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An Inside Look at the MG42 Super Quad

by Will Hayden   |  August 18th, 2011 107

Welcome to’s newest, and quite simply, most kick-ass blog ever. In the coming months you’ll get an inside look at my shop, Red Jacket Firearms, the people and guns that have made “Sons of Guns” popular for the folks at Discovery Channel.

First up, a little behind-the-scenes story on the Super Quad MG42 featured on the show. This mean piece of machinery was our version of the original World War II “Meat Chopper,” a configuration of four M2 .50 cal. anti-aircraft machine guns also known as the Quad .50.

For what the client, Mr. Fred, wanted to do with this project, the MG42 fit the bill much better than the .50 cal. It’s relatively inexpensive to run in 8mm and while wealth’s a relative thing, the difference between $60,000 and $5,000 in ammo for a day of fun at the range is pretty significant, and I don’t care who you are. These guns are fun, they’re robust and they bring a lot of intrigue to the table. They certainly served the Germans well for their time in use. In fact, the MG42, in different incarnations, stayed in service for decades after World War II.

For those of you who caught the episode, the timeline made it a tough project. It wasn’t really 100 percent necessary that we had this thing done and on the vehicle for Mr. Fred on that date, but it was a significant investment for him, and we wanted to show off the rig prior to his month-long business trip overseas.

One MG42 normally takes a week or two to build, so to put three of those things together (we already had one working gun on hand) in that timeline was basically unreal. But once everything is in place and working perfectly with these guns, it’s actually a fairly simple firearm. Getting it to that stage, well, it’s real damn difficult. One of the biggest stumbling blocks with with the MG42 build was that we were dealing with just the front third of the original receiver, and you have to fabricate and weld in the rest of it—originally the receiver was all just one piece of steel and metal. You have to do a lot shaping and welding to get things absolutely perfect because, like I said, you are re-manufacturing what was originally one piece of steel out of three.

Super Quad MG42

The biggest failing for us out in the field was our fire control mechanism for the outer guns. You saw on the show that we basically cut and sectioned a second dual mount in order to make the original versions into a quad. Well, the mount—the part of the cradle that the gun actually nestles in—was spring-loaded to a small degree.  We found in our testing that these guns would recoil back about an inch and leave the trigger lever behind. You could pull the trigger on it, but after about five or six rounds they would recoil against the spring, push to the rear and the trigger lever was left in the dust. We had to make a trigger lever that followed the gun to the rear when effected by the recoil. That’s an easy thing to do at the shop, but was absolutely impossible in the field.

After we got back to the shop, we got the issue fixed and gave Mr. Fred what he originally dreamed up. You just didn’t see it on the show.

Aside from the initial build price and cost of the ammo, another big problem with a Quad .50 would be finding a place to shot the thing. The range on the .50 BMG is just tremendous which, in turn, limits the places you are able to cut loose with it. The 8mm still has a lot of range, but it is nothing when compared to the .50 cal., that’s for sure. Those big guns are going to tear the heck out of any berm that gets in their way.

I definitely want a quad .50 cal. in my own inventory, so you can expect to see one as great project in the future. Stay tuned to Discovery and “Sons of Guns & Ammo” for weekly updates of what’s going down inside the walls of Red Jacket Firearms.

  • Ryan

    I hate they couldn't show you guys with it working properly. Rather than saying close but not enough. Most people who watch the show know nothing into how much work goes into building those guns. They should have a feature of deadline for the show like a countdown and approximately how much each project in the real world it would take . Or else gun newbies will get the idea that all gunsmiths can work that fast. But because you guys are a Tv show it puts up that you guys that anything is possible. Goes to show how much "reality"is actually in the show.

    P.s. Let me know if you want to take on another apprentice. I like getting my hands dirty and enjoy long hours. Plus I've got Cdl in case you need anything trucked anywhere. Keep up the good work hope you guys are around for a long time.

  • Frank


    I can't help but enjoy your show. As a Marine, shooter and hunter how could I not. In addition, I really enjoy the fact that your daughter absolutely adores you. In this era of "reality" shows that capitalize on family conflicts, that is unique. Keep up the good work and Semper Fi brother.

