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Will Hayden and the Red Jacket Crew bring you everything you love about Sons of Guns in a blog with all the firepower and none of the drama.

Red Jacket Enhanced M4 Rifle

First Look: The Red Jacket Enhanced M4 Rifle

by G&A Online Editors 16

Joe Meaux from Red Jacket Firearms had yet another treat for us at Hornady’s Zombies in the Heartland: Pandemic 2012… more »

Kriss Vector

Red Jacket Crew Brings ‘Total Recall’ Submachine Gun to Life

by G&A Online Editors 18

Sometimes the guys at Red Jacket like to let their imaginations wander a bit. We’re just fine with that, because… more »


Living History: Flintlock Hog Hunt with Red Jacket

by G&A Online Editors 41

When G&A joined up with Will Hayden and Red Jacket Firearms for a hog hunt, we were all sure it… more »

Screen shot 2012-04-18 at 9.09.25 PM

The Ultimate Zombie Gun: Red Jacket ZK-22 Bullpup Rifle

by Will Hayden 242

When Max Brooks, the author of “World War Z” and the ultimate zombie apocalypse guru, walked into the Red Jacket… more »


World’s Largest Machine Gun: Inside the 40mm Bofors Build

by Will Hayden 38

Ira, our friend and resident heavy weapons expert showed up with a pretty big surprise a while back, a 40mm… more »

Jesse James and Will Hayden

Exclusive Video: Jesse James Hits the Range with the Red Jacket Crew

by G&A Online Editors 18

One thing Jesse James and Will Hayden have in common is their love for firepower. Get them together, and you… more »

Red Jacket

Will Hayden: Why the Red Jacket AR-15 is a Success Story

by Will Hayden 162

I know most of y’all have already watched the newest episode of “Sons of Guns” on Discovery earlier this week…. more »

Maxim machine gun

Building the Maxim Machine Gun

by Will Hayden 15

The Maxim machine gun has been No. 1 on my bucket list for years. Invented by Hiram Maxim in the… more »

.458 SOCOM

Building the AR to Kill Hogzilla: The .458 SOCOM AR-15

by Will Hayden 43

It has been estimated that wild hogs caused over 12 million dollars of crop damage in Louisiana last year. These… more »

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent at the Range with Red Jacket

by Will Hayden 12

On this week’s show, you’ll see the time we spent with the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent. He was in… more »


G&A Video Exclusive: Inside Red Jacket Firearms

by G&A Online Editors 70

Like it or not, there’s no doubt that Red Jacket Firearms is the most talked about gun manufacturer in the… more »


An Inside Look at Arming the Sheriff’s Gun Boat

by Will Hayden 85

Well, we’ve started the third season of Sons of Guns, and it’s going to be another crazy ride. Or rather… more »

Marine Corp 236

Will Hayden: Happy Birthday Marine Corps

by Will Hayden 42

Recently, I was invited to be the guest of honor at the Marine Corps Ball here in Louisiana. I then… more »


Will Hayden’s Favorite Military Firearms

by Will Hayden 70

Over the years I’ve handled, built, shot, restored and modified military firearms of all kinds. I never really considered which… more »

Will Hayden explains Class 3 Weapons

Will Hayden: How to Buy, Sell and Build Class 3 Weapons

by Will Hayden 171

Since the show has been on air, we’ve been asked about a million different ways how we legally build and… more »


Video: Red Jacket Firearms’ Competition Uzi

by Will Hayden 52

I thought since there’s been a lot of questions about the competition Uzi we built for Chris and Austin from… more »

Will Hayden

Video: Guns & Ammo Forum Q&A with Will Hayden

by Will Hayden 45

Over the last week or so you might’ve noticed I’ve been absent from the blog. Well, we’ve been out in… more »

12 Gauge Gatling Gun

Inside the 12 Gauge Gatling Gun Build

by Will Hayden 136

The 12 gauge gatling gun episode that aired last week was our most watched to date. It was tough research… more »


Inside the Lahti L-39 Anti-Tank Rifle Build

by Will Hayden 68

My first thought when the client, Spencer, brought in the Finnish 20 mm Lahti L-39 anti-tank rifle you saw on last… more »

Helicopter Machine Gun Build

An Inside Look at the Helicopter Machine Gun Build

by Will Hayden 60

I woke up the morning of the Universal Helicopter Mount and stabilizer test you saw last week on Sons of… more »


Will Hayden Answers Questions from G&A Fans

by Will Hayden 69

Each week (or as often as we can) I’m going to try to answer a few questions from you guys… more »


An Inside Look at the MG42 Super Quad

by Will Hayden 107

Welcome to’s newest, and quite simply, most kick-ass blog ever. In the coming months you’ll get an inside look… more »

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