  • Andrew Cain

    Where can I purchase this dream gun of mine…lol

    • CaptCrip
      • Don

        Do they charge the full price at time of order, or do they charge at shipping time? I tried asking them but never got an answer.
        Thank you.

    • Eric

      Go to red jackets website and you can buy the stock for $299 you just have to have a ruger 10/22 to put in it

  • mark

    i want

  • Wes

    Just finished watching the episode and I have to say that this bullpup stock looks awesome. All the others out there look kinda goofy with a front sight. I am very much looking forward to seeing this thing go into production so I can get one. Good job Joe!

  • Sam

    I just finished this episode. I look forward to getting one of these stocks! I also wonder if they accept the Mad Dog 50rd drum magz??

    • James

      the mad dog drum mags have been have alot of bullet feed issues

  • pablo

    me two

  • Vaargrimm

    if you actually read the books they point out that zombies are attracted to sound, the M16 rifle is very powerful and versatile but this 22 Bullpup design is so quiet that the author actually asked if he had shot yet.

    All I can say is like other comments above "Were can I get one and how much?"

  • brandonF

    Yep, get that thing up on the website and ready for ordering!

  • ShayneS

    Beautiful Joe! Being a southpaw (A.K.A. Handicapped when related to firearm design) the ambidextrous charging handle and mag release are excellent. Would modifying an individual to eject casings out the left side be difficult? Looks like the ejection port is awfully close to ones face for a lefty. Having a choice for ejecting casings to either side would be wonderful. :)

    • Wes

      Not sure if that is an option since it is built around a Ruger 10/22. I havn't seen a mod for leftys.

    • Kyle Meier

      I took a close look and it has a shell deflector

      • Kyle Meier

        The one on tv did at least

    • David DeMar

      Fellow Southpaw here, and I feel your pain, Shayne! I'd love a ZK-22 but I'm not so hot on getting brass in my face. The ambi mag release and charging handle are awesome, though.

      • ShayneS

        Kyle mentions a shell deflector. It would have to deflect somewhat forward to ensure casings are not ricocheting of the face. Notice in the video Joe's head/face position. Now imagine it on the right side of the stock as left handed shooter. Yikes! Such a sweet design, and just hoping there is ample clearance. Something similar to the Magpul PDR or Beretta Cx4 Storm for extraction ejection would be icing on the cake.

    • Kyle Meier
  • martinp

    my 14 year old is going to want one of these, without the suppressor (we're in NY, alas)
    is that stock an aftermarket item?

  • Eldridge00

    I want one.. I personally love the FSP90, and that was a 22 dream come true

  • Gravy

    I want this 22 please RJ produce these bad boys even if its done through pre order im in.

  • Ben Leeser

    Please, PLEASE make that bullpup stock available! I have a 10/22 that I have been DYING to find a cool stock for, and this exceeds my wildest dream!

  • hillbillywldmn

    I just want the kit, or a price on the whole thing…..That was the coolest 10/22 conversion I've ever seen!!!

  • Will_Hayden

    We're moving as fast as we can to get this into production . Which , unlike on tv , can take a minute ;) . We expect to have the molds cut with 2-3 weeks and we're doing all we can to insure that these are on the shelves for the fall.

    • Goober

      Any idea as to a price point?

    • brandonF

      Fall, perfect timing, will be an early Christmas gift to myself. I agree with many of the others on here. I'm hoping you'll offer the full set up, suppressor and all (can hold off on the spike I guess). Great job Joe, I'm in on this one for sure!

    • Jaime Briseno

      Much love from Northern California,,,to all at red jacket. thanks for all you have done !

    • the_new_guy

      Both guns on the show were well done… though I'm personally a .22 caliber fan myself due to the cheaper ammo… any idea how much one of these custom bullpups would run?

    • Patrick Culp

      Have you started a "Waiting list" I want to be close to the top.
      Thanks so much.
      T Patrick Culp

    • Raven

      is it able to accept the 50 round drum?

    • CharlieS

      Nice … I think that will be awsome… I like the idea of having a practiacl bullpup .22 added to my collection

    • Travis Lamar Bubba Jones

      Went to your store location today and I have to say I was very disappointed. I would like the chance to talk to you about it. I drove 1-1/2 hrs to bring my son just to see the store front which he loved but when we went to purchase exploding targets we were told we could not have the items shown on the website. Single item target was double the price. Not very good business practice for your home state customers. Please contact me at and I will give you a phone number. Thanks

    • joe faulise

      will long story short if the gun does not have that spike thing you have failed that was what really sold it for me. so I see you always make your guys toe the line we do not ever lie we dontsay we cant but the gun you are selling is not the gun on the show. (type one log chief if you cant tell) so how do I get the actuall whole package and what does that cost ps have you ever hear of a show called worst shots my idea i want in could not hit a wall in ten yard with a pistol..

    • James

      Roger that will very nice design joe came up with…very sleek design and rapid prototype looks awesome…maybe sometime get to louisiana and enjoy my neighboring states hospitality.

    • Pete

      I just orderd mine… and I'm truley looking forward to adding this one to my collection. A well constructed 10-22 B/P conversion has been along time coming…. considering what's currently available. Y'all hit the 'nail' on the head with this one Will…. Fantastic RJF !

    • Robb Amos

      What is the exact bull nose rifle this accepts? Thanks, Will.

    • dbui

      Will CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE A BULLPUP AR TYPE THAT IS COOL LOOKING? There is no one producing one for the ar receiver. The market would be huge!!! There was a cool design out there but the guy could not get into production and needed to design a new bolt.

  • Kyle Meier

    This get backs to the fundamentals of shooting. (Fun)

  • David Gray

    awsome conversion want the whole thing spike and all $$?

