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Medical Marijuana Patients Retain 2nd Amendment Rights

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 20th, 2012 128

Medical-marijuana-signGood news for gun owners with a prescription for pot.

According to the (Medford, Ore.) Mail Tribune, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an Oregon sheriff’s challenge that U.S. law trumps state law, meaning concealed gun owners who are prescribed medical marijuana will be allowed to keep their licenses.

The case is in reference to Gold Hill, Ore., resident Cynthia Willis, whose registration renewal was denied by Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters after the sheriff discovered that she was also a medical marijuana patient.

“Just because we’re patients doesn’t mean we don’t have real lifestyles and rights like everyone else,” Willis said, adding she was the owner of her Walther P22 long before she had been prescribed marijuana.

Winters argued that issuing Willis a license would violate the Gun Control Act of 1968, which forbids anyone who uses or is addicted to a controlled substance from possessing a firearm.  Medical marijuana is legal in Oregon, but is still considered a controlled substance under federal law.

However, Winters’ argument was shot down by local courts, then appellate courts. The Oregon Supreme Court also sided with Willis before the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

  • James Mcwilliams

    why don't we just go ahead and legalize pot and get it over with. e eryone can see it coming.

    • Gatvol

      Legalize Cocaine and Heroin while your at it, keeps the price down………..and then make sure your kids get plenty before they head off to school for a free lunch.

      • Brian P.

        Don't be ridiculous. Nobody is advocating legalizing cocaine or heroin (except maybe Ron Paul). Pot isn't even close to those drugs. Not even remotely.

        • Bill C

          What are you smoking, Drugs are drugs, come on it has to have a line drawn some where and I build guns for a living. Bill

          • Kris N

            If drugs are drugs then alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine should all be illegal as well? This about it, who was ever killed by pot, no one. How many deaths are attributed to alcohol and cigarettes !!! Numbers don't lie!!!

          • 45coltauto

            Caffein is not a drug.

          • smith

            Read up on yr facts before replying

          • clxx

            We have a case here where the driver was convicted of killing someone whle driving under the influence-of POT..

          • smith

            Once again u can never convince a pot head of this that's why pot is illegal period

          • george

            I know two children that died because of pot and the almost died

          • smith

            U can't tell pot heads this they always say o the studies show this and that I think some on the ones doing the studies mite be smoking there self

          • Dave

            alcohol is countless times worse for the body Bill an it's legal so now what

          • 45coltauto

            Alcohol in small quantities is not bad for anybody. Abuse of it is what has the danger.

        • smith

          Still in the drug family

      • ahyup

        Funny how willing you are to use the same hysterical argument about "the children" anti-gun people use all the time.

      • J.Russell Bailey

        Hey Wiz Kid,

        Apparently YOU must be in the prime of your life OR you're without any serious malady!

        How nice for you.

        Many people are in DAILY and SEVERE PAIN, some of the in CHEMO-THERAPY…….Grass is a MEDICINE (look the word up since you can't seem to grasp the concept) and for people who are Physically Ill… helps……..

        Lastly Slick, allow me to point out that Heroin and Cocaine BOTH work BETTER than ANY man made synthetic for Terminally Ill people (again, look the phrase up since you don't seem to "Grok" the concept) in severely easing AGONY during the Dying Process…(again, see Webster's).

        I'm FOR the Death Penalty in cases of Drug Dealers selling 'Recreational Drugs' and for a DECADE in Prison for Recreational Drug Users when caught buying those 'recreational drugs'………………..but when it comes to Chronically Ill people looking for relief………..what they need is what they should get…………..

        • hicusdicus

          Bailey, Alcohol is a recreational drug. Shall we put all the beer drinkers in prison for a decade? Every one eventually becomes chronically ill. Part of being free is to do what you want with your body as long as no one else has to pick up the tab. When someone practicing recreational sex gives someone a case of AIDs it makes recreational pot smoking kind of benign. The main problem we have here is one person telling another person how to live their life. This is the main reason God created guns.

      • donfixit

        You want to be right. But I bet you got plenty alchohol in your house. So….. Black kettle dont bag the pot!

