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Introducing the Ruger 22/45 Lite Rimfire Pistol

by G&A Online Editors   |  April 12th, 2012 33

Ruger is introducing another in its popular line of rimfire .22s with the 22/45 Lite, a lightweight (22.8 ounces to be exact) Ruger 22/45 pistol with a new aluminum upper receiver. The first thing you’ll notice about this little plinker is the gold anodize finish on receiver. This thing definitely stands out in a crowd.

The original 22/45 hit the market in 1992 to provide a training for 1911 owners, as the feel and grip accurately imitates its larger carry counterparts.

This version features an upper receiver that is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and features serrated cuts and a 4.4-inch stainless steel barrel sleeve that is held in place by a tension nut. The barrel also features a factory 1/2-28 thread to accept popular muzzle accessories. The Zytel polymer grip frame features replaceable Hogue black rubber grip panels that can be swapped out for most aftermarket grips.The shiny gold receiver is drilled and tapped for Weaver-style scope base adapters which are included free of charge. The gun has an up-to-date feel and look and seems to be a great next step in this vaunted line.

Ruger released the following quote from President and CEO Mike Fifer:

The Ruger 22/45 Lite™ is an exciting new addition to the legendary 22/45 line of pistols. It maintains the superb accuracy and reliability of the classic 22/45 pistols, but has a cool factor that can’t be beat. It has a customized look without the customized price, and is exactly what our customers have been asking us to produce. The threaded barrel provides great accessory options and makes the Ruger 22/45 Lite™ a perfect package right out of the box.

The suggested retail price for this gun is $470. Stay tuned for a full review and videos on Ruger’s newest introduction.

  • Rugerfan

    I like the look of this pistol over SR22. The SR22 looks a lot like other 22 rimfire handguns and doesn't fit in with the Ruger crowd. This looks like a Ruger pistol.

  • Bo Moves

    You can increase the coolness factor now that the grip panels can be swapped out. This pistol will look bad arse with some VZ Alien Grips! Can't wait and hopefully it'll be Cali legal.

    • Ynot

      Won't be CA compliant with a threaded barrel!!!

    • PWRPLNT75

      CA Sucsk move as soon as you can!! I'm a mechanical engineer and travel around the world starting up new power plants and things of that nature. I would work in Syria or Iraq before I would ever work in CA!! I fI can't carry my gun I don't work in that state! And it's not CA legal it has a threaded barrel!! If that's not the STUPIDEST thing i've ever heard! So what you have to have a silencer to go with it! I hope the become there own country they give the U.S a bad name!!!!

  • scott Dennis

    SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gunnerk19

    As much as I love Rugers, if I wanted another .22 pistol I'd go with Kel-Tec's PMR-30, which CDNN Sports has for $299… What's the magazine capacity on the Ruger?

    • Chuck

      Yes but the ammo will cost you an arm and a leg.

    • Mack Missiletoe

      Just bought Mark III it has 10 rd mags. I got 3 mags so far. Don't really mind the 10rd limits but sure would like to make it 20!

      .22WMR is SWEET i luv it. The vid I watched of PMR30 had a lot of jams so I hope they worked all that out. However I can shoot .22lr all day $$$

    • JinnyShooter

      Kel Tec is trash…

  • Bill

    Cool looking but a bit pricey. Still needs left hand saftey.

  • jo bob

    I have a walther p 22 that is about to get replaced for sure.

  • Dan

    Yes, looks nice. And they actually put on a threaded barrel, unlike the SR 22, which, per page 25 of the manual claims there is one available, but isn't. On the other hand, no picatinny rail, which even the SR22
    has. Ruger makes some great guns, but don't seem to get them quite right, despite saying of this one "it's perfect out of the box". Maybe they should keep their word on the SR22 barrels before producing new guns.

    • Adam Thomas

      You said it brother!

      Gold Anodized? You've got to be kidding me!

      I think I'll sit this first revision out and wait for them to offer it in a 6" barrel with a lower rail, IN GREEN OR TAN!

      • Mack Missiletoe

        OD Green would work for me.

