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House Passes Landmark Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act

by G&A Online Editors   |  November 17th, 2011 66

H.R. 822The U.S. House of Representatives voted 272-154 in favor of H.R. 822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act, on Thursday in Washington, D.C.

The bill, introduced by Representatives Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) and Heath Shuler (D-N.C.), and backed by the National Rifle Association, allows any U.S. citizen with a valid concealed firearms permit to carry a concealed firearm in states that allow concealed carry, or states that do not prohibit concealed carry for lawful purposes.

“NRA has made the National Right to Carry Act a priority because it enhances the fundamental right to self-defense guaranteed to all law-abiding people,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, in a press release issued by the NRA. “People are not immune from crime when they cross state lines. That is why it is vital for them to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones should the need arise.”

The bill requires states to recognize each others’ concealed carry permits, similar to how states recognize existing drivers’ licenses or marriages. It does not affect existing state laws, nor does it create a federal licensing system or impose standards on permits.

The NRA reported that all measures “to weaken or damage the integrity” of the act were unsuccessful.

Only Illinois and the District of Columbia prohibit concealed carry. All other 49 states allow citizens to carry a concealed firearm in some form, the NRA reported.

For more on H.R. 822 and commentary, check out Handguns Magazine.

  • John O'Connell

    Thank you Congress.Thanks to NRA & all the people who made this happen.

    • Bob Lund

      I think we probably all know that the Senate won't pass this and if they do our glourious, fearless leader won't sign it. I hate to be a pessimist but………..

      • ricksters_11

        I hope you are right. Look at the bill… amended in such a way as to make it actually dangerous to gun owners and ask residents of right to carry states who are not included in the bill. check out gun owners of America to get there take on this bill. I see here another NRA slip up. If they are honest people they will revisit the bill and study it more closely. I hope that they do because if they are backing it then they are NOT really helping us. This bill has been twisted in the process of getting it passed. it is a dangerous bill now and I do hope that the senate stops it. the only reason now that you wont see any Republicans vote against it is because they will suddenly have a vote against a bill that people believe is FOR the 2nd Amendment and then they will be touted as anti-gunners next time they run. This bill is dangerous

        • cpl224

          Can you be more specific. Why is it not helping us?

          • wbwash3

            1. It forces Vermont residents (who do not need a permit to carry) to either obtain an out-of-state permit or to push their state to pass a more restrictive concealed carry law than it now enjoys;
            2. By requiring permits for reciprocity, the bill undermines efforts at the state level to pass constitutional carry (i.e., Vermont-style carry);
            3. In restrictive “may issue” states, the bill allows for non-residents to carry firearms in the state while most residents would still be prohibited, and;
            4. The bill is yet another example of Congress distorting of the Constitution’s Commerce Clause.

          • Snowmanspanky

            Just wondering. If someone is carrying out of state from Vermont or any state that the people do not need a permit, have their Drivers license be their permit. If they need to take a safety course,and they should, let that be a endorsment on their state Drivers license. If stopped by the police let that be a check.

      • Gus

        The president isn't anti-gun. You just want people to think he is. He actually received an F from the anti gun lobby groups.

        • Al Z

          Are you serious? BHO is the most anti-gun person to be elected president; for proof, see his many public statements. His F rating is due to not having pursued the disarmament agenda, for political reasons. He's a Daley-machine politicion, for cryin'out loud!

        • Snowmanspanky

          Obama isn't anti gun? It is amazing to see how many people he has fooled.

        • Snowmanspanky

          Gus, You have rocks in your head. I felt the same way you do. Then I took a look at what he was really doing and saw the truth. He's lies. Why do you think they set up Fast and Furious on the Mexican boarder. So they could say look at what happehs. We have to put tighter resrictions on guns. I know what I went througto get my permit. The only ones that don't are the perps who buy stolen guns on the street. OPEN YOUR EYES to the truth. Believe no one. Find out for yourself.

    • Joseph Jr

      I agree. State law has always needed to be followed and this doesn't change that. What it does is allows conceal carry permit holders to go from state to state as long as they abide by their laws. So don't be lazy. If you are traveling to a state and want to carry, look up their laws! THANK YOU CONGRESS !!

  • Ken Andrews

    Sweet! :)

  • Antonio

    I live in NJ, where getting a CCW permit is nearly impossible. Does this change anything for us?