      • hicusdicus

        Your kids are your problem and I don't want my life to be mandated by peoples children. No one should drive a car they might run over a child. Alcohol, procreate, tobacco. It seems like children are sandwiched in between recreational drugs. The ATF is turning into a Nazi style Gestapo it is making laws outside of congressional authority it violates the very fabric of our constitution.

    • smith

      Come on people drugs are the devils tool never should pot be legal. Most pot heads think it should be sold at gas stations like cigarettes with there little excuse cards give me a brake

    • Anon

      Because this country isn't for the people by the people anymore. In the words of an uninformed youtuber," The age of the constitution is over. It's Obama time. Get used to it or get out!"

  • Brian P.

    The sheriff is a state employee, and thus, has no standing in federal law. What I would worry about is the feds bringing a charge like this. I think the SCOTUS would accept a case if it were brought by the feds. I would hope they would rule in favor of the defendant, but it's isn't an absolute. The SCOTUS just rejected it based on the fact that the state has no grounds in federal law.

    • 45coltauto

      No the sheriff is a county employee and elected or a city employee with State authority.

  • stu

    First a correction is needed… It would be Medford Or, not Bedford… Medical Pot is a Godsend for most people reducing their need for strong opiate pain killers and other caustic medications. It should be treated as any other medication.. one should exercise caution with any use of any medication… read the label… taking away someones rights to self defense with a firearm should be determined by a criminal history rather than a Doctor approved medication.

  • ahyup

    Of course they should have right's. State's rights are valid and this is definitely a key 2nd Amendment Rights issue. Where is the NRA? Oh, with their head up partisan Republican butt. Partisan politics has it locked in and too much money is made on all sides from the it being illegal. Anybody who tries to be rational get's smeared as "not caring about the children" blah, blah. And the establishment wonders why people love Ron Paul despite his flaws.

    • Eric

      What money do you think the government gets by marijuana being illegal by the way?? It costs a LOT for it to be illegal in enforcement and the courts. Implying that there is a profit in illegal marijuana for anyone except the growers and dealers is insane. There is no state rights when a state passes a law which is illegal. It has been said a thousand times, but states cannot pass a law which is more lenient than federal law, which means that marijuana is still illegal. And the NRA is for gun rights, not marijuana rights. If the NRA backed a pro marijuana issue, me and a great majority of gun owners would not be renewing a membership. NRA has an image to maintain, one of responsible gun ownership by good 'ol fashioned Americans making an honest living. Marijuana doesn't really fit into that picture.

      • donfixit

        The jobs in law enforcement depts, taxdollars to house prisoners for drug charges along with court cost fines and such is the money… And to think the prisoners charged for having a joint are judged by someone that problably drove home drunk from the bar last night…. Its great! The rights of people are what the NRA is protecting even pot smokers, And they can be honest taxpayers as well. Its crazy how the masses think pot is something evil… Yet drunk drivers wipe out people daily.. Most potheads are at home minding their biz….

      • Rudogg

        Thats the problem with you nra a-holes you piss and moan about our gun rights and at the same time couldn't care less about someone's right to smoke whether it be recreationally or medically. Bottom line as much as i hate to say it guns hurt far more people than a little chronic i.e. marijuana ever has and will. Yet you feel so entitled just cuz its guaranteed on some 200 plus year old document.

        • Michael

          The NRA is an advocacy group for a single topic, firearms. I want the money I choose to give to the NRA spent on that topic alone. The money I choose to give to NORML should be spent on marijuana advocacy alone. That is why I can choose to spend money in a targeted manner, and not spend to support some off-topic issue with my NRA money. If you want an organization that spends on every off-topic issue, join the Sierra Club, PETA or another group that supports causes unrelated to their stated purpose.

          • ahyup

            Yup, which is why the MJ should be irrelevant here. The point is that this is about law abiding citizens being denied their second amendment rights. And that's what I send the NRA money to deal with. If they can't do that due to their irrelevant prejudice or partisan affiliation it's a real problem.

