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Will Hayden: Why the Red Jacket AR-15 is a Success Story

by Will Hayden   |  March 4th, 2012 162

I know most of y’all have already watched the newest episode of “Sons of Guns” on Discovery earlier this week. We’re glad to be back on the air and look forward to this next season. But while we love doing the show, the whole point of this blog is to bring you things you haven’t seen on Discovery. This is an inside look at what Red Jacket does and how our business is changing. We know that the real gun guys and manufacturers can appreciate the challenges we face every single day.

What you saw at the end of the last season  – and bear in mind, they are so far behind our reality with the airing of the TV show – was the transition from a custom production shop to a mainline manufacturing entity with the introduction of the Red Jacket KMP-DI Direct Impingement AR-15.

From financing to facilities, we’ve had to make some hard choices. We’re determined to maintain a custom shop  (which is our heart and soul), to grow the research and development aspect of the company (which fuels the innovation which will take us into the future) and while doing this we will be getting our AR-15 line and 1911s on shelves of gun stores in every city in this nation.

We went at this thing hard and it’s probably no news by now to say that we’re on the shelf in every Academy Sports outlet in the country. And I assure you we’re just getting started. We’re rolling up a “stocking dealer” program that should have our ARs and 1911s on the shelves for the fall season at your local gun stores. This was a major step for Academy (shelf space at a gun store is the hardest to get in the retail world) and it’s hard to express our gratitude for the opportunity to show them both our manufacturing capability as well as our market reach. That they sold out of their initial inventory in all 136 stores within 30 hours. We can safely say that this was an unprecedented success.

The RJF KMP-DI 5.56mm, our direct impingement carbine, is our baby. We made sure all internals meet and exceed all Mil-Spec requirements. Each is individually MPI and HPT (high pressure tested) and certified as such. Every bolt is equipped with an extreme duty extractor and spring set. The bolt is fully stress relieved and surface hardened. The above and the Mil-Spec M-16 carrier provide the smoothest action and utmost reliability. The carrier is hard chromed inside and houses a hard chrome firing pin.

The internals are phosphate coated and properly staked to ensure a long life. We apply the RJF logo on several different areas to show you our pride in our components. The upper and lower receivers are forged from 7075-T6 aluminum, equipped with a either a 1/7 twist rate M4 profile chrome-lined barrel, or a match grade 1/7 stainless barrel, fluted for stiffness and superior accuracy. Our RJF suppressor flash hider is installed and externally threaded to accept any of the RJF suppressor line. Our relationship with Magpul allows us to competitively round the gun out with a whole array of Magpul goodies, from their CTR stock and MOE furniture to the latest MBUS site.

We took great care and time in giving the market a full-featured gun from the start with the utmost reliability and our rock solid lifetime warranty! We think this gun is built to set a higher bar in this marketplace. The whole thing was a big gamble for our company and really for Academy. The Discovery Channel show gives the impression of a small shop doing basically just R&D work; it’s almost like just three or four of us work for Red Jacket. That’s not the case, though we certainly understand why it’s set up that way.

The show has done great things for us, but our story didn’t start and certainly won’t end with “Sons of Guns.” We’re glad the show’s doing so well and plan to keep it going for a long time to come. And first chance you get, be sure to check out our new RJF AR-15 and tell us what you think. We’ll see you next week.

  • Michael'and Marilyn Warren

    Great gun, great show! Keep up the good work, even though we can't reap the benefits of your work out here in California. Thanks again for your support of "our" Second Amendment rights.

    • Will_Hayden

      we ship to Cali.

      • Ray Dawson

        We in New York feel Cali's pain Will. No suppressor. 10 round mag max and certainly no full auto . We somehow endure! Love the show

    • themom2

      my son just got me into guns and he wants the rjf kmp-di in od green im not sure if i should get him it and he wants the flutted barrel which is another 125$ so it comes out to about 1,400 oh did i mention hes 12 should i get him it

      • terry

        if you can afford to do it, absolutely!

      • Greg

        My 9 year old loves shooting my AR, safety first ofcourse. Get it for him and have some great father son time

      • George

        hell yeah! and then go shoot the hell out it yourself!

  • Matt Jones

    The show is awesome and the new AR is pretty sweet for sure. I have always had firearms but this show has really shown me so many things that I didn't have a clue that was out there. Thank you for fueling my new found obsession in protecting my home and my right to bear as many arms as I can possible get my hands on.

