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Why Gun Sales are on the Rise in 2012

by B. Gil Horman   |  February 13th, 2012 125

Gun salesGun sales were up in the U.S. during 2011. The good news for the industry is that business in 2012 promises to be just as good or even better. In January 2012, the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) numbers showed an increase of 17.3 percent in gun purchase related checks compared to the same time period the previous year. January marks 20 straight months of increased NICS report requests.

Some anti-gunners reject the idea of using NICS reports to track gun sales. They say there’s no way to prove that every single check resulted in the purchase of one or more firearms. Fair enough, if you’re going to split hairs. Instead, we’ll just have to settle for saying that the number of individuals willing to drive to a gun store, tell the gun seller they want to buy a gun, fill out the forms for said purchase, and pay the fee required for a NICS report, has steadily increased for more than a year and a half.

Another indicator of firearms industry health is attendance at the annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) held in Las Vegas. In January, SHOT Show reached a new record with more than 61,000 in attendance, including over 36,000 buyers shaking hands with 1,600 exhibitors. Although the show has been well attended for several years, not every year is a good one for manufacturers. This year was different. In speaking with a variety of gun and ammunition company representatives since the show, they’ve all had the same good news to share. They left the show exhausted and happy because of the large sets of inventory scheduled to ship in the course of the show.

It’s good to know the folks in this industry are currently enjoying some much needed job security. But this increased level of gun sales begs an important question: If the country is still suffering from a weak economy, with many individuals struggling to keep their heads above water, why are people choosing to part with their precious cash resources to buy firearms?

The available numbers indicate that, in general, people in the United States seem to have a more positive attitude towards gun ownership today than in the past. For example, a recent Gallup poll shows the number of participants in favor of banning handguns has dropped to a record low of 26 percent compared to 60 percent in 1959. When asked if so called “assault rifles” should be banned, 53 percent said no. Those in favor of enforcing the gun laws on the books are up to 60 percent, while those who want additional regulations are down to 35 percent.

As hopeful and helpful as poll results are, they still don’t answer the fundamental question: Why has there been a shift to a much more pro-gun stance? Hard numbers and statistics are not readily available to delve into the minds of those who are choosing to purchase firearms at this time. Instead, we’ll have to settle for what can be called informed conjecture. Here are a few of the most popular theories for accelerated gun sales that regularly show up in the conversations around the industry’s collective office water cooler:

Shooting’s New Positive Media Image
Popular mainstream television programs about guns and shooting, such as Top Shot, are sparking viewer interest in the sport. While the competitive and informational aspects of these shows are entertaining, the programs also disprove many of the negative stereotypes surrounding gun ownership. As a result, many first-time shooters are making their way to the range.

An Attitude of Self-Reliance
As the country continues to suffer from a weak economy, it seems counterintuitive that individuals would chose to invest in relatively expensive items like firearms and ammunition. However, with no relief in sight for the high unemployment rates, along with continued cuts in funding for important law enforcement services, more people are choosing to take personal responsibility for their safety. The sales of compact handguns for legal concealed carry are steady and strong. Greater access to concealed weapons permits has fueled a surge in women choosing to become gun owners. According to a Gallup poll, a record 43 percent of women in America say they have a firearm in their home.

The 2012 Elections
As this year’s Presidential election approaches, Second Amendment advocates are energetic in emphasizing that voters choosing to keep President Obama in office would deal a devastating blow to gun rights. Obama’s arrival in the White House helped to generate record gun sales in 2009. His appointment of anti-gun justices to the U.S. Supreme court, the Fast & Furious scandal and his open support of the United Nation’s gun ban treaty have worked to fuel gun owners’ concerns. Although Obama is purposefully stepping around gun related issues as he ramps up his campaign, gun buyers are likely to keep gun sales high in 2012 if it appears the President will win.

Are you planning to buy firearms this year? If so, what’s your motivation?

  • sniper

    i have enough guns… what i need to stock up is on ammo.

    • Michael

      You only have enough guns if you've lost count.

      • Michael Edwards

        Hello Michael this is Michael. I am like u somewhat. I have somewhere between 14 to 18 weapons in my home. I sleep closer to my guns than I do my wife. I am about to expand my collection by purchasing a sister in laws guns left to her by her husband. This purchase will almost double my collection I think. I have not tried to count them all together yet. Looking forward to closing my deal with her. Be happy keep shouting.

        • Shalimar

          Firearms are not weapons.. they are merely tools and by calling them weapons you only help feed the paranoid BS from the anti's

      • Clyde

        I've lost count, so not the goal is more to feed them.

      • Xin-Loi

        I lost count at 50.

      • Bill

        Well that can't be. I lost count and I still find myself craving for this and that.

    • wayne

      My thoughts exactly :). My sisters Ex has my friggin Dillon lol. So much for friendship in loading :) .

