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Will Hayden: How to Buy, Sell and Build Class 3 Weapons

by Will Hayden   |  October 19th, 2011 171

Since the show has been on air, we’ve been asked about a million different ways how we legally build and sell some of the full auto and downright powerful guns we roll out at Red Jacket. There’s also been a lot of people wondering how some of our customers can get their hands on our class 3 guns. Well, we’ve been doing it for a long damn time and have been trying to build in segments of the show addressing the subject, but we realize some folks want to know more.

Here’s a few quick important notes:

  • Class 3 firearms include machine guns, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, suppressors, destructive devices and Any Other Weapons (AOWs).
  • The tax for privately manufacturing any class 3 firearms is $200. Transferring requires a $200 tax for all class 3s except AOW’s, for which the transfer tax is $5.
  • To legally possess a class 3 weapon you must complete a transfer of registration within the NFA registry.
  • There are two ways for you to legally buy a class 3 gun. The first is by transfer after approval by ATF of a registered weapon from its lawful owner residing in the same State as the transferee. The second is by obtaining prior approval from ATF to make NFA firearms.

Take a look at this video and let me know if you have any more questions about how to buy, sell or build class 3 weapons.

  • ToryII

    Red Jacket is an interesting show. I would love to own a class three gun , but I also think it will attract too much police attention to me (and then allow the govt to attach a negative stigma to me).

    There are too many unneccessary gun laws enforced by ATF. We should be allowed to buy guns thru the internet without going thru a dealer. Forcing us to use the FFL raises gun prices AND restricts buyer choices and limits gun sales. If ATF needs to know about types of intrastate gun purchases then we should be able to complete a form, send it to ATF for an approval stamp (ATF sends it back to us to use for the online purchase) and then ATF can enter the info into a database. The same process can be used for buying full-auto rifles.

    • Benjamin Gerow

      if that was true then criminals, mentally retarded folks, kids, blind people etc etc etc could buy guns because there is NOBODY THERE TO CHECK THEM OUT. think, man.

      when your wife, son, mom or somebody gets killed by one of the above named types of people then what would you say? "They should have never had a gun in the 1st place! Somebody should have checked them out and said 'NO'!"

      • J-dizzle

        Oh my goodness! We can't have criminals getting their hands on guns!!!! Oh, wait…..

      • SkullCowboy

        And how hard is it for criminals to get them now? If you have the money you can get anything you want from the "right people" which aren't all that hard to find. All gun restriction laws do is keep guns out of law abiding people's hands. Criminals have no problem whatsoever getting any firearm or explosive they want.

        • Phil Halladay

          That’s absolutely the truth! Regardless of how ignorant thee general populos is. Outlaws are outlaws and they don’t follow laws or rullings. Gun controll is hiting your target, Not targeting citizens who love firearms. Cut crime they say – I say issue guns to EVERY TAX PAYING CITIZEN ! Think about it, is scumbag Jose going to rob a store where EVERYONE is REQUIRED to carry a gun?

      • TheLongshot

        1) Criminals do not follow our laws. That is WHY they are what they are: criminals.
        2) No gun control or and lack of gun control is a bad concept. Although it doesn't keep guns out of the hands of the more hardened or high class (and by class I mean high paying) criminals, it DOES keep them out of the hands of many who are not deserving and those who might not be safe with them. (MANY not ALL). Without gun control or laws about guns, we would see a large rise in crime that can not be tried. Would you like some fool to be waving a loaded gun in public view while you stand their next to your 6 year old son and him be allowed to walk off? I seriously doubt the answer is 'yes'. No one trusts anyone else with a weapon due to the fact that you don't know how they plan on using said weapon.
        In Australia a while back, gun control was instituted to a higher degree than ever before. Not long after this there was a 13% rise in gun related crime. Similar statistics about crime have happened in towns and cities all across the United States Why was this? It was simply because criminals still got the guns due to never having worried about the gun laws before while law abiding citizens had no way to protect themselves. Around where I live I can confidently say that the one thing that keeps criminals from trying stupid things is that small chance that I will defend myself with a gun.
        Gun control IS quite needed. With that said, guns must still be available to the common citizens with the proper authority to own such weapons.
        This is obvious logic that can't easily be argued with.

        • GrimDanny

          Wow..perfect couldnt have said it better myself..There does need to be some degree of control..

        • Scott


    • Michael S

      You must be kidding?? No gun control is simply wrong.

      • sonebezi

        Yes because since GCA of 1968 was instituted no criminal or felon has been able to obtain a gun!

      • XD45MP9MM

        The only gun control that should be allowed is one's ability to control a firearm to be able to hit the Ten-Ring. Gun laws that involves "gun control" are designed to disarm the population because the govt is scared of a revolution. Guess what, we've had 1 Revolution and we won that one. It's already a joke for the honest, law-abiding citizen to protect themselves or their family. Because of your wonderful "gun control" view, what would you do if you have taken your wife and kids out to eat and while you are walking to your car a man with a knife approaches and demands your money and threatens to rape your wife and harm your kids if you don't comply. He knows your not armed because of "gun control" and he twice your size. He then beats you to a pulp, makes you watch while he rapes your wife and abuses your kids. The whole time your thinking "If only I had a gun". I myself will pull a gun out and kill the man BEFORE he can do anything to harm us. What about you? Oh, I know you'll watch the show.

    • sonebezi

      Then you need to donate some ammo money to Ron Paul – He is the only statesmen (he is not a politician – IMO) that I know of wanting to Remove all Federal gun control laws, NFA<CGA<IWB<AWB ect. You name he is against it and wants it off the books.

    • brian

      that is the smartest idea on the gun registration law i've yet read…..too easy for ATF or a govt agency though….we hear they are not all that smart (many are not) but too often it's just plain old govt workers trying to keep their jobs….how many jobs and job security has the current gun laws created? too many.

      every govt i know went into govt and stays there for job security and the govt pension…..good for them but NOT for americans at large.

    • Edward McGowan

      The goverment almost never uses common sense like we do. It would take both power and jobs away from the burocrats.

    • Caliche

      If you are worried about police attention, then maybe you shouldn't own restricted firearms to begin with.

    • NFA_Mall_Ninja

      There is no negative stigma to NFA Ownership, my friend. I own several various NFA "devices" aka, Class-III Weapons. The $200 Tax Payment is just that. It's a Tax Payment, and is covered by the Privacy Act of '74. It's not a problem. Local or even other Federal Agencies will not know you own a "machine gun" or a "silencer". Only the NFA Branch will have ANY clue. The only way the information will get outside the BATF&E is through Federal Warrant. Good luck on them getting that. Even using the Patriot Act (But then again, despite what 'some' think, it's pretty hard to get on the .gov's radar. If someone's on it, chances are VERY good, that there's something a bit fishy going on that attracted it in the first place. Everyday citizens, like you and myself, have nothing to worry about. Deciding to 'pass up' on NFA ownership because of misnomer, rumor, or conjecture spoken & perpetrated by 3rd party ignorants, is a big mistake, that you'll be glad you didn't make the very first time you screw on that "CAN" (suppressor) to the front of your prized pistol, or the first time you pull the trigger on your full auto. It's a BLAST and it's addictive :-)… NFA Devices are like Lays Potato Chips… You can never have just one! :-)

    • steve

      spoken like a true dummy.

    • "Slim" Riggs

      Keep the Gov't out of my yard,my house, and my kitchen,and 'specially my vault(s) !

  • bafflez

    i hate when I have bare arms, the cold gives me goosebumps.

    • DaMaMa

      HA! And here I thought it was "The right to bear arms…" so I went and got some black bear arms for those dressy evenings when I wear my diamond trout necklace. I have some polar bear arms that look fantastic with my designer jeans. I'm always on the lookout for different shades, they're ssooo classy.

  • mooch

    I have a question for you.
    Do you believe that the government is being too strict, and by all the regulations, fees infringing on the constitutional rights of freedom to bare arms?

    • 2WarAbnVet

      There are over 20,000 gun laws in the United States. They impose burdens, to varying degrees, on honest citizens. Not one law, however, has ever prevented a criminal from doing whatever he wanted to do.

      • ckerst

        How would you know if a law prevented a criminal from doing what he wanted? Since I am a law abiding peaceful person I don't have a problem with background checks. I do have a problem with banning the sale of anything to a citizen that can demonstrate a clean record. The biggest problem I see is the chuckle head that decides to sell his gun and sells it to the first person that waves cash in his face. Where do you think all those criminals get guns?

