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Inside the 12 Gauge Gatling Gun Build

by Will Hayden   |  September 12th, 2011 136

The 12 gauge gatling gun episode that aired last week was our most watched to date. It was tough research and development project, but the rotary concept is one we are determined to tackle here at Red Jacket.

The plan was to mount three 12 gauge shotgun barrels onto a precision cut central rotor, which was then attached to an electronically driven firing mechanism. The biggest challenge was that we needed to design and manufacture all the parts for this gun. It would shoot at 1400 rounds per minute, literally creating a wall of fire. This type of build was a first for us, and it was the epitome of research and development.

But, as you saw on the show, we had some setbacks in the process. Turns out, the outer housing for the rotary version actually needed to be a 3/8 of an inch longer to give longer throw to the bolts, ensuring lock up. We actually had successful test fires with it prior to catastrophic one they showed on TV, but there was really no way to look at it and know for sure that the bolts were properly locked in. Our feeling was that it needed be longer, but we had no way in-house to know for sure.

I don’t think ya’ll have seen a more accurate depiction of the R&D process than the 12 gauge gatling gun build. We started with a concept for a client and worked toward bringing it to life. Sometimes we get exactly what we planned and other times, like with this project, we find a whole new direction for a build.

The format of the show is a one-hour stand alone segment, and it’s not really a place to show the lengthy developments of our concepts. To be honest, the end of last week’s show was the end of the rotary shotgun process for Red Jacket. But it was barely the beginning of our foray into the rotary gun systems.

We are actively pushing a couple of different rotary gun designs at the moment.

You saw on the show that the customer was ready to pull the 12 gauge saiga version and take home what amounted to a range toy. So, that was the end of the shotgun version. We have kept forward movement in the development of the rotary gun systems, but we have changed gears a bit. We moved away from the 12 gauge gatling gun and are working on a version in 5.56 caliber model as well as one in .50 BMG.

At the end of the day that 12 gauge was going to be nothing more than a toy for type 07 and 10s in a position to pay what it would cost and have someone to demo it for! It has a limited market and customer base, amongst those is the Department of Defense who is currently looking for a multi-barreled rotary gun in 5.56. So, we took some of our core rotary work for the shotgun and are moving it into a design with a true military application.

In the end, while it was a nice project for TV and to learn the Haas Machines, the main thing for Red Jacket was that this process got us going in a whole new direction.

Many thanks, I’ll see ya’ll next week.

  • W.Nye

    Ever since the dessert eagle episode I can no longer watch this farce. Truly gives a bad impression of the gun industry.

    • Strider98

      Why don't you go take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut? Maybe you should have listened to your mother better: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." I mean seriously, why even bother coming in here to insult someone; why make such a wasted effort, when you could be using that time to learn the difference between "dessert" and "desert"?

      • Brian J

        Because it's a free country and as a consumer of television and firearms people have a right to their opinions. Why so touchy?

        Will is a big boy and I'm sure he's comfortable with criticism of all kinds. You, not so much it would appear…just sayin.

        • Strider98

          I have no problem with the opinion, but people these days have no filter between their brains and their mouths (or in this case their keyboards). If you can't say something to somebody's face, don't bring it up on the boards. This page is specifically about questions on the episode, and yet big man there has to be "FIRST!" and just trash it, even though he admitted from the beginning that he never even saw the episode. Definition of a troll. It's better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

          In response to your criticism comment, you are absolutely right, when it is not justified. ;)

          • GunGuy

            Maybe you should have listened to your mother better: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

      • AnarchicxA

        Your reply even bothered me.

        If only GOOD comments existed, then Adolf Hitler's "Hey lets kill all the jews" would be accepted by EVERYBODY according to your system of logic.

        • MeMyselfAndI

          What on earth does Hitler have to do with any of this?!??!

        • Vhyrus

          Godwins law. Sorry mate, thats game.

      •,google+ Dustin

        i must agree with you me personally i enjoy the show very much and i shoot many types of guns and i would be honored to shoot the first 12 Gauge Gatling Gun its not why they build it its how they do it the ideas and the time put into it .Red Jacket firearms are on their way to a good future and I would like some one else wow is putting trash up about this build and try and build their own gun of any kind and post it up i would love to see it until that time i think we should let the builders do the building. besides its just a show not a DIY on building guns. i cant wait till next weeks episode and for those who dont like the show thats fine you can watch your jersey shore no one is holding u back

      • g-man

        exactly ! hell i dont even get desert…er desssirt .er? if they cant say anything nice, shoot the tv …or put the gun to your ….?

    • lumpy

      W.Nye = Troll

      Apparently the shotgun episode was the most watched episode to date. So I guess whether you like it or not, It made for good T.V.

      The beauty about a T.V. is if you don't like it, there is a button on the remote to fix it titled "next"

      Just sayin'

    • Scaraban

      I'm not going to flame on you, but taking what is shown on the episodes as an accurate depiction of what happens within Red Jacket is probably not wise. Everything that is not interesting for TV is cut or edited to make it so.

    • David A. Pellerin

      "Dessert Eagle"? Is that a bird of prey you eat after dinner? If you're going to write something..learn to spell at least. Gives more credibility to what you're writing about.

  • DoctorWho

    Why a 12 Gage Gatling gun ?, a true waste of time, it would have been better to stick to a model in a more practical caliber.