        • clxx

          I have a couple guns in the drawer. To my knowledge they have never hurt anyone!! or do I know of anyone whose guns have jumped up and shot someone..

          • Rudogg

            Fine! People with guns hurt far more people than people with a little weed. And those that do use marijuana who hurt others most likely use guns or another form of weapon to do the damage.

      • ahyup

        The government gets money from asset forfeitures but true that does not make up for the billions in expenditures. Where they get money form is our taxes and it's a hell of a lot. It pays for a hell of a lot of government as well. Last year the DEA budget alone was 2,020,000,000.

        And are you really saying that the NRA should only stand up for gun rights when it's popular? Only when they think the people involved are good for their imagine? It's really "their image" that's primary here?

  • allen

    i think that marijuana isn't as bad as people think it is. but to put it simply, firearms and drugs should not be mixed. and this is something that citizens should be able to separate for themselves.

  • Eric

    medical marijuana is a joke. I come into contact with hundreds of "patients" who are all 18-25 yrs old and have "back problems." There was a guy stopped where I live for smoking marijuana while driving!!!! COME ON! Here is a thought, if it had any medical value pharmaceutical companies would just make it into a pill. But then it would take the party "fun" aspect would be taken out of it and only real cancer patients, those suffering from AIDS, and those with glaucoma would want to use it; wait…wasn't that the original intent?? At least in California the feds are telling firearm dealers not to sell to those with medical marijuana because of this same issue. We will see what happens, but states cannot make laws that are more lenient that federal law and the feds always win.

    • Mack Missiletoe

      I saw a show on TV where this guy was high from marijuana and he performed a hit-and-run, kept driving and was all over the road. It was ugly.

      I don't know much about drugs, but it looks like being high on marijuana is like being drunk. I figure. Don't mix with guns, please. Last thing we need is a wife who got shot while husband was 'cleaning his gun' (more like drinking, less cleaning).

      I'm not sure I'd take a man's gun away just because he was prescribed beer by his super friendly local neighborhood pay-him-lots-of-money-to-smoke-marijuana Doctor LOL

      • hicusdicus

        From what you have just said it is obvious that you know next to nothing about pot or its effects. TV shows! what about all the Hollywood malarkey about the evils of gun ownership. I am not 25 but I am 76 and I will take anything that will help subdue the constant pain I live with. If you think drugs are dangerous you don't want to be around me when the the pain is up and running hard. The laws of nature supersede the laws of man. When it comes to pain the man made laws take a back seat.

        • smith

          At 76 ant there a mother legal drug for you

          • Mactex

            Yeah, there are – like morphine, demerol, methadone, oxycoton….the whole point, if you read the article past the box you have you head in, is that it reduces the need of narcotic (and no, Marijuana is NOT a narotic) pain killers. Would you rather hunt beside someone on morphine or Marijuana?When you are in chronic pain it grows worse and worse with time and as you use narcotic pain killers their effect lessens with use, so that you get to the point where you have to take enough that it will kill you before you get any pain releif. By useing marijuana and thus reducing the amount of pain killers needed, you get a more effective means of pain reduction that last longer, works better and reduces the side effects. It sounds like a lot of you folks still see an egg in a frying pan when you think about marijuana. Tv also show a guy flying 10 feet back when shot with a 9 mm – I guess you believe that, too.

          • smith

            U must smoke dope to defend it ask obama to make it legal for u than

    • smith

      I agree with u on that 100%

    • shootbrownelk

      Eric, I think that marijuana pill is called "Spice" a synthetic version, but much more potent & damaging.
      I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't want to work or hunt alongside either a "Pot-Head" or a "Drunk"…nor would I want them driving on the same roads as my family & I. China doesn't have a drug problem….they execute dealers & users!

      • Mao

        Wow – who can argue with logic like that? My litttle red book is full of great ideas…

      • Patriot

        That would be on account of the communism and all. Yeah great place. They also don't allow any private firearm ownership which is probably why they get away with executing people for petty crimes. In my opinion the government needs to stay out of anyone's personal decisions. That includes both medical AND recreational marijuana usage. DON"T TREAD ON ME!