    • NFA_Mall_Ninja

      Mooch, is the sky blue, or water wet? Do birds chirp, or are most cheerleaders hot? :-) Oh… sorry, your question was rethorical too… jp.. I'm sure Will will agree, the Firearms Industry (as a whole), is without-a-doubt, the single most regulated (and least understood) industry on the planet.

      In direct answer to your question, just look back at the vary nature of "The National Firearms Act of 1934". It was an act that put "certain" firearms and "devices" into a category that required a "registration" and "tax" on ownership. This tax of $200.00, in 1934 roughly equates to about (roughly) $2,000 in today's rates.

      Clearly an attempt to ban through cost of ownership. Technically these guns were not illegal, technically they were not banned… Practically though? Even by today's standards $200 for a single tax/item, is sometimes still prohibitive (for a good number of Americans). Could you imagine forking out $2,000 in taxes for a $500 suppressor?

      Basically the same thing as forking out $200 for a $5.00 suppressor in 1934.

      Just look at our history, previous gun laws, current gun laws. Compare the TOTAL gun crime in America (including accidental situations, injuries, and all firearm related death cases), and then compare the same to the automobile rates.

      Then tell me if a Sports Car capable of 150MPH is "necessary" or "needed". Especially when the "Speed Limit" aka "Law" says max of 55 or when lucky 80 on some Interstates…. So if the fastest I can legally go is 80MPH, then whats the point of a supped up Mustang that'll reach almost 200MPH? There is none. Just like my high capacity mags and "Assault Rifles"… Both are FUN AS ALL GET OUT when enjoyed at the right time and venue. But that Mustang is FAR, FAR, FAR more deadly than my AR-15 or AK-47 is. Even with it's 30 round mag.

      Once you start looking into it, you'll see that an industry producing products FAR, FAR, FAR more deadly, prevalent, and in the hands of MORE UNDERAGE CHILDREN than firearms are, has DRASTICALLY less regulation and oversight to it… Automobiles or Firearms? Which one kills more people every year? Which one hurts, permanently mames, permanently devastates more family's lives every year?

      Now how does this make ANY sense, AT ALL?

      How come a man who carries a (legally) concealed handgun into a bar and has a few beers with his friends, even remaining under the legal limit of .08, and in most States, even if he doesn't drink at all, will go to jail longer just for bringing the weapon into the bar, than the guy 4 stools down will for getting into the driver's seat of his vehicle, completely smashed, with a BAC of .1+?! How is that possible?

      And finally, what do more laws and regulation do? Who does it constrain more? The Citizen, or the criminal? Citizens, right? Otherwise Criminals wouldn't be "Criminals"… Why can't the .gov tell me what happens when the Criminals have all the guns?

      My handgun is protected by a Document that my vary Country was FOUNDED on…. Theres nothing in my Bill of Rights or my Constitution that protects my car! How's that for an answer? :-)

      Rant over…. Sorry…… Good questions though :-)

  • Joseph Hulme

    Love the show and everything they stand for! Keep up the excellent work guys!

  • moovh

    Crap my comment got deleted by the administrator, and clueless as to why…….not very happy 'bout that especially when I didn't say anything bad.

    • Ben_OBrien

      If your comment included a link it will automatically go to moderation. Otherwise there shouldn't be any issues.

  • GMC

    As an owner of several Title 2 (NFA, often referred to as Class 3, but that's SOT the license added to an FFL required to deal in these weapons, but I digress)) weapons, I'm glad that this was finally addressed. The show didn't adequately explain the basic rules. Thanks for breaking down the basics Will! Love the show BTW! I long for the days prior to 5/19/86, when I could send an AR to a guy like you and legally have it converted to M-16 specs!

    • Will_Hayden

      Me too . I'm good with the '34 , ok with the '68 but would really like a repeal of the '86

      • Mickey

        Same here. The amount I had to pay for a pristine, transferable, auto (not burst) marked M16A2, on a Form 4 about 5 years ago was practically highway robbery. Nonetheless, I would be willing for this gun to lose almost all of its jacked-up value, and take a personal loss of tons of money, to get the stupid 1986 law repealed so I could do it myself on a Form 1 for $200. I am willing to give up money and exclusivity for freedom, I hope others are too.

      • headborg

        I'm still confused.. how do you manufacture a NFA machine gun in 2012 and transfer said post 1986 machine gun to a private Joe Blow?? who's not a LEO, or government agency? does the auto sear, lower receiver have to be manufactured pre-1986??????? old stock registered parts assembled in with all other NEW parts?

        • Will_Hayden

          you don't .not the way you laid it out .

  • Athens Guns

    This guy is a joke. 90% of what he says on his show is simply not true. He tries time and time again to take credit for "inventing" something that has been done countless times before, his work appears sloppy at best, and he even calls guns by the wrong names. Maybe in person he's a great guy but on the show he comes off as a blow hard, know it all.

    • Jay Love

      Athens: as much as I enjoy the show, I have to say that I agree with you quite a bit? Will does come off as a know it all and a blow hard at times, and I also have countless times wondered if he was being honest when he took credit for many of those builds as being his invention? the basics of suppressors have been around for decades already, I am no expert but I wonder how much you can change on one? some of the gun builds seem like knock offs of ones I have seen on t.v. and in magazines for years? if he invented these things he must have patient's on them??

    • Paul

      I agree with your reply. I've been a FFL dealer for over 20 years, he puts out a lot of BS.

    • Merlin40

      I'm thinkin' if you don't like the show, shut yer pie-hole, and don't watch!. Better yet, start your OWN damn show, and show us how much you know.

      • Jdub


    • Will_Hayden

      Athen's , when we do something that is original , I say so . When we do somthing that is an adaptation of an existing design or simply our version of an existing design , we take great care to state it as such . We do this for a number of reasons , basic integrity for one , countless folks who are looking for something to throw a dart at for two , legal/network for three . First time we misrepresent or lie will be the last show aired as well as the end of a company I've been 10 years in the building . " Know it all " ? not hardly skippy , I know about what I do [hell , I was there] maybe they should hire a script writer ,then you wouldn't have to worry about me mispronouncing , misstating or just plain being wrong [ happens to me just like everyone else ]

      • K. Lee, Mesa, AZ

        Mr. Hayden, I like the show because you built it up from scratch. You had a dream and kept it. Most people are accustomed to scripted shows that are meticulously screened for accuracy and political correctness. Being a very neophyte gun builder and maintainer for my family I enjoy the show. I especially was impressed on the MOH episode. I come from a military family, I served in Desert Storm, my dad served in WWII, my son is serving his second tour in Afghanistan and my son-in-law is serving his second tour in Iraq. Heaven knows how many of my uncles have served too. Keep up the good work and hopefully we will see many more episodes.
        Keenan E. Lee, Capt, USAF(mR)

        • Will_Hayden

          Thank you Capt . Will

          • fred haferkamp

            Will, you just keep on doin. I f you dont get it right{and whos to judge} down the road you will.
            im an old cop retired and ive always admired those that go for broke and do what they decide.
            Your a good guy. Id love to work for a person as yourself.Some people just like being AH. Ignor

      • bruce

        Hi Will. I too am a fan of the show and really enjoy the creative process you and your team employ. I also look at the show from the perspective of what it must be like for you and your family as a result of the show. I personaly don't know how well I would handle having a camera in my face so much. I also am a father of two teen girls and truly appreciate your stance on doing it all for the sake of your daughter. We can demonstrate becoming a man by serving in the military as you and I have done but I believe the true measure of a man is how much of a father they are. In that respect I would say you truly are a man in my book. God bless and keep up the good work!

      • Tim

        Well said Mr Hayden.

      • Michael Todd Marshall

        well said!

    • Red Jacket Fan

      Hate jealous people always putting someone down that is doing alot for our amendment rights that show is great and very popular Athens guns what station does your show come on i would love to watch it will at red jacket rocks

    • pita13

      YOU ARE AN IDIOT! You obvious have ZERO clue about firearms, NFA, custom arms, construction, etc. The only joke is you. Try not to shoot yourself when cleaning since you know so much.
      I have 23 years of service, I have a officers rank, sharpshooter and build myself. I own everything from AR to AK, Colt pistol, Kimber, Winchester and plus suppressors, etc. You probably call them silencers which shows your education. He is in law enforcement (you see the badge every now and then). He has been doing this longer than you have been alive. They don't allow full auto Glocks to just anyone (Ted Nugent) episode. At least learn about what you post BEFORE you post it.