  • Semperflyboy

    Man, I would have loved to have something like this hanging out the door of my helicopter back in '67! Instead we had one M60 on each side but with dedicated Marines behind them to make up for the difference in fire power. I do love the show and all of you extremely talented though slightly dysfunctional characters. My kind of folks. Semper Fi Mr. Hayden.

    • R F Green

      You wouldn't have been able to haul enough ammo to keep those beast firing unless the copter was a Chinook !

  • BethTechSM

    As an aspiring young gunsmith, sons of guns give alot of inspiration to me and some hope to my more creative ideas that are a little complicated and crazy at times. Im so happy to see a television show that finally focuses on a band of unique, hardworking good 'ol boys (and steph). Youve helped make guns a thing everyone can talk about and enjoy without giving people the illusion that they are not dangerous items that require the upmost respect. Its a shame they dont give something like emmy/grammy/etc awards in the gun industry, your shop and crew deserve one or two or five.

    • David A. Pellerin

      How about a "Gunny"? If that would not be disrespecting the rank, that is. Or a "Silver Bullet Award" ?

  • Tim Kelly

    I love the show but am utterly amazed and wondering how they can take the 50 cal Ma Deuce kit they bought and modify it from a semi toa full auto?? I thought that would be seriously frowned upon by the Feds… anyone have an idea how they did this?

    • Mike

      They are a licensed manufacturer would be my guess.

    • Donald Conner

      Plenty of drawings around. All you need is a Class 3 maufacturerer's liscense, live in a state where it's legal to nake and own them, and be reasonably good machinist. A friend just moved to Montana where .50 M-2's are legal, so all he has to do is make the correct couts in the side plate and he's full auto. With over 20 years as an NG armorer, I don't think he'll have any problems.

  • Al

    It's about time they put a great gun show on TV!

  • Jason

    It is about time they put a great gun show on TV, especially one that shows quality gunsmithing. Unfortunately, this show just isn't it. Gimmicks, poor shop habits and reatively useless creations.

    • JoJo Dancer

      Well dude, just keep watching dr. phil and your oprah reruns! A-hole!!

    • jay

      if you can't see the brain work that goes into doing the things that they do then that just goes to show that you have no brain to speak of. IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ballster

      Obviously hasn't watched the show. Generic comment.

    • Stan Robertson

      Jason……no one told you to watch….god, I hate liberals!

      • Stephen

        Here in NC all the liberals I know have guns and shoot regularly. So how about you get a clue, moron… that dude's comment had nothing to do with politics…. god, I hate political extremists!

    • John O


      WTF: 'MOST Guns' are useless, but not everyone wants to get through life with a S&W model 10, SKS, single shot 12 gauge and a H&R 30-06 (Which would just about cover everything)

      FREEDOM in AMERICA is about:

      "Because I can"

    • Joshua

      Would you show us YOUR custom gun-shop that has it's own TV show then to show us how it's done?

      What's that?

      …You don't have one!

      Thought not.

  • J.Cornelius

    Class 3 FFL,Would be my guess.

    • GunFix Customs

      No Sir!. That would be a Class 2 SOT license.

  • wapaw99

    i love this show it is asome

  • Tedward

    Wouldn't mind seeing you guys shoot a few more planes!!!!

    I love your show, the only thing i don't like is having to wait a week between episodes!!!

  • Tim Sheahon

    I really enjoy the show, and the technical aspects of the modifications, but chopping up an original belt fed Browning so some Fed could "blow away" his fellow feds in a competition is a bit too much. Why not try making something new, never before seen. Like a seven bbl. Gatling in 50 cal.that could spit out 5k to 6k rounds per min. Cheaper than a 20mm, with nearly the same performance.

  • Will Hayden

    Hi Guy's just wanted to drop in and say "Thank you" , the support we get from our firearms community means the world to us . We've got a lot going on with our little band of brothers these days and it looks like Discovery is going to be around to follow it . Ought to be one Hell of a ride . Will

    • Justin

      When I was deployed in Iraq 3 years ago my platoon was in charge of doing a battle hand over with Ughandad mercenaries.

      During thier time of war they would convert the Quad .50 mount to accept MG42's and later PKM machine guns due to ammo and availibilty.

