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First Look: NEW Leupold VX-R Patrol Riflescope

by Brock Norman   |  October 1st, 2011 18

The new Leupold VX-R Patrol Illuminated riflescope features proprietary powered fiber optic technology in an exclusive FireDot reticle to provide law enforcement, military and other tactical shooters with target acquisition in the bright light of day as well as the low light of dawn or dusk.

In the video below, Pat Mundy of Leupold gives an exclusive look at the VX-R Patrol at the range.  It’s one of Leupold’s newest offerings to hit the market, and you can pick one up for under $600. Stay tuned for a full review of this product from the G&A experts.

  • Jim S

    Looks sick! I shoot 3 gun and this patrol looks like it would be something I would give a try. Actually in the market right now lookin for a new one. Might just have to pick one of these up!

  • Ryan

    Leupold's glass is outstanding! Have been using them for years! I look forward to the full review on this one. I think this would look damn good on one of my ARs!

  • m. sharpe

    I purchased the 2X7 this past March, and love it. The main purpose is for Ga. pigs; I highly recommend Leupold FireDot.

  • Mike

    You couldn't do the video when no one else was shooting?

    • Pyrolighterfighter

      Mike, I agree. Seemed a bit unprofessional.

      • Mark Jones

        Bitching about a video not being professional on a Guns Site is ridiculous! I thought the video was informative about the product for what the video is. It's a short first look at the product which is apparently done at a live gun range. So of course the audio microphones are going to pick up the other gun shots.

    • Dino

      haaa that's funny…

    • Chip

      Dude seriously? That's what you are commenting on? Apparently they were at a LIVE range, where multiple shooters are shooting in other bays.

  • bigjohn

    I sure would like to see some target shot results of your reviews not just a sales person talking about the product. Most of us shooters know that Leupold makes quality glass how ever before paying the price we would like to see some shot targets first! $600 plus another couple of hundred can get a rather nice new rifle. We all need just one more nice new gun of one type or another. Why? If you have to ask you just wouldn't understand.

    • Ben O'Brien

      BigJohn & Joe,

      This short video is not the only editorial we will feature on this product. It's just what the title suggests, a FIRST LOOK at a new product. And as the text suggests, there will be further in-depth reviews performed by our magazine writers and staff. Those will be featured on our site as well. We're still Guns & Ammo, and we're going to do what we've always done.

      Thanks for the comments, keep them coming.

  • Joe

    Agree w/ above comments. Have a shooter give a critical review of the scopes features and performance, and show the performance results (target results at different ranges). Also do it at a range with no one else shooting so it is not so distracting.

    • Chip

      If I'm not mistaken it says "Stay tuned for a full review of this product from the G&A experts." Do you people not know how to read?

  • Steve

    2 comments. 1 – When we have AR's, etc, they are "patrol rifles". When others have them, they are called "assault rifles". 2- Geez, the amount of money and attention put into "patrol rifles" and accessories has really amazed me. Moneywise, It is a massive multiplication of the amount put into 3 to 4 thousand dollar "sniper" or "police marksmen" rifles when a 700P or Savage 10 variant and "good" (not 3 thousand dollar) scope fills the need. And truthfully, the Savage is consistently the most accurate. Hate to scare or hurt anyone's feelings, but LE and you would all be better off if that money was spent on training and qualifying LEO's to a MUCH HIGHER level of firearms, and other weapons, skill levels. Money spent is a real tragedy when it does not raise YOUR skill and confidence. And it's your money folks.

  • RC Long

    We are not permitted scopes on our patrol rifles, but allowed EOTech and Aimpoint .The weapons are used for entry and to counter active shooter situations. We have the 700 for counter sniper work. I agree with some of the other writers. Shooting in the background is not professional when talking about a new product. I'm sure Leupold can afford range time . I too would like to see the picture through the scope.

    • Cory G

      I'm sure Leupold can afford the range time as well. But given the nature of the review, if that's what you want to call it, is not terrible. I have see far worse videos on the web. I'm still looking forward to the full review. RC Long you are right, would be nice to see a picture through the scope. LEUPOLD doesn't even have the reticle shot on their website!

  • WilburPost

    I have purchased three (3!) of these scopes from different vendors. I really like the concept of the scope, but all three have been sent back. The reason: The Motion Sensor Technology does not work properly. You can put these scopes on level 7, lay the scope down for 5 mins. and pick it back up. It is supposed to go back to level 7; it doesn't; it "comes back to life" at a much, much lower setting (barely visible, even inside).
    I called Leupold and was told that they are "aware" of the problem. Such a pity as it could be a fine scope and a big seller.

  • BuzGuy

    All Leupold cares about is making money. They bought the Redfield line and refuse to honor their warranties. So don't expect then to do anything about the problems you'll be buying with this scope either. Don't ya just love hearing how they are aware of that illumination problem above? I bet they just go on being aware of it as long as the money rolls into their bank account from unsuspecting buyers. This company is what's wrong with the American manufacturing industry today. TAKE-TAKE-TAKE, all take and no give back!!! When I bought my Redfield scope it came with a lifetime warranty but this 68 year old can't get needed help from Leupold. Maybe Obama will increase my social Security so I can buy a new scope from China!

  • ole rem 600/308 guy

    I think I like the HOG version better, however, eye relief is 3.7". Is there any way to order the scope with apx 7" eye relief for scout mounting. I presently am using a Bushnel red-dot with no magnification or xs ghost ring/blade

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