    • Mike

      Because that's what the customer wanted and it was also a challenge to their motto – If you can dream it, we can build it (or something like that).

    • Zumm

      Why? Because they could. Also, the customer asked for it. As stated. A great R&D project. Practical application? Not so much. Makes a great toy and gives Red Jacket a excellent resume point. "We developed and built the first ever 3 barreled rotary shotgun."

    • Donald Conner

      Who made you the end all and be all of the judgement of the gun industry? I don't care for their atttitudes and manner of dress, but they are innovaters, which is the point of the show. Strider98 has it right-if you can't say something civilized, shut your trap, lest you open it and prove yourself to be a fool

    • CPL Kirkpatrick, USM

      I believe a 12 gauge Gatling gun with smooth bore that was capable of firing 12 gauge slugs or 12 gauge 00 buck shot would be a force to be reckened with. Think about it with the 12 gatling gun they were trying to build i would have fired 1400 rounds per min, but if you used 00 buck shot your looking at not only 1400 rounds per min but you've also get a much larger spray of projectiles coating your enemy with lead. I loved this project and i thought it was a very practical build. Keep up the good work Will and gang.

    • Rice paddy daddy

      Wish I had one when I was in Viet Nam!

    • enuf.istoomuch

      The customer offered up $15,000 towards one so he could have some fun shooting it. Seems like a good enough reason right there.

      Besides, since when is a 12 gauge impractical? Could do one hell of a lot of damage with such a beast.

  • http://Yahoo?? T.Mac

    It's too bad the previous responders don't understand the basic premise of Capitalism:

    You make what the CUSTOMER asks for . . . . .period!!

    • Donald Conner

      Precisely. When we got a set of prints for fourteen identical railroad bridge beams big enough to stand inside the flanges, we welded them up. Business is giving the customer what he wants, or some times something he doesn't know he needs but when he's had it explained to him he says "Ahaaa…" And to Cyrano below, think of Iwo Jima where we had 7000 dead Marines,and all the wars we;ve been in, and how this could have been used at the Chosin Reservoir, when thousands of Marines were trapped and being overrun by tens of thousands of Chinese. You'be better get your self some history books and learn sonething. Besides , you don't write as well as Cyrano de Balzac did anyway.

      • lews wells

        thank goodness for the marines, you forgot about all those at Yorktown, Concord, Gettysburg , Shiloh, Vicksburg, San Juan Hill , Indian Wars, Battle of New Orleans, Normandy, The Bulge, Anzio, North Africa !! Pork Chop Hill, Hamburger Hill, Ira Drang

  • Cyrano

    The only conceivable use for a 12 gauge gatling gun is riot control when you want to drop the rioters without killing them, loading the thing with those 12 gauge taser shells, beanbag rounds and possibly paintball rounds. If you were to load with, say flechettes the carnage would be wrse than hosing the crowd down with submachine gun bullets. It would be a terror or intimidation weapon, period.

    • Erik

      That …. Or get your (and 20 of your buddies) limit of geese in 10 seconds

    • MOJO

      Hey Guys,

      This is Joe, Will is out for a bit so I will answer what I can! In addition to giving the client what he was investing in, we did see it as a useful tool for dispensing low powered rounds that normally could not cycle, such as the lighter specialty load like rubber ball, CS and bean bag rounds, in an auto but in the end it was deemed not worthy of continuance but we did extend the design time to our New rotary systems…. which is gonna be a real winner!

    • enuf.istoomuch

      Come the next Alien Zombie Virus Apocalypse you'll be singing a different tune, wishing you had one of these suckers.

  • John

    If you ever get a chance take a gunsmithing class. A GOOD ONE. Where you scratch your head and say "what if I tried this?" Then you'll get what Red Jacket was trying to do. If you still don't like it change the channel. Me and my friends will still be there every Wed night. GO WILL HAYDEN!!!

  • The Shadow

    A Gatling Shotgun would have plenty of places to be put to use in Military and Police tactics.

    Machine Guns always come in handy in situations where one weapon can do the work of many..

    Would you rather spray say six hundred rounds of a pistol/rifle caliber at a crowd or triple 000 shotgun pellets at seven pellets per round times six hundred?

    Six Hundred vs forty Two Hundred would make quite a difference I think.

    • Joe Catanzaro

      Mr. Shadow, you drove that nail in with one blow, I agree. When deadly force is necessary more is better. Did you see the van after the first firing. Any perp or insurgent after that if not dead would surly surrender.

    • John McDonald

      put one on my golf cart and drive around the golf course with #4 shot for the geese

      But I think they could do better than 3 shotguns spinning in a fixture

  • The Shadow

    Will, I enjoy the show, you do a lot of interesting builds that can give someone a heads up on doing something good, themselves.

    • pat

      I agree, Will knows how to do it right and is good in seeing it through..Keep it coming, I am enjoying every part of the show.

