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First Look: The Red Jacket Enhanced M4 Rifle

by G&A Online Editors   |  August 9th, 2012 16

Joe Meaux from Red Jacket Firearms had yet another treat for us at Hornady’s Zombies in the Heartland: Pandemic 2012 in Grand Island, Neb. The Red Jacket Enhanced M4 rifle features Magpul backup sights, as well as a Mil-Spec drop-in rail for additional lights, lasers or vertical foregrips. As is typical with Red Jacket rifles, the Enhanced M4 also comes standard with an integral suppressor mount. The rifle will also include a complete pack of rail covers to match the stock and pistol grip. The Red Jacket Enhanced M4 will be on shelves this month.

Check out the video straight from Pandemic 2012, and be sure to look for Brownells products on

  • mac

    When is the next season of sons of guns?

    • Tim

      It started a couple of weeks ago, with the Kriss Vector/spy training episode.
      I don't think it's been on the last 2 weeks because of the Olympics.

      • wondering where the new stuff

        apparently NEVER

  • eric10mm

    What exactly is enhanced about this rifle?

    • Nick Vellios


  • Alan_T

    Go to Brownell's and type in Red Jacket huh ? …….. must be where my slice of Marine Corp birthday cake and roast pig sandwiches are located , huh , Will ?

    • Steven Nihipali

      I went to the site and I cannot find the M4 at all

      • Alan_T

        Yeah Steven , I went to Brownell's right after I posted my comment and only one page with 6 items on it came up ……. none of them the M4 .

  • Tom B

    You ment M4 carbine I,know that's what you ment!

  • Avatar

    Read it again… It says look for Brownells items on RJF. Not RJF items on Brownells…

    • Alan_T

      You're correct Avatar that , that's what it says IN PRINT on this blog ……… BUT it says on the VIDEO , quoting JEFF FROM BROWNELL'S ,

      " All of these things will be available on Brownell' . You will be able to find everything that you see on this project . Just type in search " Red Jacket ", it will take you right to the product , and , uh , we will be highlighting everything that you see on this rifle . " close quote .

      Since , that takes up the last 4th or 5th of the video , you evidently didn't bother to watch it .

  • yo kid

    man these rifles are all made at spikes tactical no at rjf.

  • Sugar

    Kris Ford looks like serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.

    • Dave Hicks

      as much as I would like to see a RJF M4 they have such a huge backlog from order to delivery I can not justify the expense. When you go to their website it comes across as its a manufacturer and not really catering to the consumer when its completely opposite, as they have a new huge retail store front at the filming location. Really odd priorities there, someday they will get it going in the correct direction. Till then I just watch in amusement at the tv show antics that we know is mostly smoke an mirrors.


    Wait, wut?? So, RJF did not invent the m4 and change the game? And remember, you cant add all these decorations to your own m4 because you are not highly trained with a screwdriver. Ok, back to my basement to finish working on my new invention. I wont give all the proprietary details but, it is round, and im going to call it a wheel and hopefully do some game changing for myself in the automotive industry.

  • gbaltil

    Kris Ford is a pud loser. He should shut his mouth and learn something instead of acting like a fool.
    Krisdont you have any pride in yourself? You dont get respect because you are a loser.

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