    • Bill Patterson

      All depends on what guns you have. If you're removing the "x" in the x-ring at 200 meters, a 1903-A3 with 12 power Unertl is fine. If, however, the upcoming elections go awry-AGAIN-your ammo comment is in order.

  • Howard

    my motivation to carry and have guns in the house is to pertect my family. With the rise of unemployment, home invation is also on the rise, and i will not let my family be slaughtered by some punks for a few dollars and some jewlary!

  • JDS

    So I am going to vote for Mr. Obama.

    Having said that, I own guns and I brought 3 in 2011. I have plans to buy 1 more in 2011. My primary use is sport shooting i.e. paper targets. I have no other plans. If the great state of IL ever gets around to allowing CCW I will get a permit and carry my compact.

    Between the gun control freaks who think every gun owner is a criminal and the NRA that wants absolutely no control on guns is the truth. As long as everyone realizes that we should all be fine. Being at extreme ends of the spectrum does not serve anyone or any cause.

    • old vet

      Sorry you lost me with first sentence.

      • wayne

        Yup, JDS is just part of the problem. To bad he is to stupid to understand it.

        • anti-wayne

          you are stupid because of who you vote for. doesn't sound smart when someone says it to you either, huh?

      • Shalimar

        Not everyone that is a Democrat is anto gun the same as not everyone that is a republican is pro-gun.

        Gun control laws fail not due to "politics" but due to the fact they are aimed at the law abiding.

        It does not matter WHOM is in office.. they all need to be told point blank.. gun control is bad.. CRIME control is what actually matters.

    • abclark

      Uh. Yeah. Me too. You want the right keep and bear arms but you're voting for NOBAMA? He is doing everything he can to take your guns away.

      • Brandon

        Citation please

        • Ben Jammin

          thats right Brandon…what is your source/?? an email thats in circulation. I never even knew as many naysayers and dooms dayers even existed till I started going to these blogs. how do these sheeple sleep at night……………..not bbbbbbbbbbaaaaad i'm sure some will say. buttholes.

      • David

        You say "He is doing everything he can to take your guns away." and I hear the same thing from MANY people. However, I have not seen a shred of real evidence to back that statement up. Don't get me wrong, I fully admit there could be some that I don't know about, so if you have it, please put a reference here so I can be better informed. However, from what I have seen so far, my impression is that the 'fact' that Obama is doing anything to take our gun rights away is just a big example of groupthink. If you have facts with references, please post them here and I will be better informed. Thanks.

    • Michael

      Mr. Obama has at his core, a visceral dislike of guns and gun owners. Anyone who is a gun owner and an Obama voter is voting against his or her own best interests and against your Constitutional right to defend your home in the best way you see fit.

      It's roughly like being a diabetic and eating ten Twinkies per day. You're working against yourself.

      • wtf?

        Unfortunately, you are full of it. However voting for the GOP if you don't earn over $1 million year is voting against your own interests. Also if you are female, gay, a minority…. anything other than a white male protestant who is wealthy. However 4 years of Obama and not one "visceral dislike of guns and gun owners" has popped up.

        • Rickyace

          Thats because he is side stepping the issue. Go ahead and ask him (Nobama) if he believes that every law abiding citizen should be allowed to excersise their God given right to purchase a gun to protect their home and loved ones. If you don't, then you are a big part of the problem. Neither the Democraps, nor the Republicans truly represent the majority of the hard working Americans who see their rights under the constitutiuon being eroded. So the only thing we can do is to choose thebetter of the two evils. I wish we had a third choice that strikes a balance of trying to help hard working Americans control their destiney, and live according to the inalienable rights that this constitution affords us.

          • Ben Jammin

            ahh you spelled republicants wrong.

          • David

            I fully agree with you that the country would be better served by a third party candidate. However, the question is whether Obama is anti-gun and will do anything about it and I haven't seen any evidence of that. I am not saying he is pro-gun either, but there seems to be a misperception about him in the gun world.

            You say he is sidestepping the issue. That might be true, but that does not prove anything. He may even personally be anti-gun, but he knows that it is in the Constitution (wasn't he a Constitutional lawyer at one point?) and that it is very important to many people out there so he has chosen to do nothing about it. If that is the reality, I am OK with the election being about other things.

            Without evidence of someone being antigun, there are other subject areas to decide the presidency on than Gun Control. To me, although important at the House and Senate levels, for this particular election, Gun Control is a non-issue.

            I have seen no real evidence that Obama has ANY intention on eroding Constitutional rights to gun ownership. What I have seen is a lot of conjecture and misinformation by others on the subject. If I am wrong and there is real evidence that he is working to erode our rights, then someone should post it.