  • bigjohn

    I like the show very much but I don't thiink that I could work for the owner. He really seems to lack people skills and while I don't know what goes on behind the scenes or how much is hype he seems to be a SOB to work for. I like to see his creations and wonder why or who really needs the 12 gauge gatling gun or the tri or quad AR-15 systems. Next week the young man that always says yes sir is going to ask the owners daughter out. The owner seems to have an unhealthy attitude toward that. Makes me wonder about him more! It looks like that young man is going to be forced to choose between his job at Red Jacket or the woman. That is often a very difficult choice for a young man! They seem to know how to build and repair guns there. I liked it when a woman came in looking for a gun but had never fired a gun before and didn't know what she wanted. The owner sent her to a pistol range before he would sell her a gun. The stocky tatto gunsmith know his business when it comes to repairing and building guns but I think they have sold their souls and lost their manhood to kiss the owners butt to keep their jobs. I don't believe in talking down to or be littling your employees. That is not the way to gain their respect or loyalty. That could prove to be very dangeous in the gun business. Great show over all but the owner is not a very nice person in my opinion

    • roberrt

      you are dead right on the wills bad attitude toward his employees. A direct reflection is his BAD ATTITUDE daughter. She is the biggest Bi_ _ _. She really thinks she is all that. WOW is she wrong. I won't even watch the show any more. I CAN"T STAND HER.

      • Strider98

        lemme get this right, you just insulted the daughter of a guy that has more guns than God. That's real brave of you to do on a message board. Also, if you don't watch the show, why even bother coming to this page?

        Lord, why have you plagued us with these forum ninjas?

        • backwoods

          forum ninjas…….rofl

      • lews wells

        104 agree 100% , don't watch just like the show with the dysfunctional motorcycle builders–

    • J.S. Mack

      I agree. It is just as easy to be nice as it is to be nasty. As we see it edited, Will does look to have the people skills of a cape buffalo. He has previously said that the young fella who is interested in Stef 'was like a son' – that sure seemed to change quick. However, keep in mind that all of these 'reality' shows are manipulated, and edited, to create damatic moments that keep us coming back for more, so keep that proverbal grain of salt handy.

      Also, gentlemen, remember there is almost always a way to make your point without insulting someone elses.

    • MOJO

      Well, AS someone that works with Will on a daily basis I assure you he has the respect and dying loyalty of myself as well as employee's. We have give and take but it ends and airs with how it's cut together. Your opinion is based off of what you see in 42 min from 1,2 or 3 weeks of film. My opinion is from working with all the people there for months at a time.


    • enuf.istoomuch

      Well I don't know that I'd go all that far, and surely not so far as others have replied here in the nastiness routine. But yeah the temper and insults from the boss to the employees does bug me about the show. I've never tolerated that behavior anyplace I have worked and as a manager and team leader never allowed it towards those reporting to me.

      So seeing that sort of thing on this show is a real shame because I like seeing the work they are doing. Good to see a small business doing well, and doing interesting things with firearms.

      The Soap Opera aspect repels me at the same time the guns draw me in. Has me wondering if there's a been a bit of scripting going on here, the dating the daughter and needless temper tantrum stuff? I almost hope it's an act because that can just be dropped like a bad idea.

      Stick to the good stuff, no where near enough of it on TV!

    • Roadkil2

      I agree with you 100%. I would never treat anyone let alone loyal employee's the way this guy does. And on the other side I couldn't work for him either.This show ,like most other "reality"shows seems to be scripted. A TRUE Gatling Gun should have 1 receiver + 3 or more barrels? I wouldn't buy a bullet from these people. Also, I believe I have seen this "Will" guy in that movie E.T. as the main character.

  • JD

    I agree with Nye. I wouldn't trust a welded reciever, I don't care who welded it or how it was checked out. The taser shot gun looked like another dangerous piece of junk. An adjustable stock on the Deseret Eagle would have been a nice touch for the little lady. Making what the coustomer wants might be alright for some things but when it comes to firearms it's best left up to a real firearms disigner with the resources needed for testing and development, not just taking cover and pulling the string!!

    • Donald Conner

      Then you don't know too much about welding, do you? The filler material, be it sprayed, wire (cored or not), stick, or plain old oxy-acetylene welded is metal that is purer than the metal it is intended to be used on. You go into welded steel frame buildings, drive a welded steel frame car, go up and down welded steel frame stairs, welded steel frame elevators and do many other things that rely on welding to make them useable. You drive across welded steel bridges.

      I was a structural steel welder, heavy machinery welder, and welded on bridges and water towers of all kinds. I've watched these guys and they know what they're doing. If they didn't any disastrously poor weld would have made itself long begore now. Hiding behind something? Even the big boys shield their testers when working with new models at first. Numbers, chemistry, metallurgy and physics may say one thing. But the proof is in the pudding, and that would have been one hell of a weapon when facing cown 4000 NVA as Colonel Moore's 395 men did at LZ-X Ray.

    • Oilman35


      • Mickey

        Deseret – a term used in the Book of Mormon to refer to honey bees. Therefore a "Deseret Eagle" would perhaps be an Eagle with a taste for bees, or maybe a black and yellow striped eagle… or perhaps just a typo… they happen to all of us from time to time. (Though I do like the Bee-Eagle idea)

    • MOJO

      We have been welding receivers for years and there was really only one weld in front of the locking block of the Lahti, when done the head spacing was actually a bit tight so we had to make a new locking block and afterwards we had the receiver heat treated and stressed relieved and the lug was hardened. That process can be a bit boring for the rest of the 2.899 million viewers but a "Weak receiver weld" behind the locking block is exciting!