  • Matt Miller

    i want that done to my ar-15 lol just need the internals done all the other stff that comes with besides the suppressor i have on my ar

  • Drew Poe

    That is an awesome firearm. Love how the Sgt. Major put it thru its paces and it worked like a charm. That rifle needs to be strapped to the back of every combat infantryman in the US Military. Even the vaunted Israeli arms companies cant make a fine a rifle as this. Great job RJF. Kudos to you Will and to your team.

    • chuck smacker

      apparently you have never been in combat, and i seriously doubt that sgt major has eather, my guess is hes a pencil pusher paid to praze, there isnt nothing new about this weapon that hasent already been done by atlest 20 companys the differece is they price there weapons more affordable ( as not to bank rupt the country even more) and the dont have the gull to say its "custom" ive been deployed with the marines in combat 4 times and not that you would know but the field is not the same has shooting at targets, there has been great improvements with the m-16 m- platform with non of those coming from redjacket

      • Will_Hayden

        you'd be wrong

      • CPT Morgan

        The M-16/M-4 platform you are using iin Afghanistan isnt piston driven…..has it been done before?? Yes…but unless you are in a SOC/JSOC unit you arent using a piston driven platform in theatre. And to be honest, the SGM isnt a pencil pusher….I have had to the pleasure of meeting him…and working for MG(R) Darden for 4 years in the Birmingham area. Who was in fact Special Forces in Vietnam.

      • Tim

        Don't hate CHUCK, you might get SMACKerED. I've got money on Will

      • Orangutan

        Chuck. Most of our generation, Will and myself, who had the honor of participating in combat in the jungle, choose not to make a lot of noise about it. We did what we had to do.

      • Little Erv Hadenfeldt

        Highly doubt you are what you claim. I know alot of Marines and notone would come on here and act like a douche bag. Your name says it all. TROLL

  • Nathan C Padget

    That's a super $1500 AR! Somehow I think msrp will exceed $1500!

    • Will_Hayden

      MSRP is $1200.00

    • Mike

      Build your own for half that amount. I'm building one now…..

  • bob

    what a great peace of work that new AR looks great can not wait untill can hold it in my hands and later my wife haha

  • Adam

    Nice! I'd love to see an AB Arms MOD 1 hand guard on that baby!

  • Jeff D Gray

    I love my Red Jacket AR-15. Just got through shooting it a little while ago.

    • Will_Hayden

      Thank you Jeff . I've got number 001 hanging behind my desk , I love the rifle myself . Will

  • Kyle Meier

    Good choice with the 1:7 twist rate. Better stability with 77 gr. rounds.

  • Bruce

    sorry the show sucks now…you should forget all the drama bullcrap!!!

    • chuck smacker

      yeah i liked this gun better when it was called the smith and wesson M&P , I CANT BELIEVE PPL BY INTO THIS HORSE CRAP

      • Will_Hayden

        wrong again Chuck .

        • Jon

          I have the newest smith and wesson M&PT and Its nothing like the Red Jacket piston drive AR…. The M&P is a great weapon, but the new RJF has probably got it beat.

        • Tim

          Tell him like it is Will. He's probably never even held more than a water gun

        • Little Erv Hadenfeldt

          Will some people just know no other way than to be jealous. There have been a few things on the show I don't care for but that's real life. Congrats on your success and thank you for your service!

    • Black Rifle 4 Life

      Yup I agree

    • Mike

      I like the show, but would definitely not buy a gun from them. BBB gives them F. Read a horror story of some guy that waited a year for his gun. The show does not depict these knuckle heads as serious gunsmiths, but jokers.

    • will

      Need I say more than 1000 yard ak and the desert eagle Stock…….durrrrrrrrrrrr

  • A Jay

    Any chance we can see an article about the new RJF AR-15 in an upcoming issue of Guns and Ammo? I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about it.

    • Will_Hayden

      I believe that's being written as we speak

  • ZdubQ

    Will, I'm a little surprised you guys went with the DI system, I thought if anyone could produce a piston system for an AR that is actually as reliable as an AK, it was RedJacket. Was it a cost factor? Love the show, and if i ever win the lotto, a RedJacket 30-06 piston driven AR will be commissioned! LOL

    • Will_Hayden

      We manufacture a piston drive rifle as well as the D.I. .

      • frankgon4

        Is the Gas Piston system in Semi Auto available for purchase by us civilians or only the D.I. System?
        I saw the episode for soldiers in dusty environments such as protecting our Nuc. Facilities.

