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Living History: Flintlock Hog Hunt with Red Jacket

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 11th, 2012 41

When G&A joined up with Will Hayden and Red Jacket Firearms for a hog hunt, we were all sure it won’t be a normal trip. Follow along as Will and his family take us on a colonial style hunt in the swamps of central Louisiana.


  • Ryan

    Awesome just pure awesomeness. Way to keep the past alive guys!

    • Will_Hayden

      I've spent more time at state parks and in class rooms then I can account for . Live it to learn it brother . I've known a lot of guy's that started out to spend a few years in the community while working on their doctorate , end up getting hooked for life

  • jim

    Surprised Chris hit the hog, considering the way he pushed that rifle when he pulled the trigger on that misfire..

    • Will_Hayden

      next time you're standing chest deep in a swamp balancing on 300 years worth of tree limbs and God knows whatall , huh , let me know how it works out for you . I missed my shot at that pig , started falling as the flint dropped , missed by 4 ft . is what it is Jim , try it sometime , you might get a different perspective


        Will, I wouldn't even begin to do what you did, so I tip my hat off to you….you did a good jov despite your circumstances you encountered.

      • sammi

        I agree with Jim, if you're gonna let a nitwit marry your daughter you shouldn't have to wipe his ass too…

  • matt g

    of course they probably set out tons of explosives, there was lots of drama, and no real gun action. Really wish the drama would go away and just build some sweet guns. Otherwise its a waste of time.

    • Darkness

      Here's a bit of advice for you Matt G. Next time you have a thought….just let it go.

    • SamF1911

      Here's a novel idea Matt G. If you don't like the show don't watch the show and better yet don't leave comments on the "Sons of Guns" page.

    • Merlin

      I'll keep it simple for ya, Matt. How does F you work for ya?

      • David Dillion

        Think u sir if u don't have anything good to say shut up I love the show

  • EdwardWayne Whitall


  • Chuck

    Sorry to be off topic Mr. Will but, this is about your show. All the exotic weapons are fine every now and then, but I'd love to see some down-to-earth stuff. Like, how to polish the feedramp on a S&W, or really clean the trigger group of a Glock, or, modifying a plain shotgun for HomeDefense. It's not oftgen we're gonna see a 40mm cannon, ya know? I'm really not complaining, just adding a wish list.
    Oh, kinda agree with above- Vince got the bad end of the stck. As if you care what I think. And I don't blame ya.

    • Will_Hayden

      Chuck we have no say whatsoever in what they air . Having said that , we're a manufacturing company and have been shipping on a national level for over 10 years . We just don't do a whole lot of "gunsmithing" work unless it's something that we find very interesting . oh , and if you only know what the editors of the show want you to see , well , it leaves a lot out . from our end , we have close to 250 employee's , Vince was just one of about 15 that didn't work out over the last year . He happened to be one that I stuck in front of a camera , thats all and thats the only reason anyone cares .

      • George Teetzel

        Hey Will, This Vince stuff is really stuck in my "craw". Eveyone that claims to watch the show apparently didn't see he walked out on you. Then you had him back to do the BAR for J.J. and he seemed as if things wern't going to work out. You and he talked and after the incedent with his walking out, you let him go. This seemed like a mutual agreement to me. Sometimes people don't work out. He left, you said good bye and life moves on. Why people can't see this is beyond me. I'm sure he will do fine in whatever he does and I'm sure Red Jacket is still rolling along. Love the show as much as I love my guns… You take care and if I'm ever back in LA. I'm gonna have to stop by and look you up. (I might need a gun or something) or just to say hi. Peace brother, Gunnr T.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    What? I lost sound about 1/3 way through.

    I appreciate yall posting this, what a nice surprise. I was eying a smoothbore caplock some weeks ago. Figured it was true versatile fun just like the man said.

    I'm gonna have to get a hunting license and shoot some squirrel or hog one of these days. I keep talking about it so I just need to find a place and "Go!!!!!!!!" like on that race motorcycle I saw some years back lol

    • Will_Hayden

      Track of the Wolf is a pretty good place to shop , I get a lot of components from them

      • Alan_T

        Will , would you recommend a smoorth bore even if you don't intend to ever use bird or buck shot ? I'm asking because I have an in – line . 50 and I have been thinking about getting a traditional flint or cap lock . ( Actually , I was thinking about that BEFORE I bought my Thompson Center a few years ago . )

        • Will_Hayden

          I prefer them , then again I do a lot of pre-1770's stuff and they were by far the most common . The French Fusse de Chasse or Tulle is my personal favorite , I have a North West Trade gun I built up that I like a lot also . With a good patched ball , I'm real confident at 100yrds . But if you only going to use it for solid ball shooting , there's some real nice rifle's out there . I'm building a J.P. Beck[1770's] and a early Christian Springs[late 1750's] right now .

          • Alan_T

            Thanks for taking the time to answer me , Will . Oh and by the way , the check for the two bucks is …. uh ….. in the mail .

          • Mike_V

            Hi, big fan of the show. I watched your Flintlock Hog Hunt vid, and I was extremely curious about the blade you used on the hog after Kris shot it. Could you tell me what it was and where I might be able to get one?