    • Sy C Lops

      I'm no expert here, but it may mean that you could get a CCW from a state that licenses to people from other states and then NJ may be forced to honor it. We all know how laws have plenty of holes though, but it's worth looking into. I know in Florida they will issue to non-Florida residents.

    • Ice

      From the way it reads to me is you have to live in the issueing state. But I'm not a lawyer.

      • stealthsr9

        Ice, you are correct. Louisiana does not recognize a CCW permit if the holder is not a resident of the state he is a permit holder in. This was revised as a response to the ease of obtaining a permit from the state of Florida while you are a resident of another state.

    • Rick

      Never apply for or obtain a permit to carry. It is none of the gov. business if I carry a weapon or not. And if I do a good enough job of concealing it no one will know. Unless I am forced to defend myself or family, in which case I'd rather explain than be a victim.

      • PhilipB

        The only problem with that kind of thinking is…..That makes YOU an outlaw….!!

        • Snowmanspanky

          Your right PhilB. Then we are no better then the perp buying a firearm on the street. We have to show them we will follow the letter of the law, and they have to follow it too. AS in THE 2nd amendment

    • Snowmanspanky

      Be careful of one thing in NJ. It is against the law to have Hollow point rounds in you gun. I read a story that a women was passing through the state and she said she forgot she had the gun in her bag. Told the LEO she was from a state and going to a state where her permit was good. She did get a ticket then found shewas fined for the illegal JHP. $1000.00 per round. Thank God she had a wheel gun that only held 5 rounds.

  • Nicoas Ryan

    Thats great republican controled congres! But… wheres those jobs you promised to deliver in 2010??
    Classic distractionary tactic. I am a ccw holder also.

    • Matt G

      thye're being held up by the DEMOCRAT senate…and the DEMOCRAT president who thinks he should SPEND tax dollars on bankrupt companies to create jobs. Tell them to lower taxes on people and small business and then you will see job growth.

      • Dmy

        You are greatly mistaken…… I know realize what is wring with this country… people like you

        • Al Z

          What is wrong with this country is people like YOU; public-school "educated" morons who can't spell properly , or even recognize spelling errors when reading thier own typing! And you have the chutzpah to express an opinion on subjects you know NOTHING about? Keep silent and learn!

          • bobbyrlf3

            "reading thier own typing"

            People who live in glass houses should not throw rocks.

          • OfficerX

            hahaha…that's good.

  • Jason Rockwell

    Hey any pro gun law is a good step

  • Jim Crosby

    Is this now law or does it have to go thru the Senate ?

    • Guest

      Pretty sure it'll have to be approved by the Senate then signed into law by the President. Not likely to happen.

  • Randall Garrison

    The House is on the right track now! Thank the NRA for all their hard work for all gun owners! The people that go through the process to get CCW permits are the good guys its time the public realizes this fact. The Life saved may be one of their own by a law abiding citizen with a weapon in the right place and the right time!

    • OfficerX

      Right on…BZ

  • purplefred2

    The President will never sign-off on the bill. He wants the UN gun treaty to be signed; preventing all private citizens from owning or processing any kind of small arms.

    • Please

      No he does not.

      • Matt G

        uuuhhhh have you been keeping up with current events?

      • Richard

        US News article July 27th 2011– "Twelve Democratic senators have joined 45 Republicans in a fast growing movement to halt progress on an Obama-backed United Nations effort that could bring international gun control into the United States and slap America's gun owners with severe restrictions."

        Please, Please, get the facts. I agree that President Obama will not sign this bill because his point of view in the area of gun control is to be more – not less- restrictive. He is an anti-gun rights president, he just has not had the active legislation to act upon like President Clinton did.

      • Snowmanspanky

        Sorry Please, but you have rocks in your head if you think Obama is not against guns.

  • Robert Corriveau

    i hope it becomes law soon.

  • Big Al

    So,if this passes,can we carry in Cali?

    • Matt G

      the communists in CA will probably pass a law to block it.

  • qwikdraw45

    Pundits have mentioned that, even if we could get the senate and president to sign it into law, many states would simply do away with CCW, so that they wouldn't have to recognize another state's CCW.