        • PKAISF

          We own 50% of a non medical in home care small business that employs 250 people. Our business grossed approximately three million dollars last year, down from 5 million dollars before obama. We are by no means millionaires, our take home income has always been less than $100,000 dollars, out of which comes a substantial payment for our small business loan. We generously pay our staff and treat them well. Since obama took over we have twice had to cut salaries and benefits, after first cutting out everything else that we could, with ourselves being the first ones cut. We are now unable to afford health insurance for our employees or ourselves, as the new obamacare rules have made the premiums triple. If obamacare goes into full effect, we have no doubt that our business will be no more and our 250 employees will become unemployed and our 250 clients (most of which are very low income) will no longer have anyone to help them within our small rural community. In addition, we believe that all the small agencies like us will undoubtedly go out of business too. BTW, I am a FEMALE !!! Who is full of it now ???

          • David

            That isn't the question. There are many other issues to this election year that should be talked about and can sway the vote (and I hope you do get to keep your business).

            This thread however is about whether there is any difference in the election regarding gun rights. To me, the election is net-neutral regarding gun-rights (I have seen no evidence that Obama will erode gun rights, or that Romney will increase them). With that said, the presidential debate should rage on with those other subject areas on other sites.

    • hicusdicus

      I did not know the NR did not want any control on guns sales or ownership of any kind. Unlike a knife the guns only purpose is to kill. You can't use it to sharpen a pencil or open a package or pry out a sliver. Guns need some kind of sensible control. To drive car you need a license. To fly an airplane you need authorization. To wire a house you need a license. The problem is some people want to carry everything to the f**king extreme. The best name for these people is emotional morons . It seems this country is suffering from emotional extremism. There is no middle ground on anything. Its looks like it is going to get worse until one group annihilates the other. When that finally happens I will have my gun and I intend to litter the ground with empty shell casings.

      • Bob

        The reason there is no middle ground is that the extremists won't quit untill they win. I feel that being a pro-gun extremist is what's needed to negate some of the morons who want all guns disposed of. When they plan to play fair, then I will comprimise also.

        • Bryan

          Best reply I've read… I agree completely with your comment.

        • 12April61

          There is no compromise. You ALWAYS lose more if you allow them to bargin. That was our mistake in the first place. No compromise, ever.

        • David

          I could not disagree more. My brother-in-law is someone that you would call a "moron", and if you call him that, guess what, he will always be anti-gun. Instead, I am working to inform him. For instance, he had the mis-perception that guns he calls "Assault Weapons" were all fully auto machine guns. I have worked to increase his knowledge that you need a license for those types but that what most people call assault weapons are semi-auto (explaining to him what that means), and that there is no real difference between an M-16 and the wood stocked Mini-14 Ranch Rifle that I have (which he does not consider an assault rifle). I have also offered to take him out shooting so that he gets real hands-on experience.

          So although I don't think he'll ever own a gun himself, his perception is slowly changing.

          Now, do you want to change minds, or do you want to solidify polar positions?

    • Used2BGOP

      JDS, I'm with you even though we are in the minority on here! Our president has done nothing to take away our guns nor will he! The GOP just tries to manipulate us to vote for their loser candiate by trying to make us paranoid. And this has worked for alot of folks. But I own lots of guns and hunt and reload and shoot AND usually vote for the non-GOP candidate. I am not a one-issue voter.

      • Ralph De La Huerta

        No, you are definitely not a one issue voter. You are just a one minded fool and Obama is the fool master.

      • tlhuge

        You need to do your research. Obama is the most anti-gun head of state we have ever had. He has an entire agenda just waiting for his second term, to eliminate private ownership of guns. Please don't believe me and do your own research.

        • David

          I am open to talking about this, but the only 'evidence' I have seen of this 2nd term agenda is conservative pundits claiming this and that. I have not seen one shred of hard evidence. If you have some or can point to hard facts, please post them here so that all of us can be better informed.

      • Dorobuta

        Other than put judges on the SC. The next president will get one, possibly two SC justices. Heller was 5-4 in favor of the second amendment. With two liberal justices added, the 2nd is dead.

      • Clathrus

        You only have to consider Al Gore's loss of his home state, largely because of his support of gun control, to understand President Obama's reluctance to reveal his own bias toward guns. It would cost him too many votes.

    • Ralph De La Huerta

      Many voted for Obama to prove they weren't racist, now many will vote against him to prove they are not IDIOTS!

      • Correction

        So you think people voted for Obama to prove they aren't racist by voting for someone based solely on skin color? So was everyone that voted McCain a racist? Also was everyone that voted for McCain NOT an idiot? Will voting for Romney really prove that someone is not an idiot? So much for your theory that voting preference has any correlation to intelligence or racism.