    • NFA_Mall_Ninja

      Wow….. One word, four letters, GOOD advise (especially for DB's like Athens Guns). "STFU"

      I've seen a lot of the show, Athens Guns, and 90% of it, is NOT incorrect. He simply uses common terminology employed throughout the industry, and from what I've seen, I have yet to see one thing that he's said that isn't true to an extent. If you're holding him liable for footage editing cutting something out, or him not elaborating in finite detail about a particular topic as being untrue, then why dont you enlighten us? You're the expert here after all, right? At the very worst, Ive see Will or any of his crew do, is common vernacular vise technical vernacular when talking about their firearms. You say he takes credit for "inventing" something that's been done countless times before? Wow…. really? That was just a stupid thing to say. Sorry, no other way to put it. Then you say, "His work is sloppy at best"? Care to qualify that statement? You're very adept at making quantifying statements, so how about you QUALIFY some of it. Give us some examples, being you're so up to speed in the manufacturing industry… I've seen his work, and I've seen SOO MANY OTHERS too, and quite honestly, I haven't seen anything that I'd say is less than quite good actually…. Granted, they're products are not "BBQ Guns", but they're not selling BBQ Guns…. Their craftsmanship and quality of work, at least from what I've seen, has been pretty dang good…. I've got over 30 years experience with firearms to base my opinion on. What do you have?

      Your argument as a whole there, Rickey Bobby; It's a bit of a hard sell…. At best..

      I sincerely hope "Athens Guns" is not the name of your gun store? You just embarrassed yourself AND your business… How about next time before you go out of your way to bash someone, and make the negative and quite slanderous accusations that you have; you qualify your statutes with something intellectual and intelligent, give some credence to your accusations, an example or to. A specific of some sort… Otherwise you just end up sounding like someone who wheres a lot of yellow vests and likes the taste of the Sort Busses window tint. … Dont waist my time and other's with drivel. Give something of merit to complain about, or otherwise…… S.T.F.U?!?!

    • H. J.

      I agree.

  • Rabies

    You left a lot of the fine print out of the post here, Will. A private citizen cannot manufacture a full auto weapon, or convert a semi-auto weapon to full auto without being a manufacturer registered with the ATF, and have a formal place of business (not currently used as a residence or dual purpose commercial property in many cases). You also cannot have more than a certain amount of inventory on hand at any one time. These are called "samples" as the intent is to display, and demo them for law enforcement and military personnel only. They can never be sold to private citizens, and can never be transfered to ones private collection if they chose to give up or have their renewal of a manufactures/class 3 FFL license denied (must be sold or destroyed within a year I believe).

    • Will_Hayden

      That is quite true Rabies . The ATF puts out a complete book on the subject that we were unable to reproduce in a 2 minute video and 3 paragraph statement . The idea was to hit the basic's and [hopefully] point people in the right direction . That and to initiate a discussion here that would further fill in the gap's left in my short write up on it .

      • Afghan Vet from Michigan

        Love the video! Me and my son watch your show regularly! You guys ROCK! In my opinion! Any positive gun show keeps things moving in this ever evolving world….I personally prefer my AR15 in Semi Automatic…but is TONS of fun shooting the M240 and the M249 on full auto!!!!


      Then why does he has Governemnt contracts, Local Police, SWAT, etc. if he is breaking the law. You do know that you can remove a firing pin and have as many weapons as you want.
      Does anyone ever think before they post here? I do the same in Arizona

  • Rabies

    Also, there are many municipalities where the CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) will not, under any circumstances, sign off on the transfer form to purchase a class 3 firearm/DD. If anyone is serious about making, owning, or starting a business in NFA firearms, I would strongly recommend getting the book, "Machine Gun Dealers Bible". It goes over a lot of the hoops one has to jump through in order to even possess an NFA weapon, let alone build them. As always, check your local and state laws before attempting to obtain or create any class 3 weapon, if you break the law there is some serious jail time ahead of you and ignorance is never an excuse.

    • John

      You obviously did not watch the video and heard what Will stated. A class 3 weapon as defined by the NFA consists of several different types of weapons including full auto's, suppressors, short barrel rifles etc.
      Have you never heard of South Dakota Silencers? That is what they make and sell (you can also buy these over the net). They are perfectly legal to own in the State of GA. as long all you conform to all FED and State regulations. GA State also has a preemptiom law that states no City, County or Municipality can preempt STATE GUN LAWS period. If the local LEO will not sign your papers you have other legal options.
      I think your past due on your last series of shots!

      • Rabies

        John, before you get all raving mad about the post, or getting up in arms about the completeness or lack thereof in my post, you should read a response I made to the person who commented below me. NFA Trusts can, and have been in the past, a slippery slope for people. My comments were merely to dispell the illusion that one can file the necessary paperwork, and wait 6months to a year and come home with a brand new full auto S12 with the Red Jacket stamp on it. Red Jacket makes post-ban full auto weapons which are not transferable. Silencers are their own classification under NFA, and can be transfered new with the $200 tax stamp and filing a form 4 with the ATF. SBS/SBR are A.O.W. (Any Other Weapon) and only require a $5 tax stamp to create or transfer ownership thereof (form 2 or 4 respectively).

      • thomas

        true. there are others who are able to sign off besides the local county sheriff.
        the MGDB gives a more complete rundown.
        well worth the money for all the info.

    • David

      Please, stop posting your dis-information! I'll make it as simple as possible for you.

      SBR (Creating a SBR from a non-NFA weapon i.e. Colt LE6920): Fill out BATFE Form 4
      Send BATFE a check for $200.00 (Priority/Certified whatever way you can track it)
      Send out lower Receiver (Or any other BATFE approved part of the rifle) for engraving
      - Make sure the engraver KNOWS what the required depth of the engraving is per BATFE regs
      Send out barrel to be cut down to your chosen length
      Stand by for 90-180 days for your stamp
      Receive Tax Stamp in the mail
      Make 3 copies
      - Keep original in a SAFE place
      - Keep one with the rifle at all times
      - Keep the other 2 in a SAFE place just in case


      • Bored Again

        You're correct on all but the business bit. There are soooo many 07 FFL / C2 SOT's out there and even regular 01 FFL with or without the C3 SOT out there that operate right out of their garages and sell over their kitchen tables.

        The legal definition of "Formal Place of Business", is anywhere that's got a Business Licence attached to the primacies, Bro-man. The only mitigating factor or disqualifying factor regarding operation a NFA Manufacturing Business or a "Class 3 Dealership" out of your home, is how your home is zoned. And even then, most Counties will issue variances to zoning, especially this day in age when they need the money… badly…. for just your property or home…… And I'm not sure what you mean by "dual purpose commercial property"? Are you talking about properties that are specifically zoned as "Commercial & Residential"? Ummmm, thats actually the best one to be in for a home-based gun business…. It simplifies quite a bit of paperwork requirements and legal restraints…

        Other than that, you're pretty spot on :-)

      • Bored

        Umm David, You're a little off there Big Guy. The Form you're looking for there is an ATF Form 5320.1 – Application To Make And Register A Firearm. Not the 5320.4 – Application for Tax Paid Transfer and. Registration of Firearm.

        You're pretty good on the rest of it, though. :-)

        OH, BTW…. It's not required, but it is GOOD operating procedure to take your original Form (the one with the attached canceled tax stamp), make several copies (double sided & in color preferably). Then put the original in a binder and keep that in your gun safe or in another fireproof container..

        NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER carry the original form around with you. The ATF generally will not provide copies of the form for you should you loose it. You're not in NFA Violation of you do loose it, as you're NOT required to carry around the copy or produce it to ANYONE other than the BATF&E and the IRS. Not even to LEO's or Feds…. They however can detain you and the weapon until your ownership is verified, and that can only be done through a call to the NFA Branch (good luck on that after hours or on the weekend…. You'll be stuck in jail until then)…. But it's not illegal to have the device or weapon without the form…. It's just VERY GOOD practice to always have a copy with the weapon and to willfully show the thing to any cop that may or may not ask….. I've had my NFA at more ranges than I can care to count with more conversations with more LEOs than I care to count, and not one time, have ANY of them EVER questioned if my suppressor or full autos were legal or not, or requested to see the forms. It's pretty obvious that a person with a professionally made suppressor or a real machine gun, is probably (within 99.98% certainty) in legal possession of the weapon/device in question. Especially if you're chit-chatting with them and clearly not nervous…

  • Jay Love

    over the last few years I have been curious as to exactly what one needs to do if they wished to legally buy and posess a fully automatic weapon. I have asked around a bit to gun dealers, spoken to a friend who has a couple in his safe and ready up as much as I find about the subject. I get the impression that its a fairly simple process and set of rules and laws that people tend to make as confusing as possible, either intentionally, or by accident? after reading wills article and the video, I have to say I am as confused as before, or left with unanswered questions? he is talking about your local sheriff signing off for you, which I have heard of, but I have also heard its not the only way to get the legal authority to own one?? one shop that sells a lot of them has an attorney next door in which most of their business is in setting up trusts for ownership of the weapon, which is supposed to be the fastest way to get it done, but again, I am not sure of that?

    • Rabies

      You're talking about an NFA trust which registers a class III firearm to a legal entity. Depending on the state in which you live in, this can be a grey area on legality. While it's never been explained to me in full detail, the ATF will sometimes look unkindly on a person using an NFA trust to circumvent uptight and, in my opinion, unconstitutional tactics at the disposal of the CLEO. However, at least in my state, you MUST have the CLEO sign off on a full auto weapon regardless of whether you are registering it to a trust or not. SBS,SBR, and suppressed weapons do not have that requirement.

      • David

        Incorrect on all accounts. An NFA does not register anything. The Trustee/BATFE registers the NFA item. A trust is simply a LEGAL entity that the NFA items are held/stored in/by. Any state that recognizes a LLC/Corporation also recognizes a Trust. No one circumvents anything when using a Trust. When the Trustee submits his/her Form (Let's just call it a Form 4), they are checked just like anyone else. The caveat to that; no photos, no prints no intrusive BS and no "Holier than thou" cop telling what you can and can't have as a free American. Call it, simple. There is no legal requirement to have your CLEO sign off on a Trust item. That's absurd! Furthermore, if you are not using a Trust, and you have to go and beg for a signature from your CLEO, any and all NFA items must be "signed off" by the CLEO. Again, research the forms and NFA requirements. It would do you a world of good, if you want to go the NFA route, to learn about the Trust.

        • NFA_Mall_Ninja

          The "Trust" route is ABSOLUTELY the best way to go about it. Its the ONLY method of registration that can provide for instruction to successors in the event of your (or Trust's Trustee) passes away etc…. HOWEVER there is a MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR caveat to the Trust!! JUST BECAUSE THE NFA BRANCH ISSUES THE APPROVED FORM (?) TO YOUR TRUST, DOES NOT MEAN YOUR TRUST WILL WITHSTAND LATER SCRUTINY.

          The ATF HAS revoked several NFA Trusts that were drawn up using Internet Templates and/or things like Quicken Will Maker, as there are required provisions that must be met (that are not very adequately addressed or delineated by the NFA Branch), in reference to an NFA Trust, or a Trust vehicle also containing NFA Devices.

          THE ABSOLUTE BEST way to go about a Trust is contact a FIREARMS ATTORNEY ( is an excellent resource to help you locate one), pay A REAL ATTORNEY to craft one for you, according to your specific requriements and just be done with it.

          Once it's done ONCE you can add or remove as many NFA Items to that once trust as you wish, and theres ABSOLUTE no question to it's validity the ATF can argue.

          I say again… Just because the NFA Branch signs off on your Form 1 or 4, DOES NOT mean you're 100% good to go. If they later come back and revoke your Trust as being invalid or inadequate for NFA Registration, then you're in possession of an illegal NFA Device… Its happened already.

          A properly drafted Trust will not only hold your NFA Items, but could also serve to hold your regular firearms too. And ANY good NFA Trust should very well have SPECIFIC AND DETAILED (broken down BARNEY STYLE) instructions for what your "Successor" should do to maintain legal compliance….

          Just my .02

    • David

      Go seek the advice of an attorney who is Pro 2nd Amendment! You don't have to use the one right next door to the gun shop (I'll advise against that). You need to be looking out for your own best interests. Get the REAL information from them. Make sure they have a background in Trusts/LLC/Corporations. If this is a step you want to take, do it!

    • Will_Hayden

      The best bet is to find a Class 3 dealer who is local to you and ask him about the process and how it translates on the ground in your state/county . The dealer who is selling you the weapon or handling the transfer for you will know what/how to do it .

      • David

        So you would rather get (Legal) information and/or guidance from a person who sells guns rather than a person who is actually an attorney? Most NFA dealers don’t know the first thing about setting up a firearms Trust. Many NFA dealers think that it’s taboo to do so. Bottom line still comes down to the gun owner educating themselves! Don’t take anyone’s word on anything without verifying it. I sure as hell wouldn’t trust the word of gunstore guy in regards to setting up a firearms Trust.

        • GAlan Fink

          From what I've seen of lawyers (most every one is a politician in proxy), I would rather talk to someone who HAS the license than someone who is going to profit by making legal gestures to get you one. My money is with the Class 3 FFL holder, not the lawyer.

        • NFA_Mall_Ninja

          IT IS TABOO for a NFA Dealer to setup a Trust for you. Thats called "Practicing Law Without a Licence". BAD, BAD, BAD joo-joo. YOU can establish YOUR OWN Trust, but it's VERY, VERY ill-advised. Especially considering the Implications of (legal) NFA Ownership.

          Your local (or in State) SOT is a GREAT resource for beginners/mewbies to NFA to start out with. ESPECIALLY if that dealer has been in operation for a long period of time. They haven't stayed in business that long without knowing their stuff and steering their clients in the right directions.



          Established SOT's are a wonderful resource to go to regarding just about any and every aspect of NFA Ownership. And most can even tell you everything you'll need to have in your Trust or what's "Best Practice" to put in your Trust, but they CAN NOT legally advise you on HOW TO construct your Trust OR BUILD IT FOR YOU…

          A few years ago, there were a few dealers that served some time in Club Fed (Prison) for "Practicing Law Without A Licence" because they were offering FREE TRUSTS with the purchase of their NFA Toys, or were helping their clients setup the Trust by drafting it for them.

          Just have an N.F.A….A.T.T.O.R.N.E.Y do it for you, tailored to you! :-) This is the ONE area you DO NOT want to try and skimp out on. Typically, from what I've seen (so far), it'll run you about $500 to $700 or so for the Trust… .And it's good for life… It could very well be the best $500 to $700 you'll EVER spend .

      • headborg

        Shaaashhh Will…… those are "trade secrets"– if you let everyone know just how easy it is to get FFL's– everyone will be doing it…there won't be enough pie to go around. Oh, and notice I said easy to get….didn't say anything about keeping it or paying the fines for silly bookkeeping mistakes!

  • ThomasJ

    Actually it usually depends on your state. For example in Texas you can't get a Conceal carry weapon permit without having a clean record. At which point once you do, you're put on a list to be called upon for civil service in times of great need. Up in Michigan where I grew up, good luck getting any type 3 weapon. Down here in Texas or Louisiana where that show is filmed, it is a bit different.

    I've never seen him claim to invent a lot of things when I've watched the show. The only thing I've seen him claim creation of really is the shotgun suppressor, which to my knowledge had been previously tried, but none had ever been successful. Almost wish I could get that kinda thing made for my old Remington 1100 20ga, that and a rifled slug barrel, things a pre 1969 model so the newer barrels won't fit the frame.

    • Will_Hayden

      I don't think putting one on a 1100 would be a good idea . We have put our detachable models on Rem. 870 Magnums though and that works well . Have to add an optic of some sort to clear the can though .

    • Guest in Tx

      "At which point once you do, you're put on a list to be called upon for civil service in times of great need."
      Nope, not true. Ther is NO list!

    • John

      I don't where you got your information, but there is no list in Texas for that. That would have to be spelled out in the law or its following provisions and part of the documents that you need to sign, both of these are not there. Please check your facts…. I know because I have the CHL and I actually read all of the fine print.

