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Introducing the Ruger SR22

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 3rd, 2012 78

Ruger SR22If you’ve noticed a trend in new .22LR guns recently, you’ve clearly been paying attention. It’s an easy equation to solve: .22 ammunition is affordable, and in this downtrodden economy, we’re all looking to save a little cash. Plus, it’s great for small game hunting, plinking and just plain ol’ fun at the range. That much isn’t new.

After introducing the LCR .22LR earlier this month, the company has announced a second .22 cal. handgun, the Ruger SR22, a scaled-down, lightweight handgun that is designed to cover all the shooting sports.

“Ruger has built a solid reputation for excellence in rimfire pistols with the Mark III and 22/45 product families, and the new SR22 will contribute positively to that reputation,” said Chris Killoy, vice president of sales and marketing at Ruger, in a recent press release. “This pistol is feature-packed and an incredible value — consumers won’t find a similar product with everything the SR22 offers at a comparable price. It functions with all types of .22 LR ammunition for extreme reliability; once rimfire enthusiasts pick it up, they won’t want to put it down.”

The polymer-framed SR22 features an external hammer with a rounded spur, designed for easier cocking and single-action shooting. The SR22 also features two interchangeable rubberized grips that also allows a slim or wider palm swell option without using tools to adjust.

The SR22’s aluminum slide is serrated to allow for better grip and slide manipulation on both the front and rear. An underside Picatinny rail with multiple cross slots allows for variable mounting, and a 3-dot sight system features adjustable front and rear sights to account for wind and elevation. In addition, a reversible blade allows shooters to choose between two white dots or a solid black blade.

Other features include a replaceable stainless steel barrel, an ambidextrous manual thumb safety and decocking lever, ambidextrous magazine release and a visual inspection port.

The SR22 is shipped with two 10-round magazines and a soft case. Two finger grip extension floorplates can also be added the SR22’s magazine. It will retail for around $400.

Slide Material: Aluminum
Slide Finish: Black Anodize
Grip Frame: Black Polymer
Sights: Adjustable 3-Dot
Barrel Length: 3.50″
Overall Length: 6.40″
Height: 4.90″
Width: 1.29″
Weight: 17.50 oz.
Capacity: 10
Twist: 1:16″ RH
Grooves: 6
MA Approved & Certified: No
CA Approved: No

Be sure to check G&A magazine and G&A TV for tests and evaluations of this rifle and more guns from Ruger. 

  • Jay Kay

    looks like a Walther P22

    • Eric


      kel-tec p3at -> ruger lcp
      kel-tec pf9 -> ruger pf9
      walther p22 -> ruger sr22

      • rich

        am looking in to getting a ruger sr22lr would like some information on it hope you can help me

    • Guest

      Looks more like an original Taurus 24/7, even has the same ugly safety. Since when did Ruger start making copies? Their new rifle looks like a TC Venture receiver in a Savage Axis stock with an accu-trigger. Always been a Ruger fan but I gotta say I am sadly disappointed in the new stuff.

      • old vet

        You make a lot of good points, the only thing directly copied from another pistol is the ugly, they use different slide materials and such. You are really close in your disc. of rifles, their is a growing trend to this type of firearm these days. They are easier to produce, accurate enough, and durable enough for most uses, unfortunately they are more and more generic. Being said if they are Ruger's, they will be done well.

  • builtchevytuff

    wheres the sr45 ? cmon ruger

  • bhupinder.sandhu

    nice new rifle and a beauty of 22 ruger. i appreciate rugers r&d

  • Steve

    Only because Kel-Tec doesn't make a .22.

    • XXX


  • Bill

    Did IQ's suddenly fall at Ruger? Whose brilliant idea was it to make an "up to fire" frame safety? That will make for a great training companion to every other pistol in the world with down to fire as the method of operation. That includes Ruger's own SR9, SR40, LC9 and SR1911.

    • Tavi

      People like Bill make my head hurt. He needs to actually buy a handgun and check to see the how the safety works. Hopefully he won't hit his feet anymore. They already seem to have taken a lot of hits.

      • old vet

        The man was describing the way the safety works which IS up to fire. This is backwards to most American shooters. After some practice it does have some merits. In an emergency you can flick the safety off with thumb as you grip the gun. However may not be very safe. However the safety on this thing is up to fire.