    • Caleb Wigglez Gray

      Funnily enough taser Inc already makes that attachment that does exactly that in a cheaper and less bulky form.

  • Frank

    Will is a Marine. In the Corps people skills are a long secondary to accomplishing the mission. Semper Fi Will.

  • Wil

    Personally, I think it would be just the ticket for helicopter- borne feral hog removal!!!!!!!!!!

    Where ca I get a ticket…..

  • AJay

    A 12 gauge gatling gun is, in and of itself, not supposed to have any really practical application. The customer wanted to have a fun, one-of-a-kind, toy to show off to his buddies on the range. I like the show because Red Jacket is tackling unique projects and bringing fresh ideas to the industry. Keep up the good work.

  • jim

    what a great idea but when you put a motor in it it becomes a machinegun…. I want one with a hand crank…. Keep up the good work,,,,

    • http://Kivaari Don

      You are right. If it is hand cranked it isn't a machine gun. Add that motor and it cannot be sold to private parties, since no post-86 full autos can go to you or me.

    • MOJO

      Well with a Crank it is a DD as well so it is a real limited buyer pool.

  • Bob Johnson

    I enjoyed the show the first few episodes but its been slipping down pretty fast. The latest episodes have been so so bad. And what is up with will? He goes from being a "good ol' boy" to an "a-hole" and back again threw the entire show. After this episode i deleted the series from my recording schedule.

  • Robert L. Mead

    It is an interesting show.

  • Ralph

    INTERESTING show, Will's people skills toward his employees are terrible, I could not work for anyone like that. WHAT PART OF "respect employess" DOES HE NOT UNDERSTAND, if you don't repect emplyess opinions, don't hire them! Quality work take time, unrealistic schedules are unfair, and unsafe. To force a choice of dating the lovely daughter or no job, for that you are an ass.

    but, interesting show

    • backwoods

      yall look at it this way wwe raw franchise and yes we all know its fake…..remember when triple h was dating vince mcmahons daughter then got married to her and vince and shane was having a fit and hated thriple h..what they dont tell ya is that they had been married since 01 way before they did that spin on the show

    • Brian Bayliss

      It is all in the editing!!! You only see what makes for good TV ratings.

  • ET

    It's like the lame West Coast Chopper/Jesse James reality shows only with guns. God I hate reality shows………they have ruined the History Channel among others. I HAVE watched Sons of Guns twice, but some of the crap is too far fetched to really appreciate. How about some "normal" gunsmithing and historical restorations, add some more of Will's daughter while you're at it……….

  • Greg

    I enjoy the show, but if it ever becomes more about the people in it screaming and yelling at each other than about the guns, like what happened with American Chopper, then that's when I stop watching.

  • Steve

    Will, keep up the work man! I know what is involved with a rotary barreled (Gatling) type weapon, n it ain't an easy concept or build!

    Butt maybe we could see a belt fed 10Gauge along the lines of the browning 30? That would be impressive man!

  • gerardo

    Why do you guys whine about will's people skills? The man is a marine there's no such thing in the corps..

    Btw semper fi!

    • enuf.istoomuch

      I have known a good many Marines who are now in business or industry. In the civilian working world I have found these veterans to be professional and polite, but direct and unvarnished too when they need to be.

      The gun projects on the show draw me in but the temper tantrums push me away. I don’t buy that it’s all a “Marine Thing”, I think it’s an anger problem.

      Distracts from the gun work.

  • Halfshark

    I've seen almost every episode, while "entertaining" and over the top on their projects I get the feeling of alot of scripted dialogue. I would like to see them build a true from idea firearm, all I've ever seen them build are modified existing weapons. Most impressive thing I've seen them do are the masterkey and the suppressed Saiga 12. Who else is with me on the scripted lines and episode generated projects?

    • MOJO

      I promise there is no Scripting!!! I wish I could even think about what I say sometimes…

      As far as respect by Employees, See the above statement!

      • Percy Mack

        These clowns don’t represent Louisiana the correct way. If u wanna see a true Louisiana hand , check out Troy Landry. Not this group of idiots. I know ur part Navajo, part Creole, part Haitian, and all that shit, just wondering are u part Swamp Rat? Cuz ur daughter sure looks like a nutria rat. PS, don’t come to Lake Charles, LA, ur not wanted.

  • Troy Everette

    I was wondering what kind of feed system you'll be using for the "Gatling Shotgun? Keep at it!!

    • MOJO

      We were using the 30 round Wraith maker and MD auto Drums! but again it is slightly pointless with the rate of fire we are looking at, Hence the move to the 5.56 with a belted system! We have to start some where, you can't move to a peak with out a Climb…

  • Anishinabi

    Will can run his shop any way he likes, and if you don't think a bunch of good old boys like his employees don't need some authority figure in control, I don't recommend getting in the business of designing and constructing automatic weapons. Their actions could land the boss in jail. And if one of the guys want to date his daughter and he doesn't like it…guess you never had a daughter. I have had that experience myself.

  • Troy Everette

    Never mind, I just read where you're not going with the shotgun. I will be interested to see what you come up with for the new rotary systems!

  • Barry Silberman

    Will, it's a great show and a terrific cast of characters, yourself included. I'm a concealed carry instructor and NRA instructor here at the Wake County Range in NC. I've got a bunch of toys…but, I must admit, yours are bigger and better.