    • NFA_Mall_Ninja

      You can't get an FFL without a clean record either….. BUT…. If you can successfully pass the NICS check for the 4473, you're also legally qualified to be a "Responsible Person" for an FFL. PROVIDING

      You have 1. A Business (State & Local Business Licences Attached to a Physical Premises) 2. Authorized Zoning to allow for the type of FFL you're applying for and 3. Can provide and prove secure storage (a gun safe to store your guns, and a box of cheap trigger locks to sell with your guns)…. You'll be golden… BUT Do your homework… It's a very detailed and intricate process that if you do not have right, will get "DENIED"… And once you're denied once, you're going to ALWAYS be denied. Once an FFL is REVOKED, It'll ALWAYS be revoked (the vast majority of the time unless you've got a LOT of money for one HECK of a legal battle)….

      And once you get it …….. KNOW THE RULES…… You're FFL is your ticke into the SINGLE MOST HEAVILY REGULATED INDUSTRY ON THE PLANET… Mere typos on your books, innocent and even ignorant omissions inside your books, on your forms, in your inventory, or in your filling system, etc, can get your licence permanently revoked and in some cases, even land your butt in FEDERAL POKIE! – NEVER to vote or own a gun again, Felon!

      Just getting an FFL for the heck of it, or to save money or simplify gun collecting is also a crime. You'll get nipped for that too….. IT MUST BE A BUSINESS INTENT ON MAKING MONEY (doesn't say you have to make a profit, or you're out to make a lot of money – just you're doing it to make money. It CANNOT be solely as a collection tool…. FFLS are NOT for the ill-initiate among us. You'd be surprised to learn about how many FFLs have lost their FFLs of the dumbest and littlest things!!!! FFL Buyer Beware!

  • Hiram Davis

    Oh, you mean like "Fast & Furious"

  • David

    Not a fan of the show. Most of the information that this show puts out has been discussed/invented/re-invented a million times over. A lot of you guys commenting need to take a break, go read about what the NFA is really about, get your facts straight and then comment. As for NFA Trusts…completely legal, no slippery slope and for the guy stating he has to still obtain a CLEO signature…purely bull crap! Learn what a trust is and how it is supposed to be used. I also recommend you stop using Quicken and actually find an attorney who is pro 2nd amendment and actually does NFA trusts. As for Red Jacket…you should stick to AK type rifles. I also recommend a firearms safety course. Dropping shot from a 410 shell, loading your “modified” blank, stuffing an arrow down the barrel and then discharging it in doors…this is why, we as gun owners, have certain stigmas attached to us.

    • GAlan Fink

      Until you have taken a course in basic physics, I suggest you don't belittle firearms manufacturers. I studied physics when I went to college for specialized electronics and was able to relate to the arrow in a .410 barrel quite easily (since it doesn't plug the barrel). Basic physics.

  • gtmerkley

    I believe in a few years all new guns will have to have a muffler on them like a car so there not so loud.And the government will offer a rebate to put one on an old one. What if there were no mufflers on cars ? Come to think of it my car is full automatic. I hope I don’t have to go back to a stick shift again I have a bad left arm I couldn’t shift anymore. With a full automatic rifle I think most people would empty there clip with maybe one hit If they aimed there first shot.And what about automatic knifes with one bad arm I cant open a regular pocket knife.

    • Mel

      The Government can't require all guns be silenced.
      There are some weapons that can not be silenced.
      Silencers can not make a weapon absolutely quite, there will still be some noise.
      The type of bullet has the biggest effect on whether there is a lot of noise or a little less noise.
      Low velocity ammo (IE sub sonic) is the quietest, while High Velocity is the loudest.

    • GAlan Fink

      I believe most of what you say is hogwash but it doesn't prevent you from saying it.
      I believe it is next to impossible to fully silence a firearm unless it is sub-sonic in the first place
      I believe operating a stick shift requires a good RIGHT arm unless you live in England or outside of America.
      I believe that, if you can't open a pocket knife with one hand, you shouldn't own one.
      I believe my AK-47 has, in three shot bursts, hit accurately in spite of what you may claim.
      I believe I should be on Top Shot, but that's another series of questions to answer.

    • King Gun Alot

      You shift with your left arm. They make some great spring assit. knives that would help you out.

  • frankgon4

    I don't like the "If the sheriff" approves. I have to find a sheriff to approve my submission first?
    I find that hard to stomach. I understand the background check and paperwork, but the fact that I have to go ask permission from another man to even file the paperwork.with the ATF is uncalled for and frankly I find insulting.
    I already have a Texas Conceal Carry License, but I did not have to ask for permission to do this . I filed the paperwork and attended the required class and paid the required fee.

    • Jdub

      Less militia's with atomatic weapons the better I guess?

    • Crawfish

      Back in 1994 I had to ask my Town's Police Chief permission to get a Permit just to buy a Ruger 10/22, in the state of Massachusetts!

  • Oscar

    I lawfully own six select-fire weapons and three suppressors. Once you get over the new toy phase, they really are not so special. They eat up ammo like crazy and you just end up missing the target a lot. I think I enjoy watching a guest shoot one for the first time more than anything as it is exciting for one who has never done so. Belt fed, tripod/bipod mounted weapons are another matter and are obviosly effective but the shoulder fired stuff is rather worthless and I do know how to handle them. Point is, if you can't get one, you are not missing much. The truth is, if you can lay down accurate, rapid, semi-auto fire, you are more effective than a guy with a full auto.

    • NFA_Mall_Ninja

      HAHAHA Oscar… You're SOOO VERY correct!! I too have tons of NFA and although I'll disagree with you on the shoulder fired full auto stuff (to an extent), I will say that once you've done it a time or two, and you get familiar with all the ins and outs of NFA, they do tend to become just like everything else you've got in your safe… I open my safe now, and I find little emotional difference between my M10A1A (aka Mac-10), and anything else I've got.

      Tell you the truth, I dont think I've shot my .45 upper for my M10 in probably 2 years. However EVERY TIME I go out shooting, I'm generally reaching for my M10 and .22LR upper :-)….. I dont think I've been shooting in the last 5 years or so that I haven't taken out the .22 M10! :-)… SOOOO MUCH FUN… $13:$15 bucks and a Wal-Mart trip later, and you've got enough to feed this sucker for longer than you'll care to shoot for :-)

      For the most part, all a full auto is good for, AT ALL, is to turn a LOT of money into a L.O.T of noise! :-)…. And you're right, the most fun I get with any of my NFA Toys now is watching the look on other's faces when I break them out, or when they get to shoot them for the first time! Especially children. For some reason, kids get a bigger kick out of the "machine gun" or the "silencers" than most of the adults do. Especially my kids :-)

      (Just to jab ya a bit, I don't know what you're talking about missing your target a lot with FA's off the shoulder …. I can generally keep the entire Mag on most all shoulder fired weapons, including the G3, inside the "10" ring at 15 to 20' on a mag dump …. so I dont know what you're saying missing a lot….. You sure you know how to shoot those things? I mean, I'll be happy to come up there and teach ya :-) hahah joking)…

      BUT… Even though these things arn't much more than everything else you have in your safe, once the "honeymoon" phase wears off, they are still VERY addictive.. It's why we in the NFA World dont call it "gun collecting" anymore… It's "Stamp Collecting"…. You're always going to be looking for that next suppressor or short barreled rifle, etc…. And if you're one of the fortunate few who have $$$ out the kazoo…., the next fully auto.

  • Joe

    If a guy needs an automatic weapon to shoot a dear don't use my bathroom.

    • Joe

      I mean deer.

    • m b

      deer not dear…and nobody wants them for hunting….it is not even legal to hunt with a full auto rifle

      • jmw

        It was a joke.

  • Bob

    Two things:

    1-Civilians can only own machine guns that are “TRANSFERABLE” meaning registered before 1986.

    2-The idiot that thinks bad guys and mentally challenged don’t own guns, NEVADA!

    Sorry about the idiot thing but the comment was ideologically stupid.

    • m b

      being registered before 1986 is false……but it does have to be transferable. bill clintons "assault rifle" ban expired

      • thomas

        m b, the 1994 AWB has no bearing on full autos under federal regulations.
        the time period for registering transferable full auto weapons did in fact end in 1986 hence, the limited availability and high prices you see today.
        like one said, they are Investments.