  • Mike

    Ruger doesn't seem to know how to come up with their own ideas any more. It's easier to copy some other companies ideas and make slight changes than it is to invent their own. They're becoming just like Taurus! What a shame. Bill Ruger is probably turning in his grave.

    • C. Lewis

      ……Like a zombie?

      • old vet

        I would have loved to have seen someone in Ruger R&D show old Bill a polymer framed anything as same same as this pistol, no matter how cute. WHHHOOOLAAAAWDIE!

  • Captainrobert

    The one thing Ruger does best is build a gun that will feed, fire and eject as well as any.
    Rugers just plain work.
    They may make one similar to another gun manufacturer but I will put my money on the Ruger functioning more reliably.

    • Mark

      I have a few .22's including a MkIII. The Ruger is abigger pain in the ass than all the rest combined

  • James Beadle


  • Ben

    Still looking for a Magnum 22 handgun…
    Where oh where……

    • guest


      • Tanasi

        I don't suggest you hold your breath waiting on that one.

      • shootbrownelk

        I think Ben means one that doesn't look like something out of a Si-Fi movie. I agree with CaptainRobert….Rugers ALWAYS work and work well. I too am waiting for Ruger to build a .22 magnum on this platform…I have dibs on the one right after Ben's!

      • Dave smith

        Kel tech is absolute junk

    • Mark

      Check out the Taurus 992; .22LR/.22WMR.

      • shootbrownelk

        Too Darned heavy Mark…A good lightweight .22 mag. like a S&W 351 PD …without taking out a reverse mortagage on your house to pay for it. IF you can find one!

  • Doc

    Hope it is easier to take down then the Mark III.

    • Mactex


      • old vet

        Second that.

  • jeffadaklin

    Seems to me everybody out there makes the same guns. Some look better, some are more reliable, some are cheaper, but really- what's really new? That KSG shotgun- now there's a new one for ya. Even the .410 pistols have been around for almost 30 years. Is it Bond Arms in Texas, started making .410 derringers in the 80s? I mean the only way to do something really new is -who makes the first ray-gun.

    • Mactex

      Oh, you could do something totally original like….Zombie ammo!


    • shootbrownelk

      There's always room for improvement…taking a good idea to the next level…the problem is, the next level is usually just in the price! Too many "Non-Gun Guy" bean-counters in the firearms industry these days,
      importing parts or the ENTIRE weapon from overseas. At least Ruger builds their guns in the USA with AMERICAN workers!

  • Mactex

    I'm sitting here looking at my Walther P22 and am hard pressed to see much of a difference – except in price. Right down to the bass-akward safety. I still think the PF9 is equal to or better than the Ruger copy w/ exception of manual safety and loaded chamber indicator. They say to copy someone is the sincerest form of flattery but I don;t know how they get around the patent infringment.

    • old vet


  • Sam

    I was hoping Ruger would make SR22 in the frame size and design exactly as their popular SR9 and SR40's. I love my SR9 but it's too expensive to go target practice every week. But instead this SR22 is just a Walther P22 clone. Even if it shoots a bit better than the P22, I don't think too many P22 owners would waste their money buying another similar gun. Come on Ruger. You have potential. You can do better than this. At least offer a .22 conversion kits for the SR9/SR9C and SR40/SR40C.

    • old vet

      I agree, have several Ruger products and love them believe Ruger is a super American gun maker It's just that this thing has got to be the most butt ugly thing to bear the Ruger trademark on it's grip. Even if it does function great which I'm sure it will

  • Ron

    I too (like Ben) want a 22 mag auto

    • Snug

      There have been a few! Most(all?) were large,heavy,and costly to buy and feed. Why spend $500 for a gun that fits no niche? Shoot .22LR for practice,get a surplus Macarov for CCW. Heaven knows if you use it for self-defense your pistol will be in police custody until adjudication (or forever! You might as well save the extra money for a lawyer.

      • Snug

        Post script: I like the new little Ruger!

    • Tommy

      Why bother with the .22 magnum? The purpose for making a .22LR gun is cost effective shooting. 22 Magnum ammo is the same price as 9mm in Midsouth shooters supply catalog. CCI blazer 9mm $9.82/50, CCI .22 Maxi-mag $9.82/50. Personally I'll take the 9mm, then when I need to use it for CCW just upload with some personal defense ammo and go. No need to own 2 different guns. IMHO

      • old vet

        Good point, why does .22 MAG have to be priced so high? It kills the whole concept of rimfire ammo.