  • JW3

    Awesome stock design Will and Joe, I love plinking with my 10/22 and this would be an excellent mod.

  • Ben Spears

    Ergonomics look very similar to the Magpul PDR. I would love to own this set up please red jacket make the kit just the shell and the transfer bar and the trigger I have more than enough 10/22 receivers to plop in there plus my tacsol barrels.

  • Jay

    Looks like y'all have a hit on your hands. I'll buy one, in kit form, as soon as it's available. As soon as I take it to the range I'll bet you'll get another dozen order w/in a day.

  • brad

    Love it! Need to know when I can get one in the kit form! :)

  • guest

    RJF so needs to get that bullpup stock available so the rest of us can transform our own 10/22s with that stock

  • DarkMatter

    I like the Max Brooks and "World War Z" but I wish it had been J.L. Bourne author of the "Day by Day Armageddon" series on the show. That man knows his weapons.

  • Alan

    How many of us are gonna say, okay, I want one. How much is it?! LOL. I just said it too. I have two 10/22's already, so any kind of drop-in kit, and I'll be buying at least two stocks/suppressors the moment they're out.

  • Jean Aker

    I would have preferred it in 22MAG.

    • Robert J Johnson

      AMEN TO THAT. SHOULD BE 22-mag.

  • Miguel Reyes

    I'm definitely buying one! All my prior service military buddies will be so jealous!

  • Miguel Reyes

    Additionally, is there anything RJF can't do??? Damn! Downright outstanding!

  • Dave Sheedy

    Please make this as a kit and NY compliant !

  • Kris

    Not only do I want this like everyone else, I think there should be a mini 14 version! The firepower of the .223 and the bull pup design could be a great combo.

  • guest


  • Mike Gallagher

    .I all ready subscribe to guns and ammo,renewed. Great magazine great website-updates.thanx. Mike.

  • Alan_T

    WAIT A MINUTE ! …… do you guys hear that ? ……., " Aaaaaaaaaaaalan ….. Alan_T …. I'm the new ZK-22 Bullpup Rifle , Alan …. buy me ! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy me Alan ! I love you Alan ! Think of how happy we'll be together Alan ! Buuuuuuuuuuy me ! "

    • Drapper


  • Charley Delcambre

    It kinda looks like a magpul pdwr. But those extra additions are sweet!

    • tayler

      same thing

  • cool_hand77

    Any chance of a version that will accept an M1 carbine? Just a thought…
    Honestly, if the 5.7 Johnson Spitfire were a more common round…that would fit Max's criteria cause its just a bit more oomph than the 5.7FN, but its almost native to the M1 Carbine.
    Oh well…I want one anyway…too bad its not a .22 magnum…

    • dbui

      The bulldog bullpup hit fits the m1. Really nice but expensive.

  • sbryant

    would like to see a showdown RED JACKET VS GUNSMOKE see who makes the better product

    • leviathon.1982

      I think that is a very good idea and would definitely watch.

    • Dwight Hill

      Gunsmoke is only about money , PERIOD . HE only going to make a gun that will put more in his wallet , doesn't care how much you will spend . As long as he can get his double of what he spent to make that gun . At least RJ ask how much you are willing to spend first .

    • Will_Hayden

      Pointless . GunSmoke is a gunsmith shop , we're a manufacturing company .

  • James

    Mods have blocked negative comments.

  • RogueSniper

    I'll take a couple when they become available. For me, I don't care how much they cost! :) It's has to be better than the Pro Mag Maurader and ArchAngel shells and better than any Airsoft modded shells. I think the key is the solid bar trigger transfer.
    Great work to Will and Joe and all the crew at Red Jacket.

    • Will_Hayden

      It's a ground up design , let's you do it properly .

  • brian

    All the Zombies work at Redneck Jackets anyway,,Yessuh

  • Digitalmaddog

    Want — need — gotta-have!! I'm sure that these will sell out quick — Will, give Joe a pat on the back this will be a great gun for all !

  • Lana Buddie

    Told my husband that I want this. I want it!!!!!

  • Mark

    How about a Non-FFL (10/22 not included) kit.

    • Will_Hayden

      that's what we're selling

  • Chris Galeano

    @ Red Jacket, will the complete 22 rifle be available or will it be just the shell?
    if just the shell, Im guessing purchasing a BASIC ruger 10/22 Carbine 16" ??
    third. will a bullpup barrel be available?

    • Will_Hayden

      We're just doing the stocks . They'll have insert's allowing the use of std barrels or bull barrels

      • Chris Galeano

        sounds good! btw, I am a police officer with the Town of Medley, in Miami Dade county. I've shown the bullpup video to a couple of guys here and they are all stoak'd to get one..
        we are extremely fortunate to have our own outdoor firing range and traning facility and look forward to using the ZK22…. look us up!

  • Dwight Hill

    I guess I'm the only one who doesn't like the Magpul PDR . And I think a .22 Mag. would be better , but , that's me . Also , whatever the book says , it's not going to in real life . I never in my lifetime have heard of " dying and coming back as a Zombie " . That's what sy-fy books are . Besides , we already have Zombies , they all live in Washington D.C. .

    • TerryG

      Really Dwight, do you actually believe that dead people will somehow rise again…yeah, and "Santa" lives in the North Pole with Ms Claus and all his elves. When we speak about "Zombies," we are actually referring to the possible effects of some kind of a WW plague which can transform a healthy human body into a diseased carrier of death, aka a walking dead, aka a zombie. Now say thanks for the education.

  • Ryan

    Never owned a personal gun. I was the caretaker to quite a few during my military days….. Up til now i really didnt care about buying one after i got out…. until I just saw the gun I want! I WILL HAVE ONE!!!

    • Will_Hayden

      You'll get your chance . Our initial production run will be 10,000 units .

  • Miniappleguy

    Zombies don't exist.