    • David A. Pellerin

      Thanks to you, Will and the rest of your merry group! I don't own a gun (yet) but I shoot whenever I can. I love your show and now this blog is a really great idea. I like the idea of behind the scenes info on episodes and whatever else is discussed. You guys make it look so easy sometimes…LOL. Take care and keep up the great work…I wear my RJF shirt proudly!

    • jay

      keep thinking up some crazy stuff. people who own guns love it.

    • Stan Robertson

      Mr Hayden……Ya'all just keep doin' what you do. I own (well, I guess I'll leave off about what I own) hehe. You guys, (and Steph, who is by the way AWESOME!) are the best thing on TV! I also know that what you do on the air is NOT as easy as it looks. You all have different attitudes and emotions, but it seems to work out in the end. Don't change a thing. I'm a 20 year US Navy vet…..been there, done that, and you can keep the tee-shirt….I thank you for your service to our country.

  • http://n/a Kalena

    Hello Will Hayden:

    I have watched your shows from day one and all the reruns that Discovery channel wants to run everyweek. Your boys do a "AWESOME" job on those choppers each week. I really like the quads MG42 you boys built this past Wednesday. If we had these choppers in WWII man they would ate up a lot of bodies. I have love guns all my life since I had my first Red Rider BB rifle. Keep building those Awesome fire power Will and tell the boys in the shop and Stephanie we eat your show up here in the Golden Hills State. (CA) Old Ground Pounder never dies with out fighting.

  • Juan B. Castro

    A great show which finally shows that enjoying shooting does not make you a crazy radical. Instead it shows we are hard working people, family responsible, educated, lawabiting citizens, and patriots. I know some of those gun platforms you put together will sooner or later(hopefully sooner) will be used throughout the world to protect our boys around the world. I know these are difficult times but the more people can come to realize that true safety is our individual right, then we will know that this show has made a great contribution to our societ and Americans be proud again of their ancesters were and who they are! The right show on a great tv network at the right time.

  • Teach

    You metal butchers give real gun builders a bad name. Show us some precision woodwork, real oil finishing, checkering, bolt jeweling, and bluing that looks a foot deep- – - – -assuming you can do anything that resembles real gunsmithing. Want me to show you how?

    • Larry Huffman

      That's not what this show is about. Try somewhere else.

    • Jeff

      Who wants to watch THAT?

  • My Gun Culture

    How on earth do you top an MG42 Super Quad? Maybe strap 3 or 4 tanks together?

    • Donald Conner

      With 6 .30 miniguns synchronized you're looking at as many as 18,000 to 36,000 rounds per minute. OF course, 2 Chinooks would have to fly in tandem on either side of the gun ship just to keep things runing. On the serious side, I did see an Israeli armored car that had a minigun mounted in a small turret on top at the center. Now if a guy woud take an Abrams and revise the turret so that it was a pyramid and put a minigun on each side with 90 degree traverse and elevation for each gun, not too many infantrymen wa stick their heads up-would they?

  • Jayhawker

    Mr. Hayden….you have stated on the show, that you are building stuff for "our boys overseas"

    The 1K AK for example. Did the Government really let a contract for this project?

    The customer for the water-cooled , twin ARs alluded to being military as well. I have my doubts as that role would have been better served by something belt fed, like an M240…and the military has plenty of those lying around.

    I've got no problem with innovative gun building, but please, don't try to snow the shooting public.

  • Chris Piere Jordan

    Maybe you can make a safety for the Arisaka. You know, since they didn't come with them and all. Sounds like a good business venture.

  • Robert

    How much were four mg-42s? I doubt that they were $8,000 for four of them.