        • Clathrus

          I have no doubt that people voted for Obama because they thought it would be neat to have an African-American president. He was also a very strong candidate and McCain a weak one, and that is probably the primary reason McCain lost. Racism is always a factor in our elections. The African-American population voted, I believe, 90% for Pres. Obama; trying to deny an element of racism in that is absurd. The percentage of racist African-Americans is much higher than the racist percentage in other groups. To state otherwise is one of three things: dishonest, ignorant, or stupid. Take your choice. Racism is endemic all over the world. What differs is how the different groups deal with it as a whole. Deal with it like the Jews, Asians, and Irish and become successful. Deal with it like the African-Americans under the leadership of people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and become a dismal failure. Your choice.

    • bigt

      I would point out there is no 1st ammendment without a 2nd ammendment, and every day the puppet potus is in office he seeks the errosion of both

    • Abnrgr

      Get informed and know the truth. This administration will limit and take away your gun rights at the first chance it gets – just can't risk it now with the election coming up. You are aware that the president's attorney general had his lawyers argue before the Supreme Court that the second amendment did not guarantee an individual right to own firearms? What more need one say after that? To the dismay of some in the gun rights community, the NRA has and does advocate some control on guns (i.e. the NRA backed NCIS background check system). Given that though, without the efforts of the NRA over the past two decades, and efforts of the millions of Americans it represents, you would no longer be able to buy that one more gun in 2012. Too many have their head in the sand, and are willing to let others do the heavy lifting for their rights. I respect your right to your opinion and to exercise your vote. Dig into these issues however, and it becomes pretty clear what is at stake, and how to exercise political power to preserve your individual rights.

      • Devatrap

        Even though the NRA did support the background check, it was a good reason. The NRA wants to prove to people that guns are a fun and safe hobby and don't want moronic serial killers buying guns, shooting lots of people, and scaring even more people and making them want to ban guns.

      • David

        That is the closest thing I have seen to any real evidence yet on this site: "You are aware that the president's attorney general had his lawyers argue before the Supreme Court that the second amendment did not guarantee an individual right to own firearms?" Can you post more information on this, such as which case, so that those that want to know can actually look up the public record and see what was said by who?

    • GTX

      How can anyone vote for that idiot? Besides his obvious anti-gun stance, what exactly has he done right? But I guess since you live in Illinois and the dems have done such a good job there, no corruption or anything (ha ha), you will still vote for him. By the massive amounts of thumbs down you recieved I assume most would agree. I live in Texas, and I would like to see what would happen if they came and took our guns away..

      • reality

        No one is coming for your guns, hick. Plenty of gun owning Dems in Texas, too. GOP hasn't exactly been an angel. And what anti-gun stance are you talking about? Oh, that's right, you made that up or believed some idiot blogger on that one. And you have the nerve to think that the president is an idiot.

        • gunowner

          Gunowner you're a good one to be calling someone a hick.The GOP don't have to be an angel better than the stupid yard ape you love.I know you being a stupid idiot (liberal) you don't see anything your Kool Aid sipplier does.I think this president (damn I hate to call that bastard president) is an idiot.

    • Christopher Zimmon

      JDS is not a gun owner. He's a troll sent out by the anti-gun people trying to grab votes for our Marxist president.

  • JDS

    Opps I meant to say 1 more in 2012 not 2011 in the above comment.

    • wayne

      Well no matter JDS, your sugar daddy wants to come take it away anyways. So go ahead, and vote for him. Just don't come to me when he is busting down your ,,, door to take them moron.

      • facepalm

        And here folks is an example of the racist, paranoid conspiracy theorists that watch too much Fox News. These ignorant folks embarrass the rest of us responsible gun owners by making us all look like right wing hillbillies.

        • PKAISF

          You use the phrase "racist, paranoid conspiracy theorists" to accuse all who disagree with you, then show your own bigotry by using the term "hillbillies". Please explain your hypocracy. Also which news network would you recommend and why?

          • David

            None of them are great, but I would probably say CNN (and maybe ABC). Here is why I don't watch Fox. I knew someone that worked in the NY Fox newsroom in the nineties. They would actually get calls directly from Rupert Murdoch when he didn't like a story they ran and he drove fear into that team. This wasn't once in a blue moon, he drove the agenda in the news room so that it gave his perspective. The whole phone hacking scandal in the UK did not surprise me. Fox doesn't report the news, it makes the news, which goes against the basic precepts of good journalism. I am not saying the others haven't followed suit somewhat, there are no pure news agencies any more, but Fox is not trustworthy.

  • Rich

    Howard, right there with you. We had the unfortunate experience of a home invasion. Thank God no one was hurt. I have a healthy appreciation for firearms for protecting my family. I am more than prepared the next time someone tries to invade my home.

  • AARP

    Yes I intend to buy more armament and ammunition this year; Since I can purchase many larger items that are available in my state. I will be well protected.

  • Max Wedge

    Guns are like guitars and motorcycles .. You Can't have too many !