    • Will_Hayden

      wow . revelation

    • Jon

      Actually, in real life, we just call them politicians.

    • xilebat


  • West

    Avid fan of the show, and i must say as soon as this episode finished i jumped online searching red jacket 15 different ways to find out if and when this little beauty would show up for sale. Thanks for letting us know to watch out in the fall, I will definitely keep checking in on this one. I may finally introduce my wife to the wonders of firearms with this lightweight, sleek and ergonomically built tool; but she'll have to get her own!

    • Will_Hayden

      thats excellent West

  • nick

    will it be California legal ?

    • Will_Hayden

      I would think so

  • Jeffrey King

    What is this Zombie crap did I miss something.If I did you need to inforrm me and future new readers. You sound like idots everytime you mention Zombie.

    • Will_Hayden

      yeah , you really did .

    • LJB

      If you are not a Prepper, you are a ZOMBIE

      • PATRIOT


  • David Swieszcz

    This is looking to be a really good weapon for armed security personnel. Forget the pistol…..give me this puppy!

  • Brody

    Speaking on behalf of every single Canadian…since we'd never be allowed to get the kit here, please make the full rifle version in a way that allows us to buy it!

    • Will_Hayden

      really ? It's a stock . I need to look into this a bit .

      • Steve

        Hey Will. Firstly you guys did a great job on that unit, I'm sure you all are proud of Joe. Second, Those stocks are legal in Canada as long as the owner registers the modification as such. The rifle will essentially be modded from Non-Restricted to Restricted. I'm looking forward to getting a few stocks for me and my kids.
        Keep up the good work.

      • Ed Nonymous

        If the weapon is useable with the action removed from the (bullpup) stock, it becomes restricted.


  • shutupwill

    big flippin deal its a BULLPUP been done a MILLION TIMES
    stop acting like it's anything special jacwad

    • Will_Hayden

      Having actually held , carried and shot this and compared it to every other 10-22 aftermarket stock , yes , it is something special .

  • shutupwill

    if they really cared about getting it on the market instead of using discoveries bs hype method it would have been ready when the show aired

    • Will_Hayden

      we're a bit more interested in proper development and production then in rushing to market . R& D and production have their own time line . We have no idea what Discovery's airing schedule is till they start showing commercials . As such , it's simply not a factor . We tend to our product line , they tend to their tv show .

      • Jon

        Don't pay him any mind, Will. He's just wantin' an invitation to go gator huntin' with ya'.

  • Tito

    I couldn't stop smiling when they combined my three favorite things! Guns, Red Jacket, and zombies. Can't wait for the gun to come out! Do you think it will be legal in cook county IL?

  • big t

    Although I know zombies don't exist I still get a kick out of all the zombie killing weapons and ammunition, I would love to add this gun to my prepping /zombie arsenal. Great job red jacket

  • hazin

    Been wanting a fun practical 22. Make sure itss got some good sling mounts. Quick detach would be nice. Bull pup is a sling gun for sure. Honestly liking this a lot guys, good work.

    Preorder and price points would be nice.

  • Ryder

    Great design I love iit hopefully I can get one in the fall. It would be cool if it cam with a zombie target or a coupon code to get a discount on the zombie ammo.

  • Steve

    Another great addition to the fun Zombie Apocalypse line out there.

  • Blake

    Gun looks totally sweet, few things I see about it though. You put an ambi charging handle, and an ambi mag release, but the position of the ejection port makes it inefficient for a lefty. Looks like mounting it left shoulder would get shells ejecting into your cheek. Seems to me that makes the ambi controls somewhat obsolete. What a better idea would be is to get the ejection port mounted either further forward with a shell deflector, or underneath so they would eject down.
    Being a lefty, I don't see this being on my shopping list due to that one feature, otherwise I'm totally into it.

  • Jay

    Looks great. I'll put in a pre-order as soon as it's available. Heck I'm already researching what barrel, and sights, I want to put on the thing.

    Will it be sold directly through your shop or Brownells? Just need to know whose website to keep an eye on.

    Will, your restrained responses to some of the more asinine comments is impressive.

  • jason

    love the show Will now i have a reason to go pick up a 10/22 (like i needed a reason to buy another gun)

  • ShayneS

    Yes Blake, exactly! Could you imagine how sexy it would be to close off the ejection port and let the brass fall out of the bottom of the stock! Ah well, I'm sure it would be difficult to modify and for 90% of folks, it probably is not an issue. But damn, if only those casings could be dropped downward. Sure would be a nice addition for the concept.

    Plus, if 10% of us are in our right mind, at 1,000 units on the inital run, at even $250.00, "a very conservative price," that is $250,000. Hint hint RJ. Ah heck, can't blame a guy for trying.

    • bob

      Get a Browning Semi-Auto 22 if you want a downward ejecting 22. Sweetest .22 ever built.

  • Steve

    Will it fit the MWG 50 shot teardrop magazine (MWG-022-050) ? Please give us a ballpark number for the price.

    • Will_Hayden

      yes but it looks awkward . The 30rnd curve fits the weapons profile perfectly .

  • Will_Hayden

    Guy's , we're having talks right now about setting up a "pre-order" list . We've already received P.O.'s from several of our major vendors , that there's interest in this is the understatement of the year . I'll keep ya'll updated as it develops .

  • ShadowJ

    I would like to trade my Walther G4 with it's terrible trigger and poor reliability for one of those stocks. I have 3 1022s I could use…how about it.???

  • Chris Porter

    Will, i've just read over the drivel that a lot of these folks are saying… it's a bunch of trash. I'm very impressed that there are still small manufacturers out there building quality products for the specialty market. Some folks don't get it, but I can promise you, there are just as many of us who do. I'll be buying one of your stocks, and I can't wait to get my hands on it

    I was actually just thinking the other day while watching your show that I wish someone would walk into your shop wanting a .308 bullpup. This will do until you get around to that.

