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Smith & Wesson Issues Safety Recall for M&P Shield Pistols

by G&A Online Editors   |  August 23rd, 2013 57

Smith & Wesson has issued a major consumer safety alert for all M&P Shield Pistols manufactured before August 19, 2013.

Released August 22, 2013, the safety alert identified an issue where the M&P Shield’s trigger bar pin could damage the trigger’s drop safety feature—enabling the pistol to potentially discharge when dropped.


Although it is believed the condition is limited to recently manufactured M&P Shields, Smith & Wesson is urging all consumers to inspect their pistols for the potential hazard.

To determine if your Shield is affected, follow these video instructions to inspect your pistol.

If your M&P Shield exhibits the potential safety hazard, be sure to arrange for repair by contacting Smith & Wesson directly at (877)-899-6259.

According to Smith & Wesson, firearms sent in for repair will be returned within 5 to 7 business days, and all shipping and repair expenses will be covered.

  • Django

    What is that the second recall already? The first recall was for the sights making the gun consistently shoot left, now the trigger safety does not work? BUY A F’ING GLOCK !

    • itsallinthename

      Glocks have had recalls too. Some have had issues but no recall has been made (see: 36). Kudos to S&W for the way they’re handling this.

      Not to mention the fact that Glocks are a quarter inch thicker than the Shield:

      • Django

        Could care less how thin they are. I have no trouble concealing large frame automatics, and don’t go for the newest fad. I Carry both Glock model 20 and 21, STI 2011 perfect 10, Wilson Combat 45, and an FN fnp 45 with no problems with printing or concealing, and they fit my grip perfectly, and they run perfectly. Glocks run PERIOD, and they shoot straight, and you could drop em without the gun going off! Their track record is spot on!
        What nation’s Army uses the Smith and Wesson MP, if not why? I am American and love American guns, but I do not make excuses for them either, there have been more excuses for this guns durability/reliability, that Kel Tec should add it their line up.

        I lost respect for Smith and Wesson with their complete ripoff called the Sigma, ever since they got sued they are still trying to produce a Glock !
        Maybe Smith and Wesson could produce an Ak-47 that does not run as well !
        P.S. Nice XS big dot sight, they are the greatest!!!!!! The Trijicon HD on the Shield is also nice, but I prefer the XS!!!

        • Glockandballs

          good thing Glock is coming out with a new single stack. Glock reliability in a more concealable frame = magic.

          • Django

            They have had single stack magazine for years it is called the Glock 36! It is not that popular, they took the slide of the 36 and put it on the double stacked 30 and made the 30s.

          • Glockandballs

            I know you are not a stickler for grammar but please note the word “new” in my post.

        • Me

          Why is it that anyone who concealed carries what is considered a ‘full size’ pistol always seems to have the need to puff their chest out and tell you about it? Like they’re more manly or something. What a bunch of idiots. I carry a compact .45 because it’s easy to wear all day. I could carry a bigger gun but what the hell is the point? Do you need a larger size gun to make up for something else?

          • Django

            It’s not that it is more manly, it is the fact that subcompacts, and mini guns are the new fads as I have stated. I used the big frame guns as a point to show that I COULD GIVE A SHIT ABOUT CONCEALING! 1911’s have been around for years, no one complained that they were too big. The slim guns and short barrels with their tiny sight radius’s and back straps, and slim “snappy” frames are what makes handguns almost useless. If you cannot conceal a full frame gun because it is ONLY 2 inches bigger?Than you are an IDIOT. I rather have accuracy in a handgun, than conceal-ability! But most of all I rather have a gun with a track record of functionality!

            Learn how to read it make life easier on you dumbass!

          • glockandballs

            Carry gun size aside, I find it humorous when someone accuses another of a lack of intelligence when their post contains both grammatical errors and a nonsensical/erroneous idiom…that they put in all caps. The phrase is “I could not give a shit about concealing”, meaning that there is no way you could give less of a shit. What you wrote would imply that you have in fact shit about the topic of concealing, even if it is just a skid in the trousers.

          • Django

            If we are talking grammatical errors, I find it incredibly comical that you not understand the inference referred to my quote was communicably false and lacking in comprehension or understanding.To underscore these inaccuracies further, I simply implied his errors were in fact poppycock and further more corrected his ASSumptions! LOL! Does that make you feel better Skippy?

          • Glockandballs

            Good work finding the thesaurus. Now if you can just figure out the correct use of punctuation, proper linear logic and how to make a complete sentence using cogent syntax.

            And by the way, your diatribe was misplaced. I was simply stating that you do not have a grasp on colloquial idioms. Or to state it another way, you screwed up the phrase you put in all caps.

            If you would like, I could have one of my friends 7th grade students log in and edit your posts for you. That way the other kids might not pick on you anymore;)

          • Django

            Hanging out with little boys is not my thing but I see it’s yours explains a lot!

