This is probably G&A’s first ever Grammy fashion review. Shocked? Appalled? Thinking about unsubscribing from our magazine?

Wait just a minute, we have good reason here. Everyone knows guns aren’t allowed in the Grammy unless you’re a bodyguard or, as last night proved, a hot Russian dance-pop singer with hot blonde locks and plenty of wanderlust.

Sasha Gradiva showed up to the red carpet spectacular prior music’s biggest night wearing some wannabe Terminator arm piece complete with a shoulder mounted pistol and a wrist corsage fit for a post-armaggedon prom.

We can’t really tell what these fake metallic guns are supposed to be, with barrels pointing in every direction, but it seems like a fine gesture to the Second Amendment crowd. But what statement was she really trying to make?

Leonid Gurevich, Gradiva’s stylist, explained his intent on his website:

“The concept behind the weapon accessory was to take ALL the weapons and firearms of the world and use them for artistic purposes only. Not for killing,” he wrote. “Make couture — not war.”

We artfully disagree, but you couldn’t expect more from the Hollywood crowd. At least her wardrobe stunt got her some attention. That’s what show business is all about, right?

The 2012 Grammys…where fashion meets the armory. (photos via Getty)

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