    • Michael

      I agree. You can't have enough guns and ammunition.

    • Bimmerstuff

      I couldn't have said it better myself, except I've sold almost all my guitars and motorcycles, and bought more guns and ammunition.

    • Dave

      You also can't have too many Max Wedges either. I prefer '63s myself………….

    • reinhard earlin

      If you know how many guns you have, you don't have enough.

  • Jason Bober

    I wonder if the first person shooter games, that glorify the assault rifles, contribute some to the current rise in gun sales?

    • tlhuge

      No, just the ever impending certainty that Obama is going to come for them.

  • guillie_sniper

    Well I have several rifles and a few pistols but why take away our rights to own them? With every gun I purchased I have comeback with a clean record. I do have my CHL but only carry it when needed. I believe the government just wants us to give up our rights to bear arms so they can have that much more control over the US. That's just my 2 cents……

    • goldie5869

      that is my sentements exactly

    • Matthew Parkes

      If you carry concealed you should get in the habit of of carrying all the time. IE. You don't get car insurance only when you think you'll be in an accident. Things will happen when you least expect it. When you are doing anything it should as natural to grab your CCW as it is to grab your keys and wallet.

    • Brad

      Carry it when NEEDED? You should be called "gullible" sniper! We carry because we NEVER know when we will "need" it, not because we THINK we know when we will…

    • Rick

      As a CHL Instructor I recommend You need to carry all the time How could you know when you need it. Carry everyday

  • ahyup

    The fascinating thing is that gun ownership is up across the spectrum including even with liberals. It's up the most by far with independents. There it has gone form a minority to a majority.

    Which is why I don't really understand the extreme partisan strategy that most second amendment activists seem intent on. There is a lot more to be gained by reaching out to new gun owners who aren't necessarily conservatives than there is to be locking in tight with the GOP. Partially if they end up with "life time varmint hunter" Mitt Romney running for them. That guy will lose the NRA a lot of credibility if they back him.

    • B. DeSantis

      Yeah , but the liberals will vote for the the same people who will enact laws to strip our rights.

      • bigt

        Conservatives do the same thing. As far as I can tell Libertarians are the only philosophy extolling reduced control.

      • ahyup

        This is why there is more to be gained by bringing them in. Politicians pander to the people who vote for them. You aren't gong to change the minds but the people who do vote for them will.

  • Dan

    I have a concealed cary permit, and I cary every day. Sometimes it is difficult to cary IE. picking up the kids at their school, but it is my right, so I exercize that right with vigor. If some government @$$hole attemts to take away that right, I will still cary every day. Anyone who says I can not is an enemy and does not represent the very basis of our government! Come and get it if you can! I will deliver my guns one bullet at a time! If you are not NRA, then you should seriously consider taking up knitting because they fight every day for your 2nd amendment rights. ALL IN

  • NOmishka

    In 2011 i buried 2 bury tubes with 2 ARs, a Glock, a beretta clone, about 800 rds and 10/22. By definition of the word im a republican. But when i try to pick the lesser of two evils i usually end up voting for democrats. Don't let one topic decide your vote, just prepare for the bad times well and make your decision on things that you really cant do anything about.

  • Daniel Moore

    Well I wonder where all the interest in zombie guns and ammo came from. Then I looked at what type of folks are running this country and those voting for them. Now it makes sense. Need to buy some more zombie ammo when they decide to come for my property…its not just guns they want to take away….it is every liberty that we have that existed before the founding of this country.

  • steyr77aug

    Do you realize that if Obama gets back into office, HE HAS NOTHING TO LOSE!!!! He will not be worried about re-election. He will push all sorts of his liberal agenda, class warfare, ANTI-GUN LEGISLATION, anti-church, pro-homosexual, anti-military, etc. policies. Be prepared WHEN he can appoint another Chief Justice who WILL interpret the Second Amandment againt individual freedom. Please WAKE UP and see the BIG PICTURE!

    • David

      Do you have any hard evidence of anti-gun legislation by Obama? If so, please share it here. (not to get off subject, but I get where your other references are coming from, but don't understand the reference to anti-church – what makes you say that?).

      Also, and maybe my understanding is wrong, but you just mean another supreme court Justice, right? Because Bush appointed the relatively new Chief Justice and he should still be there for many, many years to come.

      • Jim

        David…the only thing that can be said to you is: Birds of a Feather Flock Together.
        You, don't get any harder evidence than that.

  • Eddie Spaghetti

    steyr77aug hit the nail on the head!!! Anyone who thinks otherwise has their head up their @$$ !!! Prior the last POTUS election I warned everyone I knew, that if O'bummer was elected, he would put in place every anti-gunner he could, then the hammer would fall. It sure looks to me that is exactly what he's been doing.