          • ZENPATRIOT

            OK, now I see you are just a hyper-macho blowhard with delusions of expertise and no sense of decorum; sorry I tried to have a rational discussion with you. My mistake.

          • Django

            Are you glock and balls? How many aliases do you have? Looks like somebody got caught with numerous accounts! I figured your writing styles matched it was a hunch, but a correct assumption non the less! Not too bright!

          • ZENPATRIOT

            How accurate do you need to be at 7 yards? You don’t need Olympic accuracy to defend your life.
            And by the way, I have only one account on Disqus.

          • Django

            You would be if precision was in order, like a hostage or moving target! I would not trust a derringer at all, but that is just me like I said I am no expert!

            You seem to have multiple accounts on diqus!

          • dixadragin

            You can play up hi points oops I mean Glocks but still bottom of the barrel when compared with a quality Springfield loaded 1911. Your Block pails in comparison to a real firearm. I at least want to be proud of all my pistols not embarrassed to claim ownership of a plastic gun. So look at your own weaknesses realistically before you open your cock holder!

          • romney2011

            Folks I would say there are a lot of arrogant but stupid people running an argument into the ground. What a waste of time and effort. This is bulls**t from most of you.
            I am not an expert. I have a Glock 23, .40. I like it pretty much. I can tell you I shot a H&K and first mag was much improved accuracy. I recently put a Shield in my hand and I KNOW it felt more secure, balanced; almost like an extension of my hand. I have no agenda. I will shoot what I like and that is it. The Glock is just not as well balanced and secure for ME. More importantly is the Glock .40 having a crappy barrel design. Been warned several time NOT to shoot reloads even if you are the reloader. So now, to be safe and get better accuracy I have to buy an aftermarket barrel for another $150 or so. I am at least mildly pissed. I will keep it, shoot it, may get the barrel. It does seem to be a real negative Glock issue when it is a Glock .40. Not a Sig, S&W, Ruger, OR a 9 mm, 45, 38 spl. Kind of a dirty little secret. Now drop the name calling s**t.

          • Glockandballs

            Do you still live in your parent’s basement? And by the way, your comments really make my day. I really enjoy reading your moderately incoherent ramblings. Haven’t laughed this hard in a minute.
            Also, we are all individual people posting in here. I know it might be hard for you to believe but there are a LOT of people who think you are a fool. Keep up the good work!

          • Django

            Do not confuse consensus with fact, BIG mistake! It seems you make it a habit!!

          • Jeff Allen

            Says “mini guns are the new fad”… Has never seen a Derringer before. ;)

          • Django

            Derringers are just as useless as mini guns. Why not bring a bow and arrow, or a cat and nine tails!

          • ZENPATRIOT

            You are aware that your opinions are not synonymus with truth, aren’t you?

          • Django

            Show me where a subcompact or compact can out perform a standard size gun in accuracy?If you got to any match you will not see a subcompact compete. If you are using a derringer for self defense aim high after 5 feet!
            If your only notion is to conceal a gun large frame guns are concealable and have been for a long time!

          • ZENPATRIOT

            None of that is relevant. You claim compacts are useless; you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. Derringers, compacts, small-frame revolvers have been put to very good use defending life by numerous people for 150 years. Competition is not combat. Concealable is relative; how do you conceal a 1911 in shorts and a tank top?

          • Django

            An inside the waist band holster!

          • ZENPATRIOT

            Less effective does not equal useless.

          • Django


          • ZENPATRIOT

            You really are just an ignorant blowhard. Further communication with you would be pointless; last word.

          • Django

            What a pussy a combination of Bob Costas and Perez Hilton! Runaway when you get beat are all libs this dumb?
            Farewell Me, Glock and balls, and Zen patriot. With more patriots like you we will be in serious trouble!

          • Manny

            Exellent, 1911 any day,

          • stupid ppl

            maybe the point of concealin is so that you dont draw attention to yourself and make yourself a target you idiot

        • Kyle

          The phrase is “I couldn’t care less” not “I could care less”. I could care less means you do actually care a bit.

          • Django

            Wow, you must live a fulfilling life/lifestyle! Again I could give a rats ass, is that more eloquent?

  • Rimfire

    Yes, kudos indeed to S&W. They are the guys that turned their backs on American shooters during the Slick Willie admin. NOTHING is forgotten or forgiven. They can use their Shield as a suppositor.

    • itsallinthename

      Aren’t they under new ownership/control and run by totally different people now?

      • timtherabbit

        Yes, and there has been no change in their status.

        • Riain S

          Wait- so do you hate Ruger as well? Bill Ruger sold us out back in 94. But he’s dead and Americans own S& W again. They’re both solid companies now moving in the right direction. A self-imposed boycott won’t accomplish anything.

