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G&A Video Exclusive: Inside Red Jacket Firearms

by G&A Online Editors   |  December 16th, 2011 70

Like it or not, there’s no doubt that Red Jacket Firearms is the most talked about gun manufacturer in the nation. Until now, you’ve only seen them on “Sons of Guns,” but we were granted exclusive access to their shop to get an inside look at what Red Jacket is really all about.

Here’s our take on Louisiana’s explosive gunsmithing trailblazers.

  • Mike L

    I enjoy the show. I always figured there had to much more to Red Jacket than what was shown on TV.
    I think of the show sort of like Orange County Choppers without all the disfunctional family BS. I wish Will and the whole group the best of luck and keep the funny guns coming. Each week its something new and unexpected. I really enjoyed the show with the flame thrower. My dad and Uncle were WWll vets, I know my dad would have enjoyed the show. Keep up the good work.

    • packermilitia

      What is NOT dysfunctional about this show? It is just another lame reality show with simple minded drama. I watched it once….Discovery channel and G&A could do much better. I can't believe G&A is still pandering to this crap.

      • SlyMC182

        If you hate the show so much then why even post on this page. Leave it to those of us that do enjoy the show. Unless your whole point is just to be a troll!

        • packermilitia

          Lighten Up Francis. No one said this was supposed to be a Love-a-thon for the show.

          • SlyMC182

            You are indeed a troll Sir.

          • hicusdicus

            What is a troll? Does it have something to do with worm drowning?

          • anonymous

            screw you dude your just a HATER!

          • anonymous

            packermilitia you dumbass

      • hicusdicus

        I agree and for different reasons than you have.

      • hicusdicus

        Since you have gotten all these negative marks that must mean you are right on the money. You certainly have flushed out all the intellectually deficient.

    • Plummbadrumma

      I too love things that go BANG! The show is fun and is a great escape for a gunner like me who lives in the Communist State of California.
      I especially loved the gun upgrade episode for the guys. I clutched my "Ca. legal" Vector Uzi as I watched that show and dreamed of a full auto toy. What blew my mind was the reasonable final cost for the high performance Uzi. Folks, that was the cost for a single shot, off the rack Ca. compliant mini pistol at my local dealer. I'm envious!
      Red Rocket & Guns & Ammo……sounds like a good match for me!

    • Ray Kaufman

      The "disfunctional family bs" is what made American Chopper a megahit. No one really cares that much about the bikes and no one (except us gun nuts) really cares about the guns on American Guns. It's the interpersonal relations that will make or break the show.

  • mark

    Will has done some fine Saiga-12 work for me. Love both the work and the show!

    -Happy Holidays

  • Paul Wittmann

    Greatest program on cable. My wife and I save (DVR) all the current programs and cannot wait for a new one.

  • Ben_OBrien

    Stay tuned after the credits for some bonus footage!

  • martifr

    Great program with a great family dynamic.

  • a fan

    way better no drama …not acting just high power weapons …really really like it

  • JIm

    Fantastic show,loved it right from the beginning,always look forward to see it

  • Ken Smith

    Great video! Would enjoy seeing more videos like this one from GA!

  • Will_Hayden

    Thanks guys , it's always good working with the G&A crew , Ben and his boys are top notch

    • hicusdicus

      Yes that is all well and good. Why don't we keep it off TV and out of public view. Gun confiscation backed by the American public will condemn us all to a subservient society.

    • fll03 collector

      will great show great work you do both for the industry and community i wish you and your crew all the best and happy holidays

  • Elliott1

    Love the show, love Will's dedication to his hobby, his love for his "Stepanie". His admiration for our vets, his desire to get things done correctly. Just want to buy one of their 45's without having to wait 6 months!

    • Will_Hayden

      the 1911's are shipping 60 day's

      • SwampThang225

        wait did I miss something?..was this build featured in an old episode?!?! I've been dying to see yalls take on the 1911..and I figured you'd have it revealed sometime before 2011 was up to coincide with the 100 yr anniversary

  • lonnie britt

    Will great show. Will you seem like a true stand up American. I think your show has brought back quality to us viewers. Like you many American have the same passion as you, glad to connect. Will we never miss a show and watch it several times. I hope you reach your goals and many others. Again thanks for who you are and what you stand for Great shows, guns, and people. God Bless Thank You Mr Lonnie Britt.

