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Growth Industry: Ruger Approaching Record Gun Sales

by G&A Online Editors   |  August 21st, 2012 8

ruger-sr1911-1Sturm, Ruger & Co. is on pace to break its own record for single-year sales, the company announced Monday in a press release.

Company officials say Ruger produced its 1 millionth gun of 2012 — a Ruger SR1911 which will be hand-engraved by Baron Technology Inc. and auctioned to help fund the NRA Institute for Legislative Action — as the company closes in on its record of 1,114,700 firearms sold in 2011.

“Last year, Ruger became the first commercial firearms company to produce one million firearms in one year, and we were incredibly excited and proud to reach that milestone,” Ruger President and CEO Mike Fifer said in the press release. “It took us nearly all of 2011 to build one million firearms, but in 2012 we accomplished it on August 15. We continue to invest in and improve our manufacturing processes to help us respond to the strong demand for Ruger firearms. We expect 2012 will be another record-breaking year for Ruger, and we want to thank our loyal customers for their continued support.”

Ruger’s sales are reflective of a nationwide growth in firearm sales. In July, National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background checks increased 25.5 percent compared to July 2011, marking the 26th straight month NICS checks have increased on a year-over-year basis.

In addition, a recent Gallup poll showed a record low number of citizens in favor of banning handguns, dropping to 26 percent. The annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) held January in Las Vegas also recorded a record 61,000 attendees, 36,000 buyers and 1,600 exhibitors.

  • Wolvie

    What great news!

    This is textbook American Dream stuff. A family owned company, making a quality product and, despite allegations from our "Dear Leader", built with the sweat, blood and tears of determined men and women.

    Because of this, people are buying excellent products that provide entertainment, enhances sports, recreation and conservation and provides safety. They also employ a lot of other people that now can provide for their families, do business with other companies that now can pay their employees and causes consumers to buy ammo, accessories, holsters, cleaning supplies, optics, range fees, etc. that furthers the economy.

    All this and they are receiving NO government assistance. As a matter of fact this success is in SPITE of the governments, main stream media and the left's best efforts to undermine them and shut them down.

    Dontcha just love a good underdog story? I love it when the little guy goes against all the odds and succeeds!

    Congrats Ruger!

  • Mack Missiletoe

    Here's some advice to Ruger: Keep doing what you're doing! However, please prepare yourselves in case sales dwindle and die off. I do not want to see your company fail because America went into a Depression or 'the good times' ended. There will be good times and more difficult times. Let's hope the good times last a long time!

  • Ryno in AZ

    Here's some advice to Ruger: Stop jumping on bandwagons and doing what everyone else is doing. You used to be the working man's gun company, less expensive than Colt or S&W but matched in quality; now you cost as much and your quality is debatable. Moreover, you haven't done anything original in a long time. The SR556 and 1911 – big surprise you could copy what every other gun maker can do, guess you have to follow the money, right? The GSR is new and interesting, but you should get back to making things that have made you what you're known for like the Mini14, the 10/22 (that you totally abandoned) and excellent revolvers; come up with NEW rifles of your own design. I don't think Ruger has done anything but try to grapple at money here. Unoriginal and uninspired.

    • Wolvie

      Wow, I'm totally confused by your post…

      How can you say that Ruger's quality is suspect? I haven't seen a recall in I don't know how long from Ruger and there has been no news or documentation of firearms being sent back to the factory for poor build or bad quality control.

      As far as the Ruger revolvers costing almost as much as S&W & Colt…there are 2 points that need to be looked at. Rugers are still FAR cheaper than Colt SAA's and Colt isn't even a player in the DA Revolver market anymore. Rugers still cost anywhere from $100 to $200 less than the S&W and they are still regarded as the strongest revolvers for caliber class of any other manufacturer.

      Ruger "totally abandoned" the 10/22? Dude, are you serious? I guess the fact that they just released the 10/22 Takedown escaped your notice. Also, I count 6 current production models of the 10/22 still being offered right now. If you add in the different options for each model, then you are looking at 10 different models in standard production right now. If you count Distributer Exclusive models, then you can add another 40 models to that number. Yes, that isn't a typo…Ruger is offering 50 different models, right at this moment, for the 10/22 (including the Takedown model) that you claim they "abandoned". I won't even get into the release of the BX-25 magazine which is probably the best large capacity magazine ever produced for the 10/22.

      As far as "uninspired" offerings…I guess the LCR, LCP, LC9, SR9/SR40, SR9C/SR40c, Gunsite Scout and American Rifle are just things that should be ignored or not counted for some reason.

      Finally, I for one am extremely pleased that Ruger is now offering an AR rifle and a 1911 pistol. To me, that means they are bringing their strength, reliability, reputation and quality to two of the most popular firearms in history. You actually fault them for producing a quality product that the public wants?

      Dude, you may not like Ruger for whatever reason (be it personal experience or from what you've heard from others…), but there is no way those claims you made reflect the reality of the situation.

    • SamF1911

      FYI Shooting Industry handgun of the year awards: 2008 Ruger LCP .380acp pistol, 2009 Ruger LCR .38 revolver, 2010 Ruger SR9c 9mm pistol, & 2011 Ruger LC9 9mm pistol.

  • Greg Richards

    Happy to say I bought my first handgun a few weeks ago a ruger p95 few problems in the beginning but after a few trips to the range shoots like a champ with great accuracy

  • Jeffrey Tealfishie

    This could never have happened during the lifetime of the founder who saddled the company with his stodgy and backwards ways; like no large cap mags and nothing that looked the least big military…

  • yes

    I have used Ruger tools for 40 years with the utmost reliability an performance . My family , friends , and aquaintences also. dollar for dollar the best value an more important ,OWNED BY AMERICANS THAT DIDN'T SELL OUT TO FOREIGN SLUTS…

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