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Introducing the Swarovski EL Range Binoculars

by Guns & Ammo News   |  September 8th, 2011 7

Swarovski Optik has just announced the introduction of  their new EL Range binoculars. The Swarovski EL Range is an extension of the EL line that has an integrated laser rangefinder featuring an angled-shot program  that has been dubbed “Swaro-Aim.”

“Swaro-Aim” technology features an integrated gradometer to show the precise and correct shooting distance and angle, and is designed with electronic readout of yards and meters, brightness levels and angle compensation.

The display also offers five individually adjustable brightness levels on a LCD screen with an intuitive menu operation that is touted as simple and easy to use. The binos are available in8x42 and 10×42, both with rangefinding capabilities.

Here are the advantages being touted by Swarovski:

•    High image quality and uncompromising transmission values for bright and high contrast images
•    Close-range observation distance of 16.4 ft (5 m)
•    Widest field of view in its class, due to wide-angle ocular (61°)
•    Maximum exit interpupillary distance (better visual comfort, especially for eyeglass-wearers)
•    Lockable diopter correction
•    Optimized roof prism with P coating
•    SWAROBRIGHT, SWARODUR, and SWAROTOP optimization based on laser technology
•    SWAROCLEAN makes it easier to clean stubborn stains, such as tree resin or water spots


  • Jim

    I am scared to ask how much but I know I can't afford them…

  • Andrew

    Undoutedly superb both optically and from an engineering perspective but one would need an IMF loan to bank roll it.

    I don't regret buying a Swarovski laser range finder a few years ago, so I can imagine this beauty will be at the top of the pile perhaps I should put in a request to Santa?

  • Alan

    It could be the BOMB "if"

    1. The round aiming cirlce is 1. smaller than the Swarovski laser range finder and 2. does not wash out in bright light like the green aiming circle of the Swaroovski laser range finder.

    2. The time it takes to range the target is quicker than the Swarovski laser range finder.

    3. The range finding electronics don't give out shortly after the 2 yr warranty expires.

  • Bob


    Sounds like a bad experience with the electronics. Try sending yours in for repair since I've heard they're pretty obliging in that respect.

  • game

    Interesting binoculars, I will put it in my buying list.

  • AlanSC

    Interesting. I've borrowed their rifle scopes and hunted with them, and they are wonderful. Worth the money, or worth 2-3 times what a Zeiss would set you back? Nah. But they are good. I'll bet these binos will scrape the $2500 barrier!

  • Elora

    Interesting informations about Swarovski el binoculars . It has really great features.Thank you for sharing such great informations.

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