    One piece of unsolicited (and probably unappreciated) advice Lighten up on Chis. He's a sincere kid and would probably make a terrific son in law.:>) OK, now I'll go to my room and mind my own business.

    • MOJO

      Thanks Barry! We have a lot of fun, I'm sure Kris would say the same!

  • B_hammer

    Such a waste of time….I bet ya that they don't even have customers askin for half of these useless gins/projects….they just build them so that TV crew have something fun to record…nobody would watch them build regular Saigas….

  • 1800vtxretro

    I for one enjoy the show and all those wimps who think Will Hayden is a AH and treats heis employees badly apparently have never been an owner of any business and have to push to get the JOB done. This makes me wonder how may of you sissies have quit your jobs because your boss raised his voice to make you do what your getting paid for. I'm waiting for your wonderfull replies, I'm sure I've ruffled some feathers. However understanding that you sometimes have to raise your voice to get your employees to accomplish what you need then so be it. One last question. WHO IS THE ONE RESPONSIBLE TO THE CUSTOMERS? If you don't know then pull your heads back into the sunlight.

    • J.S. Mack

      I have built, and run, a successful business for over twenty years and my experience is that you get much more from a

      empolyee you treat respectfully than one you talk down to.

      If you have to raise your voice to get results from your empolyees your are lacking in management skills or don't now how to hire employees in the first place.A bully is a bully no matter what his job title is.

    • Calvin B.

      Well said, i might add that many companies have an anti fraternization policy so Will's stance is nothing new. It's his business, his rules.

  • Bart

    I watched this show last year but, I can't take it anymore. They come up with some good ideas and also so really stupid ideas, too much of the latter for my taste. They spend too much time "recreating the wheel" so the speak. Rather than look for an "off the shelf solution," which there are plenty, they do something else. Apparently, folks in Louisiana ain't the sharpest tool in the shed! I understand that "the customer is always right" but that doesn't mean they are always "bright."

    • Ed

      What a dumb concept. Will and his crew are trying new things and going innovators. If we all followed your plan, then instead of being creators we would be copiers. Everyone has great ideas but not everyone has the balls to actually follow through with them.

      Will gives his guys a task and they perform. They show that if you have an idea its not impossible to have it come true. What have you done to make someone's idea or dream a reality? Maybe instead of whining about a tv show you think of something to help someone and make it happen.

  • Lee

    First of all, NICE I think the 12 gauge Gatling gun would be a great piece to put in my arsenal. I enjoy the show for what is. Will is the man, attitude or not! And as far as his daughter, only an idiot wouldn't like to date her, she shoots, hunts and her dad builds weapons and weapon systems, what Christmas must be like for the man who win's her and her daddy’s heart!!

  • http://Kivaari Don

    It is an odd show. More soap opera then a gun show. So far it has shown me nothing worth making a TV show about. I stopped watching after a couple of short views.

  • DJ

    Some people just don't get it. Have you ever watched Deadliest Catch? It would be pretty boring if it was just catching crab for an hour a week. It's about the people too. Not just building weapons. I for one enjoy the show and try not to miss an episode. Keep up the good work Will.

    • Lee

      Me too, I agree, rela and make some pop corn!

  • DW

    It's a television show, so we see an edited version of the Red Jacket reality. To assume we can glean what actually goes on at Red Jacket over the course of a few weeks after it's been edited down to 50 minutes or less (I swear commercials are getting longer the older I get!), is erroneous. I would even expect Will Hayden to be a completely different person than what is portrayed on screen – you know, like Will Smith not being an actual super hero as was portrayed in a movie. I'd still not disrespect him or his daughter, though.

  • Big Easy

    HEY BART!! Taking a cheap shot at folks in Louisiana only

    proves you're not exactly the sharpest knife on the table,either.

  • rjguns

    My understanding of this blog is for fans of the show to get more infromation on the firearms that are bult and sort of "fill in the blanks" on what is not shown. So if thats the case, I have a question………. Did the prototype gatling gun get sold to the guy who runs the junkyard? The show made it seem that he bought the gun at the end, but how is this possible? Isn't it still considered a full auto? I am not the only one that has this question, everybody I know who has watched this asked me if he could actually buy that gun. SO, Will, did he??? If So, How???

    • RJ Fan

      I don't work for RJ, nor am I any sort of "expert" by any means so I can not answer if he did in fact purchase the prototype but the answer to your question about him actually being able to purchase a fully automatic weapon is yes as long as he held all the proper licenses, did the paperwork, and paid the appropriate fees (tax stamp, etc). If he had/did all that then it would be no problem for him to own a machine gun even if he didn't work in the firearms/law enforcement/military industries. Also Semper Fi Will from a fellow Marine

  • http://KingofVegas Chrisc

    First n formost too all da haters give it a rest!!!! If u don't understand go live under a rock!!! As for Mr. Hayden cograds on da first try I'm sure they well pull it off!! N as for da rest DEVILDAWGS MAKE DA WAY!!! Dont hate appreciate kidds…. Remember one shot = one kill if it takes more then DAT go to da range!!!!!

  • Mark

    It's an entertaining show and eye candy for gun enthusiasts but does fuel the ire of the anti gun cowards who like portraying gun owners as reckless cowboys.