  • R.L. JONES


    • charles brown

      Amen brother Ben

  • PAul Michaelis

    To those who oppose any type of firearms, I suggest you visit Libya, Egypt or now Syria and ask those poor people if only the government should have weapons.
    The sad thing in this country is that we have about 84,000,000 families with at least one firearm and only 4,000,000 belong to organizations like the NRA to protect that right. Just think of the political power if most firearms owners would get on the same page………….

    • Linda

      You are totally right! Look at history and see what leaders always opposed guns? Hmmmm?

      Even England did gun control and when they had street riots and wide scale theft adn such, the people only could ward them off with knives, clubs, tools, whatever. I bet if some of the rioters had been shot the whole thing would have stopped fast!

      It is possible this country could explode internally some day and gun ownership will become "king"!

    • John

      Don't forget those crazy countries like Canada and England.

      The problems in Libya, Egypt and now Syria go WAY, WAY, WAY beyond gun control.
      Get real.

    • David

      I agree but that is not what this thread is about. Everyone on here wants to keep our gun rights. The question is whether this is an issue in the Presidential election and my current perspective, subject to change if any new hard evidence surfaces, is that its a wash in this election. I haven't seen any evidence that Obama will curtail gun rights in any way, and I haven't seen any evidence that Romney will increase gun rights in any way. Therefore I think other issues should decide this election.

  • Linda

    Once again when someone post an opinion, especially if politically different than yours, the response becomes personal obnoxious name calling and character or intelligence attacks on the person you disagree with. Try expressing civilly why you disagree with the others opinion and fairly listen to their reply.

    Our country needs to cool all the hatred and flaming rhetoric in my opinion. We are deadlocked in this country and it is time we all make more effort to compromise some and work to get along better. After all, Love of country isn't a religious or politcal value.


    By the way I am personally prepared to cope with any threat that comes my way, even if it would be social unrest. I think all Americans should at least own a gun at home and know how to use it with about 50 rounds minimum on hand.

    Men and women both need self protection in this crazy World.

    • JimN.

      50 rounds minimum!?!?!?!? 500 is a good start.

      • Linda

        I suggested what I thought would be OK for a typical non gunner type person for self defense. They probably consider that a lot and think they will never need or use it. One gun and 1 box may be a fiar compromise for every un enthused gun owner if such legislation was ever passed.

        Certainly not much ammo for you or I.

  • Cindy Munson

    Barry Goldwater said it best; "Extremism in defense of Liberty is no vice!" If our founding fathers had not been extreme, we wouldn't have Obama, we would have Queen Elizabeth II!

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    Thanks for all your in-put on how we can fight the laws that stop every American Citizen from protecting there families and themselves. Keep purchasing all the GUNS that you can purchase from any where in the USA. I having been making my purchase out of state because our Golden State laws that want to stop gun sales. I have been stocking up on ammunition and rifles and pistols for a while and I see things not getting any better with our elected duds. We need to all vote and replace our current comander in chief so we can keep
    "Our Rights To Bear Arms" All Life NRA Members, Hunters, Gun collectors, and Target Buffs, keep doing what you do best and and vote to change our leaders that want to take away our "GUNS"

  • Tim McGuire

    It is no coincidence that King Obama is from Chicago which is the largest city in the most anti-gun state in the union. It's too bad the rest of the people in Illinois have to live with the liberal mind dead Chicago politicians who continue to outlaw the Second Amendment of the Constitution. If those same politicians denied a person from being Catholic or Jewish would there be an outcry? Why is there no outcry on this issue? Wake up people of Illinois. Do not be sheeple any longer.

    • Michael Edwards

      I am a FORMER MARINE. When obama first got in office he did not even know how to salute the MARINE guards which are there to protect him. That is what we get by electing a commander in chief with no military back ground. He still don't salute properly, what an idiot.

      • John

        Did the two previous presidents have military backgrounds ?

        • steve

          One did. Not the one who was convicted of perjury.

          • blackhawk

            The one who was hiding from Vietnam.

  • ekar1911

    Sorry about the double printing of my comment I did it from my smart (dumb) phone and couldn't see the text below my comment. This is my first time commenting on this site I should have done it from my computer when I got home. My apologies.

  • Paul Michaelis

    If the Obama loving gun owners would take the time to examine Obama's history they would find that he is a died-in-the-wool anti 2nd amendment opponent. While in the Illinois senate on Feb, 2004 Obama voted against a bill that would have acknowledged the right of citizens to self-protection. On April 11, 2008 Obama said "people in small towns cling to guns and God". Obama sat on the board of the Joyce Foundation which gave $2.7million to anti-gun groups.On Feb 15, 2008 Obama voiced support of the Washington DC ban on handguns.
    This President speaks with a forked tongue, he has his personal agenda and he isn't about to explain it to the public. He much prefers to operate like a sneak in the night, because in his "mind" his personal agenda justifies his subversive means.