    Keep up the great work sir. We're watching!

    • Will_Hayden

      Juggernaut Tactical does a great bullpup for the M1a . There are a lot of great companys that are risking their future , following their dreams and actually making somthing . You're right though , it's much easier to sit back and talk crap then to actually roll the dice on your future and produce something .

  • Jay

    A drop in bull pup stock for a Remington 870 would be super sweet as well. Someone else was supposedly going to make one but I don't think it ever happened. I love the KelTec KSG bullpup shotgun but not the $900 price.

  • Wuzard

    Just replace "zombie" with terrorist if you think it is stupid…. I think these stocks should be made of metal……the plastic is lightweight and usually makes the 10/22 seem cheap…..although I am sure if RedJacket stamps it, it should be nicer quality.

  • Evan in Cali

    Will – To be California legal, the overall length (OAL) of the rifle must be no less than 26 inches. Can you tell us what the OAL of this rifle is with the 16" tactical Ruger barrel? If it is over 26 inches… count me in! Otherwise, can you tell us what is the minimum barrel length needed to achieve a 26" OAL with this stock?

    Thanks, and nice job!

    • Chris Porter

      If it happens to be under 26 with the standard Carbine barrel, get yourself a butler creek 20" barrel. They'll bring you out 4 more inches.

      • Evan in Cali

        Yeah, that defeats the whole purpose. I want it to be lightweight and affordable. With the cost of this stock, I don't want to have to go out and buy a new bull barrel too that adds another 2 pounds to the gun.

        On the red jacket website, they list a minimum barrel length of 18.5 inches to be NFA compliant (which probably means a 26" OAL). This probably means that your 16 inch TACTICAL barrel is too short to comply with California law. Do not buy this stock if you have a tactical barrel (it has a birdcage flash hider on the muzzle and no front site) unless you plan to replace the barrel also (you may be able to add a longer muzzle device to make it california legal though). The 16" tactical barrel with flash hider is 3/4 of an inch shorter than the 18.5 inch carbine barrel.

        Just lookin' out for us Kalifornians.

        • Evan in Cali

          RJF, can you update the website stats with the exact OAL of the gun with the 18.5" ruger barrel? We Kalifornians would really appreciate it. Thanks!

          By the way, in my post above, I was referring to the Ruger factory "Tactical" barrel from the "10/22 Tactical" model, not just any "tactical" barrel.

        • p30

          Why would you have to buy another bull barrel? You can use your factory barrel since the stock is said to come with an adapter to fit either Factory tapered or bull barrels.

          • Evan in Cali

            You weren't paying attention were you? Because it's not LONG enough! Someone suggested replacing my 16 inch tactical barrel with a 20" bull barrel. A bull barrel would be much heavier. I want a lightweight gun and there is no lighter barrel than the stock factory TACTICAL barrel. The 16 inch TACTICAL barrel is TOO SHORT to be used with this stock in California. It would be an assault weapon in California. This stock is designed for use with the 18.5 inch STANDARD factory barrel or an aftermarket bull barrel 18.5 inches or longer.

            The adapter is not for length but for DIAMETER of the barrel.

  • Paul

    Love the stock, and would really love one of those spikes to go along with it! it would be amazing if you could put two of those with each order of one stock XD ( you know just incase you brake one on a zombie skull)

  • Jay

    I want one in Massachusetts.

  • injun51

    Everybody sucks except me. WILL, sell me the first stock. This is a great looking stock and I would love to have one. Let us know how much and where to go to order one and I'm there. Just kidding about everybody sucking but me. Only some of these other people suck. LMMFAO : )

  • Steve

    Good news for Canadians that think we can't have this. We can. It doesn't change the length of the barrel and will be imported as a firearm accessory.

  • Pete Scott

    First I am asking this respectfully not like the tool above there with the stupid names

    Can someone tell me what makes this different or specail that any other bullpup stock??
    Just curious not trying to put anyone down

    Love the show tell Joe I said it's Fugly LOL
    I just don't like bullpup style stocks much nothing personal or offensive intended

    • Evan in Cali

      Yeah, so most bullpup look kinda silly. Who cares? The point of a bullpup is compactness. A shorter weapon is a more maneuverable weapon. What's special about this stock? It's a bullpup! Most importatnly, it's for a 10/22! It looks pretty cool in that it has many features like an FN P90. Finally, it has a solid trigger transfer bar. The better question is, what's not special about this stock?

      3 most important things in a tactical weapon: Lightweight, Compact, and Reliable. A 10/22 with this stock could be all 3, even if it is a plinker and marketed for killing zombies (eyes rolling).

    • ed hochart

      I have had two and that were more toys than guns the first was a modified airsoft and the one I have now is the one on am zone and it has a plastic trigger rod that flexes and will not take a banana mag due to the pistol grip.

  • Doug Altman

    <a href="” target=”_blank”> <a h…” target=”_blank”>

    • Doug Altman

      pre order has started on the ZK-22

  • Tommy

    How come all I get on my computer is a big white blank space instead of the video? Does anyone else have this problem? How do I fix it?

    • Ed Hochart

      I would try loading the latest version of flash as I believe that is a flash video so all you are getting is a placeholder.

  • greg

    how much are they and can i order them online off ur websire????

  • bubba

    they are available on the website as of today but, good luck getting one. seems rjf is more concerned about being stars than building guns. we still love the show though

  • JiminGA

    Legend has it that the only way to kill a zombie is a bullet to the brain, so how is a .22 the weapon of choice to penetrate a skull? I have two .22's, a bolt action and a pump, neither of which would be my go-to gun in the event of any attack. I'll stick with my AR or AK if you please.