  • George

    Class 3 guns are a great investment. Since the 86 law which froze their number they have gone up in price 10 to 20 times. They are a true collectable and fun to shoot. The biggest expense besides ammunition (you must reload, but watch out for squibs) is insuring the collection.
    Owning a WW2 Thompson is owning a piece of American History. It is also great sport to compete at Knob Creek, there are some really good shooters there. Very few people know how to shoot a subgun properly, Front Sight gives an excellent full auto course. Make sure you know and follow the laws perfectly, the penalties are huge.
    The cheapest way to get a great working gun is to buy a Mac 10 or Mac 11 and buy an upper receiver from Lage in Arizona. This will produce an Uzi on steroids which is a better and cheaper gun.

    • Guest in Tx

      What , if by "Executive Order", the Pres. makes all class 3 weapon "un-transferable"? What's your investment worth now?

      • GAlan Fink

        Much more… especially since he's the one who transferred the biggest lot of them to Mexican drug cartels. Think of what your class III firearm is worth to them if he does that?

      • GAlan Fink

        Remember when then President, Bill Clinton put the ban on all 'assault rifles'?… they doubled, some tripled in value.

  • Jim vernon

    Will : Many of your fans/commentators need some serious spelling lessons.


  • Tx Pete

    I'm thinking of getting a new rifle. If I pose as a member of a Mexican drug cartel, do you think the justice department will give me a free one?

    • GAlan Fink

      Only if you are friendly with Eric Holder who, by the way, did this in order to give the government a reason to go after our firearms. Think conspiracy and follow the money… you're going to find the answer.

      By the way, how can they think the DOJ will prosecute the BATFE when they are in bed with each other?

    • fred haferkamp

      you are funny, i like it.its probably a viable idea.

    • ALI

      You r my hero

  • Col.

    Will : Many of your fans/commentators need some serious spelling lessons. Jim why pick on some one that Has Miss Spelled a word ? This is the Internet Who Cares ? About The Show , I Think it Gives Good Shops Like Mine a Bad Name ,Some of the things They do are just Stupid ! ATF should pull his Explosive License at the least before he kills his crew . Also Will Acts Like a Bad A$$ ,Makes Himself Look very Childish , TV is Looking for any thing They can sell, I Guess all You Need is a Fat Guy That Thinks He Knows every Thing & a Ugly Daughter (Sorry For Saying That But My GOD) I Live In The Same State ,Let me Say we All do Not Act Or Look Like That.

    • GAlan Fink

      If I were Will, I wouldn't even give you a moment of my time,… but I'm not so sit back and shut up.
      If you think Sons of Guns is giving your shop a bad name, you better think again… it's most likely your stupid opinions that do that.
      Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought to be an idiot than to open it up and remove all doubt.
      Speaking of spelling,… maybe you should learn something about it yourself and throw in sentence structure while you are at it. You use capitalization like a junkie.

      • mike


  • Stevenkids

    I too own Title II firearms, I've had mine for over 12 years and still love shooting them. I am however hoping that with enough pressure from owners and enthuists on their congress critters that the Hughes Amendment can be repealed. It was voted down originally twice, but Charles Rankle (I believe that is how you spell his name) put it in the Firearm Owners Protection bill anyway. It would make alot of people who invested in machine-guns unhappy if it was repealed, but it should not have been in the bill in the first place.

    • thomas

      you are correct.
      its funny how Title 2 owners are now a large segment who oppose opening up the NFA Registery to new entries of full autos. of course, thousands of new weapons might decrease the values now assigned but hey… such is life.

      • GAlan Fink

        Anything that gives access to government is going to be opposed, as well it should be. I have firearms that are pre-registry and 'they' don't need to know about it.

  • Dave

    I dig the show ( and the daughter ) and am glad to see other shows like "American Gun" and "Top Shot" gaining in popularity. Just as you can never have too many guns, you also can never have too many gun shows. Viva la DVR!

    • BKQ


    • GAlan Fink

      Thanks Dave for the reinforcing statement. Someone once asked me, "You know martial arts, have a Doberman and a huge firearms collection, what are you afraid of?"… to which I stared him in the eye and said…"Nothing".

  • thomas

    wow! tough crowd, huh will?
    keep on doing what you know.
    we enjoy the show.

  • Doug

    I enjoy the show, but would prefer that you keep your daughters personal life out of it.
    I am planning to apply for a permit to manufacture a suppressor, but so far, the design is too incomplete to bother with the paper work. I have been reading about various designs, and have made a few sketches to help me figure out if what I want will work on paper. If I think it does, I will then apply for the permit.
    I just wish I could experiment with the real thing before I applied for the permit so I could decide if I really want to actually make a suppressor or not, but I don't want to go to jail, so for now I will stick with drawings.

  • Mike Thrailkill

    Will,you forgot to mention that since the FOPA,Firearms Owners Protection Act, that Pres. Ronald Reagan signed into law,I believe in 1986,that no fully automatic "new" manufactured weapons can be sold to the civilian population. Police and military are exempt of course. I own a fully automatic weapon,and in the State of Missouri you have to have a Federal Firearms License of some sort to even get permission to own one,AND go through the federal fingerprinting,background check,AND Local Law enforcement sign off.Plus pay the $200.00 Tax stamp. I watch your show almost religiously,just to see what you come up with. I built my own .50 caliber rifle & my daughter hates when your show comes on because I'm sitting there saying "wait a minute" loudly I might add. Especially the episode of the AK "Sniper Rifle". No effing way can you make a sniper rifle from 7.62x39mm cartridge! Then was calmed down when you used Siaga action in 7.62×51-.308nato. Anyway you have a great series. Hope you stay on TV informing the public the joys of firearm ownership.

    • Will_Hayden

      you're right , I did forget to mention it up front . I did comment later in the thread that I would like to see it repealed . I know it would hurt a few collector's but I think that law is unnecessary and elitist .

  • R.O.

    For all the people on here that are wanting Mr. Will to tell you everything about a class 3……Get real find a good gun lawyer,pay his hourly wage and get the info. For the others that hate and fuss about the show all the time…..simple fix dont watch it. If you are not smart enough to know they edit, and do certian things for tv then you dont live in the real world. Alot of people would not sit there and watch Vince tear down a 1911 completly and put it back together. They have to make it interesting so millions of people will watch it. It is obvious that it works because even people that dont like the show get on here and rant and rave about it. I do like the show and do watch it all the time, but i put some thought into what it takes for them to make a 1 hour show for us…… Just my two cents….. Keep doin what yall are doin Mr. Will

  • LarryH

    David, you should have stopped after "not a fan of the show." If not, your opinion is not even needed.
    Col., the idea that poor spelling is OK means you must have slept in class, or do not have a job,. unless you have someone who DOES know how to spell has to do your work for you. As for Stephanie, personal comments such as your have no place in the discussion. (That said, I do agree that the "personal tension" should be downplayed. I like the show, and know there are many things edited out that can give an inaccurate picture of what is done.

  • Mike Frank

    As an avid firearms enthusiast and a machinist by profession, I need to agree with the other who have said that Will is an incompetent clown. He hacks his way though every project, making an idiot of himself in front of his clients on the delivery of several projects. He doesn't seem to get so many of the basic concepts of firearms, nor the machining processes involved in making or modifying them.

  • NewFan2011

    Will, I just started watching the show recently and tore through season 1 on Netflix in a few days! Fantastic show.. You are a tremendous leader. That is the best part of the show for me. Unfortunately, most of my gun experience has been limited to pellet guns, but one of these years, I'll go out and do some real hunting with some real guns! lol. Keep up the great work.

  • notfullauto

    Sure got alot of experts here, I am glad because we need more firearm shows, so i look forward to see them start a show for our enjoyment, otherwise maybe you shouldn't watch the show and not bore us with with you knowledge.

  • Big Irish

    Why would an average guy, like myself, want/need a suppressor? (Serious question, no tone, no sarcasm, just a real question)

    • GAlan Fink

      Apparently you don't personally need one but, unlike yourself, I have a rifle that has such a signature that the benches on the range on either side of me empty if I don't use one. The .300 Weatherby Magnum is a very loud rifle and it is a courtesy to my fellow shooters for me to suppress the signature so they, as well as I, can enjoy shooting.

    • Murff

      I use moderators on .22LR for shooting small game like rabbits, especially at night with either image intensifying sights or a lamp. I can get (but don't personally like) moderators for my deer rifles – in some places their use is mandated on health and safety grounds.

    • Bob Hamilton, Expert

      In case you need to kill someone without waking up the neighborhood.

  • Kim Brown

    some of you haters have probably never tried buying a gun etc more the less know how to shoot one!! you guys need to experiance some of the things mr. will has before you all go running your mouths!!

