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Victoria’s Secret Model Karolina Kurkova’s Gun Dress Criticized

by Dylan Polk   |  April 24th, 2013 21
Karolina Kurkova

(Photo by Brian Flannery/Daily News)

Nowadays, it’s not really that hard to offend someone. So much as a display of something vaguely resembling whatever inanimate object you rally against is enough to prompt phone calls to the ACLU about how appalled you are.

Of course, as we gun guys can attest, firearms seem to take a lot of heat and prompt some pretty outrageous responses from those who think they know better.

Kid draws a picture of her father fighting monsters with a gun? Arrest the dad! Student bites his Pop-Tart so it looks like a gun? Suspend that little punk! That’ll teach him!

Sadly, it should come as no surprise that something with guns actually printed on is frowned on as “insensitive” and “low-taste.” At least, those are some of the words being used against Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova, who on Friday paraded around New York City in a dress covered in various handguns and rifles.

As is common with anything in this kindergarten country of ours, more than a few people had a problem with this.

The Hollywood-obsessed bloggers over at TMZ, for example, said Kurkova was “seemingly oblivious to the fact police had a deadly gun battle last night with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects” Thursday.

Maybe if TMZ actually did their homework, they’d know the dress has nothing to do with last week’s events in Boston, nor does it have anything to do with the attempts to ban “assault weapons” in Congress.

“It was against war and not anything to do with the personal use of guns,” Israeli-born designer Nili Lotan told the Daily News, saying it was actually a reference to the conflict between Lebanon and Israel.

Still, Lotan said she would be hesitant to use the same fabric again, given the tragic events in Boston and Newtown, Conn.

“Would I ever do (a gun print) again? I’m not so sure, because today it would provoke the wrong impression,” Lotan said, adding if she did use a gun print in the future, it would have “a very strong statement against allowing guns.”

Talk about ironic. Anti-gun fashionista makes anti-war dress, criticized for being insensitive because, oh dear, there are guns on it!

We at G&A won’t pretend to be fashion experts—by and large, our online staff’s wardrobes consist of flannel, tactical shirts and a few sports jerseys. This kind of nonsense is exactly why we stay far away from the world of fashion; it’s all confusion, self-righteousness and hypocrisy.

We’ll stick with our non-designer jeans and button-ups, thank you very much.

  • GNH

    Some people believe they can solve the world’s problems by focusing on the insubstantial aspects of American society. They will continue to fail.

  • Jack Meadows

    we must ban assault dresses immediately, for the good of the children :P

    • jondarmes

      I agree, she should take that dress off immediately.

  • John A Warren

    They are absolutely right, it is offensive to see a dress depicting Weapons on such an idiot. She needs to take it off and give it to someone who values the right to own guns of any kind.

  • JiminGA

    Liberals love free speech as long as it’s their speech. If not, they just use censorship.

  • Harry Kirkland

    Like the dress. Don’t give op!

  • veniceneon

    Much ado about nothing. The t-shirt version is considered a classic and has been around for at least 5 years made by a Venice CA skateboard Co and clothing line Rogue Status. I have two of them. Some are offended by them and some like them. Who cares! Now if this model feels the need to remove the dress, hmmm, I would like to….oh o.k. I’ll keep it clean.

  • Wayne Aregood

    Why is liberals, who are about 20% of the population can dictate to us what we do and say?

    • Schcotty

      The problem is not “liberals.” The problem is STUPID people. All those folks at TMZ are about as bright as flat black paint.

  • Ron Konieczka

    Liberalism is a DISEASE

  • Patrick

    We are living in a Gigantic Left Wing Freak Show that used to be the United States of America!

  • tanstaafl2

    Love the dress! Can I get one for my wife?

  • Tracy Thorleifson

    Well, heck, she just needs to take that darn thing off. Like right now. ;-)

  • John

    I like the dress so much I think she needs to take it of and give to me; and Ill take the dress also.

  • Sarah Weaver

    I actually like it. I’d love to have a scarf in that print.

  • needful

    let her walk down the street with the dress off,i think i’d rather that anyway!!!!!!

  • lee herbst

    Where do I get the shirt? Love it!

  • lee herbst

    Ofcourse TSA would have a fit, not let her through security and not know what to do. Hell if they would not let a lady through with a gun patch on her purse, they would strip the dress from Karolina. That is the Transportation Shitheads Administration.

  • kent payne

    these liberal’s see a squirt gun and they will piss on theirself!

  • The Shredder

    My kind of girl!

  • Orville Thomas

    The dress is best where it is. Covering a boney, shapeless figure.

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