  • John Butler

    Holy crap, I just heard Will Hayden throw out a reference from 'The Jerk'. Life is good!

    • Will_Hayden

      heh :)

  • Loel Davis

    Great video. Nice to know origin the origin of Red Jacket

  • John

    Frankly I no longer watch the show. Will reminds me too much of the bullies and ego maniacs I've worked for in days gone by.

  • dabrewer

    Hey Vince, love the Detroit old english "D" ball cap. Being a life long Detroiter seeing you wear the cap put a smile on my face. Keep up the good work guys!

  • HK's Arecool

    Good video. Wills what's known as a type "A" personality. That's what makes him a successful business owner. He may not be extra tactful, but it's what gets things done sometimes. Look up Steve Jobs and how some have talked about him. Not everyone was in love with the guy, but he made good stuff.

  • Robert McGowan jr.

    Will I just got off F.B. with Steph ,she told me to use the e-mail on rjf to contact her, can you e-mail me the whole e-mail addy.. to rjf and send it to my e-mail . thank you and I look forward to talking with you all soon . thanks Robert G.McGowan jr. Inventor

  • riverrat047

    Sons of guns,

    Is there such a thing 45/70 cal. bolt action rifle. I have a 45/70 lever action rifle


  • notoriousdad1

    What's NOT TO LIKE ABOUT WILL and REDJACKET? He's a regular guy that loves what he's doing and got successful now doing it! That's Red, White and Blue, baby! And he's building QUALITY AMERICAN-MADE THINGS! I wish to GOD that there were more like him so we could get rid of all the Chinese cheap crap and get to making things like we used to – JUST LIKE WHAT HE'S DOING NOW!

    More power to ya, Will! LOVE YOUR SHOW!

    And the negative comments: You don't even know the man! And I don't think that there 'once in a while fooling around' isn't anything the rest of us wouldn't do! As for safety, look at how they handle everything, by themselves and with the customer. And they always tell the 'naive' not to do anything of this at home.

    Hey Will, I own a FN FAL SA58 and want magazines like the MAGPUL's, but I can only find metal ones! Any ideas?

    • Will_Hayden

      Check with DSA , no plastic , but they had some real nice Styer mag's .

      • notoriousdad

        Found a Thermold mag at I guess that oughta work, huh?

  • hicusdicus

    Guns are not my hobby. I have them to defend myself if I am attacked. All this televised gun stuff about how to build bigger better fire sticks to do a better job of murdering people is going to get the anti gunners frothing at the mouth. We are having enough problems with the second amendment , Hilary Clinton and our great leader. There is nobody in this country that needs that junky crap to defend themselves. To the public it makes us all look like a bunch of crazy gun wankers that need to have their toys taken away from them. Gun confiscation is looming real time. Make the general public anti gun and it will be ll over in a heart beat. There is enough bad press from criminal use of guns. We don't need to add to it. I have been the recipient of a home invasion and shot three times. I don' t want to have to give up my only means of self defense. I am 76 years old and I don't ever want some one to hurt me again. The one thing gun nuts seem to lack is maturity.

    • hicusdicus

      Before all of you get on your high horse. I am right and you know it. My inventory which my neighbors and most acquaintances know nothing about. are 5 Judges 2 .380 Rugers with lasers 3 north American arms one 8 mm Mauser and a pair of plr-i6 keltec's with green lasers and red dot sights. This is accompanied by 7000 rounds of assorted ammo. This is more than enough for civilian personal defense. You all know what the media would call me so why don't we just keep out of sight?

      • Will_Hayden

        no thanks . Glad you where able to save your life , God Bless . Will

        • hicusdicus

          I guess you believe we are not on the verge of of some kind of chaotic financial collapse that could destory out society. I do not know what will happen but it does not look good. Guns must be kept out of the public's eye as the root of all evil. I have heard from a lot of people that I don't have anything against guns but I don't want one. If we lose these people we lose the second amendment. I have already heard a lot of negative comments on this show from non gun people. Its content and characters frighten them. Right now the balance of power in this country is very delicate and we need to pay attention to the effect these kinds of shows could have on the soccer moms with young children and old people. They do vote.. By the way when I was attacked I had no weapon. I just stood there and absorbed bullets. None of you ever want this, so start paying attention to what is transpiring. We are going to be orchestrated out of gun ownership.