  • JoeChavez

    Sons of guns is a great show. Wish there wear more like it. I have a love for firearms. I like working on and improving my firearms. And that is why I am drawn to this show. These guys make some sick stuff and they know what they are doing. Keep up the good work boys. And like someone else said, if you are getting paid to build it you build it. That's why they are in business. It doesn't matter if it's practical or something built to shoot who knows what.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    Anyone else aware that there are more loads than shot that may be used in a 12 gauge barrel?

    -Less Lethal Rounds

    -Flechette (useless imo)


    -Sabot Slugs

    -Sabot Bullets

    -Frag-12 Grenade Rounds

    -Rainbow Unicorn Hugs (gay imo)

    It sure would be interesting with them Frag-12 rounds, eh?

  • Cromach

    Does one reinvent the wheel or buy off the shelf? The proposed Gatling designs seem like the Microgun(5.56) and GECAL 50 of a few years back. Would the RJ weapons be an improvement on these established designs? Re: Junkyard dealer's purchase of the Gatling/Saiga shotgun, I assume he has a Class 3 licence enabling him to legally purchase a full auto weapon which is legal in Louisiana. The only question on that build is if this Post-86 manufacture passes legal muster

  • Billy

    I like Will's creative flair. While a 12 ga gatlining gun

    isn't practical, it is cool. It shows us what we use to

    have, imagination. And as for the Desert Eagle. They

    are beasts. They did the right thing for the lady.

  • John

    To all Who may be un-informed. This 12 ga. would be classed as a NFA firearm which may/maynot be legal to own in YOUR STATE. Mr. Hayden is obviously an FFL07/Class3 lic.holder. This gives him permission to manufacture and sell these guns. He must fill out required paperwork to manufacture these firearms, and more paperwork in order to sell it. Least not forget the tax money he pays to the Feds every year for this class 3 lic., and you will pay to the Feds in order to own it, IF it is legal in your State to own. Here in GA they are legal to own, Just add a $200 tax on top of the cost and a long processing period for the paperwork.

    Mr Hayden, I do have two ?'s. What is the barrel position/timing during each sequential firing. Would it be feasible to fully choke those barrels and what kind of pattern would you get at 40 yds.? This would cure the Feral Hog problem for sure. I'd bet a lot of land owners in TX would love to have this machine! Keep up the great work. Your an inspiration to some of us!

    • MOJO

      The Firing was on the bottom in both versions of the Gatling gun.

      We actually fired the rotary version in a none rotating sequence several times and at first had issues with light strikes till we went to AR-10 hammer springs. While doing so I was able to verify lock up because we were able to fire with out the back plate when firing singly. The bolts lock into the barrel so the material that the rotor and shell was made from was of little consequence as long as it retained the bolt and carrier guides. Without lock up the rotor became a weak link, I thought I had enough carrier hammer blocking shelf to minimize risk of an out of battery but I guess not… The 5.56 version is way cooler anyway!

  • John

    If I may add another 2 cents. Mr. Haydens daughter is a mature young lady and I,m sure she will date whom she chooses too and Daddy would not interfere. With that being said, she is Daddy's little girl and also an employee which gives her a higher standing within the CO. This poses a possible conflict of interest if she dates another employee within the CO. Not very hard to understand.

  • DoctorWho


    To all Who may be un-informed. This 12 ga. would be classed as a NFA firearm which may/maynot be legal to own in YOUR STATE. Mr. Hayden is obviously an FFL07/Class3 lic.holder. This gives him permission to manufacture and sell these guns. He must fill out required paperwork to manufacture these firearms, and more paperwork in order to sell it. Least not forget the tax money he pays to the Feds every year for this class 3 lic., and you will pay to the Feds in order to own it, IF it is legal in your State to own. Here in GA they are legal to own, Just add a $200 tax on top of the cost and a long processing period for the paperwork."

    No, no new selectfire weapons can be made except as Dealer samples for the Police and Military, anything made for John Q Public must not be a new machinegun, it has to conform to a BATFE approved weapon.

    • rjguns

      Thats what I thought. So was the customer a Class 3 dealer in this case? If so, did he not have to have a LE demo letter to own it? Or did they remove the motor and then add a hand crank to make it a regular old gatling gun? Will whats the deal?

  • Vin

    Aw, piss on people skills. That kind of thinking is what has gotten our country into the mess it's in. People skills. Just what the hell is that anyway? Being a phony is what it sounds like to me. Those men should count their lucky stars that they work for a guy like Wil.

  • CPL Kirkpatrick, USM

    I believe a 12 gauge Gatling gun with smooth bore that was capable of firing 12 gauge slugs or 12 gauge 00 buck shot would be a force to be reckened with. Think about it with the 12 gatling gun they were trying to build i would have fired 1400 rounds per min, but if you used 00 buck shot your looking at not only 1400 rounds per min but you’ve also get a much larger spray of projectiles coating your enemy with lead. I loved this project and i thought it was a very practical build. Keep up the good work Will and gang.

    • MOJO

      Thanks CPL, we work hard but have a lot of fun!

  • That Guy

    To John and Doctor Who:

    Will answered your question in his post: "At the end of the day that 12 gauge was going to be nothing more than a toy for type 07 and 10s in a position to pay what it would cost and have someone to demo it for!"