    • viva la firearms

      I believe I would take a Red Jacket AR-15 in .22-250. It is an awesome round that would be great in this gun. Slap a Nikon Coyote Special scope on it and watch out! Great show and work guys!

  • DMC

    Will please combine the Saiga 12 and the AA12…

    • Kyle Meier

      Why? and how?

    • Race

      Why the Saiga is great piece of machinery by itself.

    • Kyle Meier

      The saiga and aa12 are mostly the same thing. theres not much point in combining them.

    • Tom

      Please combine a 10/22, a flare gun and a fly swatter.

      • Kyle Meier

        The ultimate camping tool. Add a log splitter while you're at it.

  • Jacob Bullion

    Ya'll make some outstanding weapons and the show is good too! The 1911s look outstanding! It's great to see a brother Marine doing good things!
    Semper Fi

    • Will_Hayden

      oohrah Thank you Jacob .

  • Gold Standard

    Nice Hollywood explosion in the end, but definitely not triggerede by a single bullet…

    • Will_Hayden

      The R.V. ? You'd be wrong .

  • ron mcghee

    will i am happy to see you company doing well in todays world i hope you look past all these idtiots who down talk you guys theris no such thing as perfection but nobody wants to realize this they are in there own little world and want to criticize everyone seeing a small business grow into a major player is the american dream and all off us in the gun world should be happy for you guys seeing how hard it is to survive in the gun industry now days just look at how many companys have folded over the last 10-20 years im proud of you guys for living your dreams wish i could afford that ar bet it shoots great

  • ViperVenom46

    Will, I was one of the lucky ones that walked up to the counter of Academy and said, do you have one of the Red Jacket AR 15? Yes, Mike said behind the counter, I said good, I am buying that Red Jacket AR 15, they just got it in here at Amarillo Texas. I was so lucky. Now when I go out to shoot it everyone asks to see it and where did I get it. I tell them but the only problem is that Academy says that they won't get any more for a while. Sad!
    I have put about 3000 rounds threw it so far and have had no problems at all. But my question is if I need extra upper or lower parts where do I get them? I have looked on your website and you have no extra parts for sale. I am the kind of person that has extra parts on hand. Where I shoot is about 40 miles from my house. I don't want to put lower quality parts in your AR.
    Thank you for an Awesome Red Jacket Firearm AR 15 5.56X45

    • BluePants

      I'm not sure which associate said that Academy would not be getting any more for a while, but they are working to get product to stores as quickly as possible.

    • Will_Hayden

      If the guy at the counter meant a week or so , yeah . Mil-spec for spares

  • Childish Bell

    do u guys ship 2 ohio

  • Lloyd

    I think itsawesome that you are scanning these replys Will. Keep up the good work man!

  • Tim Lunceford

    Hey Will, any plans on a .308 AR? Been looking at a few different ones. Thanks for making great guns, supporting our troops and making a hell of a good show! Be safe and keep kickin' a$$!


    • Will_Hayden

      Hoping for end of year on it .

      • Minh Trinh

        When it does, will the lower accept the 5.56? Like the Colt LE901-16S. That would be awesome news if you can get that done. Love your show and the crew in making your company grow.

      • Tim Lunceford

        Thanks Will for your reply!

  • Trevor Armstrong

    I can only assume, and I hate doing so. That there was more testing off camera. Cause what was on tv was a joke. Cherry privates put our m4's we have now through more just cleaning them….

  • Korey Cocking

    Slightly off topic Will, but my husband is planning on purchasing the Lady AK for me but when we called RJF last week, they said they didn't have the shade of purple available to view (yes, I am one of those girls…and I think your daughter is a genius for thinking the way she does!). Can you get someone to throw the shade of purple that will be used so we can jump to purchase this (especially now that it's ta return time)?. I like the deeper richer purple, not light purple… Thanks for all you do on the show and in your community! You are awesome!!

    • Will_Hayden

      Go to KG industries website . They make the Gunkote that we use . Pick it . Thanks , Will

      • Korey Cocking

        Thanks, Will!! :) Can't wait!!

  • Brant Hadaway

    I'm new to AR's, bought my civilian M4 just last August.

    I wonder how this AR stacks up against the HK-416? It seems like it was designed to offer a lot of the same "goodies".

    • Will_Hayden

      the one on the the tv show was a piston drive which , yes , similar to HK's . The one I'm speaking of in the above article is a direct impingement .