        • Teton Moon

          Wow people need to due some research before opening thier mouths and looking beyond stupid, more like a mongoloid. The US Federal Government holds a patient to Marijuana and all its medical properties. The pharmicutical companies currently have over 80 studies for the use of Marijuana and its properties. There is over 40 yrs of solid research proving the healing of the properties of Marijuana and the fact that it has zero side effects, does not damage any part of the body, is not addictive and is a useful substance. The only reason it is illegal is your ignorance and the fact that it is a plant and until the government and its pharmicutical buddies can finish patents on a natural growing plant they are unable to make billions off of it. This and the fact that the DEA would not be able to confinscate billions of assets to run thier joke of a war. That the privatized prisons , DOC and security systems would not be able to over crowd thier prisons and make billions off of our loved ones. Your a f@#$$ drone. Get some facts of shut thehell up

    • marc

      if you knew what you were talking about, they have already made a THC pill. if you did your research before commenting you would know that the pill doesnt have the same effect, and doesnt work. the only way to get the medicinal effect is to smoke or vaporize the canibus.

      • Anon

        No it has to do with the other cannabinoids. You can apply it as a topical ointment if you want, but synthetic THC holds no medical value

        • Teton Moon

          Oh lets put this in context. Alcohol has what medical value? Or tobacco? Or valum? Wait! They all are relaxants, depressives. They help people relax and cope with anxiety. When you get cancer, and more than likely you will. And you cannot eat or sleep for various reasons including death anxiety or surgical anxiety and you want to be able to relax, to get out of your own way and they deny you a natural herb or herbs but make you take dangerous narcotics because they make a fortune off of them. Then don't whine at anyone how miserable you are. Your so ignorant of facts. You are a bunch of lazy sheep to stupid and brainwashed to seek truth. I cannot wait til you all die off and we can do some good from facts and stop being forced to live within the ignorance of this generation.

    • tnt

      You arent very educated on this subject if you take pot orally or smoke it you still get high so who cares how its taken. A controlled substance is any drug that requires a prescription and cannot be bought over the counter. What your saying is that you shouldnt be able to carry a firearm if you take prescription meds. Yep Im sure of it your a dumb ass. grow up Eric!

    • AlaskaGDR

      Quite the myopic argument you have going on here. How many deaths are directly related to smoking marijuana? How many deaths are directly related to alcohol? Alcohol is a socially acceptable and legal drug. If you honestly think everyone who smokes is in it for the "party fun" you obviously are too damned narrow minded for your own good. Open your eyes and think a little bit.

    • Anon

      Ok heres an explanation. Big pharma, big tobacco and lumber oppose Marijuana because marijuana will destroy these industries. Marijuana can be grown anywhere by anyone, and without strict laws arresting those that grow it and use it other than from them they would make no money. And they do actually make a THC pill. I use it because I have IBS and without smoking I sit in a bathroom all day shitting and vomiting, otherwise if I go big pharma route I take 10 pills a day and still spend 80% of my day on the shitter. Just because someone else is breaking the law doesn't mean I should have my rights restricted. On top of that the Federal government should not be allowed to even make general blanket laws like that, it should be up to the states. If you really think a group of men thousands of miles away worrying about over 300 million of us can accurately judge a communities needs then you need to try your hand at it. The feds job should be to protect us from foreign and domestic threats and govern state governments. Why when I vote for my president does the fact that he doesn't like abortion effect wether I want to vote for him or not. He doesn't know wether or not that abortion will save my girls life. And we should be allowed to take responsibility for our own actions, that's the whole idea behind America. If I'm stupid enough to get super fucked up the try to go out shooting then I deserve the consequences, but to not let me by a gun because I use a natural substance so that I can live a normal life is ludicrous. That's like arresting me for murder because I got pissed at someone and thought to myself "I'm gunna kill him"

  • Breeze

    I have not gotten a medical card just for this reason. I would like to control the pain, and marijuana does that for me. But, I don't want the Government turning me into an "instant criminal" so they can take away my 2nd amendment rights.

    • hicusdicus

      Well grow your own. It is a weed.