  • Will Hayden

    It might surprise and astound some folks , but I don't actually have an "agenda" with this TV show . What I have is a business , that we somehow conduct with 3-5 cameramen floating around .I do have my own views on politics , religion , economic theory and a host of other issues , but I'm content to let them remain "mine" . Still , being filmed 60 odd hours a week , those views do bleed through . I don't push them , but I damn sure don't hide them . Basically , I just do me and don't worry about it . Since we're all huddled around the campfire though , I will throw out a few things . This is a business , it's purpose is to make a living for me and my family . We have found that doing what a customer hires us to do is a pretty fair business model . If you're looking for Spielberg , sorry , he ain't in the building . Our business has been built on assault rifles and shotgun's , over the last 3-4 years we've been able to delve more and more into R&D work setting the stage for what we'll be doing over the next few decades . Since they film "real time" , you see a lot of things in there early stages , some , you will see again , further along , some , you wont . [they got dropped , business ] . That's a general statement , to hit a few specific's related to posters on this blog ; I'd be happy to build you a custom bolt rifle , prices range from 3 to 8 thousand . Sales staff can assist when you call it in . Charlie knows how to work the safety on a Arisaka , every get nervous with 3 cameras in your face and mis-speak ? Happened to him . While editing has occasionally goofed on the prices they throw up on screen , yes , a post sample MG 42 is a $2000.00 gun . And finally , many of our customers are active duty and some come to us on official business . We are a fairly small company which gives us a much greater flexibility , allowing for a much quicker "drawing board to firing" turnover then is possible for a large corporation on proof of concept and R&D projects . While I'm not on hand for every question , I will try to pop in here and there and do what I can to fill in any blanks . As for today , Saturday don't mean much around here , we have a full crew working and I need to get to them . Stay safe , Will

    • Jim Brockman

      Absolutely love the show…Im a tell it like it is kinda myself…Don't change a thing….People dont like what they see or hear….there's always other buttons on the remote of the power button will do just fine…Keep it rollin Will. Jim.

    • Timothy Courtemanche

      Love your attitude, Will. Also love your policy about "Don't mistake us talking for being friends". It can be hard to draw that line between friend & employee.

      Finally, when you and your team circled up, took a knee and a moment to pray on your work, it gave me even an higher appreciation for you, your business and your show!

    • Larry Huffman

      Thank you sir. Love the show.

    • leslie robinson

      Well said will

    • Troy Thorne


      I do enjoy the show and your crew. I understand your 'business' angle, though I have to submit to you… now you've gone public (TV), that changes the dynamic and whether you like it or not… your views and those of your crew will be scrutinized by the public (pro and con). You make a statement for the 2nd amendment every week. I happen to live in Illinois and our rights as gun owners are always in flux. I believe your show is making a positive statement for all of us, please continue your focus on safety and providing a high quality service to law-abiding gun owners. While remembering (like it or not) you are speaking for millions of us at the same time. v/r, Troy

    • waarego

      Great show, I enjoy every minute of it. I,m an older shooter, or so say the younger guy's, still can hit the button.


    • Jeff

      I've got several 'toys' from you over the years, Always great quality and I enjoy dealing with a American Small Business.

      Semper Fi.


  • John McDonald

    Love the show and watch it when ever I find it on

    Ought to be one Hell of a ride

  • Teach

    The show looks as contrived and phony as "Operation Repo", with guns!

  • ghostsniper1

    How about building the 1000yard AK without go no go guages??? I mean really??? And the integrally supressed AK??? Not super impressive. Or the rockets to fire at pirates??? Im sure international law is gonna love to have those guys toting around what is essentially a small warhead. Build realistic guns. Please……

    • atpollard

      I doubt that international law will really take that dim a view of hot-rod model rockets with a very expensive launch stick. It isn't like they built a RPG launcher.

  • Robert (Rob) Wells

    I'm not a gun enthusiest, but one for ingenuity, creativity, and inventiveness. You made a fan of me based on those qualities and your willingness to be genuine and generous in the process of being a small business man. I thank you for this article as the episode left us with so many unanswered questions and inquiring minds do like to know. You're a good man, Charlie Brown. Don't ever change.

  • j.carlos monroy

    During 1962 and following years, the MG 42 in 7,92 caliber was a real star in the spanisn army. I remember those days shooting a fantastic piece of history

  • Michael G. Wood

    I really enjoy the Show, & watch it every time its on.. I'm sure yall will continue your sucess because your show only keeps getting more popular. I know its always quite a task putting on such a production, & the constant camera in your face is really stressful at times..As long as yall are having fun most of the time, thats all that matters..I hope to buy a RJF weapon some day, its just not affordable for me now. I ain't giving up hope tho, its on my bucket list! God bless yall, Will, Stephanie & all the RJF family..

  • Brad Lourwood

    I don't know if any of the folks at Red Jacket are motorcycle riders but it would be awesome to see Paul Jr Designs do a Red Jacket bike.