  • broncobetty

    I think the bill will need to some twicking to cover some of the loop holes for those people who can't qualify for a concealed weapon permit legally and attemp to go to another state to get one. My understanding it that tthis is not suppose to happen. However you can stop ten cops in your state and ask them what is the law in in your state about conceal carry and guns in automobiles. You will not get the same answer. If the president vetos that bill that just gives us more reason not to fuel to the fire not to re-elect him.

  • John Doe

    It's not likely to pass, and if it does states like CA will just do away with CCW. Unfortunately, this law does not create uniform carry standards. If you carry your brand new Glock or other hi-cap into MA you will be violating their AWB laws. In some states you can't carry into restaurants that serve alcohol. Is some states you can't carry into banks. Seems like it will just open us all up to doing things that are illegal in the state you are visiting but perfectly legal in your home state. While I'm for any law that reinforces our 2A rights I think this is an unenforceable law and will get many people arrested. On the plus side, companies that sell books on state firearms laws will make a fortune. Hopefully this is the first step towards abandoning the requirement for permits nationwide. If we can ever get the communists off the SJC we may be able to strike down all guns laws in the U.S. and return to the nation "un-infringed" Rights protected by the 2A.

    • cpl224

      You are right but, those conditions exist now. LEOs active and retired have CCW rights in all the states under US code CH44 TL 18 926B, but they are still subject to the state restrictions like Hi-Cap magazines and types of ammunition.

    • LiveEasyDieHard

      Yes but, when you carry into another state its your, OUR responsibility to know that states laws with ccws(where you can and cant carry). Claiming ignorance of that states laws wont get you a get-out-of-jail free card. They will say if your smart enough to get licensed and carry your smart enough to find out that states laws before you cross the border and possibly break their laws however ridiculous they may be. Knowing other states laws on ccws is something weve always had to deal with, I dont believe this bill changes any of that. I think we all can agree that 'uniform standards' do need to put in place for all states, but the feds would have to enact that to make sure each state follows. IMHO.

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    I do not beleive this law will fly pass congress and many state that laws right now that prevents a CCW. San Francisco bans hand guns and New York City bans hand guns in there cities now. California has now had there rights to carry a hand gun un-loaded in public places taken away by Gov Brown with his signing of this laws last month. All long guns now will be registered like hand guns in California because of Gov Brown signing this bill in to law last month. The Senators and Congress are afraid gun owners are going to go out with there guns to shoot everydody in sight. Because we have a few gun killing nut that should never should had a gun in there hands to kill people. We all suffer because of what has happen with police killing every day here in California. The bad guys are going to keep killing and we need to stop them with out guns to protect our families. I am ready and if comes to my family or the bad guys out there look out.

  • Quickwithm16

    Wish we could have this law in australia. The government expects us to call the police and wait till they have nothing to do then they might help if they are there in time. Plus if you are a handgun permit holder and you use your gun in self defence in your home you will be the one going to jail not the criminal. long live the great U.S of A

  • John Galt

    how can any true believer of the constitution support the Federal Government issuing a law that trumps State's rights. Real Americans will be against this expansion of Federal Powers!

    • Al Z

      Wrong! This bill will put into effect the "full faith and credit " clause of the Constitution, and extend the recent Supreme Court's ruling that the 2A applies to the states through the 14A.And I would expect someone commenting on the Const. to know that there is no such thing as "state's rights"; states have powers,only individuals have rights. Read the 10A!

  • RJ murphy

    I'm concerned that this is another case of a federal law trumping state law and the erosion of states being able to set in place their own laws. The devil is in the details. Let's hope this doesn't get twisted into some sort of federal control law. RJ.

  • Snowmanspanky

    Does anyone know when this gets to the floor of the Senate? I thought they said it would happen before the holiday break and their fifth vaction.

  • Nam Marine

    The 2nd amendment states our RIGHT to bare arms shall NOT be infringed! That should mean we can carry in every state WITHOUT a CCW!


    we the proud and american need to cowboy up and protect our constitution never mine he said she said our family lives are in danger!!! and right to carry, we have to take our country back!! what ever it take GOD BLESS AMERICA USA !!!!