  • John Hopper

    I have been out of the AR world for several years now. What makes the DI the best thing since sliced bread?


    • Kyle Meier

      Versatility. Dozens of callibers. (.22 to .50 BMG) Billions of accesories, many uses and reliability.

  • joseph

    love the AR!! love the show to me and my wife and my two girls watch the show they love it too!!! keep up the good work!

  • leo41

    To all you guys at red jacket love your show and what you do we arn't allowed your rifles here in New Zealand unless you have a special licence would love to come over one day and fire one

  • Randy Patton

    Love the show and the brilliance inherent in your company. God Bless you and your entire crew! My favorite gun so far is the AK sniper.

  • Joey Richardson

    wish I would have ordered from your guys rather than buying the armalite m15a4 7.62×39

  • Joey Richardson

    Don't get me wrong, I really like my armalite….
    dont like that I cant shoot steel case rounds through it without worrying about tearing up the ejector….
    brass rounds are expensive…
    love the show…

    • jimb1972

      I have been shooting the zinc plated Silver Bear ammo for a while, it doesn't stick like the polymer coated cases when it heats up.

  • Will_Hayden

    Yes , well , in their defense , it is only a 1 hour show and 10 minutes of that is commercials . To give an example , we fired around 2000 rounds on one day in the desert . We were there a little over a week .

  • Mike H.

    My first ar 15 is a Stag model 3 and I love it. If I buy a second down the line it will be a RJ for sure. Will, how do you like the stags if you've ever had experience with one and what ar 15 brands did you start with and like, besides the obvious Colt and your very own RJ? Thanks, great show!

  • Ricardo Roman

    Yo will how much does that new ar cost

  • Eddie P.

    I got my RJF AR-15 two weeks ago! Love this gun!!! Hopefully the Academy here will get more, my wife and oldest daughter want one now!! Look forward to getting my hands on the 1911! Great job Will!

    • Will_Hayden

      we're shipping to them weekly . Thanks Eddie

  • Mike H.

    Oh, and I'm buying the 1911 so you got my money either way. ;D

  • PO2 Riel

    LWRC makes a damn fine piston AR. the only company i believe that has them beat is Primary Weapon Systems. their MK116 is a class of its own.

  • big Texas

    Carbine length really? common Will.

  • Arky Mike

    From watching the show, with the new son in law. I would not let these people build me a cap gun.

    • M. James

      Don't believe everything you see on TV or in newspapers. They can't show the general public everything,
      most of that is on a need to know basis.

      More RJF guns for the rest of us!

  • patricia

    i have been watching your show….i would like to get into gunsmithing…got any advice for me Will?

    • Will_Hayden

      Best route is to find a shop that will hire you as a helper . There are a couple schools you could go to but we havn't had much luck with the graduates . Machine shop skill's are the most valued .

    • Cesar

      go to LONDON, HERSTALH, FERLACH (AUSTRIA) or EIBAR…or Connecticut or New YORK…. will learn real gunsmithing.

      Welding and assembling AR15´s that work is something they can do even in VIETNAM or Singapore….making a HOLLAND and HOLLAND from scratch is something only masters gusnsmiths can do.

      by the way, i own an Ar 15 by COLT in 222 remington…..why should i buy, if I were in USA, another AR15 if mine is working and have won a regional accuracy match at 100 metres with it?

    • M. James


      try to take a class in CNC at your community college, if you learn these machines there
      is no limit to what you can do with them and your future.


  • Alex

    Now that MSAR is out of biz, any plans of producing a Red Jacket AUG?

    • Will_Hayden


  • Farley Getz

    Hi Will met with you at shotshow 2012
    I was wondering if I could order just your striped lower and have it shipped to my local FFL in San Diego?

    • Will_Hayden

      not for a while . we need them all for complete rifles . we're shipping close to 2000 a month now and should have that tripled within 3-4 months . Maybe this fall we can start letting stripped lowers go .

  • Ken

    Glad to hear you are going to make an AR in 308. You put that together, I am a buyer.

    • Race


  • JAY

    In what calibers is the piston driven version available?

    • Will_Hayden


      • Greg

        What kind of price tag am I looking at for the piston 5.56? Thanks Will my 9 yr old son and I love the show

  • Alan_T

    Uh …. if you need someone to test fire for you …. uh …. um ….. I'd be happy to help you out . I mean … I have a busy schedual and all but I could squeeze you in ( big cheesey smile ) ….. Yeah , I really didn't think so , but it was worth a try .


    will please make new york state compliant versions thank you

    • Will_Hayden

      been doing that , you just have to order it that way .