      • mikey d

        That turns into a flower in your mind

    • smith

      No don't grow it yr doing the right thing sorry about your pain



  • smith

    I think every one worries. About what the right hand is doing while the left tries to keep up. Go to church live yr life and this world will be better off.pray for your souls to Jesus Christ he is real

    • hicusdicus

      Somebody always has to get their lord and savior into the fray. Why don't we ask Allah he has more followers than this Jesus person.

    • tnt

      OMG! Take your bible thumping ass to the christian web site and let educated people have a discussion based on the topic at hand using information that is relevant.

  • Tavi

    "Bill C" is a moron.

  • smith

    He has more lost followers yr right about that

  • smith

    And to reply with the coment this Jesus person just tells u need Jesus in yr live??

  • bmmj

    They have made a thc pill called marinol used for cancer patients,
    But that's the first canibinoid they have synthesized. There are more like
    Cbd and cbn which they haven't yet. Thc Is the cause of the psycho active
    Effects. The cbd and cbn are pain relieves and anti inflammatory. These
    Are the ones they need to produce!!

  • Andrew

    There are a lot of poor arguments going on here. The bottom line is that sure marijuana is probably bad for you, *but* no one deserves to be locked in a cage or denied their constitutional rights for their choice to use it. Cheeseburgers are bad for you too. I'm talking about posession and use here – if you decide to commit other crimes (driving while intoxicated, endangering others) *then* and only then should the government intervene. Comparing it to alcohol is far from the truth – in fact it's much less intoxicating than alcohol. Most of what you have heard about pot isn't true, and the anti-gun folks use the same tactics to keep the perception of firearms in the same 'dark' area of public opinion. 'The Union' is a well thought out and fair documentary on the subject – watch it.

  • smith

    Get high carry a gun mess up we all loose. Our gun rights

    • big mac

      same can be said about alcohol.

  • Rich K

    The use of marijuana, or any other substance that will impair your judgement or safety to yourself or others should be discouraged. I have pretty constant pain from an industrial accident 13 years ago. I spent 7 weeks in the hospital. I take medications daily for the pain, etc. When I shoot or hunt, I forgo the medication in order to be at my most alert condition. I would probably be eligible for medical marijuana, but would not consider it until the Federal government woke up, made an intelligent analysis of the scientific research on marijuana and realized that it is an effective medication. Whether the law is right or wrong, until it is changed, I will adhere to it!
    This has been an emotional battle for years, with minimal study of many of the properly conducted scientific studies. Back in the 70's, "Reefer Madness" always got howls of laughter from college students. Imagine, one toke of "grass" and you become an uncontrolled and violent addict!!! Time for cooler heads to prevail!

    • smith

      That I agree what would the word be if we all ran around high.

  • freebird

    Cant we all just get alone

    • Sam

      The big problem here is the most Americans DO NOT want to live in a free country. I have lived in other countries which have much more freedom than the US and it is hard to come back here and witness the ignorance of my fellow Americans. Many apparently want to live under fascism. I here the word communism mentioned a lot here but the correct term would be fascism.

      Just a little common sense would prevail here but I have seen very little and things seem to be going downhill.

  • smith

    Drugs r drugs no matter how u view. It

    • Rudogg4Guns

      and guns are meant to kill no matter how you view it their evil! Not a very smart argument it's the exact same argument as drugs are drugs.

      • smith

        No guns r not for just killing I target shoot so yr wrong also I don't swallow. My gun r smoke it to get high nor does it impair my judgement

        • Rudogg4Guns

          yo smittie i was being sarcastic when i said guns are meant to kill, anyone who says guns are only meant to kill and are evil is ignorant and most likely a coward. Just like uptight right wingers who say drugs are drugs.

          • smith

            Yo roooaddoooogggg. R what ever homey. Remember home boy drugs r drugs r wrong that's why there illegal. Ps smoke one for all of us none smokers

    • mactex

      Oh, so right – lets take all the insulin away from the diabetics, all the heart meds from the heart paitents, all the antibiotics away from those with infections….