  • D Fennewald

    Great show!!! Not a gun owner, yet I never miss an episode. Think I've seen them all. Will thanks for your service as a Marine & thanks for not being afraid to show that patriotism!!!

  • Chris Piere Jordan

    @ Timothy..

    You said:"Finally, when you and your team circled up, took a knee and a moment to pray on your work, it gave me even an higher appreciation for you, your business and your show!"

    You get the same appreciation when 30 seconds after that you hear God **** son of a ***** this mother ***** wont work we need to fix this piece of ****?

    Just found that a little ironic.

  • Mike

    Thanx for all that you Will !! I find inspiration in every episode. You remind this old bubblehead nuke of how we had to make sure the damn thing worked while running along at test depth in unfriendly waters. :) Keep up the great work!

  • Will Hayden

    The thinking behind this column is to give a spot to answer some of the technical or personal questions ya'll have . Think of it this way , they film between 250-300 hours of footage a week and cut it down to 48 minutes of air time . Obviously that leaves gap's . I'm here to answer any question's aimed at filling in some of those gap's . I'd also like this to become a place where I can give Guns & Ammo reader's early news on some of the things that are happening within the company . btw , I ride a 2001 HD "Duece" with a few personal mod's .

  • Spk

    "The thinking behind this column is to give a spot to answer some of the technical or personal questions ya’ll have ."

    "Think of it this way , they film between 250-300 hours of footage a week and cut it down to 48 minutes of air time . Obviously that leaves gap’s . " — Will Hayden

    You seem to be a standup guy Will so I'll keep it short.

    Don't let those media monkeys turn what could be a positive gun show into a drama queen side-show like American Chopper, LA Ink, etc,…. good shows poorly portrayed in my opinion, you get the picture.

    I realize you're making Reality T.V. but it would be nice if you could inject a little more reality into the show. Over-emphasize safety if you have to, they'll edit you anyway. Educate the viewer with Do's and Don't throughout the show not just at the beginning.

    My main concern isn't about what you build but how you folks are presented, I've known good folk that were portrayed as idiot's with over-the-top views once they aired there interviews. Creative editing?

    You may not have an agenda but I'm pretty sure you don't speak for the shows producers. I've seen the show and it pained me inside that you folks came across as over-zealous, trigger-happy gun types.

    I've been told by others I trust that you guys are cool, fun guys to hang with but that's not what I get when I watch the show, Creative Editing?

    Fight for the integrity of the show and present your builds in the most professional way possible. You're not just representing Red Jacket Firearms instead your crew is a window into the gun community in general. Your show reaches beyond those who might read Gun and Ammo or other gun related media (Discovery Channel). Please keep that in mind.

    I wish you the best of luck with your hit show and your future endeavors.


    • Gary R Martin

      TOTALLY, totally agree with this writer, Spk…could not agree more. Pranks with firearms, Thompson muzzle covering the boss or appears to, so that someone had to correct the employee at the time ON THE SHOW. And i know someone has to clean up the ranges and mess after the shooting binges of blowing up stuff each session. Maybe it is your personal range, and you can trash it as you wish, but sets kind of bad example for some of our current shooters and hunters here in Idaho…I have the credentials to speak on some of this. Hope you the best in the TV series, and hope you also address a worthwhile setting good examples for shooting and marksmanship. Thanks to the Red Jacket gang, wishing you the best of success.


  • Mike Bell

    Mr Hayden.

    Thanks for offering a look into the "darker side" of the firearms industry. As a gunsmithing student, life long shooter and hunter, I find it upsetting at how little a majority of "gun owners" know about the laws relating to firearms. Class 3 and AOW are almost never written or spoken of within the other firearm media outlets. I for one, apreciate your show because I can relate the manufacturing side of the firearms and parts. I work for MGW making sights, sight tools and parts for other gun companies.

    I have two questions for you to help others who watch the show.

    #1, The 1000yard AK without go and no go guages, Can you expalin what or how the proper chamber depth was obtained without the gauges? I would have thought Vince would have had a set of dept mics already, being a gunsmith.

    #2, Was the 1000k yard Ak really an AK, or one of the semi-auto copies in .308?

