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Kid Shooter Beats Machine Gun in ‘American Guns’ Showdown

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 13th, 2012 12

All right, so you fancy yourself a pretty hot shot, do ya? You’ve hit targets from hundreds of yards out — OK, nice shootin’ there, Tex. You’ve had about, what, 20, 30, maybe 40 years of shooting experience under your belt? Pat yourself on the back.

After seeing this video, though, you might be spending a little more time at the range.

His name’s Dylan Holsey. At 13 years old, he’s one of the youngest shooters on the Cowboy Action Shooting scene — and he’s also one of the fastest. So fast, in fact, that the folks from “American Guns” decided to put the young gun’s skills to the test. Fitting one of their gunsmiths with a full-auto MAC-10, Dylan steps up to challenge the older shooter with his trusty lever-action. Check out the jaw-dropping video.

  • old vet

    Way to go Dylan, you seem to be a good example for the younger shooters also, all the best to you.

  • pablo

    way to spoil it

  • Kyle Meier

    I must admit im a bit jealous. Thats some serious skill and dedication there. Kudos.

  • Antonio

    As a youngster, I used to let loose like that with my lever action. Now "I" have to pay for the ammo, so I'm more selective in my shots.

    Awesome job by Dylan and he seemed very polite and respectful, so good job by the parents, too. We certainly need more of that.

    • Cheyenne

      Dylan is very polite he doesn't let things go to his head.

  • John

    keep it up guys great stuff.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    That was a Winchester '73? Just got through watching the movie Winchester 73 then found this a day later. Sweet.

    After watching the movie I started thinking whether a lever gun or a bolt gun would be more useful in a war. The lever would shoot faster but the bolt would load faster. Normally.

    Good job Mr. Holsey.

    • Guest

      Bolt actions rose because, unlike lever guns, soldiers could work the action and fire from the prone position.

  • mmoss308

    I just saw the show and had to comment. 1st off they made a comment "most kids his age are out spending their moms money". Where do you think his money comes from? Guarantee he didn't earn it. I've seen him and his father at some of the shoots. If you talk with them at any real length you'll know neither work and they live with and off the kids grandmother. So no, it's not momma's money, it's the grand-momma's money, even worse.

    He and his father only compete in very low level shooting contests. No real competition can be found in this class of shooters. The real competition is shooting for prize money and that's why they don't enter there. So sure he's the winner in his class, a class where there are no real competitors. How hard is that?

    As far as out shooting a fully automatic – This has been tested over & over. Mythbusters even did a show on it and the host out shot a machine gun there too. It has been proven many times that a skilled shooter can out shoot an automatic weapon easily. This is so much the case that the US Military has looked into having no more fully automatic weapons due to the inaccuracies of the "walking" effect and a waste of ammo.

    Just because some d-o-p-y looking kid did it last doesn't mean much. Where do they find these dorky looking losers anyway? If you want to see the REAL professionals shooters go where the money is. There you'll see some real speed. As they say, show me the money.

  • Jim Nolan

    You off to kick puppies after trying to tear down this kid?

  • M Moss

    Hey all. A follow up to this show where Dylan Holsey bought a Winchester 73, DIDN’T HAPPEN.

    Dave at the show said this kid and his dad are so broke they can’t buy ammo. All the stuff you see them with is all borrowed, hocked, taken, or on credit. They tried over and over to make some kind of swap for it but no deal was reached. That gun and the shooting contest was all for show and yes all scripted.

    They also told me the dad John is now trying some other scam with selling stuff for gun owners. Outlaw gang or outlaw gangster, something like that but be careful. People who have bought things report credit card fraud happening afterwards. Broke people do desperate things.

    ps to Jim, no I just tell it like it is.

    • Al

      Well M Moss. You are SO WRONG. I know them Very well. They are not broke. They are not selling everything. In fact they are very well off. Travel all over the country shooting and promoting youth in shooting sports. Or for the Outlaw Gang. This is to help promote our 2nd amendment rights. Everything he makes. Goes right back into promoting our 2nd amendment right. You are so far off it is not even funny. I don’t know where you got this stuff. But you are WRONG. He is even faster and better now. You might be carful putting out such false statements. You might open yourself up for a law suite. As everything you said is a lie.

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