  • Bones

    Hi Will, love your show and it looks like you have a good gun. What are details of direct impingement and is it better than piston drive? Also will these guns be available in GA.?

    • Will_Hayden

      Tech spec's for both are on the website . Both have their merit's , I personally like the direct impingement .

      • Bones

        Thanks Will, is there availability in Georgia?

  • Ralph

    Will, 1st, show some of the rest of your operation on the show.
    2nd. There are a few piston AR's on the market. Certainly most are made with quality parts. What makes your's different?

  • Mike H.

    Where's the chrome bolt in the pic and why isn't there a fde pmag in it?

    • Will_Hayden

      we don't use chrome bolts . Rifle shipped to G&A with a dozen mag's , take it up with their art dept. .

  • Mike H.

    Where is the chrome bolt in the pic and why isn't there a fde pmag in there?

  • Ralph

    forgive me if I mixed up DI vs piston, but the question is still the same, waht makes your different, better?

  • Steven

    Don't know if you can call it a success if you have to treat people the way you do to get those results. I could probably get spectacular results if my people were running scared every minute of the day.

  • Thomas Ptasnik

    Will, your making an outstanding rifle for a good price. Thanks coming from a Law Enforcement Officer & SWAT officer in Illinois. Please keep up the good work! …. and by the way just a reminder, the MARINES are a department of the NAVY! just FYI! LOL

    • Will_Hayden

      well yeah , I mean , somebody's got to row the boat :) Thank you Thomas , stay safe brother , you SWAT boy's got a rough job . Will

    • ron mcghee

      as my old boss and retired vietnam vet always joked yes we are a department of the navy…. the mens department… rest in peace paul nelson usmc retired 2 tours in nam i always wanted to serve but found out had diabetes when i took the physical back in 1989 just wanted to say thanks to all that have and do serve we owe you our lives

  • Darwin James Beatty

    MSRP is around $1,200! Damn Will, I just got a Ruger SR556, that bad boy is piston driven, I've always wanted a NEW DI based gun seeing how mine was a hammy down, I might make my own first DI gun yours. Do you think it could compete with a Ruger piston driven?

    • Will_Hayden

      yes , I do .

  • StevenA

    Love my RJF DI and especially love the low serial#157, picked it up for a birthday gift to myself at my local Academy back on the 25th. Sweet weapon, and I thought I liked my Colt LE6920 M4 alot, well not nearly as much as my RJ DI. Nice, very Nice !!

    • Will_Hayden

      Thank you Steven , I feel the exact same way about it :)

  • Paul Moore

    Enjoy your show and never miss it, even if I have to catch it on reruns. It almost makes a guy want to put up with all of the hassle to get a FFL3, but being 67 it is no longer a big deal to fire full auto. Heck, just hitting your target is a big thrill, after you clean your glasses, adjust them so you can see as well as possible and timing the shot between your hand trembles. Which is why God made shotguns for trouble around the house. Yes, I know, God did not make shotguns, but he helped make the guy that did.

    • Will_Hayden

      Thank you Paul , it has it's moments .

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    Hello Will: Love your RJ on Discovery every week and the reruns. Where in California can I purchase your RJ AR-15 in Northern California? Do you have any FFL dealer store that sell your RJ AR-15 rifles? Can I purchase one from your company and have it shipped to my FFL gun store? Thanks Will, Stephanie and guys in your shop. Mahalo Nui Loa!!

    • Will_Hayden

      I know we ship a lot to California , "Sale's" can help you with finding a dealer or just use whoever close to you .

  • Way Down South

    Shows getting comical.

  • Terry

    Hello Will: I live in Columbia SC, and i love the show. How can i get more info. on your AR-15's and how to order your guns. Thanks Terry.

    • Will_Hayden

      on our website

  • JMB

    Any chance RJF going public. My brother made some dough with Ruger. I know RJF would do well. How about a shout out from Steph if she's around

    • bill

      If they go public, I'll short the sh*t out them and make a fortune… Noodnicks trying to make guns

    • Will_Hayden

      No plans at the present JMB . Will do .

  • Alan B.

    Will, Thanks for Red Jackets support of Law Enforcement and the way Y'all show it to the World. Congrats on Everything! Semper Fi !