    • Buffalo11

      He is simply a Muslim,commie Marxist fool..Time to rid our country of this IDIOT!

      • blackhawk

        And you are simply an ignorant racist bigot and the reason I own guns.

    • David

      Thanks for the references. I'll look those up and if they do show a bias, I'll change my mind. I do remember the "people in small towns cling to guns and God" comment, and knowing the context, although I think it was a very poor choice or words, I do not believe that it was an anti-gun rights, or an anti religion comment.

      I will look up the other two references though, so thank you.

  • simoe says

    my problem is with this issue is why the H!!!!!!!!!!!! don:t they just leave the damn issue alone once an for ALL.every election we go thru the same thing, about the government trying to get your GUN I spent my time in korea,Nam.If you don:t like guns ,shut The H!!!!!!! up.And let us worry about the bad guys.i GOT 30 AND STILL BUYING MORE.Bang Bang!!!!!!!!

  • porkchop6209

    Like the old saying goes- How do you eat an elephant? One small bite at a time! Same with gun control. Anybody see where SC Justice Breyer and his wife were attacked by a man with a machete? Wonder how he feels about gun control now? Don't know how it was resolved, mainstream media won't report on it. Bet he had a carry piece and pulled it. God forbid they tell us the truth about it.

  • Alan

    Oh …. and by the way …. JDS sounds like a " Brady Bunch " plant .

    • Snug

      Watch for him at thepolls,he'll be the one drooling and dragging his (brass) knuckles!

  • Snug

    I want more guns than the whole collection of politico creeps in D.C. can count .
    They all count in millions,billions or trillions !

  • DeniseG

    I bought my first gun in 2011 for personal protection. Took the NRA course and have a permit to carry.

    • Abnrgr

      Good for you Denise!

  • Rob

    Yes… I will buy firearms and Ammo. If anyone says I cannot… "Over my dead body"…"or beter yet over theirs!" It is my right and duty to defend my country and the life of all who are dear to me… If I shoot a criminal then we will dwindle the polulation to those who are law abiding and civil.

    I appreciate peace and safety without having to carry or bear arms but this world is not at peace for now and there is either a predatory animal or another human always willing to try to take what I have or my life. I also have the right to eat. Would you want to have to pay for a license to grow food?

    Osama…I mean Obama will not be re-elected as long as level headed citizens vote…As for any president or leader willing to make it illegal for me to protect myself anywhere and anytime that would be absurd.

    I do not need so called registered weapons actually. A Pencil would do, A rock. A stick…. Choose your preference….If you threaten me or those with me….You will be addressed as I pray God will welcome you.

  • Andy

    I would like to say the 2nd amendment stats " keep and bear arms " by definition that means to carry, therefore rights have been ignored when all this conceal to carry permit non sense was put into place. Our current government is like an anaconda, they just continue to slowly strip our rights as we struggle and squirm. I will leave it up to all you gun owners imagination as what to do in case an anaconda attacks.

  • Doug Rooney

    We live in a rurual county depending where the police are their response time can be a much as 30 minutes, not their fault just to few of them, we do not have a problem namely because almost everbody is armed and everbody else knows it. The biggest mistake people make is thinking the police can protect them, someone can kick down your door in just a few secounds unless you have an armed guard posted you had best be prepared.

  • coloradocam

    Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum !!!

  • Scout

    Oh you silly people. You-all still believe you have a choice in this country. The two parties are playing you like a fiddle. It matters not which party/canidate controls anything. The agenda remains the same. Educate yourself! As for the NRA – They could easily double their membership if they did not exhibit such extreemist views. Their conventions look like (white) Baptist tent revival. When I go to a gun show, gun store or the range I do not see the demographics, or the political bias, represented by the NRA. If the NRA wants to maximize it's membership, and it's influence, it needs to drop the moral agenda and start focusing on the 2nd. Amendment. As it stands, the NRA is nothing more than another backwards wing of the republican party

  • JOhn

    It is better to be thought a fool that open your mouth and say yes we can; to prove it.
    But no you can't.

  • Timothy Reid

    Well I will say this for all of the anti-Obama people. Obama passed the law to make carrying in National parks and refuges legal. Also after Mrs. Gifford was shot he posted in the newspaper that everyone that is legal to have a gun should be able to have for protection. He did say we needed a way to keep crazy people, like the one that did the shooting that day, from being able to buy them. He said NCIS data was not up to date, it has supposed to have been getting better for over ten years now but with all the budget cuts it has not been getting updated.

  • Tas

    I'm buying & reloading, but I wonder . Do I bury everything in case they come after my guns or do I just surrender them peacfully, without getting into a firefight?