    I have just finished my first AR build in .300 whisper and have thought about building an AK up untill I saw the 1000k yd Ak. Now I know Im going to build one!

    Thanks again for the show, it offers what no other gun show or media outlet offers.

    • Teach

      Mike, if you use this show as an example of how to be a gunsmith, maybe you need to watch "Jersey Shore" for examples of how to conduct yourself in public. I've seen enough egregious safety violations and poor workplace practices that none of the guys who have been showcased so far would last until lunchtime on the first day in my shop. The rebarrel job without gauges was only one of several things that would have gotten somebody canned in a heartbeat around a real shop!

  • John McDonald

    Just seen a show where you test fired a 160 yr old pistol by sticking your hand through a plexiglass partition

    Was that to save your pretty looks. Have seen you test several firearms with some concern for your safety

    For the cost of the first ambulance ride you can purchase this rest and its tax deductible for you're business

    Love your show and want to keep you arround thanks

  • paintballer

    looks cool, what is the practical aplication in combat? also, who would speend the money to buy it? (who would HAVE the money to buy it ;-p)

  • Brian

    Good show. The 2nd season has been more entertaining that the 1st. I figure the 1st season was more of an experiment. The weapons in the 2nd season are more usable and can relate to everyday gun enthusiasts. Great job on the AK Sniper making it a 1 MOA rifle. But how effective can the 7.62X39 round be at 1000 yds? It did go through a windshield, which is more than I thought it would do at that distance.

    Any chance on putting a AK gas system and bolt operation into an AR upper? AND since I shoot the right way, lets put it on the left side.

  • Cheetoh734

    The 1k AK is clearly being shot with .308 ammo they have several boxes of Black Hills .308 next to the rifle. They built a rifle to solve a problem no one had…Its called a M21, M1A, M14 etc… Its a Saiga in .308….

  • Ken Bisbee

    What a great show, even the re-runs don't get boring. With the amount of ammo you guys burn up, you must reload to keep cost down or own interest in a ammo company :)

  • Will Hayden

    Let's see ..Editing , We have no say whatsoever . That is fully in the hands of Jupiter Productions and the Discovery Network . We don't see anything till it airs and have no say in what airs . I don't care for it , but for now , it is what it is .

    1000yrd AK , yes , that's an AK . Started as a .308 Saiga from Izmash . Stayed .308 , stayed factory receiver . The "gauge " question has been asked a lot , the discussion Vince and I were having was about setting the clearance for the extractor .Nothing to do with headspace or cartridge seating [for which a gauge is most certainly used] . Practical application ? rocket's pretty much put paid to the need for anti aircraft gun system's . Want ? Totally different conversation :)

    • Brian

      Thank you for clearing that up. Keep up the good work.

    • Olesniper

      You start out the show, talking about the AK-47's "inherent lack of accuracy", not a .308 Saiga. The .308Win. cartridge is probably the MOST inherently accurate round in the world, head and shoulders above the 7.62X39mm.

      The animated sequence, showing the combining of the "Sniper Rifle" and the "AK", clearly showed a AK-47, with a banana magazine.

      Vince called it a AK-47.

      Speaking of Vince, when he asked you for a depth micrometer, he held up a dial caliper and said, "……I understand that you cannot accurately measure "CHAMBER DEPTH" with this…."

      Yep…….guess it was that pesky editing thingy….huh.

    • Olesniper

      Guess I struck a nerve. You did everything you could to mislead people into thinking you were basing your "AK Sniper" on a 7.62X39mm AK-47. And Vince specifically mentioned chamber depth. If you're gonna blow smoke up our asses, you should pull the videos off of Youtube, first. Guess this post will get "Moderated" like my first one.

  • jäger71


    Ignore the morons trolling for drama. You and your crew have an entertaining show, but more importantly a family owned and run business that you can be proud of. Keep up the good work.

    • ghostsniper1

      Nobody is neccessarily trolling as you say. Alot of us just have questions regarding the things we see on the show that we KNOW are not correct or common place with firearms. Im sure he is trying his damndest to not tell us how he really feels according to some of the above comments, but I understand he wants to keep it civil.

      • Will Hayden

        Good call ;)

  • Chris Piere Jordan

    Just watched the Uzi episode. I hope like hell I never have a boss that talks to me the way you talk to your guys. Damn.

