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Ted Nugent Talks Guns in Exclusive Interview

by G&A Online Editors   |  April 22nd, 2012 18

Nugent004Hard rocker and legendary gun rights advocate Ted Nugent is no stranger to controversy — that became all too apparent in just the last few days, during which time his comments at the 2012 NRA Show in St. Louis earned Uncle Ted a visit from the Secret Service. As such, it’s painfully clear The Nuge is one of the most outspoken voices when it comes to hunting, fishing, trapping, shooting and pretty much anything outdoors.

Luckily, our good friends over at Sportsmen Vote were able to get an exclusive interview with the Motor City Madman. When asked for his first decisions should he ever be elected commander in chief, Nugent responded in typical fashion.

SV: What do you think is the single biggest challenge facing sportsmen?
The same embarrassing curse of apathy that has opened the door for the vile abuse of power and runaway corruption in our government. It is clearly the job of we the people to stay in tune with current affairs and speak out and communicate with our elected officials to steer America straight. It is diabolical, for example, that PA sportsmen’s groups actually sided with the maniacal HSUS on recent game law changes. This is suicide for conservation.

SV: If you were elected president, what would your first executive order be?
I would rescind Obama Care and begin to gut the wasteful, bloated bureaucracies one by one.

SV:Why, in your view, is it so important for sportsmen to vote in this election?
The current condition of federal and state government is infested with animal rights and anti-hunting and anti-gun zealots. The power of the licensed-hunter vote is strong enough to steer things back to common sense.

SV: Should there be nationwide reciprocity for state-issued concealed-carry licenses, just as there is for state-issued drivers licenses?
Nuge: As soon as possible, yes. But the real Second Amendment rights, by all honest review, requires no government issued paperwork of authority other than the existence of the Second Amendment itself.

SV: Whoever wins the presidential election may have the opportunity to appoint one or more justices to the Supreme Court. Why is the make-up of the Supreme Court important to sportsmen?
Nuge: We need to only look at the preposterous decision of four Supreme Court Justices that signed a declaration that American citizens have “no fundamental right to self-defense” to know how dangerously out of touch liberal justices can be. Many believe this to be the most critical issue of all.

  • Shane Simpson

    Did the secret service bring strippers? No? They just didn't want to pay for them! What a joke this administration is. Free Speach? Huh? When is America going to wake up?

  • Rydak

    Uncle Ted for President !

  • Jim

    I agree. Uncle Ted for president! Could we make him a write in candidate? He would certianly get my vote and the country would almost certianly be better off than it is under the current administration. Just sayin'!

  • John

    Ted is a pinhead; this guy is a bad figure to put out in the name of gun rights.

    • Karl

      Why? Whose approval are you seeking?

      • Nugent sucks

        Nugent is a poacher. He kills because he's a sick freak.

        • m1fun

          Like you have ever hunted with him or let alone shared thoughts over a meal. With your mindset i could just say you are a Hollywood tranny lib who broke a finger nail typing that cr@p. We need somone to step up to the plate, atleast he is willing to swing.

    • arcticrobot

      Only one smart person in 10 in these comments. Very bad ratio :(

  • Kyle Meier

    Ted has 2 things going for him that NO politician has. Common sense and he's in touch with the public. Motor City Madman 2016!

  • Matt

    The Nuge is 100 percent right about the supreme court. Any more liberal justices on the court and you can kiss your freedom goodbye.

    • Daron

      I agree 100%, liberalism is synonymous with communism

  • Antonio

    The Secret Service had to cut their Motor City inquisition short. It turns out they had contracted Cat Scratch Fever from dancing the Wango Tango in a South American brothel. Long live the Great White Buffalo.

  • Steve

    No Antonio, you have it all wrong.
    The Secret service had The Wang Dang Sweet Poontang in a Stranglehold until Little Miss Dangerous turned the situation into a Free For All. The justice department then sent them on a Journey To The Center Of The Earth where a Dog Eat Dog fight ensued and they were ordered to return to the Motor City Madhouse.

    • Antonio

      Well played, Steve. Free for All — that about sums it up.

  • holdurfire

    Political rhetoric aside, do you guys really think Ted has the brainpower to be the President?

  • Steve

    Oh yeah, I was wrong. Let's make Terrible Ted president.

  • Jim

    Nugent is not only an idiot he is mentally ill. He has the same mannerisms as Aileen Wuornose Look at her and Nugent's way they go from calm to explosive insane. Very similar.

  • shootbrownelk

    Ted's just being Ted. He maybe a poacher by mistake…but we all make mistakes don't we?

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