      • smith

        See yr blind to the fact I can go to Cvs for those meds can u for pot. ????????? No u can't so? ????????

    • Addicus maximus

      Drugs are man made, marijuana is actually a very good natural medicine to those who NEED it. it should not however be legalized because use of it by the healthy working man/woman promotes extreme laziness. Now this woman in oregon should not be denied her rights of concealing a small caliber handgun. that "sheriff" is basically saying she deserves to be robbed and/or raped and killed for smoking weed to ease her pains. without defense we are prey. without guns there will still be mass crime (as seen in the U.k). people are just stupid these days, especially the Liberal Californian politicians.

  • JL>m

    To own a gun is a right. Conceal carry permits are a privilege that has to be approved by the local Sheriff, at least in Mt. If he does not feel comfortable renewing her carry permit for any reason that is his choice. The Sheriff is an elected position, if people don't like his views elect a different sheriff.

    • Mactex

      Yeah, a POLITICAL position..let's give total, aboslute final authority to ALL politicans. Jeez, some people…

    • Mike

      I believe the 2nd amendment reads keep AND bear arms.

  • bmmj

    they have made a thc pill called marinol used for cancer patients,
    But that's the first canibinoid they have synthesized. There are more like
    Cbd and cbn which they haven't yet. Thc Is the cause of the psycho active
    Effects. The cbd and cbn are pain relieves and anti inflammatory. These
    Are the ones they need to produce!!

    • BoricuaenArizona

      Yes but those seeking legalization of marijuana do not want this. They just use a medical excuse to get high.

      • smith

        Very true just a free ride to get high

      • Teton Moon

        No we just don't want to have to spend our life savings paying for the use of an herb we can obtain without a pharmacutical company profiting off of us. We are raped enough by these pigs. And it is not a drug.. no more so then and even less than alcohol. Get some facts then open your ignorant mouth.
        And one more thing. Who are you people to deny anyone the freedom to do what they want with thier bodies? Did anyone ask you to think for me or decide what is best for me? If I choose to relax with pot over alcohol or tobacco or the hundreds of prescription mind altering drugs, and am not hurting anyone by staying in my home or the home of other like minded people; then who are you with your brainwashed ignorance to tell me I cannot? Are you into liberty or authoritarism?

  • Johnny

    How about that! A person who is prescribed marijuana keeps her CCW. Yet veterans because they have VA fiduciary gets on the NICS and loose their CCW.

  • Mark Lewis

    First they stop Pot Patients, than anyone who takes prozack or any antidepressant, or people with narcoplsy or who have heart conditions or seizures, or anyone who has a DUI/DWI

    • Jason

      I think if you are dumb enough to get a DUI you should loose your gun rights. How hard is it to pick up the phone or tell the bar tender to get you a ride. Friends, family, cab, some random number in the phonebook… Hell If you live in my city, call me

      • smith

        The subject here isn't dui its pot

  • dave s

    my friend is an ex military person who goes to the vet for back problems. They have him taking 60Mg of Oxycontin twice a day. That's 120Mg! The government is killing him. Rather see him smoking some pot, it's way healthier than what they are giving him!

  • smith

    U call always tell a drug addict by there reviews on here

    • rob

      Criminy, you cannot even use proper grammar…there/their. So much for any credibility from you.

    • itsaboutime

      Thats YOU, not U and their, not there” Get an education

  • smith

    May the lord Jesus help us all threw these troubled times where facing. Stop a minute thank about it say a prayer. Accept. Jesus when was the last time for you

    • Teton Moon

      Go put a bullet in your head, but before that round up your other bible thumping moronic freinds and take them out first, then put this bullet in your head and meet your fairy tale God and leave us alone you freak!!! Die all christians.. the world will be so much better when you all are gone.

  • BoricuaenArizona

    Nothing better than someone high with a gun! Guess next we can allow drunks to carry.

