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Introducing the Springfield XD(m) 3.8 .45 ACP

by Guns & Ammo News   |  November 8th, 2011 14
Springfield compact

The 9-round XD(m) 3.8 .45 ACP weighs just 27 ounces with a height of 4.55 inches.

One of Springfield’s most popular handguns is getting an upgrade — check that, make it two upgrades.

The Springfield Armory XD(M) 3.8 Compact is now available in .45 ACP, the company announced Monday, and by using a Mag X-Tension, the new model offers the owner the choice of a 9+1 carry gun weighing just 27 ounces with a height of 4.55 inches, or a 13+1 pistol.

With the X-Tension attached, the gun weighs 29 ounces, with OAL measuring seven inches in both configurations.

The gun comes with both the 9- and 13-round magazines, along with the X-Tension. Along with a fully ramped, Melonite-finished barrel and three-dot steel sights, the polymer frame gun is available with forged steel black slide for $732. The stainless slide and black frame model is available for $797.

The gun also comes with a carrying case, two stainless Megazines, mag loader, double mag pouch, three backstraps and three X-Tensions.

  • XDGuy

    Glock and Sig both make great products but I have 4 XD(M)'s all in 45 and they are incredible. I already have the 4" so I am not sure what value this would provide for me. It does look nice though.


    can it brought in california

  • luckycuss

    Great but it's not in any stores that I have called. WHEN?

  • Shaggs

    Best lookin 45 compact, and it shoots anything like the 5" Tactical XD45, I need to find a CA Legal 9rd only version.

  • Heinz

    Finally!!! I have been waiting for one of these since I bought the full size .40 S&W when they first came out!!! And just in time for Christmas

  • supohunter

    This really is a great addition to the XDM line-up…. found some pre-order options… – stainless model… – black model

  • Mountainman

    Great gun.

    How sad some have to think about "CA legal" crap. Would the so-called "enlightened" legislators in CA also put restrictions on women's 19th Amendment right to vote? What part of "…shall not be infringed." is difficult to understand? I pray every day for a return to our Founding Fathers' principles and Godly leadership.

  • Scott Warneck

    Had the chance last week to test shoot the subcompact XDm 45 at a local gun shop/shooting range here in Las Vegas. I love everything about this gem. The point and shoot is about as easy as it gets. A real adrenaline rush. I loved the label "Not legal in California" LMAO! Just one of many reasons we left California for good!

    • judge

      I've turned down 3 well paying job offers in Cali. No thanks, that damn state belongs in France.

  • judge

    Remind me why less gun is more expensive? I have the xdm compact, and love it. Can carry all day and not feel any ill affects. More rounds, and the mags from her big brother fit just fine. Love. Love the xdm line.

    • judge

      One thing… The five rounds is an absolute deal killer. I'll keep my 13+1 in my xdm compact, thank you. Would never consider just 5 rounds of .45.

  • Bret

    This is probably closest thing to the perfect all around handgun small enough to carry big enough to grip accurate & comfortable enough to shoot. Successfully bridges the gap between side arm and pocket gun in calibers that mean business



  • Fred

    I hope English isn't your primary language.

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