    So, just like the Quad MG42 he made, this was financed by a private individual and is rented, along with an employee that is on the 07, when they want to take it to the range and make expensive noise.

    Pay attention.

  • Oilman35

    Lot of friggin retards that cant spell "desert"

  • ZACK

    This show is a joke .I been a class 2 mfg. for 30 years and the things they do are for the igerenet people that know very little about the art of fiearms mfg. The Discover channel should stick with PAWN STARS and the firearms to the MILITARYT CHANNEL.

    • MOJO

      What's your company name? We might need a consultant some time, We as a 10 year 07/ Type 10 might need a bit of help now and then! I was unaware Engineering was an art, I'm pretty sure my Engineering class's must have been not been in the Art building due to space constraints…

      • Zack

        To some people maybe firearms are not art . But to me the work of Mr. Browning, Mr. Colt, Mr. Beretta and Mr. Maxim is art in metal.

    • frank jackson

      Sounds good, but some of us can’t get the Military Channel but can get Discovery Channel.

  • levikdrake

    Less than leathal, crowd dispersal rounds coming out of that thing would be very effective in a prison/ street riot. Give the weapon a rolling base with a plexy glass chicken plate in front and roll out.

  • Cromach

    Correction Re: Microgun, I believe the 5.56 Gatling was actually called the Six-Pac. There was a request by a locally based small-boat unit that wanted to twin-mount their favorite M16s for fire support which subsequently got a water-cooling system to prevent cook off. I would ask did they consider such as belt-fed LMGs like the Minimi(M249) or a Stoner 63 dirivitive with a more resiliant barrel to take more rounds before cook-off? (Design of a water-cooled radiater system was a good method to extend barrel life ala Browning M1917)

  • seeker_two

    Question: When the GG was being tested in the scrapyard, were they using buckshot or slugs? I did a quick calculation….at the rate of 1200 rounds per minute and 9 pellets of 00 buck per shell….that gun would put out 12,600 00 buck pellets every minute….IMPRESSIVE!!!

    • MOJO

      Used 9 shot buck and then slugs later!

  • JTS

    I love the show and even have my wife watching it with me now. You have to remember that we see an hour show that may have taken a week in real time to make. What was left out that we didn't see from a lot of the drama is unknown, but I also don't watch it for the drama. I watch it to see what they are building and what we are allowed to see from that process. I would love to be able to buy a complete unedited version of some of the shows just to be able to see the entire process they go through.

    • MOJO

      More Like 3 Weeks for this build!

  • azlandman

    It is there for your entertainment. Don't watch if it doesn't entertain you. The simple fact hat someone's dream has turned in to a successful (and now famous) business should prove that America is alive and well. I've seen plenty of firearms that I may have no use for, but they are still fun to shoot! Like the 57 mm cannon I'm watching on the show right now!

  • MOJO

    That was a big BOOM!

  • Mark C

    I have to say that although I enjoy the idea of a Gatling gun shotgun, I felt, personally, that it would be too inaccurate. I agree that it seems to be just a range toy, albeit a very nice one. However, I'm looking forward to seeing Red Jacket take on new rotary gun systems. With the GAU-19/A using .50 BMG and the Dillon Aero Minigun using 7.62 NATO a 5.56 caliber sounds like a logical step, possibly, if using titanium parts, into a light vehicle mounted weapon. It wouldn't have the same destructive power of it's bigger cousins, but it would put a hell of a lot of lead downrange. And when you are under ambush, I'm sure the guys in the field would be damn glad to hear that signature buzz over their heads, knowing they are laying down good cover fire. Keep up the good work everyone! Will, Kris, Joe, Vince, Glenn, keep up the good work, Steph, keep them going, you know you are the most important. And Charlie, I've always wanted to be a forensic firearms expert, and am currently looking to go to school to get my Bachelor's in Forensics to pursue this as a career, so it was good to see someone in the career I want!

  • ZACK

    MOJO what is your position on this show. I would be glad to give you a contact number in private.

  • mitch

    big boom is an understatement. its a wonder it didnt blow that older gentelman over. hahaha he had that "holy sh#$T look right after it went off. Funny story about a bog boom, a few years ago, i bought (who knows why) a .50 taurus raging bull. I drove to the hunting land where my dad and a few of his buddies were staniding there poppin caps. i eased up to the line and let that thing roar and scared the piss out of a bunch of grown men. they looked at me, then an that big gun and were like waaaaa???

  • Islander

    To W. Nye who started this whole ball rolling…how exactly does the show

    " Truly give a bad impression of the gun industry." Fine if you have that opinion but it seems if you're going to throw that out there you have to give some specifics. I'm not a "gun guy" by a long shot but enjoy the program immensely.

    I like engineering and the creative process. Sure there's a bit of human drama thrown in, but it's tv man, not a documentary.

  • colinc

    I have a problem with people who criticize a program they can't be bothered to watch. And a prime rule in business is what the CUSTOMER wants is what you make for THEM if possible!!!

  • enuf.istoomuch

    I have enjoyed watching this show, but some recent episodes are making it hard to continue. Just not interested in the Soap Opera filler of dating and temper tantrums. Be it all real or staged for the cameras I don't know or care but it doesn't interest me at all and is annoying really.