        Don't want a longer barrel since it is threaded.

  • C. Lewis

    Could they possibly make an uglier pistol??

    • mikebike

      Probably, but they did a good job this time….

    • NotYour Choice

      They Could have, but I dont think they had you on their design panel. Next time you should speak up to the big guys at Ruger.. :-)

  • Richard

    I have two rifles and two revolvers made by Ruger. They are well-designed, rock-solid and they work, i.e : perfectly reliable. Ruger is one of my favorite brands.

  • Don

    I love Ruger pistols but, $470 is way too high for this pistol.

    • Mack Missiletoe

      Try $370! The $470 is MSRP–usually guns sell for less. My Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle is $999 MSRP but was actually $750 in-store (before taxes). Knocking off $100 will often get you the in-store price :)

      I bought a Ruger Mark III Target for about $350. Blued Steel. Very nice & robust. The only thing to watch out for is the [adjustable] rear sight blade. I think mine was broken when I got it. I ordered 2 more–an easy part to replace and cheap too. I was still able to shoot the pistol fairly well with half a rear-sight! The rear adjustable target sights are something to guard on most pistols.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    Right after I buy a Ruger Mark III…lol! I like the Mark III Target better anyways, but what I like about this is it looks like a silencer can be added stock. That's the only thing I'd like to try–the Mark III with a silencer (aka suppressor).

    But I like the 5.5" heavy steel barrel that came with my Mark III. I originally wanted a short barrel, but this barrel is 'beast' with it's weight (steady aim: on) and length (more velocity). So I ended up liking the heavy steel 5.5" target barrel. Super accurate and easy to hit targets–even rapid fire.

    • Sam

      RIght-O Mack. Don't think I'll be swapping my old Mark III (Just like yours 5.5" bull barrel) I am getting used to snap shooting with it and I am pleased with the results so far!

    • 22lr Shooter

      This is much lighter than the original 22/45 or any Mark iii. AKA the reason they call it Lite. Its threaded barrel is ready for a silencer right out of the box. Plus all the new rugers come with a rail. Its part of the purchase of the gun. Add a red dot site and you are off to the range!

      • Mack Missiletoe

        yeah my Mark III Target 5.5" came with the rail.

        I keep it off, but with the gun in the box. y'know… just in case I run into a red dot I like :D

  • Big D

    Where's the photo of the left side? Does it have the dreaded "Loaded Chamber Indicator" mucking up the left side of the frame? As long as the "new" Rugers are produced by lawyers……I'll pass. As difficult as it is to find a newer mark II, I will not buy a MKIII with a loaded chamber indicator. In my opinion, the LCI ruined the beautiful clean lines of the MK2.

    • Mack Attack

      The LCI makes the pistol slightly more difficult to clean. Honestly the Mark III is such a nice pistol I don't mind it too much. It's that darn Magazine Disconnect that bothers me! I plan to 'turn off' the magazine disconnect some day. The remote fell through the couch. Lawyers are laughing to the bank while skipping passed Team America in broad daylight. They're in enemy territory. They're skipping to an enemy-territory bank. yeah… lol

  • Greg Murphy


  • John

    Ugh..ugly all right. Is that Rosie O'Donnell in small print on the side?

    Think I will wait for the Marilyn Monroe upgrade.

  • Larry

    I miss the original 22/45s, they sold for $199.

  • 22/45 owner

    Smoking hot hot hot

  • Roger

    Just bought this gun and it looks a lot better in person so lite and great to shoot. Plus if your into teaching your kids proper hand gun safety this is a gun that they can shoot too.Plus did I mention it's ruger lol don't know about the suppressor though lots of hoops to jump through plus the cost,

    • Mack Missiletoe

      something i realized… most guns look better in person.

      My Ruger GSR sure did! It felt better in person too, haha

  • hostile 17

    I picked this up a a local gun show for $340 and has now became my favorite and most reliable handgun I take to the range. Eats up about everything (except the trash) and out of the box sighted in. Light weight, great feel and somewhat distinct. I'm sold! Thanks Ruger!

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