  • K. Lee, Mesa, AZ

    So, why aren't these compliant in MA and CA? So glad I live in AZ and not CA. CA is such a moronic state towards gun laws. Criminals will never comply.

    I agree with the others on getting a magnum out there. The PMR-30 is scarce as hen's teeth. I think if Ruger developed a .22WMR with all the reliability issues covered, it could sell quite a few especially when it held 30 rounds. Oh, then it wouldn't be compliant in CA. Then again, who cares. Drop off the crates in AZ.

    • old vet

      There should be an amendment allowing to boot a State out just for being too damned embarassing to keep around!

    • Anthony Gomez

      It is California Compliant. I just held one last week. I was wondering why the author wrote that it wasn't.

  • William Bradford


  • jared

    i have a single six with the mag cylinder, its just not auto. but accurate as hell!

  • old vet

    Better than what? A warthog?

  • old vet


  • Mark

    The premise for the Walther P22; sorry Ruger SP22 ($400), is that LR22 cost less to shoot. I paid $200 for a conversion kit from Wilson Combat in Berryville, AR. The installation instructions and recommendation are excellent. Shooting .22 with the same frame pistol (1911 Wilson Combat) really is cheap. I’m not knocking Ruger; the first gun I bought my son was and is a 10/22.

  • DirtyBiskts

    Ray Gun…….That would be awesome! who cares what the damn thing looks like all that matters to me is, am gonna have a good time with my two boys and be able to fire the 1000 rounds I buy with out all the constent jamms and misfires like some of those others "sig" its a .22 comes down to function, I like the service gun approach to the .22 good for training with my kids for educational purpose as far as take down and mechanics of the gun.

  • rammer

    amt made a 22 mag semi auto back in the 1980 s and was called the biggest toilet known to man . just get a 22 mag wheel gun and be happy.

  • Firestorm

    I looked at the new Ruger SR22 yesterday at a gun shown in Ohio. It appears to be a very well made gun. When I compared it to the P22 which was in the adjacent case, the ruger's action appeared to be smoother. Add in the extra mag and the $10.00 price up charge for the Ruger, I'd say they have a winner for someone
    looking for a low cost rimfire practice weapon.

  • David

    Looks just like my Walther P22.

  • rjd

    My Walther P22 is crappy compared to this. I love it!
    The Walther will be dumped. This one is a winner!

  • Dewey E. Du Bose

    Retail around $400.00, GMAFB. For that price I can buy a 9mm or just about any other semi-auto load. Yea .22 ammo is cheap, but if I'm going to spend that much for a semi, I want something that has more than a single use in a hand gun. Sorry Ruger, but no sale from the gunner.

    • La Hunter

      Dewey, you missed the boat.

  • Ostentatious

    I admittedly skipped quite a bit in the reviews to find… that I just sold a BRAND NEW/NEVER FIRED Walther P22 to my Cuz… Ruger SR22?! Really? Come on now. What does SR stand for? SUCKER REBATE or something? I'm not finding much in the way of making me want to buy one of those…

  • mr 9mm

    the cost of the gun is high but agter it has been on the market a while the price will go down some.

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    Ruger has a great 22LR 10 round magazine with there MK III and it a awesome to shoot all the cheap 22LR at any gun supply store that sells 22LR ammunition. And it is all steel gun and shoots very well with "1 MOA. And it is under $325 for a new in box semi-auto Buds Gun Shop in Lexington, KY…

    • Al

      was and is???? not knocking you but who talks like that??

  • Kdaddy64

    As with any new design, I have found it best to wait until the bugs have been worked out. Ruger has lately had the tendency to rush products out before they are perfected, most recently, the LCP.

  • Joel Jaworowski

    I don't like a slide that's made of aluminum. Does it have steel rails to ride on? Even anodized aluminum will wear quickly and aluminum gauls. What about a barrel bushing,does it have one – it better or you'll need to have replacable slides. It wont last long if it doesn't have the things I mentioned. I wouldn't buy one. I'd buy a PLY-22 before I'd purchase something with an aluminum slide. Money's too hard to come by these days. It sounds like a disposable gun – great for mob hits. Once behind the ear and toss.