    • Roadkil2

      Sadly ,I agree with you sir. If the American gun owner whether collector,sport shooter,hunter etc.. does not get out in Nov.and vote, the 2nd amendment will be lost forever! If you think I'm a nut or whatever just sit at home watching TV and playing vid games instead of voting and people like those at "Red Jacket" will be the 1st to be shut down FOREVER! NO going Back. Once our freedom is gone its gone and all guns GONE with it!

      • hicusdicus

        Getting out and voting may not be enough. Election fraud is the expertise of the democratic left. The 47 percent of the people who draw a check from the government is the other problem along with the 30 percent who are too knowledgeable to understand what is going on. We are on the same road that put England where it is today ,won't that be just great.

  • Aaron

    Once again G&A show that they really make guns

  • Tedsolo

    Great show! I can feel the love!

  • Ron

    Here in the UK we have a handgun ban, semi-auto and pump action rifle ban ( but we still keep plugging away with bolt action and lever action. And I get in a few licks on the range when I'm in the USA on vacation. With so few people involved in the sport shooters are seen as a bit odd'. Consequently, we don't get much recognition on TV. So for me, This programme is a breath of fresh air – long may it continue. Keep fighting the anti-gunners and don't think for one minute they need anything like a TV programme to give them ammunition ( sorry, bad pun). Best regards from the UK

    • Will_Hayden

      it's a political problem that has to be approached by separating , in the general public's mind , gun owners from criminals . Ya'll have a hard job in front of you , all the best , Will

      • Ron

        Thanks for taking the time to respond.
        Too true what you say- sadly here in the UK we had a couple of tragic events _ Hungerford and Dunblane where lunatics with legal weapons ran amok. Not a bad record since we've had gun licencing here since 1921.
        We became a political football after both events. The sad fact is that only the law-abiding guns were surrendered. Bad guys weren't part of the deal. Since we have a much lower level of ownership here ( only 50,000 pistol licences at the time of Dunblane) most people in the Uk have never seen a gun and get their view of them from movies or from reports in the press when bad guys shoot people.
        It's an uphill struggle but we keep trying to introduce more people on to the range to take way the mystery. And we refuse to hide in the cellar !
        Programmes like yours that highlight positive people doing positive things with guns can only help that. More power to you, the team and G+A
        Have a great Christmas

  • Will_Hayden

    do ya'll have any idea how weird it is to see people talking about you like you're a made up character in a novel ? lol , to funny . I'm a guy with a job that keeps me busy and makes me happy . I don't see it as particularly strange or interesting , it's just what i do . For those who appreciate the work our company does , "Thank you " , we work hard and do our best . For those that don't , well hell , do it yourself , that's what I did . it's working out good enough for me . I wish you the same happiness

    • hicusdicus

      I am glad you are happy. What are you going to do when Obama and his millions of moronic helpers make gun possession a felony accompanied by prison time and complete confiscation of all property? This situation is right around the corner and we don't need things to help it along no matter how much it pays.

      • Will_Hayden

        well , i guess there's two approaches to the issue . You keep hiding in your basement , i'll keep doing my best to inform and educate . sales are up for the entire industry and statistically the political winds are stronger in our favor then ever . and it ain't because you're hiding your hi-point , it's because men and women are taking a stand , standing up and speaking out . say , you do know they can track your ip address to your house right ?

        • hicusdicus

          Why the comment about me hiding in my basement? If I was hiding I would not be talking to you. My wife and I both have concealed carry permits and they can trace that right to where I live. They don't need my IP address. We are also life time members of the NRA. The only thing I see that show doing is educating the on the fence about guns, public, about all the violence and mayhem that can be accomplished with home made guns in the hands of irresponsible people. The biggest political wind blowing right now is that Obama will most likely get elected and that Hilary may get her UN anti gun mandate passed. All you seemed to concerned with is padding your wallet no matter what the cost. Are you familiar with who is your czar? If not you better go read it. You and Obama have one thing in common. Neither one of you will tolerate any criticism for your actions even if they are completely wrong. Guns in a civilized society are for self defense and hunting not for raising the hormone flow of 15 year olds or their immature equivalents.

