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Exclusive Video: Jesse James Hits the Range with the Red Jacket Crew

by G&A Online Editors   |  March 23rd, 2012 18

One thing Jesse James and Will Hayden have in common is their love for firepower. Get them together, and you can bet something’s about to get blown away.

On an upcoming episode of Sons of Guns, Jesse James, master mechanic and star of the show Monster Garage, teams up with Red Jacket Firearms to create one badass aluminum Browning AR — but they’ll need a little help from Vince.

In the meantime, Jesse and Will hit the range with a few samplings from Will’s office, including a Red Jacket M-16, an Ultramax and even a belt-fed Mag 58 machine gun.

Check back for updates from the RJF crew each week on Sons of Guns & Ammo.

  • Pete

    Didn't know Jesse could shoot like that wow

  • Bill

    Just ask Sandra bullock…

    • billoth

      let it go Bill……no one in the real word cares

      • Presto

        People in the real world who don't like cheating douchebag wife beaters care, moron.

        • Guest

          Wife beating? Dude, you got the wrong Guy!

  • Cindy Neal

    I have an idea it's the Discovery Channel making the RJF promote this guy especially since he will be on PJD too! Discovery forcing _his ass down a persons throat! Don't like him and won't watch his new show :P

  • Patrick

    Here good question how much did suck for Will Hayden have take Vince Buckles back in company than have Jesse James him self put him charge of his gun build??? What like for Kris deal with Vince being back Jesse James getting all fliter with Stephanie?? Talk about saoking matchs in gas light them off. Discovery channle turn Red Jacket Firearms jersey shore. I well be amzase if they get Jesse James gun done before fire fight brake out in Red Jacket Firearms in between Vince Will Kris Jesse .

    • Mayday

      The English language isn't for everyone.

  • Caro

    Jesse is a great guy. Why do you can`t stop thinking about his private life? It`s private and I`m not interested in your private life, because it`s private! Are you too stupid do understand it or what??

  • Kate

    The production sets up promotions for up coming episodes. If you think Jesse James has ANY drama or Chick stealing intentions. It's the production letting you get that impression. Jesse's gun background is insane & now that he's in TX. Haha is gone gun crazy, cause he can shoot them there. Jesse's good TV, he has, & always has had a huge fan base. Yeah, he lost his "extra" fans, that jumped on him cause who he married. But, don't ever forget People he broke ratings records. Way before he married or cheated on his Ex!

  • Mememe

    Wow so many people that read too much into TV
    Get up go out side andsee the real world for a while

  • atm

    Jesse will always have his detractors, because he intentionally stirs the pot. Look at all the smack-talking he did on the motorcycle build off. He also knows that stirring the pot = tv ratings.

  • atm

    I think the production company arranged the whole thing, both Jesse being there (to promote new show), and Vince being involved (for ratings).

  • Walter Julius Kuleck

    I believe the base BAR was actually a Colt R75 Commercial automatic rifle, not a military M1918.



  • Dave Hicks

    does it really matter?
    its a reality tv show
    as in NOT real people
    Red Jacket it a real place that happens to
    be on tv.
    If you love them, great,
    if you hate them, they still got you to watch the commercials
    and that is what pays the bills on tv

    Will, Semper FI
    to the haters, and lovers of the show
    Enjoy it

  • Riley

    Mr. Hayden,
    Does Red Jacket ship to Canada at all assuming the firearm in question fits into the non-restricted or restricted categories?

    • Darren

      2 things,

      1) I highly doubt Will Hayden will ever read these messages.
      2) He won't have a single clue about what the requirements are for firearm classification here in Canada.

      Heck even the RCMP have no clue! I do not see why it would be an issue if you get a broker from here in Canada such as Prophet River Firearms to get a dealer with an FFL in the states to ship it here. It will take you probably a year to get it. RJF has a turn around time of 6 months then you have to factor in shipping, the delay at the border as it will be sent to the RCMP for inspection. That takes a few months at best for something that has not been in Canada yet.

      Hope that helps.

  • Will_Hayden

    wow , missed this one . Couple things , I like Jesse . We stay in touch , mostly through Kris , they're pretty tight . While I couldn't help ribbing him a bit about appendages and blender's and how the combining of the two is normally all bad , I had/have very little to no interest in his personal life beyond putting together a nice present for his kids birthday and riding over to Austin this summer to hang out for a few .

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