If you’ve been reading G&A.com recently, you know all about the SHOT Show. It’s the biggest trade show/celebration/gun marketplace in our great nation. It’s a gathering—with over 62,000 attendees this year—that’s all about guns, hunting and every other facet of our industry. It’s as American as apple pie—or the Single Action Army, whichever you prefer.

But we’re not the only game in town. Europe has a rich shooting and hunting tradition, and even though Great Britain, Germany and others are at the bottom of the list when it comes to gun rights, they host one heck of a trade show.

The IWA Show 2013 was an international feeding frenzy of gun buyers, dealers and shooting enthusiasts with every bit of the shock and awe produced by SHOT. The show kicked off for the 40th time earlier this month at the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg, Germany, offering new and innovative products and an alternative to the American market. According to officials, 1,207 exhibitors from 50 nations met more than 38,000 trade visitors  from over 100 countries during the four-day exhibition.

G&A was there to catch the highlights: three-barreled shotguns, working half-sized rifles and a few pairs of tactical knickers. Enjoy.

 Ben O’Brien and Jens Ulrik Høgh contributed to this article.

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