  • Randy Patton

    Love the show and the brilliance inherent in your company. God Bless you and your entire crew! My favorite gun so far is the AK sniper.

  • jarheade4

    How about coming up with your own ideas. I recently started to watch the program. I stopped at the first episode when tried to take claim that he created the "Master Key". Knights Armament has been making the real Master key since the 80's. And buy the way John Stoner created the the U.S. style Ar platform not Will Hayden. Funny how he also took credit for the supressed shotgun. Funny how there was a write up about that in S.W.A.T. mag Sept 2000. The company being Tactical Operations, Incorporated. So when you come up with your own ideas and stop ripping off others, then you should tell people about them. Anybody who has a brain will realize that this reality show is no better than the rest of the dribble on the BOOB TUBE.

    • Will_Hayden

      Then you might ought to have actually listened to what I/we said instead of inserting your own dialog .

  • PanzerIV

    This show is an embarrasment to the gun community. An obviously scripted "reality" TV show with all the associated drama and BS. Non-gun owners watch this show and think they know all about guns – about like reading "Beatle Bailey" in the comics and becoming an expert on Army life! If all people in the bussiness where like these fools I would take up golf.

  • Will_Hayden

    no , it's not .

  • Peter J. Ferguson

    Glad to hear that your business is growing and that you have signture products, but the weapon has to be compared to weapons in is category; namely, the H&K 416. lets see it perform on the show against the 416; under all adverse conditions.
    Is it possible to use it as a sniper rifle? Can this platform be used with a 308? What about this platform being used with the new 30 calibers, currently being tested?
    Please answer these questions in your show.

  • jarheade4

    I did listen and you took full credit for the Master key and Supressed shotgun. The only dialog that was inserted was from the writers of the scripts that are read to you as you go along.

    • Will_Hayden

      nope , sorry buddy . I take credit for what I've done , same as I take the blame . I certainly mentioned the other versions . But I'm I'm pretty sure you're determined to only hear what you want to , so , do what you want with it . Tell you what , show me the other masterkey thats based off a Saiga 12 and attaches to a std quad rail . Thats what we did and that's all we claim . We're happy enough with it . Shotgun suppressors , sure , several company's here and even Finnland and I believe an English company have made versions , they didn't sell because they just didn't work that well . The idea with a product is to make one that works well enough to be commercially successful . We've been selling ours as fast as we can get them made for over 2 years now . If you want a difference in ours and someone else's , ours is on the market .

  • Mark Lewis

    $1,255!!! Nice try, looks great but there are similar cheaper alternatives out there.

    • Will_Hayden

      anything can be had cheaper . compare the spec's .

    • Kyle Meier

      If your life is going to depend on it, would you rather have a rock solid AR or the "deal of the week"?

  • Fred Lewis

    Will, Any chance making a 20" barrel for the Red Jacket?

    • Will_Hayden

      no time soon , we got a lot just supplying the demand for the 16 inch ones .


    So in essence this is saying: "Hey look, RJF is just as good as a Colt 6920, but for about $500 more."

    Big deal.

  • Cesar

    why are these rifles better? why buying one?

    it is logical you tell great things about your own…rifles…..if I were you, I would do the same.

    by the way, I saw literally dozens of ARs of this type in the last SHOT SHOW….even COLT now has a piston rifle in their offer.

    this is obviously just promotion to sell rifles…How much did you pay GUNS AND AMMO for this?

    I insist, AR´s that work are made in many parts of the world…like GERMANY, for instance (OBERLAND) with a great quality, i would say ROLLS ROYCE quality….and it seems like if you have reinvented the AR!

  • Cesar

    Serious gunsmith dont do tv shows…

    well, i am european, so…my concept about guns is serious. I just want a gun that the best money can buy, i just want the gun to be reliable and i want it to shoot very accurately. Any good gunsmith who knows his business can do that.

  • bob johnson

    it's a good gun, but it will never be as reliable as a kalashnikov

  • Steven Clark

    Now if they come up with a 308 piston ar i might be lookin. Far as i know these are few BUT if anyone know's o good one please email me and let me know.

    • Steven Clark
    • Kyle Meier

      LMT corp makes a good .308 but its DI.

