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New Hornady Ammo Products Fueling Growth

by Kyle Wintersteen   |  December 8th, 2012 7

Whether or not you shoot Hornady bullets, you have to admire the success of the American family-owned business. Founder Joyce Hornady’s philosophy when he founded the company in 1949 was simple yet ambitious: “Ten bullets through one hole.” His intitial introduction, a .30-caliber, 150-grain spire point, remains popular today. And even though he saw his business triple from its first year to the second, the man couldn’t have foreseen the growth over the next 60 years.

Today Hornady Manufacturing’s facility in Grand Island, Neb., has a 108,000 square-foot production floor, and its 300 employees crank out more bullets in one day than the company did in its entire first year of operation. Its still family owned and operated; in 2009, Jason Hornady, a third-generation family member, was named vice president of sales and marketing. Jason has overseen continued growth: Last month the company was named the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Ammunition Manufacturer of the Year for the third straight time.

How does Hornady hope to continue the growth? In addition to new bullet introductions, here are eight new ammunition products.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    I like the creative names they come up with as well as their moden-looking boxes. It looks badaXX. The ammo is of course most important, but a decent looking box with a badaXX name is nice too.

    For example their critical defense boxes look sweet with the brown and the way the lettering and pictures are. It is art to me.

    I like old and new, so don't think I'm all 'tactical' and crap. I usually buy the cheap ammo for plinking but I make sure I buy good quality ammo for defense.

    I'd pay more for quality hunting ammo as well. I have seen quite a difference between lots of Remington low-quality .308! One box of these cheap cartridges had a much longer lead tip than a SP bullet should have! That's what you get with the cheap stuff sometimes… and uniformity is important for accuracy.

    Sometimes the cheap stuff works but other times you need high-quality. No reason to spend all that money on a nice rifle or pistol and lose out on a hunt because you were too cheap on ammo…

  • Starky

    No doubt there is a time and place for premium quality ammo. The once in a life time elk hunt. The fly in trip you spent years saving up for. That big buck you have watched all sumer. In these cases by the best you can. However the best ammo in the world is of no value if the person behind the rifle is not is not proficient. Shot placement is what gets the job done. Getting to the range to practice, practice, practice. Shotting from multipal positions. Learning to judge distance. If possible practicing in the conditions you will encountered during the hunt. More times then I can count the season is upon us and to the range a person goes. Fires 5 maybe 10 rounds hits the target at 100 yards and believes they are good to go. NOT! There is no greater tool in the belt of anit-hunters then wounded game. So buy the best you can, practice like crazy, hunt hard and once done brag and lie like hell about the hunt.

  • Cliff Mayne

    I have used Hornady's .243 100 gr Boat Tail Spire Point for many years on Blacktail and Mule Deer with 100% reliability. From a 100 lb buck at 30 yards to a 250lb buck at 300 yards they have done the trick. Low cost reliable bullets! Whats not to love? Top it off with a 240 gr XTP out of the .44 and watch a 300 lb Black Bear turn into a limp rag on the spot. I have a loading cabinet full of their product and I do not see that changing any time soon.

  • jeff

    Thankgod for hornady they make great ammo good price and still offer .six mm rem
    That shoots great all the time every time there 06 ammo and pistol ammo is
    All my wife and I shoot and now the 41 mag ammo its just to good to be true
    Keep up the great work


  • mo Ron

    Love Hornaday ammo. Thanks for the flex tip. My model 94 loves it. Have taken white tail, mulies, and elk with no problem

  • m.a.s.

    Earlier today, I bought all boxes of .308/165 Interlock off the shelf at the local Hornady dealer. I have 30 yrs. experience with these and .243/100. Any gun owner that loves the U.S.Constitution owes it to themselves to support small, and or private business. Several gun, and ammunition companies are speaking from both sides of their mouths, and have the majority of their business from govt. contracts – including other countries. With the stroke of a 'search' key we are in the age of info; let us insure that our dollars are not supporting organizations under deception, that we disagree with. Go to the companies webb page and see who the owners are and their involvement on social issues.

  • doug

    Hornady bullets are great. I bought a box of zombie .223 just because I like the box.

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