    But the ZK-22 is a cool addition to a collection already having some real weaponry.

  • Brian at RedJacket

    This gun was designed by a left handed person, don't worry about the ejection port. Your not going to see the splatter of the 10/22 hitting you in the face. The ejection shield is not pictured, but set at a precise angle (like when playing pool) will divert the casing downward. I should know, i'm on the design team for it. The gun has an lenghthaned trigger pull over the p-90, adding 1-1/2 inches making it more comforable. The safety I designed is also intuitive and is a first, for the industry. It's a paddle design that flips out to block your finger from enganging it. When your finger enters the trigger guard it "detects" the safety. You simply flick it forward to release it out of your way.

  • John

    I want a CA compliant ZK-22! Put me on the waiting list! This is a winning design and a guaranteed seller!

    • nick

      why do u think the stock is not ca compliant right now ?

      • RimfireShooter

        Its really a question on overall length without a can. Standard barrel for a 10/22 is approx 18 inches. Will it be over 26 inches in overall length? Or will John have to buy an aftermarket 20 inch barrel. Or will John have to pin on a fake can in CA to be compliant.

    • Evan in Cali

      As long as your barrel is 18.5 inches long, it should be good to go in Cali.

  • Ryan

    Will you sell the complete package (including the 10-22, optic & suppressor)? Or will it only be the stock?

  • Jay B

    I'm a huge fan of the show, I don't believe we will ever be shooting zombies, but I still want the 22cal zombie gun! Please let me know how much it's going to cost and how to pre order it! Love the compact design, it looks to be a fun gun to use for more realistic scenerious such as, rodent erradication! Will and the Red Jacket crew, keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more awesome guns and can't wait to own the 22cal zombie gun!

  • blndtgr

    Pre-ordered! Cannot wait for the finished product! Hope the wait wont be too long!

  • Andrew Strautz

    I'd like a ZK-9 or a ZK-57 =P though I'm sure they'd have to do some voodoo to get those off the shop floor. While the 22 is a good ammunition for the application if I where to use this system for something like Home defense I want something a tad more powerful, plus there is just something rewarding about the jolt of recoil on a long barrel that you don't get from a 22.

    Though from what I saw on the show its ingenious how they just took an existing conventional wooden stock platform and dropped it into a bullpup. it defiantly cleans up nicely and adopts the warfighter accessories and optics you'd expect on a civilian legal counter part to a military grade weapon. I'm not to sure about a rigid plastic frame for physical compliance but that's another story, at that point I'd see if they couldn't whip one up in cast aluminum and mill it down. if the platform didn't look like the reputation of the M-16 during trials I could actually see that in the hands of operators but other than the reliability and accessibility of the 22 cartridge it just seems like a cool conversion for the hobby shooter. cool beans though, well designed I'd buy one if i had the ruger in the vault =P

    • Ed Hochart

      After reading what you wrote I have to disagree with most of it. The gun was not designed drag through the swamps of Vietnam. And it is an excellent home defense weapon. 3 22 long rifle rounds will do every bit as much good as my 45. A friend of mine was shot five times with the 38 special and lived and the intruder died from a single round from a 22 short that was well-placed. It all depends on where you place the rounds. Most home gunfights are less than 20 feet. Less recoil means better placed rounds. Take your best day at the range and when you are facing someone that is shooting back at you. You will be lucky if you're 25% as good as you are in the range. I would sooner have something that is going to place the rounds accurately. Especially for someone who does not go to the range often, or a woman or teenager that does not have the body strength to handle a heavy caliber handgun.

  • james

    Ive been reading alot of these comments and was wondering why he never thought of building the actual S.I.R. (standard infantry rifle) from his book World War Z . The way he writes the description in his book it would have wood furniture, be modcop of an AK or stripped down XM8 (piston driven), fired semi only, accurate, never jammed, looked like a WW2 gun(mini-14???), had a flipout spike and shot a 5.56mm NATO round. Also it had changable barrels of different lenghts (not too interested in that feature). Sounds like a modified Mini-14 with some minor upgrades… do you think Red Jacket would ever want to make mods to a Mini 14 for people willing to pay or produce there own version of S.I.R.????

    • Andrew Strautz

      I think that can be answered by the fact that WWZ is currently a movie in the works rite now. the rights to anything pertaining to that work are in copyright hell rite now. I think the SIR would have been a good project for the guys but I can commend them for not wanting to touch that coal so they went to the next best thing plug (i call it fan service) the first book in the series[?]

      The whole project turned into the chicken and the egg debate between tactical vs practical, we'll still get a cool conversion out of the deal so everybody wins!

      • james

        Thank you that does make sense when you put it that way. Its a shame max brooks didnt think of having them make one so it could be used in the movie….

  • Wes

    Wasn't quite expecting the stock to cost more than a new 10/22…hopefully it will drop next year.

    • Brian

      It's going to drop this November just in time for Christmas.

      Product Design
      Red Jacket Firearms

  • greg

    when will they me shipping?????

  • Boyerbl

    Brian, I was wondering about the safety. Question: what is the barrel length (minus the suppressor)?
    I have placed a preorder, I was just about to modify a p90 air soft a nd this design is so much better.

    Thank you.

  • Henry Boudreaux

    I always wanted a reason to get some type of gun and now i found it lol….Pre-ordered it and cant wait for it to go in production. It look so cool joe defiantly did a good job in taking the p90 design and improving on it. Like the idea for the ar and converting it to a m16 as well but joe seemed more practical sorry will :-/ . Btw really love the show. It seems pretty cool to be a gunsmith and do what y'all do. Keep up the great job y'all are doing and I know y'all will at red jacket.

  • Will_Hayden

    As noticed , the ZK-22 stock went up for Pre-order over the weekend . Response has been everything we had hoped for with it . We will hold pre-order pricing for as long as we can , retail will be $298.00 .