    • smith

      True we will never win an argument with a drug abuser

    • Chris Beltran

      You show nothing but pure ignorance. You seem to lack a deep cognitive ability and clearly lack knowledge on this subject. Claim one time in history where Indica alone has caused any one person without it being laced with narcotics or opiates. Which in that case you might as well say the same for cigarettes as well, as people did used to dip cigarettes in liquefied pcp. The Bud of the plant itself has not one time in history, in its natural dried form, caused any person and/or persons to act in any violent way nor any aggressive manner. You are clearly a programmed thinker not an independent thinker. A man of god would say no man has the right to tell another man what his rights are. We do have a constitutional right just as you do. The same constitutional right that protects your constitutional and god given right to free speech which allows you to speak freely as a ignorant drone.

    • jammerk65

      drunks are alowed to cary!

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    Let's face it drugs is drugs no matter what you take for your health! No drugs you got a CCW in most states.
    If you smoke Paka"loa (Maui wow'we) your brains is going to see Zombie's floating around you and you will start shooting to kill the Zombie's. Let's vote for a gun rights GOP to take Obama out of his second term of office as Commander in Chief. Eric Holderman is the guy we need to get out of office before we have no guns.

    • smith

      iI thought zombies where only in the movies? Where r u seeing yrs

  • jOHNNY

    I have an Oregon MM card & CCL. The Oregon Dept. of Health keeps the records sealed from state and local government. Its kinda like "don't ask, don't tell" around here. All the police can do is ask the Oregon Dept of health if a person is issued a MM card. MM info not even in an accessible state mainframe outside the Oregon dept. of health. I even know of somebody with a FFL and MM card(im told).


    • smith

      Changing. For the worst cards for drugs whats next this is all one big scam to drive around and get high I got one I'm broke need money give me a card to rob a bank whats the difference

  • Anaconda

    There is a lot of crap on here by a lot of uninformed people. If you have never been in major pain, then shut the heck up, you don't have an opinion. Morphine is an opiate, not something you can run out and pick up at Walmart, but it became my best friend for a while. Coming home from work one day I was hit broad side, she was in a New Yorker, I was on my Harley, guess who won ? Ya, I was on morphine, and guess what, I never became addicted nor did I crave it. People that are in real distress do not react to these drugs the same way some one taking them for recreation purposes will. If some one need grass to relieve the effects of chemo, or to help their eye sight then more power to them. Oh, by the way I have my CCW and have had for years. You can kid yourself all you want, but I would much rather have some one on prescribed grass, then some jerk that thinks hitting his fifth of jack D. is an OK thing to do carring a weapon..

    • smith

      Pain don't make pot legal sorry that's the way it is

  • nelson

    guns don't kill people.People kill people.Pot don;t kill people.

    • fisher

      Bullets kill people

  • richiecotite

    link is a Slate article about a study that shows marijuana users 10 times less likely than alcohol users to be involved in a traffic accident. To quote the article

    "In most studies, smoking one-third of a joint or less has virtually no impact on a driver’s performance. A couple of studies even suggest that pot smokers are less likely to cause an accident than sober drivers."

    Personally, i think the gov't should treat it like alcohol and tax the hell out of it. But you better believe the drug comnpanies, alcohol makers, tobacco conglomorates don't want it legalized, it'd cut too far deeply into their own bottom line.

    • smith

      Don't need any studies to look up drugs r drugs

      • gunowerwhosmokescannabis

        I hope youre trolling; if you are really this thick headed and ignorant then I pity you. Religion is a drug for the weak minded.

  • Orlando

    When someone is killed in an auto accident, and it's mentioned that the person was smoking pot, what they fail to mention is that the person was also drinking, and that's what caused the accident. Pot is illegal and booze isn't, so they concentrate on the pot.

  • keith

    Well smith I hope you don't drink, don't smoke, don't use tobacco don't use caffeine or any number of other things that fall under the drugs category. That is probably the worst single minded view you could have. You obviously have no real knowledge of the subject and are happy to let the bureaucrats decide what is a drug and which is not. Wow how profound drugs is drugs. Simply put mj is so much less problematic for world than alcohol or even prescribed narcotic pain relieves. I work for the fd in my area and these pill heads are killing themselves and other far quicker than pot, heroin or even coke. But hey there ok because some asshole said oxycontin has a medical use . Poor sad man I hope you never have chronic pain.