  • Kim Brown

    mr. will,
    How has your experiance in the military helped with your career you have now what influenced you the most in doing what you do now?

    • Will_Hayden

      It teaches you to get up every day and get to work on time . amazing the number of people who have a problem doing that

  • GAlan Fink

    The term 'Gun Control' by it's very conception means to manage your firearm. Legislation to regulate firearms bears not on those who commit criminal acts, nor on those who, by their disregard for the law, do not concern themselves with legislation.
    Firearms legislation bears weight ONLY on a person who obeys the legislation and therefore, it affects only the principal of self-protection, either allowing it or removing it from the law-abiding.
    The ability of someone to defend themselves in spite of legislation (the 'judged by twelve, rather than carried by six' truth) does, in fact, make anyone who carries for self-protection against an assailant who, by virtue of their total disregard for the law, a criminal act and therefore, it is in my opinion, a violation of my right to self-protection.
    Let's face one fact which echoes true in spite of the disclaimers issued by many law enforcement officers: That fact being that, when seconds count, your police are only minutes away. I prefer to rely on my skills as a licensed concealed carry expert than to sit in fear waiting for some dispatcher to send out a police officer who, for all intents and purposes, can't even shoot.

  • GAlan Fink

    It goes without saying that the 'serial number' is what's registered. Modifying the internals to suit your personal needs, i.e. better suppression is in keeping with the letter of the law.

  • lilbear68

    first season was interesting, then it got off into stuff that was not even close to what the avg hunter/gun owner could envision and then it went into outerspace.
    boring at best now

  • Pat32rf/cf

    Just be glad you're not up here in Canada ! While we will probably get rid of our long gun registry some of the rules regarding storage, barrel length(must be greater than 3"), and caliber (no 25 or 32 cal handguns) would drive you nuts…..

  • jonboy

    I personally think that if anyone should be firing an automatic weapon they should have to learn to become responsible with them (protecting and serving this country) be it military or law enforcement) It takes a certain level of maturity to use such power responsibly. I'm sure Will does a lot of crazy things on the show just because there's things the director thinks will draw more people to the show, most of the drama and disregard for safety (as you guys refer to it) is to put on a good show. As for being accurate with a fully automatic weapon, making the bolt heavier and changing the spring will slow the rate of fire down making it more accurate (in a majority of cases). Just be sure that you stay safe that's the important thing. the anti-gun liberals do not need more wood for their fire.

    • Jerry Arthur Gordon Ericsson

      Hmmm most of the folk I know who have class 3 weapons are law enforcement, former law enforcement, and 90% are military Vets. I assure you, I was qualified with the M-16 in the Army, and became an expert in the use of the weapon when I carried, used and maintained mine for 13 months in The Republic of Viet Nam back in 70-71. I don’t have a class 3 weapon, or the desire to go through the bs to get one, but if this crap with Obozo in the WH I may well search one out and pay the fees.

  • sonsofgunssucks

    Will, I was wondering if you and your Daughter currently hold a valid federal Firearms licensees in your names? I read some stories that your and Stephanie both surrendered your licensees due to missing guns? Oh yeah I almost forgot, nice butt-crack shot at the end of your last episode. You freely comment on your opinion of Vince but delete any comments that express someone’s unfavorable opinion of you or your show on your facebook page, why is that Will?

  • Billy

    Can you buy and own a class 3 gun in North Carolina?

  • Pete Scott


  • around

    will why does Kris still work for you?
    anyone who watched him on the show ,
    would know he as no mechanical ability
    around for you

  • andrew

    Hey. what do you people think about the gut that opened fire with an automatic weapon on a movie theater. why do you people feel the need to justify the use of automatic weapons as "sport"

    • T-Bone

      He needs to be punished slowly and feel everything that those families are going through and then a smidgid more. People like that are a waste of human life. I hope because of his actions it does not cause a big stink in the gun world, but for the honest people who do try to do good, we have that right to own and use guns in a manner that seems fit for a situation. On the automatics that is another story. I think automatics contribute greatly to our military in the war on terror. As far as someone owning and operating an automatic I think thats fine too, as long as you have a place to operate the firearm in a safe manner. When I say safe I mean as far as a backstop goes, not weilding in the air like a sword. Automatics are a sport and by sport, it is one of those things where a bunch of people get together and do something that interest the whole group. There are some pretty shotty sports out there and guns would have to be my favorite. I do not own any automatics, just semi-auto and bolt guns and stuff like that. I don't have any problem with automatics or any gun just don't see the need in having an automatic it is more of a want than a need in civilian life.

    • T-Bone

      The only problem I have is putting a gun in the hands of stupid gang members who think they are so ''HARD", I have one thing to say, If you think you are such a bad ass, let out soldiers come home and take your gang over there since yall have nothng to live for anyways and lets see how bad you "THINK" you are. If you have to do something stupid to get into a gang what is the point when getting in the gang cost you life in prison, sounds stupid to me, I just don't understand. I'm done babbling thanks for reading and I hope I have not offended any honest people, to those who do wrong I hope you were offended, to the families who lost a loved one in the theatre I'm sorry for your loss and the lord will take care of his sentence. I'm sorry to have wrote so much just venting a little after reading the comments, just my 2 cents. To Will: Uh I see a bunch of negative comments about your show, just wanted to say I like the show and do not understand the negative comments, I must have missed something.

      • Street smarts

        Really gang members buy guns Legally wow that’s news to me

    • vet

      Hey, what do you think about 40,000 people killed by cars every year? Why do you libs feel that your opinions are so superior to everyone else's that we should all live by your principles. Let's talk about car control. Everything larger than a 4 cyl should be illegal since anything bigger you just don't need. While we're at it let's ban cell phones too since they are involved in car accidents that kill people as well. Oh, we can also solve the homeless situation by charging everyone a penalty who doesn't own one. We'll call it a tax and help the economy by boosting the housing market…

      • T-Bone

        Yeah i agree 100% on that. Ha Ha I guess we have to dummy proof every cotton pickin thing for them. By the way I appreciate your service man.

      • James

        You forgot a penalty for people who build homes in hurricane, tornado prone areas. Those storms are dangerous maybe we can find a way to ban them too.

    • dsrtfox1942

      What you are all missing, is the fact that the idiot in CO didn't have an automatic weapon, it was a semi-automatic weapon.

    • jlh820

      The guy in the theater was a homocidal maniac. Would it make you feel better had he used a bomb or toxic gas? The point is that murder is already illegal. You can't outlaw everything someone has used to kill someone. This nut job should've been preventing from owning weapons of any sort because of his history. Medical professionals, IMO, should have a duty to report dangerous behaviors.

    • Jerry Arthur Gordon Ericsson

      I don’t want a full for SPORT, I want it for DEFENSE, from my government, and those who would harm me or my family, where do you get this sport shiI?

    • Parker

      Who is “us people”? Everyone eats food, right? Just because one eats food, he or she doesn’t necessarily have an eating disorder or is obese. Therefore, to automatically refer to a person who eats food as a person who has an eating disorder or as obese is the same as calling all responsible gun owners criminals.
      Ignorance is the largest problem when the discussion pertains to firearms and proper gun ownership. Semi-automatic refers to a firearm capable of firing one round for every depression of the triggering mechanism. Full-automatic refers to a firearm capable of firing multiple rounds, or all of the rounds in a magazine, with a single or continuous depression of the triggering mechanism. The firearm used in the (horrible) shooting was a semi-automatic firearm. The only firearms that are not semi-automatic or fully-automatic are revolvers, pumps, lever or bolt action, and single shot firearms. The majority of firearms, including the ones that would show up at your home, should you need to call the police for help (God Forbid), are semi-automatic. Are you suggesting that a person who may find him or herself in the situation where he or she needs to defend him or herself, but can’t wait for the proper authorities to show up, should not be able to defend him or herself in the same manner or capacity? What about people, like myself, who live many miles from the closest police station? What if one were to be confronted by multiple people who are intent on doing one and/or one’s family harm? What if these hypothetical people were carring illegal (as they are criminals and don’t care to abide by the law) fully-automatic firearms? Do you suggest that one should have to hide, run, and/or die, instead of being able to reasonably defend themselves?????

    • Tim

      First get your facts straight. It was a semi-auto not a Full-auto. Second do you work for one of the left wing gun hating News networks?