  • Disappointed, again

    Does G & A get paid for promoting these idiots? Why not promote someone who doesn't treat his employees like crap and that actually has something to do with firearms, not dress up, 'let's pretend' or 'OH! Goody, goody – a big boom!'.
    It's either Red Hack-it or Zombies these days. I USED to look forward to reading Guns and Ammo…

  • Alan_T

    AND ………. Once again I wasn't invited on this little excursion Will …. Oh I know , I know , " Gee , Alan your invitation musta got lost in the mail " HA ! …….. I might have believed that excuse the first 739 times you used it BUT NO MORE !
    See if I invite YOU GUYS to my next party ! We'll see how YOU like it Mr . Hayden ! …….. And I'm planning on having those little lemon shortbread cookies that everyone seems to like so much too !
    NO ! …. it's too late , don't bother trying to ask me to go the next time , it won't work . I'll just invite my " REAL " friends , like ……….. uh ……… well ……like ….. uh ….. NEVER YOU MIND who I'm going to invite Mr . " Red Jacket " , just know it won't be YOU ! …… HA !

    • Poor Jack

      LOL how do you come up with that stuff Alan? youre a nut! LOL

    • Will_Hayden

      Well Alan if you ever got that two dollars you owe me covered I guess we could talk :)

      • Alan_T

        Ooooooooooooh no it's too late to try to make up now just because I mentioned cookies Will ! Me and my new best buddy , Poor Jack are gonna eat 'em all .
        Two dollars ? TWO DOLLARS ! ? I don't know what you're talking about ! Besides it was a dollar ninety – eight and I paid that back …. uh …. I MEAN …. I never borrowed it … that …. uh .. two dollars …..

    • Poor Jack

      can I get me some of them cookies? Ill be your real friend LOL

      • Alan_T

        You bet Jack , just be careful eating them around Will , he'll claim you owe him two bucks when it was only a dollar ninety – eight and did't borrow it in the first place !

  • Will_Hayden

    Morning guy's , glad to see ya'll enjoyed the video . Ben's always a good guy to work with and we had a really great time out there . The Living History community has been a large part of our lives and a very rewarding part at that . It's not all about gun's , it's about people , who they were , how they lived and the moments that shaped not just their lives but the course our our nation . The Fort we were at is St.John Baptist , in central La. . While that's our "home base" , we have traveled all over the country participating in events at state parks , museums , historical sites and even a few schools . It's about learning and sharing and sometimes even teaching . I invite everyone with an interest in history , their own and their country's , to get involved . I'll be attending a large event at Niagara in July , hope to see you there . Will

  • Melissa

    Thank you so much for posting this video! I have really missed seeing you all on TV since the season finale. My husband and I are watching the last season all over again while we wait for the new one!

    Also – I just want to say thank you to Will for actually posting on comments on forums and such for your fans. That says a lot about you, and not that you are just sticking your nose up in the air like most people who become famous. Your family is a class act, and I love you all!

    • Alan_T

      I second that about Will and his answering , especially considering some of crap people throw at him on here .
      Oh …… and you …. uh ….. owe me two .. I MEAN , four dollars Melissa .

  • Daniel Moore

    Love it! Great video! The magic or lure of blackpower hunting is that sometimes you have misfires. Flintlocks have a unique way of firing as it is two explosions – first the primer powder and then the barrel. So the time between trigger pull and actual ball moving is a bit slower than a modern rifle. It is a different technique. So the misses and misfires on this video are a testimony to the challenge of hunting the old ways. Interesting that Will prefers the smoothbore musket because of its versatility. My grandfather had his father's musket converted to first 12 gauge shotgun shells. Though it was long…it was his go to gun for small game, birds, deer and bear in Wisconsin.

  • JMB

    Will, I enjoyed your Bofor show so much I think I'd like to get a class 3 licsense so I can get one to go condour hunting. Until then I would love to get a 40mm dummy round so I can dream about it. Thanks in advance JMB

  • Shredder

    Very, very cool Mr. Hayden. I'm looking toward my first hog hunt soon. You guys are awesome!

  • Dan Lopes

    You guys need to come up to New England and do a reenactment with us ! Live the lifestyle for the whole weekend, no computers, no tv just camping and reenacting the past!

    • Will_Hayden

      well , I'm doing the event at Ft.Niagara in July . Back to filming after that , probably wont get out till the fall .

  • Aaron

    Mr. Will I enjoyed the video and your show Keep up the great work.

    Chris. Great shot.

  • @TKuglar

    That was such an entertaining video I really enjoyed it and cant wait for the next one!

  • Will_Hayden

    Hey guy's , as lot of you know Muzzleloading has been a big part of my life for decades . Over the last 8-9 months I've been working hard to bring about somthing I've wanted to do from the beginning . . Ya'll get a chance , check it out . Will

  • twelveax7

    I’m in the Opelousas area, and i’d love to see more 18th century weapons on the show. As a primitive enthusiast, muzzleloader, bowyer and trekker i can’t get enough of the 1750′s .

    My ancestors appeared in this country via Fort Toulouse Alabama and Mobile. French and at some point Choctaw. I just finished fitting a Kentucky rifle and horn. It’s great to see this kind of appreciation in a local setting. Keep it up.

  • gbaltil

    Get rid of that clown kris Ford…he is just a big fake kiss ass.

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