    Which is a shame to me as there's been plenty of activity I found fascinating.

    My interest is in seeing smart and competent people doing interesting things with firearms and other weaponry.

    My favorite was the flame thrower job for the WW2 Veteran. Seeing that heroic gentleman happy as a kid on Christmas was a real treat. I'm passed my middle years and don't mind admitting that sort of thing can water up my eyeballs.

    As for the 12 Ga Gatling Gun, cool idea and a shame it didn't work out.

    The episode showed very little of the development though, hard to appreciate what went into it. In my own work (defense industry) I know plenty of mechanical designers who would have been able to work out the forces and stresses and know it would fail before it was built.

    Not that folks in the defense industry always pay attention to what their engineers try to tell them of course ;)

    Seems to me that what Red Jacket needed on this one was a mechanical engineer to calculate the forces and compare them to the material strengths at the weakest points. If that was done, it wasn't shown.

    Done right though, that kind of attention to the design task will save a whole lot of trouble down the road.

  • http://oldsailor(engineer) Leonard Linde

    just wondering how you overcame the centrifugal force pushing the shells outward when the gattling shotgun was running

    • MOJO

      Out standing question! We actually had to use 12 round magazine springs in 8 round mags to keep the mags feeding.

  • Chris Pierre Jordan

    I would have LOVED to see the 12 gauge mini gun succeed. Is there a point to it? Probably not. But it would have been cool as hell. At least it was something innovative, not just hacking up Hadji's AK and putting new clothes on it.

  • John Stark Returns

    According to the ATF (the .gov-sponsored gun runners that arm Mexican drug cartels), a 12 gauge is a destructive device – as well as any other gun with a 0.5 or larger barrel – if it has any features that does not meet the 'for sporting use' standards. Apparently they just define things as they go, as they see fit. Thank god the 2nd Amendment is there to protect our 'sporting' rights….

  • Gryff

    Talk about one of the most inane weapon concepts. "(T)he epitome of research and development." Did research involve a case of Budweiser?

  • A McCann

    I enjoyed the show when it first came on. Many of the idea's I came up with a long time ago and I was inspired to see some one actually put them together. The gattling gun idea was interesting but, I was looking for it to come apart and the parts do more damage than the gun. It needs a better feed system. By the way the owner is getting way to serious and cranky. If he can't handle the stress maybe the good looking daughter needs to take over.

  • David Maynor

    Wouldn't a 12 gauge rotary weapon be great for EOD or other such units to spray an area with pellets to set off IEDs? Its not that far fetched considering EID uses things like Barrets now. Barret require you to kno exactly where the IED is to destroy it though. If a convoy comes across a abandoned car on the side of a road emptying a wall of 00 pellets through it would be sure to detonate anything evil thats lurking there.

    A 12 gague rotary gun would be be awesome in a multirole capability. With Frag-12 rounds you could be a grenade launcher suitable for engaging entrenched bad guys and just by switching the ammo feed to sabot slugs you suddenly have a great heavy weapon. This would be great for ground mounted weapons as well as aircraft like a UH-60.

  • Cody Young

    MOJO: You guys could use a little creativity in your fabrication process, not so much the engineering principals, but the Saiga / Tazer setup was a little hokey in my opinion. As a race-car fabricator and builder; I know prototyping is a process, and as a design exercise that was step one… but ready for testing?

    Plus the UZI tune-up, seriously? A BSA Red-dot on a multi-thousand dollar SMG with (what I can only assume to have) a large dollar ticket with R.J.? Come on guys, at least a Micro-T1 or Dr. Optic. Not a thirty dollar piece of Chinese crap that will barely survive on a 10/22. What's another $200 to a guy that plows through 800 rounds per minute in competition?

    Either way, it's fairly entertaining. Keep it about the guns with a little personality thrown in. We don't want another "Chopper" show.

  • Justin

    I have been a tool & die maker for over 15 years, watching this show remind me of a high school shop class. There machining of parts and craftsmanship is humiliating to the north American manufacturing community. I find it funny that there is great cnc equipment in the back ground that is never used. The suppressers they make are of a collage level. I'am a competitive shooter and I would never consider buying one of there product let a lone work on my guns.

    • Rick

      I’ve done this type of setup for both the ar-15 and Ruger 10/22′s and had no problems except for the weight.

    • Rick

      I’ve done this type of setup for both the ar-15 and Ruger 10/22′s and had no problems except for the weight.

  • Sean

    Me and my brother have been having an argument. he says they were firing 12g slugs i said it was buckshot (not to into shotguns so not really sure difference between 00 and 000 buck) which one did they use he says buckshot doesnt make holes that size in metal i say it was buck since in the slo mo scene where will is shooting u can see a patch of dirt fly up from the ground.

  • chucksmacker

    hey great idea for the next show. crome that shotgun paint a dam dragon on it and say your the best gun makers in the world!!

  • William

    Some of their projects are really poorly made, poorly designed, etc. The shotgun gatlin gun looks awful and I'm surprised they didn't use duct tape and bailing wire. The projects that actually require gunsmithing are what truly interest me – not gimmicks where they bolt crap together. At best, they are comical. To me they show lack of professionalism.

  • Siva Balaji Siva Balbji

    hai this very supper gun mart

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