    The Uzi was pretty cool, though.

    • simplesimon

      Exactly! Love the concept of the show, but haven't been able to make it through a whole episode. Everytime Will berates an employee or tells them how much better he is than they are at something it really puts me off.

  • Larry Huffman

    Teach, you have made it plain what a superior person you are — probably the premier gunsmith of all time. Now, go play in some other litterbox, please.

    • ghostsniper1

      Actually Larry. His comments may be harsh, and whether or not anybody else will chime in as well……. Teach is a topnotch gunsmith. He is one of many of the mom and pop type smiths that are out there and get no exposure, but do a A+ job.

  • Chris Pierre Jordan

    Mr Huffman, have you ever had an article published on your gun smithing work?

    Just curious.

    • Larry Huffman

      1. I am not a gunsmith, nor do I pretend to be.

      2. I don't really care how competent a gunsmith "Teach" may be. His comments are out of order in the context of a show that does not purport to be about gunsmithing.

      3. He expressed his opinion of the show. I expressed my opinion of his attitude.

      • Teach

        Gecko 45 rides again!


  • Stan Robertson

    I just got told that I'm posting too fast and to slow down….lol. Mr. Will, do you need any help posting here?. Hehe. and as for Teach,

    "Teach is a topnotch gunsmith. He is one of many of the mom and pop type smiths that are out there and get no exposure, but do a A+ job."

    His comments were NOT what I'd consider "harsh". His comments border on downright rude, and are an obvious attempt at discrediting Mr Hayden and his staff. Here's a thought….If Teach is as good as he THINKS he is, why doesn't he start his OWN damn show?

  • Lee Brown


    I'm curious about the MG-42s you build. What is the "raw materials" you start with, meaning how much of an original MG do you have to work with and how much do you fabricate? More importantly, where do the MG-42 parts come from and why are the receivers cut up?

    Does your version fire 1200 rpm like the orginal WWII models?

    • Will Hayden

      We used M-53 kit's as the base for the MG's , they're a Yugoslavian variant of the MG42 . They are de-mill'd to ATF spec's and sold commercially as parts . The front end , where the booster go's , we made from scrap metal , the rear of the receiver was a commercially available section that we welded on .Yes , in 8mm they fire @ 1200 rpm , in .308 , it's closer to 1000 rpm

  • Will Hayden

    Guy's , I'll answer any question you got . But I'm not here to validate any sanctimonious prick who feels that our doing well with life is somehow taking from him . We made it through a lot of very hard years and did it without ever needing to throw shit at those who where doing well . I understand expecting the same courtesy is simply asking to much , but please .

    • wolf049

      Well folks, looks like the family friendly blogs for Guns & Ammo is out the door.

    • ghostsniper1

      Will, if what you say is true, and Im not being a prick….. why did the show try to fool us by showing your daughter firing a Desert Eagle and it magically transformed into a 9mm? Serious question. Was this the producers idea, and did you know they were even doing this for the show?

      • Will Hayden

        ghostsniper , no you're not and it's a very valid question . I had to ask it myself . Steph told me she had been shooting the DE , it got twisted in her hand or somthing and clobbered her . Production needed another go at it to fix a tech glitch on the audio or somthing so she picked up a Beretta [that she could actually hold] to try and give them what they needed . They're making a tv show guy's , they shoot everything real time , but they do have do go back sometime to get different angles so they can actually show the audience what happened .

        • Olesniper

          "….so they can actually show the audience what happened"

          Did they "actually" show her getting clocked by the DE……cause I seemed to have missed that part.

          • Will Hayden

            Beat's me , it hasn't aired yet . they don't show us anything in advance . We saw this thing when it came up on a commercial the other day.

        • ghostsniper1

          Well thank you for the reply Will. I can understand you are NOT responsible for editing and whats aired. I was just wondering if the tricks that the production pull like that bother you, or maybe you just brush it off since it is a television show and all. I guess its just kind of a smack in the face to us knowledgable folks when the producers want to pretend that some people are blind and dumb. Either way…… TV is just that, and the masses cant all be satisfied.