    • Rodolfo Hernandez

      Hey will how bout adding a small shield on the ejection port like the ones they use on the machine guns mounted on to helicopters for left handed people. Im a righty but no one that loves shooting guns should get hit by brass in the face repetedly

    • james

      WILL!! please please please make those kick butt spikes and sell them too us!! would make it so much nicer as a well rounded zombie killing machine even if i never kill a zombie with it X/

  • Guest

    Are credit cards being charged immediately for pre-orders, or when the stock ships? Thanks!

    • Carter

      Looks like immediately ! This is, in my opinion, a poor business practice for a non custom parts that will ship six months later. Otherwise I love the product

      • Guest

        Yeah, I'll pass on that. I'm not bridge funding someone's venture.

  • ivan

    es ta re bueno

  • John Agatep

    Ok, we need some clarification here. I spoke with Mary from Tactical Solutions and she says they do not make an 18.5 in long barrel. The longest barrel they make is 16.5 inches long.
    What is the barrel length used on this gun? Is the website at Red Jacket posting the wrong info on the details about the barrel?

    • Evan in Cali

      You probably don't want a TAC-SOL barrel anyway. They are made of aluminum with a steel insert. Who the heck wants an aluminum barrel? Steel is the real deal.

  • greg

    why will it be so long if it only takes 2-3 weeks to make the molds why cant u ship when u get the molds???
    thanks bif fan of the show

  • Ryan Jones

    Will any chance that you can make a bullpup that will fit a 5.56/7.62? I would love one for the compactness of it but yet have the fire power of a proper assault rifle. Now that woulda be a true game changer.

    • Will_Hayden

      no interest in it right now , our initial production run of these will be 10,000 unit's , once we get past that we'll think about other things .

  • bigt

    Yeah this bull pup has the stopping power of a gnat. Nerd gun for a nerdy dude and nerdy fans

  • ZedHead2012

    We here at Zombie Hunter Team 1A (ZHT-1A) applaud Mr. Hayden's forward thinking design of this weapon system and his no non-sense, focus on " . . . availability of ammunition, accuracy and versatility."
    We here at ZHT-1A have been promoting the utility of the .22LR suppressed against Zed for quite some time, while other self-proclaimed zombie gurus dismiss the .22LR, and push for the latest and greatest in tacti-cool ARs, knives, tomahawks, and all things toxic green or with the word zombie on it.
    I must admit, I have spent all my lunch money on my suppressed 10/22, K-BAR and a crow bar (in these hard economic times, stick to the tried and true, or easily replaceable, not the $$$ tacti-cool), but I just may have to switch to shooting the .22 air rifle for practice to save up for one of these!

  • tim

    I would love to see this come out as a full package, stock,10/22, suppressor , and optics. not as much need for the spikes. If there is any plan for this it would be great, let me know, thank you.

  • Guest

    Why on earth would they design this so it requires anything longer than a 16" barrel? How hard would it have been to add a thicker butt-pad to meet OAL requirements. I'm already starting to sour on this.

    • Will_Hayden

      The std Ruger carbine barrel is 18.5 inch's which is what we've designed around . We are looking at a tweak to allow 18 inch barrel's . If you have a 16 inch barrel , it will require the addition of a flash hider to meet fed. minimum OAL law . Off the shelf , we want this to be as compact as law allows using the single most common rifle barrel in America , which is the Ruger 10-22 std bbl .

      • RimfireShooter

        If you sell it with a fake can (like the GSG MP5 clone), you'll also meet the length requirement. Might be easier for you and better for us who live in non suppressor states.

      • Rick Deckard

        If it works for 18" barrel it will still be fine for a 18.5" … Since there are a ton of 18" barrels out there for the Ruger I would truly like to see the tweak come to life. I would rather have a 18" lgt wgt barrel then I can attach a good Sound Suppressor that is removable so I can use it on other weapons

  • RugerLover

    RJF – Do you think it would be possible for you guys to make a cheap, cool, lightweight muzzle break / flash hider (in 1/2-28 of course) that will complement this stock for 16 inch barrels that will make it NFA compliant? I can guarantee more sales that way!

    • chris

      im down with that!!

    • RimfireShooter

      You could also permanently attach a fake can.

      • RugerLover

        Yeah, I know. Not really my thing though. I was kinda hoping for something like the P90 device only a little longer. The one with the round holes at the top looks cool. Now If it was just 2.5 inches long…

  • Jay

    The ZK-22 looks pretty neat and I'd like to get it but I have some concerns about the design. I don't like the plastic top rail in terms of durability. The charging handle also appears to be plastic. Finally, we've only seen this thing demonstrated with a 16.5" threaded barrel that very few of us will legally be able to own.

    I'm betting that the standard Ruger tapered barrel, with the front sight, will look pretty stupid sticking out of this stock. So, I'll feel the need to get a bull barrel, which'll cost me another $200 and, best as I can tell, is only available in 18" (but we need to have an 18.5" barrel) or 20".

    There's another company out there making what is pretty much a P90 replica that addresses these issues. It has an aluminum sight rail and steel charging handle for durability. Plus, it comes with a faux-supressor barrel shroud that'll hide your tapered barrel. All this for less than the RJF stock. Perhaps this issues will be worked out in the final production model.

    • Ryan Flemming

      You can get a non-functional silencer made from plastic that will suit your needs just fine. It will act as a barrel shroud and cosmetically disguise what you have going on. Attach it to the chassis of the ZK kit or secure it to the barrel and you should be good to go.