  • Michael Jones

    Hi Will,
    Been following your show and its is great. Many people do not understand the relationship between media America, sponsorship, and their intrusiveness in shows such as yours. You do a fine job of keeping your cool gunny. I am President/founder of Dixie Sport Shooting Assn, Inc., an NRA Instructor, ASP instructor, and belong to more firearms clubs and organizations than patches will fit on my jacket. We used to have the only 2nd Amendment radio program in Arkansas in 2000-2003 we had call in guest including the Mayor of Kennesa, Ga., Wayne LaPierre, the "Nugent", senators, and many others. If we start the program back up it would be nice to have you on. Currently I am running for State Representative and have encouraged out federal senators and reps to sponsor a "Veterans Heritage Firearms Act" that will grandfather in NFA type firearms and register them and modify the NFA to allow law enforcement who have collectible war trophies to sell to Class III or trade for useable equipment which is currently not allowed.
    Best to your family and crew,
    God Bless and Keep your powder dry.
    Michael A. Jones, Sr.

    • Will_Hayden

      Hi Michael , anything we can do , let me know . Will

  • Heretic

    I've got an idea for you. Maybe you could find a way to mount a small flashlight under the barrel of a pistol. Nobody's done that before, have they.

    • John

      Did you have to work to be this stupid, or were you just born that way?

      • Heretic

        It's called sarcasm. I wonder why you didn't get it.

  • Bones

    Looks like Will's not talking anymore, what's up Will?

    • Will_Hayden

      I've got an actual job that does take up a bit of my time , I try to keep up with this and I will answer honest questions but I'm not here to argue with a stump .

      • Heretic

        I may be a stump, but you're a phony. A big fat phony.

  • mg42

    deaqr mr haden,i watched the episode with your new gun you previewed in vegas, frankly sir your new son in law is a rookie compared to the genius of vince {guy with all the tats} he is the one that saved your ass he is the one that allways comes through for you and has the john browning type skills need for your type of mods.You sir were wrong not to put him in charge of the weapons development. Thankfully he fixed the gun in time,in my opinion your company is at a severe disadvantage without vince,YOU SCREWED UP BILL and i think you should eat some crow and get him back ,you cant find someone with his knowledge and skill and mechanicall ability in the want ads.So quit being so high and mighty and pull your head out because you nee this guy.In my opinion you just insulted john browning right out the door,kick the dog too many times and it will bite. These are all my opinions,and i realize your talented to,think of the future with the right help AMAZING.PS {i have absolutly no affiliation with vince whatsoever,and i feel the guys a hard worker and a essential employee }

    • Will_Hayden

      I'm sure you mean well but I think you lack a great deal of information . Do you really think that the highly edited 47 minutes of "tv" gives you a better perspective on this company's employee's [95 % of whom are not shown on film] then those of us who are here 80 + hours a week ?

      • mg42

        your right i dont its all drama i guess ,but vince is cool and i think he needs some kudos ,im sure he looks up to you and would do anything to help your buiss and family so maybe cut em a break, everyone gets stressed especially working long hours with no sleep. No one man can do it all,your tough i get that but sometimes people need praise thats the human element robots dont build badass weapons.Thank you for the reply i will continue to watch your most excellent show and hope every thing works out for red jacket .The gun is awesome i hope to own one someday.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE ps {i didnt mean to be disrespectfull to you in any way } thanks

  • mg42

    why did you delete my post,cant handle the truth ????

  • mg42

    will not bill SORRY i do like the show keep up the good work !!!

  • Rich

    Hello Will, just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your show! Question: Ever thought about a show with a really tripped out Ruger 1022? I'm talkin' four to five barrel Gatlin Gun, interlocked recoil initiated chain fired parallel actions (5 shot chained blast) with single trigger control. Given popularity of 1022 would be a fun build. Keep up the fun!. PS the show you hosted with Rich Wyatt on Top Shootouts was great!

  • Heretic

    Then there's that folding machine gun, and people have been shooting arrows out of shotguns since the 60s or longer. Since this thing started, I've gone and watched several episodes of your show on you tube, and yes, you take credit for a lot of things done by other people.

  • LeRoy


    Stop posting here. You just sound like you're hating on Red Jacket for the sake of it. You've never heard Will Hayden claim to be the inventor or originator of any of these ideas, unless they were just that. You have only inferences and implied statements to back up the BS you're slinging around here. Just because you saw it on TV doesn't mean give you the right to judge a man and his company based on a few a 30-minute show or a few one minute clips on Youtube. Hayden never says anything about inventing the AR-15 just improving its functionality with quality features for an affordable price. Get real man and get out.

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