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Russian Singer Makes Statement at Grammys by Wearing Fake Guns

by G&A Online Editors   |  February 13th, 2012 20

This is probably G&A’s first ever Grammy fashion review. Shocked? Appalled? Thinking about unsubscribing from our magazine?

Wait just a minute, we have good reason here. Everyone knows guns aren’t allowed in the Grammy unless you’re a bodyguard or, as last night proved, a hot Russian dance-pop singer with hot blonde locks and plenty of wanderlust.

Sasha Gradiva showed up to the red carpet spectacular prior music’s biggest night wearing some wannabe Terminator arm piece complete with a shoulder mounted pistol and a wrist corsage fit for a post-armaggedon prom.

We can’t really tell what these fake metallic guns are supposed to be, with barrels pointing in every direction, but it seems like a fine gesture to the Second Amendment crowd. But what statement was she really trying to make?

Leonid Gurevich, Gradiva’s stylist, explained his intent on his website:

“The concept behind the weapon accessory was to take ALL the weapons and firearms of the world and use them for artistic purposes only. Not for killing,” he wrote. “Make couture — not war.”

We artfully disagree, but you couldn’t expect more from the Hollywood crowd. At least her wardrobe stunt got her some attention. That’s what show business is all about, right?

The 2012 Grammys…where fashion meets the armory. (photos via Getty)

  • ahyup

    I read this morning that somebody won a bunch of Grammies and I had no idea who they were. I guess that means I'm getting old.

    As for the photo I'm still trying to figure out how it's supposed to be culture. It looks like a rejected cyborg costume from a third rate sci-fi movie.

  • Gun

    i like it….she very beautiful and i think the gun add ons to her dress is pretty cool looking

  • EdC

    Stupid is as stupid does……

    • deborah smith

      probably a statement about how the women in this country can't depend on any men to protect them,or their familys anymore.they better arm themselves and be ready to do it alone.

  • Ken Sikora

    ….The Grammy's….Realistic Definition: "A place to gain attention when nobody in the World is paying attention to you. Usually accomplished by doing something stupid, saying something stupid, just looking stupid, wearing something stupid or not showing up at all." I do believe she has accomplished everything within the "Realistic Definition" except not showing up at all.

    • old vet

      Very well put!

    • Walter Coscia

      Finally, someone actually get's it!!!!!

  • jef

    Guns aren't bad its the person that uses them wrong that does gunowners aren't the ones going out shooting up everything or committing the crimes.know the difference.I own guns for 35 years and never shot or robbed anyone so its not every gun owner.just like not every car owner will wreck or drink and drive or kill someone while driving.

  • Vikinglord_50

    Nice (gun) Rack…

    • SSG Rock


  • Leonardo BigPanda DiAiwer

    It looks like an mp5 around the shoulder, lets just ducate the young about these things and they think thats cool

    • Leonardo BigPanda DiAiwer

      Not kool i mean

  • SSG Rock

    I disagree with her (stated) reasoning (I'm sure she needed to 'blow smoke' up Hollywood's uber-liberal a**). What I take from the picture is the guns take a moderately attractive woman and make her smoking HOT! I'm sure that is what she was really going for.

  • bhupinder.sandhu

    she does not any guns man she can deliver oyherwise

  • Dwight Hill

    Make love ………………………………….. then make war ! I guess that looks hot , in Russia , that is . I have no idea what she's trying to say , and I really don't care . I don't even know who she is . Nor do I care . How do like those apples /

  • Mack Missiletoe

    I taught her to shoot. She really got into it…

    He outfit looks sweet and innocent to me. You should have seen what she wore to the Prom!

    She's only smiling because she ran out of bullets.

    When you're on the run, you gotta get creative in your defensive tactics.

    She's on her 7th marriage.

    I'd do her.

  • MichiganFreedom

    I like the 36's!

  • Niko Szmanski

    Gun was painted by Niko at Custom paint Workz of NY.

  • Lucifer's Taxi

    Good thing she didn't pull that at the Grammys- your gestapo would have tazered her and then fired a half-dozen 'warning shots' into her head!

  • Chouck0101

    I don’t understand why people think peace will solve the world’s problems. There will always be bad people in this world. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

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