      • scooter

        what other company because i will not order from these guys ever. they dont care about there customers at all sense the tv show, you can never get them on the phone and they take way tooo long to ship plus its very expencive for them to ship to me even though i live 8 min. away

        • Kay

          It's pretty much a replica of a P90. I like the features of the metal top rail, faux suppressor barrel shroud and fake magazine ammo storage. That being said I like the overall shape of the ZK-22 better. I wish RJ would provide info and pics of the actual production version.

  • rkwfxd

    Pre-ordered yesterday. Thought about it for a full day and looked around at other options to see if I could find something else that I liked as well for less money. For me I was unable to find anything I liked better for a variety of reasons from cosmetics to basic design. I have a stock 10/22 that I will use and this will be my first 10/22 "build." I am really looking forward to it.

  • 1sr time

    I joined to to post i will buy 2 pre ordered with everything offered! Please!

  • guest

    Somebody at Red Jacket, PLEASE do me a LARGE FAVOR. Take one of the old rifle barrels you have around the shop and swing it like a baseball bat. Make double sure that kid Chris is in the "strike zone" when you do. Just one whack on his head right on top) just might cure him of a small amount of his bad case of stupid.

  • Shanksabunch

    Ahhhh. Didn't he just steal the Magpul PDF prototype gun and make it a .22. If they sold this I think they would get their asses sued.

    • Shanksabunch

      I mean pdw. Stupid auto correct.

    • Brian

      Your probably referring to the PDR project (which I was a part of at Magpul) If you look close the two really don't have that much (if anything) in common.

      Product Design
      Red Jacket Firearms

  • Mike T.

    Any chance on Red Jacket selling the whole gun as a package? (not just the stock) cause I know what I want for Christmas!

    • Brian

      There will be a package available from Academy Sports.

      Product Design
      Red Jacket Firearms

  • Jackson Worster

    Your show is the only i watch because i love guns.You guys take some of the best guns in the world and make them better and more extreme!!!!!! TOUR BIGEST FAN JACKSON WORSTER

  • Ed Hochart

    I have already ordered mine but since I have to order a new Ruger 10/22 for those bill I was wondering if Rutgers 22 WMR would fit the stock. The article I was reading on the new Ruger rifle said that it was the same physical size as the Ruger 22 long rifle but I was wondering about the whole four the magazine.

  • nick

    will there be a build video on how to put in the ruger into this stock?

  • Gene

    Will, this bullpup looks amazing! Two quick questions

    How easy will it be to transfer out the old stock to the ZK-22?
    My experiance with ATI's custom 10-22 stock I've always had to shave down in certain spots to a get a clean install. Should customers expect the same with the ZK-22?

    Also will you have a youtube video that shows how to install the ZK-22?

    Thanks for your time and patience!

    • Brian

      I don't think you will have to shave down anything we used a variety of recievers during the design process to account for fluxuation in manufacturing.

      There will be a Manuel for assembly

      Product Design
      Red Jacket Firearms

  • dustin

    Hey Will, would a .17 hmr be a consideration in the ZK bullpup? just imagining the possibilities. . .

  • ed hochart

    I checked with the Canadian Mounties and as long as the rifle is over 26 inches is acceptable due to the fact that I am planning a trip to Alaska this summer and I wanted to take a weapon in through that country on my way. The Canadian Mounties said that the bull pup and my miles per 500 chainsaw would both be legal.

  • Ed Hochart

    I was told that should I want to use an 18 inch bull barrel that if I use a charger receiver then I can put the 18 inch barrel on with no penalty and be perfectly legal is this correct.

  • topnotchit

    Which 10/22 is needed for this? the Ruger tactical model with the threaded barrel (FS)? Is there a recommended 10/22? since I do not already own one, which would be best to get? I am also confused about a the match trigger description in the video…Does this require/recommend a match trigger on the 10/22 or does this stock somehow replace the Ruger trigger? Please let me know!

    • Will_Hayden

      The std 10-22 is fine . What we're saying about the trigger is that , with our mechanism you will mirror the trigger that is in your rifle . If you leave it stock , that's what you'll have . If you install a aftermarket trigger , that's what you'll have . Unlike other bullpup stocks , there is no degradation of the trigger due to the transfer bar .

  • topnotchit

    …and are after market parts compatible with this stock? Like Volquartsen hammer, ejector, sear, recoil buffer, and trigger? Would this stock be compatible with the volquartsen receiver and tg2000 trigger guard also? Or is this stock really only compatible with a stock ruger? Thanks.

    • Mike

      A ruger 10/22 receiver fits inside the ZK22 stock/shell. Therefore you can install all the aftermarket parts such as trigger kits, hammer, sear, buffer, etc. Hope this helps.

  • Mike

    how long would it take to make that .22 bullpup or at least something like it I'm not looking to steal ideas or make it myself but i like the point made that it's ammo is abundant but what does bother me though is that is a very original design so making it in a hurry seems to be an issue if zombies are at your door.

    I'm asking because I'd like to reference a gun like this for a fictional monster story that i needed some inspiration for and i could see the application for it in that kind of end of the world setting. If you can't answer the question it's fine and I totally understand, no one wants to go to jail right?

  • Rick Deckard

    I'd like to see a butt plate option to make it so you can use a shorter barrel and obtain overall length for compliance.

  • Ryan Flemming

    Hey guys, quick question;

    What sort of modification did you do to the Ruger's bolt to get it to close normally from locked-back position? Normal 10/22s don't behave like that — probably my least favorite feature of that rifle.

    Love the kit, btw. I've been investigating some of the homebrew methods online — this sort of thing usually sees the gunsmith utilizing airsoft rifle bodies instead of a standalone stock kit — but if the pricepoint on this is realistic I'll definitely be in the market.

    • 10/22

      volquartsen makes a bolt release replacement that allows the bolt to release when it's cycled back.