        • TheDood

          Thanks for pointing out those facts, Will! On some issues I lean left, on some I lean right…I make up my own mind and don't vote for someone just because of a letter after their name! And, I love my guns! Great show! Keep 'em coming!

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    Hello Will and Red Jacket Staff:
    Awesome show and love your new ideas and designs on your firepower on old and new guns. Don't stop now with your staff building American guns that the world would like to purchase. I am guessing that Stephaine take care of all out of state guns orders? Keep your ideas going with more guns from the block of steel to the firing of your guns. I would like to see you Will build a 45LC in a semi-auto hand gun with a 10, 15 round magazine for purchase? Will and Staff keep shooting.

    • Will_Hayden

      Stop ? hell ,we ain't even got started good yet . no go on your .45 lc auto though bro , just don't see the market for it

  • SwampThang225

    It's a shame how one person having a bad day can completely derail a good topic! Will, keep up the great work..your show cuts out most of the inevitable drama crap that's injected into all TV shows these days. On top of that yall really have fun living the American dream! Glad G&A has stuck by your side, especially with the new kid on the block American Guns (which to me is lacking a pair).

    Are we gonna see the RJF 1911's in the new season of SoG? And if so, can we ever expect to see any work on a Hi-Cap 1911?? There's a pretty big market growing for them, and it sure is sweet holding 16+1 .45s in my warhorse!!!

    • Will_Hayden

      I don't know , they air what they want to . we're been producing/delivering them for about 4 months now . They're on our website . We're talking about a high-cap and a Commander's version , no time soon though .

      • SwampThang225

        with time, comes all great things!!

    • hicusdicus

      I will have a bad day when the democrats get re elected. As will all of us. How about holding a 3 lb Keltec PLR 16 pistol with a 60 round mag? That could give some body looking at the working end a wedgy.

  • chris

    Will, where are the missing guns?
    I read something about some sort violations in which you had some guns that could not be accounted for, didn't see it reflected in the show..
    Is this some internet rumor or is there some truth to it.?

  • RedHawk

    There is truth to it – apparently Will and Steph gave up their licenses! I will post the link –… there is also one in their local news!

  • Nancy L Stokes

    LOVE The Show…watch every one once taped on the DVR…FIRST OF ALL, VINCE: SO SORRY for your loss….Stephanie, because of you, my next gun is a Derringer…Will, you need to smile more, especially in photos…brings out the sparkle in your eyes… I keep hunting for your theme song…would make SUCH A FREAKIN' COOL RING TONE…keep up the great work and when you blow things up…it's like an addiction…gotta find more to destroy…my son wants to visit…we'll be in touch…you can test him…ask him which caliber for just about any firearm…

  • atm

    It's too bad Vince left, he seemed to be very knowledgable. But I'm sure it was best for everyone involved.

  • Will_Hayden

    no missing guns . everything is accounted for .

  • Will_Hayden

    it's an interesting version . After we got in the ffl for the new partnership we formed 2 years ago , we mailed in the old license .

  • Will_Hayden

    is what it is , I'll go along with your last sentence , it was sure as hell best for us at any rate

  • Will_Hayden

    Thanks Nancy , the song is "Shelter Me " Tab Benoit " . Will

  • Seth

    I love the show! I always see all the cool projects you guys do and it has got me hooked! It is kind of a bad thing because the week seems to go slower because I am waiting to see what cool project you guys do next. I hope the best for you guys! God bless!

  • Guest

    More guns less family BS!

  • vincent white

    I guess HISCUSDICUS doesn't realise that the 'PATRIOT ACT' was enacted during King Georges reign and I've found that those who talk most about thier exploits have never been shot or shot anybody. Lets just say Will has a great show and leave all the chest thumping where it belongs [IN THE GARBAGE CAN] Big Vin

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