    • smith

      No yr sad man I'm a beleiver read yr Bible if yr a beleiver and living right there's no pain struggles no debt live right by the lords word he will take care of all yr problems thru Jesus Christ read the holly Bible some time u mite enjoy it. (Man)

  • smith

    Hey Keith I got a idea quit yr fd job work at one of those pot hand out shops and help those in pain. Come on man unless u smoke mj as u call it and run and put a fire out and can tell me u perform better

    R maybe the whole world can set around and smoke it up let sniff some glue while where at it

  • richiecotite

    Clearly Smith is some 15 yr old kid playing internet troll . Theres no way a legitimate adult would type like 13 year old girl texting her friends

  • smith

    No Smith is 35 yr old adult. That is tired of pot heads wonting to infringe there problems on people who care less about running around high as if there still in the woodstock days this add on mj subject should not be mixed with firearms . If yr in pain take advil don't use pain as an excuse to burn down

  • Gene

    Medical marijuana is a joke. An Iowa congressman went to California to prove this point. He went to a doctor and told him that he had hemorrhoids causing him pain. The doctor wrote him a prescription for marijuana. Now that is terminal, chronic pain.

  • Allen

    If we rescheduled cannabis then it wouldn't be an issue. The feds don't mess around with legal prescription meds. If you're prescribed Vicodin for recurring back pain, they're not going to take your guns away.

  • LV Tim

    I remember a History Channel show on pot that said the federal law came about in the mid 30s. Seems at the time we had an immigration problem from across the border. Mexicans were taking jobs that U.S. citizens needed. The only ones at the time smoking the stuff were Mexicans. It gave the feds a good reason to deport them.

  • california

    My friend had his registered gun and shot a guy in self defense to protect him and his girlfriend from a home invasion. There were 2 robbers but the other ran.

    I know a guy who didn't have a gun and got shot point blank chest over a lb. Of medicine. He's alive but that's the differnce between having a gun and not

    all of you talking bad about medical marijuana piss me offf, I smoke a ounce or 2 a week of medical because on pills I can't function .im 18 wih a job and house I pay over 2000 on bills so you can't say it makes you lazy or dumd. Nothings wronge with cannabis you are making yourselfs look dumb

    • Metalchemist

      Ignorance being bliss is why there are so many that are under the spell of big government protecting them at the cost of their freedom and liberties.

      In a totaly free society the posession of cannabis would have no constraints.
      But the alcohol industry,the cigarette industry, the (MEGA) pharmichological industry, the psychologists, the AMA, are against it simply because it will cut into their bottom line, and as we all know these "industries" have lobbying tendrils that are capable of reaching into the pockets of politicans and enriching them very well if they support the causes of these greedy industries. This common practice is seen constantly.

      How much is chemotherapy?
      A treatment, that if it dosen't kill you, you'll be damn luckey if it helps you.
      Meanwhile the Dr. Gets "filthy rich" from these "treatments."
      Then there's the governmental connectiopn to all the drugs that are on the streets and in all our schools.
      Call it what you will, But truth is the truth.

      • Chris Beltran

        Well Said.

  • fred tate

    Sure pot causes mental disfunction if you are stupid and or insane to begin with!!

  • queso

    The medical marijuana debate is already dead anyway. If the FDA was willing to approve a synthetic they admit that marijuana has a purpose. No side effect of marijuana is enough for the FDA to stop the approval of any other prescription painkiller. The abuse factor of marijuana applies just as strongly to opiates & amphetamines. Couple that with the idea that the repeal of prohibition could esily be interpretted to defend the idea that federal drug laws are all unconstitutional & only state laws matter his case shrinks to the point that the only thing the supreme court could have done was embarass him.

  • Onlyeducated1

    A whole slew of people with low cognitive functioning.
    " You are making yourselfs look dumb. "
    Can someone other than myself see the irony in this!? Read more, America.

  • john

    only reason marijuana is illegal is that it would put the pharmaceutical industry out of business.
    its sad how many people believe the propaganda the government spreads.

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