  • Warthog

    “Rimfire” is right on the money here. All the current wave of “patriots” ditching Glocks and jumping on the S&W bandwagon should remember what this company planned to do to American shooters under the Clinton administration. Their moral direction can’t be trusted and neither can their products!

    • Guest

      I thought it was Bill Ruger who said he had no problem with people being limited to 10 rd magazines. And that’s why the Mini 14 and Mini 30 weren’t classified as assault weapons.


      That was when S&W was owned by British corporation, which is no longer the case.

  • 18D

    The pro Glock/anti Smith & Wesson comments are a joke. You people need to grow up.

    • Ben Parsons

      Good grief! We’re all probably on the same side here. Carry what you’re comfortable with. At the ranges you’re most likely to be using a personal defense firearm all that really matters is that you didn’t leave it at home.
      Practice presenting it in all manner of dress.
      I have Colt Commander, Beretta Model 70, and the new M&P Shield .40 (among others). Whatever fits my ‘feel’ that day is what I take.

    • superbombastik

      Don’t know specifically you are worked up about, but I have owned both and could make some pretty clear statements of support for Glock over S&W. Price, for one. While Glock has stayed pretty static in the market, Smith has traditionally priced their products as though consumers had no alternative. Smith has always been at the top end of the price scale. Inversely, their products (like the Sigma) were not always top notch and they have arbitrarily decided to discontinue models (the 1989 .45 ACP revolver for example) despite their popularity. Glock has remained superior in my mind for not having all the bells and whistles that slow down or confuse the shooter during times of duress. Its always ready to go. You draw down at 2am on an intruder there isn’t any hesitation that its in “safe”, nor will you accidentally hit the de-cocker in a tussle. All I need is my finger to determine shoot or no shoot. Glock was pretty much the first successful producer of pistols utilizing plastic or non metals. Though HK did it before them, Glock revolutionized the gun world. Smith spends all its time trying to catch up. Deal with it.

      • hugh

        In mass a new gem three glock 17 would cost about $900.00 making it completely a waste of money over an m&p. As a matter of fact you could get a .40cal and a nine kilometer AND about two extra magazines for each for that price of the glock.

        • hugh


  • petru sova

    In the distant past firearms companies were owned and run by families. Today it is corporations with stock holders. In order to keep the blind greed of the stock holders satisfied firearms companies do not thoroughly test new products but rush them to market to make maximum profits and they let the public test them which always results in many recalls, sometimes lasting for years.
    Today firearms companies hire engineers not to test or improve products but to find new ways to cheapen them while constantly raising the prices to maximize profits for the blind greed of the stock holders.
    Small wonder this new gun has recalls, so do most of the other new models that have come on the market in the last 25 years.

    • Jeff Allen

      What? Never mind….


      Fine analysis from a Marxist perspective on economics, which means it is dead wrong.

      • petru sova

        Genius boy you should look up the definition of Marxism and Capitalism.

        • ZENPATRIOT

          I’ve read Marx and Adam Smith; have you?

  • petru sova

    In the distant past firearms companies were owned and run by families. Today it is corporations with stock holders. In order to keep the blind greed of the stock holders satisfied firearms companies do not thoroughly test new products but rush them to market to make maximum profits and they let the public test them which always results in many recalls, sometimes lasting for years.
    Today firearms companies hire engineers not to test or improve products but to find new ways to cheapen them while constantly raising the prices to maximize profits for the blind greed of the stock holders.
    Small wonder this new gun has recalls, so do most of the other new models that have come on the market in the last 25 years.

  • Bob

    I own a Shield, which has performed flawlessly and does not have this problem. This is not a drop safety issue, and the “recall notice” by S&W is worded wrong. All Shields have a striker blocker safety, which does not clear the striker, unless the trigger is pulled back 80-90% of the full trigger pull. No Shield will fire unless the trigger is pulled nearly fully rearward. The correct safety issue is a sticking trigger block safety. This safety stops trigger movement only if the upper 1/2 of the trigger is pulled back. If the lower 1/2 of the trigger is pulled back, this safety releases and the trigger will move. This is most likely the least effective safety on a gun, since the whole bottom 1/2 of the trigger will release the safety when pulled or moved. It is not nearly as effective as those guns that have a lever/button in the middle of the trigger, which must be depressed before the trigger can move.

  • steely

    Wow, we have met the enemy and he is us!

  • Brian Von Cowboy

    I was just on my way to trade in the Kimber solo for a shield, did a quick search.
    I don’t plan on dropping the shield, and my dog wears Kevlar, so would anyone like anything while I’m out? I guess if you see 7 Kimber solo holsters on ebay, that will be me.

  • Daryl

    Can I just carry anything I want, or is the government buying mine now?

  • jeremy

    I own both and have zero issues out of them. It’s not a contest, fellas….just a matter of preference for the way you dress that day.

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