  • henry

    The article says that only Illinois and D.C. prohibit concealed carry. Well, you can add Maryland to that list to make it two states and D.C. I am a regular working stiff in the Republic of Md, and am not allowed to get a CCW. You have to show cause in order to get a CCW here. If you work for a gun dealer, gunsmith, or an armored car company the state will reluctantly let you get one. For someone who wants to protect himself or his family, well, that just isn't good enough reason for them to consider you.

    • Kevin

      I feel for you Henry. I live in the great state of West Virginia and travel through Maryland back into WV to our camp sight. Many times I have sweat bullets with my carry gun on my side.I wish Maryland would get with the program.

      • Henry

        Maryland getting with the program? I only wish. Unfortunately as long as the people in this state keep voting for Democratic governors, it will never happen. In the last 25 years Maryland has only had one Republican governor, and he was only in for one term. There were too many Dems still in office in the State Senate that got in his way every time he tried to do something good for the state.

    • jim

      put NJ on that list. You have to prove to a judge that your life is in danger. when it is to late

  • Roy Mathews

    I favor a law in every state like New Hampshire has that allows all law abiding citizens to carry concealed weapon without a Concealed Weapons Permit as long as it is registered with local law enforcement. Women in paticular are more vulnerable to attacks and should have a firearm to stop an attack. Self defense is a right of every American and should never be prosecuted if one finds themselves threatened with serious harm and uses a firearm to repel a dangerous attack. Pepper spray dosn't always work.

    • Henry

      Roy, I agree with you completely. It appears NH considers their people citizens and Illinois, Maryland, and D.C. consider their's subjects.

      • DrawFastNotLast

        Absolutely !

    • Vee_Kay

      Who are you going to register? or what are you going to register? The constitution says you have that right already, granted by God. Are you going to register their religion too to see which God gave them that God given right?

  • guest

    Okay, so I can't carry a concealed weapon in California, but I do have a New Hampshire one. So if I move to New Hampshire again, I will be able to defend myself or deter an attack by just showing I have a weapon. Now if this so called attack happens in California, which happens alot to my age group 70+, I need to be either a good runner or a fast talker to get out of the situation, I am neither, I am now because of this stupid California law, a friggin target. Geez what am I to do????? I'll tell ya, this old man will not walk the streets without protection, call it what you will, a lawbreaker, a badass, or an idiot, but come the next day, if I am attacked, I will either be dead or at IHOP.

  • jamesin houston

    Already a right to bear arms, and form a militia, as needed, against an oppressive and unresponsive government. Congratulations, we are getting there. The criminal fraction pays good money to buy anti-gun legislation. It hampers them in their career field, if you are armed and willing to fight back. Nobody in this area has, "I am not armed", signs in their yard., and no " I am armed" signs either. Let the "bad guys" guess.

  • rich

    and this is why people see those who choose to carry as crazy, nutty whackjobs…

    • Mack Missiletoe

      Just the other night I heard President Obama talking about a possible 'Assault Weapons Ban' he would pass. So IT IS TRUE–he is anti-gun!

      Assault weapons already ARE banned! Unless you pass special checks and pay certain taxes. So… basically President Obama wants to make gun ownership more restrictive with a bull-crap ban!

      Which will hurt the good guys and do nothing to the bad guys. Bad guys breakl the law–they don't follow it! It is a matter of catching them before they hurt others…

      Now Romney, though he supported the 'Assault Weapons ban' from yesteryear, says he no longer would do so. He seems to understand, and though I do not trust him fully either–he's smarter than our current President.

      There is nothing wrong with the current gun laws besides us looking to improve them without hurting the good guys–such as tracking someone who looks to be a threat–for example Mr. Bob who said to an employee he was gonna shoot his boss or the thug who was bragging on the internet about how he is going to hurt someone.

      It seems there were some slip-ups with the theater shooter. I heard some people thought he may be a danger–but did not report him. Or perhaps Police did not track him properly.

      But see here, the theater shooter USED A GUN FREE ZONE to kill. That there says all you need to know!

      All it takes is for one dumb apple to ruin it for all the other millions of good guys and suddenly the anti-gun crows wants to disarm America…

      NOPE not gonna happen!

      America is NOT a gun free zone–and it that's the way it is :D

  • Douglas Dawes

    About time, we are still a sovereign people, even if Obama doesn't concur!

  • Jules Karasik

    Does this mean we can carry in New York and New Jersey wit a Florida Permit? Bumberg will have as fit.

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