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Parody Video Shines Light on Celebrities ‘Demand a Plan’ Gun Control PSA

by Dylan Polk   |  January 3rd, 2013 13

Celebrities aren’t exactly the most pro-gun group in American culture—we’ve known that for a long time. In the wake of recent tragedies, however, that issue of gun control has become more prevalent, and more celebrities have become even more outspoken about gun control than ever before. A recent public service announcement titled “Demand a Plan”—backed by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns—features the likes of Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Jeremy Renner and more calling for tighter gun control measures in response to the Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown, Conn., among other recent tragedies.

Problem is, many of these actors have starred in films glorifying the use of firearms, or have been known to put a few rounds downrange in real life, creating what appears to be a two-faced approach from Hollywood on firearms.

Such perceived hypocrisy is the focus of a parody video making rounds on the web pointing out celebs’ previous interactions with firearms, from the silver screen to real life.

Whether they portray villainous or heroic roles in TV and movies, actors and actresses are placed under the microscope once they get their hands on a gun—or several guns. After all, how can they glamorize the action-packed, shoot-‘em-up genre one minute, then condemn firearm ownership the next?

The argument against stars’ portrayals in any form of entertainment gets more convoluted when you consider that yes, actors do sometimes portray characters who don’t necessarily match up with their real-life beliefs. Clint Eastwood was never a rule-breaking, tough guy inspector, and Gene Hackman has probably never wanted to kill Superman.

But some of these celebrities have been to ranges in the past—for example, Conan O’Brien famously fired full-auto with legendary author Hunter S. Thompson, as shown in the above video—and have not only had a great time, but have experienced what safe, responsible gun ownership is truly like.

Now we have a legitimate argument. If these celebs could only get to a shooting range and try any shooting sport in a safe, controlled environment, they might not be so keen to turn around and condemn it. If it’s still not for them, fine; that’s their prerogative. But just because they don’t enjoy it doesn’t mean no one else should.

For what it’s worth, no one in the video comes right out and says, “Guns are evil and we should ban them forever.” But their message certainly doesn’t seem to stand for gun ownership either. In fact, the message is pretty ambiguous and doesn’t really take a hard stand either way, besides stating the obvious: What happened in Newtown was an unimaginable tragedy. Rather than provide a sensible solution, however, the ad places the burden of responsibility on you, the viewer.

Why not take a hard stance, be it pro- or anti-gun control? Why not provide a clear, reasonable solution rather than an ambiguous call to action? Of course no one wants mass shootings to occur, but what’s the best way to stop them without encroaching our our rights?

If that’s a discussion Hollywood doesn’t want to have, then it’s one that regular, everyday Americans will have, one that will hopefully be productive in leading this country to a place where we can cut out senseless violence without rendering ourselves defenseless.

  • Abe

    If you're looking to become educated on a topic from an actor on something other than acting, you're probably also getting your news while standing in line at the grocery store.

  • old vet

    They are actors people! They have no real life, They are not to be taken seriously. Look how most of them screw up their private life. Abe, above is right. But too many do give them credence.

  • Starky

    Actors have no problem using firearms in films droppng people like flies, as long as it lines the pocket book with millions. Off film to many of these same actors condemn firearms. They say acting is expression and stand behind the first amendment. They have no problem with the second amendment when it applies to them and the use of firearms in there films. What a load of crap. One can only hope one day the big one will come and the Peoples Republic of California will slide under the Pacific.

  • Karl

    I'm sorry. Did they say something?

  • SamF1911

    I have a plan for these Hollywood Hypocrites and it goes a little something like this. I will not spend one more dollar on any movie they star in period. I don't expect that my actions will have any effect on movie sale numbers but it's time we as law abiding gun owners stand up to these blantant attacks on the 2nd amendment anyway we can.

    • John

      I don’t even know who half these people are; why should I care their actors they serve me in terms of a good movie. These actors are really below us in intellect and God knows what else; so again I really don’t care what someone who is already know a fool keeps on putting out.

  • Matt

    To call actors/actresses a fool or less intelligent show ignorance. True some of them know nothing and are only appearing for a fee or publicity, but that does not mean they are not allowed a opinion. To also claim they are all fake and do not matter in real life just show stupidity on the authors part. What happens is so many people forget that if the people that commit these crimes only had a knife or sword around they would do the same.

    • old vet

      You miss the point, it is not so much their opinion, but the bold two faced attitude. To make a bundle glorifying gun violence, and then use the old liberal "gotta do something!' spout. No real idea, just rants.

    • Nathan

      I agree the end result is tragic regardless of the weapon used. Taking the freedom to choose to own a gun away from law abiding citizens will not prevent anything. Crack is illegal and there are plenty of people willing to sell it because there are plenty of people willing to buy and use it.
      I agree actors/actresses have a right to their opinion I feel they should not press it upon people. They have an audience and the means to influence ignorant and/or lazy people who choose not to be informed and formulate their own opinion.

    • Kiwi Kevin

      True, but firearms are a more efficient tool in the quest to take down as many innocent or otherwise victims as possible. It is just like the anti – smoking promos ("Smoking – it's not in our future") fronted by actors for whom smoking is part of their "Art", and an essential financial make up of film funding.
      To have a public profile (and they know very well how fan adoration works) does not mean theirs is a voice of knowledge or wisdom. The Second Amendment seems likely to become a victim itself of mass hysteria and media hype.
      Ensuring mental health services are better funded is the way to go here. Perhaps these stars might avail themselves of a little extra therapy. Psychotherapists are also by and large hoplophobics. (Look it up).

    • Kat

      What they are doing is fully available for harsh criticism. One can have an opinion, but they are all part of a huge propaganda piece that is complete with a catchy emotional pleading phrase and backed by big money to use their influence to manipulate millions. It is truly disgusting. They have no real rational to whatever they are saying anyway, it is all done very intentionally subtle and with great sentimentality, but it is clear as day to many of us what the intention is. The whole thing is weasely and non-integral. It is a pure propaganda piece, and such tactics have become all too common place and acceptable for those who have more notoriety with which to leverage their opinions. Notoriety and intelligence is not the same thing, but it might as well be according to all too many celebrity worshipers.

  • fred266

    Don't wait till the CC laws change in your State!.

  • jib quinn

    Thank you Hollywood! I'm always grateful for the opportunity to add to the list of people and companies whose work will never be seen or heard in my home.

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