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At the Range: SIG Sauer SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace

by G&A Online Editors 4

Shooting an AR-15 pistol doesn’t have to look and feel awkward. Originally developed for a disabled veteran, the new SIG Sauer… more »


Thompson/Center Arms Issues Recall for Icon, Venture and Dimension Rifles

by G&A Online Editors 12

Thompson/Center Arms has issued a major recall for all its Icon, Venture and Dimension rifles. Last week, T/C Arms released… more »


At the Range: Testing the .17 Winchester Super Magnum

by G&A Online Editors 8

Varmints beware—the .17 WSM is here. The .17 Winchester Super Magnum is the newest technology in the surging market of… more »


House Votes to Limit Department of Homeland Security Ammo Purchases

by G&A Online Editors 21

The Department of Homeland Security’s massive ammunition stockpiling has been the source of many a conspiracy theory in the wake… more »


At the Range: Springfield XDs 9mm vs. 45 Auto

by G&A Online Editors 13

You might as well call them identical twins. Springfield designed their brand new 9mm XDs under the exact same skin… more »

California gun legislation

California Senate Approves Package of Gun Control Bills

by Dylan Polk 22

California has never been known as a haven for gun owners and outdoorsmen, and it looks like the Golden State’s… more »


Studies: Gun Crime Rates Drop as Ownership Rises

by Dylan Polk 3

More than a few anti-gunners are quick to pan the notion of “more guns, less crime.” Without any basis, these… more »

Universal background checks

NRA Members: Universal Background Checks “Not a Solution”

by G&A Online Editors 11

Politicians use the term ‘Universal Background Checks’ like peer pressure, suggesting that reasonable people should support expanded checks. In reality,… more »


Poll Suggests Brits Want Handgun Ban Debate in Parliament

by Dylan Polk 50

We Yanks like to give the United Kingdom a hard time every once in a while for the country’s oppressive… more »


G&A Man on the Street: What is the Single Biggest Reason You Became a Gun Owner?

by G&A Online Editors 10

Whether used for personal defense, hunting, collecting, competition or just a fun day at the range, gun culture is American… more »


G&A Perspective: How NRA Members Are Dealing with the Ammo Shortage

by Eric Conn 56

No matter who you are or how well connected, there’s one unifying truth about the ammo shortage of 2013—it’s no… more »


Chris Kyle’s Wife Gives Heart-Wrenching Speech at 2013 NRA Show

by Eric Conn 3

As a cowboy, Texan, husband, father, life saver, Navy SEAL and the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history, Chris… more »

BlackHawk Concealment Bags

First Look: Blackhawk Offers Clever Concealment Bags

by G&A Online Editors 1

New Blackhawk Concealment Bags are designed to enable transportation of handguns and long guns in a few cleverly discrete ways. With… more »


First Look: Blackhawk Go Bags at the 2013 NRA Show

by G&A Online Editors 0

Introduced at the 2013 NRA Show, the new Blackhawk Go Bags are the ideal option for preppers and outdoorsmen to organize… more »

Daniel Defense DDM4 ISR 300

First Look: Daniel Defense DDM4 ISR 300 at the 2013 NRA Show

by G&A Online Editors 2

The Daniel Defense DDM4 ISR 300 is paving a whole new path in the world of black rifles. The ISR 300… more »

Sauer 101

First Look: Sauer 101 Brings German Quality at Affordable Price

by G&A Online Editors 7

Sauer’s brand new 101 is a classic bolt-action rifle with a whole new set of rules. Introduced to the American… more »

Mauser M12

First Look: Mauser M12 Debuts for American Market

by G&A Online Editors 3

CEO Thorsten Mann debuted the Mauser M12 to the American market at the 2013 NRA Show in Houston, Texas. The name Mauser… more »


NRA Show 2013: Defensive Shooting Skills Development

by Eric Conn 1

If you made it to the defensive shooting skill development seminar taught by Rob Pincus at this year’s NRA show… more »


First Look: Beretta Pico Debuts at NRA Show 2013

by G&A Online Editors 9

The micro compact market is all about size. Shooters want thin, they want light and they want concealability. Beretta USA… more »


First Look: Beretta ARX 100 Launches at NRA Show 2013

by G&A Online Editors 3

Even though G&A already had the Beretta ARX 100 at the range weeks ago for an up-close and personal review,… more »


G&A Perspective: Anti-Gun Celebrities’ Best Gun Movies

by Dylan Polk 10

Believe it or not, there are times when we gun guys can’t get out to the range—whether it’s because Mother… more »

Karolina Kurkova

Victoria’s Secret Model Karolina Kurkova’s Gun Dress Criticized

by Dylan Polk 21

Nowadays, it’s not really that hard to offend someone. So much as a display of something vaguely resembling whatever inanimate… more »


Guns & Ammo Pays Tribute to Writer J. Guthrie

by Jim Bequette 6

He always addressed me as Mister Jim—and I always told him to stop calling me Mister. The Intermedia Outdoors family… more »

Steve Sanetti

CNN Interviews NSSF President Steve Sanetti on Gun Control

by G&A Online Editors 7

In these tumultuous times, it’s important for gun owners to have an intelligent, rational voice to speak up for their… more »


How Manufacturers Are Dealing with the Ammo Shortage

by James Tarr 126

The gun-owning American public has seen and been through panic buying before, but never on a level compared to what… more »


EOTech Launches Facebook Contest For 1 Millionth Sight

by G&A Online Editors 5

How does a company like EOTech celebrate a milestone achievement like manufacturing its 1 millionth sight? How about giving something… more »


IWA 2013: G&A’s Guide to Europe’s Biggest Gun Show

by G&A Online Editors 0

If you’ve been reading G& recently, you know all about the SHOT Show. It’s the biggest trade show/celebration/gun marketplace in… more »


Illinois Gun Owners March on Capitol for Concealed Carry

by Dylan Polk & Brock Norman 3

Illinois gun owners have gotten the shaft for far too long. The Land of Lincoln has long been known as… more »


Gun Laws, Personal Defense and the Oscar Pistorius Shooting

by Dylan Polk 6

Double-amputee sprinter and former Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius claims he “felt a sense of terror” the night of Feb. 14…. more »


Cam Edwards Talks Celebrities, Gun Rights and Government Gaffes

by G&A Online Editors 3

These days, it seems like every media outlet has something to say about guns in America—and more often than not,… more »

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