  • Vigilance

    In October of 2009, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned 19th century rulings that said the 2nd Amendment restricted only federal gun laws, not local or state measures. The decision will almost certainly void ordinances in Chicago and Oak Park, Ill., that forbid residents to have handguns at home. The justices ruled in favor of the Chicago residents who wish to have guns and sent the case back to Chicago for a lower court to issue a final ruling. In the 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court in essence clarified that the 2nd Amendment applied to a person squelching the anti-gun stance that the 2nd Amendment and the "militia" portion meant government organized groups. Additionally, "This case is only the beginning of the debate. Gun ownership rights — like free-speech rights — are not absolute, and state and local governments retain the authority to enact reasonable gun-control laws," said Rick Garnett, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame. Typically, residents can have a rifle or shotgun in any state without a permit. The main exceptions are for people with a felony record or who are mentally ill, and the Supreme Court has already said those "reasonable regulations" can stand. Seven states, including California, forbid assault weapons or semiautomatic weapons, the court noted. Those restrictions will face a legal challenge, gun rights advocates said.

    The point I'm driving at here is that we've seen a fundamental change in the climate and opinion towards gun ownership in America that's been building since the end of the 1950's. We, the American people, own a lot of guns and have a lot of ammo. Any government that would attempt to pass an outright ban and/or take away program would be subjected to a multi-million person rebellion centered around the Revolutionary War them of "Come and Take It!".

    But this is exactly why we must be vigilant and support organizations like the NRA. The government won't pass any outright ban or take away program. They will, however, do all that they can to slowly but surely erode the right to own, possess and use a firearm if the wrong people are continually elected and supported by those anti-gun influences with deep pockets.

    Falling asleep, getting lazy or being just plain complacent will be the downfall of our 2nd Amendment and we'll be to blame for it. Remain vigilant, support those organizations like the NRA that maintain watch on these issues and exercise your right to buy, own, and use a firearm as frequently as you are able.

  • Heretic

    Your rights are like your muscles, if you don't exercise them, they go away.
    The 2nd amendment says, and I quote, "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED". To my mind, that doesn't leave any room for any restrictions.

  • poolboy

    it is the bill of RIGHTS, not the bill of privelages. every law abiding american has the RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR arms. we have already allowed our rights under the first,fourth and fourteenth amendments to be compromised to the liberals. we will not give up the second amendment without a fight. anyone who is an enemy of the constitution of the united states of america is my enemy.

  • GAM

    I say walk quitely and carry a big stick that clicks.

  • JiminGA

    We have both old guns and new guns, long guns and hand guns. We live in what used to be a sleepy suburb but armed robberies and home invasions have come to us. In addition to just plain fun when target shooting we are armed for self defense, and also if and when we have a societal/economic collapse where my new AR 15 with appropriate ammo becomes a good hunting rifle for food. I also have a carry permit and my sidearm is never farther than arm's length away.

  • Ready and able

    OMG – Obama Must Go. I believe in recycle politics and we need to recycle Obama back to where ever he came from. He is the 2nd Amendments biggest enemy and he is destroying the constitution. I am going to buy as many guns as I can this year, stack em and rack em, bury tubes, ammo, and be prepared. You should too!

  • "Proud Coloradan"

    I am gald I live in a state that has "make my day law" and also considers your vehicle an extention of your home.So you can carry in your car openly but not concealed,also can carry openly in public,but not concealed with out a permit. Love it!!! (you would probably have to answer a few questions form the authorities)but any ways, a permit cost $152.00 in my county,but they also require handgun training course to get permit,which i think is good,people need to know the do's and dont's and proper training of a firearm.And if the feds want to take our guns away I would hope the great state of Colorado would oppose such a travesty.Since we are in the "Wild Wild West".

  • tim curtis

    No wonder I've waited 6 months to get my order filled for a DPMS LR_308 and 2 and half on an order for a DS Arms 300 blkout upper.

    Me, kids grew up, looking for something to do with my son, he was into Call to Duty – figured I show him the real thing. And he loves it. Take my wife and my daughter. Everyone's favorite is the Ruger 357 GP 100. Me – like the M&P 15, Mini-14 and the Hi Point 4595TS.

    Waiting for the California open carry ban to force "shall issue" concealed permits in my county. Less than 400 in a county with over 3.5 million people.

  • mordant221

    according to Caroline Brewer from the brady campaign, those sale increases are from people who've always had guns. i disagree, in january i bought my first gun, a ruger p95, then a month later a springfield 1911 mil-spec. after that, a mossberg 500 persuader that i modified to my liking. im saving next for an AR-10 (i don't like the .223).

    anyway, so what she's insinuating is that im the only person in the entire country to recently buy their first weapons… ok

  • gary

    dont like guns vote for obama, hope i drive by when three thugs are bashing your face in,please wear your oboma sticker on your forehead so i can determine if i am going to stop and help

  • Richard

    Daniel, my apologies for using the wrong name.

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