          • Will Hayden

            Yes , it irritates me on a level which defies language . Almost as bad as when we're asked to explain things in their simplest terms . I know that it's insulting to our customers and feel it's as insulting to our audience . Is what it is though , they do TV , we do guns . We do our best and hope that it meet's somewhere in the middle with a quality product .

  • Chris Pierre Jordan

    Speaking of sanctimonious pricks…

  • Bigslug

    Mr. Will,

    While I get that total control over the show isn't something you have, what are the odds of actually SHOWING, in explicit detail, the labyrinth of crap – both in terms of paperwork and in silly details of barrel and stock length – that one has to wade through when dealing with NFA-34, GCA-68, and post 1986 regulations?

    This would accomplish several things:

    1. It would chill out the Mall Ninja contingent who suddenly has the notion that they can just go to Wal Mart and buy a belt-fed weapon.

    2. It would make the casual gun owner more familiar with the sea of illogical B.S. that we've been dealing with since the Roosevelt administration. Might get people's brains engaged come election time, which would be good for all of us in a firearms profession.

    Maybe I'm just too frustrated from having been born in the anti-gun cesspit of Illinois, and residing in the anti-gun cesspit of California, but it seems to me you've got a gold-plated method for spreading common sense at your disposal.

    • Will Hayden

      BigSlug , it's not that I don't have "total" control , it's that I don't have "ANY" control over what's filmed , edited or aired . We do , damn near daily , all of the things you asked [with one customer or another]. THe camera's film everything , it's just not aired , or if it is , it's so condensed and simplified as to be passe . We've begged and pleaded [all we can do] and they are starting to show some of it . Is what it is though .

      • Troy Thorne

        Showing an entire week in 42 or so minutes… you'll only get the highlights and the 'paperwork' certainly isn't a highlight. Though your daughter did give us a glimpse with the stacks of forms on her desk in one episode. We (the viewers) understand. Though I can't imagine your frustration with the (editing) mistakes and having to explain everything here (blog) over and over again for us hard-heads. Keep up the good work.

  • Mike Walker

    I haven't seen the show yet, but as long as it puts guns and gun owners in a good light for the rest of the world to see, it's a great idea. I'm for anything gun that's legal and ethical and I am a BIG supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Without it, the rest of the Constitution is meaningless.

  • Inquiringminds

    Will I was wondering you would address the safety rule violations we see on your show. You guys basically say you are the pnly ones professional enough to handle the firearms.

    Did Discovery also fake the taser scene like they did the Desert Eagle scene? We all saw the second barb not even hit Kris.

    • Will Hayden

      Actually , what we say is , without the proper licensing you will go to jail , without training you will go to the hospital . But you go ahead and read it however the hell you want to . Kris got hurt pretty badly from that , the 2nd barb did miss him but the wire got laid across his neck and made the connection . We ended up sending him for a neurological scan , he was pretty twitchy for a few days . "Fake" my ass , Steph shot that DE for half the day before she needed to pick up somthing else to do a audio pick up .

      • Inquiringminds

        Sorry for twisting what you say at the beginning of your show. I was just inquiring about the authenticy of the taser scene because it appeared on screen like it didn't hit him. The way it was edited made it seem fake. Hopefully Kris did not receive any long term damage from being tased.

        • Will Hayden

          Thank you . I hope so myself . watching that barb sink an inch into his neck , right beside his spine , then holding him through the Tazer cycle was one of the lowest points of my life .

  • moto-x

    Yea I too saw the 2nd lead almost hit Will in the face and missed kris completely.

    • Will Hayden

      yeah , I had an interesting viewpoint of that too . The lead laid across Kris's neck/shoulder , completed the circuit . He was twitchy as hell for a couple days , ran him through a neurologists who couldn't do a whole lot but wish him well .

  • Stephen

    Love the show, and the crew really seems like a bunch of cool guys, but Will is such a d-bag most of the time. That's the only part that sucks.

    • Will Hayden

      Yes they are and yes he is . I often wonder why they put up with him .

  • Garry Owen

    Saw a quad .50 on a small fire base we pulled guard duty on when we came out of the field for a few days after our 25-30 day patrol. The quad .50 was test fired each afternoon. It was a sight to behold and the highlight of the day. Enjoy the show very much!

    • Will Hayden

      I bet :) I have 2 so far , 2 more to go . Maybe next year

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