  • Matt Mercer

    Have my dad's old 10/22 sitting around, waiting for this stock!!! Ordered early, credit card has been charged, so now sitting on my stoop waiting for the UPS guy!!! haha………It looks awesome, and cannot wait to try…….Gonna order some Ruger factory BX25 magazines………..Can I get a suppressor in Massachusetts, as an LEO ? Also, I plan on buying a substantial block of ammo……….I would appreciate your advice on the best to buy for this rig,,,,,,,,,, Thanks, Matt

  • tom

    Subsonic ammo is hard to come by, the supressor needs to be easy to remove. A built in sound and flash suppresser could also work wonders so long as the supressor is designed with the use of non-subsonic ammunition in mind.

    Also is needs to be able to go a while without maintainance and accept multiple cartridges with a few barrel modifications. Sort of like the idea of having a 6.5, 6.8 and 5.56 all in one gun but for .223 (optimised for surplus, not military grade 5.56), .22, 7.62×39 (ak47), .308 (7.62×51).

    Easy to clean, unlikely to jam, durability- both from dirt and impact – these are also factors.

  • DASH

    $200+ for a piece of injection molded plastic?? This looks cool as hell, but you all can call me when they drop the price by half.

  • William K.

    Hey Will when and if are you guys gonna make a Red Jacket ZK-30 (M1 Carbine) Bullpup Rifle because I WANT one BAD.

  • Houdreaux

    Anybody heard any updates on the gun?

    • scooter

      no updates because they dont care. i bet everyone that buys this will never get it. anyways when and if it arrives the zombies will already be here

  • Max

    any chance of sticking a katana bayonet on that bad boy?

  • Gordon

    Just ordered mine on Monday. Will post when it gets here!

  • Gordon

    Update. They have charged my card and my order status shows STOCKS? Not sure what that means.
    I haven't recieved the email stating where in line I am for getting my stock. I have my new barrel and sight in hand.

    • Houdreaux

      Ordered my a while mine order has said 857 and not coming out til fall so you'll be waiting a good while like the rest of everybody which sucks

      • Gordon

        THAT SUCKS! My PO number is 2260. I hope that is the online order only and not where in line I am. I have not recieved an email from them stating "I am number *** in getting my stock." I checked on their website and my order status is "STOCKS", whatever that means.

        • Gordon O

          Still waitign and they do not reply to your emails when asked when the stock will ship.

  • M.Brown

    Question for you Will. I pre-ordered the stock and I have not been able to find an 18.5" ruger 10-22 Threaded barrel. I looked in to the tactical solutions but they are only 16"? Where do I get a 18.5" Threaded barrel?

    • Gordon

      I just recieved my Tactical Solutions barrel. It is 16.5 inch, end to end, including the chamber. The actual length of the barrel with a Tactical Solutions compensator is 17.1 inches, from the reciever to the end of the compensator.

      • M.Brown

        Gordon, I looked in to those but I thought RJF said the barrel has to be at least 18.5" long?

    • Jay

      Best as I can tell there is no 18.5" threaded bull barrels available. You get the tactical solutions 16" threaded but you'd need some sort of federal paperwork to make the gun legal. You can get a 18" Bull Barrel but your have to get it custom threaded for a flash hider that would then have to be pinned and welded to the barrell. Finally you can fine 20" bull barrels that will be fully legal. I wish Red Jacket would publish info on the final production version with the barrel choices that 99% of the customers will be able to obtain.

      • M.Brown

        So can't I just get the TS 16" Barrel and add the Silencer on it which would make it a legal length? I want to make sure the 16" barrel will fit in to the stock correctly.

        • Kay

          I'm no expert on the law but as far as I know length requirements are all measured with removable accessories removed. In the zk-22s case the sticking point is the overall length of the rifle, buttstock to muzzle. An 18.5" barrel will get you to the legal minimum length. While a 16" barrel w/ suppressor may be longer than the minimum length the suppressor isn't counted so you'd still be too short. However if you have the paper work for a legal suppressor perhaps you can also get whatever you need to make the short overall length legal. I'm pretty sure the prototype in RJ's pictures has the 16" barrel so it will work but it won't be legal w/o proper paperwork.

          • scarass

            RJ…in your video it's stated you used a tac soluions barrel ..16.5" that is one reason i ordered the zk22…a little bumbed right now.i called and spoke with someone and asked what barrel you were recomending she had no idea.that wasn't very more thing..a spare 10/22 mag storage spot in the butt of stock would be cool ,like on browning T
            bolt synthetic stock

    • Carl

      High Tower Armory is also making a p90 style stock for the ruger 10/22. Andy from HTA said they were gonna be making barrels and other accessories for their stock which should be similar in length to these. Lots of info on bullpup forum and ar15 forum. Also Brownells makes an M4 style barrel for the 10/22 that is 18" and threaded.

  • Richard

    I would be more impressed if it was an integrated suppressor. Make it as short as possible…..

  • Old Sarge

    What a crock.

  • Dante Braida

    Would this bad ass be legal in California, p.s. good job on this gun!!

  • Benman69

    Although it does look "Tacticool" for all you Mall Ninja's at the end of the day its still just a .22. I'll take my SCAR or even my 5.56 over this any day. .22's are nothing more than plinkers

  • Gordon O

    Still waiting since June , 2012. No reply to my emails about shipping dates. Might go buy the PS90 stock from High Tower Armory.

  • Houdreaux

    Has anyone heard about when they going to start shipping…seen something say in time for Christmas and well that a week away sooooo

  • Houdreaux

    Anyone have heard anything about shipment seen some where that it said shipment just in time for Christmas and that a week away soooooo…..what going on? Anyone has anything?

  • zach o

    How would this work for left handed shooters? Considering where there brass ejects.

  • clemt

    can i ship the zk22 to mexico??

  • gbaltil

    Kris “TITS ON A BOAR” Ford.

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