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One-Mile Shots with Savage BA110

by G&A Online Editors   |  May 14th, 2012 23

Talk about marksmanship. A few weeks ago, this video surfaced courtesy of Sin City Productions, showing a Savage Arms BA110, chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum and mounted with a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50mm scope, firing at a target a mile away in the southern Nevada desert.

After a couple missed shots, the shooter finally connects, with a satisfying ring from the target nearly four seconds after the weapon is fired — nice shooting. Check out the video!

  • Dwight Hill

    That was something . It's still off from a BMG .50 Cal. . Not much though .

  • Tiffany

    I have shot one of these, not at a mile away though. I love it and I would love to have one of my own.

  • CalaisRider

    Holy hell that is a long way off to plug almost perfection. Well done…

  • Mike Evernham

    Unmodified factory rifle too. Love them Savage's! There simply isn't a more accurate production rifle made today.

  • Mark Dalzell

    Thanks for viewing and the kind words. This is my first .338 Lapua and the second time shooting at this
    distance. I have so much to learn but I know this is my new passion.

    Shoot Straight & Be Safe.

    Mark Dalzell
    Las Vegas, NV

    • Chuck

      Nice job!! I purchased a Savage 300 win mag with the same Nightforce scope;.I thought the lapua had a little too much recoil for me.The rounds also are more than twice the cost.

      I will be more than satisfied with 1200 yards. I was thrilled to get home and see your effort!

      I know where to come if all hell breaks loose!

    • Brian

      I've never tried to shoot at that distance, I need some training to be able to. Nice Shooting!!

  • Dozer

    Now that's a Savage! I have many Savage rifles and they all exhihit this kind of accuracy (at much shorter distances of course) Nothing beats a Savage!

  • Kenneth Creuzer Sr.

    I have two Savages, a model 12 in .223 and a .308 tactical. Both fine and accurate rifles.

  • sirron

    music is too damn loud. can not hear the ring. very impressive otherwise. I can't do that, not evan close.

  • Alan_T

    I admire the rifle , the round and most of all , the skill of the shooter ! Pretty impressive .

  • Starky

    Top notch shooting. Nicely done. Would like to know the load being used.

  • Bruce D

    I have the same rifle it dos do the job I shoot 1/4 min at 1000 yards with my 338 lapuaba. From savage it's is the rifle to bye!!!!!!!!…..

  • Peter

    yeah Well Clyde hit a woodchuck at 238 paces with a .38. One shot. Free hand. Clyde's been gone about 7 or 8 years.

  • ForneyRider

    I'd like to see a comparison with a 700 Sendero in 338 RUM.

  • al Hendrickson

    Nice Shooting…. I am totally impressed with the 338 Magnum……. considering the furthest confirmed sniper shot kill is 2707 yds……

  • karl

    If the Savage is such an accurate weapon, then why is it the military use the Remington 700?

    • tyler

      Different branches of the military use different manufacturers. Special forces can buy what ever they want. And all military purchases are not disclosed to the public. -soldier.

  • Ernie

    Shooting at one mile+ is a lot of fun, regardless of the shooting platform.
    Of course, I like shooting my single-shot Specialty Handguns myself :)

  • Mishael Barrios

    Compassion: The ability to reach out and really touch someone over a mile away!!.
    I have a Savage in .308 bolt action, my favorite of all my rifles.
    When you need to get the job done, just bring the Savages!
    Thanks for sharing the video.
    Semper Fi!

  • West Aussie

    That's why our government won't permit us to own one.

  • Ragnar

    Wow!! Nice shooting sir!! I too was wondering what load you were using and also how much damage was done to the steel target at that range

  • Broc'Daddy

    I am looking at getting my gun permits up here in Alberta Canada; from all the reading and and what have you evrything ceeps pointing to the savage lines for everything good… PS Militarys have never picked rifles by what they can do 100%: the Ross is a very good case and point; more times then not rifles are picked in part or whole via political standing. I have shot the .300 110 BA and I realy want a .308 10 BA.

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