    • Collin

      That was a ssemi-automatic AR-15.

    • BLOVE

      Why don’t you liberal fucks find an island, maybe name it ‘happy/everythings free’ island or some shit like that, and then hope you never get robbed/raped/or nazi’d by your government….cause if you do…..your fd!! For the love of god, you guys just need to change your name from liberals to ‘government controlled ELE Everyones equal pussies’……christ you people make me sick!! Get out and earn your keep, defend your rights, quit living off my money, and to top it off, get laid!! You all want government to have full control of everything, which capitalism and freedom of choice is what this country was built on and makes it great. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!

  • jlh820

    Where's the video???

  • jlh820

    As a faithful viewer of Sons of Guns, I miss Vince and personally think he got a raw deal. I'm sure outsiders don't know all the details, but from the looks of the show, Vince got fired because he had a personal life and commitments. Kris gets on my nerves. He's juvenile and immature and an extreme brown nose. Flem is great as are Joe and Charlie. I know if it were my business, based on what I saw on the show, I would've kept Vince and showed Kris the door. I know he's family now, but still. It's a business and you should keep your most productive and knowledgeable employees taken care of.

  • Vince Garcetti

    For those of you looking for the video:

  • Bigdude59

    Old Will and his daughter lost their ffl's due to missing gun's they believe were sold out of the back door.And the store is not owned by them but is owned by the employee's there.So how does old Will and his daughter get to even handle those gun's let alone sell them?There seem's to be alot of questions that need to be answered.That thing he has for a son in law need's to be showen the door.And ole Will's daughter should find a good denist for her teeth.I guess they don't make enough money?American gun's is a show that should be taken off of tv for good.

    • Parker

      First off, low blow. Secondly, low blow. Thirdly, the show is about the manufacture and selling of firearms, not modern dentistry…. (Time for a gut check, show some class.)

      If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. There are hundreds of other channels to tune into, or do you not make enough money to get them?…Just a taste of your own medicine.

    • blove

      Your a tard…..she’s hotter then donut grease!! That hubby of her is one lucky S.O.B.!! I damn sure wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers!!

  • Caruso

    I like to ask one thing will if I get a class 3 with a stamp can I get my polish ak 47 converted to select fire capability for less than buying a auto weapon I think it would save on tha bank what you think

    • shawn

      100% NO!!!!!!
      Only transferable Machine guns were built before 1986.
      Any machine guns made after 1986 is for Law Enforcement or dealer samples ONLY!!!.
      will be up and running by 1-15-13
      ONLY $239
      No Law Enforcement Signature needed
      No Finger Print Cards
      No Citizenship Form
      No Passport Photo's
      Faster transfer times
      Can be used for form 1 and form 4 filings
      Dont leave your loved ones wondering what to do with your NFA items.
      NFA THE RIGHT WAY!!!!!

  • Wallace

    I am old fashioned and i do not deal well with the internet. I also did not pay much attention in english class so i am sure my spelling and grammer will be sub standard to some on here. With that being said, for those who want to bash Will and his show, as many have said already, do not watch it. If you can do better then put your own show on tv. Other wise shut the fuck up and leave your worthless comments off here. Mr. Will i enjoy the show. I have watched all that is available on netflix and have decided to try and become a gun smith. Any suggestions on a online collage that has great course material would be greatly appricitaed. I am currently serving in the armed forces and I am unable to attend classes full time. I do have a wide varity of weapons that I own that I can tear down and practice on. I am interested in class 2 weapons and explosives. I have trained and been on a handfull of missions in Iraq with the combat enginers where we blew caves shut and disposed of some IEDs. Mr. Will keep up the great work, I am sure it is not easy to have your professional life all over tv and criticized by those of the closed minded. I have filmed some of my hunts and sent it into major net works trying to break into the tv hunting show only to find out that number one i am no camera man and deff. not a video editor. I am a mechanic by trade and love to work with my hands. I will be anxious awaiting to see what you and your crew can come up with next.

  • David Curcione

    The Firearms Mfgs Licences of Class -02 is (06, Ammo Mfg, (07 Gun Mfgs Regular Fireams Licences is 3 -Year Licence No Set Fee too! No Limit in Dollars is Renuals Costs is ,$$$$$$$$$$$$$ too! The Full Auto Licences is, (010) Licence is Gold Tax Stamp At Right Hand Conner too! 3 times Higher or more too! The Class-01 Is (01) Gun Dealers Retailers Can”t apply for those Licences are Regular F.F.L.s is (06) & (07) & (08 ) only too! They off Limits to thoses Regular Licences Mfgs, &importer & Exporter Licences is regular is (08 too! agreed!!! ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ! The Regular import Fee is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 2. The Regular Import is Licence is, (08) and Red Tax Stamp at right Conner too! No Set Fee for 3-Year Licence too! Regular imported Guns of other Nation too! Come to U.S too! An Exported Guns From U.S.A. to other Nations too! The Other Licence is Gereral Licence Master Licence of (011) too! Is Full Auto”Licence too! They Important Machines Guns ,They Export U.S. Machine Guns From U.S.A. Too Other Nations too! true ! This is not and Gun Dealers Importer & exporter Licence Import & Export Licence is no more too! The( Class-03 Dealers Of (09) Not Allow to Get those Licences) no more too! Agreed! Only the Mfgs Busineses : Corpation , Companies, I.N.C Companies can apply for thoses Licences only is; mfg Licences is (010 F.F.L.s only can Apply only Agree!!! This Licence is Red Tax Stamp At Right Conner top too! This Licence is 3 Year Fee too! It 5 times higher then the regular (08) Licence too! No set Fee$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ This is not and Gun Dealers Licence is no more too! It Rated as an Class-02 Licence only agreed!! Is Mfgs Licences is (06),(07) (010) too! The Import & Export Licences is Class-02 is (08) & (011) only been change too! Not and Class-01 Import & export Gun Dealers Licences is no more too! been change too! They are Distribor Business Co. Corp, I.N.C Regular Companies Licences only agreed!!!

    • James Miller

      Are you on meth,

  • dpur_p

    1. There Should Be Cap Limit On the Class-03 is (09) F.F.L.s Holders too! Solution is there Should be only 2 Class-03 (09) Reguster Laweforcemet Special Dealers per 50 States too! Agreed! By the Federal Law too! Agreed! The maxium cap limit for each of the Fifty States is no more then two Class-03 (09) Dealers too! Agreed!!! The Renual Fee’s is Shoild very High too! Agreed! # year Renual is; 3 Year Licence $ 250,000 .00 )r No End if Pay ment renual Fees too! The Maxium Cap Limit is 42 Regular Gun Dealers Laweforcement Dealers Licences too! Of 50 States too! Agreed!!

  • dpur_p

    1. The Maxium Cap Limit on all Class-03-(09) Option Gun Dealers Businesess is 42 Class-03 is (09) F.F.L.s Regular Gun Dealers only by the U.S.A too! No extras Class-03 is (09) F.F.L.s Holder’s too! Ageed Applications not be issued too! Gun shots .com is the Answer too! It should Stay that way too! Agreed!!

  • dpur_p

    The Class-03 Is (09) Option Licence For Gun Shop By Trade Regular Gun Stores only too! Agreed! The Stores are off limits is Class-01 (01) F.F.L.s Regular Sporting Goods & Regular Gun Stores ,Pawn Shop Junk Store& Gun Shop too! Combination Stores Busineses & Gun Shop too! Are off Limit to Class-03 & (09) F.F.L.s too! By The A.T.F . Rules do apply too! Agreed!!

  • whatvideo?

    What video? There isnt any video to watch.

  • Home Buyer San Antonio

    A domicile could be a cheaper realty compared to one family
    home. as a result of they’re sometimes newer, there’s no have to be compelled
    to pay abundant on repairs. there’s no exterior, which might once more mean
    lesser maintenance.

  • Matt Tippins

    If it’s only legal for civilians to own class 3 weapons made prior to 1986, how is it legal for people to buy class 3 stuff manufactured by red jacket? are they all old lowers and uppers just re-tooled?

  • Joey Sankows

    Where’s the video?

  • DG

    What’s a Class 3 gun? I only have NFA title II firearms….

  • No need for a shallow grave

    I am looking forward to the inevitable “readjustment”
    to the size and scope of civilization. Liberals will either change their ways
    immediately or die. Both outcomes will be a refreshing change.

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