  • Ian

    SR: stands for Sturm Ruger. How many verzions of the AR-15 is out there? What about the 1911? So why can't Sturm Ruger produce a gun to compete with Walther? Everybody is entitled to a piece of the money pie. If your a Walther fan, than buy the Walther. If your a Ruger fan, than buy the Ruger. I'm interested in the .22 mag semi auto hand gun too. I know Kel-Tec makes one, but I'm not a fan of Kel-Tec. What I'd really like to see, is a .17HMR semi auto hand gun! I think that would be pretty cool.

    • John Fazzini

      Totally! Like a five-seven,but more affordable.Some Co. must be working on that.I hope so.

  • Eddie Spaghetti

    I imagine the "street price" will be closer to the $300.00 (+/-) mark, not too bad, but should still be cheaper. I do believe the gun fills the bill for a fun plinker and/or trainer. However, since the safety is bassackwards, and the fact that it's got to be one of the fugliest guns I've seen, like a warhog as another poster stated, I WON'T BUY ONE. I also WON'T buy a Mark III or 22/45 again because the takedown and reassembly is such a pain in the butt. I actually sold my 22/45 because of that. I bought a .22 conversion for my 1911 and am very happy with it.

    • d moon

      why would you ever have to take down a mk 1 2 or 3 ruger pistol . ive had them all im 47 years old , pull bolt back spray the gun good with carb cleaner shake it around use a toooth pick on the extractor and let it dry give it a squirt of rem oil or god forbid wd40 and it will fire 10.000 more rounds , its just that easy dude

  • Jim

    Nice Auto – When Ruger builds them they're built to last. Rugers are traditionally reasonably priced; cheap to shoot, and sturdy…who can top that?

  • shidpoke

    I don't see any improvement over my target mk ll, except maybe take down, I am a fan of the .22 mag. revolver and would like Ruger to produce one in double action at around 12oz's maybe one day

    • John F.

      Second that.

  • Brandon

    Glad to see we're not the only ones who thought the backwards safety was jacked up!

  • james

    I believe the slide on the Walther is made of zinc and the ruger is aluminum.

    Ruger making polymer framed semiautos for many years.

    The SR22 is on my watch list.

  • SA 1911

    Love this gun. Have put 1000 Blazers through it, maybe 5 jams.

  • Curt

    This gun is great. No jams, beats the Walther any day. It likes a many different kinds of ammo
    what more could you ask for

    • old vet

      My old Mark I target model.

    • La Hunter

      Curt, I have to agree with you. My co-worker has a Sig Mosquito which will take absolutely no "regular" ammo whatsoever. If he doesn't shoot CCI's High velocity stuff he's out of luck – which cost 3 – 4 times more. My other co-worker has the Walther. It is much better. From reviews of the SR22 I definitely will watch it a little while and will get one. And, by the way, I like the way it looks.

      • Roland of Gilead

        With you there. Bought mine for my wife plus the cr laser. She can tear a target up and has had more fun and learned respect for firearms. I love to plink away with it, accurate using any ammo that fits, never once had a jam at over 2000 rounds. Little woman is so confident with it she carries concealed both Mag's full of hollow points. Pretty means nothing. Pistols only throw lead are not beauty contestant entrants. Ugly means busness and that little 22 means just that……business. kudos the the American men and women who put this little jewel together. Kel-tec, Walther? These pistols got nothing on Ruger. Keep it up, from a prffesional Leo and his new ruger woman.

  • shidpoke

    The first time I saw a plastic Glock I almost cried, being a steel & walnut guy, now everyone has a polymer something or other. Their better, it took me a long time to admit it though. I like Rugers, own several, even shot competition with a MK ll target model. The firearm world is changing, I trust Ruger to get it right, sure they may look like so in so's, there's just so much you can do about design . Its at the range where it all comes together. If you can't hit your target, don't blame Ruger.

  • John

    I found threaded barrels for the SR22 here
    Looks like they are taking orders for a production run. You contact them via their website and they get back with you.

  • Jek

    Fine 22 auto. Taught my wife to shoot with same and she really enjoyed the experience. Only problem was sighting the gun. Had to have gunsmith get it right. Ruger did not offer any help in that regard. My son has 22 walther and he likes the Ruger much better. Have fired over 100 rounds and no jams thus far. Good addition to my collection.

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