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First Look: Leupold DeltaPoint Reflex Sight

by Brock Norman   |  October 5th, 2011 3

The Leupold DeltaPoint Reflex Sight is in its element on a shotgun, when plinking or in competitive shooting, and it’s even used for a home defense optic.  In the video below Garth Kendig of Leupold gives an exclusive look at  the DeltaPoint Reflex sight at the range. The MSRP is $399.99 to $449.99 depending on mounts. Stay tuned for more information and full reviews of this product.

  • Chip

    This Delta Sight is very accurate and ranks right up with the best! I have shot the DeltaPoint and the Trijicon RMR Reflex…let me tell you both are very nice. But overall I would give the DeltaPoint a slight edge.

    • Charlie

      I was looking at the RMR for a home defense shotgun setup but now it appears as if a competitor has appeared.

      I'm curious to know why you give the DeltaPoint the slight edge; the more I know the better decision I can make as consumer!

  • Mike

    First Look? I've had one of these for years! They are great sights. Guess I must have had the "exclusive" – scooped Guns & Ammo!

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